RCN 2022 Worldbuilding (MT, RCN Only)

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RCN 2022 Worldbuilding (MT, RCN Only)

Postby Conservative Nations Archive » Wed Feb 09, 2022 1:22 pm

How to Apply:

  1. Fill out the application on the RCN RMB using the template found here.
  2. Create a map claim for yourself based on the political map. Don't claim any areas already occupied. Include a link to your map in your application.
  3. Make sure to tag the Minister of the Interior in your application post!

If your application is accepted, your country now exists on the map as something you can roleplay as. What happens in your country -- and to your country -- is your choice; you decide what country you will assume control of, and its future. There are some ground rules, however:

  • No godmodding, no overpowered technology, no roleplaying other people or the casualties of others, etc.. If it involves details about another nation, ask their permission.
  • The day / month / year will always be the same as it is in real life. No skipping ahead of time - though you are allowed to describe past events in your posts to establish backstory.
  • As such, stick to real-world technology. You can have near-future tech with permission of the Minister of the Interior.
  • You may not possess nuclear weapons. Other WMDs are allowed with MinInt's permission.
  • Have fun and be friendly towards other roleplayers. If you have a dispute that neither of you can solve, please contact MinInt or one of the referees either vie TG or on Discord.
  • Celestial bodies are the same as in real life, with the exception of our RL home, Earth. This has been replaced by our world.
  • Wars must be approved by the Minister of the Interior. To prevent numberwanking each side must present basic military information and numbers to MinInt before a war is approved. This isn't supposed to be a game of Hearts of Iron - Please keep wars and the reasoning behind them as realistic as possible. Additionally, both sides of a war must be reasonably comfortable with the war and its course.
  • Additionally, the outcome of a war or battle or other IC engagement, as well as any peace terms, should be mutually agreed upon by all combatants OOC. If this isn't possible, please contact MinInt and the matter will be settled.

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A Look Back and a Return

Postby Delogie » Thu Feb 10, 2022 5:50 pm

The man sat up and looked at his clock, it was the middle of the night. He put his head in his hands, before moving his hands over his face and onto his head. His bangs, almost naturally, swooped toward the right-side of his face. A woman entered the room, wearing a white chemise and holding a lit candle.

“Are you alright,” she asked, “I heard your screams.”

“I’ll live,” he replied.

“At least for now,” he mumbled under his breath.

“Another nightmare,” she asked.


“The siege.”

“Aye,” he replied, shaking his head.

“You are safe now.”

“I know.”

For a few seconds, there was silence, before she broke it.

“I’ll head back to bed, see you in the morning,” she said.


He waited until she left and heard her door close, before turning on his lamp and walking toward his desk. He sat down in his chair and looked at the news paper.

A Look Back and a Return?
An overview of the events leading-up-to and the events of these wars. By: Randy Jones and Johnny Jackson

It was recently discovered that this Civil War and the Coalition War are both tied together and the civil war was meant to distract us and weaken us so the Old Coalition could invade us, but they were defeated by our glorious Emperor. We will now share the events that led to this.

September 11, 2013 A.D.: The second-to-last Unchel Brennus was killed in what was believed to have been a traffic accident. Recent investigations has concluded and shared proof that this was an attempt by the Sasannian monarch, who ruled in secret, to kill their cousins.

September 5, 2021 A.D.: The beginning of the Constitutional Convention is announced as a result to end what was seen as a deadly feud between the Senatus, the Monarchies, and the Clan Chiefs; as a way to modernize the government; and as a way to centralize the government.

September 11, 2021 A.D.: All Military Armories that belonged to the Confederate Government was bombed with dirty bombs. This resulted in the deaths of several military personnel and the injuring of thousands of civilians.

September 12-13, 2021 A.D.: News outlets and members of the governments start to put the blame on the Clans. Evidence currently shows that the clans have nothing to do with the attacks.

September 14, 2021 A.D.: The Majority of the clans and the monarchies that sided with them seceded to form the Union of Ganaquaia. They declared war upon the Confederation later that day.

