[Tennis/NSTT] Clay court season 8 [RP/Results]

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[Tennis/NSTT] Clay court season 8 [RP/Results]

Postby Electrum » Sat May 14, 2022 4:51 am

NationStates Tennis Tour clay court season 8 RP thread


This thread will be the thread where roleplays and results will be posted for the NationStates Tennis Tour's clay court season.

Scorination Details
All tournaments are scorinated on xkoranate. Singles tournaments have best of three tiebreak sets and doubles tournaments will be best of two sets with a match tiebreaker. Grand slam singles and doubles tournaments will be best of five and three sets respectively with a final advantage set.

The logarithm ranking points are used. To determine the doubles seeding the average of the two doubles player's logarithmic rankings are used. Draws for both the singles and doubles competition are seeded. All roleplays are scored with quality over quantity emphasized. Multiple roleplays submitted on the same day will be counted as one larger whole. All players without ranking points will have a skill level equal to the lowest main draw player's logarithmic points, if that nation has roleplayed previously or in the tournament.

Where there are more entrants than available places, a knock-out qualification round is played. At the conclusion of each tournament, rankings are updated to reflect the new points earned by players. These points last one season.

NSTT Clay court season 8 sign-up thread
NSTT Season 8 tournament timeline and rankings
NSTT Discussion/OOC thread
NSTT Discord server

Timeline (all times in UTC)
9 May - Sign-ups begin
22 May - Plava Laguna Open Tour sign-ups close
24 May to 30 May - Plava Laguna Open Tour
30 May - Antillia Masters sign-ups close
1 Jun to 8 Jun - Antillia Masters
13 Jun - Hamilton International/Electrum International sign-ups close
15 Jun to 21 Jun - Hamilton International/Electrum International
23 Jun - Beçonailles sign-ups close
25 Jun to 4 Jul - Beçonailles
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Plava Laguna Open

Postby Srednjaci » Sat May 14, 2022 4:12 pm


For the first time in history, Srednjaci will host an international NSTT tournament. The Tier 2 tournament is the result of excellent cooperation between the National Tennis Association DR Srednjaci and the NSTT organization. The candidacy for the household was expressed by the city of Plava Laguna.
Apart from the great cooperation between NSTT and Srednjaci, the most deserving for holding the tournament are the tennis players of the host country who have achieved great results in the past season and a half.

HOST CITY : Plava Laguna is a beautifull small city with its 35 000 inhabitants.
The town of Plava Laguna is known for its incredible maritime beauties and blue lagoons. Clear sea, beautiful beaches and untouched forests make this place attractive to tourists. Plava Laguna is the tourist center of the country and we also call it the Biser Obale-"Pearl of the Coast".
The city also has an ancient heritage because it is located near the great city of Melarit. In ancient times Melarit and the Plava Laguna, in ancient times called Stella Maris, were important trading ports. Therefore, it is not surprising that a large number of historical excavations from that time, including the main Forum, palaces and beautiful frescoes in the villas of merchants powermen.
Stella Maris was defeated in the Second Oil War. After that war the city was ravaged by a terrible fire and only some 130 years ago, the city started its rise again. Just 100 years ago, the city changed its name to Plava Laguna.
At this time of year the maximum temperatures are between 28 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees Celsius. The average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius with moderate humidity and mild wind mistral.
Plava Laguna is located just 24 km from Melarit. It is connected to the high-speed train line from Melarit. Melarat has a large airport and the train that runs directly to Plava Laguna is located underground below the airport. In addition to the train, Plava Laguna also has a large passanger seaport in Pitnica as well as several large marinas for yachts and boats. It is connected by roads to the main coastal highway A1.


ACCOMMODATION: Plava Laguna offers a lot of different accommodation of all categories including hotel resorts, camps of the highest categories including those camps for nudists.
Private apartment accommodation offers a large number of providers and for guests of deep and thick wallet, there are a large number of exclusive villas with swimming pools, saunas, gyms and sports fields.



PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION offers a lot of beautifull houses

TOURNAMENT : The Tier 2 tournament will be played on the Stella Maris courts. There will be players who do not have more than 500 points in the NSTT rankings in the single competition and more than 1000 combined in the doubles competition.
More than 1,500 employees and volunteers will be acquired at the tournament, who will make sure that the tournament runs smoothly and that all competitors find their stay as pleasant as possible.
An enviable list of performers has been prepared for the partys and after partys. The most famous names are the electro dance group Colonia, Dj Pyetro, Matilda, Ivy Bee, rock band Prljavo Kazalište and many others.
Therefore, a handful of rich sports and entertainment content awaits us.
In addition to sports and entertainment, the Plava Laguna Open also organizes a business symposium. At the symposium, domestic and foreign companies will look for an opportunity for mutual cooperation in the international market.



Cut-off times are anticipated to be around 21.00h Center European Time.

Day             Singles                   Doubles
24 May Qualifying Matches
25 May First Round First Round
26 May Second Round Day Off
27 May Third Round Second Round
28 May Quarterfinal Quarterfinal
29 May Semi-final Semi-final
30 April Final Final


Singles — Qualifying

Singles qualifier 1
Manaf Atef (KRB) vs Saša Buljan (KHA)

Singles qualifier 2
Arsenije Tanacković (KHA) vs Sigrid Vasakärven (PUG)

Singles qualifier 3
Reham Fakharany (KRB) vs Cornelis Zapfe (PUG)

Singles — Main Draw

Doubles— Main Draw

SPONSORS: And of course, the tournament and the tournament director Goran Blašković thank the sponsors without whom this tournament would not be possible.
Special thanks go to the National Tennis Association for its great support in organizing the tournament.Media sponsor World Arena Sport (WAS).



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Postby Costa de Ouro » Sun May 15, 2022 8:02 am


In the 16th century, Portuguese-speaking explorers from Morroseta headed west across the Mar de Solidão looking for the fabled Seven Cities of Antillia. Although they found an archipelago with eight islands and golden shores, they did not find those fabled cities — but they decided to call both their principal settlement on the principal island and the island itself Antillia, after the myth they had unsuccessfully chased. They had founded Costa de Ouro, named after its fabulous golden beaches (that, alas, they could not use as currency back home on Morroseta).

Beyond the centrally located Antillia, other major cities in the kingdom include Nova Lisboa and Albergaria on the island of Santa Maria and the grimy industrial city of São Alberto, also on Antillia island. Politically, Costa de Ouro has retained the monarchy under the Aviz dynasty (with His Majesty Pedro III currently on the throne). The islands are unified with Morroseta, on the main Astyrian continent, in a confederation called the Avissian Union.

Antillia itself is a city of around 835,000 people with immense colonial charm, much in the Portuguese Manueline style common during the Age of Discovery. The King Pedro Tennis Club, close to the city center along the ritzy Avenida dos Aviz, will host the Antillia Masters. Despite having hosted this tournament for five times previously, the main stadium only has a capacity of around 7,500 spectators, with the two other show courts having capacities of around 4,000 spectators and other courts having space for around 500.

The tennis club is close to tourist attractions such as the Pálacio do Rei, home of Pedro III himself, who will make an appearance at the tournament's finals while officially presenting the singles and doubles trophies. However, the main airport (Sonhos International Airport) is located in an "aerotropolis" around 30 minutes by train from the main city in the center of the island. Beyond playing tennis, spectators and players could partake in the city's historic districts, take in a bit of sun at the country's namesake beaches (including the Igreja do Cristo beach, which makes for a nice day trip from Antillia), or scuba and snorkel in the equatorial waters just offshore. Visitors can also enjoy the cuisine at a variety of small cafes, some of which specialize in fish dishes such as moqueca costenha and pastries called pastéis

Players have the option of staying at the baroque Hotel Alameda, a ten-minute walk from the practice courts and grounds, or at one of the numerous and quaint pousadas that dot the city center. Both options are renowned for their hospitality, as befitting an extremely friendly people. Alternatively, if players desire more modern accommodation, they could stay at a townhouse or condo in the swanky postmodern Vila do Pôr-do-Sol, about a 30-minute drive south from the city center. Portuguese is the most common language, but travelers can get by in English, French, or Nikolian, common because of the tourist clientele that frequents Costa de Ouro. Whatever you do, do not try to address a costenho in Spanish. You'll just make yourself look like an idiot.

