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A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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[Kerbin Only] Kerbin General Newsfeed

Postby Blorbs » Wed Jun 01, 2022 2:58 pm

Kerbin In Jeopardy

This is the general RP thread for the Kerbin region. If you would like to join, please see the region page here for more information about applying and joining the community!

Important Notes:

Old posts are not necessarily consistent with modern RP canon. They can be used as an inspiration or guide for post formatting and standards. However, please check the Wiki, and if not clarified, ask related members to find the current state of the canon.

Kerbin is a realistic setting. NationStates stats are not considered, and only extant technology is permitted. Biological weaponry is banned due to the impossibility of accurately predicting its effects, and all other WMDs exist at the discretion of the executive council.

Remember to follow good RP etiquette and always consult with others before canonizing things that affect their nation. The use of alliance servers and chats is heavily discouraged, as OOC secrecy is not conducive to an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration.

The executive council is the final authority for all disputes, though resolving matters at the lowest possible level is always encouraged.


1. Rules are law. Any and all posts and nations which do not comply will be removed.
2. No one liners, in general you are expected to have at the very least a paragraph for each post.
3. As described above, Kerbin is Modern Tech. The only technologies that are allowed are those which exist in the real world, or those that which are/would have been feasible to create by the present day with different funding priorities. Also remember that not everything will be feasible for your nation, with your particularly budget and priorities. Discussing with others on the Discord is the best way to be sure.
4. Respect your fellow Roleplayers; you are all just trying to have fun here!
5. All posts, like wars or invasions, must be discussed with all parties involved. If it is not, it will be removed as per rule #1.
6. Some actions can cause very large scale and long term effects on many people in the RP not directly involved in any particular action, and may permanently damage their ability to RP (Ex. Some kinds of chemical or nuclear attack). You must consider ALL of those who may be impacted like this by any of your actions, and include them in your discussion of all involved parties.
8. As mentioned above, contagious biological weapons are prohibited, due to the infeasibility of practically limiting their effects. The possession of nuclear weapons is heavily regulated, if you have questions, please ask around in the region, or the executives directly.
9. This is not to be confused with a Fall of Kerbin type RP; battles are fought with posts, and the outcomes are determined by agreement and not in-game victories.
10. Though the Discord is an important part of the region, this is not a Discord RP. Important events must be noted in the threads, and important aspects of canon should be noted in the thread, on the wiki.
11. This is a serious RP. If your nation, or your posts, are not serious, you will be immediately removed from the RP.
12. In order to post your application must have been accepted. Check out the region page and the Discord to learn more about how to join.
13. Have fun!
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Postby Barkadia » Thu Sep 15, 2022 3:00 pm

Missile Testing Grounds, Southwest Barkadia

The IRBM towers over the field as the waves crash into the shore just to the south of the launch area. The nearly 18 meter high missile is the culmination of a nearly total domestic effort from the Barkadian military over the last decade to have a direct deterrent against the Serthenians. If this test is successful, it most likely will lead to the missile's mass production and deployment, especially ones tipped with nuclear warheads. The True Pine and military officials watch anxiously from a command center built on a hill to the north. There have already been smaller missiles tested here before, seen soaring into the air just to crash into the Merdian Sea to the southeast. But this is a the big one. Hopefully the final type that Barkadian workers will ever have to build to secure their homeland from the Serthenians and their allies. The final countdown begins.


The rockets at the bottom of the missile ignite and push its tons of metal and dummy payload rapidly into the sky. The True Pine and commanders with him are just outside the building watching it rapidly shrink and ascend into the clear blue skies. After a few minutes, all that's left is a smoke trail heading up vertically and then gradually to the southeast, the rocket pushing itself through the thin air into space itself.

It reached its planned apoapsis of five hundred and fifty kilometers above the surface of Kerbin after roughly 8 minutes and began falling back to Kerbin rapidly. The missile impacted the southeastern Meridan at hundreds of kilometers an hour. The test had succeeded beyond expectations, but without surprise. The True Pine knew it was possible. Barkadian socialist engineering was the best on the continent.

