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Video Games In YN

Postby Imperial States of Duotona » Sat Jun 11, 2022 1:47 pm

Here is a survey sheet for describing video games created in your nation. Whether they be from triple-A studios in your country, or just a couple of a dudes in their bedroom programming for fun, games come in many shapes and sizes. Let's hear about your nation's!

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Name of Game:
Release Date:
How the game plays:
Plot Synopsis (if story game):
Any extra info:

Name of Game: Distortion
Release Date: 24th April 2015
Developer: Pendulum Games (Louis DeThomas)
Platforms: PC
Genre: RPG, Turn Based Strategy
How the game plays: The game is centred around assembling a four person party of fighters, each with different stats (Strength, Speed, Charisma and Magic) and classes (Gunner, Swordfighter, Psychic, Medic and Technician) that determine their moveset and ideal stratagies. Each side takes it in turns to position their forces and then attack using a variety of moves.
Plot Synopsis (if story game): The game takes place in 2044 in London, England. After the collapse of the British Government under its own weight and corruption, the corporations which has been buying its way into parliament began to take control for their own means. A particularly nihilistic company, known as Revolver Scientific Solutions, plans to unleash a bio-weapon known as 'Distortion' onto the populous (turning them into static looking sludge monsters) in an attempt to speed up what they see as an inevitable doom. Danny, a former employee of said company turned anarchist rebel, catches wind of the plans through internal contacts in the company and plans to stop the bio-weapon before it irreversibly ends the lives of not just the island, but the world. He must assemble a team of rag-tag soldiers of many backgrounds whilst he fights his own psyche in an ever collapsing world that he called home.
Any extra info: The game received "generally positive" reviews from Metacritic, currently sitting at a 76 critic rating and an 8.8 user rating.
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Postby Zanforadon » Sat Jun 11, 2022 3:29 pm

Name of Game: Hide and Planet
Release Date: June 9th 2018
Developer: ⌠Gonna Dive⌡
Genre: Rouge-like/4X
How the game plays: A civilization building game where you colonize other planets in a dying universe. Colonizing other planets allows you to gain more materials to escape the collapse of the universe, whereas too few can lead to your civilization to end quicker. Each reset can give a unique trait to your civilization depending on when you play.
Plot Synopsis (if story game): You are one of the few civilizations left in the universe. ///Waiting Transmission/// You, among the many-- ///Transmission uploading/// and only save your civilization due to the increasingly finite resources-- ///Transmission received/// Can you pro-- ///Do not respond to this, you'll doom your people/// Will you l-- ///Transmission corrupted, will reboot/// Protect your civilization, and-- ///How will you respond, Dear Traveler of the Present?///
Any extra info: Hide and Planet has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for its story, getting a 87 on Metacritic. Many players hope for DLC for the game in the future.

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Postby Equai » Wed Jun 15, 2022 2:33 am

Name of Game: Repressed Memory
Release Date: 25th June 2005 (first game), 7th April 2021 (most recent installment)
Developer: Red Star Production
Genre: RPG, phycological horror, action-adventure, puzzle
How the game plays: You control a Isekai-type protagonist of desired gender in the first person view who task is to solve mysterious events appearing from the recently recovered repressed memory with similar mechanics like in GTA franchise and open world maps. It's heavy story driven game with accent on the usage of drugs, mind control, hypnosis, government conspiracies and cult kidnapping rings. The game begins like a casual FPS but in minutes following a narrator voice becomes louder, screen brighter and shakier until the camera fades to the face of the protagonist in the therapist office.
Plot Synopsis (if story game): A protagonist of customizable name and gender is visiting their therapist for regular sessions about their anxiety and anger outbursts. During the session,the therapist opt to use a innovative methods to try to get to the core of the problem, accidentally triggering a represed memory from the childhood of the protagonist. With the fragments of the memory unlocked for the protagonist they decide to inspect the place seen in their memory which will trigger a series of repressed memories and dark childhood of the protagonist
Any extra info: This title is a franchise, spawning 4 main installments, a graphical novel, a cartoon depicting events of the first game and fully remastered first game with upgraded UI and graphics made by the dedicated community. It's a well beloved franchise of Equaian people with lots of positive feedback and reviews, although the game has been critized at the beginning for not having declaimers about the seriousness of the topic and graphical depictions that has been described as "hyper-realistic even for their time" .

