The History of LGBTQ+ Law in Your Nation?

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The History of LGBTQ+ Law in Your Nation?

Postby Rhodevus » Wed Jun 29, 2022 8:54 am

So, Rhodeve LGBT history is a complicated mess of accidents, quirks of the law, racism and tomfoolery which somehow resulted in one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly nations. How did that happen? Well, first there needs to be a little context. Before Rhodevus was a country, it was a colony; multiple in fact. The two primary ones were the English colony in the south and French colony in the north. In 1671-1673, an uprising was held, dubbed the Failed Revolution, as the English and French branches of colonists failed to defeat the combined forces of their colonial homelands and indigenous peoples, especially the Laaban tribe, which held quite a lot of military prowess (and thus political power) on one of the islands right next to the mainland. While the revolution had failed, it did lead to the creation of the ‘Triarchy System’ or a balance of power between English colonists, French colonists and native peoples. This is where the story of LGBTQ+ rights in Rhodevus truly begins.

One of the rules for gaining favour with the Laaban tribe, was allowing them to be able to keep their own cultures and customs, as well as laws within a Rhodeve country. The Laaban Tribe recognized three distinct gender identities: male, female and two-spirit. Thus, two-spirit people were forced to be recognized by any new Rhodeve government.

Rhodevus was granted its independence in 1715. So, on the books, homosexuality and other gender identities were illegal. However, the early founders of Rhodevus were ultimately racist, and thus designed their laws without taking into consideration the great amount of influence the Laaban tribe had in the Triarchy System. So, when the laws banning homosexuality were written, and two-spirit identities were allowed (without actually defining what this term meant), they forgot to include a clause stating that only natives could call themselves by this term.

Meaning, that homosexuality was accidently decriminalized in 1715. When one was arrested for homosexuality, or cross-dressing, or anything else under this term, anyone could claim to be two-spirited. New laws couldn’t be created to criminalize the identity without breaking the Triarchy System, and they couldn’t update the laws, because the Laaban leaders refused to give them a formal definition of the term. And above all, they couldn’t explicitly declare it a native only term within the laws, without risking the English and French populace going up in arms about natives receiving personalized laws, which could then also fracture the Triarchy System (The system was extremely important to Rhodevus and has prevented many a civil war).

So, a bit more than 100 years later, in 1863, a landmark court case was heard in the Tundos Provincial Court (the highest court in the province of Tundos) called James Suchin, Mark Healy, and Peter Labrough v Crown (often just shortened to James v Crown 1863) which made the gay panic and trans-panic defense illegal. Or, at this time, it was the Two-Spirit Panic defense, which is the term used for murdering someone and claiming it was a panicked reaction to finding out they are two-spirit. The court case is often cited as one of the first openly pro-LGBTQ+ rulings in Rhodeve history.

With a long history of LGBTQ+ groups being unable to be punished due to loopholes, the public became less and less concerned with the terms used in public spaces, and so, one could identify as ‘gay’ publicly, but call themselves ‘two-spirit’ to escape police custody (which became less and less of a problem over time as police found it a waste of time to try and hold these people).
Things ran peacefully for a lot longer, until the 1950s, with the Equal Citizenship Act Amendment B17, which amended the original act to include gay and lesbian terms rather than only two-spirit. The Open-Service Act was passed in the 1970s, which amended the Rhodeve constitution to include discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation illegal (alongside age, race and religion), followed soon after by the Anti-Discrimination Act which closed a few other loopholes in the law. In 1981, the Rhodeve Supreme Court had a landmark ruling in the case of Clarkson and Jameson v Crown, which stated that hate speech against LGBTQ+ was considered a form of hate speech based on ‘creed and custom’ (a term used to essentially say: “this falls within the freedoms of age, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation”). The Freedom of Gender Act was passed in 2003, which was an anti-gender based discrimination law, which also had a clause to expand healthcare services to benefit transgender individuals.

And then in 2014, during the last few minutes of a senate meeting, gay marriage was legalized. Which was awkward, since gay marriages were being held under the original loopholes that allowed two-spirit identities and homosexuality in general. It was barely publicized, being written about in only a handful of editorials, and is now more-so used as a question in games.

Now, with the present day, Rhodevus is a very LGBTQ+ friendly place, with many open people, including the Princess Heir Sierra Abrams, next in-line for the throne of Rhodevus, who is happily married to her wife, and has two children.

So other nations of NationStates, what is the history of LGBTQ+ Rights in your nation?
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Postby Rho Ophiuchi » Wed Jun 29, 2022 9:54 am

Hello All,

Between 1963 and 2022, Rho Ophiuchi has maintained a neutrally progressive policy on LGBTQ+ rights - as it was formed as an anarcho-capitalist area, no laws against LBGTQ+ expression or marriage were ever in place during this period, but no protections against employers infringing upon these rights were ever in place either.

Until 1985, this situation was maintained, with the frequency of LGBTQ+ violations steadily decreasing to the point where few employers discriminated against these groups, and much of the higher levels of society were beginning to dramatically increase in inclusivity - albeit mainly to improve their image, and enlarge the pool of available labour.

The 1985 attempted communist-leaning revolution which started the first Rho Ophiuchian civil war saw the first large-scale infringement of these rights, as LGBTQ+ rights and freedoms became seen by the revolutionaries as a tool of the wealthy to fake being compassionate and kind, and to destroy conventional left-wing groups by separating the granting of civil rights from the restrictions on economic freedoms. The result of this sentiment was that the rebellion was quite oppressive towards LGBTQ+ groups, to the point of banning both the public and private expression of their identities, in the territory that the revolutionaries controlled.

After eight years of war between two poorly-organized sides with terrible morale and little-to-no experience with actual combat, the corporations won, and established a new government to clamp down on political freedoms in an effort to prevent further rebellions by encouraging political apathy within the population. This had the unintended effect of reducing some LGBTQ+ freedoms - as the banning of public protests, for instance, has prevented such things as LGBTQ+ pride events, and the resulting media censorship created an atmosphere of anti-controversiality, so that the population of the country would not see anything wrong with government-sponsored media outlets.

