ISSUE IDEA: A Land Worth Fighting For

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ISSUE IDEA: A Land Worth Fighting For

Postby Australian rePublic » Thu Jun 30, 2022 3:37 am

[title] A Land Worth Fighting For

[desc] An international survey into soldier morale has ranked @@NAME@@ amongst the lowest in world. A significant reason for the low morale is that many of the nation's military personnel, especially conscripts, just don't think that @@NAME@@ is worth killing and dying for.

[validity] must have low freedoms (political and/or civil rights), must have a military, must have a low HDI, must have conscription

[option] Fifteen armed battalions of @@NAME@@'s defence force march into your office and start to sing in unison "For a long time we've been preparing for battle. In a thundering heard, we feel a lot like cattle. Like the pounding beat, our aching feet, aren't easy to ignore, and all we can think is what the hell we fighting for? If we just surrender than it won't hurt at all!" One of the soldiers, who appears to be a spokesperson, joins the beginning of the chorus and says "In fact, it might be beneficial. After the Big War, the United Federation conquered Nipponia and rebuilt it for the better. And whilst Hing King fought hard against Albionia to re-join Dagou, they fated much worse under the new regime they fought for. Of coarse we don't wanna fight for @@NAME@@! We and our families would be better off conquered! Maybe if you made a few improvements to @@NAME@@, this country would be worth fighting for!"
[effect] the government makes vague and obscure promises to make vague and obscure improvements to the nation

[option] "Those ungreatful scum!" screams General @@RANDOMNAME@@ "They have no respect for their country! We feed them, we clothe them, and they still have no respect. Maybe we should put them all those scum on half food rations and punish them by selecting 100 random soldiers to execute every day until they learn some respect for their country!"
[effect] hatred of @@LEADER@@ has become a self-fulfilling prophesy

[option] In a panic, @@RANDOMNAME@@, your minister for propaganda, who appears to be fearing for @@HIS@@ job and @@HIS@@ life, makes the following suggestion "Okay, this isn't good, this isn't good. But did you know that in Eurineashia, they cut off their feet of anyone who runs too fast to stop them escaping? Or that they cut off everyone's middle fingers to avoid one finger salutes? Of coarse not, Eurineashia does not exist! But if we make everyone believe that they do, we can make them look worse than us, and project them as a constant threat!"
[effect] the nation has ALWAYS been at war with Eurineashia
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