Clockwise, starting at top left: King Pedro III Tennis Club; Pálacio do Rei; Antillia from above; Igreja do Cristo beach; O Diplomata cafe; Vila do Pôr-do-Sol


Singles Draw:
Doubles Draw:

Doubles Qualifying Draw:
(1) Jaguar Zenteanite/Leone Na (BRI) vs Jan Perdija/Bruno Vuk (KHA)
(7) Miguel Taberon/Pedro Arrachar (ACS) vs Kim Chester/Vivian Walsh (UAD)

(2) Liam Penderyn/Jac Iegis (CEN) vs Ahmed Abdulaziz/Mohamed lotfy (KRB)
(6) Vječeslav Korent/Alen Glesnik (DOT) vs Queenie Matadora/Xander Spailla (ILD)

(3) Konstadinos Papadimitrou/Styliani Kelesdou (BRO) vs Allan Bogan/Donnell Early (GMB)
(8) Lucas Magnier/Adelinde Günther (RCN) vs Claire Koubek/Blake Gabolon (SAT)

(4) Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani (PCU) vs Carla Tormo/Lara Navarro (AQL)
(5) Diana Jansen/Haikal Jansen (SHT) vs Ruslan Chernichenko/Alexander Zaretsky (WSN)

Schedule: All dates in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Cutoffs anticipated to be 9pm-11:59pm EDT.
June 2: Round 1 (singles)
June 3: Round 2 (singles) | Qualifying (doubles)
June 4: Round 3 (singles) | Round 1 (doubles)
June 5: Round 4 (singles) | Round 2 (doubles)
June 6: Quarterfinals
June 7: Semifinals
June 8: Finals
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Postby Electrum » Sun May 15, 2022 8:03 am

Image Image

Hamilton International VIII and Electrum International I

The Electrum Lawn Tennis Association is proud to present the eighth edition of the Hamilton International and the first edition of the newly rebadged Electrum International. The Tier 1 tournament was named the Electrum International, the tournament changed its name to highlight Hamilton, the hot and dusty city.

About Electrum and Hamilton
Electrum is a sports-mad country. It loves its Olympics and its football, but the most important sport in Electrum is the tennis. Tennis in Electrum is administered by the all-powerful Electrum Lawn Tennis Association. Due to the stature of the ELTA, it exerts a high amount of influence in international tennis, especially in the NationStates Tennis Tour, where it captured the presidency after Ceni's withdrawal.

There are a few quirks when coming to Electrum. One of them is its digital currency, the Synergy, which is known for its ubiquity. Upon arrival, all people can gain access to the card based digital currency, but tourists often complain that these cards which are very easily stolen but also incredibly convenient to use. Electrum is also a relaxed country -- it has very socially libertarian laws such as the decriminalisation of all drugs. It's a place to let off some steam and to have some fun.

The events will be scheduled on the clay courts of the Hamilton Tennis Club, approximately two hours north of Centralis by plane. Hamilton's courts are known for their long rallies and hot temperatures, making it very taxing for players. Temperatures are regularly in the high twenties-high thirties Celsius, and on rare occasions, above 40. On such high heat days, the tournament's heat policy will go into effect, meaning that players on outside courts will be forced to stop mid-match until the temperature goes down to an acceptable level. Players on courts with roofs will temporarily have play suspended as the roofs close. The pair of events are known to push players to the limit.

Playing Conditions
The Hamilton Tennis Park, much like its southern counterpart, has three roofed arenas. These are in decreasing size: The Cauldron, and Court 2 and 3. These three roofed arenas actually make up a superstructure called The Tinderbox (please see stadium photos below). The roofed arenas are essential for the long, hot days in Hamilton. Outside courts are well attended. Fans watching play on these courts will be cooled down with industrial fans, water coolers and water jets to ensure that dehydration and extreme heat won't be too much of a factor. All players will have access to a ''coolbox" placed next to their chairs on all courts at all times. The "coolbox" is actually a refrigerator that contains ice, chilled drinks and towels and food. The coolbox also has an attachment to a moveable cooling tube which blasts cold air, so players can use the move the cooling tube around their body during breaks to cool off.

The Cauldron

Court 2, 3 and Outer Courts

Accommodation and transportation to Electrum is provided for free with players flying to Centralis, and then going on a domestic two-hour flight to Hamilton. Players will stay at the Crown Hotel, Hamilton, a five star hotel-casino complex with all the trimmings that you can expect. Teams will be transported by a chauffeur daily in a private car to the Hamilton Tennis Park. Once the tournament is over, chauffeurs will bring you back to airport for exit, with winners going in special limousines.

History of Tennis in Electrum and Hamilton
The Electrum Lawn Tennis Association has hosted tournaments for the NSTT from the very beginning. These have included the Electrum Slam, the International Team Trophy, the Terranean Slam in Somer and of course, the Hamilton International. In recent years, there have been changes to the tournaments that the ELTA hosts. The Hamilton International tournament was voluntarily downgraded from the Grand Slam to the Tier 1 level, while Somer, after losing the Terranean Slam event, has been given the rights to host the International Team Trophy. The Electrum International tournament was added to provide a greater opportunity for lower ranked athletes to gain points.

After recent complaints about the heat stress faced by players in Hamilton, the organisers have lobbied the government to upgrade the facilities of the Hamilton Tennis Park. New innovations such as the coolboxes and the newly built Tinderbox have increased both player and audience comfort.

Previous Champions
2014a - Ardil Navsal (CEN)
2014b - Elaine Foyner (CEN)
2015 - Elaine Foyner (CEN)
2016 - Lonus Varalin (CEN)
2018 - Dagmar Liùsaidh (FCF)
2020 - Bartolo Sabanero (AQL)
2021 - John Ivanisevic (BGG)

2014a - Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (ETM)
2014b - Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (ETM)
2015 - Ray Thomas/Hayley Von Pelt (TAI)
2016 - Samuel Gates/Greg Meares (ETM)
2018 - Leo Garry/Elizabeth Quehall (BRI)
2020 - Valentina Spetsova/Austin McDanielson (TJU)
2021 - Sara Zhuo/Gyrachor Rentos (ETM/CEN)

*2014a = as Electrum International, 2014b = as Hamilton International
**2020 = The tournament was held at the Grand Slam level

Draw and Schedule
Draw - Hamilton International (Tier 1)
Qualifier 1
(1) Alen Glesnik (DOT) vs Saan Kahn (ILD)
Qualifier 2
(2) Ayu Ratih Kemalasari (PCU) vs Perla Banyo (ILD)
Qualifier 3
(3) Paula Suárez (AQL) vs Robin Merssen (GCZ)
Qualifier 4
(4) Iris Bergadhga (ACS) vs Pedri Garnach (GCZ)
Qualifier 5
(5) Johmer Vales (CEN) vs Xavier Moretti (GCZ)
Qualifier 6
(6) Sandra Mae (DOT) vs Jasper Mel (ILD)
Qualifier 7
(7) Matéu Virxiliu (AQL) vs Lara Navarro (AQL)

Section 1
(1) Georg Heraklit (PUG) vs bye
Amarsin Gandas (ADB) vs Maddison Scott (ETM)
Philippe Baloui (TJU) vs Augusta Björnstjärna (PUG)
(13) Dijana Jukić (DOT) vs bye
(11) Tena Špiričić (SRE) vs bye
Qualifier 5 vs Indah Susanti (PCU)
Jean van de Kloor (TJU) vs Qualifier 7
(7) Janet Riley (ETM) vs bye

Section 2
(4) Ardil Navsal (CEN) vs bye
Indigo Crawford (UAD) vs Qualifier 1
Fredrik Stagnelius (PUG) vs Qualifier 4
(16) Lucija Bagarić (SRE) vs bye
(12) Valentina Spetsova (TJU) vs bye
Qualifier 2 vs (WC) Minna Dawn (ILD)
Kim Chester (UAD) vs (WC) Jan Auxerre (GCZ)
(6) Lonus Varalin (CEN) vs bye