After the toxicology report of the patient who was suspected of having COVID confirmed that it wasn't COVID, the clinic opened again but its still advised for people to be very cautious. | Energy crisis shaking Europe at the moment won't be a problem for us, said Minister of Energetics Simone Ljepovska. | Archeologists discovered an interesting shaped object but they said that is not PG-13 to say what it actually is.

Queer Marxist-Leninist. Far-left in general, anti-war, anti-imperialist, pro-choice, atheist.
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Marian Papua
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Postby Marian Papua » Wed Jun 15, 2022 2:58 am

Name of Game: Startup: The Young Entrepreneurs
Release Date: May 2021
Developer: MarianStar GameProd
Genre: Business simulation game, economic simulation.
How the game plays: The game is played by a player starting a startup company with an initial investment of virtual 5,000 Mariana in which the player can take control of a 17-19 year old teen and invest on retail, agriculture or a small industrial business on a certain regency (with each real PRMP regency having its own advantage based on PRMP's economy itself, e.g. A regency has a cheap textile and garment costs for it to be resold as retail since it is a real manufacturing hub for garments in PRMP), in which they will try to improve their businesses or become broke (that ends in a game over), they can buy virtual goods for their own business or services from AI companies. And if the player becomes successful they can opt for more diverse businesses and invest on heavy industries and even stocks, the goal of the game is to outweigh every AI-controlled competitor (usually 10,000 AI businesses per single player game) or be the top of the leaderboard on a multiplayer server. The game contains more than 660 types of businesses from reselling up to a multinational conglomerate.
Plot Synopsis (if story game): The synopsis involves a 18 year old student (male or female) who tries to start a company after his/her father looses a job on a corporation that went bankrupt and her mother that failed her small family business. He or she must rose through the ranks and lift his/her family from poverty despite hurdles that could disrupt his/her entrepreneurship such as high costs, recessions, crime, military service and even personal problems.
Any extra info: The game was made with real data gathered from the country, and acts as a simulation and virtual training for wannabe businessmen in PRMP. Also it teaches players on handling businesses and promoting them to start a real business itself.
Welcome to PRMP! (Indonesian culture, tropical rainforest paradise, free markets, dominant private sector, low taxes and a limited government $$).
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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Postby Communist Beijing Must be China » Wed Jun 15, 2022 3:33 am

Name of Game: The Detrimental Reality of the Internet (and Phones)
Release Date: 16th April 2020 (first game) 3rd May 2024 (second game) 16th April 2028 (third game)
Developer: Kraken
Genre: Adventure, First Player Game, Open World Game
How the game plays: The player is a person who is obsessed with the internet. The character is always on their phone whenever they are outside, and on their computer whenever they are in their house, including while eating. The player can change the gender of the character. As they play the game, they see the views of the character.
Plot Synopsis (if story game): The protagonist is outside, walking across a busy road. After the starting cutscene, the player can freely explore their town until 8 PM, when the game goes into a cutscene where the protagonist walks back into their house and sleeps in their bed. When the protagonist wakes up, the player can, once again, freely roam their town until 8 PM, except that sometimes, the protagonist walks into a café and uses their phone, wasting three hours of the day. As the days pass, the duration increases by ten minutes. On the twentieth day and onwards, the screen can flash red, due to the urge of the protagonist wanting to use their phone but cannot due to the lack of a cafe, and it worsens over the days. On the twenty-fifth day and onwards, the protagonist instead just stands in place and uses their phone, this time for an hour or two. On the thirtieth day, the protagonist starts walking while using their phone. On the fortieth day, while going crossing a road and going back home, the protagonist does not see the light is red and crosses the road. Unfortunately, a reckless driver sadly runs the protagonist over and he dies. Before the credits roll, the text says, "Don't be too focused on your phone while outside. You could die like your character."
Aftermath: The game received overwhelmingly positive reviews at the beginning for teaching many people the importance of safety. Statistics show that the rate of deaths from being run over by vehicles dramatically reduced, leading to great reviews. Kraken then released a second game four years later, then another one four years after that, also doubling as an eight-year anniversary. The community made a choose-your-path book, a wiki, many spin-off games and a website to find all the spin-off games.
Any extra info: The year's 2029 for us.

