Invest in Cypresey Island! [OPEN]

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Invest in Cypresey Island! [OPEN]

Postby West Bromwich Holme » Thu Jun 30, 2022 9:58 am


Cypresey Island welcomes you!

Our island is looking for new investors; currently we have 20 major employers here, of which 15% are local firms.

About us
We are an island of 41,284 km2 in size; we are noted for our temperate climates, our cypress groves (for which our country is named after), our olive oils and our food culture.

Cypresey Island is a dependent territory of West Bromwich Holme and it is classified as an autonomous territory.

The government of West Bromwich Holme remains responsible for military and partially in economic matters; jurisdiction, however, is a composite of their law and our own laws.

Unlike mainland West Bromwich Holme, we have some differences legally:
  • You must be licensed to have a business here.
  • Foreign companies can hire up to 50 foreign workers a month, but this is not a hard and fast rule.
  • If your company produces weaponry, it will not be allowed to produce it here due to an Act passed in 1976 which prevents military-grade weaponry from being produced here. However, exemptions are made for military vehicles or for production of military equipment which benefits the public.
  • Employees must have some ability to speak our other six native languages; Dutch, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Chinese and show proficiency in them.
  • Certain nations with a poor human rights record are blacklisted.
  • Companies that produce autonomous vehicles cannot produce these for consumer usage on the island; legally, all autonomous vehicles at Level 4 or Level 5 autonomy are prohibited on the island and cannot be tested or used here. All cars must be human-driven; a law in 2015 made this ruling.

Culturally, doing business here has the following etiquette:
  • Business is often done over a meal, but this depends on the nature of the company.
  • Business meetings do not get straight down to business (unless the nature of the job involves it); it is as much about making friends as contacts.
  • Alcohol is commonly served and widely available here, this country has no dry counties or anti-alcohol laws. Expect to drink after-hours as a way to socialise.
  • Chinese people here do business differently than mainland China, they consider themselves a separate culture. Do not assume because a business has a Chinese name it must be connected to China.
  • Within the workplace, there is no deferring to elders or similar; it's a case of ideas bouncing off one another.

Culturally, this island has some things you should know before coming:
  • Politics is not a forbidden topic; indeed, locals are interested in world politics and it makes for a good conversation topic.
  • The automobile is popular here and you need it to get around. People really like their cars, and need them too. Anti-car politics has no place here, and is considered a rude thing to discuss.
  • Alcohol is easy to buy, and the legal purchase age is 18. There are no dry counties or places that don't sell alcohol. Legal drinking age depends on parents.
  • You will find it easier to get by with cash than credit cards; many restaurants or fast-food places are cash-only.
  • Mitsubishi Motors is a revered and beloved brand here, so much so that the 1987-1992 Mitsubishi Colt 3-door hatchback and 1988-1995 Mitsubishi Lancer 5-door hatchback/Mitsubishi Lancer 4-door sedan and 1991-1999 Mitsubishi Pajero/Shogun are built under license here.
  • Lady Tanya Abdul-Kader Shawky, a native of Palestinian descent (born 22 July 1978) is beloved by the island's people and considered the authority on certain types of food. Although not royalty, she's from an influential Palestinian family of Arab descent (who are not Muslim) and seen as the closest thing to royalty. She isn't someone who the public will criticize if at all, and actually has her own celebratory holiday in the island's calendar!
  • The Chinese community here do not consider themselves as Chinese, but a separate group from Chinese people and have a dislike for their ancestral nation's government. To them, they see themselves as locals with Chinese heritage and culture.
  • There is a small community of people of mixed Chinese and Italian descent or Chinese and Dutch descent; they are noted for their restaurant culture here and speak a creole of both languages.
  • Also, there is a small community of people of mixed Yoruba and Chinese heritage who work as businesspeople, the majority being female. In their culture, business is done over a large meal and the deal is concluded with a bell being rung ceremonially.
  • There are descendants of prisoners sent here by the Welsh in the 1800s, this family is still influential here now, and to criticize the merchant family, the Cadwalladers, is considered uncouth and offensive. There are many descendants of them still, and the surname is common.
  • Food is a popular topic of conversation and social activity.
  • In the South, there are small towns where German is spoken, of the Low German variety. You may find difficulty in using standard German. Also, English is spoken but the Low German is preferred. You will find the towns to be bilingual.
  • Relating to the above point, the people are descendants of German immigrants from the 1700s when people from Rhine-Westphalia, Northern Germany and Schleswig-Holstein emigrated en masse.
  • Bureaucracy is not as red-tape driven as here, it is far simpler. It can take 24-48 hours to get major things done.
  • Money is not a taboo topic to talk about and it's not considered crass to discuss it; apart from discussion of the 1990-1992 economic crisis which still remains raw for some people.
  • Vegetarian food is more popular than meat, so don't expect to be invited for steak on barbecue here (unless you're from the small Argentine expat community, but that's the exception rather than the rule)
  • There are few topics that are taboo, although meat, animal rights, slavery and temperance are taboo topics.
  • There is a very small Muslim community here, and they tend not to follow the religion strictly, and they do drink; for them, they cherry-pick what to follow and what not. Do not expect to see the abaya worn by Muslim women.
  • Christmas is a highly important time in the calendar for the Island, but it is a sunnier one than most.

