Top Ranked Universities in Your Nation

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Top Ranked Universities in Your Nation

Postby Rhodevus » Tue Jun 28, 2022 2:23 pm

Rhodevus is home to many universities and colleges. Every year, a list of the top 10 best universities to go to is published, using a wide array of statistics and variables to decide, from past graduates, retention rate, student polls, the number of research papers published, and professor rankings, to name a few.

10. (U of F) University of Flowers
The University of Flowers is located in Ramsfold, Ile du Fleurs, and known for its Language and Speech programs. One of only four universities in the Ile du Fleurs, U of F has a strong language development program and a growing international development program thanks to 5 million $R investment by private investors.

9. (Wiggum U or WU) Wiggumson University
World Recognized for its arts and fashion programs, Wiggum U is often either ranked 8th or 9th, depending on the year. This university, located in the Imperial City of Rhode is one of the most competitive university’s in the country thanks to programs such as fashion, dance, film, media studies and stage linguistics.

8. (QCI or QCU) Quiniac City University
A well-known and popular school, Quiniac City University is located in Quiniac City, Tundos. Renowned for its masters and PhD level courses, this is a highly advanced research based university that anyone would be proud to receive their higher education from.

7. (YTech) Yztal Institute of Technology
Keeping a hold of this spot from last year, YTech is known for its electrical and industrial engineering, software design and hardware design programs. Located in Kingstown, Yztal, it is a major city-life university with underground facilities connecting every building on campus. It is also often ranked in the top 3 for best university campus food.

6. (KaHa or KHU) University of Kahala
KaHa is a very respected university located in Kahala, Tundos. With student housing to hold 25,000 students, this large university is known for history, journalism, English/literature, veterinary sciences and psychology programs. This school is famed for its many Co-Op opportunities with a wide variety of important Rhodeve and international companies.

5. (U of B) University of Brevin
RU of B is often associated with Biology, Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Sciences, but hosts a wide array of subjects. Located in Brevin, Wyle, this amazing university is still growing in prestige thanks to a 500 million $R investment into all its programs and buildings

4. (LAF) L’Academie du Fleurs
Always fighting for the number 3 spot, LAF is the second of four universities located in the Ile du Fleurs (in the city of Killon) and always a top 5 contender. An incredibly powerful and well-known university, LAF features brilliant programs in the Trifecta (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Opening in 1803, this is one of Rhodevus’s very first universities.

3. (AU) Acadia University
Rhodevus’s largest university, with a student population of 50,000, Acadia University, located in Acadia, Iylan, and is widely renowned for many programs, in particular: Aerospace, Biotechnology, Aeronautics, Engineering, Electric Robotics, EnviroTech, Military Technology and Astronautics. It is often linked with the Acadian Military College, which is placed only a few streets away, in order for students to receive dual degrees from both schools. Some of Rhodevus's first astronauts graduated with degrees from this university.

2. (U of K) University of Kingstown
U of K is located in Kingstown, Yztal. Known for its Law, EnviroTech, Biosciences and languages programs, this school processes a moderate retention rate. Even with a lower retention rate than average, if a person has U of K on their resume, they are set. So far, 7 past monarchs and 23 past premiers can call this school their Alma Mater.

1. (ECU) Imperial City University
The top university in all of Rhodevus is ECU. Known for its diverse student population and many, many subjects of study, this school which takes in roughly 10-20,000 new students every year is most famed for its mathematics, engineering and business programs. It is the Alma Mater of Queen Diana Wolff as well as 141 past premiers and governors.

So, what are the top ranked universities in your nation?
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Postby Furina » Tue Jun 28, 2022 4:23 pm

Furina’s top university by ranking is The Universal University; a catch-all higher education establishment for all ages, offering just about every subject you can think of. The main reason it’s the top university is that it’s the other one is a right shithole and two thirds of it is closed down.

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Postby Eubatu » Wed Jun 29, 2022 2:36 pm

Eubatu has many strong universities, but most are general subject specific. So, an Engineering University, A Science and Medicine University, University for Environment, A Teaching and National Relations University, and an Arts, Music and History University.