There was a celebration in the command center. Imported champagne was passed around. The Ihličie-5 rocket was the newest and greatest nuclear armed defender of the workers and party of the Barkadian Democratic Republic. Once the True Pine got back to his residence in Kora, he ordered the immediate mass production of Ihličie-5 rockets along with compatible nuclear warheads.

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Postby Alpengau » Thu Nov 03, 2022 7:49 pm

Alpengauen Welle



Barkadian Missile Parts?

After the successful launch of the Barkadian Ihličie-5 ballistic missile, AloisKnauer AG has been selected by the Barkadian government to produce the guidance systems for the missiles. The initial test missile was equipped with a test guidance system prototype produced by AloisKnauer. The majority of the parts will be built in Alpengau, with the final assembly happening in Barkadia. Few select positions will open in Barkadia for AloisKnauer employees. These positions will be ensuring quality control of the guidance systems. Dieter Wolfgang, a representative from AloisKnauer AG, responded to our request on the AG's views on this deal. "AloisKnauer AG is excited and looking forward to this project," he said. "AloisKnauer AG is ready to deliver the best product possible, as shown in the recent Ihličie-5 test. We are sure the Barkadian people will be satisfied with their guidance systems. AloisKnauer AG would like to give many thanks to first The True Pine and the Barkadian people. Next, we would like to give thanks to the following Alpengauen Federal Ministries: Federal Ministry of State, Federal Ministry of Finance, and Federal Ministry of Defense.

New Trains? Finally, It's About Time!

The Alpengauen Federal Railway (ABB) is purchasing new locomotives! The ABB is purchasing new Class V 285 diesel-electric locomotives from Schmidt Lokomotiv Werke GmbH to replace aging Class V 210s and V 160 locomotives. These old locomotives will be sold off or scrapped depending on demand.

Watch Out for an Influx of Barkadian Tourists!

Barkadia has allowed its citizens to vacation in Alpengau! Soon you will be seeing the beaches, streets, markets, and restaurants brimming with Barkadian citizens as they come down south to get some warmth in their lives. Particular hot spots will be along the Alpengauen Riviera, the shopping centers of Fensterl am Naab, cultural sights in Säuling, and the scenic mountain towns. Don't be a stranger, and welcome them to our nation!



Barkadian Missile Test Monitoring

The Alpengauen Marine monitored the recent Barkadian launch for your safety and to assist AloisKnauer AG with telemetry data. The radar picket submarine U-60 sailed in international waters monitoring the event. The Marine did not respond to questions in relation to this operation.

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Postby Kerthenia » Mon Nov 07, 2022 4:15 am

Recent Posts






K. Kyle Kerman / November 7, 2022

This photo provided by the Barkadian government shows what it says is a test launch of a new missile on Sep. 15, 2022.

The Kerthenian president issued a stern warning to Barkadia on Monday, warning that any use of nuclear weapons would result in the end of the True Pine's regime.

Last week the Barkadian state-run news agency TAB touted the successful test of the country's first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in mid-September, lauding the "valorous labor” of the design team and the supremacy of “socialist engineering.” SENTINEL commander General Clay Renning confirmed that a launch originating in Barkadian territory had been tracked and that it had impacted harmlessly into the middle of the Merdian.


“Any nuclear attack against the Kerthenian Congressional Republic or its allies and partners, including the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons, is unacceptable and will result in the end of the True Pine’s regime,” President Thamnos said at a press event Monday.

The Kerthenian and Kolonian militaries announced the deployment of F-21B Superhawk stealth fighters on Friday. The move came in response to Barkadia testing an ICBM capable of reaching Kerthenian territory.


Kolonian authorities initially sounded alarms after detecting the launch, but officials later said that it posed no threat and did not overfly Kolonian territory.

A State Department official said in a press conference after the event that there is no change in Kerthenian policy regarding the use of nuclear weapons. Preemptive use of nuclear weapons has been banned by Congress since 1952.