Should you wish to apply for a license to do business in our country, please contact:

Governor Jacqueline Anne Sandström
ImageThis image is a generated AI photo to represent the individual

Born 15 May 1981 in Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida, United States of America, Jacqueline emigrated here as an expat aged 24 in 2005.

Aged 37 in 2018, she became the Governor here after 15 years of business experience.

Outside of her work, she enjoys golf, food and drink and helping the local American expat community.

She has U.S. citizenship still but also local citizenship of Cypresey, which she got in April 2010 after 5 years of residence here.

(OOC: Please send a formal letter, addressed to the Governor, you will see details about her above; keep it in-character. This storefront is as much about writing in-character as it is your products.

Please write a formal letter, and the Governor will reply IC when she can!)
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Postby Baron Vamp Von Metal » Sun Jul 03, 2022 7:57 am


It is I Baron Vamp Von Metal, the keeper of all flames, the heir of the night, the fuzz pedal of doom. Your nation’s opportunities for investment are ones we cannot ignore here in the Vampiric Emirate. I am specifically speaking of Cypresy Island.

One of the Emirate’s most successful companies is Wyrmwood Guitars. We specialize in instruments made with rare woods and exotic tops. Our people are such skilled luthiers, that several other nations hire our factory to construct guitars for their company.

Wyrmwood would like to establish a guitar factor on Cypresy Island. We will invest in lumber operations to source Cyprus wood for guitar tops and bodies. The company’s hope is to secure a fairly large plot of land for building a guitar factory and possibly running lumber operations on an adjacent grove. Wyrmwood would run a sustainable operation and seed new trees, avoid over-harvesting and follow local concerns.

The company will likely hire locals to help work the operations. Our staff will be proficient in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

May the sun be shrouded from your eyes,
Baron Vamp Von Metal
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Postby Saralonia » Sat Jul 09, 2022 8:04 pm

Letter by Comrade Jose Molina Arturo to Ms. Governor Jacqueline Anne

Hello, and good day Ms. Governor, I am the chosen representative to personally write this letter by the Worker Cooperative 'Cervezas del Sol' which seeks to open a brewery on the territory, if possible, we also seek to open drinking establishments, we seek to hire an almost fully local workforce, but since we're aware most people probably aren't aware of how workplace democracy looks like or how it is in practice, we'll have to send Saralonian workers to introduce the way we organize our business.
Thank you so much for your attention, and we hope you have a good day.

Hello there, currently in the process of translating and renovating all my factbooks.
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Postby Krow-Bock » Thu Jul 14, 2022 5:19 pm

Official Announcement
of the Republic of Krow-Bock Ministry of Foreign Development
To the leaders of West Bromwich Holme

Dear Sir or madam

The Ministry of Foreign Development on behalf of Republic of Krow-Bock, with its affiliated funds are pleased to announce our interest and desire to submit three preliminary non-binding proposals from several notable brands in the country of Krow-Bock such as NextGen Electronic Communications, Essex Luxury Automotives, Delmar Oil & Petroleum, Newell Motor Company, Royal One Automotives, Merrimack Gas Corporation, and Lucas Steel Corporation. Each of the following have their respective proposal:

NextGen Electronics:
$500,000,000 factory on the outskirts of one of your largest populous cities with rail and road access to the plant.
500,000 domestic jobs with 15 international board members
For every one electronic product produced in your country that is shipped overseas, five are sold domestically.

Essex Luxury Automotives:
$2,500,000,000 proposal to build a state-of-the-art vehicle factory within the metropolis area of your capitol.
430,005 jobs domestic jobs, including 50 security guards and a reserve board seat for a representative of your country’s government.
$8,000,000 in sports venue naming rights or sponsorships
Will need a water purification plant on-site
25,000 acres.

Delmar Oil & Petroleum:
$5.5 billion proposal with one of the largest oil refineries in the world with shipping and road access.
$47,000,000 pipeline integration into electricity production
75,000 jobs, five dock men, seven police officers, two teams of firefighters, and a medium staffed hospital
$7,000,000 in naming rights.
500,000 acres of land along the coast for sea transport

Newell Motor Company:
$75,975,400 billion proposal renovating and retrofitting any old factory on a large parcel of land within city limits.
15,000 domestic jobs
$5,000,000 in community service and outreach programs

Merrimack Gas Corporation:
$65,000,000 proposal to build one of the largest gas refineries in the world with port, road, and underground piping access.
15,000 domestic jobs with 300 maintenance team and 25 installers
$934,000 in integration installation into the local gas line system.
100,000 acre of gas storage and refinery complex

Lucas Steel Corporation:
$15,000,000 million proposal building within five miles of an active coal or iron mine.
49,500 jobs domestic plant jobs, five mining truck drivers, and 15 bulk tanker crew
$3,800,000 adjacent railroad freight yard and rolling stock.
65% off discount on bulk material

We believe your country’s high-quality standards, business practices, and intensive research development are along with those giant brands will broaden our local and national economy, which in turn will help accelerate your own civil projects. As such, I exercise my power to offer this business acquisitions with the terms and conditions upon which are prepared with intensive details and preparation are negotiable with the upmost respect and trust.

I look forward to learning of your decision of these great proposals and wishes you all the continued growth and success of your beloved nations, your business, and your many civilians.
DeMarcus Fidel Cortez,

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