YN's Most Iconic Speech

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YN's Most Iconic Speech

Postby Coliantia » Wed Jun 22, 2022 11:02 am

I'm fascinated by the idea of an "iconic speech", so I'm curious to know what your iconic speeches are.

To start, mine is the 1997 Piktadoduk ("Government Building" in English) Speech of Baki Atkano, a leading member of the Coliantian anti-colonization movement. He made a speech to a crowd of 80,000 and rallied for the ousting of Tamni Patuma, an Ibbonian president who wanted to annex Coliantia completely, and the complete independence of Coliantia as an Ibbonian colony. The most iconic line was said at the last few parts of the speech:

Original: "Malat, tama on Kolianti! Malat! Naki ba pakat bina tuk al koloni? Maka ba chititi? Malat! La hina ni ba nal malata!"
Translation: "Wake up, people of Coliantia! Wake up! Aren't you tired of being just a colony? Don't you want freedom? Wake up! And rise up [for freedom] if you have woken up!"
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Postby Korean Peoples Democratic Republic » Wed Jun 22, 2022 11:52 am

The most iconic speech in the history of the KPDR is a secret one that was delivered by Pak Chang Ok at a closed meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea in August 1956. In it, Pak attacked then Premier and Party Chairman Kim Il Sung, denouncing him for the Stalinist personality cult he had been cultivating, for violating the "Leninist principle of collective leadership", and for other alleged "distortions of socialist legality". Its most famous line is Pak's closing words. "Comrades, the question before us now is simple. We must decide. Is ours to be a party of Marxism-Leninism or a party of 'Kimilsungism'?" The speech resulted in Kim's removal from power and the elimination of one-man rule in the country. To this day, the Workers' Party maintains that no such speech ever took place and that Kim Il Sung voluntarily resigned from all party and state positions due to illness. Nevertheless, knowledge of the speech is something of an open secret among North Koreans.
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Postby Rhodevus » Wed Jun 22, 2022 2:50 pm

The most iconic speech in Rhodeve History would have to be the 'Until Victory' speech.

In 1845, the 2nd Republic of Rhodevus; known better as the Rhodeve Empire, collapsed at the end of a 5 year conflict called the Rhodeve Collapse. Following the signing of a peace treaty which stripped apart the Rhodeve Empire, the last president of the Republic, and future first king of the Rhodeve Monarchy; Rubin Machin gave a speech from the steps of the Presidential Palace (modern Imperial Palace).

It was a small speech, no more than 5 minutes long, but incredibly impactful and ended with the lines: "Even though Rhodevus was defeated and forever changed, it would not mean the end of the Rhodeve spirit, people and way of life. Rhodevus would remain strong and free and brave. Forever. From now on, until victory."

As seen, "Until Victory", the final two words of his speech meant a lot to the people of Rhodevus and more specifically each individual group of people presiding in the country as well. For the Empiricists (people who believed in the empire), it represented a hope for a new Rhodeve Empire. For the Monarchists, it represented the hope of a more peaceful and fair government. For the Native Rhodevans, it represented fair and equal representation by the law; which was fully and irreversibly granted to them later that year.

Even for the Rhodeve Territory, the Ile of Flowers, it represented further involvement in Rhodevus, or the granting of an independent nation. Until Victory does not mean just victory in battle, but it represents the Rhodeve people as a whole. A people who will strive for the best. From now, until victory.