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Postby Tinhampton » Wed Jun 29, 2022 2:37 pm

The University of Tinhampton. That's it.
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Postby Admincohns Namerryaz » Wed Jun 29, 2022 2:42 pm

The University of Zaytsevia, The Donbass Institute of Technology, Yalta Academy, Luhansk University, & The Academy of Azov.
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Postby Frostland » Fri Jul 01, 2022 12:27 am

5. Franzig University (Franz)
4. Slattery Institute of Technology (SIT)
3. Reed University (Reed)
2. Bruce University (Bruce)
1. University of the Arctic (UArctic)

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Postby The Aquaria » Fri Jul 01, 2022 6:41 am

1. Tokisaki University
Location: Tokisaki City, Kurumia

2. Leysritt Polytechnic University
Location: Leysritt City, Artoria

3. Lancelot University
Location: Lancelot City, Artoria

4. Yelena University
Location: Yelena Oblast, Charlotte

5. Kaguya University
Location: Kaguya City, Asuna

6. Tokisaki Technologic University
Location: Tokisaki City, Kurumia

7. Tanya Art College
Location: Tanya City, Karsten

8. Kaguya College of Education
Location: Kaguya City, Asuna

9. Kaguya Kakashi Hakate University
Location: Kaguya City, Asuna

10. Leysritt University
Location: Leysritt City, Artoria
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Postby Junatia » Fri Jul 01, 2022 7:32 am

X. University Name
City, County, State

1. Eliteau University
Eliteau, Futureau and Eliteau and Skyeau, Verton

2. Skyeau University
Skyeau, Futureau and Eliteau and Skyeau, Verton

3. Falls City University
Falls City, Falls City, Falls

4. Futureau University
Futureau, Futureau and Eliteau and Skyeau, Verton

5. Sparkley University
Sparkley, Sparkenton, Verton
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Postby Madrinet » Fri Jul 01, 2022 12:18 pm

Madrinet has had a tradition of nurturing education since the medieval period, and the great universities of Madrinet have their origins in the middle ages. The top-ranked university, however, is a relatively modern one; established in 1773, the University of Clarault (officially known as Amadeus Augustus University of Clarault) has a reputation for maintaining the Enlightenment values which it was established (by the eponymous Amadeus, Duke of Madrinet) to promote. The University has a reputation for training the Madrinetan bureaucracy - as of 2016, 85% of Madrinet's highest-ranking civil servants had an affiliation with the university - leading to its nickname "Mandarin College".
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Postby Piscatania » Tue Jul 19, 2022 9:43 am

Piscatania is home to a myriad of prestigious universities. The most Prestigious tend to belong to one of 3 Leagues. The Ivy League, concentrated in the Northeast and Typically Founded before 1800, The Atlantic League, spread across the middle and southern reaches of the Atlantic Coastal Region, and typically founded before 1910, and the Redwood League, The senior tier of Universities in the West Coast Region. The Atlantic League has the most schools in the 2021-2022 Top 10, while, when those Top 10 are isolated, The Ivy League Schools have the highest average score.

1. Harvard University - Cambridge, Massachusetts. Ivy League

2. Stanford University - Stanfordtown, Drakeland. Redwood League

3. Imperial University - Alexandria, Virginia. Atlantic League

4. Yale University - New Haven, Connecticut Ivy League

5. America University - New York, New Yorkshire Ivy League

6. Tulare Institute of Technology (Tulare Tech) - Pasakegna, Tulare Redwood League

7. Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, Potomac Atlantic League

8. University of Chicago - Chicago, Illinia

9. Rice University - Houston, Texas Atlantic League

10. Emory University - Atlanta, Georgia Atlantic League
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Postby Imperial States of Duotona » Tue Jul 19, 2022 11:53 am

In format of:
Position) Name
City, State

1) Rangia University
Rangia, Unopia

2) New Imperial University
St Hubert, City of St Hubert

3) Necade Educational Institute
Necade, Wixla

4) Lunsridge University
Lunsridge, Nuovo

5) Hugo Phillip University
Kantan, City of Kantan
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Postby Radiatia » Wed Jul 20, 2022 1:40 am

Radiatia's top universities are known as the "Elite Five".

They are:

1. The University of Saku
Camford, Saku

2. The University of Exegrad
Exegrad, Alayenia

3. The University of Xerconia
Xerconia, FCT

4. Radia Institute of Technology
Toilesha, Radia

5. The University of Alayenia
New Aliyas, Alayenia

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Dormill and Stiura
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Postby Dormill and Stiura » Sat Jul 23, 2022 1:53 pm

1) University of Kapolder
Kapolder City, Kapolder

The center of the "University" district of old Kapolder City, the University of Kapolder is one of the oldest universities in Dormill and Stiura and is considered the most prestigious of the Dutch universities. Noted exceptionally for its business and law programs alongside its robust research aspects, the University of Kapolder exists as part of the Federal 5 (Cinq fédéraux / Federale Vijf) alongside Cour Rouge University, the Army Academy, the University of South Kapolder, and the University of Saint-Denis which is all considered generally co-equal in prestige to the University of Kapolder.

