[[DRAFT #2] Outlawed Political Dynasty

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[[DRAFT #2] Outlawed Political Dynasty

Postby Xenial » Mon Jul 04, 2022 11:26 pm

The World Assembly:

Political Dynasty brings corruption and the Degree of Political Science is becoming meaningless:

The World' Assembly Mandates that:

Article 1: Definitions

a. Political dynasty (also referred to a political family - is a family tree in which multiple members are involved in political topic

b. Corruption - illegal behavior especially by dominant people

c. Political Science Degree - a social science degree path that requires students to study government in theory and practice

d. Meaningless - having no purpose or reason

Article 2 : Rights

a. All WA Nation will ban all Political Dynasty (also Potical Family) via:

-Making re-elect will be two per person.
-All People cannot be politicians without a Political Degree.
-Only One child from Political family can get a Political degree.

b. The rights of Political Families will not be destroyed but they can no longer run as Politicians such as Mayor etc.

c. All WA Nation President, Leader, King and etc efamily will not affected by this law only the Lower rank from President, Leader, King and etc is the affected family.
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Postby Australian rePublic » Tue Jul 05, 2022 2:44 am

No thanks. I supremely oppose
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