[JOKE] Liberate The Blood Cave

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[JOKE] Liberate The Blood Cave

Postby Baby Sobek the Adorable » Thu May 26, 2022 1:01 pm

The assassins… Well, more arsonists in this case, had set upon the library quickly, and repelled enough of the first responders to finish their work. Fortunately, the assassins had been sloppy in their work- A member of the library staff made off with a suitcase in the dark morning hours. The secrets contained within would change everything. Scaled fingers flipped through an ash encrusted book. The chalice that could resurrect the Great Cetacean from His slumber was hidden at the bottom of those sealed caves.

Noting that a state of unease and unexplained disorder befell upon The Blood Cave over a decade ago…

Defining the blood cave as the pit where blood is continuously generated through unknown processes, and not as the underground caverns and aquifers that host the resulting blood...

Remembering that the Blood Cave is where Cain murdered Abel, in the region previously liberated by this august body, Syria...

Suspecting that a continued toleration of The Blood Cave’s anomalous state will led to further disturbances across the multiverse…

Believing that forces exist that are likely capable of neutralizing the abnormal properties of The Blood Cave through an intervention thus far prevented through its sealing.

Recognizing that the properties of the cave system are uncertain, makes provisions for contacting next of kin for first responders.

This Security Council hereby liberates
The Blood Cave

There are forces beyond our simple metaversal plane that have informed me that we must mark this proposal as a "joke", but I have strong hope that my fellow ambassadors can see past this for the need to liberate The Blood Cave for its evil and chaotic nature.

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