The Pangaean Union (TPU and Embassy approved guests only)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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The Pangaean Union (TPU and Embassy approved guests only)

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Citizens, residents, guests and foreign ambassador of The Pangaean Union.

The world of worldbuilding and roleplaying awaits you.

Make sure to claim some land on the map! If you haven't Head over to our RMB and fill in an application form.


What happens in your nation is your creative choice; the trials and tribulations, diplomacy, war or even a marriage between nations is for you to control.

There are some rules, to keep the roleplay fair.

Housekeeping Roleplay Rules

1. No godmodding, no roleplaying other people or the casualties of others, etc.. If it's details about another nation, ask their permission.

2. The day / month / year will always be the same as it is in real life. No skipping ahead of time - though you are allowed to reference the past in your posts to establish things.

3. Generally, you must stick to real world technology. However, there are special rules for superweapons or "Wunderwaffen," which must be approved by the RP mods before becoming canon.

4. You may not possess nuclear weapons. Other WMD's (Chemical weapons, etc.) can be possessed, but must be approved by the RP Mods.

5. Have fun and be friendly towards other roleplayers. If you have a dispute that neither of you can solve, please contact the RP mods on Discord or TG.

6. On celestial bodies, everything is the same as in real life, with the exception of our RL home, Earth. This has been replaced by our world.

7. Wars must be approved by whoever is running the roleplay and to prevent numberwanking each side must present basic military information and numbers to myself before a war is approved. This isn't supposed to be a game of Hearts of Iron - Please keep wars and the reasoning behind wars as realistic as possible. Additionally, both sides of a war must be reasonably comfortable with the war. Additionally all peace terms at the conclusion of a war must be agreed upon by all combatants. We're not trying to have a horrid mess after all.

8. Additionally, the outcome of a war or battle or other IC engagement should be mutually agreed upon by both sides OOC. If this isn't possible, please contact one of the RP mods and the matter shall be settled.

Who to TG if unsure

Roleplay Coordinator: The Dodo Republic who will either assist you or speak to a RP mod to assist you.
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Postby Logar » Mon Jun 27, 2022 3:47 pm

At the heart of the vivid, centuries-old capital city of the Empire, as old as the family that founded it long ago, one of the largest ceremonies was to take place there as the enthroned, but not crowned, Emperor of Logar, the young Adrian I, would meet his coronation before his people and foreign dignitaries. The Imperial Army and Navy made their high-ranking officers present, as well as the political elite of the country. Foreign officers were arriving as the Emperor did not come, leaving only excitement for the people shouting his name louder and louder.

In front of the Imperial Palace of Villanova, the thousands impatiently waited for their emperor to appear from the palace's entrance. Heavily guarded by the province police units, the luxurious Rolls-Royce Phantom awaited for its honor passenger. A red carpet stretched from the palace entrance to the vehicle, protected by a plethora of the red-clothed, masked Guards of His Majesty, elite of the elite from the Imperial Army, holding their ceremonial pikes to the skies. Many could tell: Not even Adrian's father would receive such a capricious coronation, even though the monarch was delaying that for as many days as he could, ignoring formalities and taking real action. But he knew very well the people demanded it, and went through it as a mean to keep both his father and uncle, Prince Edward, with their mouths shut, and the people pleased.

His father told him this once: in a country like Logar, entertainment is everything. The young monarch was still in doubt about the truthfulness of that, but carried on automatically, blinded by a warm trust he held in August IV.

The anxious people held their little flags up to the air, shouting his name. When the doors were finally opened, they revealed the lavish emperor dressed in a white silk robe of golden rococo embroidery all of it. Accompanied by a man, taller, in a black suit, apparently in his 40's, of thin face and profound-looking eyes, Adrian, as if unintendedly displayed his arrogance, walked to the vehicle between waves and smiles to his people.

Moved by that sentence of his father, Adrian decided to truly make that a spectacle. All mainstream news networks were called in advance; the Idenburg Group provided essentially all of the necessary for the event's execution. Though, Adrian wanted it to happen at the Cathedral of Villanova, unlike his predecessors who preferred the Idenburg Manor for centuries since Reymund II. The destination of the scouted vehicle was settled, to the Cathedral, location to which the people was already moving — the young monarch even thought of that: the public transport wouldn't charge anything that day to any destination, and some key streets were devoid of transit so nothing prevents them from attending. Like your average Logarian civilian, the political elite and the military high-standing officers also had their passage privilege to the cathedral.

Inside the gigantic Gothic building, all the respective government and military official were already positioned on their places. Nations' representatives were carefully positioned so that "enemies" weren't seating side-to-side, Adrian's idea.

The Gothic cathedral was filled to the brim, heads of State, nobility, high-ranking military officials, the political elite, and the media. All in attendance for Adrian I of Logar's coronation.

Crown Prince Glenton Gryphon-Bush III Philopator, his-sister wife Princess Royal Arsinoe II Thea Philometor. And Deputy Prime Minister Aaron Aìre was present in the pews, eyeing the crowd pile in and take their seats for this important moment in Logarian history.

The royal entourage was back in Logaria; a luxury hotel close by the cathedral. The West Phoenician delegation had reserved nearly a whole floor to offer them privacy from the common folk. The delegation was expected to stay for the coronation and its festivities in addition to some local tours of important landmarks before their departure.

"It's a shame, Adrian I has yet to take a bride, moments like this need a supportive spouse by their side, aiding in directing their nation onto the right course," Glenton Gryphon-Bush III commented, leaning over to kiss the cheek of his sister-wife.

Arsinoe II fanned herself with her ornate fan. "One would expect him to be married now and producing heirs. Would be quite the scandal in West Phoenicia for the reigning monarch to be single. Is there not even a sister he can marry at least for ceremonial purposes?".

"They don't have that tradition here," the Deputy Prime Minister cut in, "plus he only has a brother."