September 15-17, 2021 A.D.: All foreigners is evacuated from the Confederation for their safety.

October 6-November 30, 2021 A.D.: Beking is besieged with the now-Ymerawdwr leading the defense of the old city in the old Foreign Legations.

October 13, 2021 A.D.: The Grand Coalition; made up of the nations of Spáinnia, Francia, Sasannia, and Polenic; invade the Confederation, claiming to “help” the Union.

December 21, 2021 A.D.: Shilago, the first capital of the Union of Ganaquaia, is captured with their first leaders, the High Queen and the Princess of the Union, is killed by the now-Ymerawdwr.

December 25, 2021 A.D.: The last of the Old Coalition, Sasannia, is defeated at their capital, Loindan, with their leader being killed by the Ymerawdwr. He sustained injuries.

January 11, 2022 A.D.: After the Ymerawdwr returned, a large portion of the former monarchs joined the Union, with a large portion of the old senate seceding to become the Democratic Republic of Ilinoyi. They declared war on the Empire later that day.

January 14, 2022 A.D.: The Union declared former king, Geremia Duwarth as their new High King.

January 17, 2022 A.D.: Fascists took land and declared the Holy Republic of Anigi.

January 19, 2022 A.D.: Communists took land and declared the People’s Democratic Republic of Sini.

That leads us to today, where there is, currently, five sides in this conflict. We, here at Seluia Journal, as is the same for the people, hope and pray this war ends soon.

The man continued to read other parts of the paper before putting it down and walking across the room. Before him, on the wall, hung a large, oval mirror. He looked at his reflection, which he could only see his face. He felt his beard, before putting his hands and arms down and stared at the mirror, at his face, in his eyes. He then spoke.

“I am the former Unchel Brennus of Dalbernia and the Ymerawdwr of Siluia. I am Revan Scardonet, the third of my first name, and I will not let my people down.”
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Greater Niagara » Tue Feb 15, 2022 6:02 am

A Collaboration Between Haltoria (Greater Niagara) and FPC

1200, Zhongnanhai
“准备好了吗?“ asked the President
“是的,总统先生,“ the secretary responded, ”我方已经和哈托利亚帝国代表通话了。“
President Li Zemin expressed his content towards the scheduling. They walked into a meeting room, where several other government officials stood up to greet the president. The group sat down and closed the door. On the opposite side of the room, a large digital monitor was temporarily set up to accommodate the meeting. Representatives from Haltoria could be seen waiting on the other end.

Emperor Louis Philippe Bonarte II, seated down at a large oak desk in his private office, views the large screen on the wall he was facing showing the Chinese President.

"Bonjour, Monsieur President, excellent to see you again!" He says, nodding respectfully to Zemin.

"Bonjour, your majesty," Li nodded back, "it's a pleasure to be able to call."

"Indeed," Louis replies, sipping a cup of tea. "So, what is it you wanted to talk about?" He asks. "I believe it was a military exercise of some kind, if memory serves me correct."

"As many experts suggested, our federation has been improving its military capabilities at a rapid speed," Li paused for a brief second, contemplating the sentence phrasing, "we would like to uphold a demonstration of our military capabilities and increase international partnership."

Louis nods. "Haltoria as well had been growing our capabilities ever since the Civil War which led to my rising to Emperor. Both our nations are rising powers coming to... upset the balance of power, certainly cooperation and possibly alliance would be beneficial to both our causes." Louis pauses. "Were you thinking of a maritime exercise, land exercise, or both?"

"Peter the Great once said: A ruler that has but an army has one hand, but he who has a navy has both," Li suggested, "I think a maritime exercise in the international waters is the most ideal demonstration of uh- power projection and upholding maritime safety,"

"Indeed, that seems like a good idea," Louis agreed. "Certainly with the possibility of piracy and hostile powers, the security of our oceans is a necessity."

