Green Jungle, Blue River, Red Gounkari [OOC | Applications]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Green Jungle, Blue River, Red Gounkari [OOC | Applications]

Postby The Macabees » Tue Mar 01, 2022 10:54 am


IC thread


Introduction to Samarasta
Capital: Tongolosi

Samarasta was inhabited by a patchwork of local kingdoms when Istoloa established its first trade post on the western tip, a town known as Forea. Forea was founded in 1516, after Istoloan merchants received permission from the local King Tarogox IV. After a century of meddling in local Samarastan affairs, the area was fully conquered and occupied over a series of wars between 1597 and 1621. In 1627, Samarasta was reorganized into a single territory belonging to the city of Istoloa. In 1715, it was once again reorganized as a territory of the Empire of Istoloa under Aguso I.

It has a population of 5.4 billion, very few of which can trace their ancestors to the original occupants of the land. Much of the indigenous population either died, was forced to flee eastward on the island, or were incorporated into a colonist elite involved in an expanding plantation economy. A trickle of hundreds of new slaves each year began to be imported from as far as Theohuanacu and Holy Panooly. By the late 17th century, hundreds had turned into thousands, and by the middle of the 19th century the Samarastan slave population was in the millions — in fact, over half of the population were slaves by as early as 1790. Because the overseas slave trade was the primary source of new slaves, mortality on the island was high, fertility was low, and slaves were never able to develop a strong local culture as these attempts were continuously washed out by the arrival of new slaves that spoke different languages and had different customs. If Irat was a society with slaves, Samarasta was a slave society, and one could see it by the ocean of chain gangs that spoke foreign tongues and believed in exotic gods. After the abolition of slavery in the empire, in 1893, much of this former slave population became tenet farmers and a new, unique "creoloso" culture developed that now defines the country.

In 1957, Samarasta entered into a violent period of political upheaval and military insurgency. A long war of independence was fought between 1957 and 1972, when its sovereignty was recognized by the Istoloan Republic. Samarasta's colonial elite retained power until 1989, when the first open democratic election was held. President Arujo Mandabi became Samarasta's first Creoloso president in 1990, winning the 1989 elections. Since the 1990s, much of the country's colonial population has emigrated to Istoloa, Fustera, or Tupenga.

The current president is Jurado Mabuto, who was first elected in 2017 to begin his first term in 2018. He is the first Samarastan president to serve more than two terms, currently on his fourth term. He is deeply anti-Istoloan and has created antagonism by being one of the forces behind the rising instability in Tupenga. The former colonial capital of Forea was renamed Tongolosi in 1973, after the conclusion of the Samarastan War of Independence.

Kambopushi Rebels

Claiming much of southern Samarasta, the Kambopushi operate in the Mittouala region. The rebels claim Yadiagara as their capital and have some control over the civilian administration in Ejuba. The northern porn city of Jakeja, in the northern Mittouala, is firmly in government hands thanks to a small naval base belonging to the Golden Throne, but Kambopushi rebels control the hinterland south of the city. The Kambopushi is composed of tribes native to Samarasta that were originally pushed eastward with Istoloan colonial expansion and the arrival of foreign slaves labor. Relations between the Kambopushi tribes and Samarasta's creoloso government are hamstrung by the historic use of Kambopushi tribesmen by the Istoloan military in its repression of the creoloso population and by a general drive among Kambopushi tribal leaders to achieve political independence, and push back the control of the centralized government in Tongolosi. There is some evidence that the Kambopushi are supplied by the Ordenite Reich

Foreign Military Presence in Samarasta

Recent events revolving around Istoloa and its former colonies has increased tensions in the area, and has resulted in the growing presence of central Greater Díenstadi powers. Fustera, another former Istoloan colony, is undergoing a nazification process as it is increasingly occupied by the Ordenite Reich, putatively there to protect the country from the tyranny of a creoloso-majority government like the one in Samarasta and the one threatening to soon replace the Tupengan government. In Tupenga, Holy Marsh is supporting rebel forces in the process of overthrowing their dictator, Marechalisimo Louis-August Bragança. The Golden Throne, for their part, has developed a political alliance with the Samarastan government and has increased its military presence to, according to the imperial government, defend Samarasta from a white supremacist, colonial-minority revolutionary wave like the one in Fustera and the one that precipitated events in Tupenga. The Golden Throne also seems Samarasta a strategic asset in its objective of controlling the flow of naval traffic in and out of the River Dikk, which leads up the Ralkovian rump states. Most of this Macabéan military presence is in Tongolosi and the surrounding territory, with a much smaller base in Jakeja. To date, the Golden Throne's military has not intervened in domestic Samarastan matters.


The Samarastan government under Mabuto has invested in the reforestation of the country and the protection of its natural heritage, sponsoring two large wildlife reserves — Kononi and Gounkari. To the Mabuto government, these projects are seen as part of an overarching strategy to claim representation of Samarasta's pre-colonial past and therefore give it an additional aura of legitimacy. However, as rebel forces in the Mittouala strengthen their control over the south, the government's ability to protect the Gounkari reserve has been jeopardized. The southern access points are now entirely under rebel control. In turn, the rebels use these access points to exact tolls from poachers and others who seek entrance into Gounkari to kill for luxury goods or sport. Wars in central Greater Díenstad, especially the revolt in southern Theohuanacu against Macabéan imperial rule, has created a large number of military-aged people whose homes are left in turmoil and who seek opportunity elsewhere. The lucrative poaching business in Samarasta serves as a magnet.