Still, the rights of LGBTQ+ people in private and in public continue to be respected, at least for the most part, with Rho Ophiuchi having no regulations regarding marriage, medical procedures related to gender transitioning, not officially recognizing the difference between children and adults (effectively allowing anyone to transition, as long as they can pay for the treatment), and not recording gender in official documents, so that transgender people feel more comfortable with the system. Since 1985, the proportion of LGBTQ+ discrimination has continued to fall, almost without interruption, so as to become virtually unheard-of in medium-sized and large corporations, with only a few rare cases in small businesses being notable.

Notably, a similar condition to that in 1985 occurred with the July 2021 revolution of, and then establishment, of West Rho Ophiuchi, which was almost as intolerant to LGBTQ+ people as it possibly could be. Though this nation suffered an internal revolution in January of 2022, split in two due to a coup in May, and was destroyed in June, it and its two rebellions were all extremely intolerant, with the execution of LGBTQ+ people, sometimes even by means such as lethal acute radiation exposure.

Luckily, these groups never controlled more than 10% of the country's population, and their governments been destroyed. The intolerance was mainly due to the insanity or religious fanaticism of a few people in charge, and so has not persisted.

Rho Ophiuchi can be considered to be a good place for LGBTQ+ people, at least if they are well-off, but not for the movement as a whole.
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Postby Trad Bosnia » Wed Jun 29, 2022 11:15 am

1959- Homosexuality officially declared made a crime in Yugoslavia.

1992- Homosexuality confirmed as a crime in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

December 1995- Lesbianism declared to nolonger be a crime.

December 1996- Male homosexuality declared to nolonger be a crime.

1998- Sexually active gay people allowed to serve in the armed forces.

1st July to 2nd of September 2003- Riots against police treatment of gay people.

9 September 2019- First Pride event.

29th May 2021- Isa Kovač, an experienced detective known for his opposition to homosexuality, is appointed
Chief Inspector General of Police.

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Postby Gandoor » Thu Jun 30, 2022 2:57 pm

The first law concerning homosexuality in Gandoor was the Buggery Act 1589, passed by the First Gandoor Grand Council, which criminalized male homosexual acts and made them punishable by hanging.

The Buggery Act 1589 remained in force until it was repealed and replaced by the Unnatural Offences Act 1822, which was enacted under the authority of Nzard Joseph II. The Unnatural Offences Act 1822 repealed and replaced several extant laws criminalizing various 'crimes against nature', consolidating them all into a single act. Specifically in relation to the topic of homosexuality and related subjects, the Unnatural Offences Act 1822 continued to criminalize male homosexual acts, along with criminalizing female homosexual acts and 'the wearing of clothing items contrary to one's own sex' (exceptions were granted for stage performances featuring male actors performing in comedic female roles and for other 'comedic or entertainment events' where such acts would not be considered unusual). In any case, the punishments for male homosexual acts, female homosexual acts, or crossdressing was no more than 15 years imprisonment or an indefinite commitment to a mental asylum, as homosexuality and crossdressing (although the latter term did not exist at the time) were considered to be mental disorders.

As the 19th century went on, enforcement of the Unnatural Offences Act in regards to homosexual acts became more and more rare, with one George S. Johnson becoming the final person in Gandoor convicted on the basis of performing homosexual actions. Johnson was sentenced to one year in prison for the crime of buggery in 1871. In 1884, Nathaniel Kelly became the final person in Gandoor arrested for the crime of buggery, although he would be found not guilty in his 1885 trial.

Despite its lack of enforcement, the Unnatural Offences Act 1822 remained on the books even when the Gandoor Revolution resulted in the dissolution of the nearly 300-year old Gandoorese monarchy in 1902 and the establishment of the modern Democratic Republic in 1904. The act would finally be repealed by the Forum in 1919, during the second term of Prime Minister Robert S. Stevenson (who was, amusingly enough, openly bisexual). While new laws continuing the criminalization of certain other acts under the Unnatural Offences Act 1822 would be passed by the Forum, homosexual acts and crossdressing were not recriminalized following the repealing of the act, de facto legalizing homosexuality in the Democratic Republic.

Homosexuality would become de jure legalized in 1921, with the passage of the Age of Consent Act 1921. Under the terms of the act (which went into force in 1922), the age of consent for same-sex relationships was set at 21 years, three years older than the age of consent for opposite-sex relationships established under the same act.

The modern gay rights movement in Gandoor began in the mid-1950s, in the aftermath of the 11 year dictatorship of Alexei Petrikov (who governed as Prime Minister from 1940 until his death in 1951). During Petrikov's rule over Gandoor, homosexuals (along with members of other groups viewed by Petrikov to be opposed to his regime) were either executed or sentenced to hard labour in one of twenty-two forced labour camps constructed across Gandoor. (Officially speaking, no one was executed or sentenced to a labour camp for 'homosexuality', however many open members of the LGBT community in Gandoor at the time would be sentenced for the crime of 'bourgeois degeneracy')

In 1958, following the recommendation of medical professionals, a law was passed allowing for transgender Gandoorese citizens to change their legal sex, following the completion and meeting of all requirements under the new law (the law required anyone who wished to have their sex changed on official documents to undergo sterilization, have lived for at least one year as their identified sex, and have undergone sexual reassignment surgery).

Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation was made illegal in 1967, the first laws passed specifically protecting the LGBT community (and the first new anti-discrimination law to be passed since 1906, when discrimination on the basis of race, sex, or religious belief [or lack thereof] was made illegal). The Age of Consent Act 1969, which went into force in 1970, repealed and replaced the 1921 law and set the new minimum age of consent for both opposite-sex and same-sex relationships at 15 years old (the act also specified that anyone who is 20 years of age or older [20 being the age of majority in Gandoor] who has engaged in sexual relations with a minor under the age of 18 years has committed a crime).

Same-sex relationships were first legally recognized with the Same-Sex Partnership Act 1975, which allowed same-sex couples to register their relationships as 'same-sex unions', granting them some rights equivalent to marriage. The Same-Sex Partnership Act would lead to the 1977 legalization of second parent adoption and the 1979 legalization of joint adoption for same-sex couples.

Starting in 1982, all aspects of gender transitioning became covered by the Gandoor National Health Insurance, ending the nearly 10 years where gender transitioning was considered 'non-essential cosmetic surgery' and had to be paid for out of pocket or via private psuedo-health insurance systems (the GNHI was introduced in 1960 and all private health insurance was phased out by 1973, however as the GNHI did not cover gender transitioning, there existed several private systems covering the costs for this treatment until 1982. These psuedo-health insurances were tolerated by the government as they did not compete with the GNHI in what it covered and treated).

