Does YN have an infamous man-made disaster?

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Does YN have an infamous man-made disaster?

Postby Flatwoodlands » Tue Jul 05, 2022 2:12 pm



Disaster’s don’t just happen.

They are the results of a tragic sequence of events. The science and secrets behind them lie within a combination of human error and poor engineering. These catastrophes have changed entire nations, cultures, industries, and life itself forever.

For example, the worst industrial accident in human history, the Bhopal Disaster, was a mixture of negligence, greed, and shortcuts that lead to the release of MIC into the atmosphere … all 40 tonnes of it. More than half a million people would fall victim to this disaster. One tenth of these victims are dead, but the surviving remainder are still suffering irreversible health problems and legal battles to this very day.

It is the ultimate triumph of profits over safety.


The Mildura Forest Fire was Flatwoodlands’ worst man-made disaster. This famous picture is the snow and ash covered ruins of the city of Mildura. Most importantly, the famous child in the picture is future prime minister Pamela Vasilyonik - The experience would define her political campaign and trauma.

The fire started at an abandoned campsite 40km northeast of town, stealthily smoldering for three days until the eastward winter winds pushed the cinders and ashes upon Mildura. On 7th December 2041, the fire rapidly consumed half the city until it and the affected woodlands was extinguished by 20th February 2042. More than 651,000 people were displaced, a quarter of them killed (largely from smoke inhalation).

The Mildura Fire uprooted and completely reformed Flatwood public services, especially the fire department, where 50 firefighters, 12 park rangers, and two mayors (Mildura and Broken Hills) were trialed and convicted for criminal negligence and manslaughter. Today, Mildura had been fully rebuilt, and it is now apart of the Greater Metro Flatwoods area. Eventually, the two men - a hobo and his son - who started the fire were located, arrested, and convicted by May 2047, the latter eventually released after serving five years.

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Postby Rhodevus » Tue Jul 05, 2022 2:30 pm

The Godfrey Disaster

In 1925, Rhodevus constructed a very powerful ship to become the flag-ship of a new Rhodeve navy. The Godfrey Class vessel was the first of its kind and was sailed through the Bay of Rhodevus, completing 15 laps of the bay, both as a means to test the ship's capabilities, as well as to show it off to the nation.

Unfortunately, on July 14, 1925, the ship was brought to port in the Toa te Awa District of the Imperial City of Rhode to give its first live-fire test/demonstration to a large crowd. It fired an entire barrage of artillery out into the ocean. The force of the guns were so strong, it tore the turrets from its stands and into the hull of the ship. This backfire manage to rupture the gunpowder magazines, detonating the ship.

The explosion sent out a massive shockwave and fireball, striking at the well-watchers, resulting in large-scale damage to the surroundings and over 1,950 deaths. It was the single largest explosion explosion during the inter-war period, and one of the largest man-made pre-nuclear age explosions on record.
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Postby Coliantia » Tue Jul 05, 2022 5:37 pm

1948 Great Tikaha Fire

On the early hours of April 7, 1948, just after the Coliantian-Ibbonian War which made Coliantia an Ibbonian colony, Ibbonian soldiers arrived at the city of Tikaha, just around 12 kilometers from our capital city Sulchi, in order to occupy it and "maintain peace" in the city.

According to witnesses, after the arrival of the soldiers, some natives shouted slurs at the occupying Ibbonians and even mocked them. The Ibbonians retaliated by shouting back at the natives and threatening to fire at them. The conflict grew and grew until one native launched an arrow on one of the soldiers. The Ibbonian soldiers, enraged, began firing on the natives, killing around 820 people, in what became known as the 1948 Tikaha Massacre. However, that wasn't the largest of the Ibbonians' revenge. Later that afternoon, the Ibbonians threw burning matchsticks and lighters at the natives' wooden huts. They also poured kerosene on the houses and even on people. The fire created became larger and larger until it went around the entire city. The Ibbonians did nothing to put down the fire. The 1948 Great Tikaha Fire resulted in the deaths of nearly 15,000 people, around 13% of the city's entire population, and destroyed approximately 90% of all buildings and structures in the city, as well as numerous historical pieces and records. Ibbonia would only give an official apology to the people of Tikaha in 1967, nineteen years after the great fire.
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Postby Cosnicu » Wed Jul 06, 2022 11:58 am