Those two final words became Rhodevus's national motto in 1846. It is still taught in schools and considered one of the most important speeches ever recorded from the post-Empire period
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Postby The Imagination Animals » Wed Jun 22, 2022 3:15 pm

The most iconic speech in Crossoverian history is called "At last we achieved freedom" or "Agera, Ma Hasili El Azadi", which was given on July 22 1954 after the Crossoverian Revolution was won. The leader of this Revolution, Kais Al Abidine Baldemore, gave this 30 minute speech to a crowd of 3 million people, with his deputy Farrokh Daikutt beside him. Baldemore called for an end to oppression and new revolutionary ideas based on liberty and democracy, although once he took power he immediately implemented his Velayat El Aman ideology. At the time, the speech was praised by many Crossoverians, and because of it, Baldemore had become a household name. To many Crossoverians, this speech signaled a turning point of the turning of the page of a long, dark chapter in Crossoverian history.
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Postby United cacti of Estaban » Thu Jun 23, 2022 10:52 am

Our most famous speech would be King Estaban's October 1922 "Address of Liberation and Foundation". It was over an hour long and detailed the history of the Cactar People, the Estabanian War of Liberation, and Estaban's plans and hopes for the future of the country. Many people still quote the speech today, and it is viewed as almost as important as the Estabanian Constitution, occupying a cultural space similar to the American Declaration of Independence. Some famous quotes from the speech are: "Our nation will not be bound by dictatorial leadership; I have given my life to serve the people! No longer is the state an instrument of oppression and capital, it is now one collective project, driven only by the will of the people!", "We must do what Estabanian's have done all of history; Rise above the simple constraints of nature and selfish want!", "We shall reclaim not only our identity and land, but our position as the future of humanity!"
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Postby Tangatarehua » Thu Jun 23, 2022 10:08 pm

The most famous speech in Tangatarehua was the 1979 Surrender Address, delivered on December 7th 1979.

This speech is the only time in history that the voice of an Empress has been recorded or broadcast to the public - because the Empress is considered Tapu (sacred and divine), it's usually prohibited to photograph, film or record her. However this tradition was overruled by Empress Awhinatia te hunga rawakore in 1979 who unilaterally declared that Tangatarehua would surrender to a coalition of western powers and cease hostilities in the South Pacific War of 1973-1979.

The address also became the basis of the modern constitution and abolished practices such as ritual cannibalism and capital punishment while marking the end of the military junta that had ruled the nation since 1943 and paving the way for free and fair democratic elections to be held in 1982.

The most iconic line of the speech was, "He nui rawa te toto harakore kua maringi. Me hohou te rongo. Kaua e patu."

Translated: "Too much innocent blood has been spilled. We must seek peace. Do not kill."
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Postby Scytharum » Mon Aug 15, 2022 9:39 am

The most iconic speech in Scytharum's history was issued in 1941, by Sovereign at the time Henry Harry Langston, one of the most iconic figures in Scythaic history. This speech was issued over radio from the recently-surrendered Draka capital of Pretoria. In this speech, Langston eloquently reiterated Scytharum's commitment to freedom and morality globally, stating that, "We have, this day, slain one of the greatest demons of our time." He also assured the public that he would do all he could to keep his promise of victory and liberty. He told the story of Iko Azabeth, who changed his name to Iko Freedom. Iko Azabeth was a young African man who was under the Draka slavery system, though he was liberated during the conquest of Pretoria. He served in the Scythaic African Liberty Corps, as Langston did something most Sovereigns didn't: He went with his troops into battle, governing from afar yet far from the front lines. However, a disaster occurred at the Battle of Bangassou, in which a massive Draka force bypassed the 16th Scythaic Army and went straight for the Sovereign's position. Azabeth quickly came to Langston's aid, escorting him out when the Sovereign Guard were killed. Langston himself was nearly killed by a couple stray shots, and even one which hit his leg, but Azabeth stayed by his side. Although Azabeth sacrificed himself so that Langston could survive, Langston tearfully told that he would never forget the incredible deeds of all those who had been freed. All of those who gave their lives so that their brothers and sisters could find liberty and hope which they had never felt before. He then finished the speech by asking the Scythaic people and army to hold firm in the war, as it was far from over. But the Scythaics, he reiterated, had won a great victory, and they needed to continue on despite the pain and trouble the war caused in order to liberate the other Paragon Powers from their authoritarian regimes. The transcript of this speech will be coming soon in Scytharum's Dispatches tab.
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Postby Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic » Mon Aug 15, 2022 1:54 pm