"Don't have that tradition here? How dull, how does one keep the Royal bloodline pure?", Arsinoe II questioned.

"It's diluted," Aaron Aìre replied, "has your Personal Secretary updated you both on the itinerary?". Quickly changing the topic. The last thing he wanted was some Logarian official overhearing and reporting back that West Phoenician royalty was dismissing Logarian traditions.

Both royals nodded.

Once the coronation festivities were over, the delegation would travel to the Theocracy of Annexe Christos for an audience with President Sylvia Love.
The Annexe Christos Vice-President Liam Merry was present at the coronation, they passed his pew on the way to their own.

A rather gluttonous, obnoxious man he attempted to wave them over to engage in a tête-à-tête. Neither Royal nor the Deputy Prime Minister was impassive in their reply. He had been begging them for years to assist him in ousting Sylvia Love. While both royals loved political intrigue; this was their first overseas function since Princess Royal Arsinoe II Thea Philometor's third birth to Princess Angelique II Nikêphoros Philopator Philometor last year.

All three children of the Crown Prince and Princess were home in West Phoenicia being cared for by several Royal governesses. This event would be a refreshing break.

"When is the coronation expected to start? Was it distasteful to arrive so early like commoners?", Arsinoe II expresses to the Deputy Prime Minister.

"The program states it is to start soon. You know these events, so much pomp they always start late. And it's perfectly fine we arrived on time. It's courteous to the host nation. It's about them not us. When it's your time to be crowned Emperor and Empress, you can be as late as you like."

The Prime Minister Allen Summervale of Haltoria, Minister of External Affairs Horace Harkness, and Minister of Defence Bernard Chenot, arrived at the cathedral on time.

Chenot frowned, looking down at his watch. "When does thing start?", he asked, "I always hate these pompous ceremonies. Makes me sick."

"Don't be like that," Harkness replied, waving to the crowd as he exited the limousine, "this is an excellent opportunity for the Confederate Republics to gain another ally in the region. We can't pass this up."

Towards the back of the magnificent structure, a group of men covered in pitch black suits silently walked in behind the Haltorian representatives. Leading the group was President Li Zemin, accompanied by He Chenping, the Premier of the Federation, and a few other senior officials. Eyeing the crowd of elites and heads of states, the Chinese delegation found themselves standing awkwardly in between men and women of noble status and decided to take a row near the rear end of the cathedral as to avoid drawing attention.

"What is the scheduled time for coronation, Mr. He?", President Li whispered to the premier.

"In less than hour, Mr. President."

"Good," Li murmured to himself, "very good."

The group once again fell into dead silence. Old royal traditions were long banned in the Federation since the collapse of the last dynasty over a century ago. Officials stood quietly and solemnly, both as a cover for their lack of experience with royal events and the wish to not make a scene in this significant landmark of Logarian history.

The First Consul of the Republic to Logar Adriano Martins & ONSE Rep. to Logar Marko Nivkannën, we're sitting at the last rows of the Cathedral, way behind everyone, in the shadows.

The Consul murmured to the ONSE officer, "who's here?"

The officer looked right above his left and right shoulder before replying: "all of the invited HVT..."

The Consul rolled his eyes before replying, "we're here on a diplomatic mission! Not score a goal..."

The ONSE officer smiled. "I don't see any representatives of Grunder Industries... Maybe my intel on the Haltorians is, after all, false".

The discussion fell to a stop after the Consul, rolled once more his eyes.

Suddenly, a man with a dark grey suit, wearing a pin of the Grunder Industries logo and holding a briefcase, enters the Cathedral, and sits down in one of the middle rows, checking his watch as he does so.

The ONSE officer smiled, he murmured to the First Consul, "After all, my Intel was right..."

At the cathedral's entrance, some of the most important family members of Adrian's: Emperor Emeritus August IV, dressing in a lavishly decorated military uniform, and the Empress Emerita, dressed in a beautiful purple dress embroided with gold and precious stones, and the almost feared, serious-looking Prince Edward, Duke of Highwaters, dressed in a blackish grey business suit, were very well positioned to receive the crowned-to-be emperor Adrian. A steel fence with a plethora of policemen was laid around the cathedral so that the car could arrive safely, many Korai agents were located amid the chaos.

Speaking of which, his scouted luxury transport already arrived in front of a perfectly placed red carpet that led his steps towards the tall doors.

The moment his personal assistent left the car, the crowd went dead silent. The man very calmly walked to the vehicle's other extremity and opened the door, giving his hand to the monarch. The very instant he laid his foot on soil, and finally left the car, his subjects yelled words of banzai glory.

Adrian took his time to wave to the crowd and smile to the media. Then, he walked through that carpet with a certain ressentiment of the occasion, until reaching his aging father.

"Here we are," the boy said softly.

"Here you are," August said upon embrancing his child.

"Adrian," said his uncle, "we don't have much time. They are waiting for you."

"Yes... yes, they are," the young monarch said.

After taking a deep breath, a line of Idenburgs formed with Adrian in the leading, followed by his second-in-command — his uncle —, then his father and his mother. The doors, at such point already opened, gave the monarch privileged view of the multitude of guests inside. Taking the first steps into the builidng, all of them standed up in respect.

The Carsilian delegation stood up as a sign of respect.

The ONSE officer murmured, "I don't see the UFAC representative, neither the liason officer".

The First Consul sighed.

Adrian ignored the looks, and simply walked towards the altar, guarded by his family. Up there, Zahna Kasha, one of Logar's most important shamans held the Imperial Crown of Logar as if it was his very own son, knowing very well what the government would do if he accidentally dropped it.

As the emperor climbed the altar stairs, his family sat at the first row reserved especially for them and, of course, the rest of the Idenburgs. The boy looked at the opulent golden throne centered there, right behind the shaman.

