GCF ODI World Trophy III [RP/Roster/Results]

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GCF ODI World Trophy III [RP/Roster/Results]

Postby Ko-oren » Fri Jun 17, 2022 9:29 am

(Thank you, Lisander!)

Welcome to the GCF ODI Trophy III in Brookstation and Ko-oren. This opening post is long, but it does contain important information, so please make sure to read all the relevant sections; even experienced NS Sport users and cricket roleplayers must read the sections on style modifiers and format. OOC questions should be posted to the OOC/Signup thread.

New to cricket?

Group A, taking place in Ko-oren/scorinated by Brookstation
Kimi-Suomi (UR)
Baggieland (15)
Goram (UR)
Kriegiersien (24)
Krytenia (1)
Milchama (UR)
Delaclava (UR)

Group B, taking place in Ko-oren/scorinated by Brookstation
Bollonich (UR)
Plough Islands (3)
Ko-oren (6)
West Barack and East Obama (UR)
Sajnur (14)
Gnejs (UR)
Indusse (47)

Group C, taking place in Brookstation/scorinated by Ko-oren
Cyborg Holland (UR)
Rundel (UR)
Sylestone (4)
Corridor of Uncertainty (26)
Eastfield Lodge (13)
Quebec and Shingoryeo (UR)
Darmen (7)

Group D, taking place in Brookstation/scorinated by Ko-oren
Godchouzetsu (UR)
StrayaRoos (UR)
Gruenberg (5)
Lisander (19)
Sarzonia (UR)
The Sarian (2)
Samrif (UR)
TJUN-ia (26)

Brookstation will cut off between UTC 1630-1830.
Ko-oren will cut off between UTC 2000-2100.

MD1: 27 June: 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5
MD2: 29 June: 8v5, 6v4, 7v3, 1v2
MD3: 1 Jul: 2v8, 3v1, 4v7, 5v6
MD4: 3 Jul: 8v6, 7v5, 1v4, 2v3
MD5: 5 Jul: 3v8, 4v2, 5v1, 6v7
MD6: 7 Jul: 8v7, 1v6, 2v5, 3v4
MD7: 9 Jul: 4v8, 5v3, 6v2, 7v1
Knockout 1: 11 Jul
Knockout 2: 13 Jul
Quarterfinals: 15 Jul
Semifinals: 17 Jul
Final & 3PPO: 19 Jul


Please post a roster if at all possible. There is a substantial RP bonus for doing so; more importantly, it is a basic courtesy to your opponents to do so given that cricket RP is, more so than for some other sports, very dependent on knowing the details of both teams.

At bare minimum, your roster should include:
  • 11 players.
  • Your style modifier and RP permissions (see below).
Preferably, your roster should also include:
  • One of your players as captain.
  • One of your players as wicket-keeper.
  • At least five of your players who are bowlers (including bowling all-rounders or batsmen who can bowl).
  • A basic indication of your likely batting order.
  • The colour of your kit (One Day International cricket is played using a white ball and thus all teams must play in non-white kits such that the ball is visible against them).
You might additionally wish to include:
  • Reserve players.
  • Player details, bios, tendencies, stats, favourite colour, etc.
  • Coaching staff.
  • History, tactics, stats.
  • Information about your touring fans.
  • Any other relevant information.
To repeat: a good roster will earn you a substantial bonus. But any attempt at a roster will earn a reasonable bonus, so please make sure to post one, and feel free to ask for assistance if you’re new to cricket and want help on some of the details.

Style modifiers

The style modifiers determine how attacking your team is, from a conservative approach to a more aggressive one. An in-character way of thinking about them is that they reflect your team’s balance of bowlers and batters: a more attacking team probably has stronger batsmen and hopes to outscore the opposition while sacrificing economy in their bowling, while a more defensive team probably has stronger bowlers and tries to limit the opponent’s run scoring to make up for having a weaker batting lineup.

You may designate a style modifier for your team from -2 to +2; modifiers outside this range will be rounded down; if no modifier is set, 0 will be assumed.

RP permissions

RP permissions work a little differently in cricket as it is almost impossible for one player to RP only about their own players. Therefore for the purposes of this tournament it is generally assumed that all players consent to having their opponents determine basic outcomes such as runs and wickets. You may clarify permissions relating to specific events or requesting certain focuses e.g. specifying that your players would never engage in Mankading, describing your team’s tactics.

Two tournament-wide permissions apply.
  • No violence towards the host country or destruction of the host country’s infrastructure.
  • No introduction of pandemics to the host country or to opposing teams.
If you are not certain about anything relating to RP permissions, I encourage you to TG your opponent. If any disputes cannot be resolved bilaterally, I will adjudicate.

Code: Select all
Godmod scoring events: Y/N
RP injuries to my players: Y/N
Godmod injuries to my players: Y/N
Godmod other events: Y/N



In the chart, Group D is a model for all groups as we await the final number of signups. Teams will play the teams in their group once.

Groups will be ranked by points first (2 for a win, 1 for a draw), wins, NRR, then H2H.


Round 1: (IC in Ko-oren, scorinated by Brookstation) A1 v B2, B1 v A2, C1 v D2, D1 v C2 / (IC in Brookstation, scorinated by Ko-oren) A3 v D4, B3 v C4, C3 v B4, D3 v A4

Round 2: (IC in Ko-oren, scorinated by Brookstation) A1/B2 v D3/A4, B1/A2 v C3/B4 / (IC in Brookstation, scorinated by Ko-oren) C1/D2 v B3/C4, D1/C2 v A3/D4
Quarterfinals: (IC in Ko-oren, scorinated by Brookstation) A1/B2 v C1/D2/B3/C4, B1/A2 v D1/C2/A3/D4 / (IC in Brookstation, scorinated by Ko-oren) C1/D2 v A1/B2/D3/A4, D1/C2 v B1/A2/C3/B4

Semifinals: first one in Ko-oren (scorinated by Brookstation), second one in Brookstation (scorinated by Ko-oren

Final in Ko-oren (scorinated by Ko-oren) / 3ppo in Brookstation (scorinated by Brookstation)
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Postby Brookstation » Fri Jun 17, 2022 9:29 am



The Rock Music Loving Nation of Brookstation is a small but very densely populated nation located in North Eastern Rushmore neighbouring only one nation directly (Græntfjall) with Txakhaxi and Bollonich to the south and Mashiki to the north. Brookstation is a peaceful nation without much indulgence in international matters and the nation enjoys less corruption and crime. The nation has worked towards development quite well and now majority of the nation is well developed. The nation also enjoys harmony between the various ethnic groups and the people of the nation aim towards an equal and free society. If it wasn't obvious enough,the common thread that connects Brook society is not a dominant religion but rock music. In fact rock music is so popular in Brookstation that even the nation has mentioned it in their official name, believing it to be the actual opium of the masses.

Before Bashar Jackson stepped on Brook land in 1950, the landmass that currently constitutes Brookstation was inhabitated by quite a few people although not much have been revealed about them for centuries. Historians determined that these people had been inhabiting the nation for quite a long time and had been exposed to modern society. Nevertheless, the major part of the nation which was still inhabited and over the course of time, the society of Brookstation was established and people from different regions of the multiverse started migrating to Brookstation and soon the country developed into what it is today. The nation has not faced any major political conflict yet although the current government is often termed to be a bit authoritarian. Crime, especially youth-related, is totally unknown, thanks to a capable police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. The consumption of tobacco, alcohol and cannabis is only restricted till the age of 18 after which all citizens are allowed to purchase the above. Possession of guns and Adultery are strictly prohibited in the nations and these activities could lead to severe punishments by the law.

Arriving in Brookstation is not a difficult task and Brookstation has two international airports in Dreamland and Norwegian wood respectively. However, to reach the cities where the games will be hosted, one has to use the railways system, one of the most efficient transport systems in the nation and bus and cab services are always open in the nation for the benefit of the citizens and tourists.

Cricket in Brookstation

Cricket is the most popular sport in the nation followed by football. The warm climate of the nation allows cricket to be freely played throughout the nation and Brooks of all age groups can be found playing crickets in local grounds during the day. ODI is the most popular form of cricket in Brookstation and the nation has seen a rapid development of the sport in the domestic level. The Goolsea Riverside Ground was selected as the venue for the finals of the Third Elite Trophy First Class and following the success of hosting the finals,The Brook Cricket Federation decided to place a bid for the 3rd ODI World Cup along with Ko oren to further popularize the sport in the nation and bring a sports World Cup to the nation for the first time.


Venus Gardens (cap. 8,300)

Located in the less populated city of Scroton, Venus Gardens is a newly constructed stadium. Scroton is a very diverse town with people from all across the multiverse. The serene mountains and calm ambience has converted Scroton into a popular tourist spot. The society of Scroton is an organization that promotes a sense of brotherhood among the Brook citizens and serves people in need. The society of Scroton is often found conducting programmes in the Venus Gardens. Guarding the gates of the Gardens, is a huge bust of Lord Venus herself. The society of Scroton has also taken initiatives to convert the stadium into an environment friendly one and thus a large part of the stadium is powered by solar energy.

Matches: Group C - matchdays 1,3,5,7
Round 1: The Sarian vs Liventia

Ogre Street (cap. 25,000)

Ogre Street has become a well known stadium in Brookstation following the success of home club Ogre Street in the BODL. The Ogre Street Cricket Club is Brookstation's oldest cricket club. What used to be an university field got renovated into a stadium in 1987. The stadium has a capacity of accomodating 25,000. The stadium houses the office of the club, one of the oldest buildings in Brookstation and a matter of cricket heritage. One can visit the small cricket museum housed by the stadium. The pitch favours fast bowling.

Matches: Group C - matchdays 2,4,6
Round 1: Gnejs vs Eastfield Lodge
Semi Final 2

Goolsea Riverside Ground (cap. 34,000)

Goolsea is a cricket loving town having roughly a population of 1.5 million situated in the banks of the river Murphy. Goolsea was originally a market town which has developed through the ages. Goolsea's calm weather and the exotic views from the river makes it an attractive tourist spot. Goolsea's club ' Anarchy in Goolsea ' has it's own crazy history of breaking out as a protesting club, which makes the stadium more significant.
Established in 1957, Goolsea Riverside Ground is the second oldest and the second largest cricket ground with a capacity of 34,000. The ground is a favourite for seamers as the ball is known to swing greatly. The ground has hosted the latest edition of the Elite Trophy First Class.

Matches: Group D - matchdays 1,3,5,7
Round 2: D1/C2 v A3/D4

Spike Spiegel Stadium (cap 11,000)

Spike Speigel Stadium is located in the city of Essidise. It is mainly a cricket stadium but the sports played in the stadium is not limited to cricket. The stadium is also home to Essidise's domestic rugby and hockey side. The stadium is named after the famous Essidise born rock vocalist who was assasinated in 1983. As a rock music loving nation, the nation paid its respects to the singer by changing the name of the Essidise Road to Spike Spiegel Stadium as it was the venue of Spike Spiegel's band Sunflower's first live performance. Essidise is a sports loving nation and this stadium is thus always in use. To keep up with the constant events held in the stadium, various modern amenities has been introduced in the stadium. For the upcoming World Cup, the Sports Federation decided to renovate the stadium by increasing the capacity by 1000 seats.

Matches: Group D - matchdays 2,4,6
Quarter Finals: C1/D2 v A1/B2/D3/A4

Morioh Cricket Ground (cap. 35,000)

The Morioh Cricket Ground is both the oldest and the largest cricket ground in Brookstation. Home to the club Morioh Town, the MCG is known for it's rich history. The stadium is heavily decorated and the stadium hosts a museum detailing the history of cricket in Brookstation. Morioh usually experiences a very sunny weather with clear clouds and thus the pitch is always clear, allowing batsmen to score a lot of runs. The stadium is a landmark of Brookstation and any bus or metro could lead you to the MCG.

Matches: Round 1: Kimi Suomi vs Strayaroos, Sylestone vs Gortolekua
Round 2: C1/D2 v B3/C4
Quarter Finals: D1/C2 v B1/A2/C3/B4
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Postby Ko-oren » Fri Jun 17, 2022 9:29 am

General information
Ko-oren is an island nation in Anaia's west with a little over 27 million inhabitants. This tournament will be played in its southwest. No matter where you go, you'll find that public transport covers pretty much everywhere where you need to go, and it's affordable.

The Korona has been getting stronger and stronger as Ko-oren's economy keeps developing. One NSD gives you about 110 KOR these days. Public transport is very cheap (the Willowbourne metro takes just 1.1 NSD (or 121 KOR) for a journey), groceries (especially luxury goods not native to Ko-oren) are a little on the expensive side - for a Ko-orenite. Wages, pensions, and costs are rising quickly due to our growing economy - which started growing before the Anaian move but since then growth at least hasn't slowed down. Government policy makes sure that inflation doesn't get out of hand, while protecting workers' rights and the environment are huge priorities. Tourism is a huge sector of the Ko-orenite economy, so there will be enough hotels and things to do for everyone.

We'll just say it: alcohol is banned in Ko-oren. And so are other drugs. For the rest, we're fairly chill. Except when it comes to littering. Do not litter.

Climate & Weather
You're best off checking the sheet for the subdivision you're visiting, as climates vary wildly from place to place. The tournament falls roughly in three zones: the west coast (everything west of the mountains, including Mawryshire), where wind, clouds, and rain can come in and out at a moment's notice. Leeshire and Willowbourne (east of the mountains, not coastal) as well as Eastern Surbourneshire can have some nasty scorchers that can stick around for days. The south coast ('Grainshire', Western Surbourneshire, Greencaster) has a bit of both: if wind comes in from the wrong direction you have the dry summer heat from the central areas, and from the other side, you have the cool, unpredictable Salamantic Sea weather. I would consider this your best option.

The archipelago is home to many languages, some of which are only spoken in Ko-oren (Gehrennan, Tarrashall, Altioran and Aviansolan). Other languages were brought in from abroad (English, Dutch, French, Japanese). Two major languages were brought in from abroad, but the varieties spoken in Ko-oren do not closely resemble the foreign form anymore (Finisterran, Mawr). For this tournament, you're fine knowing just English (though Mawr helps if you play in the southwest - and Tarrashall, Gehrennan, or French help depending on how far west, north, or east you play your warm-up matches).

We're a meritocratic nation, so almost all important positions are appointed - we're going through a phase of re-appointment, so don't mind the news going a little crazy.
The meritocratic government is checked by a democratically elected parliament - and we're also going through elections, so don't mind the news going a little crazy over that as well.

Domestically, we have six regions with one team each that compete in the regular formats: First-class (4 days), List-A (one day), and there's a 12-team T20 franchise league. There are two urban teams: Willowbourne and Greencaster, and four larger areas: Mawryshire, Western Surbourneshire, Eastern Surbourneshire, and Leeshire. In addition, there are four minor regions: Amandine (just north of Eastern Surbourneshire, and includes Aminey), Mayara (just north of Willowbourne, covering the Capitals), Grainshire (the vaguely defined region between Leeshire, Western SRB, and Mawryshire, whose players often play for one of those three regions anyway), and Northwest (including most of West Strand Riding, provincial Mayara).

Internationally, we're probably best known for our T20 play (2 titles), while ironically it's the ODI format that we've had the fewest success in. Tests have been a regular of the calendar for a while now, too. ODIs have been prioritised in the domestic calendar at the expense of the longest format, so hopefully we keep getting better at those. This means that most of our players are 'optimised' for either Tests or T20s, so we might have a ways to go in ODI development.

This is probably what you're here for. We're saving our best for last: the biggest two stadiums don't come into play until the knockouts.

Start presentation, then click the name of the subdivision you'll be playing in.

We have eight matches at a time in Ko-oren, but we will use more than eight stadiums:
Group Stage
Willowbourne - both Summerkind and the knockout's Royal Oval have some weird quirks in field dimensions because of Willowbourne's zoning, but it shouldn't matter too much. There's a little bit for everyone: seam, swing, pace, batting.
Summerkind Oval (21000) in Willowbourne, Corridor. Team: Penshaw Cricket Club, Swadlincote Cricket Club, Tohrenna Cricket Club. Ends: Penshaw (south), Tohrenna (north). Matches: the first match of Group A, every MD.

Greencaster - both Emermere and the knockout's Greencaster Oval are pretty flat tracks. There's some swing, there's some spin, but they're quite batsman-friendly.
Emermere Oval (14000) in Greencaster, Surbourneshire. Team: Guildwood Cricket Club, South Sydberg Cricket Club, Thornwich Cricket Club. Ends: Guildwood (south), Sydberg (north). Matches: the first match of Group B, every MD.