***SPOILERS OF THE OP*** After one group of Theohuanacan poachers posted a photo of one of their party members with a dead cub, the local and worldwide outrage has pushed the Samarastan military to seek private military contractor support. It has chosen to work with Lourens Consortium and, through Lourens, the NationStates PMC Guild. The guild is putting together a team of elite forces experienced in anti-poaching operations to focus on clearing the reserve and closing access to it from the south.

A lot of this taken from Shrapnel is Making Music.

While this is a Guild-related RP it was also open to free lance mercenaries from all across the Multiverse who were approved.

  • If you can’t RP on at least a twice-monthly pace, yet are posting in other RPs or NSG, and/or ignore a warning/inquiring TG, or CTE, your character will become NPC and probably canon fodder within a couple posts. By signing up, you agree to this and I have made it implicitly clear to you. If you’re not going to be dedicated for the long haul, then don’t bother. We intend to finish this RP.
  • No super heroes. This is a realistic, MT to early PMT RP. Work with your team and follow the orders of your team leader. Be prepared that you may lose your character. This will be a more involved mission with a lot more risk and a bit less safety net. I guarantee you someone or several somebodys are going to die, and already have.
  • If you have questions about whether you should do something, check with the OP and co-OP Guild members. Don’t make stuff up, especially your own NPCs, to create interactions without approval of the IC host nations.
  • No more than three apps from any NS player/user (all accounts).
  • Absolutely NO OOC posting in the IC thread.


This is a character-driven RP. To apply, develop a character and share your "character sheet" here, and the Guild will approve.

Here is a basic sign-up character sheet:

Code: Select all

[b]Codename/known name:[/b]



[b]Physical characteristics:[/b]

[b]PMC affiliation:[/b]

[b]Service record:[/b]


[b]Brief bio:[/b]

[b]RP sample links:[/b]




Samarasta Relative to the Region

Click for map

Order of information: true name, 'known as name' (affiliated PMC)

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Postby USG Security Corporation » Tue Mar 01, 2022 12:58 pm

Name: Seng Kuo Jin

Codename/known name: Goes by 'Jean', a name given to him by Francophone friends.

Age: 33

Nationality: Dao Chongese (Dachinois Gl Fr.)

Physical characteristics:
175 centimeters
Slim, wiry build
short dark hair, brown eyes
moderate amount of tattoos

Jean during the Second Battle of Jamfar, Qasifya

PMC affiliation: USG Security Corporation

Service record:

Graduated Basic Selection (2008)
- Jean had always been assigned to B Co/1st Bn/3rd Skirmisher Regiment as long as he was in the Gaulic Army. This is very traditional for the Dao Chongese who don’t often shift between units.
Promoted to Caporal (2009)
Made Advanced Marksman selection (2010)
Deployed to Qasifyan intervention (2010-2013)
Promoted to Caporal-chef; Squad Leader (2011)
Graduated Advanced Combat Medic Course (2012)
Promoted to Sergent; Team Leader (2013)
Deployed to Glisandia; Northern Tavlyrian War (2014-2016)
Promoted to Sergent-chef; Chief Company Medic (2015)
Regiment remained in Dachine for insurgency suppression (2019)
USGSC; Various covert contracts (2019-2022)

Specialty: Marksman; Combat Medic

Brief bio:

From a very young age, Jean was certain he wanted to join the military, as had several generations of men in his family before him, including his brother, uncle, father and grandfather. Like many young Dao Chongese men, he had grown up with stories of the Dao Chong warrior culture of their archipelago.

Dao Chong/Dachine has been a colony, then territory of Gaul (Terre des Gaules) for centuries, and Dachinois men were respected as fierce, unrelenting warriors by the Gauls, even when the Gauls were fighting the tribes to subdue them. Every conflict that Dachinois units have served in under the Gaulic flag, they have served with distinction and been highly decorated from the Napoleonic Wars to today.

Jean was selected for the 3ème Régiment Tirailleurs Dachinois (3rd Dachinois Skirmisher Regiment), which is considered an elite light infantry unit, even by Dao Chongese/Gaulic standards, based on his performance during basic training selection.
He served with B Company/1 Bn/3 Reg in the desert of Qasifya, and on the frigid tundra of Glisandia during the Northern Tavlyrian War when the Yellow Star Republic invaded Glisandia and Jumnia. It was here that he trained in his second specialty as a combat medic.

When the 3rd Regiment was tasked with working at home to suppress and hunt down the nationalist insurgents seeking independence for Dachine, Jean became disillusioned with serving his Gaul masters after witnessing the behavior of the Gauls towards his own people. Witnessing firsthand brutal tactics used by the BT (Bureau de Territoires) and BGSI (Gaulic domestic intel) to extract info from insurgents and civilians alike, opened his eyes that Dao Chong’s best interests might not lie with staying a satrap of Gaul.

A series of events that culminated in his severe beating of a BT agent, led him to the attention of the BGSI and BT. Before he could be detained, he was warned by a Gaul friend inside the BGSI and able to get out of Dachine before the cordon tightened, escaping to nearby Kenega and fleeing Wishtonia from there.

Not ready to abandon the warrior lifestyle, Jean found his way to the USG Security Corporation with the help of a recruiter. He did a brief stint in Hutanjia on Nesselberg hunting down UFF rebels, but has had many other contracts since. The USG likes to send him on Guild small team contracts as he is very easy to work with and represents them well. Also medics are in high demand. The USGSC has sent Jean on one previous anti-poaching contract to Reino do Brazil. He seems to be very in tune with nature, and especially has a soft touch with animals. For this contract, they sent him due to that experience, but also because of his ability to work in similar terrain to the Wishtonian environment; work with a team, or individually; his marksmanship; and of course, his battlefield medicine skills.