A line of Guards of His Majesty was formed protecting the altar once Adrian was up there.

"Your Majesty," bowed the shaman, "the ceremony shall begin."

"It shall," quietly said the monarch, hurrying the holy man.

The shaman then started to speak loud and clear, or, at least, loud and clear to the front row of seats, while the Emperor looked at him:

"For this day, the Empire contemplates a historic moment in which the youngest emperor of the Modern Era is to be crowned!", he takes a breath, "the people of Logar, with the full blessing of the Old Spirits, has now yelled their will!"

Adrian then looked directly at his father, watching down there his son with proudful eyes. Edward couldn't be more bored; he, like his nephew, does not recognize a ceremony of such kind to be necessary.

"The power invested in me by the nation's native spirits," the shaman raises the crown, "compels me to, finally, crown our supreme, and only, leader!"

Adrian bowed the minimun, being taller than the old holy man, so that he could put the crown on his head. So he did, bowing before the crowned monarch as did the ceremony watchers. Celebration could be heard from outside also. The environemnt within was filled with clapping, Adrian standing there, proudly with inflated chest, receiving all the glory he deserved by blood right.
“Eu queria escrever luxuoso. Usar palavras que rebrilhassem molhadas e fossem peregrinas. Às vezes solenes em púrpura, às vezes abismais esmeraldas, às vezes leves na mais fina seda macia.” — Clarice Lispector

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Postby Logar » Mon Jun 27, 2022 4:05 pm

The Idenburg Manor, centuries-old seat of the House of Idenburg, laid tranquil during that afternoon end. The square around it did not see much people going by as the Emperor's subjects were finally going to their homes after a crowned Adrian I was safely transported to the Imperial Palace of Villanova.

While the aging Emperor Emeritus and Empress Emerita were guided to their quarters, Prince Edward calmly waited for his special guests inside the manor's grey brick-floored bailey, with the distant company of a few guards walking very slowly through the place. It was everything arranged "modestly": a round, brown wooden table surrounded by three chairs of equal color and material, all of it very well adornished with rococo encravings. Seated on one of the chairs, Edward, enjoying a cup of tea. The Prince's guests...

Alfred Delarus, a representative of Grunder Industries, Haltoria's largest defence contractor, who was drinking from his own cup of tea, and...

Paulus Sevekkannën, representative of the Carsilian Aerospace Manufacturer Association (CAMA) and habilitated to speak in the name of each major actor of the Carsilian aerospace industry. Paulus was reading a PDF on his phone, whilst drinking the cup of tea.

Upon putting his cup of tea on the table, Edward adjusted his position and suit, giving out some signals that, whatever was to happen there, was about to begin.

"Guards, leave us," he said in a monotone, almost bored, voice of low sound, but high enough so that they could hear him, maybe not so clearly. After Edward was obeyed and every guard there left the place, the prince started: "His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor, has been looking for national defense rather than offense. He does not think that attack is the best defense, and because of that he wants quality material from the world's best arms industry entities."

His low, deep voice imposed much of authority even though he was simply there, with a serious face on and well-dressed. Such an authority he tended to display not under the title of Prince of Logar, but rather under his own name and envied personal achievements. Such a shadowy figure, despite his public duties as prince, that really was there to make a scene out of every second. Nothing less to expect from the Emperor's trustee.

Sevekkannën smiles, with a calm voice he says after taking a sip from his cup of tea, "Your Highness, the Carsilian militaro complex is well suited for this task... The F-181 Wasp II and the KF-45 are designed for Air Defence missions... And being the first international customer to such series, CAMA proposes a reduction of 20% on the commercial value of those series..."

Edward proceeds to look at the Grunder Industries' representative, showing a hint of curiosity by arching one of his blond eyebrows, waiting to hear what he'll bring up to convince the prince.

"Your Highness," Delarus replied, "if you are looking for a good aircraft, you'll want the originals, not a cheap Carsillian knockoff... The F/A-18E and F/A-18F Super Hornet is one of the best aircraft on the market. Grunder Industries could produce these in large quantities, and even build production facilities on Logarian soil."

Sevekkannën laughs, "knock off? We improved tour design to include vectorial engines and the best missiles that we have to offer..."

"Based of our plane, which you stole from us..."

"Do I need to remind yourself that you stole the plans of the F-22 engines and yet have failed to adapt to your aircrafts?"

The moment Edward heard "production facilities on Logarian soil", he shared a smirk to both of them. "Maybe such can be of great use for the Empire," he said, showing his content with the offer and, maybe, trying to instigate the Carsillian man, "the Emperor may see this as a key opportunity."

Sevekkannën took a other sip from his cup of tea before replying: "If the contract is awarded to CAMA, we will make sure that those planes will be built at 100% in Logar... We will go even as far to build new deep water ports, airports and highways if we have to... Your Highness, the Logarian Empire always had good trade relations with the Federation, trading with the Haltorians is trading in the past... But with us, with our equipement, the Logarian Air Force will be a mighty and fierce armed force at the disposition of the Emperor".

Edward nods, then says: "Airports and highways are not of the Empire's interests concerning both of you, Mr. Sevekkannën, neither does an air branch in the national military exists" and takes a modest sip from his cup of tea, "I am not willing to risk our reputation in turn of structural favors... now, the Emperor is willing to accept quality and quantity at whatever cost, but I am not."

The imperial makes a quick pause, then continues: "I've heard before of those stolen plans Mr. Delarus said, and that quite worries me regarding your active stay in Logarian territory, as it worries other entities related to the Idenburg Group. We are the largest business conglomerate in the nation, we can't worry our partners and risk a down in business, can we?"

"No, your Highness, you can't. Unlike Carsillian corporations, Grunder Industries has a long history of friendly relationships with the government's we work with. Investment in Logarian industry can be arranged, as well. I'm sure a deal can also be worked out with the Idenburg Group?"