West Surbourneshire - these grounds are a little more humid - so swing can do a lot, and spinners can have some luck with movement before the bounce.
Southbight Ground (29000) in Ansonville, Springlands. Team: West Surbourneshire. Ends: Lake (south), City (north). Matches: the second match of Group A, MD 2, 4, 6.
Ruby Hills (10000) in Burnet, Burnet Island. Team: Burnet Rubies. Ends: High (south), Low (north). Matches: the second match of Group B, MD 1, 3, 5, 7.
Accord Oval (9600) in Oceanside, Domains. Team: Oceanside Cricket Club. Ends: Lighthouse (south), Deep (north). Matches: the second match of Group A, MD 1, 3, 5, 7.

East Surbourneshire - these grounds are at best a flat, yet dry-ish, track. At worst they're very dusty. Depending on the day, you may find a batsman's paradise or a place where spin can be deadly.
Goledon Oval (25005) in Bruncester, Surbourneshire. Team: Eastern Miners. Ends: Iseule (south), City (north). Matches: the third match of Group A, MD 2, 4, 6.
Silverion Ground (25000) in Cirelbourne, Surbourneshire. Team: East Surbourneshire. Ends: Silver (south), Cave (north). Matches: the fourth match of Group B, MD 2, 4, 6.

Leeshire - in the foothills of the great Western Range, Leeshire has varied weather conditions. Either it's all spin and swing, or it's a flat-ish track. Less air resistance in Idyllwild gives options through the air.
Leewardia Oval (31000) in Maynard, Leeshire. Team: Leeshire. Ends: Argair (south), Garden (north). Matches: the second match of Group B, MD 2, 4, 6.
Dawsend Oval (14000) in Idyllwild, Corridor. Team: Idyllwild Antlers. Ends: Tail (south), Summit (north). Matches: the fourth match of Group A, MD 2, 4, 6.
Timberton Oval (12800) in Aubury, Leeshire. Team: Aubury Maroons. Ends: Exhibition (south), Berks (north). Matches: the third match of Group B, MD 1, 3, 5, 7.

Mawryshire - windy, rainy, moody. It's unpredictable for all. Bowlers have the added element of surprise, batsmen can get lucky if the wind picks up the ball and turns a boundary catch into a six.
yBherafon Hills (24000) in Llandy, Mawryshire. Team: Mawryshire. Ends: Tradition (south), Shire (north). Matches: the third match of Group B, MD 2, 4, 6.
Bwdellafon Parc (17750) in Mawrystwyth, Mawryshire. Team: Mawrystwyth Mustangs. Ends: Canyon (south), Headwind (north). Matches: the third match of Group A, MD 1, 3, 5, 7.
Ocean Crest Oval (8000) in Penstead, yDremdun. Team: Penstead Pirates. Ends: Island (south), Ferry (north). Matches: the fourth match of Group A, MD 1, 3, 5, 7.

Minor Regions
Shanahra Oval (9400) in Maethoru, KCT. Team: Maethoru Dhudhonin. Ends: Rikalathen (south), Torkhega (north). Matches: the fourth match of Group B, MD 1, 3, 5, 7.

Greencaster Oval (50000) in Greencaster, Surbourneshire. Team: Greencaster. Ends: Harbour (south), Marchloft (north)
Royal Oval (40000) in Willowbourne, Corridor. Team: Willowbourne. Ends: Agamina (south), Dalmington (north)

Langward Oval (9300) in Greencaster, Surbourneshire. Team: Windward Cricket Club
Gryffon Oval (9100) in Belmore, Springlands. Team: Belmore Cricket Club, Chipcliff Cricket Club, Marchloft Cricket Club
Stade Échechade (9000) in Norille, Corridor. Team: Norille Chevron Vert
Flintrose Oval (8800) in Opalshire, Gemwright. Team: Opalshire Cricket Club
Old Finsterbuck (8400) in Zinchester, Gemwright. Team: Zinchester Cricket Club
Stade Astagnory (8200) in Anarcourt, Corridor. Team: Anarcourt Willowbourne
Dherekhun Oval (8000) in Iduloren, Gehrenna. Team: Iduloren Cricket Club
Kherodru Oval (7900) in Mayara, KCT. Team: Mayara Marauders
Ebwmyth Parc (7400) in Cerryrhos, Domains. Team: Cerryrhos Clwb Crycet
Timeless Garden (7400) in Marinwood, Surbourneshire. Team: Marinwood Cricket Club, Regenton Cricket Club
Stade Machemont (7000) in Abbennes, Cote Austral. Team: Révolutionnaires Bleues
Ring of Emberstead (7000) in Emberstead, Surbourneshire. Team: Emberstead Cricket Club
Ember Oval (6900) in Lone Oak, Domains. Team: Lone Oak Cricket Club
Davenner Oval (6900) in Moonbright, Gehrenna. Team: Moonbright Cricket Club
Gentleland Oval (6700) in Strongfair, Leeshire. Team: Strongfair Cricket Club
Ring of Tregaron (6700) in Tregaron, Domains. Team: Tregaron Cricket Club
Aldercroft Oval (6600) in Aldercroft, Springlands. Team: Aldercroft Cricket Club
Ovale Liniane (6600) in Linieux, Cote Austral. Team: Linieux Lieutenants
Locomotive Oval (6200) in Caringmeadow, Surbourneshire. Team: Caringmeadow Cricket Club
yRento Parc (6200) in Feddhaw, Mawryshire. Team: Feddhaw Clwb Crycet
Ravenman Oval (6100) in Oakheart, Leeshire. Team: Oakheart Cricket Club
Stade Lamagre-Duteuil (5900) in Willowbourne, Corridor. Team: Auctermuncty Cricket Club, Camreault Cricket Club
Morevine Oval (5700) in Glimmerfall, Leeshire. Team: Glimmerfall Cricket Club
Barrarindi Oval (5500) in Eaglebury, West Strand Riding. Team: Eaglebury Cricket Club, Eleanor Cricket Club
Hamishrill Oval (5000) in Huthwich, Gehrenna. Team: North Gehrenna Cricket Club
Stade Bizellac (4900) in Onilens, Gehrenna. Team: Onilens Cricket Club
Taymond Oval (4800) in Berkton, Leeshire. Team: Berkton Cricket Club
Memorial Oval (4800) in Brighthaven, Domains. Team: Brighthaven Cricket Club
Blue Moon Oval (4700) in Limecroft, Surbourneshire. Team: Limecroft Cricket Club
Vista Stadium (4400) in Kingsfield, Surbourneshire. Team: Kingsfield Cricket Club
Blansley Oval (4300) in Falkirk, Gehrenna. Team: Falkirk Cricket Club
yThroport Parc (4100) in Adrewdwr, Mawryshire. Team: Adrewdwr Clwb Crycet
Obelisk of Alwill Oval (4000) in Alwill, Surbourneshire. Team: Alwill Et Kenningrath Cricket Club

Also available for warmup matches:
Greencaster A
Willowbourne A
West Surbourneshire A
East Surbourneshire A
Leeshire A
Mawryshire A

Knockout stadium assignments:
Round 1, match 1 - Greencaster Oval, Greencaster
Round 1, match 2 - Leewardia Oval, Maynard
Round 1, match 3 - Royal Oval, Willowbourne
Round 1, match 4 - Southbight Ground, Ansonville

Round 2, match 1 - Royal Oval, Willowbourne
Round 2, match 2 - Greencaster Oval, Greencaster

Quarterfinal 1 - Greencaster Oval, Greencaster
Quarterfinal 2 - Royal Oval, Willowbourne

Semifinal - Royal Oval, Willowbourne

Final - Greencaster Oval, Greencaster
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The Plough Islands
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Postby The Plough Islands » Fri Jun 17, 2022 11:00 am


The national flag of the Plough Islands, adopted on independence in 1960; a triband of green and amber. On the centre stripe is the coat of arms of the country, flanked by branches of the Sutton pine, blazoned as follows; Vert, a base barry wavy Azure and Argent, surmounted by a fess of wheat Or, issuant therefrom a mountain Brunatre, behind which a rising sun of the fourth and above all a representation of the Plough of the same.

If you start out from Ko-oren or Pyazhnaya, and set your course for the far northwest of Anaia, and travel for hours and hours - until you have no idea where you are, and begin to suspect your navigational instruments are playing tricks on you - you might just see, rising out of the mist of the Celestial Ocean, a scattering of rocks breaking the ocean's surface in defiance of all sense and logic. These are the Plough Islands, a seven-strong archipelago with rough, rocky beaches hiding between steep outcrops, blankets of hardy grass and soft moss that thrive in the cool, even climate, and bands of granite and rhyolite that break through the pine forests at higher altitudes and create broad cliffs that pierce the clouds. Their people, spread intermittently across three and a half thousand square kilometres, are by necessity a little rugged and unfailingly honest, but at the same time empathetic and highly educated and motivated; they number slightly over a hundred and forty thousand, and have endured much to get to where they are today.
The country, and its committed Marxist-Leninist ideals, was born of pain; a colonial project that started in 1750 with the arrival of the first British settlers had its governance progressively atrophy and become an exploitative, almost feudal system, where a select few owned most of the islands' land and natural resources and worked the farmers, miners, and fishers to exhaustion and starvation. It took two hundred and ten years for the situation to change, thanks to the tireless work of the people's revolutionary movement that spawned the Party of Socialists of the Plough Islands after World War I, and which finally succeeded in a negotiated British withdrawal in 1960. This came on the back of significant civil unrest in the preceding decade, and the new Socialist government expropriated virtually all privately and corporately held assets on the islands, leading to the departure of many of the colonial elite back to Britain and significant economic difficulties as outside forces sought to destabilise the new country. Those who remained and weathered the subsequent storm were, at last, the masters of their own destiny; wearing knitted sweaters and goatskin boots rather than top hats and tails, and striving tirelessly to build a communist society, they are proud of the small country they have nurtured and seen grow, even prosper, and of its place in the wider multiverse.

And they are justifiably proud of their cricket team; the reigning champions of Anaia. Cricket is the Plough Islands' natural pastime, dating from their colonisation by Britain in the 18th century and gaining momentum with the establishment of the Plough Islands Cricket Association in 1920. The stable climate and soft, gently rolling lowland plains of the islands in between patches of evergreen forest are practically an invitation to play, and many Plough Islanders do, with the sport being adopted as an integral part of the national identity and cricket clubs being the centre of social life in virtually all settlements, however large or small. The national representative team have seen considerably more regular activity since Global Cricket Federation affiliation in 2017, and they have consistently played above their level in multiversal competition; they regularly bloody the nose of far better resourced and financed teams. Under captain Kevin Laing and South African-born head coach Lourens Hendricks, the Foxes, as they are known, are noted as much for their unity and collective effort as their spin bowling and profusion of all-rounders.
The foundation of the Anaian Board of Cricket in 2022, following the Declarations of Foxchester, brought the country closer to what are increasingly fertile cricketing heartlands in Anaia, including fellow travellers and old rivals Ko-oren and more recent friends from Krytenia. The inaugural Anaian One-Day Cricket Championship, held in Grande Cucina, was noted for unprecedented levels of regional interest and participation, with new bonds being forged with up and coming teams like Avorago and Gortolekua. It was the Plough Islands, though, roared on by their comrades back home, who claimed their first multiversal title as they beat Krytenia by thirteen runs, vindicating the decision of the Association to participate, and setting off a wave of celebrations both within the Barilla Cricket Ground and thousands of kilometres away to the west.

The successful championship campaign was overseen by stand-in captain Audrey Leggett, with the tournament starting just after Laing's return from parental leave following his daughter's birth in November, but the new father resumes his place in the national setup for the World Trophy. The Anaian championships also saw a number of younger players receiving their first senior caps, two of whom - fast-bowling all-rounder Dimitry Andreyev and opening batter Andrew Weaver - keep their places in the squad. The most notable changes besides Laing himself are the absence of Leanne Martin through injury, the Bradford wicketkeeper having fractured several ribs while taking part in a privateering event held in Mriin as part of the Festival of Local Anaian Games & Sports last month, and the return of the evergreen left-handed all-rounder Andrew Fairfield, who was forced to miss the Anaian championships owing to his commitments with Plough Islands Transdimensional Airlines.
Consequently, Martin aside, the Foxes are at virtually full strength coming into the tournament. Andreyev and Andrew Baxter provide pace bowling options to complement the traditional Plough Islander spin attack, which includes record wicket-taker Naomi Salisbury and off-spinners Sarah Ashe and Sarah Wilson backed by a host of all-rounders and part-timers. Laing and Hendricks also have many options for batting as well, with Andrew Weaver joining Leggett and Brett Scarbeck in contention for the opening slots, and Andrew's elder sister Shauna - the all-time leading international run scorer for the Plough Islands - preceding a middle order that pulled through in the Anaian regional final under intense pressure. If they can continue their form from that tournament, and stay united with the wind at their backs, it is far from unlikely that the Foxes, from their small, windswept country in the farthest corner of Anaia, could upset the multiverse's cricketing giants once more.


#1 KCT Laing (c) RHB RMD
#2 DV Andreyev RHB RFM
#3 S Ashe RHB ROB
#4 A Baxter RHB RFS
#5 TM Bleasdale (w) RHB
#6 AM Donovan RHB
#7 AG Fairfield LHB SLU
#8 AJ Hendricks RHB RLB
#9 IT Lebed (w) LHB
#10 AC Leggett RHB RLB
#11 NA Salisbury LHB SLA
#12 BK Scarbeck RHB
#13 ADM Tyrie RHB RLB
#14 ANL Weaver RHB
#15 SLC Weaver RHB RLB
#16 SH Wilson RHB ROB



The new kits to be used by the Plough Islands Cricket Association for the 2022 World Trophy and future tournaments, made by Red Flag.
Pictured are the white Test kit (left, not used in limited overs), and green (centre, first choice) and red (right, alternate) One Day International outfits.

The final of the I Anaian One-Day Cricket Championship, in which the Foxes wore specially made kits in the regional colours, was the last time the Plough Islands wore the designs introduced in 2020 which featured a map of the islands woven into the fabric of the shirts. From the World Trophy onwards, the Red Flag textile co-operative - who supply most of the country's cricket clubs - have provided new designs that evoke the national arms, with a scene of the Plough above a rising sun and the start of the Great Red Cliff as viewed from the east of the islands.
While the playing kits are new, the crest of the team remains the same; the shield of the Plough Islands Cricket Association, as seen further up the page, depicting a red fox (representing Test cricket, played with a red ball) and a white fox (representing limited overs cricket, played with a white ball) in unity, with the tails nowed to represent the bonds of friendship and socialism. The Plough at the top of the shield and the green background come from the national arms. This is worn inter alia over the heart on shirts, on hats, and - where needed - on helmets.

on the 10th June 2022, the Plough Islands Gazette wrote:
by Denis Wormwood, Sporting Correspondent, in Sutton

In preparation for the third Global Cricket Federation World Trophy, to be held next month in Ko-oren and Brookstation, the Plough Islands Cricket Federation have adopted new playing kits for future competitions through to the 2024 season. Made by the Red Flag state textile co-operative in Redcliff, the Foxes kits will be worn for the upcoming World Trophy and Test seasons, and cricketers across the islands will be able to order replicas through their clubs starting from next week.
The new shirts have an inner layer of polyester mesh for comfort and warmth while playing, and an outer layer bearing a complex jacquard woven print of a scene reminiscent of the coat of arms of the Plough Islands, as seen on the national flag. "From the eastern coast of Redcliff island, if you sail just far enough out and are very lucky, you can see this wonderful view of the sun rising behind the mountains while the stars are still visible," explains Red Flag designer Celia Trevorrow, "and that is what the shirt depicts, with the pine trees and ocean below the rock and the Plough above. There is a little bit of artistic licence needed to line up all the elements so they match the coat of arms and work on a shirt, because they do not look like that in real life, but thematically it works very well."
White shirts and trousers are available for Tests, but for the World Trophy the Plough Islands will wear their traditional colours of green as first choice, with amber trim, helmets, and pads. An alternate set, in red, is available as required by the Global Cricket Federation, and Red Flag have confirmed that following the success of the Foxes at the Anaian championships, they are producing a version in the regional colours of purple and teal. Redcliff offspinner Sarah Wilson, who another of Red Flag's designers, says that the co-operative has been focused on the quality of the main colours; "We had some production issues with the Test kits, unfortunately - the white polyester has slightly different properties and there were issues reproducing the design that we had on paper. We persevered, and the last prototypes came out perfect, but as a result of that, the work on the Anaia production run has been delayed...we have the fabric ready though, so we should be able to get them made up soon".
Whether purple, red, green, or white, though, the Plough Islanders wearing them have been very happy indeed. Wilson, who was in an unusual position in having to hide the designs from her cricketing comrades, admitted to being "very, very nervous" about the reception, but she need not have worried; one national team player who was able to obtain a prototype told this author that "these are honestly the best looking and most durable shirts I have owned for playing in". Foxes team captain Kevin Laing felt "Red Flag did excellent work with the kits, they feel very comfortable to wear", adding that "I think the symbolism on here is more than appropriate - Plough Islander cricket has always felt like we can look up at the skies and aspire to great achievements, and if we all work together and can manage a few more performances like we did in Grande Cucina, with the support we have had...we can someday, hopefully, count ourselves among the stars."


