Citizens of Columbia (OOC and applications)

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Citizens of Columbia (OOC and applications)

Postby Great United States » Sat May 21, 2022 6:03 pm

An RP where you become a citizen of my country, this is mainly to make some get an insight into the daily life of my nations citizens,sort of like a factbook in RP form

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Full Nation Name:
Character Name:
Class(immigrant,middle class,upper middle class..etc.):
Amount of Beginning money (max 700K):
Position in job:
Class of housing(1st class is luxurious,2nd is middle, 3rd is deteriorating):
Empire Culture America

The US but more European influenced and extra fancy,plus a decent bit of WW1 culture
IC name:Continental Free United States
embassy here
Also,remember "the American dream"?where everyone was rich and free,that was a reality in this nations universe
E pluribusunum
Overhauling Factbooks in progress

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