Edward seems to already know what he wants, but knows the Emperor needs to have that information as well.

"While I am most trustful of you success, Mr. Delarus, His Imperial Majesty still has the final say over the issue," said the prince, taking another sip from his tea, then looking at the Carsillian representative, waiting for him to try once more, maybe even be bold and request the presence of the monarch himself, though such a possibility did not last much in Edward's head. "I fear we are done."

"CAMA will offer a bundle of 5th and 4+++ generation fighters for a competitive price... Plus an investment portfolio, in the following days of this very same reunion... maybe you are interested in visiting our installations back at home, Your Highness?", Sevekkannën inquired.

"I..." paused the prince, "yes, I shall visit."

Just after Edward answered the Carsillian man, one of the Idenburg Manor guards steps in, just a bit distant from the door near them, and, almost mechanically, declares: "Your Imperial Highness, the Emperor requests your presence at the Imperial Palace."

Prince Edward nods and gestures the obedient guard to leave, then looking at both of them. "We're done for today, gentlemen. Be sure to enjoy your stay at Logaria, their dinner is very diverse, and of wonderful taste." Like that, he stands up and, after taking a quick look at both representatives, steps out of the bailey. The two men are guided by a guard back to their vehicles waiting for them outside.
“Eu queria escrever luxuoso. Usar palavras que rebrilhassem molhadas e fossem peregrinas. Às vezes solenes em púrpura, às vezes abismais esmeraldas, às vezes leves na mais fina seda macia.” — Clarice Lispector

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Postby Czeily » Sun Jul 03, 2022 6:53 am

The Battle for the Haltorian straits (Part 1/3)
in collaboration with haltoria.
Transcription from the regional discord.

The Battle for the Haltorian straits hapened between December 20 and December 23 1998 over the Haltorian city of Farbanti. During those 3 days, most of bothsides Air Forces were engaged and destroyed. The battle marked the course of the war as it was the last battle of the Air War of what would be called later: The Unsung war (1989-2000). The following is the personnal histories of the brave pilots that fought over the straits.

December 21: first day of the battle
Over the skies of the Haltorian Straight, 40 km from Haltoria

It was a beautiful day in the city of Farbanti. The snow had fallen last night, and outside children were frolicking in it, a picture perfect scene, ignoring the horrors in other parts of the nation.

In Radar Outpost Mike-Golf 1790, it was a different story. A technician sat at his desk, swirled a cup of tea in his chair, bored out of his mind.

As the technician sat, suddenly a ping was heard on his radar. Sitting straight up, and adjusting the controls, he thinks he spotted something.

"This is RDOP Mike-Golf 1790, I think I have something, uh, could you send someone to check it out?" He spoke into his microphone.

"Roger, 1790, send us some coordinates and we'll check it out," the comms officer of the Farbanti AFB radioed back.

15 meters Above the sea, a lone Squadron of Carsilian F-37E were flying low towards the Haltorian city of Farbanti. They were ahead of the fleet of Fighter-Bombers they were tasked to escort.

This Squadron was the mighty Knyaz Squadron of the CAF, or the 21st Tactical Interception Squadron.

24 F-37E were flying at Mach 1.2, The leading F-37, Knyaz 1, transmitted on the encrypted radio.

(F-37E) Knyaz 1:
<< Keep the heading and prepare to engage >>

The Carsilian fighters activated their after burners and closed the distance. They were unnoticed, since the Haltorian radars didn't detect them because of their low altitude. But in reality, the Haltorians detected on their radars the Carsilian AWACS Xavi. The Haltorians sent in a squadron to intercept the Carsilian AWACS.

At Farbanti AFB, a group of F-18 Super Hornets were ready to launch to intercept the threat. This was the Gelb Squadron, or the 134th Multirole Fighter Squadron of the CHAF.

As 18 F-18's launched, Gelb 1 sent a message to the other pilots.

(F/A-18E) Gelb 1:
<< Alright everyone, this is probably just another flight drill, but stay on the lookout. You never know what those b*stards are capable of >>

As Gelb Squadron took off, AWACS Xavi detected the incoming hatlorians. The co-pilot of the AWACS radioed Knyaz Squadron to inform them about the incoming threat.

(E-767) AWACS Xavi:
<< This is AWACS Xavi, Bandits inbound ! Bandits inbound ! >>

The wingman of Knyaz 1, Knyaz 2, sighed before saying on the radio...

(F-37E) Knyaz 2:
<< It's the Haltorians, they're coming >>

On a calm tone, Knyaz one ordered...

(F-37E) Knyaz 1:
<< This is Squadron Leader to Patrol Leaders: break formation ! Disperse and conserve altitude, let them pass over us >>

The 24 planes of Knyaz squadron divided themselves in 12 patrols of 2 aircrafts. Still flying low to avoid detection.

Gelb Squadron flew high over the water, looking for the target. Not seeing Knyaz Squadron, the split into a search pattern, the squad divided into two, Gelb 1 leading Flights 1 and 2 and Gelb 2 leading Flights 3 and 4.

As the Squadron split, Gelb 17, in Flight 4, decided looked over his shoulder.

(F/A-18E) Gelb 17:
<< Uh, I think I see something here. Might be a bandit. Going to check it out. >>

As he said that, Knyaz 3 and 4 pulled up and were right behind Gelb 17.

(F-37E) Knyaz 3:
<< You're mine baby ! >>

The rest of the patrols did the same thing. They pulled up and started chasing arround Gelb Squadron.

(F/A-18E) Gelb 6:
<< Dammit! They're all around us! >>

The Gelb Squadron flies all around, trying to shake off their pursuers. Gelb 2) pulls in, and achieves missile lock on Knyaz 3.