My opponent, if they RP our match first, may do the following:
Choose my playing XI: N (these will be posted before each matchday)
RP injuries to my players: Y
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y
Godmod events (including injuries and dismissals): See below

Where possible, I like to collaborate on match events and scorecards; if you want to work together, please feel free to reach out either via telegram or through the Anaia Discord server. I am not opposed to godmods or other wacky events, although please bear in mind that the Plough Islands are generally a fairly mundane, present day society (albeit one in which the present day is uncannily like the Microsoft Windows 95) - let me know if you have any ideas you think I would be on board with!

This is the first of a hopefully two-part roster/RP post; I have been working on a lengthier article from The Plough Islands Gazette profiling the Foxes players in a little more depth, which should be done in time for MD1 (hopefully!). If you need any more information in the meantime, or indeed afterwards, please do feel free to get in touch.
My heartfelt thanks to everyone in Anaia who has kept me sane while I've been writing this, particularly Mriin (and special guest Aboveland) for feedback on the kits, as well as to a couple of friends from outside of NS who I had a fantastic time visiting recently - quite a lot of this was written while trying to get over the jetlag coming back from New England...
Good luck to everyone else for the tournament, and may the best team win!
National team
Test rank: 8th
ODI rank: 3rd
T20 rank: 5th
Commonwealth of the Plough IslandsPopulation: 139,550Golden age, revealed today
Because not all those
who wander are lost

See also: overview factbook, national map, domestic sports

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Postby Kriegiersien » Fri Jun 17, 2022 1:37 pm


The 42nd Loyal Regiment of the Mounted Mango Fusiliers represents Kriegiersien again in this wicket battle.

In a test match they beat the Schoenwetter City team for the right to represent Kriegiersien in the World Trophy, after beating the Scorpion City team in a Poker match.

The Officers of these ancient "Elite"-Regiment are proud to not only play cricket, but to be one of the bests in Kriegiersien. Arguably, as there are many inofficial different competitions going on.

Coach and team captain:
Colonel Samanthal von Schneider
Major Evelyn Pennywise
Major Alberta Cheese
Major Jane Palin
Major Michael Idle
Captain Charly Longbottom
Captain Francine Cothelstone
Captain Graham Jones
Captain Paulina Posh
Captain Martina Winterbottom
Captain Rachel Shortshanks

Lieutnant Marcella Longbottom

and some further staff and reserve



Everything allowed that doesn't Godmode the fun out of it.

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Postby Sylestone » Fri Jun 17, 2022 3:24 pm

Thanks to The Plough Islands for allowing me to be “inspired” by his formatting and “borrowing” some of those concepts for this roster.


GCF ODI World Trophy III


Sylestone is a tropical island nation located in far-western Esportiva, located to the east of Cyborg Holland and north of the S.U.S (Star United States) Islands. The nation is inhabited by roughly 30 million citizens (the exact number is unknown), and includes roughly 60,000 Sentient Objects from the city of Kirkham in the southeast. Famous for its multiverse-class beaches and rainforests, Sylestone has a thriving tourism industry, and despite financial fallouts meaning that professional association football is currently on a hiatus, it is widely acknowledged to be a rising sporting power, particularly in cricket and handball. In handball, the nation is already ranked second in the multiverse - and has been for two cycles - but in cricket, that process has been a little slower. However, as the national side prepares for the third One-Day World Trophy, they face the unique task of, for once, being a favourite in a multiverse-wide event in the sport.

The Hawthorns originally arrived on the international cricket scene in the latter stages of the eleventh World Test Challenge, when they travelled to Ethane for a three-test series against a nation that is now one of Sylestone’s major multi-sport rivals. Despite losing the series 2-1, foundations had been laid, and it did not take long for the Hawthorns to become a significant threat to all. They finished fourth in the second group stage in the inaugural ODI World Trophy directly after the tour, before travelling to Gruenberg two years later for the second edition. Despite losing to Garbelia first-up, the Hawthorns proceeded to complete an eight-game streak without a loss, and with two matches to go in the super eights stage, they appeared a favourite to take out the trophy. However, unfortunately for them, four losses in four games ensured that they would finish fourth, and take up that same place in the rankings, reinforcing their status as a side that could certainly win future editions.

But ever since then, Sylestone have played scant One-Day Internationals. They won all four in the latest East-West Trophy two years ago, and since then, they have only played one - against Baggieland earlier this year in a match the Hawthorns won by 21 runs. However, the players have not been completely removed from the format, with a Sylestonean domestic competition - the Cubicle One-Day Cup - beginning two years ago and will soon be entering its third season. However, there is a vast difference in quality between the general quality there and on the international scene, and is something that the Hawthorns will have to adapt to encounter, and quickly, if they want to take it deep here.




Coach: Jake Fiedler Image (M) - Age 42
Batting Coach: Sandra Morton Image (F) - Age 39
Bowling Coach: George Byron Image (M) - Age 57
Fielding Coach: Daniel Michael Image (M) - Age 48



Luke TIATI (c, +) LHB
Broughton HALL RHB ROS
Ashton STEALOM (+) RHB

Luke Tiati
34 matches. 1659 runs @ 53.52, SR 93.78, HS 167*, 9 50s, 5 100s.
  • Captain
  • 30 years old; male
  • Left-hand opening bat
  • Wicketkeeper-batter
  • Suffolk Seals CC Image
Unarguably one of the best batters in the world at the moment, Luke Tiati’s numbers speak for themselves. He was the only Sylestonean selected in the team of the tournament in Gruenberg three years ago, and his numbers backed that up, the classy left-hander hitting 706 runs at 58 in thirteen matches. His career average of 53 shows that that tournament was not an outlier, the 29-year-old hitting consistently high scores throughout the entirety of his five-year career. Tiati is also tidy behind the stumps and is like lightning on stumpings, and has a shrewd brain for captaincy, too. And being right in the prime of his career at the moment, he will be very, very tough to stop.

Daniel Fomleya
35 matches. 1139 runs @ 34.52, SR 80.72, 3 50s, 3 100s. 1 wicket @ 44.00, ER 8.80, SR 30.00, BBI 1-18, 0 5-fors.
  • Vice-captain
  • 36 years old; male
  • Left-hand middle-order bat; left-arm off-spin
  • Batter
  • Chichester Clarets CC Image
Last week, Daniel Fomleya announced that this tournament would be his last before he retired from international cricket, and as vice-captain, he will be doing his utmost to finish a rather fruitful career on a high. While his numbers might not blast out of the page, Fomleya has the revered habit of making big scores in big games, and his calm head under pressure is what makes him a good leader, too. He recently relinquished the captaincy to focus on his batting as his career draws to a close, but he will still be a leader both on and off the field, and is why he has maintained the role of vice-captain. Fomleya is currently also in a good run of form, topping the run-scoring tallies in the Crash n’ Smash with ultra-consistent performances and while this is a different format altogether, his numbers indicate promise for the upcoming tournament.

Liam Afosha
32 matches. 1088 runs @ 54.50, SR 103.03, 5 50s, 3 100s. 16 wickets @ 67.06, ER 5.71, SR 70.44, BBI 4-23, 0 5-fors.
  • 31 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat; right-arm off-spin
  • Batting all-rounder
  • New Gloucester Jaguars CC Image
Widely expected to become vice-captain once Fomleya retires, Liam Afosha is another calm head on the field, and is the main reason as to why it so often falls upon him to control a run chase. His nine unbeaten scores contribute significantly to his sublime average or 54.40, which is then multiplied by his strike rate of 103 to equal a very, very good middle-order batter. He announced himself to the multiverse for good in Gruenberg three years ago, where he scored an unbeaten 120 against Baggieland to seal a one-wicket win before sealing a two-wicket win over perennial runner-uppers Krytenia with a 49-ball 58. However, it has been his bowling that has been letting him down, averaging a mammoth 67 with his wily off-breaks. While he has been unlucky on many occasions, if he wants to hammer down that fifth bowling slot for himself, he will need to do a whole lot of work.

Chloe Anderson
9 matches. 292 runs @ 41.71, SR 98.65, HS 65, 3 50s, 0 100s. 0 wickets @ N/A, ER 6.50, SR N/A, BBI 0-26, 0 5-fors.
  • 25 years old; female
  • Left-hand middle-order bat; left-arm leg-spin
  • Batting all-rounder
  • South Sylestone Scorpions CC Image
After becoming only the second female to represent Sylestone in cricket, Chloe Anderson has obtained a rather successful career record to date, scoring 292 runs at an average in the low 40s from nine matches. Her high-score of 65 came on debut against Darmen, combining with Afosha to launch her side out of a hole and onwards, towards a huge total. A naturally aggressive player, her career strike-rate of 98.65 shows that she is certainly eager to get on with it, and does this across all formats. While it is a bit of a stretch to call her an all-rounder, her bowlin certainly is not shabby, if relatively inaccurate, but will always look for partnership-breaking wickets. And when she’s bowling well, she can pose a real threat, as she did a couple of seasons ago in the Lavatory Shield where she picked up an historic seven-wicket haul.

Samuel Asaskia
1 match. 0 wickets @ N/A, ER 5.71, SR N/A, BBI 0-38, 0 5-fors.
  • 26 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat; right-arm fast-medium
  • All-rounder
  • Central Sylestone Snakes CC Image
Ever since Samuel Asaskia blew oppositions away in the inaugural Lavatory Shield, he’s been right up there, knocking on the selector’s door. And in his six tests since then, he has failed to disappoint, taking 17 wickets at 29 as well as averaging 48 with the bat, including a century. He also has a single ODI appearance to his name, against Baggieland earlier in the year, where he conceded figures of 0-38 from seven overs. Not his best performance, but he challenged the batters with his little seamers, and will certainly be making life tough for batters whenever he is selected.

Zachary Charlton
33 matches. 1194 runs @ 39.80, SR 92.99, HS 136, 5 50s, 4 100s.
  • 32 years old; male
  • Left-hand middle-order bat; left-arm medium
  • Batter
  • Adenham Bears CC Image
Despite being neglected by national selectors as of late due to a little bit of a form drop, Zachary Charlton’s statistics are still enviable. His performances in Gruenberg were not as good as he would’ve liked, but with an average of 40 after 33 matches, there’s not much to complain about. Charlton also possesses an excellent conversion rate, reaching a century on four out of the nine instances he has passed fifty, and an unbeaten 98 against The Sarian. Yet, his lack of form recently means he will be rather lucky to get a game, and is behind the likes of Lachlan Cocrine, Chloe Anderson, Simon Monteane and possibly even Jack Martin in the pecking order.

Lachlan Cocrine
25 matches. 638 runs @ 33.58, SR 87.64, HS 121*, 2 50s, 1 100s.
  • 27 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat; right-arm off-spin
  • Batter
  • Suffolk Seals CC Image
He might be Sylestone’s most prolific T20 batter, but Lachlan Cocrine has failed to find his groove in the 50-over format. He hasn’t been bad, averaging 33.58 from 25 matches, but with only two fifties and one century to his name, he has made a habit of getting started and not going on with them. His century - an unbeaten 121 in a losing cause against Garbelia - portrayed maturity and determination, but since then, that side of him has never really been shown in this format. He’s scored a pile of runs for Suffolk since then, though, including an astonishing double-century last year, so it will be interesting to see whether he’ll play with a more carefree attitude here in Ko-oren and Brookstation.

Caitlyn Elliott
Yet to debut.
  • 19 years old; female
  • Right-hand opening bat; right-arm off-spin
  • Batting all-rounder
  • Capital Coyotes CC Image
When the squad sent to Ko-oren and Brookstation was originally announced, the inclusion of a player who hadn’t even played a full season for her state side prompted much confusion and questioning, particularly as she had been selected over her own captain, Peter Lenton. However, her numbers do not lie, the 19-year-old racking up three centuries in nine matches in last year’s Cubicle One-Day Cup, to propel the Coyotes towards glory, including a mammoth 163 in the final. Her aggressive style will suit well in complementing Luke Tiati at the top assuming she breaks into the side, and even if she doesn’t, she’s guaranteed to make it at some stage. Her off-spin bowling is useful, too, and often picks up wickets with a well-disguised arm-ball, as well as the one she really rips. Certainly a player of the future if she can maintain her performances.

Caitlyn Freehill
Yet to debut.
  • 24 years old; female
  • Left-hand opening bat; right-arm medium-fast
  • Batting all-rounder
  • New Gloucester Jaguars CC Image
Caitlyn Freehill was a late inclusion into the squad after Samuel Cross injured himself in a Chamberley grade final, breaking his arm diving and putting him out for twelve weeks. Unfortunately for him, this means it will coincide with the beginning of the ODI World Trophy, and as a result, fellow Jaguars’ teammate Freehill has been selected to take his spot. Freehill herself was in a rich vein of form throughout the entirety of the last domestic season, opening the New Gloucester batting with her free-flowing, aggressive strokeplay. Unlike the other Caitlyn, though, Freehill does sometimes resort to the slog and unconventional strokeplay, which works for the worse just as often as it comes off. She is very versatile, though, and can bat anywhere from positions 1-8, as well as bowl handy medium-pacers, particularly on a greener surface, and is a whole heap better than part-time. She’s probably behind Elliott in the pecking order, but not by much, and may get the nod over her even more aggressive counterpart due to her versatility.

Broughton Hall
34 matches. 97 runs @ 16.17, SR 78.86, HS 28*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 57 wickets @ 26.35, ER 4.77, SR 33.16, BBI 6-28, 2 5-fors.
  • 24 years old; male
  • Right-hand tail-end bat; right-arm mystery-spin
  • Bowler
  • Capital Coyotes CC Image
Speak this name and you will instil fear into the hearts of nigh on every batter in the multiverse. With an eerily similar name to one-of-a-kind Krytenian leg-spinner Brigham Hill, Hall always had to fight for relevance, and has done a spectacular job at completing that. His 57 wickets at 26 is by far the best a Sylestonean bowler has to boast and while he has gone through a bad patch as of recent due to a tiring spinning finger, he’s still up there among the multiverse’s best tweakers. He’s had a bit of a rest as of recently, too, so his fingers should be able to cope with the workload he’s likely to be faced with as one of only two specialised spinners in the squad. If he can perform to a level anything near his best, too, then opposition batters beware: he’s always a chance at taking your wicket, no matter how good you are.

Talvin Mankira
Yet to debut.
  • 29 years old; male
  • Left-hand tail-end bat; left-arm fast
  • Bowler
  • Suffolk Seals CC Image
He might've played in eight test matches and nine T20s, but Talvin Mankira is yet to be selected in a Sylestone one-day XI. However, with Zangj Jonjaakh not selected and Sean Polen having retired, there is a free spot in the side up for grabs, and is one he, Samuel Scron and Kate Sonnel are expected to fight for depending on conditions and performances. Over the past few years, Mankira has been a consistent performer for both the Suffolk Seals and Pesfield Wasps and thoroughly deserves the opportunity to break into the side. His uncanny ability to bowl at above 145 km/h on will is a major advantage for him and if he can control his accuracy like he has been able to over the past year or two, then he will undoubtedly pose a significant threat to all that stand 20 metres away from him as he releases the little white projectile.

Jack Martin
4 matches. 155 runs @ 38.75, SR 82.45, HS 85, 1 50s, 0 100s. 1 wicket @ 101.00, ER 5.61, SR 108.00, BBI 1-30, 0 5-fors.
  • 23 years old; male
  • Left-hand middle-order bat; left-arm off-spin
  • Batting all-rounder
  • Glomridge Magpies CC Image
Another possible star of the future, Jack Martin has begun his international career well, scoring runs across all formats. However, his bowling has only really proven fruitful in the longest format, where he has taken 17 wickets at an average of just 20, tying batters down with his unnerving line and length. Unfortunately for him, though, he has been unable to acquire the same results with the white ball and as a result, he has been used as a part-timer by his captain on most occasions. However, he is still a capable bowler, and if he can conquer the white ball, then he will go a long way to take over from Liam Afosha once the 30-year-old retires a few years down the track. His ability to finish an innings off with classy strokeplay and calculated aggression is incredibly promising and as a result, it doesn’t take a genius to guess who the 22-year-old’s mentor is.