"Sounds good. I will pass an executive order to draft a plan and send it over to your officials for review." Li nodded, "what's the next thing on the agenda?"

"Um..." Louis checks his notes. "Ah. The possibility of a mutual free trade agreement and/or mutual mutual commerce organization."

"Indeed. We could perhaps reach an agreement on some products." Li put on his glasses and glanced at his agenda book, "perhaps a 25% tariff decrease in uh- molybdenum and tungsten exported to Haltoria."

"In exchange, a 25% decrease in tarrifs on petroleum and other natural resources to China?"

"That would be greatly beneficial," Li responded

"Perhaps also agreements on sharing of military technology?" The Emperor inquiries.

"I will see what I can do. The Examination Yuan (Roughly equivalent to the Senate but as a separate branch) has to approve," Li states in a clear tone, "however joint civilian ventures in aviation sectors as well as energy will be supported and encouraged."

"Excellent, excellent," Louis replies.

"So, that concludes our discussion I suppose," Li takes another look at the agenda book, "any other issues need to be discussed in the time being?"

"Nothing I can think of."

“Alright then. That should conclude our meeting. It’s been a pleasure your majesty.” Li stood up. The officials sitting around copied his actions.

"Same to to, Monsieur President, au revoir," Louis replies, nodding goodbye.
The Kingdom of Greater Niagara
Pro Rex et Patria!

1. Niagaran Civil War continues with intensified counterattack by Republicans 45 km south of Lannister.
2. Royalist Forces push back NRA offensive at Vanheim, estimated over 50 Republican tanks destroyed.
3. Field Marshal Mikkel Harfson states that Royalist victory is expected in "a matter of weeks or a month more fighting."
4. Mobius Squadron scores another major victory over skies of Fonthill, repelling attack from squadron of F-15's.
5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs releases another protest of illegal occupation of Rogaland territory by Itielian 7th Army Corp.
6. King Matthew IV tours front lines in undisclosed location, comments on bravery of the troops there.

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A Long, Awaited Reunion

Postby Delogie » Wed Mar 02, 2022 3:49 pm

The Ymerawdwr’s Office, the Scota Villa
11:21 A.M.; February 19, 2022 A.D.

Revan sat back in his chair, reading the reports from the different fronts.

As he read the reports, he looked on his computer screen, which shown the approximate borders.

“Fascist forces have pushed back Provisional forces in the North of Illiniwek Island,” one report stated.

“The Chinese Illinoyi Brigade and the Haltorian Republican Militia, both a part of the Senate’s Volunteer Corps, has been helping slow the advances of Provisional forces,” another stated.

“Ganaquaia continues to hold all advances, their navy still is no match for the Provisional Navy, not even the Illini-Class Battleship-Patrol Vessels,” a third stated.

“The Communists continue to be pushed back, but all advances have slown down, the Seluia Chinese Socialist Squadron seems to be the main reason why,” the final one said.

He continued to read other reports; some governmental, others not; wishing that he was back in the field, despite what the 55-day siege did to him. After a few minuets, he got up after hearing his desk-phone ring.

“Osiyo,” he answered.

“Osiyo, your highness,” greeted the voice on the other end, “this is Admiral Alastar Banes and I would like to inform you that we have intercepted someone who wishes to speak with you…”

The conversation continued, as the Admiral said who the people were, and gave their descriptions, the Ymerawdwr informed an officer to get a helicopter.

Approximately 120 miles off the coast from Metropolis
1:22 P.M.

The small vessel stopped on the starboard side of the Illini-Class Battleship/Patrol-Vessel. He climbed up the ladder, and after he reached the wooden-deck of the ship, he saw the leader of the people that was intercepted.

“It’s been a long time,” Revan said with a smile.

The man, about the same height as Revan; with bright, blonde hair and light, blue eyes; replied, “it has and it is good to see you well and alive with my own eyes.”

Revan stomped his cane on the deck three times, then saying “I wouldn’t say completely well.”

“Well enough to climb.”

Revan smirked, “what brings you here.”