Section 3
(2) Arthur Leloup (RCN) vs bye
Dioro Hansil (CEN) vs Dale Carman (UAD)
Qualifier 6 vs Bartolo Sabanero (AQL)
(15) Dorotea Granit (PUG) vs bye
(9) Ivan Štimac (SRE) vs bye
Dewa Ayu Cintya Dewi (PCU) vs Davi Malakkar (ACS)
Lucas Parvash (ACS) vs Abelie Fontana (RCN)
(5) Foger Rederer (ADB) vs bye

Section 4
(3) Andrew Simmons (ETM) vs bye
Vivian Walsh (UAD) vs Eva Sarvan (ACS)
Ilonka Plevnik (DOT) vs Lucien Le Floch (RCN)
(14) Emily Romanescu (ADB) vs bye
(10) Joe Katsi (TJU) vs bye
Alina Koreleva (SRE) vs Jack Ho (ETM)
Gaëlle Sellier (RCN) vs Qualifier 3
(8) Ngurah Putra Muliawan (PCU) vs bye

Qualifier 1
Queenie Matadora/Xander Spailla (ILD) vs Kevin Vrack/Louis Joulet (GCZ)

Section 1
(1) Sara Zhuo/Gyrachor Rentos (ETM/CEN) vs bye
Eka Putrawan/Dwi Ratmadi (PCU) vs Indigo Crawford/Dale Carman (UAD)
Tena Špiričić/Alina Koreleva (SRE) vs Emily Romanescu/Amarsin Gandas (ADB)
(7) Inès Fournier/Camille Fournier (RCN) vs Kendra Fulhampton/Michael Fulhampton (TJU)
(5) Georg Heraklit/Arne Oxwald (PUG) vs Miguel Taberon/Pedro Arrachar (ACS)
Marcus Hathwar/Jack Ho (ETM) vs Carla Tormo/Lara Navarro (AQL)
Lucas Magnier/Adelinde Günther (RCN) vs Ana Radkkar/Eva Radkkar (ACS)
(3) Elia Xal/Fia Xal (CEN) vs bye

Section 2
(2) Val Korekal/Luciano Crepaldi (CEN/SOR) vs bye
Maria Santa-Luis/Wayne Sitt (ILD) vs Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani (PCU)
Damir Pernar/Bojan Nož (DOT) vs Kim Chester/Vivian Walsh (UAD)
(6) Leonid Farkaš/Goran Ibrahimović (SRE) vs Kim Li Bo/Mei Li Bo (TJU)
(8) Bartolo Sabanero/Qualo Tabos (AQL) vs (WC) Kleber Pinargote/Jamie De Dries (GCZ)
Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (ETM) vs Ilonka Plevnik/Mihaela Mazurkijević (DOT)
Augusta Björnstjärna/Anthony Kawasaki (PUG/ETM) vs Qualifier 1
(4) Coosal Darlcheri/Perger Rianor (CEN) vs bye

Draw - Electrum International (Tier 2)
Qualifier 1
Vin Cents (ILD) vs Aloia Barreira (AQL)

Section 1
(1) Hildebrant Weisgerber (RCN) vs bye
Wen Si Ye (DOT) vs Isis Dimpal (ACS)
Lacey John (UAD) vs Carles Puig (AQL)
(16) Austin McDanielson (TJU) vs bye
(11) Petra Mačinković (SRE) vs bye
Jason Argo (ILD) vs Timaeus Andersson (PUG)
Vilim Gulić (DOT) vs Liam Penderyn (CEN)
(8) Igor Matković (SRE) vs bye

Section 2
(4) Marisa Maradona (CEN) vs bye
Selina Favreau (ETM) vs Kirigundi Padurjili (PCU)
Sal Ama (ILD) vs Andy Amada (CEN)
(14) Derby Cuellar (UAD) vs bye
(12) Carmichael Brown (ETM) vs bye
Duwanisarga Yajamaja (PCU) vs Bojan Nož (DOT)
Aaren Seabrooke (UAD) vs Shinji Makauchi (TJU)
(6) Komang Agus Artawan (PCU) vs bye

Section 3
(2) Felipe de la Rosa (TJU) vs bye
Mary Manza (ILD) vs Qualifier 1
Sigrid Vasakärven (PUG) vs Hakim Kalah-Mustafa (TJU)
(15) Tristan Delisle (RCN) vs bye
(10) Marcus Hathwar (ETM) vs bye
Cornelis Zapfe (PUG) vs Pierre Moure (GCZ)
André Bapako (ACS) vs Bruno Radmar (ACS)
(5) Kika Dovan (CEN) vs bye

Section 4
(3) Leonora Gaditas (ACS) vs bye
Sibylla Naess (PUG) vs Garbiñe Flor (AQL)
Dora Klemenčić (SRE) vs Damir Pernar (DOT)
(13) Sílvia García (AQL) vs bye
(9) Thibaut Berthelot (RCN) vs bye
Luka Šatorić (SRE) vs Silas Ballegas (GCZ)
Esterina Picarelli (RCN) vs Teagan Cantrell (UAD)
(7) Maria Sophia Lubis (PCU) vs bye

All entries enter main draw - no qualification.

Section 1
(1) Jordi Pérez/Rubén Pérez (AQL) vs bye
Sandra Mae/Wen Si Ye (DOT) vs Ukio Katayama/Martin Ocvirek (SRE/RAS)
Duwanisarga Yajamaja/Kirigundi Padurjili (PCU) vs Garbiñe Flor/Carles Puig (AQL)
(7) Kayla Mckerrin/Vladimir Boiyskovsky (TJU) vs bye
(5) Leanne Stewart/Ilham Nugraha (ETM/PCU) vs bye
Oscar Lamurdela/Rebecca Vasankar (ACS) vs Igor Matković/Madyson Ryding (SRE)
André Bapako/Isis Dimpal (ACS) vs Kell Korden/Myria Primarch (CEN)
(3) Bryson Dingley/Nissa Tran (ETM) vs bye

Section 2
(2) Alen Glesnik/Vječeslav Korent (DOT) vs bye
Evan New/John Mutler (ILD) vs Tristan Delisle/Esterina Picarelli (RCN)
Sibylla Naess/Timaeus Andersson (PUG) vs Arthur Leloup/Hildebrant Weisgerber (RCN)
(8) Vuyani Rabada/Kaui Kamakawiwo'ole (TJU) vs bye
(6) Aaren Seabrooke/Lacey John (UAD) vs bye
Jim Snakeoil/Miguel Llawnpoylnygeron (CIS) vs Chandra Wiguna/Bruno Ayragadh (PCU/ACS)
Aarna Sing/Zara Sing (ILD) vs Jana Arkinn/Will Nolovor (CEN)
(4) Teagan Cantrell/Derby Cuellar (UAD) vs bye

All deadlines are 0900 GMT

15 Jun - Qualification
16 Jun - Singles first round
17 Jun - Singles second round, Doubles first round
18 Jun - Singles third round, Doubles second round
19 Jun - Day of rest
20 Jun - Quarterfinals
21 Jun - Semifinals
22 Jun - Final
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Postby Recuecn » Sun May 15, 2022 3:43 pm


Beçonailles is a picturesque Reçuecian city nestled under a hill in one loop of a winding river. Bridges radiate outward across the bending river, leading toward the centre ville, which has a classic European feel with narrow, cobbled streets whose high-end shops hum with pedestrian traffic. The city's uniform tiled roofs and 12th century Romanesque cathedral add to its "medieval" atmosphere, but it is a very modern place. The stadium complex at which matches are held is only about a kilometer and a half out of town.

This will not be the first edition of Les Championnats Beçonailles has hosted, and in fact the city has given its name to the tournament in common Reçuecian parlance, so that the competition itself is simply referred to as "Beçonailles." This helps avoid confusion with le championnat, the highest tier of Reçuecian football. The city of Beçonailles has hosted Reçueçn's premier tennis tournament for over a hundred years. However, this is only the second time the event will be an NSTT grand slam, bringing a new level of international attention to the competition.