Like most Dao Chongese men, he is adept with a Sembak, a long fighting/utility knife most akin to a kukri or short machete. He has trained and is comfortable with several weapons, mostly assault rifles, but prefers the IR-46A5, and the IR-30A2, as they are standard issue for the Dachinois/Gaulic military and paramilitary forces (L’armée de Gaulois).

Jean has not found time to settle down and has no steady significant other, but has dated a few women. He keeps in touch with his family through intermediaries who carry his letters back to Dachine. His family is seeking an official pardon from the Territorial government for him through a very famous civil rights attorney.

RP sample links:
Shrapnel is Making Music
Red Shores (Joint post with Port Ember)
Hutanjian War
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Postby Port Ember » Tue Mar 01, 2022 8:41 pm


Tyler Brava

Codename/known name:

For this Operation: Tyler Helion




Port Emberian

Physical characteristics:

1.80 meters
Black hair
Green eyes
Athletic Build
Gun Wound Scar on left shoulder

PMC affiliation:

Contracted by Myrmidon Security Services

Service record:

- Port Ember Security Forces (10 Years)
- Private Contractor (2 Years - current)


Expert Tracker

Brief bio:

Tyler Brava was born in 1987 within the city of Valonia, the geographical capital city of the Marca Valo island, which forms part of the Ember Archipelago of the Republic of Port Ember, to Joshua and Marlene Brava. Tyler was named after his grandfather, who perished at sea before Tyler's birth.

Tyler's mother, Marlene Brava is a minor politician, who has worked as a community leader and organizer within the city of Valonia for most of her adult life, and continues to do so currently in her post as Ward Councilor of one of the city's many regions.

Tyler's father, Joshua Brava, has worked as a woodsman for most of his life, offering his services to various clients in areas such as hunter, trapper, tracker, forager, lumberjack and jungle guide in the lush tropical jungles which covers most of their home island.

Tyler had learned many skills, morals and values, applicable to both the wild and urban settings from his loving and involved parents during his childhood, which included woodsmanship, survival, politics and community.

In 2005, after graduating from high school, Tyler joined the Port Ember Security Services (Army) as a volunteer, completing Basic Military Training at Fort Forge. Upon completion, Tyler underwent Infantry Corps Training and was transferred to 71 Port Ember Infantry Regiment, where he served for one year before attending the Task Force 79 Special Forces Selection Process in 2007.

After completing the grueling two year selection and formative cycle, Tyler became a fully fledged member of the TF79's Bishop's Scouts unit, where he served in constant combat operations, gaining invaluable skills, experience and respect from his peers. During the period he had risen to the rank of Sergeant, becoming a Team Leader of his squad. The numerous Bravery Medals awarded to Tyler during this period attests to his competence, yet unfortunately the details of his exploits are sealed tight under the secret label of the PESF secrecy bureaucracy, standard for all operators of the elite Task Force 79.

In 2020, Tyler resigned from the PESF after being headhunted by Myrmidon Security Services, a private security firm led by the retired Colonel Danny Archer, under whom Tyler had served for several years during their stint in the PESF.

Due to his unique skill sets, Tyler is sent on a wide range of differing assignments not normally suited for the company, which makes him a very valuable asset.

Tyler is married to Elene Brava, and they have two daughters, Erica, aged 7, and Amy, aged 5.

Tyler is considered to be a very skilled, experienced and professional warrior, complete with a wide range of skills. However, as a ex member of the Bishop Scouts Unit, TF79, these are considered to be his speciality:

- Small Team Combat Operations
- Special Reconnaissance
- Tactical Intelligence Gathering
- Real Time Target Acquisition Operations
- Infiltration Operations
- 'Flip' Operations
- Tracker Expert

Furthermore, Tyler is a Master in Batala Arto.

Despite his numerous skills, Tyler's expertise is considered to be in tracking.

RP sample links:

In Search of a Phoenix

Upon Red Shores
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Postby The Macabees » Wed Mar 02, 2022 12:43 pm

Name: Natalo Jopeka

Codename/known name: Arthur Lathemer / Mr. L

Age: 41

Nationality: Macabéan (province of Díenstad), covering as Stevidian

Physical characteristics:

  • Height: approx. 1.74m
  • Weight: 84kg
  • Bulky/muscular with wide-set shoulders, short arms and legs
  • Short, brown hair cut in a standard skin fade
  • Light blue eyes

PMC affiliation: Lourens Consortium (Orange-Stoner)

Service record:
N.B. The listed dates follow a dating convention internal to my RPing and does not necessarily correspond with what the date means to you. For simplicity, I call it 'Macabéan Calendar' or M.C.

Prior military experience is classified. "Secret IC" is that Natalo is former Macabéan Koro-Kirim, or army special forces, with the following combat experience:

  • War of Golden Succession (2016–18)
  • War in the Zarbian Marche (2017–19)
  • Annexation of Theohuanacu (2019)
  • Counterinsurgency in Sarcanza (2018–21)
  • First Theohuanacu Pirate War (2021–22)
  • Second Theohuanacu Pirate War (2022–25)

With Orange-Stoner:

  • Jumanota (2026–2031)
  • Second Krasnovan War (2027–28)

Specialty: Combined arms small unit tactics

Brief bio:

Mr. L, as he is known by Samarastan authorities and his team, left Macabéan service at the end of the Second Theohuanacu Pirate War in 2025. Freshly 35 years of age, with neither wife nor kids, he felt lost in the rat race of the civilian world. Returning to his home city of Kersona, northwest of the provincial capital of Macabea, he felt lost, as if after so many years he could no longer reconnect with what had been his childhood and adolescence. It wasn't long before Mr. L used his savings accrued during his time in the service to fly to the free city of Tarn, where rumor had it that any ex-soldier could find work with one of the dozens of private military contractors headquartered in the Macabéan likutat. Indeed, Mr. L remembers it being merely days before he signed a contract with Orange-Stoner.