Simon Monteane
4 matches. 161 runs @ 53.67, SR 78.54, HS 127*, 0 50s, 1 100s.
  • 33 years old; male
  • Right-hand opening bat; right-arm off-spin
  • Batter
  • Forsho Rangers CC Image
Monteane may have been neglected from the Sylestonean One-Day side for quite a while, but when he finally got his chance at the top of the order against Baggieland earlier in the year, he certainly made the most of it, scoring an unbeaten 127 to guide his nation to a series-levelling 21-run victory. However, he will be hard-pressed to keep that coveted top-order spot with the likes of the two Caitlyn's - Elliott and Freehill - both looking to debut opening the batting alongside their skipper. That’s where Monteane’s versatility comes in - for the Forsho Rangers, he has been known to bat at any position in the top seven, and even be an emergency wicketkeeper at times. As an unorthodox batter, too, he always keeps bowlers guessing with an array of physics-defying strokeplay, but often gets himself out being too fancy. And if he cannot rein himself in, then Monteane may find that his time in the 50-over format may be up.

Norbert Pistecial
33 matches. 314 runs @ 22.43, SR 104.22, HS 37*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 42 wickets @ 38.12, ER 5.42, SR 42.19, BBI 4-43, 0 5-fors.
  • 25 years old; male
  • Left-hand lower-order bat; left-arm fast-medium
  • Bowling all-rounder
  • South Sylestone Scorpions CC Image
Norbert Pistecial may not be the first that comes to mind on the list of multiversal all-rounders, but he’s still a quiet performer - one that can make game-changing contributions with both bat and ball on occasion. His career bowling average of 38.12 does not sum up his ability - if he had a little bit more luck, it could easily be under 30. At only 25 years of age, Pistecial has excellent control of the swinging ball, opening batters often playing and missing in the early overs of an innings. He’s also certainly no bunny with the bat, too, and has a test century to his name to support that. If he can continue to improve at the rate he is currently, then Pistecial certainly has an immensely bright future with both bat and ball.

Samuel Scron
Yet to debut.
  • 25 years old; male
  • Right-hand tail-end bat; right-arm fast-medium
  • Bowler
  • New Gloucester Jaguars CC Image
Samuel Scron’s unwavering ability to bowl in consistent, challenging areas is what has allowed him to be selected in this squad, having proven competent in a three-test whitewash over Bollonich two years ago, too. He can bowl at any time - powerplay, middle-overs or death - and is always deadly, particularly at the death when batters are going for it. If he can transfer his domestic success across onto the international stage, then the Hawthorns may well have discovered a bowler better than both Zangj Jonjaakh and Sean Polen, who have both recently retired from international cricket.

Kate Sonnel
1 match. 2 wickets @ 26.50, ER 5.30, SR 30.00, BBI 2-53, 0 5-fors.
  • 18 years old; female
  • Right-hand tail-end bat; right-arm leg-spin
  • Bowler
  • Central Sylestone Snakes CC Image
Kate Sonnel burst onto the scene as a 16-year-old in the third edition of the Crash n’ Smash and ever since then, has been reaching ridiculous heights, particularly for one her age. Her ability to bowl an accurate, sharp-turning leg-break is what places her above most rivals and although she’s still slow through the air and lacks a few variations that will come with age and maturity, she thoroughly deserves this opportunity. She had a ball of a time at the EspoT20 in South Newlandia, too, picking up eight wickets at 17.88 alongside an economy rate of 5.96 - astonishing figures for a leg-spinner. She’ll have to work hard to get a game here, though, with Broughton Hall still easily Sylestone’s number one tweaker, but as she continues to improve, she will find herself knocking on the door for selection, too.

Ashton Stealom
Yet to debut.
  • 31 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat
  • Wicketkeeper-batter
  • New Gloucester Jaguars CC Image
With the retirement of Yash Ubuni from all forms but T20 cricket, Ashton Stealom has taken over the coveted position as second-in-line wicketkeeper thanks to consistent performances with the New Gloucester Jaguars both with bat in hand and gloves on. While Stealom may not have the keeping skills of his main rival, Bethamite Adam Lonelet, his batting is certainly of a calibre that he’d be pushing to get into this squad, anyway. Stealom is generally rather well known for his ability to execute unorthodox strokes such as the ramp and reverse sweep, making life very difficult for bowlers. If he can get a game, then those strokes will certainly be a joy to watch towards the back end of the Sylestonean innings.

Joshua Vilesti
31 matches. 58 runs @ 14.50, SR 96.67, HS 12*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 51 wickets @ 29.06, ER 5.09, SR 34.25, BBI 5-49, 1 5-fors.
  • 34 years old; male
  • Right-hand tail-end bat; right-arm fast
  • Bowler
  • Capital Coyotes CC Image
He’s been a servant of Sylestonean cricket ever since it began five years ago in Ethane and since then, Joshua Vilesti has been a very, very consistent performer, averaging 29 with the ball in all formats. His best of 5-49 came in a losing cause in the inaugural Esportivan East-West Cup, right when he was in the middle of a rare patch of form with the ball. With the ability to swing the new ball and frustrate batters at the death with his variations, Vilesti is an all-round handful and despite batting 10 or 11, can still hold a bat, as shown by his test best of 48 against The Jovannic. At 34 years of age, he will be a leader in the team and will need to show the younger guys how it's done as he moves closer to a possible retirement.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Select my XI:
No. You may only do this if I have not specified in a previous RP
Godmod match events: Only with my permission.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but only minor ones. Major ones require permission.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Yes.
Create a full scorecard for my team: Yes.

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BoF 74, CoH 78, CoH 81, ARWC II&III, WLC 36, HWC 24, EspoT20 I

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Postby StrayaRoos » Fri Jun 17, 2022 4:10 pm

01:Adam Jones,31,LHB,RLS
22:John Philippe,21,RHB,LOS
02:Asiun Jun,19,RHB
Wicket Keepers
05:Thomja Lau,19,LHB
06:Isar Healy,22,RHB
07:Polo Garb,31,LHB,LM
08:Asva Xac,20,LHB,ROS,LOS (ambidextrous)
09:Connor Greene,15,RHB,RLS
10:Daniel Bradman,RHB,ROS
11:Josh Jonassen,27,LHB,LS
12:John Anderson,39,LHB,RFM
13:Soa Molinuex,25,LHB,LS
14:Luca Livingstone,RHB,RS

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y
Style Mod:+1

Preferred Batting Order (Bowlers have number next to them)
1:Phillipe (C)
6:Healy (WK)

СтраяРус ❤️ Україна
Technoblade Never Dies
Aussie Rules:6th
Test Cricket:28th
4th Place at ARWC5

94:26/29 23pts
95:26/27 26pts
96:26/34 56pts
98:27/31 24pts
99:28/38 71pts
100:45/51 42pts

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Postby Milchama » Sat Jun 18, 2022 7:57 pm

New Sparta Report-News-Times-Post-Wisden-Wisdom-Almanac-Picayune-Guardian-Herald-Echo-Telegraph-Review

Sports Section

Milchama Announce Roster for ODI World Trophy

Since cricket is still a niche concern for most Milchamians, and those Milchamians who like cricket think that anything that's not test cricket is a bastardized form of the game, the ODI squad is, in many ways, just a repeat of the test squad. Of course test mainstays like Phillip de Franches and Bethany Guerin are not in the squad both for strike rate related reasons. The big question is putting Ross in the starting XI. Golda Melst has generally been a more explosive batter than Ross but her swing and miss style has led to an inconsistent average. Being just as likely to get a 50 as a duck has led her to the national team but only enough to end up as the first choice substitute.

The other major question in the squad is the reliance on all rounders. 2 of the 5 bowlers in the squad are all rounders and, of course, Milchama doesn't have a off spinner but only leg spinners in the starting eleven. The real questions really come through allowing Lieb Levrorich in the starting eleven. Levrorich has looked out of form at WASP CC and seems to be getting into the squad on reputation alone. However, he does have the history and the stats to back up that claim so we shall see what happens.

The one thing that cannot be doubted in this squad is the firepower, unlike the test team where the generally screwy Milchamian pitches lead to a defense first make up the ODI team is full of bombers, hitters, and boomers. Expect fireworks from the batters and while the bowlers can bowl, especially Pehrson and Woods, the Southie and Boult of Milchama, the team is much more batting heavy (+1). Expect some good offense, a lot of runs, and if we can defend some big totals some big wins from Milchama. It'll be a great tournament and we can't wait to play! Come on You Warriors! Let's Go Milchama!

ODI Starting Lineup:
Daniel Ross RHB Opening Batter
Greg Cochran LHB Opening Batter
Hayden March (c) RHB Part time off spin
Jerome Carney RHB Middle Order Batter
Davy Carpenter LHB All around medium fast
Yash Komar LHB Middle Order Batter
Lieb Levrovich LHB All Rounder. Bowls wrist spin.
Efes Mahbet RHB WK
Kesem Prentice LHB Legspinner
Tanya Pehrson RHB Opening fast bowler. Throws left
Bonnie Woods RHB Opening fast bowler Throws right

ODI Roster:
Golda Melst RHB Opening batter
Wesley Hesch RHB Fast bowler
Kyle Keelan RHB Bowling all around fast
Neta Zanton RHB Off spin bowler
Molly Isabelle RHB WK
Yohonatan Malliteen RHB Opening/Middle Order Batter
Ezra Heldt LHB Middle Order Batter

RP Permissions: If you do a scorecard please do my side as well. Other than that go crazy whatever you want to happen let it be done. (+1) Milchama play in a majority red kit.
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Milchama Sports achievements:
World Baseball Classic 23 Champion!

3x CoH winner (29, 46, 50) 3x WBC winner (4,5,23), 1x World Cup host (32) Various other minor trophies there's a football club trophy, a kleptochase trophy, Other minor international football trophies.

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Postby West Barack and East Obama » Sun Jun 19, 2022 12:27 am

West Barack and East Obama National Cricket Team

A Brief History of Obaman Cricket

Cricket as a sport is prohibited in West Barack and East Obama, along with other team sports such as football, rugby and paintball. This is because the prevalence team sports has a strong correlation to organised crime, violence and political dissidents, so all attempts at forming groups are prohibited. However, West Barack and East Obama has established an official national cricket team to help promote Obaman values on the international stage.

The team that you will soon see is our very first one, and only very few of them have a background in playing cricket or other similar sports (OOC: like me. I have little idea what I'm doing.).

The Coaching Team

Head Coach: William Obama-Hempstead
Assistant Coach: Dr. Manafort Obama MD

The coaching team only consists of two people. Coach Obama-Hempstead is better known for his service as an Assistant Manager in the Obaman Furniture Store IBEA. Coach Obama-Hempstead is the first employee to win Employee of the Month twice in a row, and is a skilled organiser, having navigated over five hundred lost people out of the store. Despite never playing cricket and his entire knowledge of the sport comes from reading 'My Left Bat: A Memoir' on the plane, we have the utmost confidence he can lead us to glory.

Dr. Obama is a full-time sports scientist and a "certified" guidance counsellor, and thus has multiple roles as the assistant coach, counsellor and physio. He is integral to the team and we are lucky to have him on board.

The Players

The players of the cricket team have been selected based on a variety of factors. The team that has been selected is the one that will maximise winning in competitions whilst minimising the possibility of bonds and teamwork being formed.

Aidan O'Bama, 34, RHB, RMF

Aidan O'Bama's claim to fame is achieving second place in the East Obama Regional Short Put 2019 competition. A fantastic bowler, Aidan is in the nightmares of all the batters he faces.

Aiden Obama, 23, RHB

A bicycle mechanic, Aiden Obama may have a similar name to his teammate, but they couldn't be more different. His experience in working with tools means he can bat with ease. Probably.

Barack Morris, 27, LHB

Nothing much is known about Barack Morris. A last minute replacement for another batter, he is certainly one to watch out for! Rumour has it that he ordered a hit on the other guy to get into the team, but there has been no official comment from any of the parties involved.

Jenny Barracki, 27, RHB

A professional sprinter, Jenny Barracki is a very fast and good catcher. She can run all the way out of the stadium just to grab the ball in time.

Kate Obammus, 31, LHB, LLS

Kate Obammus may be legally blind, but that's never stopped anyone from playing sports! Apparently she can use echolocation to correctly place the ball where she wants. That probably isn't true, but we hope it is!

Mark Hobama, 58, RHB, ROS

A true veteran, Mark Hobama's career peaked over thirty years ago right before the ban on sports was instated. Rumours have it he's been illegally practicing the whole time, but hopefully his wealth of experience of actually playing the sport will be enough. A bit slow these days, but still a force to be reckoned with.

Percival Obamahama, 29, LHB, LLS

The wicketkeeper, Percival Obamahama has a tough job. But as the Assistant Glove Model for Obama Jacobs, Percival has the greatest experience in the gloves. He's also very nimble, needing to jump into various poses during photoshoots.

Rachel Obama-Paris, 31, RHB

Rachel Obama-Paris is the local rubbish truck operator in a small town around East Obama. The long hours and awful smell has prepared her for any situation, and nothing can strike this resilient girlboss down. Considered one of the more well-rounded players, she's up for any challenge.

Stanley Obama, 29, RHB, RF

Stanley Obama is a great bowler. In bowling. The first person in West Barack and East Obama to bowl a perfect game in almost ten years, Stanley will put his skills to the text in a whole different field. It's definitely not up his alley, but he will try.

Trent Vobama, 37, RHB, RMF (CAPTAIN)

Trent Vobama is the venerable captain of the team. A very respectable figure, Trent's experience as a PE teacher will help him command the team to a victory.

黄巴马 (Wong Ba Ma), 34, LHB

A first generation immigrant from China, Wong Ba Ma is a professional weedwhacker salesman and amateur table tennis player. He is also the best batsman on the team, having a really strong left hand to strike small ping pong balls. What difference is a cricket ball? Everything's a ball.


Chip Obamaz, 18, RHB, ROS

Dale Obamaz, 18, RHB

Two identical twin brothers, their father (famous media manganate) demanded that they be put on the team. Even compared to the rest of the team, they have very little skill at cricket, but a reserve is better than nothing.

Other Stuff

Kit colour: Red and Yellow

Style Modifier: -1.5

Batting Order:

Rachel Obama-Paris
Barack Morris
Wong Ba Ma
Jenny Barracki
Aiden Obama
Trent Vobama (CAPTAIN)
Stanley Obama
Kate Obammus
Percival Obamahama (WICKETKEEPER)
Aidan O'Bama
Mark Hobama


Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
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Ruled by His Royal Highness, Most Venerable, His Most Serene Presence (among others) President Barack Horatio Obama of the Obama Dynasty.

First team to play in the ODI World Trophy with a legally blind player #progressive

For some reason has a whole department dedicated to commenting on WA proposals despite not being part of it.

Allies: Lozho
Enemies: Anyone who dissents against us


Proud Esportivan and Forestian

im problematic :/

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Postby Baggieland » Sun Jun 19, 2022 3:23 am


The Throstles.


Gareth White.

Starting XI:
1. Billy Richards (opening batsman, R).
2. Reg Marshall (opening batsman, R).
3. Peter Mead (batsman, L).
4. Richard Smith (batsman, R).
5. Garry Greenidge (C) (batsman, R).
6. Brian Parks (wicketkeeper / batsman, R).
7. Sam Udal (all-rounder: off-spin bowler / batsman, R).
8. Steve Warne (leg-spin bowler, R).
9. Michael Marshall (fast bowler, R).
10. David Shackleton (medium pace bowler, R).
11. Paul Sainsbury (orthodox-spin bowler, L).

12. Keith Pieterson (batsman, R).
13. Graham Brown (wicketkeeper / batsman / medium pace bowler, L).
14. Don White (fast bowler, R).
15. Roy Cottam (fast-medium bowler, R).

International tournament records:
T20 World Championship XIV: 3rd place.
ODI World Trophy I: group stage play-offs.
ODI World Trophy II: group stage.
Bag of Stones I: winners.

First ever game:
Ethane 148/4 – Baggieland 133/5 (T20).
Baggieland 348/2 – Holy Land of Burtander 134/8 (ODI).
Baggieland vs The Sarian Baggieland won by 152 runs (Test).

Highest score:
Baggieland 208/7 vs Kashyaps (T20).
Baggieland 376/7 vs The Booter (ODI).
Baggieland 463/8d vs The Sarian (Test).

Lowest score:
Baggieland 133/5 vs Ethane (T20).
Baggieland 178/all out vs The Plough Islands (ODI).
Baggieland 189/all out vs The Sarian (Test).

