Blacktop Chronicles. The Archives

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Blacktop Chronicles. The Archives

Postby Olthenia » Mon Jun 06, 2022 4:02 pm

This thread is a tracking thread for the gigantic statblocks, descriptions, and other assorted nonsense from the Blacktop Chronicles roleplay. Please don't post here if you haven't been accepted in the OoC thread here. If you have been accepted, and have your statblock ready, yeet her in here. Make sure to keep this Archive up to date - I have my own records, but categorically I occasionally miss things, and if it doesn't exist here or in my records, then luck is a slot machine - and ya'll are fresh out of dimes!
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Postby Ralnis » Mon Jun 06, 2022 4:35 pm

Crew: The Chem Dogs / Ralnis
Description: The hardened miscreants that call themselves the Chem Dogs have holed themselves up in most uninviting place indeed – a subterranean burial ground for broken old cars, caked with faded plastic and shredded aluminum. There is little to commend this place at first glance, but wiser minds would surely note that its cavernous halls would make an ideal shelter against rad-storms. If there is more to recommend it beyond this promise of safety, that remains to be seen. Beyond their underground lair, burnt fields and ashen wilds stretch to the east and west – while to the south looms the gray, skeletal remains of the dead city. For now, the Chem Dogs and their namesakes must slumber here in relative peace.
Starting Techs: Chem Dog Domestication.
Resources: Aluminum slivers, Plastic waste, Chem dogs.
Equipment: Steel Knife, Machete.
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Postby The GAmeTopians » Mon Jun 06, 2022 4:37 pm

Crew: The Children of The Spark / GAmeTopians
Description: The Children of the Spark have set themselves up in the storm-battered ruins of an old petrol station. A secure heaven indeed - albeit a lonely one. The location itself is scenic enough, out by the cracked macadam of the old highway. If the old riverbed at the foot of the nearest slope had any water in it, who knows – it might even have passed for beautiful. Now however, all that remains beyond the cracked asphalt and skirling dust is burnt-out shrubland. On the acres around them, a smattering of burnt-out houses and the odd blackened husk of an automobile have yielded a surprising harvest of gleaming wires and pale, juicy gurkins. More than likely, both these things come in handy in days to come – provided the Children can make good their survival.
Starting Techs: Simple Scavenging Tools, Intermediate Scavenging Tools.
Resources: Copper wiring, Shrubwood, Gurkins.
Equipment: None.
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Postby G-Tech Corporation » Mon Jun 06, 2022 5:58 pm

Crew: The Third-Run / G-Tech
Description: The Blackhearts have set up camp by a freshwater spring in what the boys back east say might have once been a “national parque”. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, since the places doesn’t have the ubiquitous rusted skeletons of parked vehicles which are so common near cities, but that’s what they call it. There are the scrub-remains of a forest in the area, and a burnt blackened husk of a building with large signs, roof missing and open to the sky, which the Blackhearts are camped within to shield their fire unfriendly eyes. Scattered stands of wild razorwheat grows here, fed by a hidden spring. Large sheets of small, folded pamphlets with faded images of trees and hat-wearing bears fuel the fire of the first night, gathered from around the ruined building.
Technology: Simple Construction
Resources: Freshwater Spring, Shrubwood, Razorwheat. [Tent]
Items: 5 Brushwood, 1 Microcomputer
Equipment: Prybar, Hand-Axe
The Lads:
Mahor - Fighter (Melee Warrior) | Health Fine
Scythia - Worker (Smooth Talker) | Health (Weakness I) (Satisfied)
Julia - Scout (Scavenger) | Health Fine
Vladimir - Scout (Pillager) | Health [Slightly Wounded] (Satisfied)
Wilhelm - Techie (Understanding) | Health (Satisfied)
Moon Eyes - Worker | (Weakness II)
The Girl - (Weakness II)
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Postby Theyra » Mon Jun 06, 2022 6:02 pm

Crew: The Blacklighters / Theyra
Description: In the shade of a crumbling old underpass, the Blacklighters have made their camp. The land here is sparse, with naught but the rusted carcasses of old automobiles and the whisper of drifting silt across the broken macadam. But it is safe, at least – and that is something. The remnants of the Blacklighters’ current shelter, the underpass, could perhaps be repurposed for other buildings. Concrete, after all, was built to last. To the west, burnt-out suburbs of a once mighty city rise from the irradiated gloom, while to the north humbler housing projects lean impassively into the desert winds. A wild country, this – and with a queer, almost chemical stink to it, for men who turn their countenance north. To the south and east, broken highways give way to a savage land of sun-scorched fields.
Starting Techs: None.
Resources: Concrete rubble, Radshrews, Razorwheat.
Equipment: 1x Simple Sickle

North - Nothing
Northwest - Nothing
Southwest - Mesquite Trees

- Cale Griffith - Techie (Knack for Tools)
- Amanda Vers - Fighter (Lucky)
- Jacob Redwood - Worker (Farmer, Trapper)
- Kate Monroe - Worker (Farmer, Gatherer)
- Malcolm More - Scout (Scavenger)
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Postby Lazarian » Mon Jun 06, 2022 6:23 pm

Crew: The Picketts
Description: Sheltered in the remains of a crumbling old grain silo, out on a no-name hill, the erstwhile Picketts find themselves a fairly long way from just about everything. This might be to their benefits, however. The Blacktop is known for many things – but kindness and hospitality are precisely none of them. To the west, shrubby hillsides roll on into the irradiated murk – wild and foreboding, while to the west and north the land flattens, with the only discernable feature being the broken macadam of an old highway. South as the buzzard flies, crumbling houses of broken concrete dot the distant horizon. An old suburb, perhaps? ‘Tis hard to tell. The sole comfort of the Picketts’ new home is a broken old spring of water, out by the silo’s back – and the patches of siltgrass which surrounds it.
Starting Techs: None.
Resources: Fresh water, Siltgrass, Shrubwood.
Equipment: Bow, 3x Tents.