2) Académie française de Chery (French Academy of Chery) | University of Chery
Chery, Lieurneux

The oldest University in Dormill and Stiura, the French Academy was originally founded to educate the up-and-coming upper class of colonial Dormill and has mostly maintained this status throughout Doraltic history, even in the modern air of Republicanism. It is particularly famous for its arts and humanities program centered around the Société des sciences Humaines et de la philosophie (Society of the Humanities and Philosophy), of which the famous Dormillian revolutionary and the nation's first President, Rémy Lécuyer de Launey was a leading member before the formation of the Revolutionary Court. It is widely considered to be the most prestigious French university within Dormill and Stiura and is often compared to the Thromsonian IFT Manchester, the largest French-speaking University in Thromsa, as the most prestigious French-speaking University in the Western Isles.

3) Federal Institute of Technology Krassum
Krassum, Stiura

Located in Central Stiura and part of a larger system of federally organized polytechnic research universities that aimed to provide STEM education to Dormill and Stiura's citizens in the transition away from the Fraternalist government. The Institute at Krassum was the first of these universities and represents the pinnacle of higher education within the Republic of Stiura and across the local region. Krassum is particularly noteworthy for its contributions to aerospace research, many of FIT-Krassum's students interns and subsequently go on to work full-time in many of the Western Isles' aerospace manufacturers, notably Kapolder Electric Works Aviation, Messiner Aerospace, Endeavor Aerospace, and Prospect Aviation.

4) National Institute at Tasofie
Tasofie, Ardeda

Although the Ardedan capital has been host to universities even older than the University of Chery, the shaky relationship between Ardeda and the Europeans meant that the original university at Tasofie was lost and absorbed into French institutions. For a time, there was a French Academy at Boissieux that served the role of Tasofie's university, but it was a deeply racist institution that, if it was not for the goodwill of many of its professors, nearly wiped out the wealth of Ardedan history, philosophy, and math. With the restoration of the United Republics in 1995, the newly anointed Stuber Administration set out to further the project of the Federal Institutes of Technology by establishing a national network of universities geared towards liberal arts and research. Like its sisters, the National Institute at Tasofie is considered highly prestigious and is highly accessible with generous federal and state aid provided by the government of Ardeda, enabling Ardedan residents who have graduated from High School within its borders to attend the Institute for almost two years tuition-free. It is distinct among its sisters for containing the Anastasia Alexandra Duguay Center for Ardedan Studies, the largest educational institution for Pre-Magellan Ardedan and Aruian history, culture, philosophy, and language in the United Republics.

5) University of South Alban
Sud Alban, Kapolder

Although now more famous for being President Cedar Dyson's alma mater, the University of South Alban, much like its cousin in Kapolder City, is most well known for its business and law programs but is also known for its contributions to the field of Comparative Politics and Economics, pioneering research methods that now inform academia, businesses, and policy all at once. President Dyson's relative fame has seen the University's endowment increase in step with a relative explosion in size as more students enroll.

6) Wilhelm Larue Riese University
Helle, Stiura

Named for its founder, President Wilhelm Larue Riese, WLR-U (as it's more commonly called) is a private research university that is particularly noted for its robust agriculture and horticulture programs and research, leading the way in both fields across Dormill and Stiura. It was founded with the intent to provide higher education to rural Stiuraians who shared the President's ambitions but also provided them more than the same kind of philosophy or political education offered at the then most prestigious universities, hence its focus on providing agriculture education and attracting agricultural researchers.

7) Waynesburg Polytechnic Institute
Waynesburg, New Friesland

At the center of Dormill and Stiura's tech sector, WPI is renowned for producing several of the nation's tech sector leaders and contributes greatly to computer hardware and software design alongside electrical engineering. The smallest of the most prestigious schools in this list, WPI punches above its weight with the influence it carries in the tech sector and is considered a cornerstone of the English Doraltic community.

8) Arts des Marches | Marche Institute of the Arts
Montrelais, Launey

Home of Dormill and Stiura's film, theater, and music scene, AdM produces the vast majority of the United Republics' animators, directors, actors, musicians, and other notable artists. It is widely considered to be the starting line for any successful long-term career in the arts in Dormill and Stiura. It is also regionally notable for having one of the largest foreign language programs in the Western Isles, teaching among others: Ardedan, Ahnslen, Aruian, Balniki, English, Dutch, French, Alteran, Nhoor, Doman, Salimanese, Uszian, and Solaryi. The depth of AdM's foreign language program is cited as a necessary component of its broadcast and audio media programs, which aims to teach students at least one other foreign language to expand their career horizons beyond Dormill and Stiura.