If my opponents RP first:
Godmod match events – Y.
Roleplay injuries to my players – Y.
Godmod injuries to my players – Y.
Godmod how my players were dismissed – Y.
Create a full scorecard for my team – Y.
*Nothing ridiculous please.

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Postby Delaclava » Mon Jun 20, 2022 1:10 pm

Delaclava national ODI cricket team
the "Meadowers"


ODI World Trophy Debut
ODI Record: 1 win, 2 losses

Manager: Andrew Bowdoin
Captain: Danny Marshall
Colors: Purple with gold letters, green and gold accents

Starting Lineup
  1. Roby Michaud, 24 - left handed opening batsman
  2. Fran Welley, 28 - right handed opening batsman
  3. Craig Carruth, 30 - right handed batsman
  4. Danny Marshall, 27 - right handed batsman
  5. Zhaib Magrew, 25 - left handed all rounder, left arm unorthodox
  6. Michael Mills, 25 - right handed wicket keeper
  7. David Vaney, 23 - right handed all rounder, right arm fast bowler
  8. Charly Silveira, 28 - left handed bowling all rounder, left arm fast bowler
  9. Stuart Goddard, 33 - right handed bowler, right arm off spin
  10. Ferdi Barthel, 26 - left handed bowler, right arm leg spin
  11. Filip Harris, 28 - left handed bowler, left arm orthodox

  • Nate Suder, 29 - right handed opening batsman
  • Julian Price, 26 - right handed all rounder, right arm off spin
  • George Grice, 21 - left handed all rounder, right arm fast bowler
  • Martin Liddy, 42 - right handed wicketkeeper
  • Anatoly Takhtarov, 19 - left handed all rounder, left arm unorthodox
  • Brandon Villers, 28 - right handed bowler, right arm leg spin

Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y

Note: Please avoid anything that only has the effect of being disparaging or chalking up our success to flukes.

Style Modifier: +1.5
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3rd: World Bowl 41, 42, 43, and 44; International Basketball Championship 35, World Cup of Hockey 16, AO Basketball Championship 6 and 7, Di Bradini Cup 15
4th: Baptism of Fire 34

Hosts of World Cup 55, Cup of Harmony 44 and 46, Baptism of Fire 72; World Bowl 11, 15, 39, and 43; IBC 7 and 31; AOCAF 31; WJHC 16; etc.
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Postby Krytenia » Tue Jun 21, 2022 3:20 am

Squad for GCF World Trophy III
(style mod: +1.0)

2. Howard TATTON (HM Tatton)
Batsman : Right-handed
Age: 28
State: Beck SCC/Admirals

With soft hands and an eagerness to score runs, Tatton is an artisan at the crease. Unlikely to bloot the leather for six, but his ability to exploit gaps for boundaries makes him a dangerous opponent.

20. Andrew TAYLOR (ARD Taylor)
Batsman : Right-handed
Age: 27
State Team: East Mercia SCC/Red Caps

Broke onto the international scene last year, and has now officially obliterated the international career of Ryan Watling. Aggressive without being showy, Taylor prefers to find a gap and nail the ball through it as hard as he can. Expect the umpire to get involuntary trembles from signalling fours.

12. Edward FENN (EL Fenn)
Batsman : Right-handed
Age: 23
State: West Mercia SCC/Sabres

The golden boy of Krytenian cricket, Ed Fenn loves the game. He's a supreme technician, preferring placement and accuracy to pure arm strength, looking to punish any gaps in the field. Also a top-notch fielder.

24. Damon STENSON (DN Stenson)
Batsman : Left-handed
Age: 24
State: Quinneth SCC/Wolves

With his mix of swing power and shot selection, Stenson is a dangerous opponent for bowlers, and will happily crunch pace bowling in any and all directions. Can be foxed by a bowler who can get a bit of swing or turn in the ball, though; fielders be on guard for that fine edge to snag him.

13. Diego AQUINO (DAR Aquino)
Batsman : Left-handed
Age: 25
State Team: Avide-Dioro SCC/Rivermen

Dreamed of a baseball career as a youngster, before switching to cricket thanks to Krytenia's lack of infrastructure in his preferred sport. His shot selection is somewhat rudimentary, but he makes up for this with excellent timing.

14. Wesley KOSTA (WS Kosta)
Wicket-keeper : Right-handed
Age: 30
State: Emberton SCC/Lions

Reliable behind the stumps - though Bradley Grafton has the drop on him in that regard - Kosta is the better batsman of the two, hence his selection ahead of his more unpredictable rival.

7. Lynton SAXON (LR Saxon)
All-rounder : Rght-handed : Right arm pace
Age: 33
State Team: Emberton SCC/Lions

Has a cricketing brain to be feared; sometimes gives off an air of being "surrounded by idiots" when field placements don't work the way he intends. Saxon's batting style leans towards keeping the ball low, looking to make the fielders work to prevent the four. With the ball, Saxon leans towards inviting the edge, tending to bowl a little short of length.

15. Gavin UDALL (GM Udall)
All-rounder : Right-handed : Right arm pace
Age: 30
State Team: Overa SCC/Warriors

An aggressive talent with either bat or ball in hand, Udall is sure to create excitement of some description, whether that be bowling 90mph artillery shells down the track, crunching a misplaced delivery into the stands, or losing his wicket in ridiculous fashion.

23. Mason BOND (MFP Bond)
Bowler : Left-handed : Left arm pace
Age: 23
State Team: East Mercia SCC/Red Caps

Six foot four and built like a birch tree, Bond loves to steam in and drop exocets on opposing batters. Likely to create an imposing pace assault in the early overs with Udall. Doesn't quite have Udall's raw power with the bat, but has enough about him to pick up a few useful runs.

16. Odell LOVATOVIC (OP Lovatovic)
Bowler : Right-handed : Right arm swing
Age: 24
State Team: Newland SCC/Bears

Lovatovic loves nothing more than a cloudy day and a white ball in his hand. Excels at getting the ball to move both ways. Batting isn't his strong suit, but then again that's not why he's in the team.

10. Brigham HILL (BY Hill)
Bowler : Left-handed : Wrist (leg) spin
Age: 26
State Team : Atrebla SCC/Cowboys

Potentially GCF's best Mormon. Hill is an absolute spin demon, foxing some of the world's best in every form of the game. Unfortunately, he can't bat for toffee.

1. Shelton SCHNELLER (SV Schneller) - Batsman : Right-handed - 30 - Sothis SCC/Stallions
6. Bradley GRAFTON (BH Grafton) - Wicket-keeper : Left-handed - 32 - Yardley SCC/Lumberjacks
25. Mark FRIEDRICHS (MG Friedrichs) - All-rounder : Left-handed : Left arm swing - 25 - Aigea SCC/Cormorants
11. William DE TONG (WJ de Tong) - Bowler : Right-handed : Finger (off) spin - 26 - Aigea SCC/Cormorants
16. Martin MIRANDINO - Bowler : Right-handed : Finger (off) spin - 25 - Overa SCC/Warriors


RP Permissions:
Godmod scoring events: Yes: please TG first if it's especially out there.
RP injuries to my players: TG first, please.
Godmod injuries to my players: Depends on that TG you sent.
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: TG first, please.
Create a full scorecard for my team: Yes
Godmod other events: TG first if it directly involves a member of the team, otherwise yes.

*It is assumed whoever RPs first has the right to select the method of dismissal, but not whether there were godmod circumstances behind them (e.g. a ball hitting a bird before being caught fairly).
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Hosts: Cup of Harmony 7, AOCAF 1, Cup of Harmony 15, World Cup 24, AOCAF 13, World Cup 29, AOCAF 17, AOCAF 23, World Cup 40, Cup of Harmony 32, Baptism of Fire 32, AOCAF 27, Baptism of Fire 36, World Cup 50, Baptism of Fire 40, Cup of Harmony 64, AOCAF 48, World Cup 75, AOCAF 40, Cup of Harmony 80, CAFA 2
Champions: AOCAF 52, Cup of Harmony 78
Runner-Up: AOCAF 7, World Cup 58, Cup of Harmony 80, CAFA 1
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Stumps!: Back From The Darkness

Postby TJUN-ia » Tue Jun 21, 2022 9:03 am


Name: TJUN-ia
Trigram: TJU
National Cricket Board: TJUN-ia Board of Cricket (TBC)
Nickname: Jaguars (official)/Jags (short form)/Bowlin' Jags (who knows)
Test Colours: White with Blue (home)/Orange (away) Helmets
ODI Colours: Light Blue with Orange Accents
T20 Colours: Light Blue with Orange Stripes on front and sleeves
Red Ball Head Coach: Joseph Smith III (41, NAU)
White Ball Head Coach: Virat Indushapa (36, CEA)

Well well's been a while, hasn't it. You all thought that we were dead, right? Don't worry, that's alright...we thought so too for a while as we awaited the announcement of a new GCF competition in any format at all. But finally, after all this time, we are back...for the 3rd GCF ODI World Trophy in Brookstation and Ko-oren. We made our GCF debut at the last edition of this competition, ending up with the surprising achievement of going 3-2 but still missing the Top 8 stage. Joseph Smith III wasn't in place for that tournament but now that he is, he will hope that ODI Captain Joseph Gregorson can pull off some more magic this time around and get us into the next round for the very first time. It has been a while since Gregorson pulled off that 3-2 campaign on debut, but can he do it again this time?

Number: Name (Position, Age, Handedness, Region)
#01 Jason Walkins (Batter, 24, R, NAU) (Test C)
#02 Logan McGarra (Batter, 23, R, UO)
#03 Roger Ntini (All-Rounder, 25, L, AU) (T20 C)
#04 Chase Helton (Batter, 22, R, CU)
#05 Rohit Rajpore (All-Rounder, 21, R, CEA)
#06 Esteban Soto (Bowler, 22, R, UAC)
#07 Zawar Ahmed (Batter, 25, R, ArU)
#08 Gabriel Miziara (Wicket-Keeper, 24, L, UAS)
#09 Joseph Gregorson (Batter, 26, L, JB TJUN-ia) (ODI C)
#10 Peter Kylasov (Bowler, 25, R, CSTO)
#11 Ahmed Ali (Bowler, 23, L, CEA)

#12 Wille Mutombodzi (Batter, 21, R, AU)
#13 Chris Parker (All-Rounder, 22, L, CU)
#14 Kane Nukunuku (Bowler, 21, R, UO)
#15 James Laughlin (Wicket-Keeper, 22, R, NAU)

SCHEDULE (Group D, Brookstation)
MD1: vs Godchouzetsu (UR)
MD2: vs Sarzonia (UR)
MD3: vs StrayaRoos (UR)
MD4: vs The Sarian (2)
MD5: vs Gruenberg (5)
MD6: vs Samrif (UR)
MD7: vs Lisander (19)

No violence against the players, but godmodding will be allowed (I like fun :) ).
As TJUN-ia is a nation built on the notions of equality for all, "Mankading" shall not be used by the TJUN-ian team.
Style Modifier: 0
1st: ECC4
2nd: NSCF24, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, NSCF26, IBS17
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3
4th: WBC50, IBC31, WBC52, IBC33, RLWC20
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (6W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (1W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/1W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3W [2 @JR])/#96 Alice Jepkosgei (2W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (2W)

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (1W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 3 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (2 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Kimi-Suomi » Tue Jun 21, 2022 1:27 pm


Name: Kimi-Suomi
Trigram: KIM
National Cricket Board: Kimi-Suomen Krikettilauta (KSK for short)
Nickname: The Bears [Karhut] (official), Kimi's Army [Kimin Armeija] (unofficial)
Colours: Dark Blue with White Accents
Head Coach: Lorcán Ua Tuathail (44, TJU)
Assistant Head Coach: Anna Välikangas (26, KIM)

Kriketti. Kyllä, teemme tätä. You may think that we in Kimi-Suomi are not a cricket nation and that we are more focused on other related sports like our national sport, Pesäpallo, or even the related Baseball - but that isn't the case. Pesäpallo is the dominant bat-and-ball sport in Kimi-Suomi so much to the point, that Baseball is barred in the Icy Kingdom in order to "protect our sporting heritage". Yeah, no baseball at all. Cricket, on the other hand, was deemed "not even close" to Pesäpallo and as such, despite its niche following, the sport can be played and has been played in Kimi-Suomi. There isn't much attention placed upon cricket in Northern AO, but it exists...and that's why we're here.

The KSK joined the GCF with the sole goal of developing cricket in this country and while that sound like an impossible job, "Älä koskaan sano ei koskaan" is actually their motto. And as such, 15 players will set off with a coach from JYK-inen called Lorcán Ua Tuathail and a less-experienced local assistant named Anna Välikangas to Ko-oren to try and make sense of the One Day International and how good we can be at this...thing?

Number: Name (Position, Age, Handedness)/Numero: Nimi (Asema, Ikä, Kätisyys)
#01 Albert Aaltonen [M] (Batter, 26, R)
#02 Wäinö Tykkä [M] (All-rounder, 25, R)
#03 Alina Järnefelt [F] (Batter, 22, L)
#04 Lasse Pöysti [M] (All-rounder, 21, R)
#05 Jukka Paarma [M] (Batter, 25, R)
#06 Mika Linnankoski [M] (All-rounder, 27, R) (C)
#07 Aino Ackté [F] (Batter, 26, L)
#08 Lina Lehtovaara [F] (Bowler, 25, R)
#09 Åke Lindman [M] (Wicket-keeper, 22, R)
#10 Signe Hyppia [F] (Bowler, 24, L)
#11 Saima Eskola [F] (Bowler, 20, R)

#17 Mariela Idivuoma [F] (Batter, 18, R)
#70 Anna-Leena Härkönen [F] (All-rounder, 17, L)
#71 Finn Levi Olthuis [M] (Bowler, 18, R)
#77 Edith von Schoultz [F] (Wicket-keeper, 16, L)

MD1: vs Delaclava (UR)
MD2: vs Liventinen [Liventia] (10)
MD3: vs Laukkumaa [Baggieland] (15)
MD4: vs Goram (UR)
MD5: vs Kriegiersien (24)
MD6: vs Kryteninen [Krytenia] (1)
MD7: vs Milchama (UR)

Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: Y
Style Mod: -1
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Postby Rundel » Tue Jun 21, 2022 4:25 pm

This is Rundel's first participation in a One Day International Event, however, much of the team is returning from Twenty20 Championships XIII and XIV.

Typical batting order:

1. Abeneg Hurnamb - bats right.
T20 XIII: 5 matches batted, 131 runs. T20 XIV: 11 matches batted, 311 runs.

2. Fipkin Gorig - bats right.
T20 XIV: 10 matches batted, 260 runs.

3. Zhobie Bostwa - wicketkeeper, left.
T20 XIII: 6 matches batted, 100 runs. T20 XIV: 7 matches batted, 188 runs.

4. Evliny Sindjen - bats right.
T20 XIV: 4 matches batted, 98 runs.

5. Patskie Tallung - all-around, left.
T20 XIV: 2 matches batted, 52 runs.

6. Rikkel Doudie - all-around, right.
T20 XIII: 1 match batted, 16 runs. T20 XIV: 5 matches batted, 140 runs.

7. Wilk Eutaw - all-around, right. [Captain]
T20 XIII: 4 matches batted, 48 runs. T20 XIV: 3 matches batted, 77 runs.
T20 XIII: 6 matches bowled, 14.1 overs, 3 wickets, 110 runs allowed. T20 XIV: 10 matches bowled, 24 overs, 6 wickets, 211 runs allowed.

8. Snita Massoin - bowls left.
T20 XIII: 1 match batted, 17 runs.
T20 XIII: 1 match bowled, 3 overs, 1 wicket, 25 runs allowed. T20 XIV: 4 matches bowled, 12 overs, 2 wickets, 119 runs allowed.

9. Danyal Aulbort - bowls right.
T20 XIV: 2 matches batted, 50 runs.
T20 XIV: 4 matches bowled, 10 overs, 1 wicket, 96 runs allowed.

10. Flark Balgula - bowls right. [Vice-captain]
T20 XIII: 1 match batted, 7 runs. 6 matches bowled, 24 overs, 6 wickets, 215 runs allowed. T20 XIV: 10 matches bowled, 40 overs, 11 wickets, 316 runs allowed.

11. Throll Kentocks - bowls left.
T20 XIII: 2 matches batted, 38 runs. T20 XIV: 1 match batted, 18 runs.
T20 XIII: 5 matches bowled, 18 overs, 9 wickets, 131 runs allowed. T20 XIV: 8 matches bowled, 29 overs, 8 wickets, 228 runs allowed.

Balgula is the fastest bowler on the team and he will usually alternate with Kentocks for the first few overs. Beyond him, however, most Rundler bowlers would be considered spin bowlers by international standards; they are used to taking advantage of poor-condition pitches. If neither Bostwa or Dellus are available, Eutaw is most likely to fill in as backup wicketkeeper.


