Vote on Homeless laws

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1. Allow schools to have the legal option to utilize a certain percentage of government loans toward building homeless shelters, and each school can opt for it or not every pay-cycle.
2. Decrease in military spending, and allocate the decreased ammount to building residential governement regulated apartment homes.
3. Start a government sponsered fundraiser for a National Build Tiny Houses for Homeless campaign.
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Vote on Homeless laws

Postby Chadtonia » Wed Jun 29, 2022 5:11 pm

Recent laws have created quite a conundrum as a few of these newly passed laws have resulted in "unintended consequences." The Chadtonia government has been wrecking their brains trying to solve these problems.

Below is a quote from the incumbent president, his predecessor, and a random Chadtonia homeless citizen. Would you please take the time, and vote on which quote would most likely be the most influential to the final decision.

1. "I understand the tendancy to be upset about how this administration handled homelessness. What President Sheila Abernathy will likely fail to discuss, is that by aiding allied foreign countries in military equipment we are aiding the future of Chadtonia for all citizens. I get it, we are a superpower nation, but we must preserve that nation, and be on the wait and lookout for evil to turn it's ugly head. We need to be prepare in our own room, but also help out others in their own rooms, so that we can remain strong. Yes, Smalltopia may be a tiny nation, but they are on the ready preparing military personnel for the possibility of war as we speak. If we cease supplying any single one of our allies, we risk opening up certain vulnerabilities that an evil overlord may try to take advantage of. I want to tell you this, the rate of homelessness increased under Abernathy's leadership, because she would not put a halt on the government aid of building free hospitals, even in low populated areas. I mean, a 200 bedroom hospital was built in Gertuiville, Dani. The population of Gertuiville is around 34. Do not think I am insensitive to this crisis, and that is why I urgently ask that my bill School Rights (which has already passed) be ammended, that schools can opt to pay out of government loans to homeless shelters. Schools have already been using the government loans in excess. --His Exalted President George Wolf.

2. "I believe the current government is doing too little to address the issue of homelessness. Currently each Province is subjected to determine the legality of trespass, right to roam, and homelessness. As my voters know, I am a firm believer in social progress. During my administration, we followed through on enacting and enforcing the provinces to secure at least one free of all costs hospitalization and low cost welfare systems for qualified citizens and law abiding denizens, including the right for tourists to be applied a temporary housing voucher, to lower their expenses while here so that they would be more free to supply to our econimical system. Remember Chadtonia is your land, Chadtonia is my land, and it was from here that the world grew. We owe it to the Sun God to find pathways of peaceful living for all on our world. During my administration we built many shelters for homeless, because we shied away from spending money on military aid of foreign countries, while we always remained prepared to assist if necessary. The current administration is handing heavy artillery away like it's candy, while we have a sizable portion of people who are capable and ready to work on the streets--in fact, some of them do work! Let's do the right thing for Chadtonia and pass my bill that was laid out a long time ago, No Chadtonia Without A Place To Call Home! This bill takes the money out of a warmongering administration and puts it back into the pockets of some that can't even afford the holes in their pockets."--Her Royal President Sheila Abernathy.

3. I got kids man, and they don't even get to eat dinner with me every night, because I ain't out here sleepin' on pillows, ya' know. My wife don't want me around, and my parents died, boss. I already got a back surgery and here I am on concrete. I know some people on the streets abuse alcohol and drugs, but let's not pretend that a lot of housed people don't do too. All I want is for the gov'ment to give me a tiny house or something like that, a place where I can ask my daughter to visit me on the weekends. I just want a little of my pride and dignity to stay in tact. We could even hold national fundraising events for it."
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