[Draft] Dangerous trains have people going off the rails

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[Draft] Dangerous trains have people going off the rails

Postby Absolute Total Paradise » Fri May 20, 2022 10:13 pm

A disastrous accident occurred when a large freight train carrying everything from children’s toys to nuclear waste derailed. With farmers, parents, and environmentalists up in arms over the debacle, it falls to you to solve the problem.

[option 1] “This could have been avoided!” yells environmentalist @@RANDOMNAME@@, while waving a pine branch around and smelling funny. “Every year the trains get longer and the cargo gets more dangerous! It puts not only children at risk, but innocent animals, too! Ban trains now!”

[effect 1]Trains have been banned.
Creates Policy: No trains.
Trains are banned

[option 2] “Now I may not be the wisest man to live” drones railroad owner @@RANDOMNAME@@. “However, I do the best I can to run this nation’s trains for the betterment of the people. I assure you an accident like this will never happen again. Incidentally, I see your public image could use a little boost…”

[effect 2]Rail operators lecture about safety, even as the rivers and streams take on an ominous color.

[option 3] “This just goes to show how inadequate our infrastructure is” says wealthy industrialist @@RANDOMNAME@@.” If there had been more space around the train and more tracks laid out, there shouldn’t be any nature to be polluted. Leader, if you care about this nation, invest in a massive infrastructure project to modernize our transportation”

[effect 3]@@Name@@’s new infrastructure literally leaves the animals out.

[option 4] “There’s no need to go to either extreme says your ever-centrist nephew. Just create more stringent regulation for what trains can and cannot carry as well as an oversight committee to regulate rains and other similar modes of transportation and make sure they truly work in the public interest. Everybody wins.”

[effect 4]Politicians and busybodies are in charge of telling railroads how to run their trains.
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