Global Storm Alfred: Global Storm Alfred was caused largely by unsafe decisions made by Cosnicu's leadership. At the time, Cosnicu had invested about a decade attempting to develop a weather controller. The principles it worked behind were simple: use the equipment to controll pressure zones and where weather happened. A government with three hostile houses all working against each other and the speaker and the courts eventually caused the embassies and international communications of Cosnicu to grind to a halt a few days before launch. Ordinarily, the space agencies of Cosnicu, Durenzia, Crevassia, and Apalacia (as well as aerospace projects from Delia Viala, which lacked a space program of its own) would communicate and cooperate to establish safe orbits, this became impossible when diplomatic communications stopped. When the weather controller was actually deployed from the space stations it had been assembled in, it collided with a Durenzian GPS sattelite, and the subsequent debris began to fall to earth. The supplies and chemichals that were stored in the weather controller reacted with some of the electronics in the GPS satelite, creating a dangerous, chaotic cloud of debris and seed chemichals that spread over the entire planet. The following weather event was marked as the first global storm, Global Storm Alfred. When the debris hit the atmosphere, it raised the temperature by half a degree, a change which was quickly reversed by the following storms. At its peak, the storm consisted of six hurricanes, produced a thick blanket of clouds over the entire planet, and was responsible for storm surges varying from two to ten meters
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Postby Republica Federal de Catalunya » Thu Jul 07, 2022 7:12 am

The Els Àlfacs camping disaster. a combination of poor safety standards, greed and stupidity. Left 217 dead and 200 injured. As result of the accident safety regulations were tightened.


The Els Alfacs camping disaster was a road accident and tanker explosion that occurred on 11 July 1978 in Alcanar, Terres de l'Ebre Department. The tanker truck was loaded with 23 tons of highly flammable liquefied propylene. 217 people (including the driver) were killed and 200 more severely burned.
The explosion affected a nearby camping so victims were from all across western Europe.

The truck, consisting of a Catalan Pegas tractor unit Spanish registered as M-7034-C and a Fruehauf semi-trailer tanker registered M-7981-R, was owned by Cisternas Reunidas S.A. At 4:15 that day, the truck, driven by 50-year-old Francisco Imbernón Villena, left towards the state-owned PetroCAT refinery, located at La Pobla de Mafumet, 9 km north of Tarragona, to be loaded with propylene from Spanish company Paular, in Puertollano Spain.

At 4:05 the truck left the refinery carrying (23.47 t; 23,470 kg) of propylene, more than 4 tons over the maximum design load of 19.35 tons. After crossing the Ulldecona border crossing. The tanker driver took under company instructions to take the smaller C-34 national road instead of the larger A-1 Motorway when carrying cargo to Barcelona, in order to avoid the motorway tolls.
At the time of the disaster, the C-34 was a narrow and winding coastal road that in spite of construction works it still carried drivers directly through several densely populated areas in some points.

It was a summer day with temperatures from 20 to 35 °C that expanded the Propylene fumes.

The Accident happened at 14:35 the lorry was slowed by dense traffic and a nearby police control. 2 kms Away in La Ràpita (ironically checking for lorries avoiding the motorway).

Due to the fumes expansion the tanker exploded. The disaster occurred at ca. 14:35, while the lorry was stopping past the Els Àlfacs campsite traffic light. The driver's watch, which was found still attached to the driver's burned wrist, had stopped at 14:36, the time of the explosion.

The exploding tanker formed a cloud of gaseous propylene that partially entered the campsite and also drifted on the wind towards a discothèque to the northeast. The white cloud attracted the attention of campsite patrons, who approached the cloud with curiosity as it continued to spread; it became so dense that many were unable to see the tanker. As the cloud began to permeate the discothèque, it reached a spark, or other ignition source which instantly flashed back towards the source, almost instantaneously caused the weakened tank to explode, igniting the entire load of gas.

At that time the campsite to the south was crowded with nearly 1,000 vacationers, mostly German and other foreign tourists, packed tightly in trailers and tents. The blast and fireball (which was estimated at over 1,000 °C) left a 20 by 1.5 metres crater, destroyed everything – cars, trailers and buildings – within a 90 m radius, charred everything within a 300 m radius, gutting over 90% of the main camping area. The 400 m2 discothèque to the northeast, which was later determined to be the likely source of the ignition, was also razed, killing all the staff members inside. Additionally, 34 vehicles and 21 tents were charred, a restaurant partially collapsed, and the tanker truck was broken into three main pieces.

The explosion was so violent it was felt across the border in a 25km radius.
Police control 2kms away saw the explosion and were the first emergency services to arrive.