Same-sex marriage was legalized in 1988, following a decision by the High Court, who ruled that prohibiting same-sex couples from marrying was discriminatory and in violation of the constitution, which defines marriage as 'a consenting union between any two persons of legal age'.

In 1990, a lawsuit was filed against the National Military of the Democratic Republic of Gandoor, which argued that the military's long-standing (but seldom-enforced) ban on LGBT servicemembers violated the 1967 laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. In response to this lawsuit, the military voluntarily abandoned the ban in 1991, officially allowing gay servicemembers to openly serve in the military.

Discrimination on the basis of gender identity became illegal in 1993, along with the repealing of the laws requiring that transgender citizens to undergo sterilization as part of the transitioning process. A second lawsuit against the military was filed in 1996, which confirmed that the abandonment of the ban in 1991 applied to transgender individuals as well, affirming their right to serve openly in the military as well.

Finally, in 2017, the Democratic Republic began to formally and legally recognize an 'Other' category for gender, which is considered to encompass all gender-identities outside of the male/female binary.
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Postby West Bromwich Holme » Thu Jun 30, 2022 3:10 pm

Cypresey Island, a dependent territory/autonomous region of West Bromwich Holme that is 41,284 km2 in area, has been rather progressive when it comes to LGBTQ+ issues.

Homosexuality was never criminalized at any point in the island's history even going back to ancient times, and statute law never made it so. This was due to concerns over more mundane things like industry, pollution and banking / financial issues and issues like domestic violence.

Transgender has always been seen as de facto legal, even in the less progressive 1980s to 2000s, although it was expensive to do surgery there due to everything being 60% more expensive than the mainland and its location.

A burger and fries costing £2.50 is £4 due to the expense of living there.

For example, a Mercedes-Benz sedan costing £34,000 (total price inc. VAT) on the mainland is £54,400 (including local taxes) due to the expense of importing things to the island. Or if you really wanted a sports car, a Ford Mustang GT costing £54,464 is a whopping £87,100 due to everything being 60% more expensive.

However, Cypresey Island has never recognized non-binary or agender gender identities legally.

In February 1989, a new law came into force on the island preventing discrimination on basis of sexuality.

Before same-sex marriage was legalized, partners in a same-sex relationship were still entitled to the same rights as a heterosexual couple.

Same-sex marriage was first legal in 2001, in May 2001 it became legal, but due to the attitudes of the 2000s, was not as common.

As a whole, Cypresey Island is good for LGBTQ people, but not so good due to location and expensive cost of living there, with everything 60% of the mainland.

There isn't a huge LGBTQ scene on the island, but it's still a good place.
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Postby Frostland » Thu Jun 30, 2022 11:42 pm

The Arctic Lambda Society, the most influential LGBT lobbying group in Frostland, was founded in September 1972. The ALS began by propping up homosexual public servants and politicians in the all-white Frostish government. Their first impact was in lowering the penalty for sodomy from capital punishment to seven years carceral punishment in 1978. This made the ALS known in the political sphere, initially as a fringe group without much influence. The far-right political wing pressured the segregationist dictatorship to outlaw the ALS on grounds of promoting barbaric cultural lifestyle, but the dictator refused, as the ALS stated their support for Frostland's racial segregation in order to not be classified as a culturally progressive movement.
Their sophomore impact was when they supplied lawyers for a gay bar owner in a 1988 court case. The bar owner was to receive capital punishment for harboring homosexuals and promoting "barbaric cultural lifestyle". The lawyers defended successfully to drop both charges, and the bar owner was released, although his bar was shut down by the government.
The ALS organized the first Frostish gay pride march in the capital Hexapoli in August 1993. However, they were attacked and forcefully dispersed by the National Guard, who were patrolling due to the State of Emergency for the Dirty War at the time.
In 1996, the ALS pressured the Frostish Psychology Association to remove homosexuality from the mental illness classification. The attempt resulted in major infighting within the FPA between pro-gay and anti-gay psychologists. The FPA eventually rejected the ALS request, with a significant amount of psychologists leaving the FPA in protest of the rejection.
In 1997, the ALS was taken over by the progs, and officially denounced Frostland's racial segregation. The dictatorship moved to outlaw the rouge ALS, and considered homosexuals an "enemy of the Frostish". The dictatorship began purging homosexuality from society, and the international LGBT community boycotted Frostish goods.
The dictator was ousted in a coup in 2007, and the new president reverted the policies of the dictatorship. The ALS was unbanned in March 15 2008, and several gay pride marches were held across the nation to commemorate. They were met with much larger counter marches, and homosexuals were beaten down by citizens and police alike. The new government nonetheless pandered to the ALS in nationally decriminalizing homosexual conduct in June 22 2008. Initially, republican governments were allowed to impose their own sodomy prohibitions, and most republican governments moved to do so. The few that did not came to be known by the LGBT community as "gay sanctuaries".
The Democratic Revolution was the first major political party to state their support for same-sex civil unions, in October 2009. This progressive stance gave the party more of a vote share in the gay sanctuaries and less of it elsewhere. The DR won their first gubernatorial election in the gay sanctuary republic of Ind Nurbill in September 2010. Ind Nurbill then made national headlines by being the first to recognize same-sex civil unions in July 2011. This led the ALS to organize a "caravan" of LGBT Frostlanders to migrate to Ind Nurbill, considered the "ultimate gay sanctuary". The caravan was subject to harassment by the public, and the police detained many of the migrants.
In October 2013, the governor of Ind Nurbill attempted to go further and recognize same-sex marriage. This required a public referendum by order of the courts, ultimately dooming the proposal. While the Republican Assembly passed the proposal by 87-73, the public vote failed, with 52.2% of voters rejecting the proposal. The referendum stood throughout the 2010s, and same-sex marriage would never be recognized in Ind Nurbill.
Three more republics and thirtythree regions recognized same-sex civil unions by 2019. As of 2022, 0 republics, 18 regions, 105 provinces, and 533 counties perform same-sex marriages. 0 republics, 7 regions, 59 provinces, and 385 counties recognize gender identity.