“Another Revolution broke out, this time it has forced my family and I, along with some of our most-loyal soldiers and followers, out of the nation with the risk of death,” the young man said, “the regime has begun enslave any and all who disagree with them.”

Revan thought for a few seconds, then answered “As you may know, my nation isn’t exactly safe for myself, let alone any of you. I have my own war that has been going on.”

“I am aware of that,” the man replied, “but give us asylum and we can help you with your war, and you can help us take my throne back.”

“I cannot give any promises, but I will allow this,” Revan stated, “brought the whole family?”

“Except for Edward, who you have locked-up due to what happened.”

“I have another villa near the Scota Villa,” Revan said, “all y’all can stay there. Welcome back Adrian.”

“Thanks,” Adrian said, giving a legitimate smile.

“We can call it ‘Idenburg-Villa-of-Seluia’ for the time being, until we get your nation back.”

Adrian Idenburg, the Akina-in-Exile, nodded his head. Revan then went with Adrian onto his ship and welcomed each person himself. The brought the ship to Metropolis for repairs. The entire group began to move their stuff onto vehicles to be moved to the villa that will be their temporary home.

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The Town and the School

Postby Delogie » Wed Mar 02, 2022 4:23 pm

6:22 A.M.; February 22, 2022 A.D.

Ernest Ugène Argall, a 10 year-old boy, and his 9 year-old sister, Colette Argall walked through the village. They went toward their school, which held every grade from kindergarten to High School. They met their friends; Lily Teague (a 13 year-old girl), Jean Dùbhghlas (a 12 year-old boy), Fernand Ainsley (a 14 year-old boy), Marcel Puga (a 12 year-old boy), Gaston Puga (an 8 year-old boy, younger brother of Marcel Puga), and Paul Carey (an 11 year-old boy); outside, before the day began. At 6:30 A.M., the bells rang and they went into the small school. The school day ended at 4:20 P.M..

The kids ran together toward the cliffs the overlooked the small beach, standing as high as 100 feet.

“We shouldn’t go near there,” said Paul Carey, “the teacher told us there is mines down there.”

“There is, look,” said Lily Teague, pointing at an exposed mine.

They then walked a few more feet away, so that they wouldn’t risk falling. Despite it being February, the weather was warm and the kids lain in on-top of a small, grassy hill, looking at the clouds.

“Heck of a time we are living in,” said Jean Dùbhghlas, “a formation of a new empire, the centralizing of the nation, and a civil war.”

“I hope imperial troops come and help us soon,” said Ernest.

“I heard that many will be leaving as to defeat the rebels on the mainland,” said Paul.

“What,” the others exclaimed in surprise.

“My mom heard it,” Paul explained, “she is allowed to talk to her brother, General Éamon de Valera of the Army of the Cumberland, but under heavy super-vision.”

“How come,” asked Marcel.

“Well, Éamon is one of the ‘top generals’, at least I think they said that, of the Ymerawdwr. If she is harmed, the Ymerawdwr will send three or four armies over here to deal with Anigi, which may allow the other rebels to defeat the Emperor, not allowing Anigi to gain the upper-hand from them,” explained Paul.

“They are all working together,” asked Fernand.

“Kinda,” said Paul, “they have a truce between each-other, constructed by Anigi. One of the things they have been attempting to do is to, first, control the Island of Illiniwek, then to make some sort of navy to invade the mainland and control attempt to take as much land as possible.”

“They told you that,” asked Ernest.

“Some of that was told by them to my mother, the rest was what she gathered,” Paul said.

“Well Hopcynmabs, lets head to the tree house,” said Lily.

The group went to their secret hideout in the middle of the woods. Their tree house was in the middle of an old, ruined house. A few days before the Fascists took power, Lily found it and they all built the tree house, which was nothing more a floor and some small walls along all four sides. The floor of the house, of which is all grass, had several chairs, a couple of tables, two benches, and an old T.V. cabinet.