Center Court at Beçonailles
It has been a sudden transformation for Beçonailles, which has historically been, like many other tournaments of its kind, an event steeped in tradition. Until just a few years ago, the event did not accept foreign entrants. Obviously, allowing non-Reçuecian competitors entirely changed the atmosphere of the tournament, but the decision, made by the new Ministry of Sport three cycles ago, has been enthusiastically accepted by the tournament organizers, and by the fans, who are happy to see the sport played at an even higher level. The players were also pleased to find that the competition's growth into an international event served as a welcome harbinger of the return of the NSTT. Beçonailles merged with the tour, being designated as the clay swing grand slam in only its second year of official affiliation with the NSTT.

Coming from the Hamilton International, temperatures at Beçonailles, toward the north of Reçueçn, will be comparatively cooler and hopefully more pleasant for fans and players alike, although it can still get pretty warm here in the summer. The tournament organizers are hoping for good weather as the stadium does not have a roof to protect the courts from rain.

The easiest way to get to the tournament for visiting international fans is most likely to catch a flight to Genève and take a train from there. Or, if you're already on the continent, don't bother flying at all and just take the train in the first place. Once in Beçonailles, you will find that as in everywhere else in Reçueçn, there is a very high standard for public transport. There's plenty to do and see in Reçueçn while you visit for the tournament, whether for you that means visiting art galleries, history museums, charming old cities, or sampling the local gastronomy on which the nation prides itself.

Tournament Draws
Singles Draw
(1) Saan Kahn (ILD) vs Tayyeb Koroma (EBO)
(2) Perla Banyo (ILD) vs Michelle Obama (WBO)
(3) Luka Šatorić (SRE) vs Emily Barock (WBO)
(4) Garbiñe Flor (AQL) vs Maya O'Bama (WBO)
(5) Sal Ama (ILD) vs Kevin Vrack (GCZ)
(6) Pierre Moure (GCZ) vs Reda Rahimi (EBO)
(7) Phillip Mabott (BPE) vs Aharon Jafari (EBO)
(8) Jason Argo (ILD) vs Nicole Obamad (WBO)
(9) Xavier Moretti (GCZ) vs Akbar Farra (EBO)
(10) Vin Cents (ILD) vs Lily Lobamas (WBO)
(11) Robin Merssen (GCZ) vs Ace Hanson (BPE)
(12) Pedri Garnach (GCZ) vs Amy H. Bama (WBO)
Zuhayr Maroun (EBO) vs Mikhail Lobodovic (BPE)
Usman Shakoor (EBO) vs Louis Joulet (GCZ)

Doubles Draw
(1) Queenie Matadora/Xander Spailla (ILD) vs Christine Obama/Nicole Obamad (WBO)
(2) Maria Santa-Luis/Wayne Sitt (ILD) vs Saladin Rais/Asif Kamali (EBO)
(3) Garbiñe Flor/Carles Puig (AQL) vs Michelle Obama/Maya O'bama (WBO)
(4) Evan New/John Mutler (ILD) vs Tahir Srour/Salam Ali (EBO)
(5) Aarna Sing/Zara Sing (ILD) vs Emily Barock/Amy H. Bama (WBO)
(6) Ace Hanson/Mikhail Lobodovic (BPE) vs Gamal Zaidi/Aman Qazi (EBO)

Cutoffs 23:59 UTC (8 pm EST)
June 25: Qualifying Rounds
June 26: Round 1 Part 1
June 27: Round 1 Part 2 (Doubles Round 1)
June 28: Round 2 (Cutoff 2 hours later than usual)
June 29: Round 3
June 30: Round 4
July 1: Quarterfinals
July 2: Semifinals
July 3: Finals
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Postby United Adaikes » Tue May 24, 2022 7:39 am

It will be an exciting clay season for the United Adaikesian Tier 2 tennis players.

Over at the doubles event, the pair of Aaren Seabrooke and Lacey John are seeded 3rd, waiting in the 2nd round for the winner of the 1st round match between the pair of Chandra Wiguna from Pemecutan and Bruno Ayragadh from Acastanha versus the Waukesha pair from Dexterra.

The other Adaikesian pair of Derby Cuellar and Teagan Cantrell is seeded 8th and are preparing for their 1st round match against Donald David and Georgios Tiskas from Brookstation.

However, it's quite the opposite in the singles event, as all players are not seeded. Two Adaikesians are even facing seeded players in the 1st round of the singles event, with Aaren Seabrooke facing #4 Marisa Maradona from Ceni and Teagan Cantrell playing with #10 Haikal Jansen from Sharktail.

Derby Cuellar will face Dexter Tristan Armstrong, while Lacey John will be playing against Selena Favreau from Electrum.

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Postby Srednjaci » Tue May 24, 2022 12:00 pm


And this are the result of qualifying matches.

Singles qualifier 1
Manaf Atef (KRB) 6 6 q
Saša Buljan (KHA) 4 4

Singles qualifier 2
Arsenije Tanacković (KHA) 2 6 2
Sigrid Vasakärven (PUG) 6 2 6 q

Singles qualifier 3
Reham Fakharany (KRB) 7 6 q
Cornelis Zapfe (PUG) 5 1
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Postby Electrum » Wed May 25, 2022 5:38 am

Centralis Herald - Sports Section - Kimiko Shigaraki

Into the sunshine of Srednjaci

After a very long break, the NationStates Tennis Tour is whirring back in action with a run of four clay court tournaments. With it comes a lot of renewed optimism and hope for the future. For Electrum's tier 2 players, this is an opportunity to prove themselves and shoot for a future Tier 1 position. As many people know, at the heart of the ELTA selection is a ruthless meritocracy where only the best players get the opportunities to get the most points. We saw how competitive it was earlier this year with five players competing for four spots -- sadly this time it was Carmichael Brown came off fifth-best in that race. Below, we preview some of the matches coming up.

Carmichael Brown vs Kirigundi Padurjili
How the mighty have fallen. Brown, known for his antics on the court, yelling at the crowd and cultivating a general bad-boy image, has lost his coveted Tier 1 spot after two and a quarter seasons. His spot has been ceded to the likes of Ho, Scott and Moore. In the end of the day, the selectors lost patience in him and the trap door was opened. In the past, nothing could motivate him. Perhaps this undercard match against Padurjili might fire him up. If he can control his anger, he can play in an almost unstoppable manner with a crushing serve and great returns -- with his service games lasting a minute he can immediately pile the pressure back onto his opponent during their service game. But when he's not feeling up to the task he can play trick shots and complain about all manner of things at the chair umpire. If Padurjili can weather the storm then the fall of Brown may continue.

Valkyrie Constantine vs Marcus Hathwar
A top player in the doubles, Hathwar has always being playing singles as more of a side-gig. He gets an easy draw against a 133-year-old 20-feet/6-metre player in Valkyrie Constantine which is not a sentence anyone would usually write. Of course Constantine is a Valentian and she will face many of the same issues that virtually all of the other bulky players have which is movement. Tall, bulky players tend to be awkward on movement and are always slow to return to the ball. If Hathwar can play a bit more intelligently and read Constantine's serves, and moving the Valentian from one side of the court to the other, he can push up and close the point out using his doubles expertise with a volley or two.

Lacey John vs Selina Favreau
After securing her first ever win in the Vika Open, it's been slim pickings ever since with first round losses in Gergary and Electrum. Lacey John is 130 places above Favreau and is the clear favourite to win this match given John's experience. Favreau has a long way to improve to get to the top -- her serve is slowly being put together and day by day she is improving both her backhand and her forehand.
Olympic Council President and NationStates Tennis Tour President - NSTT rankings and season seven schedule

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Postby Teglea » Wed May 25, 2022 5:40 am

(Can I join the nudist camp?)

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Postby Gnejs » Wed May 25, 2022 6:01 am

Smash! Magazine

Plava Laguna Open

Vasakärven pulls through and Zapfe comes up short as clay season kicks off in Srednjaci
By: Thea Winther
Srednjaci is no stranger to anyone familiar with international tennis. The names Tena Špiričić and Ivan Štimac, or doubles powerhouse Leonid Farkas and Goran Ibrahimovic has made sure of that. This clay season does however mark the first name we see an NSTT tournament being hosted here. The city of Plava Laguna, beautifully located by the sea and known for its lagoons, has opened its arms to the world and droves of hopeful players have descended here to contend for points and glory in the Tier 2 Plava Laguna Open. This is true also of four Union players.