Speech made in 1825 by Bogeba Kwasi for full representation in Parliament of black people in Alinghi. Historic background, Alinghi was every from the first colonists a nation who tends value liberty, and begin to be attracted also by some runaway pirates, they begin with implicit approve of national government at the end of 18Th ceuntry to assault slave ships to free the balck men (but subsequentely the confederation passed in more subdle mode to free the slaves to avoid the slave power actions), and give them the possibility to be freed in Africa or come in Alinghi. Originally where was an intention to make a sorta of Apartheid system, but this was not codified and with time some enriched black begin to move in the "white" areas. In 1800-1020 where are an explosive situation from separationists and "unionists", the unionist asked the abolition of black parliament (a parliament who represent black people that have the same power of "white" chamber except of foreign affairs, monetary policy and other relevant topics), and gives a single parliament for all citizens, and separtionists want to maintain the status quo. In 1820 the unionist succeed to make a unique parliament but the blacks will have ½ of vote at election. In 1825 where are another reform that abolished the difference of value of the vote in basis of skin color. This was a speech of the main protagonists war Bogeba Kwasi that at parliament make this speech.

"We were slaves, but this nation, very young nation, a nation of misfits, considered eretics, subversives by their former home lands, a people what must be eliminated or kept in the closet from the society, freed us at risk to antagonize the European powers that you escaped because enemy of liberty, with piratery actions acts you arrive to free us. You promise liberty and give us liberty, now we want full representation, make Alinghi to continue to be land of free men where origins doesn't matter. We will work for ALinghi, we will fight for Alinghi, we will die for Alinghi the great nation who broke the our chains of slavery. Give us full representation. We are Alingan, we will live Alingan, and we will die Alingan. ALL HAIL ALINGHI"
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Postby Volksrepublik Germany » Mon Aug 15, 2022 4:52 pm

The most famous speech in German history is the Berlin Declaration (DE: Berliner Erklärung), where Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht declared the creation of the People’s Republic of Germany and the end of the German Civil War in 1921 from steps of the Berlin Palace. The most memorable portion of the speech is this part by Liebknecht:

“Our millennium-old people are now free of the oppression of monarchism and capitalism! The civil war is over!”
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Postby Radiatia » Mon Aug 15, 2022 10:31 pm

The most famous speech is also one of the most terse:

"The Radiatian People's Socialist Union has from this moment ceased to exist."

This address was given by Traiyan Silviu on the steps of Xerconia Castle, October 1st 4014 after pro-democracy troops took control of the capital and removed the communists from office.

Another famously laconic speech was the inauguration address of President Jaagen Autenberg in 4060:

"I ain't not no good at givin' speeches. Ugh... Any questions?"

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Postby Republica Federal de Catalunya » Tue Aug 16, 2022 12:42 am

Must be the Republic proclamation Speech.

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Schmidt Island
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Postby Schmidt Island » Fri Aug 19, 2022 7:36 am

Schmidt Island's most famous speech, said by Pete Lev in 1989, Schmidt activist "Клянусь, Советский Союз развалится, даже если Горбачев это отрицает." That translates to :
"I swear the Soviet Union is gonna collapse, even if Gorbachev denies it"

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Postby Demonic Satan » Fri Aug 19, 2022 7:40 am