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LGBTQ law in Irplandia

Postby Irplandia » Fri Jul 01, 2022 6:17 am

Irplandia has had a long, intertwined mess of a history. 1GBTQ+ laws date back to before the government even existed, when the Öls Empire defined marriage as 'a relationship between a man and a woman' and prohibited gay marriage, but being 1GBTQ+ wasn't considered a crime on its own. That is, until Old Erschia was founded, when the government banned all 'h0mo5exual' activity, but Irplandia had its own government with its own laws (which sometimes conflicted with Old Erschian laws) and everything. It was all a mess. And when the Second Revolution happened,

In modern-day Irplandia, gay marriage, but not h0mo5exuality itself, is illegal.
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Tunisien Republic
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Postby Tunisien Republic » Fri Jul 01, 2022 6:38 am

Publicly identifying as LGBT is illegal in Tunisia, punishable with a fine or up to five years imprisonment.

Transgendered people are also not recognised.

In 2019, Tunisia passed a law criminalising “promotion of sodomy, homosexuality trangenderism, pedophilia or any other deviant sexual practices”.

In June 2022, amid a political crisis, the Tunis Pride Parade was forcibly dispersed by National Guards and riot police, who used water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas to clear off the attendees. Several attendees who were not arrested at the event were reportedly arrested later on at their homes.

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Postby Valentine Z » Fri Jul 01, 2022 6:47 am

Valentine Z was first established in the year 2000 after the global nuclear bombardment that decimated a LOT of the populace. Terraforming and rebuilding went underway immediately, and with the infrastructures stabilizing, the Valentians were able to start making new laws and constitutions in 2004, not just the list of rules that is taped onto the main halls. Since 2004, and after much education and awareness of sexual relationship between adults, as well as their orientations, the LGBTQ+ gets the same rights as the heterosexuals and gets neither benefits nor prosecution for their mere existence. Like heterosexuals, they can get married, have kids, adopt kids, sign up for the army, reassignment surgeries are allowed, along with physical and emotional therapies. This was back when Valentine Z was not the very developed world in terms of medical infrastructure; the cost is a necessity. Still, they have all the rights.

The amount of rights that the LGBTQ+ get in Valentine Z is parallel to the heterosexuals since then, from 2004 to the present year of 2094.
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Postby Vallermoore » Fri Jul 01, 2022 11:02 am

People must be 17 or older to transition from male to female or the other way around except in the cases of testicular cancer, and witness protection. Apart from that there are not many laws either pro or anti being LGBTQ+. On the plus side, the state does not persecute said people, but private businesses can sack or refuse to employ or give services to them.
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Postby Aikoland » Sat Jul 02, 2022 9:31 am

  • 1607 - The first sodomy laws are passed in the Kingdom of Aiko, mandating death by burning for the crime. Sodomy laws in the Kingdom of Boullién and the Kingdom of Saun would be passed in 1610 and 1615, respectively.
  • 1812 - Aikoland's sodomy laws are de facto repealed following the French invasion of Aikoland and the integration of our nation's three islands as departments of the First French Empire
  • 1814 - Following the regaining of Aikolandais independence, it is declared that any alterations to Aikolandais laws during the nearly two years of French rule are considered null and void - recriminalising homosexuality once more
  • 1841 - Parliament passes the Sodomy Act 1841, which replaces the previous sodomy laws and formally abolishes capital punishment for homosexuality (no one had been executed for the crime of homosexuality since 1702, so capital punishment for the crime had long been considered de facto abolished)
  • 1887 - The Sodomy Act 1841 is repealed by Parliament, homosexuality is made legal in Aikoland for the first time since 1814.
  • 1962 - Transgender citizens are allowed to change their sex on legal documents following sterilization, hormone therapy, and sexual reassignment surgery
  • Late 1980s - The first local laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation are passed.
  • 1997 - Laws are passed allowing same-sex couples to adopt children
  • 2002 - The Civil Union Act 2002 is passed, recognising same-sex civil unions in Aikoland.
  • 2003 - Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation becomes illegal nationwide.
  • 2005 - Gender transitioning becomes covered under the Aikolandais National Health Service
  • 2013 - A constitutional amendment to recognise same-sex marriages in Aikoland passes both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate and is signed by Prime Minister Philippe Chaney. The amendment becomes part of the constitution and goes into force on 1 January 2014, legalising the performance and recognition of same-sex marriages in Aikoland
  • 2016 - Discrimination on the basis of gender identity becomes illegal nationwide
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Postby Tangatarehua » Sat Jul 02, 2022 8:03 pm


There was no tradition of hostility toward homosexuals in Tangatarehua before the 19th century. During the 19th century, homophobic views became more prevalent due to the arrival of Christianity as well as the rise of "scientific" views that purported it to be "unnatural".

Homosexuality was briefly outlawed in 1845, a year after Empress Korero e te atua declared Christianity to be the new state religion of Tangatarehua. In 1863 Christianity was abolished as the state religion and by 1870 laws forbidding homosexuality had been repealed.

As the western concept of the nuclear family does not apply to the culture of Tangatarehua, there have never been laws forbidding homosexual couples from raising or adopting children. As long as they are from the same Hapu (sub-tribe), they are legally considered family and as such it's never been uncommon for homosexuals to be involved in child-raising.

Polygamy is also the norm in Tangatarehua so neither homosexual nor heterosexual couples receive any benefit from the government and in 2021 the government abolished the concept of marriage altogether due to it being widely seen as a colonial imposition of western culture and values. Tangatarehua therefore doesn't recognise gay marriage, but it also does not recognise heterosexual marriage either.


The history of transgenderism in Tangatarehua is long, complicated and still evolving.

Gender roles in Tangatarehua are very strictly defined and very rigid, even to this day.

Tangatarehua recognises a third gender, "Whaawahine" dating back to the neolithic period. Traditionally a Whaawahine was a person born male who was raised as a female due to a family or tribe lacking enough women to do women's duties.

Male to female Whaawahine have always held a respected position in society, due to the fact that Tangatarehua has traditionally been a matriarchal society in which women are seen to outrank men - thus for a man to become a woman is seen as a step up in the traditional social hierarchy.

Men who were raised to be Whaawahine were usually castrated at a young age, and were functionally eunuchs who dressed and acted as females. The practice of forced castration of Whaawahine was outlawed in 1901.

Female to male Whaawahine also exist - this happened when there was a surplus of female births leading to a lack of men for male-dominated roles, chiefly military service. Female-to-male Whaawahine were often forced to undergo dangerous procedures such as mastectomies (this is long before modern medicine) and genital mutilation until the practice was abolished in 1901.

