[R] Trolling in Abortion Thread

Who needs it, who got it, who hands it out and why.
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[R] Trolling in Abortion Thread

Postby The Caleshan Valkyrie » Mon May 23, 2022 5:25 pm

I’d like to submit the following for consideration as trolling. These do not seem at all productive, and more than a little inflammatory.

The Free Republican Union wrote:Liberals...

The Free Republican Union wrote:
Equai wrote:If his rights is to be taken away he would riot because religion is his birth right and shall not be touched but when it comes to women then its oUr RiGhT and BaBiS and other BS. Those types of people like the republican gringo here would have no problems in being highly hypocritical in orther to defend their "birth rights" while at the same time pressing other people for having the same rights.
I am calling it right here: if white men would be the one to be able to be pregnant they would've legalized abortion long time ago.

Fine. Go kill your own babies.
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Postby Godular » Mon May 23, 2022 6:38 pm

I'm also curious about these posts:

The Free Republican Union wrote:
Necroghastia wrote:No? I don't know where you got any of your ridiculous misunderstandings but no changes of tune have occurred. I would truly be utterly delighted to be shown otherwise.

The first stage of denial. (And possibly the second)

Jewish Underground State wrote:
New haven america wrote:Because you haven't posted or done anything that could be considered as even a slight modicum of an argument.

This is like getting mad that you got an F despite doing nothing to study or improve your grade other than to ask the teacher not to fail you.

"Hey can I change your mind?"

"Give me evidence or a worthwhile argument."

"... Welp, tried everything, guess it can't be done."

"The critics can go to hell. Everyone of them is sexist"

Stage 2: Anger.

I'm just gonna keep this going

Jewish Underground State wrote:
New haven america wrote:I'm sorry, that's not a worthwhile argument, try again.

Back to Stage 2.


These seem a tad flamebait-y, in that they're being dismissive of the other's arguments without actually giving any reason. Just thought I'd check and see whether I'm just being a little jumpy.
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