9) Grottingonshaven Maritime Academy
Grottingonshaven, New Friesland

As Dormill and Stiura has deep maritime roots, it is only natural that one of its prestigious universities is a Maritime Academy. With links to the United Republics Navy, the Academy produces the majority of new sailors in Dormill and Stiura and the local region both civil and military. GMA also serves a robust maritime research role with the Survey Ship Maikel Vroomen, providing the nation with a vast wealth of data on the oceanic environments of the Western Isles.

10) Federal Institute of Technology Ft. Louis
Fort Louis, Annecy

The newest of the Federal Institutes of Technology, the Institute at Ft. Louis is noted for its biology, biochemical, and chemistry departments and contributions to the growing biochemical industry in central Annecy.
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Postby Nova Universo » Sun Jul 24, 2022 11:37 am

1) University of the Union
The University of the Union is a public research university system headquartered in the Entity. The university's Entity campus has 3.893 students (2.465 undergraduates and 1.428 postgraduates) and 534 staff (319 teaching staff and 215 administrative staff). The university teaches politics, philosophy, jurisprudence, economics and international relations. The university was founded as a centre for teaching and training of civil servants for the Union.
Earth University League Ranking: 56

2) Entity Free University
The Free University is a public research university headquartered in the Entity. The campus has 10.423 (6.575 undergraduates and 3.848 postgraduates) and 2.893 staff (1.574 teaching staff and 1.319 administrative staff). The university teaches disciplines in the humanities, social sciences and interdisciplinary studies. The university was founded for the teaching and research of social, artistic, cultural, integrative and interdisciplinary disciplines.
Earth University League Ranking: 318

3) Entity Technical University
The University of the Union is a public research university headquartered in the Entity. The university's Entity campus has 13.823 students (9.754 undergraduates and 4.069 postgraduates) and 3.412 staff (1.825 teaching staff and 1.587 administrative staff). The university teaches applied sciences, natural sciences and formal sciences. The university was founded for training and research in the scientific, mathematical and technical disciplines. Earth University League Ranking: 339
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Dyrrhonian Isles
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Postby Dyrrhonian Isles » Sun Jul 24, 2022 2:10 pm

The top ranked universities in the Dyrrhonian Isles are those located in the economic center of activity, the city of Rhamnasis. Their graduates produced some of the most active forces in the local political arena. They are also responsible for some of the most prestigious research in the human sciences.

The college system in Rhamnasis developed late relative to the rest of Diarcesia. The oldest of them is the School of Anatolic and Atlantian Oceanian Studies (Schola Anatolicum cae Atlantoceanicum Studiorum), which was founded in 1875. The School became the foundation of the eventual University of Rhamnasis, which is composed of many other scholae. One of them is the politics-focused School of the Palatines (Schola Palatinae), founded in 1969.
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Postby Oesteuropa » Thu Jul 28, 2022 12:08 pm

Due to the size of the country, Oesteuropa has a vast number of universities. The most elite and well-regarded of them are the fourteen universities in the Imperial Universities Group: Vienna, Prague, Leuven, Paris, Geneva, Turin, Venice, Avignon, Budapest, Leipzig, Cologne, Aachen, Sarajevo, and Munich.

For a few decades, university rankings became very popular and universities often oriented themselves in such a way to climb to the top of those rankings as a means of making themselves more attractive. However, the Ministry of Education began to issue its own rankings which were seen as more complete and authoritative. Every two years it publishes the University Quality Index, which gathers data on various aspects of a university. For the 2019-20 and 2020-21 academic years, the top three universities were Vienna, Prague, and Leuven. However, ranking by different metrics provides a different top three. The top three for sciences were Vienna, Heidelberg, and Geneva, while the top three for the Humanities were Leuven, Paris, and Cologne.

When ranked exclusively by non-academic metrics (including but not limited to affordability, social life, size, accessibility), only Munich and Sarajevo out of the IUG make it in the top ten. The most successful "Non-academic" universities in this time period were South Budapest, Ragusa and Laibach, which are highly popular and seen as a cheap avenue for people to obtain a degree.
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Postby United cacti of Estaban » Tue Aug 02, 2022 1:23 pm

5. Azure University
Location: Bulkhead Bay, Saguaro
Known for: STEM, specifically engineering.

4. Milton Forest College
Location: Milton Forest, Saguaro
Known for: Biology, Botany, Ornithology, Mycology, and hands on teaching.