To this day, Tangatarehua does not allow women in the military and a woman would be forced to legally become a Whaawahine in order to be eligible for military service.

With the rise of the modern transgender movement and technologies such as hormone treatment and sex reassignment surgery, becoming transgender or a third gender is a matter of personal choice for any citizen aged over 21 - however transgendered people are only ever recognised as "Whaawahine" and not as the gender of their identity.

Because of its negative experiences with forced gender conversion until the 20th century, Tangatarehua was very reluctant to allow citizens to willingly undergo hormone therapy and sexual reassignment surgery - this was not legalised until 2003.
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9 August 2022
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Postby Cavirfi » Sat Jul 02, 2022 10:46 pm

Since Cavirfi is only 1 years old (created in 2021). The Government has had a neutrally progressive view of the LGBT Community. That is to say, it's a tad bit Conservative but it maintains support of the community. Homosexuality has never been illegal in modern Cavirfi, however prior to the creation of the Cavirfite state, the island was an anarchy with only 600-6000 residents and depending on the commune in which one resided in. Homosexuality was either fully accepted and normalized or downright forbidden.

LGBT Rights are codified in the Constitution through Article 13 otherwise called "The Right to Identity". It states:

The people have the right to identify with any ethnic group, political ideology, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. Without discrimination from the state in terms of benefits, punishments for crimes, or taxation rates.

Although LGBT rights are only guaranteed by the State officially meaning private entities (i.e: Citizens) maintain the right to hold homophobic sentiments, behaviors, or views. However the atmosphere for LGBT citizens of Cavirfi is somewhat good.

50% of Cavirfites claim to support the LGBT Community while another 25% claim to be "tolerant" of the community but opposed to "excess flambuoyancy", 17% claim to oppose LGBT rights, while 8% claim to be neutral.

Okay maybe we're not done here...

The rights of transgender people are pretty lacking in Cavirfi. Although you can change your legal gender, you can't get any gender reassigning treatment like surgery or hormone therapy. Non-binary people are also not legally recognized. However as of 2022, there have been privately coordinated plans to expand the rights of transgender citizens of Cavirfi.
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Novaya Alyaska
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Postby Novaya Alyaska » Sun Jul 03, 2022 5:02 am

1925: The Crimes Against Nature Act criminalises homosexual activity between males, making it punishable by up to seven years’ hard labour in a penal colony.

1937: Homosexuality is ruled to be a mental illness by the Supreme Court of Alaska; men found to have committed homosexual acts would no longer be sentenced to hard labour, instead they would be chemically castrated and committed to a mental institution until they were “cured” of their sexuality.

1961: The law is amended to remove the requirement for castration; this would now be optional, though institutionalisation and “treatment” was still mandatory.

1968: Male homosexuality is partially decriminalised; homosexual acts conducted between two adult men in a private residence would no longer have legal repercussions.

1979: The Crimes Against Nature Act is fully repealed, and replaced with the Sexual Offences Act. This law fully legalises homosexual acts between men over the age of 21 (the age of consent for heterosexual acts was 14 at the time). It is also the first Alaskan law to recognise the existence of female homosexuality, which would now be treated the same as male homosexuality in the eyes of the law.

1990: The first officially recognised gender reassignment surgery is performed in an Alaskan hospital.

1995: LGBT people are no longer banned from the Alaskan Armed Forces; homosexual men are now required to perform mandatory military service alongside heterosexual men.

2001: Transgender people are permitted to change their legal gender providing they have already undergone gender reassignment surgery.

2003: The age of consent is equalised for all sexual orientations at 16.

2009: Civil unions between same-sex couples are officially recognised, though they are not afforded equal status to marriage.

2011: Same-sex couples are allowed to adopt children.

2015: The Marriage and Families Act of 1932 is amended to remove gendered language, thereby granting marriage equality to same-sex couples. Nonetheless, the Alaskan Orthodox church and most other Christian, Muslim and Jewish organistaions in the country still refuse to perform or recognise same-sex marriages.

2019: Requirement for surgery in order to change legal gender is abolished, though trans people still need to receive approval from a panel of doctors in order to officially transition.

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Makko Oko
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Postby Makko Oko » Sun Jul 03, 2022 1:56 pm

The Empire Of Makko Oko has had an interesting past when it comes to homosexuality within written laws. Originally, Makko Oko was the Republic Of Makko Oko, and was a full democracy with elections once every 7 years. There were multiple Presidents with whom had a hatred or irreverence towards homosexuality and gay rights, and the House Of Order (Makko Oko's Parliament) largely felt the same throughout the lifetime of the Republic.

The last President to serve in the Republic before its dissolution, Harold Zenonis, was a huge gay rights advocate, and some thought he was gay himself, but no confirmation could ever be obtained. Sadly, due to the President's limited power (democracy eh?), they couldn't expand gay rights, and the powers they did have over expansion of gay rights was fairly limited.

The House Of Order, during his tenue in 2014, which ended 3 years early due to the Civil Transition War, had changed in ideals due to the advancing and changing times, and had begun the process of mass expansions of gay rights, which included landmark laws such as the Homosexuality Protections Act Of 2016, Workers Discrimination Act Of 2015 and the Universal Public Office Act Of 2017. They all legalized homosexuality, same-sex marriage, adoption by same-sex couples, protections from discrimination in the workplace and the right to run for public office.

In 2018 however, the Civil Transition War hit, and the House Of Order was largely uninvolved in it, with President Zenonis mainly taking action including the lockdown of immigration, censorship of the media, etc. In 2019, the war ended and his government lost, causing the establishment of the Empire Of Makko Oko. The Empire Of Makko Oko wrote a new constitution, named the Basic Rights Of Makko Oko that, while it doesn't expressly mention homosexuality or anything regarding LGBTQ+, those rights are, at the moment, not guaranteed and some even consider to be illegalized.

Currently, the Empire Of Makko Oko has not a single law regarding LGBTQ+ and homosexuality, meaning the nation's constitution, is the only body illegalizing homosexuality at this time.