Loran Dellus - wicketkeeper, right.
T20 XIII: 1 match batted, 47 runs. T20 XIV: 4 matches batted, 99 runs.

Gurga Faraday - bats left
first tournament

Quine Chipook - bowls right
first tournament

Toufer Aitum - bowls left
first tournament

Fetrin Dalbrock - bats right
first tournament

Kits: gray, alternate bronze

About Rundel: Rundel is a dreary and dour marshland. Although its democratic institutions are fairly robust, the country's citizens tend to be conservative and suspicious of change. The local religion is responsible for many self-flagellating attitudes (mostly metaphorical). If there is one point of pride in society, it is their bell towers, which although secular institutions fulfill many of the social and cultural functions that said religion tends to fail at. Even small villages will boast of their tower and perform complicated patterns to signal far and wide. Those fans brave enough to venture beyond our borders will not be particularly prone to grand displays of emotion, for better or for worse, but will probably complain about the weather and/or the umpires' implementations of newfangled technology and tiebreakers.

If you RP first:
-choose my players' statistics and scorecards: allowed and encouraged
-slightly alter given batting and bowling orders: yes
-dramatically turn upside-down given batting and bowling orders: not without in-character justification
-roleplay injuries: yes
-do statistically implausible things: yes
-roleplay my characters' dialogue/reactions to things outside the match: no (or ask first)

Style modifier: -1

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Postby Goram » Tue Jun 21, 2022 5:12 pm

21st June 2022
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The Cmyrian Mail

Sports Section Pages

- Grid Iron Football
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- Tennis
- Boxing
- Motor Sports
-Water Sports
- Athletics
- All Others

Welcome to Edged and Taken, the Mail's dedicated cricket coverage page - the most read cricketing resource in the country

GCB Announces Squad for GCF ODI Trophy - Peterman and Haines recalled; a surprise call-up for Thompson.

Written by Gianni Pittmann
Photography credited to the GCB.

Full Squad

Caden Sumner (10, opening batter, Sodor)

Jimmie Rowland (24, opening batter, Portchester)

Tony Cardelle (27, opening batter, Darrowby)

Geraint Thompson (6, top order batter, Lochleith)

Kevin Mills (8, top order batter, Fulchester)

Seren Buchanan (17, middle order batter, Sodor)

Keanan Clay (20, middle order batter, Carnoomba)

Wallace Hardy (38, batting all rounder, Warranatta)

Daniel Cash (89, genuine all rounder, Aberfryi)

Peter Holmes (65, bowling all rounder, Farnworth)

Johnathan Blakeney (15, keeper, Starcliffe)

Peter Miles-Calamy (28, keeper, Erihaven)

Charlie Haines (51, bowler, Southwood)

Richard Peterman (48, bowler, Carnoomba)

William Babbington (81, bowler, Belden)

Bryson Bondan (4, bowler, Belden)

Joe Mowett (12, bowler, Takaretoa)
Late last evening, the GCB finally announced its choices for the upcoming GCF ODI Trophy squad in Ko-oren. The squad, much speculated about in the media over these past weeks and more, contains a number of shoe ins and some slightly more surprising decisions.

Expected starting XI

1. C. Sumner - LHB/OS
2. J. Rowland - RHB/OS
3. G. Thompson - RHB/LS
4. K. Clay - LHB/RM (C)
5. D. Cash - RHB/RMF
6.W. Hardy - LHB/LMF
7. J. Blakeney - RHB/Wk.
8. C. Haines - RHB/RF
9. J. Mowett - LHB/RMF
10. B. Bondan - RHB/RMF
11. R. Peterman - RHB/OS

Perhaps the most intriguing of all is the selection of Geriant Thompson, the top order batter from Lochleith. Thompson is batter known for running hot and cold, and it is safe to say that this season he has run rather cold. Although List A experience has been rather limited this summer, largely due to niggling injury and weather, Thompson's red ball returns for Lochleith have been poor. His supporters will, undoubtedly, point to the unfriendly batting pitches found at the Lochleith Oval and to others in the North of the country. Indeed, this would be a fair comment as scores north of the mountains have been considerably lower this year than they have in the warmer south. Yet Thompson's returns of 296 @ 18.96, with just two half centuries, makes for ugly reading regardless. Yet, despite that, Thompson is a remarkably talented young player. He is best when he is allowed to be aggressive. Fans will undoubtedly remember his dashing 146 not out in the group stages of last year's One Day Cup, in which the hundred was brought up in 81 deliveries. That knock, and the two other hundreds he made in the tournament - including one in the semi-finals and a valiant 82 made in vain in the final - will be what secured him a place on the plane to Ko-oren later this week. The GCB will be hoping, as will we all, that Thompson's current woes can be remedied by the white ball that might do rather less in Ko-oren than the red one does on the green pitches of Lochleith.

After two years out of the Goramite set up, Charlie Haines has forced his way back into the side with his irresistible bowling on what has been quite a flat deck in Southwood. The tall Cookslander has managed to make the ball talk, when a great many others have failed to do so. Coming on as first change for Southwood, Haines has shown a slightly tweaked action and a new willingness to come in again and again. His hard work has been rewarded with 22 First Class wickets, coming @ 18.85 a piece. With the white ball he has been equally dangerous, being utilised as a middle overs bowler who is able to work the middle of the wicket with both raw pace and subtle variations. His wickets in the shorter formats of the game have been fewer, although coming at a similar average - but his economy through the middle stages of the List A game has been excellent. Haines will be expected to shoulder a heavy workload over the course of the tournament, as will Richard Peterman - the offspinner from Borchester - who has also been recalled after some years away from the side.


Thompson, Sumner and Mills prepare

Further to the named squad, a number of players remain on standby should injuries crop up. Amongst these is the Kelebara wicketkeeper, Evelyn Osborne. Many consider Osborne to the be best pure keeper in the Goramite game today, and her record suggests she probably is. Already this season she has chalked up 42 victims behind the stumps, including six stumpings, in all formats. She is also well known as a stalwart part of the women's game in this country. Many, including some at this publication, suggested that Osborne should have found herself in the squad to go to Ko-oren. However, the selectors have elected to go with John Blakeney and Peter Calamy (Starcliffe and Erihaven respectively). These players are lesser wicket keepers but are better batters than is Osborne. However, should unforeseen circumstances arise then Evelyn Osborne has a chance to become the first female player to break into the Goramite men's team. Other standby players include the teenage bowling phenom from Spathsea, Mike McCullum - known for his lovely loopy left arm stuff - and the resolute Robert Brrok, a punchy top order bat from Inverliesh.

All in all, this is strong squad made up of the best players available in the Goramite domestic game. Most, if not all, have international experience and have had success on the biggest stages around the region. However, GCF ODI tournament is a different proposition entirely and the unranked Goramites will probably have tough time of it against more seasoned opposition. Yet, the team remains optimistic. After the players were announced last night, Head Coach Ronin Bell gave some remarks to the press in which he said he expected the team to be play to its strengths, which is undoubtedly its depth in batting. Therefore the team will look to be aggressive with the bat (BATTING STYLE: +2), and perhaps a little more defensive with the ball (BOWLING STYLE: -1).

As ever, Edged and Taken will endeavour to bring you the latest updates as they happen and do remember to keep an eye on our ball by ball commentary that can be found on the homepage. Live television coverage is to be found online on the GCB website, along with Sports 1 and Sports 1 HD, whilst radio coverage of every delivery will be provided by the GRBC - digitally, online and via longwave radio. Buckle in for what is sure to be a rollercoaster of a tournament and, as ever,

Go well.


OOC: The team plays in pale blue, much like England's ODI WC kit. Prefered tactic would be to win the toss and bat first, and to bat aggressively. Minor injuries and replacement with a like player from the squad is fine, so are scorecards/RP events/the odd ridiculous wicket and so on. Would be happy to collaborate on things so do TG me if you like. As said, batting style +2, bowling -1 if possible. If not possible, overall +1 is fine.
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Postby Ko-oren » Wed Jun 22, 2022 2:43 am

Third Official Ko-orenite ODI Cricket Team
Test - ODI - T20

All-time results:

OPP W D L T Played

Plough Isles 3 0 4 1 8
Krytenia 2 0 5 0 7
Darmen 1 0 3 0 4
Liventia 2 0 0 0 2
Teusland 1 0 1 0 2
Avorago 1 0 1 0 2
Sajnur 1 0 0 0 1
Indusse 1 0 0 0 1
St. Domingues 1 0 0 0 1
The Sarian 1 0 0 0 1
Barunia 1 0 0 0 1
StrayaRoos 1 0 0 0 1
Kotzellach 1 0 0 0 1
Gortolekua 1 0 0 0 1
New Lunenburg 0 0 1 0 1
TJUN-ia 0 0 1 0 1
Gruenberg 0 0 1 0 1
Sylestone 0 0 1 0 1
Gr. Cucina 0 0 1 0 1
Standard batting order:
Reginald Twaddle (27) - R fast/R Opener - West Surbourneshire
Benton Leaby (23) - R fast/R Opener - Leeshire
Levi Pardey (26) - R fast/R Batsman - West Surbourneshire - VC
Cofan ySalw (22) - R med/R Batsman - Mawryshire
Blaine Risewell (26) - R fast/R Batsman - Greencaster
Finley Meredith (30) - R leg/R Wicketkeeper - Willowbourne - C
Ronald Taylor (24) - L med/L All-rounder - West Surbourneshire
Mitchell Enright (23) - R leg/R Spin Bowler - Greencaster
Philander Magcay (22) - R fast/R Pace Bowler - West Surbourneshire
Borllog yLellmedd (26) - R off/R Spin Bowler - Mawryshire - VC
Augustus Smith (25) - R fast/R Pace Bowler - Greencaster

Additional Team Members:
Simeon Penn (27) - L unorth/L Opener - Greencaster
Stanley Langhorne (31) - R med/R Opener - East Surbourneshire
Martine (f) Raafden (21) - R off/R Batsman - Willowbourne
Isaac Quelch (23) - R fast/R Batsman - Willowbourne
Peyton Keating (32) - R med/R Wicketkeeper - Leeshire
Francis Barklas (18) - L orth/L All-rounder - Leeshire
Newton Courtenay (32) - R fast/R Pace Bowler - Leeshire
Bert Chapman (23) - L med/L Pace Bowler - Leeshire
Cyril Mellors (24) - R leg/R Spin Bowler - Willowbourne

ODIs nowadays are all about hitting the ground running. Twaddle is - we think - one of the best openers in the Multiverse and a great partner who knows when to retain strike and when to share deliveries. Leaby is his inexperienced partner, a technical hitter with all of the fun unorthodox shots. Both are able to exploit the early powerplay.

The 'position' of batsman was difficult to fill. We don't have batsmen that excel at this format in the same way that we have dominant hitters in Tests and T20Is. ySalw is a very welcome exception: the Mawr broke through last season as a one day expert, a product of the new calendar in which one days are given more priority. We can't expect a 22-year old to handle all of the pressure , which means Pardey and Risewell were called up to stop any potential slides and be a long-term partner through the innings, with ySalw as the ace up our sleeve, knowing that in pure ability to keep the scoreboard ticking, he's better than the other two. Pardey is the creative one of the trio, and Risewell the muscular one who finds gaps in the fielding for boundaries - even (or especially) when ill-advised.

Meredith is a staple across formats as wicketkeeper, as a big friendly dependable giant. The Ko-orenite lineup, often full of all-rounders, couldn't find much more than Taylor in an era of specialists. Reserved and strategic, he isn't known for huge scores but his wicket is a tough one to take.

For bowling, we have Enright, the king of the format with a decent amount of international experience at his young age. Magcay is up for his first selection, a bit more streaky but when he has a good day, he rips through anything. yLellmedd continues the amazing bowling attack, and Smith is a master of baiting batsmen into ill-advised hitting, and then striking when possible. The bowling is far stronger than the hitting this time around.

Penn is a great opener and often opened with Twaddle, but a poor season and injury issues with Greencaster see him selected but relegated to the 'additional' section. Langhorne isn't selected often but should bolster a weak-ish top and middle order if needed. Raafden, Quelch, and Barklas are somewhat bubbly and enthusiastic, with Raafden more on the creative side and Quelch more of a traditional force who can run all day (which helps us more in the fielding). Barklas is very well-rounded (as his role indicates) and we can use his bowling variation - but batting is the problem in this team, and he needs to develop that. Keating is good at his job but not the most intelligent or well-spoken, and while delivering top bants in the sledging that goes on around the wicket, he gets into arguments too easily. Courtenay is a veteran of Tests and slightly out of his depth in this format. Chapman is somewhat difficult to work with and is more of a T20 bowler (as far as that's a thing). Mellors has great technique but his height doesn't do him much good - but he's a fantastic locker room addition.

With so many right-handers in the ideal starting batting order, there will be a lot of subbing in and out on a match to match basis. Penn to appear alongside Twaddle to open is not out of the question. Barklas or Chapman as leftie bowlers will be common as well.

Sajnur - Timberton Oval
Gnejs - yBherafon Hills
Bollonich - Ruby Hills
Plough Islands - Silverion Ground
Indusse - Emermere Oval
Gortolekua - Silverion Ground
WB&EO - Ruby Hills

Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: Y, to an extent

Style mod: -1.5
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Postby Cyborg Holland » Thu Jun 23, 2022 7:16 pm

Starting XI for Cyborg Holland (Name - Club - field position - bowl - bat)

1. Otto Haak - Western Amstaad CC - Mid Wicket/Deep Midwicket - RHB - RM
2. Julius Romedahl - Northwest Cyborg Holland - Fine Leg/Boundaries - LHB - RM
3. Klaus Jorgensen - Kroosdort CC - Square/Deep Square - RHB - OS
4. Johan Smithe - Eastern Amstaad CC - Cover/Deep Cover/Long off - RHB - RF
5. Lorens de Beer - Western Amstaad CC - Point/Deep Point - RHB - RF
6. Adam Pietersen - Western Cyborg Holland - Behind the stumps - RHB - OS
7. Guy Vossen - Kroosdort CC - Mid on/Mid off - LHB - L
8. Kalt Daube - Bierlin CC - Wicket Keeper - RHB - RM
9. Patrick de Vries - Amzterdam CC - Boundaries - RHB - RF (C)
10. Markus Sørensen - Western Cyborg Holland - Short Leg/Slip - RHB - RMF
11. Tamas de Bruyn - Western Amstaad CC - Boundaries - LHB - LS

Bowling Order:

1. T de Bruyn (LS)
2. de Beer (RF)
3. Sørensen (RMF)
4. de Vries (RF)
5. Smithe (RF)
6. Jorgensen (OS)
7. Vossen (LS)

Godmod scoring events: y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y

Style mod: +4

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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Fri Jun 24, 2022 12:43 am


Name                  Age     Position               Current Team
Hong Sook-Yeong 43 Head Coach Acadie
Ginerva Kayondo 42 Batting Coach Avalon
Edward Hwang 42 Bowling Coach Yoseo-Manitoba
Leonard Beckett 51 Fielding Coach Joongyeong Capitals
Francoise Michaelson 36 Team Manager Quebecois Cricket Board

Au contraire to what many people seem to think about, cricket is one of the oldest sports the country has welcomed, though not at a particular level of prominence we would see from other batting sports the Quebecois have embraced since then. Cricket was introduced to Quebec and Shingoryeo in late 1800s, thanks to two elements: 1) the active travels of Quebecois diplomats and tradesmen who frequented between the RL-IC portal into the so-called 'British Isles', and 2) when the increased trading relations between Q&S and its allies, namely the former Teus Empire and the Ko-orenite state, successfully brought the sport to the Quebecois soil. It was initially introduced to a series of small townships out in West and East Coasts, where it drew particular appeal towards the landed gentry and the bourgeoisie, and gained community presence into locals schools and rotary clubs where generations of great players and their friendships were forged.

While the sport, due to its community-based limitations, was unable to expand much into major cities and other regions, where football, baseball and later handball took greater hand during the summers, the sport has remained strong in smaller regions across the country. The Quebecois Cricket Board (QCB), from time to time, may have found themselves under severe financial and broadcasting challenges, but they have improved the sport's stances and the quality of competition since then. In past decades, there have been several cricketeers who have plied their trades abroad, most notably in their Anaian neighbour Ko-oren, and all three forms of cricket competition have stabilised after the struggles faced during 2010s and 2020s, with increased media representation and increased money in television rights proving to be good signs.