The explosion and fireball instantly killed the driver and other people within the area. A total of 157 people died on site as a result of the initial explosion and the subsequent fires and explosions of cars and gas cylinders used by the tourists. Victims were seen with their hair and clothing on fire, fleeing into the sea in an attempt to put out the flames.

Seeing the disaster nearby la Ràpita NAS at police request Navy's UH1Hs were sent to help to carry wounded to: la Cinta Hospital in Tortosa and more severed wounded at Joan XXIII Hospital in Tarragona and to Vall d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona also the Naval hospital in La Ràpita helped to release expression on those hospitals. While civilian ambulances, Navy personnel and Gendarmes came to assist by land. Because of heavy traffic and chaos it took 15 minutes to arrive from nearby la Ràpita and 35 minutes for emergency services to Arrive from Tortosa or Amposta. 60 more woundeds perished in Hospital or during the evacuations.
To make evacuation more difficult the lorry rests blocked the road.

An official inquiry: started after the accident found a great number of severe criminal negligences and made Cisternas Reunidas and Paumar responsible of the accident. The official inquiry determined that the truck had been severely overloaded, and also lacked emergency pressure release valves, which are designed to help prevent a boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion (BLEVE) in case of a fire. The Inquiry realized that those safety measures were not compulsory in Spain and València but yes in Catalonia as EEC member.
Also heavy criticized the company policy of using C34 instead of A1 to avoid the tolls.

4 responsibles of Cisternas Reunidas and Paumar were condemned in 1981. Also both companies were also forced to pay today 13.23 million € without adjusting inflation to the victims.

Also València and Spain tightened their regulations after The accident.

Also restrictions were made on lorries carrying dangerous substances. And prohibition of passing through populated areas.
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Postby Imperial States of Duotona » Thu Jul 07, 2022 10:49 am

1990 Timaru River Flood

In the early hours of June 2nd, 1990, workers were running tests on the Milson Dam, a dam which blocked part of the Timaru River from overflowing into the plains below which lies the town of Timarutide (population ~56,000). One of these tests involved running the dam at a lower power setting to simulate the event of a power shortage in the country (For reference, the dictatorship that was in power during 1990 installed a harsh policy of autarky and could not rely on any other neighbour for aid in this case). Unfortunately, a power surge caused the setting to be turned up as opposed to down which caused the turbines in the dam to start tearing away at the dam walls. By 3:27AM, the damage turned critical and the dam collapsed, causing water to spill into Timarutide. An estimated 76 victims died in the flood, including workers and civillians, and an estimated 650 were injured in some way. After the incident, work began on reconstructing the dam and a cover-up began by the government until it collapsed in 2005, by which point an iconic image of the water flowing through the town's central square and train station had become an infamous image, especially in the criticism of Duotona's malicious government at the time.
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Postby Korwin » Thu Jul 07, 2022 12:56 pm

The 2768 (2015) MakAlpin Mining Disaster, and the subsequent chemical spill and clean-up effort. 78 confirmed deaths, hundreds injured.

On 26 August 2768 (2015) at approximately 21:15, a massive explosion happened at the MakAlpin Mine #01 Excavation Site, located within the MakAlpin Valley, in Albert Canton (now Albanacula Region), causing a collapse of the mine and an out-of-control chemical fire.

Later investigations discovered that the miners were using the excavatory agent Bulletine 19 (aka Liquid Blue Bulletine Agent 19) to quickly blast away bedrock and other obstructions to extract minerals used for fuel. Bulletine 19 is a very toxic and flammable agent (generally heated to above 500C) and was not officially authorized to be used. Above the mine were several private houses that had been using illegal home-made gas lines tapping into the fuel within the mountain for heat and cooking.

Several of the illegal lines were inadvertently struck and starting leaking gas into the mine. The Bulletine agent came into contact with the gas and exploded. The explosion caused the mine to collapse, along with a large portion of the mountain above, instantly killing 22. The explosion created tremors that were detected all across Korwin; seismology stations detected the blast as far south as Skyfall (210 km south), to the east in Alexandria (119 km east), and as west as Liashi (169 km west).

While the initial explosion was severe, the more worrying prospect was the chemical agents mixing with airborne fuel leaking from the mine and into the air. By this point, the clean-up effort had begun. Due to fires burning within the mine, reserves of the chemicals, which were stored within the mine, were now on fire and billowing smoke from MakAlpin Valley and into the surrounding region. MakAlpin Valley was directly south (approximately 15 km) of the heavily populated Tulla-h-Eina Valley, which was home to some 250,000 people (the largest city being Tulla).