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Postby Wochaystein » Sun Jul 03, 2022 5:41 pm

Since Wochaystein is a religiously-observant Christian country, LGBTQ+ activities were expressly forbidden with punishments in the books. This was enforced until a monarchic law took effect in all diereses of Diarcesia forbidding sexuality- and gender-based discrimination. That being said, social opinions on such behavior remain extremely low. Wochaysteiner LGBTQ+ members who partake in unsactioned sexual activity are held in low social regard. The main exception to this sentiment lie in the cities' foreign quarters.
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Victorious Decepticons
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Postby Victorious Decepticons » Tue Jul 05, 2022 8:42 am

As asexual robots, we didn't even know of the concept of sexuality until we began to study other planets. We still don't have any outright laws about sex. However, we do have practices that have evolved as our interactions with biologicals have increased. Some of these have even more force than typical laws, and do involve the LGBTQ+ variations of sexual species.

Of the planets that had biological life, we found that most of them reproduced by the sexual method, so we started to look at that.

The immediate response was, and remains, to mock this method of reproduction as having little to no quality control, with the biggest proof being that biological parents are glad that it manages to work at all! Of species that have speech, many even call their new offspring "miracles!"

It would be over 300 years later when we would realize that with some pairings, reproduction would never occur in nature. Further examination revealed that, in most cases, these were homosexual pairings. This led us to further study, and greater understanding of the details of how biological reproduction functions (or doesn't, in these cases). We discovered chromosomes, and soon after, DNA. When we realized that a successful reproductive act resulted in the RANDOM transfer of pairs of genes to the new lifeform, we had further scientific proof of the lack of quality control in biologicals.

The idea that biologicals are inferior to us by their very nature, already firmly rooted in our culture, became solidly backed by scientific proof. Oddities like homosexual pairings were just icing on the cake, but they were definitely noted, especially since we still believed that the only point of mating was to produce offspring. The discovery that it could be pleasurable in and of itself would come centuries later, when some biological - who is lost to history - outright explained it to one of our researchers.

While a few of us would remain curious enough about biologicals to become research biologists, most of us couldn't care less about how non-Decepticons work, and never could. Our main interest in them was getting the oil from their planets, and in blasting any who opposed us. Therefore, advances in understanding stalled. This was the state of things until Earth Year 1940, when we noticed that half of that planet seemed to be at war with the other half.

Since we saw that Earth was advanced enough to have a world war, we went ahead and sent several spies to learn more about the biological species that seemed to be doing all of the combat. While most of our agents didn't encounter anything all that unusual, a few in the Germany Region were rounded up for no apparent reason and sent to these inefficient facilities that were set up apparently just to deactivate other humans. Torrents of data came into Foreign Intelligence from these agents. Among the information was the fact that homosexuals were among the specific targets of the operators of these facilities.

Now, we were curious about just what the big deal was with homosexuality. We especially wanted to know if they were really worth blasting, just in case we ever invaded this planet. Knowing things like this in advance makes it so we can efficiently aim our Genocide Battalion.

We found that certain humans running Sexuality Code Variant 2 have obnoxious, pushy attitudes and think they're superior to all for no real reason. This, we realized, could easily anger the Leader of Germany, who we had already realized had what we called overgeneralization/retribution disorder. With this disorder, if someone from a specific group pisses him off, he wants to deactivate everyone from that group. However, due to the circumstances, we were unable to confirm it. After all, most humans don't act pushy or superior when they're on the wrong side of a concentration camp operation, regardless of their normal personalities. We did note THIS pacifying effect on humans, and filed it away into our "how to pacify an annexed human planet" database, just in case...

While the war, which we later learned was the planet's SECOND world war, was of high interest to us, it yielded little data that was immediately actionable. Still, we kept an eye on the place. We also put out oceans of pro-Decepticon, anti-biological propaganda based on what we learned: Humans seem to want to go extinct - they kill each other with great abandon, while sucking horribly at defense; humans let things go way too far before going to war, thereby making the war last longer and have more casualties; humans are divided into tens or even hundreds of tiny grouplets, all of which may try to delete each other at any time; there are enough humans with Sexuality Code Variant 2 that someone actually made a concerted effort to delete them; same goes for pacifists; and victorious humans love to pretend that they had moral, rather than military, superiority.

We watched Earth since then, and noticed many things that we would have to stomp down if we invaded it. Relevant to LGBT+ are Pride parades. Our spies determined that, despite the rather unusual presentation, these "parades" were actually attempts to push a political and social agenda. Since we allow no such pressure activity, we made a note to immediately ban them and slaughter any who partook in them after the ban, same as we would for any political or social pressure attempts from any other group. This is a dictatorship, and we like it that way. We are also immensely proud of our own culture, and guard it zealously. Nobody pressures us to change any of it and lives.

All of this didn't affect Earth at all, until Michael Bay thought it was some kind of a good idea to depict us Decepticons as biological-esque, horrible-looking, mutant freaks who lost to Autobots. This immediately caused war plans to be drawn up as our diplomatic people registered our extreme and hostile displeasure with the top governments of the Earth, and demanded that this smear-movie be withdrawn from all distribution.

The United States, followed by its allies, basically flipped us the bird and snottily bleated some noise about a "First Amendment" "right." We responded by sending in the Decepticon Military with orders to put them in their place - by annexing Earth and taking its population as part of the spoils of war.

Planet Earth, most of which didn't even realize we were real, much less bother to have a serious defense plan, didn't even last for a month. Since we don't invade on a nation-by-nation basis, especially when a planet has over 200 nations on it, we took over the entire orb in one giant sweep.

When we sent in the Genocide Battalion, we did not differentiate between all of the petty little groups on Earth. Their orders were to bring Earth's total population below OUR total population number, so that humans were the definite minority in what was now the Decepticon Empire (rather than just "Nation"). At the time, we had about 3 billion Decepticons. That meant we had to delete 5 billion humans, so there would only be 2 billion humans left. Ironically, this task was directed by a former human, who had well nigh enough of humanity's toxic cultures, culture wars, and "general idiocy" and was quite glad to stomp the extras out of existence.

The 2 billion we allowed to live were distributed pretty much evenly across human types, with some exceptions due to certain groups continuing to present opposition and thereby getting themselves slaughtered more thoroughly.

The other 2 billion humans were given the legal status of Slave, and bear the stigma of also being of the Conquered, which basically means they were and are considered livestock at best. Specifically, they are draft animals. Humans themselves do not give draft animals any choices in anything, put them to whatever work their owners desire, and perform any medical treatments or modifications deemed necessary on their animals without a second thought. For some reason, humans were arrogant enough to expect us to treat them differently, now that they were our livestock.