With Orange-Stoner, Mr. L served in Jumanota between 2026 and 2030, providing security services to Navitek during the construction of the Jumanota canal and its surrounding infrastructure. His stint in security operations was briefly interrupted by service during the Second Krasnovan War, taking part in the disastrous rescue operation of Tarn-based contractors imprisoned by the Ordenite Reich at Stalag 487B. Surviving the annihilation of the Orange-Stoner column by the 7th Waffen SS Regiment by escaping by sea, he returned to Tarn and after a short period of rest was re-assigned to an operations management position in the ongoing security operations in Jumanota. This assignment ended with the cessation of Orange-Stoner's contract with Navitek in 2031 (the present year), after the isthmus was turned over to administration by the Golden Throne.

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Postby Asucki » Wed Mar 02, 2022 12:53 pm

Name: Graham Meyer

Codename/known name: Most commonly referred to as "Meyer," but may sometimes be called "Graham" by friends. KMC assigns all personnel with an alphanumeric identifier, with Graham's being "KA-987"

Age: 26

Nationality: Asuckian

Physical characteristics: Lean build. On the shorter side, but average height for an Asuckian (170 cm or 5ft 7in). Light brown hair cut extremely short. Clean-shaven. Green eyes.

PMC affiliation: Kestrel Military Contracting

Service record:
Two years as a member of the National Conservation Militia
- Worked with Asuckian park rangers in the Valley of Peace National Park to stop illegal logging operations
- Learned basic squad tactics, land navigation, and bushcraft
Five years with the Asuckian Domestic Defense Force
- Reached the rank of Private First Class
- Learned more advanced squad tactics and attempted to develop leadership skills
Three years with Kestrel Military Contracting
- Participated in security contracts for private events
- Trained by KMC in guerilla tactics

Specialty: Navigator, Survivalist

Brief bio:
Graham was born to a large working-class Novaeran family on September 23rd, 1996. Being the youngest of six children, he often found himself overshadowed by his siblings. A natural desire to stand out, as well as societal leanings towards both militarism and environmentalism, led him to join the National Conservation Militia at sixteen. He spent two years with the NCM and participated in multiple small-scale missions intended to stop illegal logging operations in Asuckian national parks.

Once he finished high school, Graham had to decide upon his future career. Having enjoyed his experience with the NCM, and knowing that the ADDF was looking for new recruits, he elected to enlist in the ADDF at age eighteen.

Being subordinate to his siblings as a child had prevented him from developing the spirit of leadership. A significant portion of Graham’s five years with the ADDF were spent trying to overcome his failings as a leader. Unfortunately, proper leadership skills would never develop, which would severely harm the young man's self-esteem. After some reflection, Graham determined that attempting to pursue a career as an officer would be futile. He was honorably discharged upon request after five years of service.

Although lacking in ability to lead, Graham was still a lifelong soldier. He was approached by Kestrel Military Contracting’s recruitment division shortly after his discharge from the ADDF. Since recruitment, he has been involved in multiple security contracts, mostly for low-profile private events.

RP sample links:
Imperial Reign
World Defense Fair
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Postby Greater Ordena » Wed Mar 02, 2022 4:51 pm

Name: Hermann Krieger

Codename/known name: Krieger, Mr K

Age: 33

Nationality: Ordenite

Physical characteristics:

Height: approx 1.53m
Weight: 185 lbs
Bulky/muscular with wide-set shoulders, average arms and legs length
Blue eyes

PMC affiliation: Freikorps "Iron Brigade"

Service record:

Ordenite Heer
Scythia Counter Insurgency(2015-2019)

1st Krasnovan War(2024-2025)
2nd Krasnovan War(2027-2028)
3rd Krasnovan War(2028-2029)

Freikorps "Iron Brigade"

Specialty: Combined arms small unit tactics

Brief bio:

Hermann Krieger or otherwise referred to as Krieger or simply Mr. K formerly retired from the Ordenite Wehrmacht at the end of the Third Krasnovan War in which led to the capitulation of the Unified Eastern Star Soviets. Spending little time readjusting to civilian life he soon found a purpose when approached by a Friekorps recruiter and swiftly joined it's ranks becoming part of the "Iron Brigade".

RP sample links: N/A
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Postby Cossack Peoples » Thu Mar 03, 2022 12:40 pm

Name: Vira Parubiy

Codename/known name: ‘Makhnova’ / Parubiy

Age: 26

Nationality: Cossack (FRCP)

Physical characteristics: With a height of 178 centimeters tall and a weight of 60 kilograms, Parubiy maintains a physique typical of a combat airman. Parubiy has a shock of black hair typical of many ethnic Cossacks.

PMC affiliation: Independent, WURCo. (formerly, in secret)

Service record:
  • Cossack Armed Forces (2013-2019)
  • Independent (2019-2020)
    • Korf Search and Rescue Group, Aviation Division
  • Korf Republic (2020-2022)
  • Independent (2022-present)

  • Qualified operator of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft
  • Low-level flying
  • Search and rescue certified

Brief bio: Vira Parubiy was born in the city of Korf on November 6th, 1995, but was raised by her grandparents in rural Vyten amidst the Dabrowskite Insurgency that enveloped the port city. Like many in her generation, Parubiy was pressed into the Cossack Armed Forces as part of the Second Federal Republic’s conscription programs when she came of age, where she served her thirty-six required months of service in the Rotary Forces, serving as a transport-helicopter co-pilot during the 2014 Secessionist Crisis. After her service, Parubiy later reenlisted at a military academy to enter service as an officer, during which time she made Khornunzy (Equivalent to Second Lieutenant). She finally left service for civilian aviation in 2019 after reaching the then-minimum requirement for a military pension.

