[DRAFT] Blood-Stained Avocados

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[DRAFT] Blood-Stained Avocados

Postby Bormiar » Fri May 20, 2022 10:58 am

The majority of @@DENONYM@@ avocados come from cartel-controlled companies shipping them across @@NAME@@’s border with Hispanico. After yet another border health inspector was threatened with death if he prevented a shipment from passing through, many in your cabinet are demanding @@NAME@@ no longer turns a blind eye to the cartels’ avocado ring.

Option 1: “We can no longer capitulate to Hispanico and its drug-slinging, avocado-smoking cartels!”, screams @@RANDOMNAME@@, your excitable Minister of Trade as he stands over a large map of Hispanico and stabs knives into strategic locations in the avocado supply chain. “Our operatives have uncovered avocado farms here, here, and here” He points to the locations where he put his knives. “Just say the word, and we’ll take ‘em out.”

Effect: the cartels have been forced to revert back to peddling meth.

Option 2: “I agree that the avocado trade plays a crucial role in the success of the cartels, but we mustn't forget that avocados are necessary to many recipes'', argues your Minister of Hispanican Cuisine. “Simply send the cartels a strongly-worded letter demanding they stop threatening our health inspectors, and go back to feeding the populace with tasty, tasty, avocado-based food. mmmMMM!”.

Effect: avocados didn’t use to contain so much THC.

Option 3: “Ummm… guys, why are we talking about avocados? Shouldn’t we be more worried about, ya know, the drugs?”, sneers your Minister of Condescension. “Direct our resources to taking out labs and farms used to produce—” @@HE@@’s quickly shouted down by the rest of your cabinet for ignoring the severity of the avocado situation. But his point still stands.

Effect: drug lords are known to give seminars on diversification of assets.

Based on the US' issue with this back in February: ... e-avocados

Part of the joke here is that cartels are run like companies and diversify themselves past drugs, which has become a big issue with things like avocados. So option 3 is making fun of the fact that we have to worry about vegetables while they're also smuggling drugs.
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Postby Tee Googly Coffee Me » Sat May 21, 2022 2:33 pm

My only issue with it is the options seem vague? Like how would the trade minister "take them out"? I really like the idea I think the options could be a bit more detailed and clearer
Also option 3 the character's language seems more meek and timid with the stuttering and "ums" but you use "sneers" to describe how they said it. I don't know ifthat first line for them is supposed to read sarcastic, if that's the case I may just not have picked up on that
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