On 28 August, clean-up crews managed to stop the main flow of toxic gas from the mine by plugging the remaining breaches of the rubble via controlled landslides from the surrounding mountains. Excavators then built large tunnels and installed piping under the ground to connect to existing tunnels within the mine and flooded it with fire retardants and water. Other pipes were later installed to evacuate remaining gas to prevent another explosion. Five more died in the initial clean-up effort.

From 27 August to 10 October (when the emergency order had expired), massive clouds of toxic gas began to pool within Tulla-h-Eina Valley, and caused the region to go into lockdown. 51 people died due to inhaling the toxic air. During the lockdown emergency vehicles were equipped with large fans to blow away the gas or to suck it into tanks, which would be taken away. Local emergency services, as well as the entire healthcare system collapsed within the region due to the amount of people suffering from effects of the toxic air.

This is the deadliest industrial, man-made accident in modern Korwinian history.

It should be noted that this happened near the end of the Kretuist Era, in fact, the reason why the miners were using Bulletine 19 was because the government was under severe sanctions from the international community and cut off from international fuel shipments. The state had dramatically increased miners' production quotas and more powerful agents like Bulletine were unofficially authorized in the extraction effort.

Observers noted that the Korwinian government's relative inaction after the fires were initially dealt with caused more unnecessary deaths in the ensuing loss of life in Tulla. The Kretuist regime kept shifting blame for the disaster, blaming saboteurs within the mine to a covert operation by the United States. It has also been noted that the government's dragging its feet on the issue was a result of anti-Zuriskeen racism and as retribution of the fact that the Zuriskeen population in Korwin was generally antagonistic to the Kretuist government throughout the regime's history.

As of 2773 (2020), the modern Korwinian government authorized paying restitution and reparations to the victims and their families as a result of the disaster. Some credit this disaster as the "first nail in the coffin" to the Kretuist regime, which was overthrown in the Korwinian Civil War, just three years later.

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Postby Radiatia » Fri Jul 08, 2022 5:12 am

The 1973 Miitlania City Nuclear Disaster

On May 10th 1973, there was a large explosion at a nuclear power station north of Miitlania City. At the time the city had a population of around 500,000 people and was then the capital of the state of Miitlania.

The details of the incident were suppressed by the ruling Communist Party at the time and to this day the exact details of what happened are unknown. Official records state that there was an explosion in a nuclear reactor caused by a faulty cooling system which lead to a meltdown.

However, today the prevalent theory is that the reactor was an experimental facility as part of Radiatia's nuclear arms programme (Radiatia's first successful atomic bomb test happened 6 years later in 1979) and that the explosion was an accidental detonation of an experimental A-bomb.

It's notable that most of the city was sealed off (possibly destroyed) after the incident and the nearby area was deemed "uninhabitable" for the next 40 years, officially due to radioactive fallout. The official death toll is still not known, but estimated to have been between 100,000 and 200,000 people.

Today Miitlania City is inhabitable again but is a shadow of its former self, less than a tenth the size it was at the time of the incident and is mostly a tourist town for people wanting to explore the site of the accident.

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Postby Tinhampton » Fri Jul 08, 2022 9:18 pm

Flatwoodlands wrote:YN’s WORST MAN-MADE DISASTER

Deciding to get into the colonialism business in the years after independence (and picking up Saint Eleanor from some ponzi scheme merchant to boot). Total lives made worse once the dust settled on the Tinhamptonian Army about half a century later: several million. Just ignore the oil, okay?
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Postby Yohaulticetlia » Sat Jul 09, 2022 7:35 pm

From the beginning of terraforming, the plastics industry in our country has been one of its foundations, the effect of the massive trade in carbon which drove the terraforming project. In recent decades, such enterprises have proven detrimental to the local lunar environment. Industrial runoff from the plastics, semiconductors, and electronics industry has resulted in exotic chlorides polluting large areas of the Aitkenic Coast.

In the decades since the Andrada Era, a concerted national effort has been made to recreate the plastics industry with new kinds of machine-derived methods and materials rethinking basic assumptions about what a circuit is. These new methods helped to eliminate this dying economic sector and yield from its parts a new neomaterials industry without harmful waste.

One of the final straws in the DRY which resulted in protest for change of economic policy among the affected provincial governments, was the 2506 Etchant Leak at the Locria Circuitry Factory in the city of the same name. A local boss used his two autistic daughters to do programming work so that he wouldn't have to send for a new monitoring team after the last one fell apart.