As avid readers of Smash! Magazine are undoubtedly aware, there was something of a dramatic upheaval regarding the Union Tier 2 spots earlier this year. While Ingrid Dal, Sibylla Naess and Timaeus Andersson were the prequalified players, disappointing results in the Vika Open led the the GTF board to withdraw them from international competitions and instead arrange a domestic single elimination tournament. This tournament consisted of 16 of the highest ranked players (excluding players ranked 1-5), where the top four would gain the honor of being the Union’s Tier 2 participants for the remainder of the season. Both Andersson and Naess managed to secure their positions, whereas Dal did not. Instead, newcomers Sigrid Vasakärven and Cornelis Zapfe had their lifes turned upside down as they quickly went from preparing for regional domestic competitions to training for the international circuit.

We saw the first results of that preparation today, as both Vasakärven and Zapfe competed in the qualification stage to the singles tournament. Cornelis Zapfe looked a bit bewildered going up against Reham Fakharany of Krbustan, but still managed to keep pace in the first set, even though he ultimately lost 7-5. There was never any doubt who was the better player in the second set though, and the figures 6-1 really says it all. Sigrid Vasakärven, on the other hand, pulled off a massive surprise in besting Arsenije Tanacković of Khacia in a game that went to a deciding third set. I say surprising, because Sigrid is mostly known as a grass court player and have never shown any great prowess on clay. She made a convincing figure today, however, and with that secured entry to the tournament proper. Sigrid will now have to face Mohamed Iotfy – also from Krbustan – who was spared the qualifying round via a wildcard. It’ll be exciting to see what Sigrid can do here.

Timaeus Andersson, on the other hand, is up against 1st seed Abelie Fontana of Reçueçn. Fontana has had a bit of a fall in recent times, but there can be no doubts about her capabilities when everything align as it should, and especially on her preferred clay. Ranked at the top spot down in Plava Laguna, this will prove a massive challenge for Andersson.

Sibylla Naess is up against André Bapako of Acastanha. None of the players are seeded, and everything points towards an open game. Sibylla is a southron girl, and we know she prefers playing on clay. Let’s hope that’ll give her the edge she needs to push through and advance to the second round.

Our other top sport stories

Georg Heraklit dropped by sponsor Valhall Chicken after that weird TV-stunt – most still agree eating lasagna with spoon is wrong

Dandelions good form continues in the WCQ
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Postby Pemecutan » Wed May 25, 2022 8:01 am


Buda Umanis Wuku Julungwangi, Pawukon 1783

Where's The Tour?

Pemecutan Puri - It is the 9th week of 1783 year in Pemecutan and no news is coming from PTA about the new system of domestic tour. Last year, the association abruptly cancelled the tour when it was just begin. The pressure from the clubs to established a more reliable domestic competition make the association made such a move. But the decision is very unpopular.

I'm okay with the association plan to create a better tour although I'm not seeing any flaws from the PTA Tour. But their decision to cancelled what's already began is really hurtful. After the success of the first year, we as domestic tennis players have see the tour as our place to practice. To improve our skills. And the association just killed our place.

Surya Kusuma Atmaja
Tennis player

When the PTA was asked about this, no one is dare to answer. With domestic tour still on hold, the question of regeneration Pemecutanian tennis player in international stage become a big question. The beginning of clay court season of NSTT have signaled some changes in the Pemecutan squad. Ngurah Putra Muliawan has announced his intention to take fewer events than he previously did. Double player, Oka Sulastra is also rumour to resigned from NSTT, although this is not confirmed yet. But his absent in the beginning of clay court season have fire up the rumour. While Oka Sulastra himself hasn't confirmed about this rumour.

With the said facts, there are 3 Pemecutanian players that will lowering their presence in NSTT. First, we have Maria Sophia Lubis who is already confirmed her intention to lower her participations. Then now we have Ngurah Putra Muliawan and Oka Sulastra. If they will ever resigned, Pemecutan needs another replacement especially in the top tier to replace Ngurah Putra Muliawan. The current situation see a huge gap between the two Pemecutanian top players with the rest of single player. Even the rise of Komang Agus Artawan is not stay for too long. We are keep seeing Artawan in Tier 2 tournaments.

In Double, Pemecutan still have a huge back up if Oka Sulastra ever resigned. However, there will be lack of pairing. Currently, we can see 3-4 Pemecutanian players which are paired with foreign players. But some of the pairings are premature. The name like Lenta Rasmi of Eraman and Gregory Huemenn from Indusee have been out of sight.

With these facts, there are a lot of homeworks that need to be done by the association. And it has to be fast. Or Pemecutan won't be heard anymore in NSTT.

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Postby United Adaikes » Wed May 25, 2022 8:15 am

Department of Justice Secretary Jeffrey Searle has already submitted the shortlist of the names of three Regional Justices to President Luke Salazar today for the contention to replace the seat of the recently-passed 83-year-old Chief Justice Sharla Gully.

Chief Justice Gully died on arrival at the Adaikes General Medical Center (AGMC) when staff found her on the floor of her office at around 2:10 PM last Friday. The Supreme Court physician on duty declared her dead at 2:26 PM, seconds before arriving in AGMC. In a statement by the press office of the Supreme Court, the staff who found the Chief Justice "swore that the Chief Justice still had pulse" when she saw her. The AGMC press office had shared that Chief Justice Gully's cause of death was sudden cardiac death.

An insider from the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) had bared that Rex Aucsap, the Regional Justice of Thraproy, is included in the list submitted to the Department of Justice. The JBC is a constitutionally-created body that nominates five from the eight sitting Regional Justices to the Department of Justice for a seat in the highest court in the United Adaikes. The Department of Justice will shorten the list from five to three for the President to select a Regional Justice for the vacant seat in the Supreme Court. It should be noted that the Regional Justice will be sitting in the empty Justice seat. In the vacancy on the position of the Chief Justice, all Justices of the Supreme Court vote from within themselves in an executive session of the Court, with only the eight Justices and the Clerk of the Supreme Court present in that session.

Thraproy Regional Justice Rex Aucsap was thrust into the spotlight after the United Adaikes Sports Commission (UASC) filed in the Thraproy Regional Courts for a temporary restraining order against the Adaikes Sports Group not to be near the players managed by the United Adaikes Tennis Association (UATA). This issue stemmed after the UATA allegedly found out that the Adaikes Sports Group were enticing UATA players to multiple accommodations, including lodging, food, and travel expenses, to name a few, during the Cenian Open to influence these players to sign under them as their representation in the future.

After two months of back-to-back rebuttals by both sides that started in February of this year, Regional Justice Aucsap denied granting the temporary restraining order because the pieces of evidence presented by the UASC are not beyond a reasonable doubt. However, within hours of the reading of the decision of the Regional Justice, the UASC decided to request an appeal directly to the Supreme Court, without passing the Federal Court of Appeals, to establish a final decision on the matter.

In the Legal Code of the United Adaikes, if Aucsap will be seated as a Justice, he will need to inhibit himself in the court proceedings, even in the preliminary assessment to determine if the case warrants an appeal, as he was the Regional Justice on the previous court decision. If the Supreme Court finds the case appealable, the Court should hear it again but with the Supreme Court Justices deciding the final fate of the case.

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Postby Dotivija » Wed May 25, 2022 11:36 am


For the first time, Srednjaci will host tennis players at a tennis tournament.
In the beautiful resort of Plava Laguna, the NSTT tournament, Plava Laguna Open Tour Tier 2 will be played. Beautiful beaches and incredibly beautiful lagoons will be a lure for all visitors.
Dotivija has its tennis players at the tournament and all our tennis public is mostly focused on our teenage star Dijana Jukić.
Dijana is playing better and better tennis and at an enviable level.

Although our other tennis players are also participating in the tournament, Dijana is playing the best tennis at the moment. However, we must not write off Ilonka Plevnik either. Ilonka is still our best placed tennis player but we believe that will change quickly.

