[Appeal] Flamebaiting/Trolling

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[Appeal] Flamebaiting/Trolling

Postby Saiwania » Mon May 16, 2022 10:07 pm

Recently, I've been hit with a warning for this post I made in the buffalo shooting thread that got locked. I don't believe it should stand because from my perspective, I've done nothing wrong and from what I can tell, the rules here weren't broken- even if my blunt/harsh words could come across as that on a surface level. If I'm determined to be in the wrong however, I will accept this setback and move on.

It doesn't constitute trolling because there is no cause for outrage or upset feelings from other posters on this forum, given that no one reported the post or batted an eye at it, although the thread it was in was reported over other users there breaking rules, and I merely got swept up from some overreach happening.

It doesn't constitute flamebaiting because the context is that I was using "race traitor" in a derogatory sense and not as an insult towards anyone on this forum or outside it, but was describing a situation that is likely or certain in the outside world among an informal demographic of people- namely those that cross skin color boundaries for their personal relationships. I was merely describing a likely outcome or situation I expect will or can happen from a scenario I described.

Whilst I probably should've used different terminology that had less risk, I don't know what else I could've said that got my point across as effectively; when people know what "race traitor" refers to and can surely handle it. I ardently insist that I wasn't using it as an insult but as an adjective. If the context is sufficient enough to prove that I didn't purposefully use it as an insult, I conclude that it wasn't flamebaiting. I do not see enough evidence that other users were upset enough by the posting as to be baited into insulting me back or breaking a rule themselves. It isn't a case of "all X are Y" either.

Link to the relevant offending post:
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Postby Lamoni » Mon May 16, 2022 10:28 pm

Whether someone bats an eye at your post or not, does not determine whether it is trolling or not. Similarly, given your prior history, we simply cannot take it for granted that you were using the term "race traitor" in a derogatory fashion, rather than as an insult.

That having been said however, your post is tap dancing right on the line of being actionable, but is not QUITE enough to go over the line. Next time, use less inflammatory terminology in order to get your point across. Warning repealed.
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