Zarnicovia Nova invades and annexs neighbor (IC/open)

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Zarnicovia Nova invades and annexs neighbor (IC/open)

Postby Zarnicovia nova » Wed Jun 29, 2022 9:31 am

OOC: This is for reactions to the annexation.
New Puerto is relatively large country in the the very south eastern part of Novia. It is near the countries of The military state of the Galapagos, Phasastan and Zarnicovia Nova. It has a population of 101 Million. It is pularity Catholic. It has a small GDP of 376 Billion NSD.

It was a US-territory given independence along with the rest of US territories in Novia. It's Zarnicovian Minority in 1999 backed by AZNUP and the Zarnicovian state overthrew the government and planned to join the newly formed country of Zarnicovia Nova like the other 6 countries who had joined in 1996-1998 however, only 2 days after their coup was successful this dream would put down for now. Reactor 3 at a nuclear power plant had a level 7 steam explosion fully-exposing the reactor core. The subsequent clean-up led to AZNUP being ousted from power in 2003 and no more expansion or expansionism for Zarnicovia Nova. But, AZNUP is back. It gained power in 2021 following the king's failed attempt at power

August 15th
Congressional National Capitol Building, National Disrict, Zaricoa, Zaricoa State, Zarnicovia Nova

Ma'Jin, Speaker of the Senate entered on the stage on the top of building. The Nation band began playing the nation athem then the victory of Zarnicovia athem. Then began to speak:
"Hello, members of congress, Zarnicovia and the world. I have come to you in a time of great victory for the people's revolution. Zarnicovian Novan troops have successfully taken the great land of New Puerto from NCP, Communist and Catholic terrorist organizations! You all should be congratulated for your efforts for this great nation.

My Senate has given to the army what they ask. The regions of New Puerto have been accepted as state into the Union! 37 new states for Zarnicovia Nova. The region known as New Puerto is now officially Zarnicovian Novan territory. Elections will occur in the regions soon and I and the rest of the senate will love to see the new faces of the New Puertan people! The state of emergency martial law will be extented and expanded in the newly added New Puertan territories!

The military will send around 60 divisions of troops and secrect police to New Puerto to ensure stability and root out terrorist traitors. Madam Acting-President and her Council of Executive Ministers have, with my and congreess's support decided to give multiple people unfairly arrested and tried for 'warcrimes' such as John Hisreic and Alfred Wright will be given full Pardons and realized from prison and given back their jobs. The Ministery of Internal Affairs will also begin a new campaign against NCP, Communist and Catholic terrorism in Zarnicovia Nova."

The Zarnicovian Novan senate controlled completely by AZNUP has voted 87.3% in favor of giving New Puertan regions statehood in Zarnicovia Nova following the 'special military operation' into New Puerto and quick victory by ZN and surrender of New Puertan forces. This comes as AZNUP begins to retake it's former position in the world state following loosing it 2003 and the Armenian invasion. AZNUP has committed to spending over 1.7 Trillion NSD on military spending and pushing for futher updating their weaponry through domestic and foreign weapons.

The new state governments were formed really quick and no actual elections had been reported through social media. It is currently believed that Zarnicovia Nova/AZNUP has fully annexed the territory to gain more public support with the arresting of extremely unpopular NCP party members hiding in New Puerto and gain valuable gold, silver and oil resources along with new ports for naval operations against Alantic nations and their rivals in Phastastan.

International reaction so far has been very slow to react and has been limited to neighboring nations such as Phastastan which has committed to increased military spending and a full-embargo on all ZN goods moving in and out of ZN.
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Diplomacy: Tensions decrease between KTO and GCN. AZNUP puts foward ZN hold negiotations | politics: Protests in many states have quite following strong AZNUP response | economy: New Zeeland stock exchange keeps falling now by 42.3% as AZNUP looks to try and fix multiple economic issues. Debt continues to rise.


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Postby Awesome Imperium » Wed Jun 29, 2022 2:16 pm

The Imperium is shock to hear about this and condems the actions taken by ZN.
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