When it comes to the tournament, we must also point out a few names who are at the very top and candidates to win the tournament.
Abelie Fontana from Reçueçn is the first holder of the tournament. Another name for the tournament comes from Saterun, Blake Gabolon. However, it seems to me that Marisa Maradona from Ceni is the most resounding name.

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Postby Srednjaci » Wed May 25, 2022 12:01 pm


The first round of the singles and doubles tournament is over.
The tournament was visited by a total of 15,620 visitors. Surprisingly much considering it’s just the start of the tournament.

SINGLE First round

(1) Abelie Fontana  (RCN)               6   7
Timaeus Andersson (PUG) 4 5

Tristan Armstrong (DEX) 3 6 6
Derby Cuellar (UAD) 6 3 3

(15) Maria Sophia Lubis (PCU) 4 6 6
Liam Penderyn (CEN) 6 3 3

Valkyrie Constantine (VEZ) 4 3
Marcus Hathwar (ETM) 6 6

(8) Hildebrant Weisgerber (RCN) 6 3 6
Isis Dimpal (ACS) 0 6 2

Tessema Zeki (VEZ) 6 6 2
Sigrid Vasakärven (PUG) 2 7 6

(9) Harold Crawley (TJU) 7 6
Zini Zorbechev (SAT) 5 4

Serena Hymuko (SAT) 4 6
Leonora Gaditas (ACS) 6 7

(4) Marisa Maradona (CEN) 6 6 7
Aaren Seabrooke (UAD) 7 1 5

(WC) Mohamed lotfy (KRB) 2 7 8
Reham Fakharany (KRB) 6 6 6

(16) Pedro Sanchez de la Cruz (TJU) 3 4
Petra Mačinković (SRE) 6 6

Bruno Radmar (ACS) 3 7 6
(WC) Martin PlantaK (KHA) 6 6 2

(5) Komang Agus Artawan (PCU) 6 6
Maciej Markiewicz (WSN) 3 1

Dora Klemenčić (SRE) 6 7
Josip Ratković (SRE) 2 6

(11) Gaëlle Sellier (RCN) 6 4 6
(WC) Ahmed Abdulaziz (KRB) 4 6 2

André Bapako (ACS) 7 3 3
Sibylla Naes (PUG) 5 6 6

(2) Blake Gabolon (SAT) 6 6 6
Ilonka Plevnik (DOT) 7 2 3

Konstadinos Papadimitrou (BRO) 6 6 6
Georgios Tiskas (BRO) 7 3 4

(13) Carmichael Brown (ETM) 3 3
Kirigundi Padurjili (PCU) 6 6

Igor Matković (SRE) 6 1 6
Alen Glesnik (DOT) 3 6 3

(6) Lucien Le Floch (RCN) 6 4 6
(WC) Kristijan Savić (KHA) 4 6 3

Phoebe Johnson (BRO) 3 1
Clarissa Harumi (VEZ) 6 6

(10) Haikal Jansen (SHT) 4 6 2
Teagan Cantrell (UAD) 6 0 6

Lacey John (UAD) 4 7 6
Selina Favreau (ETM) 6 6 3

(3) Ivan Belosorochko (WSN) 6 6
Manal Atef (KRB) 3 3

Ikram Fawz (SHT) 6 6 5
Clayton King (BRO) 7 4 7

(14) Dijana Jukić (DOT) 6 6
Duwanisarga Yajamaja (PCU) 0 4

Vikramaditya Jadhav (VEZ) 6 7
Sandra Mae (DOT) 3 6

(7) Ken Pollock (TJU) 6 4 3
Naim Alex (SHT) 4 6 6

Julia Dobrovolskaya (WSN) 1 6 6
Byron Aucamon (CEN) 6 3 3

(12) Kika Dovan (CEN) 6 6
Diana Jansen (SHT) 1 2

Jasmin Wayverson (TJU) 6 6
Appfel Maconaires (SAT) 4 3

DOUBLES first round

Reham Fakharany/Manal Atef (KRB)                      6   3  12
Clayton King/Alex Maxmuller (BRO) 1 6 10

(8) Derby Cuellar/Teagan Cantrell (UAD) 2 6 7
Donald David/Georgios Tiskas (BRO) 6 3 5

Inès Fournier/Töbe Brassel (RCN) 2 6 6
Ahmed Abdulaziz/Mohamed lotfy (KRB) 6 3 1

Ljubomir Ivanković/Martin Ocvirek (SRE/RAS) 6 6
Konstantin Ulyanov/Lev Barkov (WSN) 4 2

(6) Vuyani Rabada/Kaui Kamakawiwo'ole (TJU) 6 6
Wen Si Ye/Sandra Mae (DOT) 3 3

Bryson Dingley/Nissa Tran (ETM) 6 6
Saša Buljan/Arsenije Tanacković (KHA) 2 2

Serena Hymuko/Appfel Maconaires (SAT) 7 6 2
Duwanisarga Yajamaja/Kirigundi Padurjili (PCU) 6 7 6

(7) Blake Gabolon/Zini Zorbechev (SAT) 6 7 7
Oscar Lamurdela/Rebecca Vasankar (ACS) 7 6 5

Igor Matković/Josip Ratković (SRE) 6 3
Jana Arkinn/Myria Primarch (CEN) 7 6

Chandra Wiguna/Bruno Ayragadh (PCU/ACS) 6 6
Rebecca Waukesha/Shirley Waukesha (DEX) 4 2

(5) Ilonka Plevnik/Mihaela Mazurkijević (DOT) 6 6 6
Kristijan Savić/Martin Plantak (KHA) 1 7 4

André Bapako/Isis Dimpal (ACS) 3 6 6
Camille Fournier/Esterina Picarelli (RCN) 6 4 4
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Postby Srednjaci » Thu May 26, 2022 6:28 am






A historic moment for our sport. For the first time in our history, a short tennis history, we will host world tennis players. City Plava Laguna is the host of the "Plava Laguna Open Tour". The first game day of the main draw is behind us. Citizens and tennis fans could enjoy great matches on the courts of Stella Maris. The organizers announced the data on the high attendance at the audience stands.

When it comes to the tournament itself, we must certainly point out the victories of our representatives.
Dora Klemenčić, Petra Mačinković and Igor Matković were successful in the single competition, while Ljubomir Ivanković and Martin Ocvirek from Raspotochje also passed the first round.
Josip Ratković continues with bad games and his position in the A team is questionable. Ratković could lose his place for the next Grand Slam.

Although Petra has shown great tennis before, her victory against Pedro Sanchez de la Cruz can be characterized as a big surprise in the tournament.
Carried by the great atmosphere in the audience, Petra played incredibly well. Each of her points was defeated by cheering from the stands. A big win over the sixteenth tournament winner.
In our home duel, Dora Klemenčić defeated Igor Ratković. As expected, considering the bad form that Ratković is currently in.
Igor Matković managed to break his opponent from Dotivija, Alen Glesnik, with a lot of hard work.

Petra Mačinković (SRE)                  6   6
(16) Pedro Sanchez de la Cruz (TJU) 3 4

Dora Klemenčić (SRE) 6 7
Josip Ratković (SRE) 2 6

Igor Matković (SRE) 6 1 6
Alen Glesnik (DOT) 3 6 3

When it comes to the doubles section then we have half the success here. Our Ljubo Ivanković managed to advance to the second round of the tournament partnering with Ocvirek of Raspotochje, while Matković and Ratković finished their performance in the first round.

Ljubomir Ivanković/Martin Ocvirek (SRE/RAS)           6   6
Konstantin Ulyanov/Lev Barkov (WSN) 4 2

Igor Matković/Josip Ratković (SRE) 6 3
Jana Arkinn/Myria Primarch (CEN) 7 6

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Postby Acastanha » Thu May 26, 2022 6:34 am


Plava Laguna as Comparation

A new NSTT event, Plava Laguna has caught the attention of Federação de Tênis de Acastanha or FTA, Acastanha tennis federation. A delegation of 3 people are sent to Plava Laguna to study about the event running. Acastanha is also schedule to held a new NSTT event in grass season. With their similar status as new organizer, FTA wants to see how Plava Laguna is held and organized.