The accidental misprogramming of a pressure allocation apparatus on a new set of tanks of a different manufacturer connected to the main etching system without authorization resulted in the release of thousands of tons of emulsified fluorine nitride into the water supply which killed 11,000 people and resulted in an unquenchable fire that consumed much of the nearby district of the aluminum, plastic, glass, and concrete city.

The catastrophe was remarkably well-mitigated by the government and hundreds of thousands of lives were saved from what could have been a world-spanning cataclysm, but the political damage was done, and a new party leadership was elected with the imprisonment or forced retirement of nuch of the former Presidium. The new executive council embarked on an anti-nepotism program as well as a campaign against child slavery in the programming industry.

Following the disaster, new materials were quickly introduced to the etching industry and greater security placed on extremely harmful substances in the nation. Cities were refitted in stages as part of a gargantuan project to introduce fire-proof and high-durability construction, and the entire plastics department was soon overhauled as well into a clean materials industry by the new generation of leadership that accompanied the fall of the previous administration.
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Postby South Olpen » Sat Jul 09, 2022 8:11 pm

Scezonia Dam & Pump System Cathastrophe
A crisp September day. No one expected it to be anything but. Almost 3 and a half thousand were on their way to the Scezonia Dam. The Dam was a crucial piece of infrastructure; not only was it responsible for almost 20% of Scezonia's energy needs, but it kept the water level down by 10 feet. It was seen as a model of Olpenese might; it was built in only 3.2 years, after all, and in 1942 as well. Maybe that wasn't something to be proud of.

But on that day, September 12th, 1974 it was something else; something else entirely.

At 6:30 PM, the second shift of the day was leaving. The average Jean said goodbye to his coworker as he packed up his lunch. Some, the unscruptiolis workers who left at 5:30, were already in their cars. But before anyone left the lot, they all heard something; something bad. A crack. At the concrete at the center of the dam, water was already spilling. By 6:34, two minutes after the crack was heard, 600 tons had already killed those in the parking lot. The crack got bigger. At 6:36, employees wouldn't be able to get to their cars.

At 6:40, while surrounded by hundreds of news helicopters streaming to tens of millions across the globe, and under the guise of almost 10 million in Scezonia, the offices fell. All 3 and a half thousand were dead, quite literally, in the water. At 6:45, one and a half thousand of those coming to fill the next shift were killed without mercy. Before long, another 500 had been killed.

In hours, the land went still. The dam was nothing but a roadblock to water above and below it; the full force of the South Atlantic ocean descended upon civilians. There was no help to be given to many. They were dead. An additional 1000 died from building collapses; another 500 from fire. Within the coming days, before help could be given, an estimated 2000 were dead of Yellow Fever in the still water, starvation, or a lack of medicine.

9,000. Dead.

To this day, the causes of the great flood, known in the collective imagination as the single worst man-made disaster in Olpenese history (though this is only partially true, depending on whether or not stoppable epidemics count) is not known. Some say corners had been caught by the Desroches Administration; others say the concrete wasn't made in regulation. The prevailing theory, however, says that it just kinda happened. A series of factors contributed to it; age, the lack of supervision in construction, and the plain hubris of trying to keep back the Atlantic.

Yet this meant nothing. 4 years later, a series of dams, canals, and choke points were constructed to keep back the Atlantic. Northwest Scezonia was reclaimed. But lives never can be. The next of kin in the families were all paid back. Still, over 7,500 of the bodies have not even been dug up; much less identified. The grounds of the old dam today are Monument Park. Visting the area is sureal. You can still see, touch the old dam; some swear that when they do, their hands feel the anguish, the suffering, the final thoughts of the dead. It's quit, and if it wasn't pointed out, you'd think it was suburban given the quietness.

But still, the souls of the dead rest, unable to grip with their death.
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Postby Reformed Cyprus » Sat Aug 06, 2022 5:39 am

In the 1930's, the then in power Communist party decided to drain part of a major lake in our country to manually get more land for construction. They didn't want to remove all the water as many near by farms and cities relied on it. They drained the lake by attempting to build a canal from the lake to the ocean. This in itself displaced hundreds of thousands of people but this project was grossly miscalculated and almost overnight, all the water from the lake was gone. This led to the destruction of many farms and led to a famine the killed over 1 million people. This was a severe loss of life but it is nothing compared to the over 20 million people killed by the communist party both internationally and unintentionally.


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