(F/A-18E) Gelb 2:
<< Missile lock! C'mon, you SOB... Sh*t I lost it ! >>

Knyaz 3 performs a cobra maneuver and re-engages Gelb 2. As he does that Knyaz 4 resumes the pursuit of Gelb 17.

Gelb 17 and Gelb 2 were now under pursuit.

(F-37E) Knyaz 4:
<< I have a Radar lock on my target.... Dangit! I'm too close for missiles, switching to guns! >>

Knyaz 4 fires his cannon against Gelb 17.

The bullets strike part of Gelb 17's left wing.

(F-18E) Gelb 17
<< Dammit! I'm hit! Pulling away! >>

Meanwhile, Gelb 2 pulls down and away from Knyaz 3, attempting to get a missile lock on him.

Without prior notice, Knyaz 1 aligns himself behind Gelb 2 and fires a missile upon Gelb 2. The missile splashes the plane.

(E-767) AWACS Xavi:
<< Knyaz 1 scored a kill >>

(F-37E) Knyaz 1:
<< Knyaz 3 you owe me one >>

(F-37E) Knyaz 3:
<< Sure do I... >>

The 3 planes look out for new targets.

Gelb 2 manages to bail, falling down in an ejection seat to the sea below.

Gelb 1 suddenly pulls around, getting a lock on Knyaz 3.

(F/A-18E) Gelb 1
<< Missile lock! Gelb 1, Fox 2! >>

Knyaz 3 is splashed, no parachutes was seen.

(F-37E) Knyaz 2:
<< Dangit they got Dave ! >>

<< Stay focused and kill the enemy >>

Knyaz 1 and Knyaz 2 engages Gelb 1 in a dogfight.

(F/A-18E) Gelb 1:
<< Shit, they're all over me! >>

(F/A-18E) Gelb 4:
<< Coming in... I see them! >>

Gelb 4 pulls in behind Knyaz 4.

(F/A-18E) Gelb 4:
<< C'mon, you b*stard, c'mon... >> He murmured to himself.

Knyaz 4 slows it's speed to close in the distance. He then proceeded to do a cobra maneuver.

As Gelb 4 flew right by him, he lowered his nose and fired at Gelb 4 with his cannon.

Meanwhile, in the distance, the Radar of bothsides filled to saturation, as new readings appeared: the Carsilian Fighter-Bombers and aditional escorts showed up.

(F-37E) Knyaz 12:
<< Uh... Big boss I think we have a problem... >>

(F-37E) Knyaz 24:
<< Holy shit, the sky is about to get darker >>

As he says this Knyaz 1 fires a missile at Gelb 6 and fires his cannon on Gelb 7. A brief moment of silence came about before Knyaz 1 responded....

(F-37E) Knyaz 1:
<< Stay focused, focus on killing the Enemy >>

Seconds after, on a calm tone, a new voice could be heard on the Radio.

(F-37E) Yellow 1-1:
<< This is Yellow 1-1 of the CLVI. Independent Air Services Division "Yellow"... the cavalry has arrived ! >>

Gelb 4's left wing is damaged by the guns, he pulls away and back to base.

Gelb 6 manages to evade the missile, and Gelb 7 is only lightly damaged by the attack.

(F/A-18E) Gelb 1:
<<Shit, we got more incoming bandits!>>

(E-3) AWACS Crux:
<< Gelb Squadron, this is Crux. Reinforcements incoming! >>

Suddenly, 36 F-16H's of the Gold Squadron and Grey Squadron appear on the horizon.

(F-16H) Gold 1:
<< Commence the operation. Let the victor be Justice. >>

(F-16H) Grey 6:
<< Geez, why is he so serious? >>

(F-16H) Gold 4:
<< Don't worry about him, focus on the mission at hand. >>

96 Carsilian fighters joined the ongoing brawl.

(F-37E) Knyaz 1:
<< To all pilots! Make sure your IFF is working! >>

(F-15C) Yellow 5-4:
<< Roger that! Sky kid engaging! >>

(F-15C) Yellow 5-2:
<< Windhover engaging! >>

(F-15C) Yellow 5-4:
<< Tally oh! No one is escaping from me! >>

From the high skies, the swarm of Carsilians divided themselves in 3 and dived on the Haltorians.

Meanwhile, a Thunderstorm was forming in the vicinity. Creating a other aditional challenge to the pilots.

Knyaz 1 and 2 pulled on Gelb 1. Meanwhile, Knyaz 4 locked a Meteor BVR missile at an incoming F-16H.

(F/A-18E) Gelb 1:
<< They're all over me! Gelb 1, support! >>

(F-16H) Gold 1:
<< Roger, I'm coming in. >>

Gelb 1 pulls away, attempting to evaded Knyaz 1 and 2. Meanwhile, Gold 1 pulled in behind Knyaz 2 and fired 2 missiles at him.

(F-16H) Gold 1:
<< Cutlass, engaging! Fox 2, Fox 2! >>

At the same time, the F-16H that Knyaz 4 had targeted was hit by the BVR missile.

(F-16H) Grey 12:
<< I'm hit! I gotta bail out! >>

- Meanwhile, at Farbanti AFB, another sortie was preparing to launch.

(F/A-18A) Mobius 3:
<< Launch check complete. You ready to launch, Mobius 1? >>

(F/A-18E) Mobius 6:
<< You know he won't answer, he's getting into the "zone." >> -

(F-37E) Knyaz 2:
<< ARGH! One missile touched me, I'm holding on I can still fight! >>

(F-37E) Knyaz 1:
<< Negative Sakt ! RTB! >>

(F-37E) Knyaz 2:
<< Dangit! This is Knyaz 2, Returning to base >>

Knyaz 2 proceeds to exit the combat zonne.

(F-37E) Knyaz 23:
<< Knyaz 2 and 4 are out, 22 of us remain >>

Knyaz 1 proceeds to fire a missile at Gelb 1 and before Gold 1 could break left and engage Knyaz 1, the later does a Cobra maneuver and is now behind the tail of Gold 1.