So far, it is an interesting event. We can see how the organizer pit their whole effort. From the field, where the action is seen until the volunteers, officials at the backstage. We can learn something from their organizing the event.

The Acastanha organized event will be held in Tabeira, the capital of Tabeirakan Province. The Tier 2 tournament is an opener for NSTT grass season. With still many days until the event is held, FTA still have the time to make it perfect. While Acastanhada players results in Plava Laguna are mixed. André Bapako and Isis Dimpal are more lucky in double tournament after both were lost in their single events. André Bapako lost after 3 sets against Sibylla Naes of Gnejs. Naes make a great comeback after losing 7-5 in the first set to win the match. On the other hand, Isis Dimpal can't holding on her comeback against 8th seed, Hildebrandt Weisgerber from Recuecn. Dimpal was losing hard 6-0 in the first set to turn the table by winning the second set. But her comeback was not last too long as she lost 2-6 in the end.

Luckily, Acastanha newcomer players have a better result. Leonora Gaditas won in straight set 6-4, 7-5 against Saterun's player, Serena Hymuko. While Bruno Radmar win against wild card player, Martin Plantak in 3 sets. Radmar make a great comeback after fight hard in the second set. He clench the victory after take the third set with 6-2.

In Double tournament, Lamurdela/Vasankar have to admit their opponent superiority. After fighting a hard match with all 3 sets ended in draw or tie-break setting, they were still unable to win the match. While Bapako/Dimpal win a spot in the next round after defeating Recuecn pair, Camille Fournier/Esterina Picarelli. Fournier comeback to the NSTT seems to not getting well. Win the first set, the pair lost 6-4, 6-4 in the next 2 sets to Acastanhada pair. Another addition is Bruno Ayragadh who win the double match with his Pemecutan pair Chandra Wiguna in straight set.

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Postby Gnejs » Thu May 26, 2022 10:29 am

Ever Onwards

Timaeus Andersson was sitting at a table outside one of the many bars dotting the waterfront. The air was hot, but not too humid. It really was a lovey place, Plava Laguna. In many ways it reminded him of his own homeland, and the summers he spent by the water with his mother and father. That was long before the troubles, and everything seemed simple then.

His father (and coach) had made similar remarks, and even joked about moving down here. But they would never leave the Union. Their loyalty to the country that took them in after the troubles was steadfast. He took a sip of his sparkling water and looked around. The streets were full of happy-go-lucky people dancing and drinking. The alluring tunes of Dj Pyetro and Ivy Bee seemed to fill the entire world.

He caught a glimpse of several other players enjoying themselves in the warm Srednjacian evening and smiled to himself. He had known right from the start that Fontana would prove a number too big for him. Right from the very first game. She moved and played in a different tempo and with a higher level of dexterity. He wasn’t too accustomed to playing on clay, but he had felt assured he’d manage. He quickly got a reality check going up against a clay specialist, and realized he had a long way to go to progress beyond the first round in Hamilton and Beçonailles.

He was snapped out of his musing by a loud thud, as his father sat down and put two glasses with colorless liquid on the table. “It’s the local stuff,” he said and patted Timaeus on the back. “Almost like they made it in the old country.” He took a big gulp and nodded approvingly, gesturing towards Timaeus to join him. “It is plum, I think, yes, plum,” his father mumbled. Timaeus took a somewhat smaller sip and felt a burning sensation spread throughout his entire body. The bottle said 40%, but his father estimated it to somewhere around 55%, like the proper homemade stuff. “With this,” he said and studied Timaeus with serious look on his face, “we burn away the failures of today, and pledge our entire being to what is to come.” He emptied his glass, smashed it against the sidewalk and shouted “Yamas!” Timaeus smiled and nodded. He finished his fruit brandy and dropped it, letting it shatter in a thousand pieces.

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Second round

Postby Srednjaci » Thu May 26, 2022 12:12 pm


(1) Abelie Fontana (RCN)            6   6   6
Tristan Armstrong (DEX) 3 7 0

(15) Maria Sophia Lubis (PCU) 6 6 8
Marcus Hathwar (ETM) 4 7 6

(8) Hildebrant Weisgerber (RCN) 6 1 6
Sigrid Vasakärven (PUG) 4 6 3

(9) Harold Crawley (TJU) 3 6
Leonora Gaditas (ACS) 6 7

(4) Marisa Maradona (CEN) 6 4 1
(WC) Mohamed lotfy (KRB) 1 6 6

Petra Mačinković (SRE) 6 6
Bruno Radmar (ACS) 3 1

(5) Komang Agus Artawan (PCU) 3 2
Dora Klemenčić (SRE) 6 6

(11) Gaëlle Sellier (RCN) 6 6
Sibylla Naes (PUG) 4 4

(2) Blake Gabolon (SAT) 3 5
Konstadinos Papadimitrou (BRO) 6 7

Kirigundi Padurjili (PCU) 3 6 2
Igor Matković (SRE) 6 3 6

(6) Lucien Le Floch (RCN) 2 6 7
Clarissa Harumi (VEZ) 6 3 5

Teagan Cantrell (UAD) 6 7
Lacey John (UAD) 4 6

(3) Ivan Belosorochko (WSN) 7 6
Clayton King (BRO) 6 2

(14) Dijana Jukić (DOT) 6 3 6
Vikramaditya Jadhav (VEZ) 2 6 0

Naim Alex (SHT) 0 3
Julia Dobrovolskaya (WSN) 6 6

(12) Kika Dovan (CEN) 7 7
Jasmin Wayverson (TJU) 6 6

Today's matches of the second round are closed with a spectacular concert by the popular dance group Colonia!

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Postby Dotivija » Fri May 27, 2022 5:07 am


Our sport at the international level has remained only on tennis.
Srednjaci are the hosts of the tennis tournament Plava Laguna Open, Tier 2. However, after the first two rounds in the single competition, our tennis remained only on the young star Dijana Jukić.
Dijana was placed in the tournament as the 14th seed of the tournament.
In the first round, Dijana defeated the player from Pemecutan, Duwanisarga Yajamaja.
It was a meeting in which everything went in one direction. Dijana was too powerful in that match, allowing her opponents to win only 4 games. The result of 6: 0, 6: 4 speaks of the dominance that Diana had.
In the second round, Diana was better than Vikramaditya Jadhav from Valentine Z.
In the first set, Diana had great dominance and complete control. In the second set, she served less. The first serve did not enter at all and the opponent knew how to use it and win the set. In the third set, Dijana obviously increased the tempo in the game and without losing a game, she won the set with 6: 0 and ended the match.
The remaining representatives of ours registered defeats in the first round.

(2) Blake Gabolon (SAT)                 6   6   6
Ilonka Plevnik (DOT) 7 2 3

Igor Matković (SRE) 6 1 6
Alen Glesnik (DOT) 3 6 3

(14) Dijana Jukić (DOT) 6 6
Duwanisarga Yajamaja (PCU) 0 4

Vikramaditya Jadhav (VEZ) 6 7
Sandra Mae (DOT) 3 6

(6) Vuyani Rabada/Kaui Kamakawiwo'ole (TJU)           6   6
Wen Si Ye/Sandra Mae (DOT) 3 3

(5) Ilonka Plevnik/Mihaela Mazurkijević (DOT) 6 6 6
Kristijan Savić/Martin Plantak (KHA) 1 7 4

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Postby Pemecutan » Fri May 27, 2022 6:54 am


Sukra Pon Wuku Julungwangi, Pawukon 1783

Lubis: Last Single Standing

Plava Laguna - In the continuation of Plava Laguna Open, the single competition have finished the second round with Maria Sophia Lubis become the last Pemecutan single still in the tournament. Pemecutan start the second round of single competition with 3 players with Duwanisarga Yajamaja already defeated in the first round. However, the country leave the second round with one single left.

The country's highest seed, Komang Agus Artawan still unable to give his best performance. Although in the first round he was win easily against Waisnorian player in a strait set, he can't continue the performance to the second round. Facing the host player, Dora Klemenčić, he lost in 2 sets of 6-3, 6-2. Artawan who is hoped to replace Pemecutan veteran male player, still can't be consistent in his performance. The result might decrease his position again in the ranking.

