Global Slave Cartel (ALLIANCE/OPEN/MT)

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Global Slave Cartel (ALLIANCE/OPEN/MT)

Postby Yagerist Ukraine » Mon May 23, 2022 5:09 am

Welcome to the Global Slave Cartel!

Our organisation exists due to our belief that contrary to preaching of certain idealist, human beings are NOT created equal and as such, they do not posses the same rights. This basic fact is derived from scientifically proven Darwin's theory of evolution via natural selection. If evolution is true, then there must exist better and worse peoples, who will compete for resources, and have right to take what is theirs regardless of tears liberals shed over it.

In the words of great philosopher Aristotle, it is destiny of some people to be slaves for they, by nature, can not do anything else. The same is true of certain barbarian races like Russians, who due to their mongol blood can only destroy, rape and plunder without showing any human traits. For them, to serve more civilised peoples is a mercy.

We also believe that slavery is an ancient and useful institution that has done a lot of good in human history. Those who demean it forget that Roman Empire, Muslim Caliphate and all the great civilisations across the centuries did practice slavery in some form or manner. It was existence of slavery that built pyramids and other wonders of the ancient world.

Yet despite that, there are those who deny it. Driven by idealistic philosophies which deny everything Darwin taught, those bleeding heart liberals teach the despicable value of compassion for those who ought to serve. And worse - they use their tiwsted sentiments as an excuse for conquest.

We answer those hypocrites - no more!

The purpose of the Global Slave Cartel is twofold. First, is to provide regulation of the international slave trade among slave-owning nations. Very often the market experiences tumult and we exist to counter that. In this sense we are like OPEC - but selling slaves instead of oil.

The second purpose is the mutual defence of the slave states from aggression of the bleeding-heart idealists who want to damage us.

Each member nation of the GSC is required to adhere to GSC regulations regarding pricing and laws regarding slaves. It also obliged to provide whatever support it deems necessary to a slaver nation under attack and spend at least 2% of GDP on defence.

Onwards - let us enslave our enemies!

- Hanna Sofia, GSC chairman

- Yagerist Ukraine

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Fenwick Foundation
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Postby Fenwick Foundation » Mon May 23, 2022 6:30 am

George Fenwick II says that the restrictive nature of the alliance, being open only to nations, is "backward-looking" and sets it up only for failure. He also criticises the inclusion of matters which no slavers care about outside Yagerist Ukraine, and says that, much like with video games, politics should be left out of slavery.
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