3. Jonathan Yute Institute of Technology and Statesmanship
Location: Oakhurst, Peyote
Known for: Foreign policy, Domestic policy, Computer science, Law.

2.River Hill College of the Arts
Location: River Hill, Cereus
Known for: Art, Theater, Music.

1.Institute of Refoundation
Location: Estaban City, Saguaro
Known for: Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, History, Linguistics.
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Postby Aumbura » Tue Aug 02, 2022 1:48 pm

The ten most prestigious Aumburan Universities:

1. Stein University

2. Fischer University

3. Bilfork University

4. Darschev College

5. University of Zirat

6. Jorga University

7. Alla Lin Grachiev University

8. University of Azara

9. Freremacht College

10. Drosna College
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Postby Jabberwocky » Tue Aug 02, 2022 1:53 pm

As if you all didn't already know, we feature the globally acclaimed School of Surfing, taught principally by the widely acknowledged Greatest Surfer of All Time: me.
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Postby Oronia » Tue Aug 02, 2022 4:11 pm

1. Southern Puelania Polytechnic University (Spanish: Universidad Politécnica del Sur de Puelania)
Location: Wichallaria, Puelania
Additional Notes: The public university offers over 200 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and is known for its colleges of medicine, veterinary science, and engineering.

2. National Naval Academy (Spanish: Academia Naval Nacional)
Location: Puelantüria, Fanelayasia
Additional Notes: The academy is one of the three national service academies responsible for the undergraduate education and training of commissioned officers for the United States Military Forces; the National Army Academy (Spanish: Academia Nacional del Ejército) and the National Air Force Academy (Spanish: Academia Nacional de la Fuerza Aérea) are ranked #11 and #14, respectively.

3. University of Ngantüria (Spanish: Universidad de Ngantüria)
Location: Ngantüria, Fanelayasia
Additional Notes: The private university, founded in 183, is the oldest university of the United Realms in continuous operation. There are over 100 majors, undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and professional degree programs. The university is also known for its schools of law, pharmacy, and business.

4. St. Felipe University of the Church of Oronia (Spanish: Universidad San Felipe de la Iglesia de Oronia)
Location: Pikantüria, Fanelayasia
Additional Notes: An ecclesiastical university recognized by the Church of Oronia, it offers doctoral degrees (or appropriate professional degrees) in over 50 programs and Master's Degrees in over 100 programs. It also offers undergraduate degrees in over 70 programs in architecture and planning, arts and sciences, engineering, music, nursing, and philosophy.

5. National Academy of Music (Spanish: Academia Nacional de Música)
Location: Ngantüria, Fanelayasia
Additional Notes: It is one of the five institutions of higher education in the arts under the supervision of the Culture Ministry; excluding the National School of Library and Information Science (Spanish: Colegio Nacional de Bibliotecología y Ciencias de la Información), which is ranked #14, all other institutions are in the top ten universities ranking. The academy provides undergraduate and postgraduate training across instrumental performance, composition, jazz, musical theatre and opera, and recruits musicians from around the world, with a student community representing more than 50 nationalities.

6. Lafkenia University of Las Islas Pichiwa (Spanish: Universidad de Las Islas Pichiwa)
Location: Lafkenia, Las Islas Pichiwa
Additional Notes: The public university offers over 30 undergraduate degree programs, and is known for its marine science, volcanology, and astronomy programs.

7. National Academy of Fine Arts (Spanish: Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes),
Location: Puelantüria, Fanelayasia
Additional Notes: One of the five institutions of higher education in the arts under the supervision of the Culture Ministry, it offers undergraduate and graduate degrees dedicated to drama and the visual arts.

8. Kowaria University of Las Tierras Lewfü (Spanish: Kowaria Universidad de Las Tierras Lewfü)
Location: Kowaria, Las Tierras Lewfü
Additional Notes: The public university offers over 150 degree programs, and is known for its botanical and environmental sciences programs.

9. National Film School (Spanish: Colegio Nacional de Cine)
Location: Willantüria, Fanelayasia
Additional Notes: One of the five institutions of higher education in the arts under the supervision of the Culture Ministry, it is a film school that offers master, bachelor, and associate degrees, as well as one- and two-year conservatory programs, short-term workshops, and youth programs and summer camps.

10. National School of Design and Architecture (Spanish: Colegio Nacional de Diseño y Arquitectura)
Location: Pikantüria, Fanelayasia
Additional Notes: One of the five institutions of higher education in the arts under the supervision of the Culture Ministry, it offers first-professional bachelor's and master's degrees in architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, and non-professional design studies including real estate development and historic preservation.
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