Another lose coming from Kirigundi Padurjili. The female player who is started her journey in NSTT as a double player with Duwanisarga Yajamaja, surprised the crowd after defeating Electrumite player and 13th seed, Charmichael Brown. She even defeat the seeded player in 2 twin sets of 6-3. However in the second round, she is defeated by another host player, Igor Matković. Lose in the first set, Padurjili able to turn the table in the second set. However, her performance was not last long. Matković once again able to control the match in the third set and defeats Padurjili by 6-2 to win the match.

The last match of the day was coming from Pemecutan veteran player, Maria Sophia Lubis. Facing Marcus Hathwar from Electrum, Lubis work hard to be able to go through. She is able to win the first set by 6-4 before being defeated in a tie-break in the second set. The third set become so tight as both players doesn't want to lose. Luckily, Lubis get the upper hand and win the set by 8-6.

Maria Sophia Lubis's win safe Pemecutan face in the competition as the sole single player left. Although, she has a harder task in the next round as she will challenge the first seed, Abelie Fontana from Recuecn who is seems to make a comeback after a long hiatus. The next day also see the double competition resuming, where Pemecutan still have both of their pairs. However, they are also facing the top seed in the next round. Duwanisarga Yajamaja/Kirigundi Padurjili will be facing 2nd seed, Carrol Water/Cherrie Kane from neighboring country, Sharktail. While mixed pair, Chandra Wiguna and Bruno Ayragadh from Acastanha will meet 3rd seed, Aaron Seabrooke/Lacey John from United Adaikes. All of this matches will be broadcast live by GOR channel.

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Postby Acastanha » Fri May 27, 2022 8:37 am


New and Old Combination

The third matchday of Plava Laguna Open show the second round of single competition where 2 Acastanhada new players are putting their faith. Bruno Radmar who is advancing to the second round after defeating a wild card player find a hard opponent as he facing the host player. Petra Mačinković surely know the field better as she control the match right from the start. Radmar however manage to give some resistance although it is still not enough to stop the Srednjaci player. In the second set, Radmar found himself drowning under the superiority of Mačinković. He was only able to win one game before surrender to Mačinković.

In another match, Leonora Gaditas give a surprising performance after she was able defeats 9th seed, Harold Crawley from TJUN-ia. Crawley was shocked by the swift play of Gaditas. She is surely able to control the field in the first set. She force Crawley to surrender by 6-3. In the second set, Crawley build up his confidence and working diligently to tackle Gaditas great moves. But although Crawley was able to forces a tie-break, he eventually lose. 6-3, 7-6 to Gaditas.

Gaditas win give a breeze of air for Acastanhada tennis fans. The fans have been question about how these new players will show their capabilities. And Gaditas win against a seeded player answer that worriness. But Gaditas journey in Plava Laguna is not that easy. In the next round, she will be playing against another seed player. Hildebrandt Weisgerber of Recuecn, the 8th seed of the tournament is her next opponent. While in the continuation of Double competition, André Bapako/Isis Dimpal as the only pure Acastanha pair left will also meet a seed pair. The 5th seed, Ilonka Plevnik/Mihaela Mazurkijević of Dotivija is their next opponent. While another Acastanha double player, Bruno Ayragadh get a success campaign together with his partner, Chandra Wiguna. Success to defeat The Waukesha's from Dexterra in the first round, they will have to face 3rd seed, Aaron Seabrooke/Lacey John from United Adaikes.

This combination of new and old players see the regeneration of Acastanha is catching up. Luckily they can stay long in this spectacular tour of NSTT.

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Postby Srednjaci » Fri May 27, 2022 12:40 pm

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Plava Laguna MD3

Postby Srednjaci » Fri May 27, 2022 1:23 pm



(1) Abelie Fontana (RCN)            6   6
(15) Maria Sophia Lubis (PCU) 7 7

(8) Hildebrant Weisgerber (RCN) 5 6
Leonora Gaditas (ACS) 7 7

(WC) Mohamed lotfy (KRB) 4 6 1
Petra Mačinković (SRE) 6 3 6

Dora Klemenčić (SRE) 6 6 5
(11) Gaëlle Sellier (RCN) 7 1 7

Konstadinos Papadimitrou (BRO) 6 6
Igor Matković (SRE) 7 7

(6) Lucien Le Floch (RCN) 6 7
Teagan Cantrell (UAD) 3 5

(3) Ivan Belosorochko (WSN) 5 6 6
(14) Dijana Jukić (DOT) 7 2 8

Julia Dobrovolskaya (WSN) 2 4
(12) Kika Dovan (CEN) 6 6

(1) Bahari Zack/Isaac Daud (SHT)                    6   6   6
Reham Fakharany/Manal Atef (KRB) 7 4 4

(8) Derby Cuellar/Teagan Cantrell (UAD) 6 4 6
Inès Fournier/Töbe Brassel (RCN) 3 6 0

(4) Kayla McKerrin/Vladimir Boiyskovsky (TJU) 6 6
Ljubomir Ivanković/Martin Ocvirek (SRE/RAS) 7 7

(6) Vuyani Rabada/Kaui Kamakawiwo'ole (TJU) 4 6 4
Bryson Dingley/Nissa Tran (ETM) 6 2 6

(2) Carrol Water/Cherrie Kane (SHT) 6 6
Duwanisarga Yajamaja/Kirigundi Padurjili (PCU) 3 4

(7) Blake Gabolon/Zini Zorbechev (SAT) 2 6 6
Jana Arkinn/Myria Primarch (CEN) 6 3 2

(3) Aaren Seabrooke/Lacey John (UAD) 7 6 5
Chandra Wiguna/Bruno Ayragadh (PCU/ACS) 6 7 7

(5) Ilonka Plevnik/Mihaela Mazurkijević (DOT) 6 6
André Bapako/Isis Dimpal (ACS) 2 2
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Postby Dotivija » Sat May 28, 2022 11:51 am


Incredible teenage star Dijana Jukić advanced to the quarterfinals of the Plava Laguna Open tournament, which is hosted by Srednjaci.
After 3 and a half hours of fighting, the young tennis player managed to beat the third seed from Waisnor, Ivan Belosorochko. Our tennis player made an incredible return in to the match after being far behind in the third set. Ivan Belosorochko had a 4-1 advantage in the third set but Dijana miraculously managed to come back and reverse the result in the end.
Spectators on court 2 of the Stella Maris tennis complex saw off the winner with a standing ovation. A small stain on the match was thrown by her opponent who showed disrespect at the end of the match towards our young superstar. Namely, Ivan Belosorochko did not extend his hand and congratulate to the opponent, he just left the court.
He didn't even appear at the press conference, which the tournament leaders will surely sanction.
Diana is once again showing that her game and career are on the rise this season. Dijana is practically at home because she lives and trains in Srednjaca in the same academy as Alina Koreleva and Petra Mačinković.
The face of the tournament is the best tennis player from the host country, Tena Špiričić, and she praised our tennis player and was among the first to congratulate the young Jukić on a great victory.

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Postby Srednjaci » Sat May 28, 2022 12:08 pm



(15) Maria Sophia Lubis (PCU)     4   4
Leonora Gaditas (ACS) 6 6

Petra Mačinković (SRE) 6 6 8
(11) Gaëlle Sellier (RCN) 7 3 6

Igor Matković (SRE) 6 3
(6) Lucien Le Floch (RCN) 7 6

(14) Dijana Jukić (DOT) 6 3 10
(12) Kika Dovan (CEN) 2 6 8


(8) Derby Cuellar/Teagan Cantrell  (UAD)          6   7
(1) Bahari Zack/Isaac Daud (SHT) 4 5

Ljubomir Ivanković/Martin Ocvirek (SRE/RAS) 2 6 1
Bryson Dingley/Nissa Tran (ETM) 6 2 6

(2) Carrol Water/Cherrie Kane (SHT) 0 3
(7) Blake Gabolon/Zini Zorbechev (SAT) 6 6

Chandra Wiguna/Bruno Ayragadh (PCU/ACS) 0 2
(5) Ilonka Plevnik/Mihaela Mazurkijević (DOT) 6 6
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