On the Efficacy of Financing Votes (IC / Semi-RPG)

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On the Efficacy of Financing Votes (IC / Semi-RPG)

Postby Kaiserholt » Sat May 21, 2022 6:24 pm

Senator Gaius Horatius: Thank you for attending tonight's discussion on improving democratic processes. Thanks also to [insert higher institute of learning] for providing us this venue. I would like to introduce our current Consul Suffectus Isambard Corfidius.

Consul Suffectus Corfidius: Thank you, Guy. And thank you...*adjusts glasses, squints at papyrus document, disinterestedly mispronounces your local city*...I have been looking forward to visiting your quaint little village for some time.

Whether your nation is the most digital of democracies, or the most restrictive of "public relations" republics, we've all dealt with the same issue...reduced voter turnout, extreme proliferation of political parties, the growth of that most emo of political viewpoints (aka the "independent" voter). All symptoms of the same illness; a decline in citizen involvement in the political process.

There have been many proposals to resolve this problem over time. Mail-in voting, early voting, anonymous ballot drop-boxes. Other societies have proposed mandatory voting, expansion and / or restriction of the franchise. With every proposal comes the standard counter-arguments of corruption, integrity questions, and the paradox of imposing choice. You know them, and have ignored them all in the past. Believe me, I feel you bro. *distractedly waves at an empty portion of the theater*

However, we of the Most Serene Republic would like to suggest another option, one which has worked very well for our civilization over generations beyond count; financing of voter participation. Kaiserholt of course has its bicameral legislature, with an appointed aristocratic upper chamber peopled by the 453 Patrician Clans, and a democratically elected republican lower chamber chosen from the general citizenry. But over time, these bodies have evolved to merely vote on those issues which are of long-term concern for the MSR (war, budget, national infrastructure, etc). Instead of putting less important temporary issues before the busy bicameral legislature, we have devolved increased plebiscitary powers of Referendum to the entire citizenry.

When an issue becomes important enough for a vote to be held, the various points of view on the topic meet in committee to write a proposed solution to said issue. Along with those proposals, each Patrician Clan, Equestrian House, and private interest will provide a pre-determined bulk sum of money to be paid to those citizens who vote their way. Citizens who care enough to vote do so, and the sum provided for that vote are divided equally among that number of voters...whether the proposal passes or fails.

Now we hear your most common complaint, because its a complaint we've experienced for centuries. "But Consul, you're simply bribing citizens to vote." First off, bribery implies a certain degree of criminal behavior, and to assuage your concerns we can confirm that illegal bribery is punished whenever and wherever it is found in the Most Serene Republic. Vote Financing, however, is quite legal, and fiscally benefits all individuals involved. Those wealthy enough to finance these votes will gain a Return on Investment regardless. And those receiving financing might even find a way to profit off the effort of voting, since they are most likely voting on several Referenda at any one time.

Vote Financing.
It increases voter participation when all citizens benefit.
It reduces the corruption of illegal activity.
Thank you. And good night, *names a bigger city in a nation that your country currently has poor relations with*.

Senator: Thank you for your patience. We will now accept inquiries and complaints.
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