We did not treat them better than they treat their own draft animals. We immediately set to work to find all human glitches and get rid of them by coding them out, or GMOing them away, to put it another way.

This led to several changes in Human 2.0, some of which were well-received and some that were not. Genetic errors like cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disorder, and others that humans already recognized as errors became things of the past. The same went for cancer of all types.

However, LGBT+ was also on our list of DNA Sequences Generally Recognized as Errors since it stops natural biological reproduction in those running this code. The Error Designation meant that it was summarily coded OUT at the genetic level by our Biological Research Division, and as with everything else, no one with the status of Slave - which is all Earthian humans - had any say in it.

This, needless to say, led to some attempted protests. The protests stopped almost immediately when the humans saw that our response to ALL protest attempts, regardless of cause, is to immediately kill the protesters where they stand. This is a REAL dictatorship, and not only that, humans are the conquered species - and therefore were lucky to even still be alive. They certainly don't have the standing to even be impolite to any Decepticon, let alone try to get up in our faces about anything at all.

The next round of genetic recoding was focused on improving the obedience and attitude of our human slaves, and Human 3.0 eliminated almost all desire to protest. Later iterations eliminated that desire completely, producing fanatically loyal and always-obedient slaves. We also greatly upgraded their physical capabilities and general durability.

At the 3.0 level, we sterilized all of our existing human stock and began producing it in our Cloning Centers according to our Approved DNA Codec for the Human Species. Finally, we had brought good QUALITY CONTROL to the production of humans! It was a wonderful day for all of our scientists, who had been continually irked by the previous "roll the dice and pray" method of human reproduction.

Since all code that results in LGBT+ is still Generally Recognized as Glitched, it is NOT in the Approved Codec - and therefore, does not appear in any of our clones.

Despite this, we occasionally capture a wild human (one naturally descended from humans who evaded capture during the Invasion) who still has this code running. Most overseers don't acknowledge, or even know about, this variance in the Baseline Human Codec. They are only concerned with getting their new animal to work as well as the others in the mine, and if it won't or can't, they terminate it.
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The Land of the Ephyral
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Postby The Land of the Ephyral » Tue Jul 05, 2022 11:49 am

The primary sexual paradigm in Ephyra operates on an understanding related to the perception of power and of relative physical positions, rather than identity based on attraction to one gender or the other. No words exist in the Ephyrian language for either heterosexual or homosexual, and an identity based upon this is alien to the Ephyrian understanding of sexuality. On this basis therefore, the concept of LGBT in Ephyra is hamstrung by the fact that the core identity of LGBT is simply not reproducible within the Ephyrian cultural context. No one in Ephyra identifies as a lesbian, or gay, or bisexual, or transgender (there is no separation of sex and gender in Ephyra, although particularly for males, there are social ideas on what it means to be a man that transcend merely being male, but being biologically male is necessary to be a man).

However, with a sexuality based on power and position (primarily an active-passive dynamic or more specifically one emphasising penetrator-penetrated), city-states in Ephyrian history have passed laws that penalise certain sexual behaviour.

In virtually all city-states, male citizens who permit themselves to be penetrated by another man will be disenfranchised. In some others, over time and into the present day, harsher punishments have been handed out, up to and including enslavement or death, although these were never ubiquitous. It is not considered remarkable or abnormal for men to wish to penetrate other men in Ephyra, but the act of sex between equals is viewed as perverse on the basis of the penetrator-penetrated dynamic, as the equal relationship must be sullied by one party taking an inferior, receptive position. Men of any given city-state have always been expected to avoid penetrative sex with fellow citizens, and to refuse to submit to it voluntarily. Even those cities in which pederastic relationships emerged as a form of adult-youth mentorship and developed a romantic aspect, penetration of the body was rarely performed and never tolerated.

Fewer if any regulations have ever been imposed upon female-female sexuality, which is far less referenced in Ephyrian literature or known to outsiders due to the Ephyrian practice of sexual segregation. Ephyrian women where possible remain inside the female space of the house (Ephyrian: lenaikion), located away from the entrance so that visiting unrelated males can do business with the men of the family without having to interact with the women of the family. Due to patrilineality, the women of a given family unit (Ephyrian: themios) are, as a rule, far less closely related than the men. As a result, it is known that sexual relationships between unrelated women within the same family unit developed, but as these are contained within the sequestered female space, little is known of their dynamics. Sexual activity in general is considered a very private affair, and public displays of affection are taboo even between married couples.

One could then anachronistically apply the label of bisexual to the Ephyrians, but this wouldn't be accurate for the aforementioned reasons. It implies an identity that doesn't exist in Ephyra based on a type of behaviour that doesn't form a lens of Ephyrian sexual dynamics. Core to this division is of course the roots of the LGBT movement in the civil rights movement and calls for equality. Ephyrian sexuality, as mentioned, operates fundamentally on inequality, which is itself a core precept of the Ephyrian people themselves: that people are not equal. An Ephyrian man especially, as only a male can fill the penetrator role of the dynamic (with either sex being the penetrated), will view those males he has penetrative sex with as inferior to him, an inferiority either imposed upon them by the act of being penetrated, or a pre-existing quality that justifies penetration (such as being a slave or a foreigner, outside of the protection of the law). Women, who are considered lesser in the first place, are protected from penetration primarily by laws and customs that uphold a man's right to control the sexual activity of his wife and daughters, a right that is offended and violated by extramarital sexual activity. Free females of a city-state are prohibited to that city's men with the exception of their wives, who are transferred to their authority. As for female-female sexuality, since this lacks a penetrative aspect, it is not even considered sex. Nevertheless it is presumed one woman out of the two will fulfil a masculine and dominant role, which avoids stigma of being subversive of deviant by virtue of the fact that, being naturally lesser, two women are not compromising the masculinity of a male. By contrast a male who takes a subordinate role to a female in sexual relations is thought to be deviant.

On the subject of marriage, only unions between a male and a female are recognised. As the explicit purpose of marriage is for a man to take a wife with whom he can sire children, female-female or male-male marriage as concepts exist outside the principle that justifies marriage at all in Ephyrian culture, and thus has no basis for legitimacy or recognition. As marriages in Ephyra are merely officially recorded, and require only customary traditions and witnesses to be lawful, the impossibility of same-sex marriage largely falls down to Ephyrian culture rather than law. Although no city-state would ever recognise a so-called marriage between two men or two women, there are virtually no Ephyrians who would ever think to arrange such a union to begin with.