Parubiy was in Korf upon the start of the Second Cossack Civil War, and evaded Smirnov’s FRCP draft notice to remain in Korf and serve as part of the many militias that spawned, fighting for democracy in a war fought over strongmen. By the end of the war and the formation of the Korf Autonomous Republic under the Third Federal Republic, Parubiy was a seasoned fighter and seen as a valuable asset for WURCo. and was commissioned. Presumably, the experienced pilot would have been useful as part of WURCo.’s ‘irregular operations’; however, Vira’s apparent obstinate and undisciplined behavior quickly lost the interest of her private handlers. Presently, Vira Parubiy enlists her services in the less civilized portions of the world, assisting police forces and mercenaries alike.

RP sample links:
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Postby Stevid » Thu Mar 03, 2022 2:20 pm

Name: David Astraeus

Codename/known name: Nathen ‘Nath’ Crassus

Age: 41

Nationality: Stevidian

Physical characteristics:
Height: 188cm
Weight: 91kg
Build: Medium
Hair: Black, short back and sides, short thick top
Detail: White, rugged complexion generally and has slight age lines around forehead and eyes Brown eyes, typically shaved with occasional stubble growth, no piercing or tattoos. Distinguishing feature are three deep claw marks on the right side of the neck just above the collarbone (just visible above a shirt collar) that rake down to the bottom of the right side of the rib cage. Clearly well built, but not athletic.

PMC affiliation: SternGuard

Service record:

Military (1998-2012)
18th Cadian Fusiliers
-- First Holy Panooly Civil War
-- Second War of Golden Succession

His Majesty’s Royal Yeomanry (Imperial Guard)
-- Second War of Golden Succession
-- First Hanover War
-- Second Hanover War
-- Dukopolian Emergency
-- Great Dienstadii War

762 Regt Special Air Service
-- Great Dienstadii War
-- Indras-Omega Crisis
-- Morridane Civil War
-- Internal security operations

Secondment to Capita Metropolitan Police Constabulary

Police (2012-2020)
- Capita Metropolitan Police Constabulary (Permanent)
- National Tactical Response and Surveillance Unit (AR76)

SternGuard (2020-Present)

- Light infantry combat (Section to Company Command)
- Urban (Warfare, counter-terror, and counter-hostage)
- Tactical Questioning & Evidential complex interviewing

Brief bio:
An orphan raised within one of fabled Catholic laundries of the Imperial capital, David Astraeus enjoyed 22 of active service within His Majesty’s Army of the Stevidian Holy Empire after joining aged 17. He changed his name to Nathen Crassus on joining 762 Regt SAS within the Special Forces arm of the Stevidian Army, which only takes orphans. He rose to become a Major in the 18th Cadian Fusiliers where his career took him to the jungles of Guffingford and Holy Panooly. It was there where the darker side officer class of the Stevidian Army took its toll on the new major. He indulged in the officer mess’s elitism and high society, first in Holy Panooly and then in Guffingford. But it was in the Panoolian jungle it was there his excellent marksmanship began to earn him money on the side.

As David Astraeus he poached the local wildlife for hire and amusement, collecting a host of trophies from all over Greater Dienstad which included cheetah, elephant, and jaguar – fights that earned him a mauling that he now bares on his neck and chest. This penchant for exotic animals brought him great renown in the Stevidian officer class and many well-connected friends. It wasn’t until 2008 while courting a young woman for a year back in Stevid that the vileness of his hobby dawned on him. The woman he now loved visited his country cottage in Cadia where she was introduced to the trophies. Her distaste, and her leaving, humbled him.

His life revolted him, and he changed his name to join the 762 Regt SAS as a sort of absolution. Not one to wallow in self-pity, he vowed to change himself within the regiment and carved out a career with the Special Forces that saw deployments and training across the world. His excellence in marksmanship, stalking, patience, and resilience (traits that had made him an excellent hunter) where put to law enforcement use during a secondment to the Capita Metropolitan Police Constabulary (CMPC) as a surveillance and firearms officer.

He left the Army, retaking his old name, and then joined the police full time and held a operative’s role within National Tactical Response and Surveillance Unit (NTRS), commonly known publicly by its old name: AR76.
Here he undertook surveillance and counter-terrorism roles, rising to the rank of Inspector using his military tactical questioning skills, and earning a reputation as being a formidable prosecution interviewer.

He was himself poached by a former 762 soldier into SternGuard where he works to this day using his 762 Regt name while on operations. His attachment to the PMC Guild’s subcontract by Lourens Consortium was on request given his poaching background and personal vow to atone for his past.

RP sample links:
The Sight Seer
Shattered Commonwealth

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Postby San Rosito » Sat Mar 05, 2022 11:04 am

Name: Larruga, Estella Maria

Codename/known name: ‘Brinca’, given because she seems able to hop from one spot to the next with ease.

Age: 24

Nationality: San Rositan

Physical characteristics:
164 centimeters
Slim, athletic build
Long dark hair that she usually keeps up in a bun on operations
Hazel eyes
Some tattoos

Brinca on a break during anti-cartel operations in Western San Rosito

PMC affiliation: No current PMC; Free lancing contracts currently until she finds a PMC she is comfortable with.

Service record:

- 46th Regiment/2nd Division of the San Rositan Army (2016)
- 1 Brigada de Operaciones Especiales y Ejecución (2018)
- Free lance mercenary work (2019 - Current)

Specialty: Scouting/recon; mechanical experience

Brief bio:

Estella wanted to join the military from a young age. Women her age in the rural part of Northwestern San Rosito didn’t have many career options but to get married, work in the orchards, or go down the path of ‘ill repute’. While her father had taught her mechanical skills in his auto shop, it wasn’t considered proper work for a young girl at that time in that area. Estella chose the fourth path, the frowned upon military service.