Meanwhile, Yellow 1-1, a veteran of the 3 days war, arrives in the brawl.

(F-15C) Yellow 1-1:
<< This is Yellow 1-1... Acquiring target... FOX 3! FOX 3! >>

Yellow 1-1 fires 2 Meteor BVR Missiles at 2 incoming Haltorian reinforcements.

He then immediately breaks left and forms up on Knyaz 1.

Gelb 1's engine is hit by the missile.

(F/A-18E) Gelb 1:
<< Dammit, I'm hit! >>

(F-16H) Gold 1:
<< Gelb 1, RTB. I'll take over for now. >>

(F/A-18E) Gelb 1:
<< Hard copy, Gold 1. Gelb 1, RTB. >>

The two Haltorian planes that Yellow 1-1 had targeted disappear, but they are now insignificant compared to the numbers of Haltorian planes in the air.

Now Gold 1 sees Knyaz 1 pulling behind him.

(F-16H) Gold 1:
<< They're behind me, attempting to evade. >>

(F/A-18E) Gelb 14:
<< I see you! Missile lock! >>

Gelb 14 launches two XMAA missiles, both targeting Knyaz 1.

(F/A-18E) Gelb 14:
<< Fox 3, Fox 3! >>

Noticing the fast arriving XMAA, Knyaz 1 allowed the missile to come closer, and when the two XMAA were at roughly 100 meters from him. He pulled a negative G dive then breaks left. Both missiles lost track on him.

(F-37E) Knyaz 8:
<< Knyaz 1 evaded a missile ! >>

(F-37E) Knyaz 7:
<< For the love of mother nature ! The boss did it >>

Knyaz 8 and 7, profiting from the caos, pulled behind Gold 1.

Meanwhile, Knyaz 1 put throttle at maximum power and flew towards Gelb 14 head on.

As he passes right by Gelb 14 on his left, he then pulls a looping maneuver and his now behind Gelb 14.

Meanwhile, Knyaz 7, now behind Gold 1, fired a MICA Air-to-Air missile at him.

Gold 1 goes down, no chute was seen.

(F/A-18E) Gelb 14:
<< Dammit, Blaze is down! And I got one behind me! >>

Gelb 14 pulls down, then does a hard right turn and loops around, firing his guns at Knyaz 1.

(E-3) AWACS Crux:
<< Mobius Squadron has arrived. Transmitting battlefield data. >>

(F/A-18E) Mobius 2:
<< Mobius Squadron, it's time! >>

(F/A-18E) Mobius 1:
<< Mobius 1, engage. >>

(F-16H) Grey 11:
<< Watch as he doesn't say anything else for the rest of the battle. I'm telling you, that guy is a demon in the air! >>

Knyaz 1 breaks left, avoiding the rounds from Gelb 14's salvo.

Seconds after, Yellow 1-1, dives on Gelb 14 from top down and fires a MICA Air-to-Air missile at Gelb 14.

Knyaz 1 now free, notices a incoming transmission from the Army Office of Intelligence (AOI).

AOI Unknown officer:
<< This is AOI to all pilots... New ELINT data is now available to us... You are currently engaged with the following Haltorian formations: Mobius, Grey and Gold squadrons... CAF High Command has dispatched a squadron of F-23... ETA 15 minutes... Go speed, AOI out. >>

(F-37E) Knyaz 21:
<< Shit! >>

(F-37E) Knyaz 11:
<< [talks about Mobius 1] I thought we already HAD shot down that clown ?! >>

(F-37E) Knyaz 9:
<< It's the three days war all over again ! >>

Knyaz 1 remained silent as he climb up to reach for the incoming Mobius Squadron. His subordinates started to freak out when they noticed Knyaz 1's maneuver.

(F-37E) Knyaz 6:
<< Holly shit I can't belive that f*cker is doing this >>

(F-37E) Knyaz 20:
<< Boss, what are you doing ? >>

On a dark, deep and serious tone. Knyaz 1 finally said a word:

(F-37E) Knyaz 1:
<< I want to understand the enemy >>

(F-15C) Yellow 1-4:
<< ... Wait why do I ear a spanish guitar ? >>

Gelb 14 manages to eject before his plane explodes, he glides down to the sea below.

Mobius 1 enters the fray by firing 4 XMAA missiles at the Knyaz Squadron. A few seconds later, three other Mobius planes do the same. 16 missiles shot out at Knyaz Squadron.

Meanwhile, Gold 8 and Gold 9 climb up to Knyaz 6, and each fire 2 missiles at him.

The missiles struck Knyaz 16, 14 and 12. The three planes were splashed.

The rest of 13 missiles were evaded or failed to lock due to the concentration of Radar signatures in the area.

Knyaz 1 flew right by Mobius 1. He then tunes his radio on a frequency that could be heard by everyone.

(F-37E) Knyaz 1:
<< [LAUGHS] Hey buddy, still alive ? [LAUGHS] It's been a few years since the 3 days war... >>

Knyaz 1 pulls a turn on the right, locks on Mobius 3 and fires a MICA Air-to-Air missile.