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Postby Ostreich1 » Mon Nov 07, 2022 10:44 pm

September 16, 2022

Yesterday a patrol of two Icarian Navy destroyers operating in the South Meridan sea detected a missile that impacted the sea near Icaria and Kerthenia. We have reached out to government officials in Serria and Icaria, but so far the only response has been from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stating that "Serria and her Principalities, Icaria and Edusa are committed to a peaceful and open Meridan. One free from the conflicts that have ravaged it in the past, and call upon those involved to deescalate the situation, resolve their differences peacefully, and in accordance to international law and norms."

While we do not have confirmation from any official sources, there is growing evidence that the missile originated from Barkadia, and is likely a warning to Serria and Kerthenia that they possess the means to strike major cities with nuclear weapons. We can only hope that the response from the government will be firm, and that they can avert a potential nuclear war in the future.

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Postby Dolphiland » Tue Nov 08, 2022 12:26 pm


"Oi, Nora, look what we bagged!"

"Huh, what?" Nora replied, looking up from the table she sat at towards the two of her fellow fighters who had just walked in.

Evidently they had come in from being out on patrol in the rain and mud that had consumed their world as of late, judging by the grunge and dirt on their looted fatigue pants and drab hunting jackets. More notable than this, however, was that in their hands was a UAV, a drone, worn and battered from what she guessed was a hard landing, no doubt prompted by the fact that one of it's rotors had been shot off.

"Shot this as it was buzzing around us, about time we nabbed one of these little unmanned fliers of theirs that they keep bugging us with."

She snapped back, her eyes already wide from the moment she laid eyes on it. "It's off, right? They can't track where we are? Find this house?"

"Oh come on, don't worry girl, look at it, thing's dead, no worry about it."

"Good." she replied, still eyeing the thing like it might jump out at her.

"Just look at this thing, Nora" was the reply, as one of the fighters sat the drone down on the table. Once a place where a family who lived in this country home gathered for dinner, it was now covered in papers, maps, plans, all used by the fighters of the People's Front of Suroig, who had turned this place into a safehouse.

"So, what, you going to mount it to a board and put it up over the fire?" she replied, now with an air of sarcasm.

"Wouldn't be a bad idea, actually." was the reply, met in turn with rolled eyes.

"No, but really, what are you going to do with it?"

"Tinker around with it, see what we can use it for, that sorta thing."

"Ah, of course, another great undertaking for your mechanical genius."

"Oh, Nora, you know I gotta have my hobbies. You know I'd collapse of exhaustion if all I did was spend time with you."

"And why is that?"

"I think you know, lass." was the reply, now said with a smirk.

Without replying, Nora looked over at the other fighter who had walked in. "Hey, Markus, we made Kjoettkaker last night, if you want it there's some left in the- oh, you found it already."

"Mhm" was the reply mumbled through last night's leftovers, from a man who had been focused entirely on them until now.

"Well then." she said, looking back. "I think I'd like you to show me."

"Then that I will, lass."

As everyone in the room either walked away or was otherwise distracted, none of them noticed the small light on the drone's undercarriage, still dimly blinking intermittently. Nor were any of their radios on the frequency as it's transmitter, else they would have heard a faint, intermittent distress signal going out. But as fate had it, they were all well and thoroughly distracted by other things seen as important in their view, so both of these went unnoticed.

The quiet tranquil of a meadow on a drizzly day was suddenly overtaken by the roar of turbine driven rotors.

"Landing in tee minus ten, make ready to alight."

"Understood, opening hatch."

"Landing, alight, alight, alight."

A team of soldiers poured out from the now landed helicopter, pulling security around it by instinct in an almost robotic manner. Clad in a shell layer of drab rain garments with hoods that hung behind their necks, they could almost be mistaken for a fantasy band of travelers, were it not for the rifles they clutched, the plate carriers worn on top, and their heads being entirely obscured under helmets and gas masks.

"Overwatch, Thunder 1-1 has landed and is holding, awaiting your behest, over."

"Thunder 1-1, link from 647E still live at target. Carry out assigned undertaking."

"Roger, Thunder 1-1 out."

"Move out."

Markus sat outside the house, cross legged and eating idly.