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Postby Imperial States of Duotona » Thu Jun 16, 2022 12:50 pm

Name of Game: Black Star (stylised as black/star)
Release Date: 12th December 1999
Developer: Noir Development
Platforms: Dreamcast, PS1, PC (re-released as black/star de_lux on Xbox and PS2 in 2002)
Genre: Action-Adventure, Puzzle, Hack and slash
How the game plays: The game has two core gameplay sections: combat and hacking. The combat section involves the player using weapons or abilities to take on waves of opponents which progressively get more difficult the more waves you survive. The hacking sections involve puzzles, which can range from connecting wires and pathways to timing based puzzles. The game is also split into two halves, light and dark, corresponding to whichever hacking group you play as, as well as a final chapter as a closure to the story.
Plot Synopsis (if story game): The game takes place in an alternate 1999 in Detroit, where two hacking groups are in an intense power struggle to achieve their ideals. The light team of the game, Zyro, wishes to use control of the city in order to expose a new government initiative called "Operation Black Star", which will disable all computer usage across the Mid-West, and therefore render them and the entire hacking scene useless. The dark team, Overseer, wishes to use control in order to take over the entire city from the inside and use it as a complex base of operations. In the light section of the story, Zyro massively cuts away at Overseer's control of the North and East of the city and in the dark section, Overseer makes those losses back. By the end of the dark story, Overseer learns of Black Star and is ready to join the side of Zyro in order to protect their own livelihood. The final chapter sees both leaders of the two teams (Mark for Zyro and Arthur for Overseer) personally raid the town hall and take down the officials who were behind the plans. Whilst heavily fortified, they break in and fight the many creations of the government they were planning to use to enforce the proposal. The game ends with the two leaders shaking hands, and Arthur uttering the game's most famous line, "Evil and good aren't as far away as I thought, my friend."
Any extra info: The game received critical acclaim on release, currently sitting at a 91 critic rating on Metacritic and a 9.3 user rating. Whilst the series lay dormant for years, a sequel called black/star 2: rewind was released in 2018 and has received a Metacritic critic rating of 86, with many debating which game was better in the series.
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Grand American Union Republic
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Postby Grand American Union Republic » Thu Jun 16, 2022 6:37 pm

Name of Game: Call of Duty: Internal Conflict
Release Date: February 25, 2009
Developer: Treyarch, Activision
Platforms: PC, Xbox, PlayStation
Genre: Action, 1st Person Shooter, Survival, Singleplayer, Multiplayer
How the game plays: Unlike other Call of Duty games that focus primarily on wars like WW2, modern warfare, and the Cold War, Call of Duty: Internal Conflict focuses on the 2nd American Civil War, its events, including historical accuracies and important dates that happened. The main protagonist is a young US Army assigned to Washington during the events of massive protests that occurred non-stop by the beginning of 1935. As the story progresses, the player meets new characters, new locations, and dramatic story scenes. After you finish the game, zombies mode will be unlocked where you fight socialist, far-right, Californian secessionist, and federal army zombies.
Plot Synopsis (if story game): The game is based on the 2nd American Civil War that happened during the years 1935 to 1938, a brief period of instability from the cause of the Entente defeat and the rise of the German imperial ambitions that challenged American influence, America was plunged into disarray during the Great Depression, combined with a waning influence in the world as a result in Germany's new position in the world. Herbert Hoover's disastrous policies caused America's economic decline and led to the Depression, Franklin Roosevelt, the newly elected Democrat President, narrowingly defeat both Republicans, Socialists, and the Far-Right. FDR's New Deal brought mixed results and was not enough to stop the Depression. A series of protests throughout the nation ensues, with troops stationed in every city to quell rebellions. The civil war would break out on February 23, 1935, and would last until 1938.
United States of the Grand American Union Republic

In a world full of revolutions, civil wars, secessionists, and rising world tensions every year, the United States of America, having survived a 2nd American Civil War and another American Revolution has garnered to use its power to prevent worldwide chaos. With degrading relations with the Russian SFSR and the PRC each year, it is unknown when would the next global war would start.