In any case, this is the first of the new era of domestic cricket in Quebecois ODI with the preexisting league rebranded into a more marketable AnaiaLife™ One-Day Cup (ALODC), or more known under its shortened form as AnaiaLife™ Cup. Featuring 10 provincial and multi-provincial sides, the double round-robin competition culminates with a short playoff stage before the final, set to be decided at the Royal Cricket Ground in Songak. With the domestic season rolling once every three years, which also mean that there would be enough time for test, ODI and T20 competitions, there is a solid chance that ODI, a middle-ground and slightly less loved of the three formats, may end up receiving a minor to major boost for what's to come. As always, the Quebecois players are open to plying their trades abroad- please send me a PM via Discord, or a Telegram for any interest in Quebecois players.

№   Name		        Age  Role         Bats  Bowls      Nat. ODI Club   
00 Hannah-Anne Tatti 29 Batter RHB Leg-Spin QUE Acadie
01 Jean-Marc Woodley 32 All-Arounder LHB Orthodox QUE Mahan

02 Joh Ja-Ryong 27 Bowler RHB Off-Break QUE Terre-Aux-Oiseaux
03 George R. Finch 31 Wicket-Keeper RHB N/A BRO Ogre Street CC
05 Horatio Woo-Barnes 27 Bowler LHB Medium QUE Yoseo-Manitoba
07 Hector de Vries 29 Bowler LHB Fast QUE Acadie
08 Dhinawan-Karl Asperup 32 Batter RHB Fast QUE Avalon

09 *Claude MacDonnell 24 Bowler RHB Medium-Fast QUE Inteachán
11 *Wanda Hosaka 20 Batter LHB Unorthodox ACA Garigal
12 Park Seung-Moo 23 Batter RHB Fast QUE Acadie
13 Hamish McCarron 30 All-Arounder RHB Wrist QUE Terre-Aux-Oiseaux
15 Donheil-Stormhawk O'Neill 25 Bowler LHB Medium-Fast QUE Joongyeong Capitals
21 *Hannah Kayondo-Kirkley 21 Batter RHB Slow QUE Joongyeong Capitals
25 Clemenence-Odette Chinenyeze 28 Bowler LHB Fast BRO Halebard Elephants
28 *Bohng Dae-Doo 19 All-Arounder LHB Slow QUE Songak
35 Maude Cha 23 Wicket-Keeper LHB N/A QUE Terre-Aux-Oiseaux

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but no death or career-ending injuries.
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Yes!
Create a full scorecard for my team: Of course!
Style mod: -5
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Postby Ko-oren » Fri Jun 24, 2022 7:59 am

It's almost here! The ODI World Trophy is making its way to Brookstation and Ko-oren, and obviously we're a little more tuned in with what's going on in the latter. If you live in the southwest, you cannot have missed it: 15 cities decked out in the Ko-orenite green and blue, as well as Brookstation's black, pink, and blue, and obviously the colours of all participating nations. From the usual suspects of Willowbourne and Greencaster, to 'regional cricket capitals' Ansonville, Bruncester, Maynard, and Llandy. This tournament, however, we're going beyond those. We have matches scheduled on our native holiday island of choice, Burnet Island. We have matches scheduled in (one of) our capital(s) - Maethoru! We visit Mawryshire's more outlying cities and even Penstead. We hug the mountains in Idyllwild and enjoy the riverscape of Aubury. The swamps near Oceanside and the quarries at Cirelbourne are also part of it.

For foreign visitors as well as Ko-orenites who are traveling from city to city to catch as much of the action as they can: make sure to enjoy the sights and relax. Ko-oren might not be the alcohol-filled boozy destination you might like as a sports fan - so maybe expand your horizon a little. Chilling in slow-paced, sunny Burnet. Hiking in and around Idyllwild (keep your trash on you!). Culture and arts in Maethoru. Bruncester, Cirelbourne, and Greencaster do have a semblance of nightlife, the latter being a little more modern and upscale, the other two definitely being a little low-budget and - ahem - clandestine. Ansonville and Aubury are a little toned down, them being smaller towns to begin with. Ansonville has some nice wetlands surrounding it, and Aubury is in the foothills of the Western Range. Oceanside is downright pastoral. No idea what to say about Maynard other than that it's definitely larger than the previous three places yet can't touch the big two, Willowbourne and Greencaster.

Oh, here it is: Maynard exists.

Then some of you might play in Llandy, Mawrystwyth, or even Penstead. Don't let the wind and rain bother you too much, though the latter shouldn't be a massive problem in summer. Either way: good luck. Make sure to time your sixes to the unpredictable rhythm of the wind.

Sajnur - Timberton Oval
Gnejs - yBherafon Hills
Bollonich - Ruby Hills
Plough Islands - Silverion Ground
Indusse - Emermere Oval
Gortolekua - Silverion Ground
WB&EO - Ruby Hills

And then: the Ko-orenite schedule. We don't have anything scheduled for Southbight Ground, Summerkind Oval, Goledon Oval, Leewardia Oval, Bwdellafon Parc - out of the big stadiums. We do have the Silverion Ground twice, Ruby Hills twice, and everything else once.

As for the timing of each match: Sajnur is a fantastic challenge to get out of the way early in the Timberton in Leeshire. After that, it's probably all working towards the Plough Islands match halfway through the group stage, though we're wondering what Gnejs and Bollonich can bring to the table early on in the tournament. We wouldn't be surprised if either sneak into the knockouts. We get the Plough Islands in our biggest venue of the group stage, fittingly, in Cirelbourne. Indusse follows next, in our first trip to a big city, as the last ranked opponent we face, before we play fellow Anaian Gortolekua and then a much-hyped West Barack and East Obama squad at the end. All in all, we visit 5 out of 6 regions with only Willowbourne having to wait for a Dragonfly visit - and that's because they have one Group A venue and a venue 'locked' until the knockouts.

As for the squad, we expect the 'standard batting order' to be obsolete by match two. Apart from the standard order listing one (1) left-hander, it's inevitable that we bring in one (or more) of Penn, Barklas, and Chapman.

There are some stark regional differences: West Surbourneshire supplies some notable players, including Twaddle, vice-captain Pardey, and the only starting all-rounder Taylor. Leeshire might not seem that well represented but they have two of our lefties, an exciting young all-rounder in Barklas, and veteran Courtenay. Mawryshire has only ySalw and yLellmedd, the importance of which to this squad remains to be seen. Greencaster was - and might still be - a big force for any Ko-orenite national team, with Risewell, Enright, and Smith all hitting the peak of their career soon, and especially Enright could be the focal point of ODI squads for a decade to come. Willowbourne has captain Meredith but can only find some rapport in the non-starters Raafden, Quelch, and Mellors, who might not appear all that much this tournament. That leaves East Surbourneshire, whose influence in national cricket is going down, with only Langhorne, called up for experience and depth more than starting capacity. With Twaddle, Leaby, and Penn, we even have bowling options - Langhorne can't do that as well.
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Exhibition Match:
Sylestone vs West Barack and East Obama @ Kherodru Oval, Mayara, Ko-oren

MAYARA, KO-OREN - With only a few days remaining until their tournament opener against Quebec and Shingoryeo, the Hawthorns have sent a dire warning to any of their opponents with a 139-run shellacking of newcomers West Barack and East Obama in Mayara. While the majority of the team was composed of fringe players vying for a spot in the XI to take the field in Scroton on Monday, they were significantly more experienced and stronger than the thrown-together group that represented their opponents. As a matter of fact, there are serious questions pertaining to whether any of the Obamen had ever taken the cricket field before due to the ban on the sport, although many reports indicate that one or two of the older blokes had, particularly 58-year-old (!) Mark Hobama. But with each and every one of Sylestone’s 18-player squad being well-paid professionals, West Barack and East Obama were going to have an immensely difficult time getting anything to go their way, the Hawthorns playing a full-strength lineup or not.

Things did not begin well for the Obamen, either, Luke Tiati winning the toss and showing no mercy, electing to bat first on a flat deck at Mayara’s Kherodru Oval. He and 19-year-old Caitlyn Elliott’s style of play backed that up, too, smashing the Obamen bowlers to all parts throughout the ten-over powerplay, with only two fielders allowed outside of the 30-yard circle. Elliott seemed particularly on-song, smashing eight boundaries as she raced to 45, while Tiati was a little more subdued for his 25. Even so, with 73 runs scored before the field was pushed back at the beginning of the eleventh over, it appeared that West Barack and East Obama were going to be in for a long, long day.

The next fifteen overs also passed without a wicket, with Elliott and Tiati pushing the bowlers for singles, making the fielders run around everywhere to almost no avail. Both passed fifties during that period and were now well on their way towards centuries, Elliott in the high eighties and Tiati the high sixties, the score a massive 0-158 at the halfway mark of the innings. If proceedings continued in the same one-sided manner they were, a score exceeding 400 was a significant possibility.

So when, on the third ball of the next over, Elliott heaved a Kate Obammus half-tracker into the safe hands of Jenny Barracki on the deep mid-wicket boundary, it may have been for the overall good of the game. Elliott even displayed a sad smile as she saw the Obamen fielder pouch the catch, fully aware of that fact despite her disappointment for falling only twelve runs short of a century on debut. But West Barack and East Obama were nowhere near out of the woods yet - with Sylestone still at 1-160 in the 26th over and Tiati looking supreme at the crease. If they wanted to have any chance of coming close to winning this game, the Obamen had to ensure this wicket catalysed a collapse.

But it didn’t happen. While Freehill did not play with the same imposing style as Elliott did, she did well enough to score half of a run-a-ball partnership with her skipper before she edged off to Obammus for a 27-ball 24, Sylestone 2-208 with exactly 100 balls remaining in the innings, the platform set for a late burst. However, with Chloe Anderson and Simon Monteane falling only balls apart three overs later, West Barack and East Obama had triggered a collapse of 3-15 in 17 balls and all of a sudden, they were back in the match.

Later in that same over, Tiati reached his century, though, and with the Hawthorn skipper still at the crease, restricting the multiversal number fours to a chaseable total was always going to be an uphill battle. But just as he and Samuel Asaskia were looking to accelerate as the innings reached its death overs, Stanley Obama trapped Tiati in front for 112, leaving the lower-order with 45 balls to salvage as many runs as they possibly could. At 5-263, Sylestone arguably already had enough to win comfortably, but if you’ve still got balls in hand, why not use them?

So that’s exactly what Asaskia and new batter Ashton Stealom did. While neither went completely chaotic, the pair skilfully took runs wherever possible and punished every bad ball that came their way. Their unbeaten sixth-wicket partnership of 65 from 45 balls provided the finishing touches to an excellent all-round innings from the Hawthorns, Asaskia even reaching a 38-ball 50 in the final over of the innings, while Stealom’s cameo was worth 38 in just 23 balls. The Hawthorns' final total was 5-328 - a formidable, above-par on almost any pitch in the multiverse - but even so, many of their batters would have that 350-plus should have realistically been scored. Still, a target of 329 should theoretically be a step too far for a side of newcomers to the sport in general, especially against a bowling attack consisting of players that are considered to become some of the multiverse’s best in the future.

The Obamen innings got off to a terrible start, too. After Rachel Obama-Paris played Norbert Pistecial’s opening over out without scoring, Barack Obama only survived one Samuel Scron delivery before he nicked off to Luke Tiati, West Barack and East Obama 1-0 in the second over. Only ten or so minutes later, that then became 2-9 when Obama-Paris had her off-stump removed by a Norbert Pistecial projectile that swung back sharply. With both openers gone inside the first five overs of the innings, the underdogs were not going well, 329 now seeming even further away than it started. A middle-order revival was desperately required before it got too late if the Obamen wanted to save face in this encounter.

A “revival” was not a suitable word for what happened next, for the run rate was far, far too slow for that, but nevertheless, it was still a partnership. Over the course of the next fourteen overs or so, Wong Ba Ma and Jenny Barracki rebuilt the innings to avoid utter embarrassment before Samuel Asaskia broke through Barracki’s stout defence, castling her for a rather agonising, 44-ball 16. Aiden Obama replaced her at the crease and immediately looked to turn proceedings around, whacking his third ball for six and his fourth to the boundary. But the dismissal of Ba Ma for 35 at the other end in the 22nd over didn’t help things, the Obamen number three edging a well-flighted Kate Sonnel leg-break to Ashton Stealom’s safe hands at slip, the score 4-72 as 37-year-old captain Trent Vobama made his way to the crease. With under 29 overs remaining to score 257 runs, victory for the Obamen was well out of sight - they just needed to avoid total demolition.

Although Obama and Vobama began to build a partnership, it was broken on 20 from 32 balls when Obama charged at Caitlyn Elliott, only for the part-time off-spinner to throw in a quicker, wider ball to give Luke Tiati arguably the easiest stumping of his 79-game international career, across all three formats. At 5-92 in the 27th over, a Sylestonean victory seemed only a matter of time, but Stanley Obama joined his skipper, the pair frustrating the Hawthorn bowlers with some of the most confident batting seen throughout the innings. While their stand of 59 still wasted 79 balls, their partnership run-rate of 4.48 was better than any other notable partnership throughout the entire chase, Vobama appearing particularly assured at the crease despite Kate Sonnel, Caitlyn Freehill, Samuel Asaskia and Samuel Scron all bowling dangerous deliveries. Eventually, in the 40th over of the innings with the score on 151, Kate Sonnel’s wrong’un completely bamboozled Stanley Obama, sending the West Barack and East Obama number seven on his way for a 34-ball 21. Two overs later, Sonnel made her two-wicket haul three, Samuel Scron making a blinding catch at mid-off after Kate Obammus attempted to go over him to record her first boundary of the innings. Obammus’ dismissal came on the first ball of Sonnel’s final over, the 18-year-old tweaker finishing with the superb figures of 3-29 from ten overs, asserting herself as a capable back-up to Broughton Hall if required.

While Sonnel was busy breaking into the tail-end of the Obamen batting order, the newcomers’ skipper, Trent Vobama, reached a 70-ball fifty with two consecutive sixes off Talvin Mankira. This was before, in the following over, Percival Obamahama fell victim to Samuel Scron’s second blinding catch of the day, somehow hanging onto a powerful drive directed right back at his heels. The Obamen were now 8-175 from 45 overs and without Vobama’s crucial input, making even half of the Hawthorns’ total would have been an uphill challenge. But thanks to his half-century, the Obamen did not have to worry about that embarrassing feat - now, their next challenge was to try and not lose all of their wickets and bat through the entire fifty overs.

And despite 34-year-old bowler Aidan O’Bama coming perilously close to being sent back to the pavilion at Kherodru Oval multiple times, West Barack and East Obama did just that. Over the course of the final five overs of the match, Vobama and O’Bama were able to add another fourteen runs to their nation’s total, finishing with 8-189 from 50 overs. While their deficit was still a mammoth 139 runs, this Obamen side had shown immeasurable promise and without almost any of them playing the sport before, to lose by under 150 runs wasn’t anywhere as bad as it had first seemed. A couple of the Obamen had shown individual promise, too, particularly Trent Vobama with the bat and Kate Obammus with the ball.

Meanwhile, this game had also answered some of the critical questions selectors had before the match, clearing many details relating to who would take the field against Quebec and Shingoryeo. As far as anyone knew, Caitlyn Elliott seemed to be set to continue her stupendous rise from oblivion with her 88, partnering Luke Tiati at the top of the Sylestonean order for the proper World Trophy. Samuel Asaskia’s strong all-round performance also made him a likely candidate to place in that XI, too, while Samuel Scron definitely won the battle against fellow paceman Talvin Mankira to jump into third place in the fast bowling pecking order. While the final details still rely on the state of the Venus Gardens pitch, much has been deduced from this warm-up match.

Can they replicate their feats here in Mayara in Brookstation on Monday?