Her family understood when she told them, but were worried they would never see their daughter again, or worse, that it would bring retribution onto the family by the Marxist rebels or the cartel sicarios. Instead of opting for induction at the local recruiting station, she traveled down to the Southwestern coastal city of Santa Bella in order to join the Ejército, and also throw off the trail of the local cartel informants.

She trained as a proper mechanic and was assigned to the 1st Battalion motor pool of the 46th Regiment/2nd Division. Finding this work rather dull, she struggled to be recognized for promotion and also to be selected for the Special Operations groups. One of the SO recruiters relented after she continually showed up at his barracks every morning with a cup of coffee for him, and challenged him to take it from her without forcing her to spill it. He never could.

She was one of a handful of women to ever make it through SO selection in the San Rositan army, and was assigned to the 1 Brigada de Operaciones Especiales y Ejecución (Special Operations and Enforcement 1st Brigade) during the last two years of its existence. This was during a time when San Rosito had finally turned a corner and one of the numerous military juntas had relented to relinquish power to a civilian government and allow the Congress in Puerto Cristal to reconvene.

The hugely popular former baseball player Alejandro Belino won the Presidency in a landslide election and proceeded to quickly reform the nation’s economy, social policies, and foreign relations. He was as unpopular with the rebels, cartels, and corrupt top military officers, to the same degree he was immensely popular with the majority of the people.

Una Brigada had initially seen a lot of success in fighting or bringing to justice the Sicarios. As well, they were pushing back the Marxist rebels and wiping out their camps, along with the cartel's underground drug manufacturing labs. They also went after poacher gangs, who worked with the blessing of the cartels. The poacher gangs would sell heads, skins and exotic wildlife parts, most often of San Rositan panthers which are a protected national species, to Southern Tavlyrian black market importers for aphrodisiacs and ancient folk remedies. It was during this time that Estella earned the nickname of Brinca.

Eventually, corrupt army officers sold information on 1st Brigade operations to the cartels and they used it effectively to target them. The Brigade was ambushed and decimated by the cartels who had united against the gravest threat to their existence, in one large battle in a jungle valley just SE of Xolipatl. The cartels even used bribed SRAF pilots and aircraft during the battle against their own military brethren in the 1st Brigade.

President Belino was finally assassinated during the 57th attempt on his life, amidst a military coup. The Junta seized power again, and they proceeded to roll back all of Belino’s reforms, ending the few years experiment of democracy for the Republic. The survivors of 1st Brigade were immediately ordered confined to base, then disbanded, as the cartels again had complete sway over the military. Currently, Madurinite powers, especially Reino do Brazil, look to intervene to put an end to cartel violence. The big question is whether the Junta will work with them or risk the threat of being forcibly removed by a TSO coalition force?

Brinca fled San Rosito, unwilling to work with the new government and worried that her outspoken disdain for the top brass would bring long feared retribution on her family. She found anti-poaching work over the border in Reino do Brazil, and from there, made connections to the contractor community. She has worked all over Teremara, but so far avoided working with one of the major Teremaran PMCs like USGSC or the Varangian Guard, instead enjoying her freelancer status.

Aside from mechanical, small arms and sharpshooting familiarity, she also is a black belt in Brazilian-style jiu jitsu and proficient in vale tudo, juego del garrote, and practical capoeira.

Through the regional contractor network, she learned of this job and is applying to get onto one of the anti-poaching teams.

RP sample links:
Cruise Beautful Lake Agloza

Time Is Not on Anyone’s Side

En Este Rincón (As Teremara Caretaker)
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Postby Alcona and Hubris » Sat Mar 05, 2022 7:14 pm

Name: Joesph Quinn Bing



Nationality: Olympian (Port Olympus, FKC)

Physical characteristics:
A man of medium build with brown hair and striking blue eyes. He stands approximately 188 cm (6’2”) and 80 kg (178 lbs). His build tends towards the athletic side. Besides his eyes, he is completely unremarkable and would be generally overlooked by most people waling by him.

PMC affiliation: Olympic Services

Service record:
Joined Klatchian Marshal service (2010)
Graduated Font Royal Service Academy (2011)
Specialty: Sharpshooter-Special Mission Team
Attached Unorginized Territory Division
Assigned Christofi Peninsula Garrison (2011)
Wounded in counter insurgent action, Trinity 5 (2012)
OCS Intelligence School (2013)
Assigned New Germania Stabilization Force (2014)
Promoted: Lieutenant Marshal (2016)
Court Martial Charge: Smuggling - Acquitted (2018)
Assigned Alconian Observation Force, Thunderbay (2018)
Dismissed by Redundancy (2019)
Hired Olympic Services (2020)

Intelligence/Counter Intelligence
Small Team Operations in Rough Country
Counter Insurgency Operations
Anti-Smuggling Operations

Rated Sharpshooter
Hunting and other 'survivalist' skills

Brief bio:
Born in Port Olympus to a pair of unmarried petty criminals in the worst section of the city, Joseph really had little to guide him in his initial years. Although highly intelligent, he did not have a stable home life to allow him to achieve academically and was considered a poor student. From age two to eight, he bounced between various homes and family members and between their various levels of wealth or poverty.

By age eight he was quickly learning most of the tricks of the streets, with little time spent anymore in the actual classroom. He likely would have found himself in the tiers of the Olympian criminal underworld if fate had not intervened.