He didn't have much care for anything at the moment, save for enjoying the feel of fresh air against his skin and the sounds of nature around him. He looked over at the rifle sitting next to him. It was an old battle rifle, handed down to him from his father. It was obviously old and beaten, and he thought that, after he was done eating, he'd take it and give it some well deserved maintenance and polish.

Just then, he saw shapes moving in the tree line, and he perched up, leaned forward, and squinted.

"Just what is that? No, it can't be..."

He grabbed his rifle and stood up, trying to get a better look at the shapes.

A shot then rang out, and he fell over, dead.

"Target down."

"Copy, first fireteam, hold here, give overwatch. Second fireteam, with me, on target."

"Copy" was the response, as half the soldiers moved into positions that gave them good vantage points over the house. The other half, meanwhile, followed their leader and bolted up to the house, over the body, and formed out at the door.

"Sound inside, someone's stirring."

"Copy, on my mark, move in."


The door was breached suddenly and violently, and four soldiers burst in, taking positions within the room, weapons levelled at the room adjacent.

"We've got the bird." said one of them, motioning at the downed drone sitting on the table.

"Copy, Overwatch, Thunder 1-1 has found the bird, over."

"Copy, sweep building, deal with PFS."


Nora stood at the top of the stairs, hands trembling around the rifle she held.

"They're downstairs..."


"Remember what I said?"


"No matter what happens, I want you to know that I love you."

"I love you too."

With a motion of the hand, they both crept down the stairs, rifles in hand and ready, as they did so, they saw shadows from around the corner where they had left the drone. They both raised their rifles and aimed them at the corner, and began to wait.

Just then, they heard muffled chatter, followed by soldiers storming into the room, immediately moving to clear sectors in a brisk, efficient manner. Nora's comrade opened fire as soon as they came in, and one soldier fell, only for his attacker to also fall as the response came in the form of a hail of precision rifle fire. Nora sprinted up the stairs and into a side room, with the sound of sprinting, combat booted footfalls close behind her.

She ducked behind a cabinet, clutching her rifle tightly as she heard the other rooms upstairs being breached and cleared. The others were dead, she couldn't get that out of her head. She was shaking, and tears started to well up in her eyes. The others were dead, and she soon would be too, but maybe, maybe, she could avenge them, if only she could find a way to outsmart these soldiers, to ambush them and try to take at least some of them out with her.

As she thought this, she looked over her shoulder, and slowly began to move to turn towards the door and raise her rifle in her still shaking arms. As she did so, however, she accidentally knocked into a piece of glassware on the cabinet, and it crashed to the ground, shattering.

This was followed almost immediately by the sound of running, combat booted footfalls again, and before she could react the door was kicked in, a rifle levelled at her, and fired.

"Overwatch, Thunder 1-1, PFS dealt with, over."
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DNN Special Report - Counterterrorism Ops in Suroig

Postby Dolphiland » Tue Nov 08, 2022 12:41 pm

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Dolfikland's Finest News Source

By Edward Kerman, 8th of November 2022, DNN World News.

Counterterrorism efforts by the Kingsrike's Armed Forces have continued in recent
weeks, with military officials reporting a number of key PFS assets neutralized in recent

The "People's Front of Suroig", a local insurrectionist group claiming the current government
in Suroig is unlawful, has long been a thorn in the side of local authorities. Officials have
accused them of plotting a number of attacks against key government assets, local
infrastructure, and other landmarks seen as "Dolfik". On the ground in Gronzor, our reporter
Louis Theedman interviewed local official Wallace Quisling, who spoke at length about the
impact this has had on Suroig...

(Read Full Article)

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SomeGuy writes:

Thoughts and prayers with our forces in Suroig. o7 to these defenders of peace and order in that country.

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BarkadiaProud69 writes:

What nobody seems to realize is that, as with most problems in our world today, this whole situation has been engineered by the Kolonians. if it weren't for their meddling both sides would be able to come to an agreement, but instead we have bloodshed that is on Kolonian hands.