About User: Gen Z, Mixed White/Asian, Social Capitalist, Roman Catholic, fan of guns and cars, Republican Center-Right, Anime lover, Old NS player btw.

About the Nation: America but has more German, Italian, and Irish immigrants, a majority Catholic America, and the Cold War technically did not end yet.


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Postby United Neo-Hollerith » Sun Jun 26, 2022 3:05 pm

Name of Game: Supersprint
Release Date: March 5, 1976 (3 months ago)
Developer: Marblehead Software
Platforms: Arcade
Genre: Racing
How the game plays: The player is in a motorbike race alongside both a single real opponent, and a group of computer controlled biker opponents. The objective is to be the first to reach the end of the course without running out of time, with bonus time being awarded for reaching checkpoints on the track and for successfully causing the other riders to crash.
Plot Synopsis (if story game): N/A
Any extra info: Although the gaming scene is still in its infancy for now, Supersprint reviewed well with the gaming press (averaging 79%), with the game being widely praised for its innovation and dual screen multiplayer functionality.

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Schmidt Island
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Postby Schmidt Island » Fri Aug 19, 2022 8:05 am

Most popular game made in Schmidt Island

Name of Game: The Noise Storm

Release Date: May 22nd 1997

Developer: SheeshMahal Studios

Platforms: CD-ROM

Genre: Parkour

How the game plays: You have a character named the Hammer Dog that has to go thru a noise storm jumping on blocks.

Plot Synopsis (if story game): There is no real backstory but there is fanatic made-up backstories

Any extra info: The game received "great" reviews from, currently sitting at a 84 critic rating and an 9.2 user rating.

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Ashotu two
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Postby Ashotu two » Fri Aug 19, 2022 8:40 am

Name of Game: Denshi

Release Date: Mitsuku ( January 25th)

Developer: Ultimately Awesome Games

Platforms: Computer

Genre: Horror

How the game plays: You Have to drive away a Denshi disguised as a child. Through the 5 nights of Mitsuku you must survive until midnight or light all the candles in the spirit zones.
The game gets harder every night.
Night 1 : Everything Above
Night 2 : Shorter Head start
Night 3 : No head start
Night 4 : Denshi is faster
Night 5 : Denshi will sometimes rush into a room and check if you are inside

Plot Synopsis (if story game): Backstory : Your a rich kid named Dako who bullies everybody.
You bullied a kid, and he said something you will never forget "I know where you live, Better not fall asleep" with a ear to ear grin

Any extra info: not really any extra stuff

Ending the story :
Bad ending : If you lose all your lives you get the bad ending

You were never seen again, but I bet you cant hear me....

Good ending : Survive the last night to get this ending :

You learned your lesson, you never want that to happen again... You and the Denshi are freinds now....

Secret ending : Find All the Red spirit zones (in night 5 ).Your candleopera will get another candle if you find them

You learned your lesson, you never want that to happen again... The Denshi is gone, and everyone says it never existed... You can hear its voice sometimes...

What ya think about it?
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Postby -Pashtunistan » Fri Aug 19, 2022 9:27 am

Name of Game: Cosmos: A new Earth
Release Date: Dec 26 2021
Developer: Alexi Gorbachev (A Russian immigrant, Working alongside Rockstar Games
Platforms: Xbox series X, PS4, PS5, PC and Laptop
Genre: Open-World, Crime, Sci-Fi
How the game plays: It is set in the fictional planet Priapus Minor. The game is presented through both first and third-person perspectives, and the player may freely roam in its interactive open world. Gameplay elements include shootouts, robberies, hunting, hover-bike riding, interacting with non-player characters, and maintaining the character's honor rating through moral choices and deeds. A bounty system similar to the one from the Red Dead franchise governs the response of law enforcement and bounty hunters to crimes committed by the player.
Plot Synopsis (if story game): You play as a member in The O'Neil Gang, Sean Duffy Jr., You are a high-ranking member in this gang. After another high-ranking member Shane O'driscoll betrays the gang, leading to many members being arrested by the police, nearly including you. You attempt to bring Shane to justice. uncovering many secrets about not only Shane, but the corrupt Priapus Sector Government as a whole
Any extra info: The game was highly-acclaimed. A prequel is in development.
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Democratic Republic of Elijah
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Postby Democratic Republic of Elijah » Fri Aug 19, 2022 9:36 am

