The Neraserriad [PT|TG to enter]

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The Neraserriad [PT|TG to enter]

Postby Diarcesia » Sat May 21, 2022 6:01 pm


The Merrymount Palace
Cyneburg, Hylvorian Kingdom, The Diarchy
989 AD

"Brother, I understand why this must be done, but does it have to be me?"

"There's no other way. The point is that no matter how you put it, they'll accept no less than our family to secure this arrangement. Seeing as I am no longer available, for obvious reasons, this duty falls unto you, neoterus[1]."

Charimander of Arkess paused to think of his next words. "I don't know if I am good enough for this sort of thing, but if it is to help you and our hard-won security, it will be done."

"You will not fail," Eutaur, Monarch Diarcesian and Hylvorians King said. It was a simultaneous reassurance, challenge, and order. "This will make sure that we do not find our places burnt and looted should we return home."

Charimander nodded. He understood that beyond their borders lie the Host. If rumors were to be believed, the Host were forced out of their homeland and desired for it to not happen again: even if doing so meant enacting a rule of iron and placing a heavy yoke on other peoples' necks. As they speak, he had reason to believe they will expand their southern holdings into the Bearwelder Dominion, and then pour into the Diarchy itself like rapacious predators. Eutaur decided to find all the allies they can get, and fortunately for him, there was a group ready to heed his call. All he needed to do is remind them of a bond his ancestor once formed with theirs.

[1] Little brother
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