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Official Communiqué

Postby Toonu Empire » Tue Nov 15, 2022 12:32 am

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Postby The Serrian Archipelago » Fri Nov 25, 2022 12:04 am

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Postby Barkadia » Thu Dec 01, 2022 11:58 pm

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Postby Ostreich1 » Sat Dec 03, 2022 11:29 pm


Exercise Noble Merchant East, a joint Serrian and Icarian air force training mission in the Meridan

Yesterday the joint Icarian and Serrian Exercise Noble Merchant East took place near Granto. After a five and a half hour flight from Icaria to Granto, a squadron of F-111s from the Icarian 35° Strategic Bomber Wing began mock anti shipping strikes in the waters near the island, after being refueled by tankers from the Serrian 85°Air Refueling Wing stationed in Ameta. Icarian officials have stated that the exercise was merely designed to promote greater interoperability between Icaria and Serria, and not to threaten Barkadia over its recent missile test a few months ago.

Icarian F-111s During Exercise Desert Spear in Edusa, 2013.

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Postby Avellum » Thu Jan 12, 2023 9:14 am


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Postby Barkadia » Sat Jan 14, 2023 11:11 pm

ČIerné zlato

It was the morning. The weather was usual, the highs were around -20 degrees Celsius, a small amount of snow covered everywhere that wasn't a sidewalk, staircase, or road, and the sun was only up for a few hours every day. Yet, the city functioned the same as anywhere else. However, almost no one showed up for the shift at the oil processing plants, the oil drills, or the rail yards. It was like the day never started. It quickly became apparent why.

Thousands of people that worked at each of the places almost spontaneously began marching down the streets and city blocks throughout the city near their workplaces. A chorus of chants echoed throughout the city. Various types of signs, either homemade or mass produced by the unions underground were carried by the groups of people. Soon the police showed up to control them, but did not do anything besides funnel them into impromptu pathways to limit interference with traffic and other workplaces. There were no arrests and the strike remained peaceful.


A phone rings inside an office. Teodor Koleno, the True Pine, answers it. The mayor of ČIerné zlato briefs him on the situation. He's furious and his anger is almost unbearable. Teodor is also upset but his anger is measured. He tells the mayor to not do anything drastic and that he will solve the issue right away. He almost slams the phone back onto the dialer. Teodor immediately begins rallying the Politburo for an emergency meeting the next morning. If this doesn't end soon one way or another, the Barkadian economy and civil order might collapse, and the party may be overthrown.

Outside Kora

Sára Kollárová is sitting in her apartment, watching the news. She had just made herself dinner. The oil and rail workers strike has been going on for most of the day so far. The minute she heard the news, she knew what would happen. Teodor would be pissed and try to force the workers to go back to their jobs. It would lead to more dissent and would make him even more unpopular in the eyes of the public. The party has been secretly against him and has only begrudgingly stuck with him because of democratic centralism and orthodoxy. It is time for reform, and she will lead the effort to refine Barkadian socialism into an economic and military juggernaut in Sverna. The Kolonians and Grykyranians will be defeated one way or another. Sverna, and eventually the world, will be liberated. Tomorrow will be the start.

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Postby Barkadia » Mon Jan 16, 2023 12:06 am


The True Pine and the Politburo are assembled into the conference room. It's early in the morning. The strike has been going on for about 24 hours at this point. The government has already tapped into reserves and has begun planning to ration oil supplies across the country. The clock is ticking until the country can no longer afford to let the strike continue.

"Okay," Teodor begins, "I don't think I need to say why we're all in this room right now. Let's start. How the fuck did this get past our intelligence agencies? How did they slip through all the potential censors? We should've seen this coming, yet it was practically an ambush."

Patrik Mráz, a Politburo member, begins to talk. "According to our officers, it's most likely that they found ways to skirt around surveillance. They're still working on how, but there you have it. I'm surprised the unions weren't infiltrated at all. I thought we'd have better intelligence agencies than this."

"Shut the fuck up!" He yells back. "I guess how doesn't really matter. We have to find a way to deal with this, and fast. We will utterly collapse without them working. Oil is our lifeline, it powers our country, our military, and our economy. We've already stopped further oil exports from leaving port. The recession and what follows after that is right behind."