On gender identity, and again as a matter of culture as opposed to law, there are two methods of interpreting the Ephyrian understanding. The former is a purely biological two-point dichotomy of male and female. Barring rare cases of intersex offspring (which have historically almost always been abandoned or exposed at birth), it is recognised that every human is either male or female, as evidenced by their physical constitution. A second interpretation emphasises more a degree of masculinity and the state of being a man (Ephyrian: agros), for which being a biological male is a prerequisite but not the sole qualifier. This very androcentric concept of gender identity places women, children, slaves, and often foreigners into the same category of 'un-man', and each with a different aspect for potential (or not) to become agros. The male child has the potential to grow into it. The male slave, being unfree, must become free to have this potential. The foreigner, being barbarian, must civilise to Ephyrian standards. Whilst the female, not being male at all, has no potential to become agros. As the role of women in Ephyra is much more passive, based on inherent qualities rather than earned ones, there is no corresponding metric for women.

In short, one's femaleness or maleness is determined entirely by your biological sex and there is no understanding of the nature of either sex divorced from this aspect.

The two sexes are viewed as very different to one another, and in a view often seen as the core of Ephyrian misogyny, the male is thought superior to the female, which is regarded as an incomplete, imperfect, or derived variant. In this sense, the male of the human species is seen as the type-form for the human species as a whole, meaning the female is essentially sub-human, although not in the charged sense this word has in the modern era (merely in the sense that being a lesser, derived form of what is seen as the complete human, the female must logically be an incomplete human and thus less human).

It is therefore nonsensical to the Ephyrians to be of one sex yet proclaim yourself to identify or be the other, no matter what terminology is employed to justify this. Males who are perceived to be acting like females are regarded as effeminate, and are mocked or socially alienated for this, but do not become women. Females can earn praise for displaying virtues or qualities usually associated with men, but are not thought to become men by this act.
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Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic
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Postby Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic » Tue Jul 05, 2022 1:11 pm

In Alinghi with he formation of the first colonies from outlaws for political and religious reason, decided to not make a specific laws against sodomy, or the punishment was not so harsh. Between 1650- and 1720 were formed a 4 states, United Provinces of Tizin, New Republic of St. Mark, Colony of Gracemeria, and Protestant Union of Huguenots, only the Protestant Union of Huguenots and some provinces of UP makes specifici antisonodomy laws. In 1756 with unification, the new cantonal statutes maintained, only in 1825 with laws what abolished black parliaments and give full voting rights to black people (until that the freed slaves by freedom priated in North AMerica, e in Africa who arrives in Alinghi can elect their representatives in a parliament of Black affairs, with powers only in some determinate areas, between 1810-1820 where was a very tense moment between the progressive forces and segregationists forces, political fight what progressives won) what abolishes what punished victimless laws included sodomy, in all territory. IN 1894 was born the fist homophile association in Tromsuet (now Tromski). With the invasion of Kingdom of Pavan in 1941 Homosexual activities re-became illegal, but the law was not actively enforced, also because the occupers forces struggle to maintain control of huge parts of territory. IN 1945 then the state regain independence all sodomy law was abolished. In 2002 anti-sodomy laws were enacted by the king with autocratic ambition, but the law was not enforced well by the judiciary, and police forces. In 2nd May 2004 after the military coup, the military junta re-abolished all anti-sodomy laws, gender-change in official documents were permitted since 1976 and when the constitution in 2005 is promulgated after the institutional referendum, all laws against homosexuality and trans-sexuality would be unconstitutional. Between 2006 and 2014 different cantons recognized by laws civil unions or same-sex marriage. In 2014 with a confederal referendum the Same-sex marriage were recognized in all confederation. In 2030 surgery what castrate the individual is not required for changing gender. In 2055 the gay marriage became a constitutional right. In 2100 non-binary gender is recognized by some cantons in the official documents.
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Postby Araneberg » Tue Jul 05, 2022 1:19 pm

Given the mainly progressive jewish and nordic population we have literally no history involving gay rights lol. Its pretty chill.
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Postby Hiyoko » Wed Aug 03, 2022 4:34 pm

There is no history regarding it since throughout the entire country's history it has been treated as a non-issue. Making it a obscure topic to bring up to our citizens.
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Postby Auzkhia » Thu Aug 04, 2022 9:51 am

Same-sex marriages were always performed and in fact we have them in our society for thousands of years. We have never criminalized homosexuality. Our law enshrines freedom to all and protects their rights. Different cultural attitudes varied and changed, but now most people are affirming and accepting with discrimination on the basis of gender or sexuality being frowned upon. In fact, bisexuality is not uncommon and our head of government is trans female and a lesbian.

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Postby Talibanada » Fri Aug 05, 2022 1:54 pm

Made illegal by Khalif al-Qanada when Talibanada became an Islamic caliphate.
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Postby Ugunnustan » Fri Aug 05, 2022 2:02 pm

Ugunnustan was a part of the USSR for a large part of its history, and so Homosexuality was previously quite a foreign conecpt. being banned throughout most of its history.

Ugunnustan has a relativly large islamic population, which lead to some difficulties, however homosexuality was decrimilised fully in 2007, With gay marriage between men allowed the folowing year, and full marriage equality allowed in 2010, Becoming the first asian country to do so, Beating taiwan by 9 years.

Today there is full protection of all gender identites and sexualities, and monthly pride marches are held in most cities (except Uqor the largest city not to do so) every june.

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Postby Calenoa » Tue Aug 09, 2022 6:09 am

It was legal for a whole lot of the history of the nation. But there was a time it was illegal during the reign of former President Jürgen Kühn. Former President Jürgen Kühn thought that there was no such thing as the LGBTQ+ and banned anything about the LGBTQ+ due to such. As a result, he was hated and killed for that and also some other bizzare laws that he made. When President Jev Närrin came into power, she undid the things that former President Jürgen Kühn did. Part of that being re-legalizing the LGBTQ+ and everything about it. She also made it to where that discrimination of the LGBTQ+ is illegal and discrimination of the community punishable by three months in prison.
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Jev Närrin, President of The Community of Calenoa.
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