The one during which we had our leader assassinated
the transcript that I wrote out:
(ceries was our leader at the time & and this was basically a IC speech at a region wide RP leader's conference)
Ceries: Dear citizens and leaders of Sus Is Mildly Sus My Guy, I am President Ceries of Demonic Satan and am honored to be at the second leader’s meet of our region. I understand that there will be a general mistrust of the leaders of our country after recent events, which I shall divulge further details about in a moment. However, I humbly request that you not discriminate against our people and treat them the way you would treat any other person.
Now for a brief description of the events that lead to my rise to power and the death of former leader She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. I noticed that she had been acting off and requested help from the leaders of KATO superpowers Hellburnenstein and Reprapburg. With some investigation and deduction, we were able to come to the conclusion that She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had actually been Airea, one of the first people to be a part of the Demonic Satanian tribe. She committed various crimes and human sacrifices to stay alive and in political power for over a century, pulling wool over the eyes of both Demonic Satanians and others. Gasby Skitter and a Hellburnensteinian Aide deduced this with information that the three of us had managed to gather. With help from Corivia, we were able to understand that Airea was planning to desecrate Former Ardchuan leader Armus’s soul. Together, we launched a highly successful rescue attempt for his soul, and were able to banish Airea’s soul back to the underworld.
Now about-
A gunshot echos through the room as a bullet strikes Ceries in the head. She falls to the ground and begins to die. A mysterious figure appears from the shadows revealing an android similar to the late Thirteen
Mysterious Figure: Don’t shoot! I’m Fifteen! Not a failure of an experiment like Thirteen.
A series of murmurs ripple through the crowd
Fifteen: *hums under her breath* There was no Fourteen, if you are wondering. Our creator just decided on a handful of random numbers to name prototypes and perfections after. Anyway, this is a coup. By the Demonic Satanian citizens. After some research, a librarian, Althea, was able to figure out that Airea and Ceries had combined souls. She commissioned an assassin from the Blacksmith, who then created me. We held an election under Ceries’s nose and Althea won. She elected a council and it was a unanimous vote to send me, an assassin to dispose of our corrupt leader while she made sure the government stayed afloat. So yeah. Thats the speech. I’m the ambassador. And the current Demonic Satanian leader is at home.
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Postby Utquiagvik » Fri Aug 19, 2022 7:45 am

“Dear Citizens of Utquiagvik, we are no longer obligated to be associated with the United States, we are our own nation with our own destiny now! THERE WILL BE NO STARS, THERE WILL BE THE HAMMER AND SICKLE! ALL OF OUR ENEMIES WILL FALL!”
-James Hetfield, Former Vice President, 1981
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Postby The New World » Fri Aug 19, 2022 1:51 pm

The most iconic speech of The New World is famous not for its content, but for an event which interrupted it.

It took place in 2007, when the then Vice-President, Harold Byrne, hosted a diplomatic delegation from a neighbouring country. He was very close to the end of his welcoming speech, when he suffered a heart attack. Later that day, from his hospital bed, he spoke on the phone with the leader of the foreign delegation and finished his speech.

It has since become a symbol of the great sense of duty felt by Newan citizens, and the well-earned reputation that we don't like to leave important things half-finished.

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Postby Comicsland » Sun Aug 21, 2022 6:28 am

The most important speech in the history of Comicsland was delivered on September 7, 1916 by President Richard Felton Outcalt, where he announced the discovery of an alien vehicle that crashed right in the garden of the Yellow House (the president's quarters and, before the founding of Comicsland, a English 5 star hotel): "Today is a historic day. This morning, I think around 7, I was having breakfast when I heard a thunderous bang. It came from the garden, so I went to check what it was. When I went out I was shocked: in my garden a disc of about 9 or 10 meters had crashed, with a broken glass capsule in the center and full of strange lights that went on and off. I went inside the disc and found a small purple creature less than 1 meter, with huge black eyes and long, thin arms. The little creature then said in a faint voice: "Take me home." At that point I noticed that he had a piece of glass stuck in his chest.I immediately called the doctors of my staff but when they arrived he was already dead. After inspecting the disk, we found a bunch of technologically advanced weapons that our scientists are studying. We hope to make contact with U.D.A.'s home planet. (Unidentified Dead Alien). As soon as our scientists have more news, we will release it immediately. From President Outcalt that's all, hope you'll have a good day. "
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