Sára cuts him off. "It's obvious we need to give into their demands. Did you seriously need all of us here to realize that? I hope you're not that stupid. Conceding to them may seem like a bad strategy, but it's a win-win scenario. The workers get what they want. The public sees us as a government that cares and listens, which we desperately need. We're unpopular to the point where I'm surprised we haven't been overthrown yet. A win like this could be the start of a big turnaround. All you have to do is ignore that stupid mayor and accept all of their demands. Even if it's harmful in the short term, it's a win in the end."

The rest of the Politburo is all looking at Sara, stunned. A few of them, already leaning towards that viewpoint, are convinced. Teodor is not. He is staring daggers at her. He takes a deep breath and sighs.

"Sára, are you serious? If we look weak and give up now, what does that tell every other group waiting for a moment to strike? We'll fold like a piece of paper. Counter revolutionaries are everywhere and they disguise themselves with terms like "freedom" and "liberalism". If they take advantage and socialism falls, who knows what would happen. I am assuming you are not one of them, but you would be helping them just the same."

"Why the fuck did you call an emergency meeting then, Teodor? If any suggestion other than yours will be pushed aside because you want to suppress a peaceful worker's strike, which is what this party at least used to believe in and want to encourage, then whatever. I know I'm not the only person in this room understanding what is happening right now. Intra-party democracy is gone. You will be ignored and potentially even suppressed. We will soon no longer have any democracy in this country when the armed police and soldiers and tanks show up. Real socialism, when workers control the means of production, will be killed soon. And it is up to everyone in this room to take a stand or be collaborating with the future dictatorship. If this is the last time I see any of you, then goodbye, and take a stand now. It's not worth it to be a bystander."

Sára storms out of the room before Teodor can say anything back to her.

"Everyone get the FUCK out! This session is OVER!"

Everyone in the room can't help and ponder what Sára said as they rush out and speed walk down the halls. Her allies are silent but are already planning their next moves.

A few hours later, in ČIerné zlato, reserve police are being briefed on dissent suppression and given rifles before being sent towards the striking workers, who continue to maintain their strength and control of the areas around their facilities.

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Postby Barkadia » Thu Jan 19, 2023 5:11 pm

Downtown ČIerné zlato

The strike has been going on for 5 days now, and shows no signs of stopping. Several groups of people have found ways to evade police barricades and deliver supplies to the striking workers, keeping up their morale and resistance. Armed police in riot gear continue to block streets and other routes to stop the strikers from spreading and interfering with other city activity. Throughout the country, shortages and price hikes by the government begin to affect the average person. The True Pine and the mayor of the city want the strike over soon. They will act.

Sára Kollárová stands in front of a podium in the downtown, a single microphone set up on top waiting for her to say something. There is a large crowd of people in front of her. She arrived almost spontaneously two days ago and had the local branch of the national news station set up where she would make her speech. She clears her throat and begins.

"I want to thank the people, the workers of this beautiful city for allowing me to be here today. I felt bad for just showing up and asking the news station to aid me, but they immediately jumped to the task and set up this stage and this podium. It just goes to show the work ethic and the pride of the Barkadian worker to aid their fellow person and make them succeed. I could go on and on, but that is not why I am here. Barely a few kilometers away from us, there is something amazing going on. Workers are exercising their right to strike, to demand what is right for them. But the True Pine does not like that. He is afraid of the strikers. They challenge the notion that he and he alone is in charge. He and the mayor of this city are moving to crush the strike soon. They refuse to concede because they are afraid of all of you taking your power back. I am not. We did not overthrow the capitalist, reactionary government all those years ago just to paint ourselves red and call it a day. We didn't do it to remain stagnant. The revolution is a constant process of reform and construction of socialism. But for the last 40 years we have refused to acknowledge this. The party has become a group of old men pretending they know what socialism really is. I am here to make a stand, and if you want to take back what is yours, you will make a stand too. Not just you workers of ČIerné zlato, but everywhere. Go on strike, denounce the government, campaign for the True Pine's immediate removal. I am just one person, but there are so many of you. Do not be upset at your fellow workers for striking and unintentionally inconveniencing your lives. Be upset at the mayor that is just a puppet of the True Pine, be upset at the police that will collaborate, be upset at Teodor Koleno, who is the reason this is all happening. If it were up to me, the oil workers would be at home after a shortened, safer day of work. The True Pine would hate that. When the time comes, defend your oil workers and your rail workers, and ensure their good working conditions and right to demand. We can have a better government and a better country. You just have to fight for it. We will win."