They are banned lol
No we are not a "Corrupt Dictatorship" we are fully democratic and support the free market and free speech.
Our policies | The reason for our policies
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Postby Tangatarehua » Fri Aug 19, 2022 9:43 am

Name of Game: Last Dream 2
Release Date: March 16 1999
Developer: Porowhita Software
Platforms: PS1, PC
Genre: RPG
How the game plays: The game is similar to JRPGs and featured turn-based random battles and a mostly linear, story driven plot that slowly expanded into an open world. The story depends heavily on the players choices while combat involves building up EXP not just for the players but also for mythical creatures that they encounter and use along the way.
Plot Synopsis (if story game): You play as Kapua Ua, a young boy from a small village which is attacked by giant robots but encounters a number of Maori gods and mythological figures/creatures such as the Taniwha who give you special powers to overcome the powers who attacked your village.

Along the way you meet a host of other characters who join your party as you level up, hoping to overthrow the robots that attacked you by journeying to their capital city.

When you get there you learn that the robots are actually humans whose consciousnesses were uploaded to machines and that years ago a terrible nuclear war almost wiped out the human race, with your people surviving only because they were isolated.

You must then journey to find the Maori gods and ask them to join you on a fight to destroy the evil machine, known as "Jehovah", who is a ruthless and destructive god controlling the robots and are told if you don't then he will convert everyone you love into one of his robots.

Any extra info: In some English translations the final boss "Jehovah" is renamed "Demiurgos" to avoid offending Christians. In the west the game, although successful, was considered very controversial for its themes of anti-Christianity and anti-colonialism. Nevertheless the game remains the most successful internationally released video game by a studio in Tangatarehua.
The Empire of Tangatarehua
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18 September 2022
News: Imperial Tourism Corporation to launch major tourism advertising campaign ahead of Te Whakanui i a Puanga festival | Government under pressure to cut taxes as cost of living continues to rise | Tangatarehua faces highest balance of payments deficit since the war | Weather: Tamaki ☀ 22°C | Whakaara ☀ 16°C | Wharekorana ☀ 20°C | Kaiika ☀ 28°C | Kotiropai ☀ 20°C | Rakipa ☀ 23°C |  Kaitohura ☀ 14°C

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Postby Bigpipstan » Fri Aug 19, 2022 12:05 pm

Name of Game: Floppy Pegasus
Release Date: 2022
Developer: Imperial Arcade Union
Platforms: Arcade machine
Genre: platformer
How the game plays: Foppy Pegasus is a simple game, you have a pegasus who falls down and you can tap a botton at the right time to move up, the catch is there are obstacles going your way so you have to time the button pressing accuratly.
Plot Synopsis (if story game):
Any extra info: none

Name of Game: Goo overdrive
Release Date: 2022
Developer: Imperial Arcade Union
Platforms: Arcade machine
Genre: 2 player platformer
How the game plays: It's a two player game where you play as a gootraxian and find and chase humans so you can violently hug them. When you hug them, they turn into a gootraxian and you gain score. Unlike Flappy pegasus, this one has three dimensions. The player which managed to hug most humans wins.
Plot Synopsis (if story game):
Any extra info: first 3D game to be released on an arcade machine.

Name of Game: Bowpony
Release Date: 2022
Developer: Imperial Arcade Union
Platforms: Arcade machine
Genre: turn based fighting
How the game plays: It's a 2D game for two players. The objective is to succesfuly hit the other player with a arrow five or three times in the head. The catch is, there is a wind which changes every turn, so you can't just use the same angle and speed every turn.
Plot Synopsis (if story game):
Any extra info: none
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