That intervention was his maternal uncle, Paul Tradies (a minor figure in the Olympian organized crime syndicates), got the ‘diamond bug’ and used his small nest egg to move to the Alconian Eastern Marches to prospect for diamonds. Because of the family dynamics, Paul took the eight year old with him to the unexplored Klatchian jungle (Neither parent seems to have even cared at this point)

Joseph lived with his uncle, and his uncle's business partner Amos, in the Klatchian jungle. The small group moved from claim to claim digging into the jungle in search of mineral treasures. During this time, Jospeh's formal education was at best, irregular. He was not enrolled at any school for more than a year and a half. However, Amos taught the boy much using the jungle itself as a classroom. The lessons tended to be in the practical type of living off the land, hunting, and alternative medicine. His uncle apparently taught him mental toughness and how to hone his intellect to new tasks rapidly. Paul also apparently nurtured into the young man a love of poetry and classical literature making him far more edruite than his background would indicate. Both men apparently taught the boy how to use both a rifle, and the jungle, to advantage in dealing with one's opponents.

Joesph continued to live with the pair even into young adulthood. The group followed the more exciting path of Klatchian wildcatters, going from bare comfort survival to wild wealth, followed by the typical crash into middling wealth and income. Paul and Amos were finally successful, finding Jade deposits rather than diamonds. However, they leveraged most of this wealth into further investments that were lost through participation in a land claim war, resulting in seizure of their investments and most of their fortune.

After graduating high school, Joseph found himself working as an apprentice guide in the Klatch. Even though he was working for large prospecting teams of multi-national corporations the pay was miserly. Apparently unsatisfied with the low pay, and suffering relief from a romantic disaster, Joseph was recruited by the Klatchian Marshals.

The Marshal service was organized to maintain order over the vast stretches of unorganized territories (including that of failed states) of the Federated Klatchian Coast. The organization was on the look out for young people with a background in working in rough country that had not been swept up by other states. Joseph, as a citizen of the Klatchian city state of Port Olympus, met their criteria even if his formal education was a bit 'lacking'.

Joesph trained near Torrhaven in the quasi-police/military duties required of the marshal service. Although an exceptionally bright cadet, he was also something of a loner and mischief maker. He had one of the highest totals of demerits in Font Royal Academy history (without actually being booted out). It was his time at the academy he was given the nickname “Crosby” because of how similar his voice is to the former Hollywood star (and the whole ‘Bing’ similarity).

Jospeh was assigned as a sharpshooter to a Special Mission Team that was deployed to an area of the Klatch that was suffering a local, ‘insurrection’ due to outside ‘interference’. His SMT, refered to as the "Klatch Kats", was primarily tasked with raiding safe houses, supply depots, and supporting other counter-insurgency operations in the field. During this time he was recommended for promotion to an officer in the intelligence branch. He was transferred to the program after being wounded in a fire fight that occurred when the ‘insurgents’ attempted to raid the marshal's facilities using two 'armored' vehicles smuggled in from Ilek Vaad.

Joseph was quite successful in officer candidate school and on the intelligence track, graduating Cum Laude. As such, he was deployed to be part of the New Germania stabilization force after the state’s government fell. Specifically he was assigned to a team that was focued on preventing and stopping smuggling of restricted technology out of the former nation. Although initially successful, earning a promotion to full Lieutenant, Joesph quickly became bored with what he considered a rather dull posting. In his off hours he developed 'friendships' with various local ‘characters’ that ultimately led to him being charged with abetting the very smugglers he was in New Germania to catch. Because of his uncle’s rather notorious past, the new Senior Marshal courtmartialed the Lieutenant Bing to 'set and example'. Joseph was acquitted of the charges, but the senior officer had him transferred him to a unit that was slated to be demobilized, effectively ending Joesph's career in the Marshal's as the force was majorly reduced in size with the ascendancy of new political masters for the Klatch.

Since then, Joseph has been working in various nations, primarily as a intelligence specialist supporting counter insurgency actions of small states who typically are unable to support their own domestic intelligence services, or just as a subject matter expert in counter insurgency. Since most of these have been fairly 'grey' or 'black' operations he avoids discussing them, even with potential new clients.

RP sample links:
(Note I did have to drop most of my other threads last year when RL buggered me right after I returned to NS
And threads love to die here don't they :eyebrow: )

Caluscaria Seeks International Aid
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Postby The Macabees » Mon Mar 07, 2022 11:11 am

Awesome. I am still reading through all of the apps.

We're just waiting for a few more, I think. Then we'll get the ball rolling.

I don't know how people prefer to communicate. I like Discord. We have many servers, and I am down to use whichever one people prefer. For the time being, if anybody wants to discuss the RP you are more than welcome on the GD server:

Edit: The PMCGuild has a specific channel for this RP, so unless the Guild disapproves we can invite non-guild members to the Guild server and use that channel. Whatever works for everyone.
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Postby USG Security Corporation » Tue Mar 08, 2022 4:17 pm

The Macabees wrote:Awesome. I am still reading through all of the apps.

We're just waiting for a few more, I think. Then we'll get the ball rolling.

I don't know how people prefer to communicate. I like Discord. We have many servers, and I am down to use whichever one people prefer. For the time being, if anybody wants to discuss the RP you are more than welcome on the GD server:

Edit: The PMCGuild has a specific channel for this RP, so unless the Guild disapproves we can invite non-guild members to the Guild server and use that channel. Whatever works for everyone.