(F-37E) Knyaz 1:
<< Pilots like you always have weaknesses... There's a pilot just like you in each generation... >>

CAF High Command:
<< TO ALL FIGHTERS! you are to withdraw, an incoming thunderstorm is about to hit your AO in 10 minutes, Knyaz Squadron ! Make sure our fighters get home... >>

(F-37E) Knyaz 1:
<< [LAUGHS] it seems fate had us on a collision course... once more... >>

(F/A-18E) Mobius 1:
<< You're right. There's pilots like you and me in every generation. And I shot them all down. >>

(F-16H) Grey 12:
<< Holy shit, he actually spoke! >>

Farbanti AFB:
<< All aircraft, RTB! RTB! Incoming thunderstorms will reach AO in 9 minutes! >>

(F/A-18E) Mobius 3:
<< I dodged the missile... Roger Farbanti. All planes, RTB! >>

(F-37E) Knyaz 1:
<< [Laughs] Ah, Mobius, Mobius, Mobius... Always resting on your glory uh ? >>

(F-37E) Knyaz 6:
<< Boss it's time to RTB ! >>

(F-37E) Knyaz 1:
<< It's time to RTB when gods decides it >>

Knyaz 1 pulls a negative G pull turn and locks his radar on Mobius 1.

He breaths and fires a MICA at Mobius 1.

Mobius 1 easily dodges it, before turning around and firing 2 standard missiles at Knyaz 1.

Knyaz 1 fires Chaffee and pulls a barrel roll. He avoids the missile, the later flying right by him on his left.

He does a other negative G turn and aligns himself, locks his radar... But don't take the shot. He switches to guns and fires a salvo at Mobius 1.

CAF High command:
<< Knyaz 1 ! You are ordered to cease fire and exit the AO ! >>

(F-37E) Knyaz 1:
<< Back in the past, when you killed my wingman, tell me... Did it make you feel better ? >>

Knyaz 21 and 19 arrives to help Knyaz 1.

(F-37E) Knyaz 19:
<< Boss we should get out >>

Mobius doesn't respond, Knyaz 1 only hears static. He turns away, avoiding the gunfire, but doesn't return fire this time.

Gold 4 pulls up beside Mobius 1.

(F/A-18E) Gold 4:
<< Mobius, we need to get out of here. C'mon. >>

Gold 4 pulls away to the left, and Mobius 1 does the same, all while silent.

Knyaz 1 and the rest of the Squadron left the AO.

But before leaving, he transmited a last message.

(F-37E) Knyaz 1:
<< People like us Mobius, have their own demons haunting them... Killing is always personal... We will meet again... Soon... >>

The Battle had ended, for now...

All this time, as the battle raged, the people of Farbanti had looked out to the sea, seeing the brave defenders of their city fight against the horde of Carsillian fighters. Many of the civilians cheered as Mobius 1 passed over them, his F/A-18 glistening in the last patches of sunlight before the storm hit.

to be continued...

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Postby West Phoenicia » Sun Jul 03, 2022 2:46 pm

Logariaà Hotel; Empire of Logar

The curtains were drawn, allowing the warmth of the morning sun to slowly saturate the hotel suite with its golden rays to starve off any chill.

Crown Prince Glenton Gryphon-Bush III Philopator Philometor and his wife Princess Royal Arsinoe II Thea Philometor sat in the comfort of their hotel room with exquisite chairs. Dressed in national West Phoenician attire. A glittering diadem with a jeweled cobra adorned Princess Royal's head.

Deputy Prime Minister Aaron Aìre stood behind the chairs. Behind him were various aides and servants ready to assist when needed. All ready to discuss business with the Logarian delegation.

Guru El-Shamwood; Assistant Minister for Trade and Commerce was present, sitting a few feet away from the royal delegation, ready to discuss trade opportunities

The West Phoenician delegation had arrived for the coronation of Adrian I.
Followed by various tours of the city. They would meet the Logar delegation before moving on to The Theocracy of Annexe Christos for various meetings and talks.

Archbishop Demetri DeMarcos, the ambassador to Annexe Christos, had submitted a shocking update. The ultra-religious nation had citizens who defaced the West Phoenician embassy with words of "Off our shores, you Pagan where's."

West Phoenicia was a devout nation. The True-Path Faith would be considered a syncretistic unification of Catholicism, Protestantism, Eastern Orthodox, and Mormonism.
While the United Pagan Faith was a mix of ancient polytheist deity worship, Wicca, Druidism, Neopaganism, nature worship, and Animism.
Both groups were the dominant religions in West Phoenicia.
President Sylvia Love of Annexe Christos would need to apprehend those in her nation that treated West Phoenicia so disrespectfully if she wanted to continue receiving all that lovely money in foreign aid.

"This is a great responsibility your father the Emperor has entrusted with you both," Deputy Prime Minister Aaron Aìre said to the royal couple. "More responsibilities to get you used to Foreign diplomacy, to ready you both when you shall rule."

"Not soon enough," Arsinoe II let the words slip off her tongue. In the old days, she would be ruler by now, but regicide was frowned upon by the international community these days. She was young and could wait, just hopefully not too long. She dreamt of the day she and her brother-husband would rule West Phoenicia.
She hoped her children were being well cared for by the royal nannies while she was away. It was her first trip overseas since the birth of her youngest.

Aaron Aìre could see the ambition in the princess' eyes. She would always be one to watch out for. Her husband, while holding similar ambitions, did not overly show them on the outside.

"Our ambassador to Logar; Countess Matilda York has written in her dossier for you both the main points of this meeting with Logar officials. Creating increased bonds of friendship, increasing exporting trade goods to Logar, seeing what they have to import, and fostering peaceful ties.

"The Logar Delegation has arrived,"' an aide whispered to the royal family and the Deputy Prime Minister.

