Foundations of Regency (Closed)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Marquesan-Arvolken Regency
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Foundations of Regency (Closed)

Postby Marquesan-Arvolken Regency » Sun May 08, 2022 6:44 pm

"Vicomtesse Coralie" - Damballa class ASW Destroyer
Gholgoth/Greater Dienstad Deep-Ocean Border Zone
6,000 Km NE of Ghantish Territorial Waters
Local Time: 0700 Hours

Having taken on fresh supplies in Skyan Argyz, a formation of seventeen Marquesan combat ships began charting an unprecedented course, traveling southwest away from stormy Gholgoth and into the warmer water of the northeastern-most region of Greater Dienstad. These ships constituted a vanguard, the first ships authorized to sail for the newly-founded Marquesan-Arvolken Regency, a mostly-profit military and strategic venture designed to create a strategic foothold in the tropical waters of Western Dienstad; an economic haven with a military heart. To that end, engineering units had been sent from the Îles Marquises on slower-moving landing ships, but it was considered unthinkable that such a venture might occur without space for planning meetings to take place, or absolute command of the freshly-purchased land and sea. While eyebrows raised at the authorization of an entire "Black Sails" Lance for this mission, the ample space aboard the Abraxas class Fast Battlecruiser "Séraphine" for command and control was deemed indispensable, and 10th Lance's traditional standby position in the waters southwest of Milograd made the unit a natural choice to take the lead in penetrating Dienstadi waters for the first time in modern history.

V. Coralie protected the forward edge of the fleet, riding a kilometer in advance of the next ship in line, the Shora class cruiser Baron Alban. These ships and their crews had seemingly grown accustomed to the pounding of legendarily choppy Gothic oceans; they were making excellent headway and excellent time on the glass-smooth morning seas, which were empty of other traffic this far east. The fleet was moving due south, intending to execute a westward turn to refuel and resupply in Themis, and to reach Arvolken home waters to resupply via the Lamonian Sea before heading on to the Regency. Trailing Coralie were sixteen other ships; seven Damballa destroyers took up positions in a wide ring around the heavier ships, the ships at the rear slowing down to drag their passive sonar arrays from time to time before accelerating to catch up with the fleet. Closer in from the outer ring of destroyers, at most points ten kilometers from ship to ship, four Shora class cruisers took up cardinal points. At the core of the fleet stood the Prosperine class fleet oiler Achille trailing behind three nuclear arsenal ships, and the Abraxas class Séraphine taking the point position for the heavy inner group. Looming in the center of all, wide and low to the water, the Naga class Heavy Strike Cruiser Damien le Roi, accompanied by Galeru class Fast Strike Cruisers La Tarasque and Loup-Garou cut deep bow waves, slicing through the breathless calm of Dienstad's eastern edge.

Aboard Vicomtesse Coralie, change-of-the-watch was just taking place, with Capitan Henri Blanchet drinking his hot tea on the starboard side breezeway on the side of the bridge. Looking forward over the ship's pencil-thin bow dominated first by the Minerva CADS turret just forward and below, but then by the dual-127mm Janus gun turret at the forecastle, their muzzles still covered with red-colored Gothic Storm covers which keep salt spray out of the barrels in the worst of storms.

"Bonjour, Mon Capitan. Tartine au miel?"

"Oui, Caporal. Merci."

A tall black-haired Caporal wasted no time in bringing his commanding officer a white bone china plate from the galley with two fragrant, freshly-made and still hot sweet rolls, torn open and glazed in a butter-and-honey mixture, still molten in the cool sea breeze. Capitan Blanchet set down his cherry-red teacup and took the plate with one hand, his eyes scanning the horizon.

"Will there be anything else, Capitan?"

"Non, tu as pensé à tout! Looks clear, no? Anything to report?"

"Non, Capitan. Soundings give us four thousand meters depth beneath the keel, Damien le Roi indicates clear weather as far south as her radar will show."

"Ça sonne bien!" Capitan Blanchet said just before taking a bite of one of the rolls, a brief expression of ecstacy crossing an otherwise typically taciturn face, framed in fine salt-and-pepper hair and a thick beard on a square jaw, set around two wide hazel eyes.

"Capitan, we have no contacts on sonar, neither has anyone else. Would you like to launch a helicopter?"

"Oui, spin up our Corax, give the sortie to Sergent Challis, I believe he is on Alert duty this morning."

"Oui, Capitan. Anything else?"

"Have Challis proceed a hundred kilometers south of our position, we are certain to run into a McNernian patrol ship or aircraft sooner or later, I would rather it be on our terms, and even better, I would rather us keep our distance. Send an Arvolken-encoded signal on the ULF transmitter, let them know we have crossed at grid square Echo Six Seven, approximately oh-three-hundred hours. Signal Séraphine, let them know we are launching a scouting flight."

"Oui, Capitan. If you need anything else, I will be just inside this door."

"Très bien, merci."

So far, so good. Blanchard took another bite of his roll.
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The Qoryx
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby The Qoryx » Tue Jun 28, 2022 11:01 pm

Ship’s Captain/Commanding Officer = First Officer
XO/2IC = Second Officer
3IC = Third Officer
Ma’am = My Lady
Sir = My Lord

Pennant T649 - Type 910 “Reichskanzler Otto” Class LHA
Entering the Lamonian Sea, Central Greater Dienstad
At Speed, Grid Zone Designator T/U47
Local Time: 05h00


The Commander
Oberstabskapitän Wilma Hadewig awoke to the distinct chime of the ship’s built-in alarm system, which is built into the communications panel next to her bed. Today was the start of a long journey to the shores of Western Dienstad, the start of what she hoped to be a decades-long deployment there, and she commanded the second wave of attack; known internally as FO-4. She was initially excited, as this was her first major command as an Oberstabskapitän, but now her nerves were starting to rear their ugly head, as the operation drew closer to its start. Having been recently promoted from being the First Officer of FT-164, she was not fully used to the role yet, but she was learning as she went and it was never a doubt in anyone’s mind that she would settle into her role very quickly.