Those who want to join the Guild channel for the RP, TG me. No commitment to the Guild necessary, but you do need to be accepted to the RP by Macabees.
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Postby Maritime Logistics Solutions » Wed Mar 09, 2022 10:29 pm

Name: Amanda Choi

Codename/known name: Goes by Avi, a shorthand nickname given to her by older mentors during her CYAL training days.
Age: 29

Nationality: Port Arthurian

Physical characteristics:

  • Height:1.6 Meters
  • Weight: 53.5 Kilos
  • Skin Tone: Light Brown / tanned
  • Hair: Black - Shoulder Length
  • Build: Athletic but wiry
  • Eyes: Almond shaped, dark brown

PMC affiliation: Contracted out by Maritime Logistics Solutions

Service record:

Youth Aviation League:

  • 2 years of co-pilot experience within Civilian Youth Aviation League (1,100 logged flight hours)
Military Experience:

  • 4 years of service - Charlemagne Air Force (2,000 logged flight hours, unknown number of unlogged flight hours)

Commercial Experience:

Specialty: Light Utility Craft, Aerial Reconnaissance, Mechanical Experience

Brief bio: Born in Orange Creek to Port Arthurian Expats, Amanda Choi was the firstborn daughter of a farmer and commercial pilot. Her parents had moved to Orange Creek due to the local logistics companies hiring pilots and readily available land for farmers to cultivate.

From an early age, Amanda showed a vast interest in both her parents' work and began to tinker with electronics and mechanical components while also learning agricultural techniques. By the time she was 13, her mother started teaching her how to operate a single engine crop duster her father used for farm work and soon thereafter, she was helping her father fly and maintain the plane. In addition, around this time, she was introduced to firearms and basic marksmanship skills as is the culture within the Armed Republic.

When she turned 15, Amanda joined the Civilian Youth Aviation League and started to work on obtaining her private pilots license. Logging 1,100 flight hours, she was able to complete her private pilots license and begin working on a commercial license.

At 18, she enlisted with the Charlemagne Air Force and served aboard transport aircraft and light utility aircraft in hot zones around the globe. During her stint in the military, it is rumored that she was handpicked to fly clandestine cargo occasionally by her superiors. These reports have been unconfirmed but medical records indicate an above average phenethylamine level in her system during the speculated duration of covert flights. In addition to these speculations and rumors, Amanda displayed above average rifle and pistol skills during range qualifications.

After discharging from the C.A.F., Amanda possessed enough flight hours and experience to qualify as a commercial pilot of transport aircraft. Picking up a position with MLS Inc., on the surface, Amanda has followed her mother's footsteps and joined the ranks of monotonous commercial cargo pilots around the globe. In reality, she is an accomplished light utility aircraft pilot who has been utilized for a variety of purposes ranging from illicit smuggling of contraband to clandestine intelligence gathering.

Recently, corporate heads at MLS Inc. have sat Amanda down and have offered her a chance to have her skills leased out to a foreign government for a unique job.

RP sample links:
Separatist Village Bombed
Cruise Beautiful Lake Agloza (The Chuck)

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Postby The Macabees » Fri Mar 11, 2022 1:49 pm

The OP of this OOC thread has been updated to reflect all of the approved apps so far, which are all the apps submitted to date.

This is my vision/understanding of what the anti-poaching team looks like — I am using only codenames. Let me know what you think, it's all adjustable:


Mr. L as team lead is more so a device for me to have a character to help drive the plot and organize the missions. I hope that is okay with everyone.

The anti-poaching team has a total of 8 operatives to date, not including Mr. L.

The Recon/INT team is a special reconnaissance team, with two vehicles assigned to it: a light transport/reconnaissance aircraft and a light 4-wheeled AFV. Brinca and Graham are meant to work together, but the team is also set up to allow 'lone rangers' like Graham to excel.

The enforcement team is meant to be the larger of the two and operates, at the moment, like a fire team, but can grow to squad-sized. It will be transported about by Makhnova in a utility-esque helicopter, although I envision this chopper also having armaments for close air support. Maknova can also break off and assist the Recon/INT team.

Arthur, if on the ground, would be with the Enforcement Team and would act as squad lead. Arthur is also the go-to guy if the team needs additional vehicles and/or equipment, and whatever else.

If the enforcement team had more people, ideally we'd have 2-3 operatives specializing in small arms and small team tactics (i.e. "elite grunts") to provide the firepower. If we do eventually break out to two fire teams, I'd also say that aside from the 2-3 weapon specialists, we'd have an additional medic (a combat medic per enforcement fire team).

Anyway, we have three vehicles:

  • Armed utility helicopter
  • Light transport/reconnaissance aircraft
  • 4x4 utility vehicle

Lourens Consortium, headquartered in Tarn, has access to a wide variety of weapons sold by armaments manufacturers worldwide. In fact, there is such a high demand for armaments in Tarn — the largest concentration of PMCs in GD — that armaments vendors have permanent storefronts in the city. If you (OOC you) have a weapons storefront or stat weapons, and these would conceivably be sold to a PMC like Lourens, we can use your design for the utility helicopter and the aircraft. Otherwise, I will stat them out.

For the aircraft I'm thinking something like a Cessna, which can act both as a recon plane and a transport for a two-person SR team.

For the transport helicopter, we can keep it to a utility helicopter or what do y'all think about a tilt-rotor? I've been wanting to stat-out my tilt-rotor for a while.

For the utility vehicle, the team has a HIM-TAC.

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Postby Alcona and Hubris » Fri Mar 11, 2022 6:12 pm

Well great...I will ask questions I guess in the discord...but I do think Crosby will have a tendency to go out with the 'scouts' sometimes mainly to get a feel of the place and eyes on potential subjects.
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Postby USG Security Corporation » Wed Jul 06, 2022 5:39 pm

I have written pretty full drafts for my characters next parts, ready to post with a little tweaking, pending the posts we are waiting on. I heavily suggest everyone do the same so we can kick this into high gear then.
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