[DRAFT] [CONTEST] Connection Conundrum

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[DRAFT] [CONTEST] Connection Conundrum

Postby Chrysanthemum State » Sat Jun 18, 2022 2:36 am

This is a draft issue for the issues contest, and also my first issue :) . I would appreciate any and all feedback.

During a tour of a region, you find yourself at an old bridge crossing a river. The arterial road running across the river is reduced to a two-lane bridge, impeding the flow of traffic through the area. A few people have already gathered to discuss what should be done.

Option 1
"@@LEADER@@, we must build a new bridge", says @@RANDOM_NAME@@, a leader of local industry. "A bridge with more lanes will increase the flow of traffic, allowing for greater access to goods and services for people in the area. People who say otherwise are opposed to the betterment of the region", @@HE@@ says, before looking at one of @@HIS@@ company trucks stuck in traffic.

Outcome: The government furiously denies allegations of corporate influence.

Option 2
"Increasing the amount of lanes on the bridge will only encourage more traffic", retorts a local. "@@LEADER@@, if you want to increase the flow of people and goods, build a railway bridge over the river. By improving the rail network, we can provide an genuine alternative to slow commutes and congestion."

Outcome: Carparks are being demolished to make way for rail yards.

Option 3
"Even if we build more railways, many people will still drive across the river. The only real solution is to ban cars altogether", exclaims a man stepping off his bike. "Motor mania can end if you choose, @@LEADER@@." [Cars cannot be banned.]

Outcome: Citizens think "bicycle chases" not as exciting as car chases on television, polls show. [Ban cars.]

Option 4
A man in a suit and tie steps forward. "@@LEADER@@, it is important that the government considers the options available properly. We should set up an inter-departmental committee, hold meetings, discuss, revise, redraft proposals. @@DEMONYM_ADJECTIVE@@ bureaucracy is an important part of our government. You wouldn't really let the locals decide what to do, would you?" [Government must not be undemocratic.]

Outcome: Citizens live in a "@@DEMONYM_ADJECTIVE@@ democracy".
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Postby Tinhampton » Sat Jun 18, 2022 2:40 am

Why should @@LEADER@@ care? The Tamar Bridge between Saltash and Plymouth has been three lanes for fuck knows how many years and nobody's doing anything about it. A great deal of the A1 between Newcastle and Edinburgh is single-lane traffic, too.

This issue is very similar to Arterial Congestion, which was itself scrapped for huge overlap with Issue #100 "Road Rage Rampage."
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Postby Australian rePublic » Sun Jun 26, 2022 12:50 am

Why do you have to ban cars from the entire nation? Why not just that island? And how big is the island?
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