Sylestone Batting
Batter R B 4s 6s SR
L Tiati (c) (+) lbw b S Obama 112 132 10 1 84.85
C Elliott c Barracki b Obammus 88 73 12 0 120.55
C Freehill c Obamahama (+) b Obammus 24 27 2 0 88.89
C Anderson c Ba Ma b Vobama 3 8 0 0 37.5
S Monteane run out (Obama-Paris) 2 2 0 0 100
S Asaskia not out 50 38 3 2 131.58
A Stealom not out 38 23 3 2 165.22
EXTRAS (1 b, 2 lb, 5 wd, 3 nb) 11
TOTAL for 5 wickets 328 (50 ov; 6.56 RPO)
Did not bat: N Pistecial, S Scron, T Mankira, K Sonnel

FOW: 1-160 (C Elliott, 25.3 overs); 2-208 (C Freehill, 33.4 overs); 3-221 (C Anderson, 36.1 overs);
4-223 (S Monteane, 36.3 overs); 5-263 (L Tiati (c) (+), 42.3 overs)

West Barack and East Obama Bowling
Bowler Ov M R W Econ Ext
A O'Bama 10 0 73 0 7.3 (1 wd, 3 nb)
S Obama 10 1 64 1 6.4 (1 wd)
M Hobama 10 0 70 0 7 (1 wd)
K Obammus 10 1 53 2 5.3
T Vobama (c) 10 0 65 1 6.5 (2 wd)

West Barack and East Obama Batting (Target: 329)
Batter R B 4s 6s SR
R Obama-Paris b Pistecial 5 16 1 0 31.25
B Morris c Tiati (+) b Scron 0 2 0 0
W Ba Ma c Stealom b Sonnel 35 56 2 1 62.5
J Barracki b Asaskia 16 44 1 0 36.36
A Obama st Tiati (+) b Elliott 25 25 1 2 100
T Vobama (c) not out 63 93 3 3 67.74
S Obama b Sonnel 21 34 2 0 61.76
K Obammus c Scron b Sonnel 1 7 0 0 14.29
P Obamahama (+) c&b Scron 8 10 1 0 80
A O'Bama not out 4 13 0 0 30.77
EXTRAS (4 lb, 7 wd) 11
TOTAL for 8 wickets 189 (50 ov; 3.78 RPO)
Did not bat: M Hobama

FOW: 1-0 (B Morris, 1.2 overs); 2-9 (R Obama-Paris, 4.2 overs); 3-57 (J Barracki, 18.4 overs);
4-72 (W Ba Ma, 21.2 overs); 5-92 (A Obama, 26.4 overs); 6-151 (S Obama, 39.5 overs);
7-152 (K Obammus, 41.1 overs); 8-175 (P Obamahama (+), 44.6 overs)

Sylestone Bowling
Bowler Ov M R W Econ Ext
N Pistecial 4 1 9 1 2.25 (1 wd)
S Scron 9 3 20 2 2.22
T Mankira 7 0 30 0 4.29 (5 wd)
K Sonnel 10 2 29 3 2.9
S Asaskia 8 1 36 1 4.5
C Freehill 6 1 25 0 4.17 (1 wd)
C Elliott 5 0 28 1 5.6
C Anderson 1 0 8 0 8

Venue: Kherodru Oval, Mayara, Ko-oren
Toss: Sylestone won the toss and elected to bat
Season/Tournament: GCF ODI World Trophy III
Matchdays: Exhibition Match I
Player of the Match: Luke Tiati (SYL)
Debut: Caitlyn Elliott (SYL), Caitlyn Freehill (SYL), Talvin Mankira (SYL), Samuel Scron (SYL), Ashton Stealom (SYL), Literally Everyone (WBEO)
Umpires: unknown
TV Umpire: unknown
Reserve Umpire: unknown
Match Referee: unknown
Match Result: Sylestone win by 139 runs

Group C Preview

Matchday One vs Quebec and Shingoryeo (UR) @ Venus Gardens, Scroton, Brookstation
While Quebec and Shingoryeo may be newcomers to the cricketing scene, they are a nation with rich sporting history, and one that Sylestone are emerging as rivals against in many a sport. But although they have never participated in an ODI tournament before, the Quebecois will not be pushovers and possess quality talent, namely 20-year-old Wanda Hosaka, who has recently been signed by the Betham Dogs for the fifth edition of the Crash n’ Smash. Additionally, playing an unranked team first-up has not aged well for the Hawthorns historically, as in the most recent edition of the World Trophy, a loss to Garbelia put the nation on a knife’s edge before the tournament had even truly begun. However, this Sylestone side is likely still better than they were then and should still be able to win this match.

Matchday Two vs Darmen (7) @ Ogre Street, Ogre Street, Brookstation
Despite recording a mammoth 171-run victory over the Darmeni four years ago in Gruenberg, the Hawthorns cannot be complacent in what may possibly be their toughest match of the group stage. It certainly looks that on paper, with pot one playing pot two but with Darmen still yet to release their squad, it’s hard to say for certain. However, with Sylestone’s world-class fast-bowling contingent, playing on Ogre Street’s greenish surface will be a strong advantage before it wears due to the sheer volume of matches played on it. As a result, a win here is certainly a strong possibility, but it will be hard-fought if acquired.

Matchday Three vs Cyborg Holland (UR) @ Venus Gardens, Scroton, Brookstation
While Cyborg Holland may not have played international cricket for many a year, the western Esportivan derby will, without doubt, be contested in a very tough manner, both nations desperate to one-up their local rivals. As a result, Cyborg Holland may well have it in them to defeat Sylestone’s Hawthorns despite the disparity in rank, but whether they will come through is another story entirely. What is certain, though, is that this match is going to be played in front of a packed house in Scroton and no matter the result, there will be definite financial benefits for the hosts.

Matchday Four vs Rundel (UR) @ Ogre Street, Ogre Street, Brookstation
Rundel has been around the Twenty20 circuit for some time now, but this is the first time that they have made the jump to a 50-over format of cricket. Like Sylestone, many of their home pitches are suited to spin-bowling and as a result, many of their bowlers may not be accustomed to bowling on a pace-friendly Ogre Street deck. However, with the ground already having been used for seven matches before this, it is likely that the playing strip will be worn and as a result, may offer a bit of turn. It will be interesting to see how significant of an impact this will play on the result of the match and while the Hawthorns have experience and rank on their side, Rundel has shown in the past that they are not ones to be underestimated.

Matchday Five vs Brookstation (UR) @ Venus Gardens, Scroton, Brookstation
Brookstation may be unranked, like three other teams in Group C, but they will also have the overwhelming support of a home crowd and familiar pitches. This means that while the match is between a team ranked fourth in the multiverse and another with no international experience in the format whatsoever, the game may certainly be much closer than expected. Furthermore, Brookstation have developed a name for themselves in domestic cricket, currently ranked third in the List A Super League’s association ranks, only behind Ko-oren and Sylestone. Can the Hawthorns overcome this and defeat the Brook in front of an adoring home crowd, or will they succumb to the pressure?

Matchday Six vs Corridor of Uncertainty (26) @ Ogre Street, Ogre Street, Brookstation
In pot four and ranked 26th, many can be excused for thinking that this game should, realistically, be another relatively comfortable Sylestone victory. For those of you out there who believe that, think again. Three years ago in the 14th World T20 Championships, the Hawthorns encountered these same foes in the playoff round, but only succeeded in triumphing thanks to Jack Martin’s unbeaten 68 after John Harper’s first-innings century. They will be a formidable opponent and despite their rank, Sylestone are going to need to fight for two points here. They certainly have the capability and squad depth to do just that, but whether they can turn up on the day and complete that task is another question altogether.

Matchday Seven vs Eastfield Lodge (13) @ Venus Gardens, Scroton, Brookstation
You mention Eastfield Lodge in a footballing sense, and you will be greeted by rounds upon rounds of laughter. But in a cricketing sense, and particularly in One-Day Internationals, the Eastfielders aren’t actually all that shabby. Ranking 13th in the multiverse is no mean feat, after all. So while they are yet to produce a squad list for the tournament, they are not to be underestimated at all. As the Hawthorns will encounter them on the final matchday, the relevance of this game may vary wildly, but you can be assured that no matter where they stand on the table, Sylestone are going to give it everything.

MD1 XI vs Quebec and Shingoryeo @ Venus Gardens, Scroton, Brookstation
1. Luke Tiati (c) (+)
2. Caitlyn Elliott
3. Daniel Fomleya
4. Lachlan Cocrine
5. Chloe Anderson
6. Liam Afosha
7. Ashton Stealom
8. Norbert Pistecial
9. Broughton Hall
10. Samuel Scron
11. Joshua Vilesti
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Postby West Barack and East Obama » Fri Jun 24, 2022 10:29 pm

Sylestone vs West Barack and East Obama @ Kherodru Oval, Mayara, Ko-oren

“Alright everyone, hope you all remember your training. Today’s a friendly, so just go out there and have some fun.”

Coach Obama-Hempstead preached to a group of rather uninterested clad-in-red players. One guy in the back had even fallen asleep.

“Alright, come on! We’re going out for an international competition! At least show some hype!” Obama-Hempstead declared again.

“Hey coach, is it really true that knocking the ball out of the park is an automatic century?” questioned Rachel Obama-Paris.

“What? No! How did you not know that? You’re the opening batter! Did any of you even read the Cricket for Dummies guide? Or that memoir?” Obama-Hempstead was feeling exasperated and the match hadn’t even started yet. This was going to be a long day.

An exhibition match against World #4 Sylestone, definitely a tough match for a debuting team. With many of the players having not even left the country before due lack of expressed governmental permission, they spent most of the time hanging out around Mayara instead of training. Obama-Hempstead was beginning to seriously doubt taking on this job. Hopefully the government official who told him his “house and family would disappear if results didn’t show” was cracking a poorly timed joke.

The Obamen arrived at the mostly empty stadium. Not many people wanted to watch an amateur team get savaged by the Sylestonean reserves, and that was fair. Even the physio and reserves didn’t bother showing up, declaring that they had “more important things to do”. Obama-Hempstead was praying that the scoreline wasn’t too bad and that the players could at least learn a thing or two during the match.

Sylestone won the toss and decided to bat first. Tiati and Elliott stepped up and immediately showed the immense gulf in quality between the two teams. Obama-Hempstead rubbed his temples as he watched the opponents racking up the runs, then buried his face in the “Cricket Tactics 101” book he was reading.

Whenever Obama-Hempstead looked up from his book, he’d see Stanley Obama bowl it straight at the bat, or the incompetent catchers scrambling to collect balls slowly rolling towards the boundary. He began questioning all of the decisions he had ever made up to that point. Why did he take this job? He’s not even being paid that well!

After a particularly painful inning, with the only flashes of quality being shown by Jenny Barracki and Kate Obammus stopping an Elliott century. The Hawthorns had a mammoth total score of 5-328, and making even half of that number would have been an achievement for the Obamen. The mysterious Barack Morris and the aforementioned Obama-Paris stepped up, only to get almost immediately annihilated, with Morris only surviving one over before having to leave the oval again. The angry, frustrated look in his eyes summed up the whole match for the Obamen.

By this time, Obama-Hempstead had been enjoying some hot dogs and nachos, not paying too much attention to the match anymore. He was quite enjoying the book he was reading, even if the condiments from his snacks kept dripping on the pages. Soon enough, the Ba Ma-Barracki partnership began to gain some traction, and Barracki’s replacement Aiden O’Bama showed some confident batting by scoring a six on his third ball. The slight competence by these three saved some face for the Obamen.

After being dismissed by a stupendous catch from Ashton Stealom, Ba Ma was replaced by the thirty seven year old captain Trent Vobama. With the score currently being 4-72, Vobama’s job was to now prevent humiliation instead of mere defeat. And what a job he did. Three sixes from the fossil - more than any of the players on either team - left some of the Hawthorns’ mouths agape in shock. This old man had a lot more in him than they expected! When Stanley Obama recovered from the embarrassment of his bowling efforts in the first inning, he helped his captain frustrate the Sylestoneans and prevent them from guaranteeing victory. While more players joined and continued their poor performances following Obama’s dismissal, Vobama played until the end, scoring an impressive 63 runs, the highest of the whole team. He showed the rest of the team how it was done.

For the latter stages of the match, Obama-Hempstead had fallen asleep. When he woke up, he saw the Obamen’s final score: 8-189 from 50 overs. The fact that the Obamen completed all fifty overs was an impressive feat especially against a few of the best bowlers in the competition. Obama-Hempstead cracked open the Seven-Eleven champagne to celebrate their debut - while littered with moments that had room for improvement, it ended up not as catastrophic as people predicted before the start of the match.

“Three cheers for the skipper!” cheered Obama-Hempstead. “Hip hip hooray!” chanted the players. Despite Eternal President Obama advising against parties due to concerns of “camaraderie”, they didn’t care - they celebrated their “not too shabby defeat” all night long. For the first time in the whole day, Obama-Hempstead felt something - pride.
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Postby Indusse » Sat Jun 25, 2022 12:20 am

National Cricket Board of Indusse
GCF ODI World Trophy III Squad

Nickname: Blue Marauders
Event Type: One Day International
Head Coach: Raj Rajashekhar
Assistant Coach: Mark Dwebblewood
Fielding Coach: Steve Karzky
Batting Coach: Muzaffar Khan
Bowling Coach: Simon Seamerson

Squad [ In Batting Order]
1. Praveen Sisodia [Right Hand Batsman - Left Arm Spin]
2. Herman Bauman [Left Hand Batsman]
3. Shankar Singh Patidar [Right Hand Batsman - Wicket Keeper] [Captain]
4. Mahmud Farzhjan [Right Hand Batsman - Fast]
5. Arvind Pyarilal [Left Hand Batsman - Seam] [Vice Captain]
6. Sherlock Maxmuller [Right Hand Batsman]
7. Nicholas Tyler [Left Hand Batsman - Fast]
8. Ashkan Behrouz [Spin]
9. Milind Bakhtayar [Seam]
10. Karthik Chand [Fast]
11. Rishwat Harshwardhan [Seam]

----- Substitute Squad -----

12. Jared Stylez [Right Hand Batsman - Spin]
13. Humbanalli Jagadeesha [Seam]
14. Prajyoth Rana [Left Hand Batsman - Wicket Keeper]
15. Faroosh Khanna [Right Hand Batsman - Fast]


Permission and Style Modifier
Style Modifier: +1
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: N

NS Sports
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Postby Gnejs » Sat Jun 25, 2022 2:36 pm

Prosaiska Unionens Cracquet Klubb.

Guided in the ways of the ultimate gentleman’s game by the great minds of the Imperial Glorious Empire of Baggieland and the Oswark Cracquet Club of the Community of Delte, the Prosaic Union for the first time ever fields a team in GCF ODI. Expectations are modest.

Colours: slate grey

Nicolaj Döner

1. Balthazar Berenz (C) (opening batsman, L).
2. Roger Troll (opening batsman, R).
3. Theodor Andersson (batsman, R).
4. Thrasymachus Svensson (wicketkeeper batsman, L).
5. Göran Grums (batsman, R).
6. Glaucon Hansson (batsman, L).
7. Mikael Andersson (bowler/ batsman, L).
8. Stian Kramp (bowler, L).
9. Adeimantus Jonsson (bowler, R).
10. Jakob Devinas (bowler, L).
11. Peter Klöver (bowler, L).

12. Karl Sol (batsman, L).
13. Karl Torsk (wicketkeeper / batsman/bowler, R).
14. Hans Henrik Pretter (bowler, R).
15. Vidar Hedmark (bowler, R).

If my opponents RP first:
Godmod match events – Y.
Roleplay injuries to my players – Y.
Godmod injuries to my players – Y.
Godmod how my players were dismissed – Y.
Create a full scorecard for my team – Y.

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Postby Samrif » Sun Jun 26, 2022 2:02 am

Samrif National Cricket Team

The nation of Samrif is delighted to be able to participate in the GCF ODI World Cup. Though Samrif never really had a professional national cricket team until this year cricket had been a popular sport in the nation. It is hoped that participation in this cup will boost the popularity of not only cricket but all sorts of sport in Samrif.

Jersey : Yellow with a single black stripe running diagonally

Samrif National Cricket Team First 11:

Simon Aysenur(VC) - RHB
Juanin Maximilianus - LHB, Right arm spin
Ramprasad Vijay - RHB
Holger Asklepios - RHB, Wicketkeeper
Samiresh Bhattacharjee - LHB
Vlado Gadisa - LHB, Right arm spin
Mahesh Partha(C) - RHB, Right arm pace
Sam Nandi - LHB, Right arm pace
Sumon Vijay - RHB, Right arm pace
Elias Bibek - LHB, Left arm spin
Youta Ryuji - RHB, Right arm pace

The first 5 players are all typically batsmen except for Juanin Maximilianus who bowls a few overs here and there whenever it is required of him. The wicketkeeper Holger Asklepios is pretty handy with the bat as well and comes in at number 4.
The next two, Vlado Gadisa and captain Mahesh Partha are the two all rounders of the squad, mean with the bat and having the ability to bowl an inspired spell as well.
The last 4 are all specialised bowlers who are the best at their job in the entirety of Samrif.

Samrif National Cricket Team Reserves:

Robert Macdara - RHB, Left hand pace
Roland Sergi - LHB
Ingolf Nikifor - RHB
Sanjiv Singh - RHB
Zhiryar Shutom - LHB, Right hand pace
Yaqub Ali- RHB, Right hand spin

Samrif National Cricket Team Coaching staff:

Head Coach - Glenna Albert
Batting Coach - Amrita Minali
Bowling Coach - Shams Emmanuel
Fielding Coach - Sotos Hyman

RP Permissions:

Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: N
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