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Postby Logar » Thu Jul 07, 2022 8:35 pm

While the Imperial Capital rose alongside the Sun raying over the city, the Imperial Palace of Villanova didn't even think to sleep. Adrian was busy up there in his office while other "lesser" personnel did their assigned tasks — a lot of them with contact with the Government's high-ranking people, when one of these lesser men had permission to enter His Imperial Majesty's office. The young monarch was not surprised to see the young aide enter at the company of an Army lieutenant, this was more common than one could think and it did enrage the emperor who, however, did not even think of actually yelling at the palace staff for the intrusion.
He bowed before the monarch, fairly near his desk, then announcing in a robotical voice to his emperor:
“Your Majesty, the West Phoenician delegation has been waiting for a meeting with you and imperial government members at the Logaria Hotel”.
"And?", inquired tediously the boy while signing down some papers.
“The Duke of Highwaters would like to know when will you be available to receive them here at the palace...”.
“Whenever they want”, said Adrian as he took from a drawer a black rubber stamp and pressed it against a document, then signing it, “as long as they do not bore me with their terrifying marriage traditions and ask me stupid questions, I am always available. Report that to the Prince”.
“A-as you wish, Your Majesty...”, the messenger said with hesitation. “His Royal Highness will be notified immediately”.
He went away as fast as he came, with the lieutenant grabbing by the arm as someone who'd say: "His Majesty is tired, go away now". Prince Edward was notified of such immediately as his aide rushed to the Idenburg Estate Tower, directly to his superior's office.
“Eu queria escrever luxuoso. Usar palavras que rebrilhassem molhadas e fossem peregrinas. Às vezes solenes em púrpura, às vezes abismais esmeraldas, às vezes leves na mais fina seda macia.” — Clarice Lispector

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Postby West Phoenicia » Sun Jul 10, 2022 7:00 pm

The Imperial Palace of Villanova

"To think we were summoned like peasants!" Princess Royal Arsinoe II hissed as the West Phoenician entourage was escorted through the halls of the Imperial Palace of Villanova to attend a meeting with Emperor Adrian I.

"I was under the impression they would come to us."

"When they visit West Phoenicia you may have the courtesy of choosing the location. While in Logar, we play by their rules," Deputy Prime Minister Aaron Aìre commented.

He walked a few steps behind Crown Prince Glenton Gryphon-Bush III and Arsinoe II. Following behind him were Guru El-Shamwood; Assistant Minister for Trade and Commerce, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Madam Joyce Gaol and Deputy Minister of Defence: Air Commodore Phillip Dye. Trailing behind them were a small number of aides and a personal Secretary who would be keeping notes.

It was a small glittering army of West Phoenician officials, dazzling in their attire, admiring the
Imperial Palace of Villanova.

The Imperial Palace was monumental and dazzling. The tastes of past generations had left their mark.

"Really nice architecture, but our palaces are still more stunning," Arsinoe II mouthed as they reached their destination.

They were greeted by an Imperial Aide who escorted them into the meeting chamber.

Adrian I was seated on a round table, surrounded by a number of officials.

Each delegation acknowledged the other with regal nods before the royals and Deputy Prime Minister were seated, the rest of the delegation stood to attention behind them.

"The royal family of West Phoenicia, are delighted for the opportunity for a face to face meeting with Emperor Adrian I.
Emperor Glenton Gryphon-Bush II Philopator Philometor of West Phoenicia wishes you a long and prosperous reign. He regrets he could not be here in person to congratulate you on your coronation, but he had pressing issues at home. In his place are Crown Prince Glenton Gryphon-Bush III and Arsinoe II, the duo, are next in line for the throne. He has also dispatched a large amount of gifts to celebrate your coronation."

The Deputy Prime Minister snapped his fingers and the personal Secretary stepped forward to read out the gifts West Phoenicia had sent for the coronation, among the items were a chest of Sapphires and a chest of Emeralds; both dominant gemstones within the nation.

"We have various ministers here to express what we see as a strong bond between The Empires of Logar and West Phoenicia. We shall each express our desires then await rebuttal."
Deputy Prime Minister Aaron Aìre caught the nod of agreement from across the table.

Deputy Minister of Defence Air Commodore Phillip Dye, an older distinguished gentleman of 55 was the first to speak. "The nations of The Pangaean Union seem to create military alliances at the drop of a hat. Everyone is so entwined it would be hard to see who would take whose side if a war did break out."

Air Commodore Phillip Dye paused for a short drink of water.

"West Phoenicians are different, we think long and hard before making such pacts. But we do have a proposal. As we both are Empires we do need to assist each other where possible. We propose the Logar-West Phoenician Non-aggression pact. A promise not to attack the other in addition to a promise to avoid support of any entity that acts against the interests of any of the pact signatories.
I believe this would benefit both nations. In addition Annexe Christos a key friend and ally of West Phoenicia would also be included in the non aggression pact, they have stated in return, Logar has access to their ports if during a time of war any of your ships need to port to repair. If Logar is attacked while in an Annexe Christos port, the nation will come out in support of your cause. We don't see any hurt in joint Naval military exercises, but we do refrain from a full military alliances, rather hoping diplomacy would win out instead of military intervention."

Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Madam Joyce Gaol, a serious woman with short grey hair and thick glasses, was next to voice her proposal.
"Countess Matilda York, the West Phoenician Ambassador to The Empire of Logar has filed a number of glowing reports, stating the excellent condition both nations have so far engaged in diplomacy. West Phoenicians visiting Logar has cited quick application times and the embassy has been performing at the best of its ability. On the flip side an ambassador for Logar in West Phoenicia still stands vacant and needs to be filled.
This is to ensure any Logar citizen in West Phoenicia has the necessary tools in place if they need assistance. And also to assist in any foreign Affairs issues that may arise.
We recommend this position is filled asap. An embassy and residence is awaiting in Celestial Court for an ambassador, their family and staff.

Guru El-Shamwood; Assistant Minister for Trade and Commerce was the final West Phoenician dignitary to voice their proposal. "West Phoenicia is an agricultural focused economy, we would love a free trade agreement of West Phoenicia tea, cotton, tobacco, fruits,gemstones, grain and alcohol into The Empire of Logar.
We are both rich nations, so let's get richer. We in return are looking for specific imports to our nation and wish to see what Logar has to offer in return for an equal free trade agreement."

With the West Phoenicia delegation having delivered their proposals. They awaited responses from Adrain I and his ministers.


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