The crowd around her erupts into applause and cheers as the police around her maintains their neutral look.

The True Pine's Office

"What the fuck! What the fuck!" Teodor yells, being able to be heard through the thick office door and down the hallway. He clicks off the TV and pounds his desk.

"Goddamn her. She's encouraging people to overthrow me now?! I should have her shot!"

Ján Mäsiar, a Politburo member in the office with him, replies, "Well, maybe she shouldn't have went that far, but I fail to see how she's wrong with everything else, honestly."

"Are you fucking serious? Now you? My Politburo has turned against me. Half of you have expressed your sympathies with that treasonous woman, and the other half is silent, but I know what you're all up to. When this strike is crushed, you will all be purged. This government will not remove me. I was elected by you all just years ago, and now I'm the mortal enemy of Barkadia?"

"Opinions are allowed to change, Teo. We thought you would finally fix this goddamn country. We have barely reformed anything in the last 40 years. Our growth is now slow to the point where the Kolonians will overtake us soon. We trusted you, and you failed. Now you want to crush the first genuine worker's movement we've had in a long time. We should've gotten rid of you much sooner. Sara should be the True Pine, and you should be purged and in jail."

"Leave now, and go fuck yourself, Ján. If I see you with her you will become just another striker to me. I can do many things to discourage you."

Ján Mäsiar slowly leaves the room while shooting a glance at the True Pine. He slams the door as he starts down the hallway.

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Postby Barkadia » Sun Jan 22, 2023 11:26 pm

ČIerné zlato

Viktor Kocúrová was not where he was supposed to be. Despite all of the protests and oil rationing, he still had to attend school for the usual amount of time every day. Today though, he really did not want to go. Viktor wanted to be a part of something bigger, and the protests taking place across the city were that bigger thing. He had to be there and be a part of the movement that overthrew the totalitarian True Pine and his all controlling party. After wandering around and using his phone to find locations, he arrived at the group of protesters at the police barricade in between them and the striking workers, who are now on their 8th day of striking. The public solidarity across the country has boosted their morale.

Viktor started yelling phrases with the crowd like, "down with the red fascists" and, "remove the True Pine!" He had never felt so proud before then. Viktor was a part of the change coming to Barkadia. The days where the communist party was gone and they could be free like the Stractans or the Slavians. He noticed others slowly walking forwards and closing the gap between them and the police barricade, and he followed them. More and more people joined, and eventually, the whole group of protesters was slowly marching in unison towards the police. At first the police didn't do anything, but after a minute, they started yelling warnings over their megaphones.

"Stop advancing at once! We will be forced to act!"

They did not stop. Someone even shouted, "they're bluffing!" as the group continued.

It was 10:39 AM. The sun still wasn't fully above the horizon. The short arctic day started without it anyways. No one there knew exactly when it happened. A young police officer who was mobilized to block and eventually break the strike took aim at the group of people after they refused to stop and fired a shot. He was close enough to tell that he nailed some young guy in the stomach, almost dead center. The person behind him fell too. The bullet must've gone through his body and out the other end. The police around him started shooting as well and the advancing group of protesters either started falling to the ground or running away. After about 30 seconds, those that could've ran were gone, and the rest were on the ground dead or dying.

Viktor Kocúrová was pronounced dead at the hospital at 11:21 AM after a messy evacuation by EMTs, which almost had to force themselves into the area to rescue the wounded. The bullet had almost exploded his stomach and abdominal aorta and he bled out within a minute.