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Postby Beutarch » Mon Jun 06, 2022 6:58 pm

Crew: The A-No.1 / Beutarch
Description: Ensconced on the edges of a once flourishing city park, the embattled survivors of Waystation A-No.1 greet their first morning on the Blacktop facing the remains of an old tennis court. The crumbling shower blocks have yielded a surprising harvest of glistening, brain-like fungal pods – and stranger plants besides. Edible, perhaps, but unpleasant to behold. Beyond them, the burnt-out houses of an old suburb give way to yet more crumbling giants of steel and concrete – housing projects, mainly. Grim and foreboding in the pre-dawn murk. North and eastward, the horizon is much the same – while the land south and west gives way to flatter, wilder country. There are hints of burnt scrubland there, of the sort where men might walk alone with their gods. What the good children of Waystation A-No.1 will make of this remains to be seen.
Starting Techs: None.
Resources: Brain fungus, Healroot, Scrap metal.
Equipment: Mattock.
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Postby Pragia » Tue Jun 07, 2022 9:03 am

Crew: Field Team BTP-02 / Pragia
Description: In a silt-streaked factory yard, the Apollo Corporation’s latest field team have set their camp. The city is close here, with towers of crumbling concrete looming but a short distance away on the southern horizon. Northwards, beyond the rusted chainlink, the land bleeds out into a gasping desert of dust and sand, while to the east burnt hills roll onwards into the radioactive gloom. A line of crumbling concrete buildings dots the western horizon – homes and apartments, back in the Long Ago. A wealth of plastic detritus dots the land here, and errant stands of hardy fibercorn are visible amongst the ruins. Out by a loading bay door, a bent metal pipe drip-drizzles a surprising stream of cool, clear water.
Techs: Fibercorn Comprehension
Resources: Fresh water, Fibercorn, Plastic waste.
Equipment: 1x Lockpick, 1x Prybar.
Stockpile: 1x Hides
Sahana Moyer - Scout [Pillager][Prybar][Lockpick]
Nathan Morris - Scout [Scavenger]
Logan Trellis - Fighter [Sharpshooter]
Kelly Donoghue – Worker [Smooth Talker]
Marcus Baltar - Techie [Understanding]
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Postby The Empire of Tau » Sat Jun 11, 2022 11:07 am

Player: Tau / Volksrepublik
Brief: Volksrepublik (Or People’s Republic) is an interesting band of farmer-survivors that have adopted the political philosophy and ideology of Mazovianism-Malenyevism - focusing on working-class struggle, historical materialism, proletarianism, and more. The good folks of the Volksrepublic have set their camp in the ruins of a dilapidated drug store, out by the old highway. The nights are clear here, and the starry skies are truly beautiful. The land itself has a wild, savage cast to it - with scrubby woodland as high as a man's waist out by the old parking lot, dotted here and there by patches of razorwheat. The area's true charm is only behind the old machine shop across the street, however - where a rusty container hides a thicket of gossamer-shrooms. East and west towards the horizon, the land flattens into near-endless fields of ashen dust - queer and savage with no love for man. Northward stretches the endless wastes, and to the south crumbling concrete giants line the old highway into the dead city - vast and unknowable.
Resources: Brushwood, Razorwheat, Gossammer.

- Emmerich Lange [Worker - Farmer/Gather]
- Amal Rapp [Worker - Farmer/Builder]
- Hedy Wiegand [Techie - Creative]
- Kunibert Weber [Techie - Understanding]
- Reinhilde Kunze [Scout - Stealthy]
Inventory: Simple Sickle
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Postby Aidannadia » Sat Jun 25, 2022 10:21 am

Crew: Pan's Circle
Description: While the Blacktop is treacherous, for those on the outskirts of society, it has become a refuge. The eclectic band of vagabonds, orphans and wanderers that stalk the wastes under the name 'Pan's Circle' have found their refuge out by a broken, flat-as-flat highway. The shrubby remnants of a forest here gives sparse, if welcome, cover - and idle stands of fibercorn grow here, out by the macadam. At night, the otherwise oppressive silence is banished by the incessant chittering of radshrews - vermin which, despite their ill tempers and fuzzy countenance - make for surprisingly good eating. On the western horizon, the ruins of the Dead City looms, black and foreboding - while to the north and south, a land of overgrown suburbs and silt-streaked hillsides roll on into the murk. East, the broken highway trails off into the desert from whence they came - a wild, wasted land. If the Circle will make a permanent home for themselves, or move on elsewhere, remains to be seen. For now, however - here they are. Out on the Blacktop.
Starting Techs: Rudimentary Agriculture.
Resources: Shrubwood, Fibercorn, Radshrews.
Equipment 1x Simple Sickle
Puck - Scout [Swift]
Estia - Techie [Organic Mechanic]
Eri - Fighter [Sharpshooter]
Dion - Worker [Beautiful]
Scrap - Worker [McGyver]
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