She was a methodical and intimidatingly intelligent leader; one who generally knew everything there was to know about anything she had to talk about or didn’t say anything at all. She knew every single soldier and sailor under her command, including their back stories. She made it a point to talk to every single one after being placed under her command, and very little ever got past her. She’d know your family and your entire service history before you’d even open your mouth, and once you’d started your time under her, she’d know who you were close with, what your favourite food was, and carefully watched over your progress under the leadership of your superiors. Nobody was immune to the wealth of knowledge and scrutiny that was OSK Wilma Hadewig’s mind.

Before she could even roll back into bed for a moment, her communications panel chimed again and the watch officer began speaking.

“Good morning My Lady, it is now fifth hour.”

Wilma stirred and growled a bit, as she tried to clear her head from the drinking the night before.

“Mmmmmmeuhhh good morning. Who is on watch this morning?”

“Oberkapitänleutnant Kohl, My Lady.”

She began to think for a moment. Right! Oberkapitänleutnant Siegfried Kohl, one of the two junior officers who had just joined the ship that month. She remembered he had a new wife back home in Mühlhude, the two having met while on their school trip to the shooting range. Those two seemed to have a good life ahead of them- she stopped thinking as she realised she had been thinking for probably too long without replying.

“Ah yes, good morning Kohl. How is the watch this morning?”

“Nothing to report My Lady, thank you. Shall I brief you on the day, My Lady?”

“Yes thank you. What is the current time meow-” she stopped and couldn’t help but laugh. OKLt Kohl joined in laughing. “Or rather, what is the current time now?” she asked again, the two still giggling.

“The time is now fifth hour and two minutes My Lady. On the schedule for you today is a daily briefing at fifth hour and thirty-five, a readiness drill at sixth hour, a final planning meeting you’ll be leading at seventh hour, and then we prepare for our interception with the Marken fleet at eighth hour. Breakfast will be set up for you and the staff officers in the dining room at sixth hour and thirty five. It says here to remind you to speak with Veit? I assume you know what that means My Lady.”

Wilma pondered for a moment, and then it clicked to her who Veit was. “Right! Thank you for the schedule review, I shall see you on the bridge in thirty-five Oberleutnant.” With that, she closed the channel and sighed heavily, not wanting to move for a few seconds.

Okay, I need to get up... she thought to herself, still groggy. Flopping out of bed, she put on her slippers and walked over to have a shower, then get changed and ready for the day.

Arriving on the bridge precisely 30 minutes later, Wilma opened the door and OKLt Kohl instinctively clicked his heels together and saluted before returning to his duties. She saluted back, then proceeded into the briefing room with the ship’s First and Second Officers, as well as someone she hadn’t met yet. She stopped at the door, taken aback by the surprise - she knew everyone on her ship, but this person she did not know. Direct and suspicious of all unknown persons, as was the Arvolken nature, she looked the person up and down before speaking. She could see the person wearing relatively casual attire, only D2 when dress of the day was always A1, and it looked like they were an Oberkapitän.

She looked the person directly in the eye, sizing them up as she spoke. “I don’t know you. Name, rank and orders,” she said.

The three already in the room stood up and saluted, which Wilma returned.

“My Lady I am Oberkapitän Detlef Kahler, and I am here by order of Konteradmiral Brunhilda Enns of Auslandsflottenkommando. I arrived early this morning after receiving my orders only one hour before; a copy of those orders are on your seat for you. In short, I am here to act as the liaison between the Reichsmilitär and the Forces Marquises aux Armes, so I will be your eyes and ears with the Markens. I will be accompanying you today so we can understand each other better and we can both be on the same page for when we intercept the Marken fleet. Also, Veit sends his regards.”

That perked her interest. Veit had obviously sent this Oberkapitän Kahler for her to handle during the operation. Wilma took a long look at this Oberkapitän Kahler, before nodding and moving to shake hands.

“Thank you Kapitän, well met. Veit sent you did he? Did he mention anything about me or did he leave that up to your ‘skills’?”

They both knew what was being asked.

Kahler smirked, “You live up to your reputation, My Lady. I don’t think Veit would let anyone work with you without being fully briefed.” Everyone laughed and Wilma had to smile, before Kahler continued.

“He did leave out your eye colour though...curious, don’t you think My Lady?”

She relaxed with that piece of information, took Kahler’s orders and sat down in her chair, turning her attention to the First Officer who was going to read the daily briefing. She turned one more time to look at Kahler, who took the seat next to hers.

Wilma leaned in to whisper to Kahler, “Just for future reference, dress of the day on a warship is always A1 unless the First is a dirty foreigner. We’ll stop by your cabin to change after this briefing. Something they don’t teach you at the academy, but a useful piece of information for your career moving forward. That'll probably be the only helpful tip you'll get, so make sure to commit that one to memory if you want to stay alive.

Kahler smiled, slightly embarrassed at the rookie mistake, and gave a look of thanks. They exchanged a nod before focusing on what the First Officer was saying.
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