An Apartment, ČIerné zlato

Zlatica Kocúrová was just like any other mother. She bossed around her bratty and defiant teenage son, and when he was gone, usually to school, she did simple chores while getting ready for her mid-shift job at the grocery store on the east side of the city. It's been cold lately, and the government had started more intense oil rationing. She could barely run the heat at all. The phone in the kitchen range. She audibly sighed and walked over to it. Probably Viktor skipping school. He's been complaining about having to go a lot more later.

She picks up the phone.

"Let me guess, he's not at class right now."

"Your son was shot dead by police today after trying to charge the barricades near the strike. His body is at Sonderson People's Hospital. I am very sorry for your loss."

Sára Kollárová

After her speech, Sára went to a secret location and had been almost living in the office there for the last 4 days, only leaving to go to the bathroom. Her TV had been on constantly showing the TAB news network channel. It was the night after the protests turned deadly. More protests erupted nationwide only hours after it happened. The fall of the government seemed inevitable now, and the government had deployed military across the country to defend important buildings and to eventually crush the new strikes and protests rising up. She had to act soon, or it was over for everyone, especially her faction of the party.

She picks up one of her burner phones and dials a number.

"This is Sára Kollárová. Initiate Operation Felling. Get everything moving immediately. We only have one shot before the people toss out the party and hunt us down."

She twists the phone and rips it in half before throwing it into a half full trashcan of other burner phones. She leans back in her office chair and falls asleep while the news channel continues reporting.
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Postby Barkadia » Fri Jan 27, 2023 9:28 pm

True Pine's Office

Teodor Koleno is sitting at his desk, anxious and afraid but still carrying that anger he's had since the beginning of this whole debacle. His government has turned against him. The people of Barkadia are continuing to riot and strike and groups in Kora continue to overwhelm police and push closer to his residence and other important buildings. The economy is crashing and even if he survives this, it's possible that Barkadia might fall into a slump that will take years to recover from. What can he do now?

There is a knock at the door. The head of the Štátna tajná polícia, Martin Jankovič, enters the room without Teodor saying anything.

"Martin, what do you want? Shit is all falling apart now. They'll be coming after you soon too. You monitored all of them, you arrested and beat some of them. You aided in censorship. If you're going to try and convince me of something, there's no point. Everyone is against me. Fuck!" He slams the desk.

Martin sighs through his nose. "There is absolutely nothing you can do. Teodor. You have failed everyone in this country. Sára Kollárová will be True Pine soon enough, and make this country so much better. Your name will go down in infamy. I'm just glad your rule is ending soon."

"Oh, so this is another person coming to tell me about their disloyalty and going on to lecture me. What the fuck! Just go, if that is all this is. I don't need to hear the same shit again and again until some student protester beats me to death."

"It's a lot more than that." He pulls a handgun from inside his coat and aims it at the True Pine. "This is the end of the road for you, Teodor."

The True Pine stares at the minister completely unfazed. "I don't need some poetic monologue. You're not doing anything you haven't done before. You've interrogated people like this, you've killed people for far less. As much as Sára Kollárová makes me angry, I do respect her some still. I hope you and her know what you're doing. It'll take years to fix this mess, and even then the future is uncertain and everything is against you and your faction. You are not innocent in all of this either, and people will find that out eventually. Just d-"

Teodor Koleno was found dead a few minutes later. The news quickly leaked and spread across Barkadia. Protesting and rioting turned into celebration.

The Politburo

Everyone quickly gathered after they heard the news of the assassination. No one knew who had done it yet, but no one cared at the moment. This is what they have all waited for for years. Especially Sára Kollárová. She was the last to arrive, having had to make her way over to Kora from her safehouse.

"Hello everyone. Sorry I am late, I had to fight my way through traffic and all that. Let's get this over with."

Ján Mäsiar speaks loudly from his seat. "All in favor of making Sára Kollárová General Secretary of the Communist Party of Barkadia, and therefore the True Pine of Barkadia?"

Everyone raises their hands.

"Normally we prepare for a day or two before you are inaugurated, but these are special times. You will be inaugurated in front of The Council later today. Barkadia will always be free!"

"Barkadia will always be free!" Everyone yells.


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