Paul grabbed his portable dvd player and placed it on the cabinet, as the others sat around and began to watch The Long Long Holiday, of which many of them are descendants of the people that is portrayed in the series. The all smiled as they watched the old series...

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The City of Glen Awtomatig

Postby Delogie » Wed Mar 02, 2022 4:46 pm

When the war began, the city of Glen Awtomatig declared complete neutrality. As the war went on, walls topped with barbed wire was built around the land owned by the city. Within days after the beginning of the war, all but one school was ended, due to many of the teachers going to fight in the war, or to spend time with their families. Due to this, all students was transferred to Momen School. Days before the war, the school began to gain a lot of controversy due to reports of abuse of students, but the war broke out before any investigation could begin. After four months of war, more and more people began to disagree with neutrality, with those people being executed, after “mysteriously” disappear.

City Government Building, Glen Awtomatig
2:25 P.M., February 25, 2022 A.D.

“Any sign of the Imperials or the Provos,” asked John Aiza, standing in the doorway.

“None,” said Mayor Colum Beattie, sitting behind his desk, “but it seems that Momen is doing a good job at training much of the populace.”

“It amazes me how they were not only able to do this to the children, but many of the adults as well,” said John, smoking from his pipe.

“I’ve heard that the last few ‘unfortunates’ done nothing when we got rid of them,” said Colum, “and, it seems the next step, the masks, is going well.”

“So everyone has to wear one,” asked John.

“Yes, but anyone that is younger than 13 does not have to, nor us when we are in the Building,” informed Colum.

“What about in private?”

“For now, no. In a few weeks or in a month, yes.”

“What of the Guards?”

“They will wear a metal helmet that looks like this.”

The mayor grabs a large helmet with darkened glass on the front, all painted in tan.

“And no one would compare us to Them,” asked John.

“No one would from the outside, except Them,” replied the Mayor, “from in the city, anyone that attempts to will be dealt with like normal.”

“Are those ready?”

“Yep, go ahead and inform the Guards.”

“How long until one of the High Rankers come,” asked John, before leaving.

“As soon as they can sneak one to us,” replied the Mayor.

John left the room, leaving the Mayor to his work.
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The Battle for Rexpiscinae

Postby Delogie » Mon Mar 07, 2022 2:40 pm

The Town of Rexpiscinae
March 1, 2022 A.D., 10:22 A.M.

As John Baron walked down the street with his patrol, he remembers what he has heard, that the majority of the rebels has been pushed back. From the corner of his eye, he sees what looks like a man holding something.

“Who’s that,” yelled John.

The patrol turned and saw the man, who began firing at them. The Patrol fired at the man, before seeing more of the Senate soldiers coming toward them. Another soldier, Jacob, sees the flags that is on their soldiers, these were from the Chinese Illinoyi Brigade and the Haltorian Republican Militia.

“We need reinforcements, we are on the main street of Rexpiscinae with opposing soldiers pinning us,” called in Mike in his radio. They continued to fire from their small, wall that they used as cover. They continued to fire until they heard the IFV 2k15 “Huskey” firing at the Senate soldiers. After they lost sight of the senate soldiers, a couple of MRAPV 2k7 “Billie Bob Joe”’s came up, with some infantry dismounting, and checking for Senate forces. John’s patrol continued down the street, looking for opposing forces.

“This battle over such a small town,” thought John, “is surprising since it has been going on for the past two days. You would only think it would take so long for a city or a very large town.”

He continued his march down the street, keeping his eyes peeled.

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The End of One Situation?

Postby Delogie » Mon Mar 07, 2022 3:06 pm

The Street outside of the Domhnall Building, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
March 6, 2022 A.D., 1:29 P.M.

The Ymerawdwr stood in-front of the Domhnall Building, the home of the former Senatus and the current place for the Constitutional Convention. He kept his briefcase near him, not letting anyone near it. On his head was his red artillery kepi, with a gray uniform, a uniform that has been around since the mid-to-late 19th century, a uniform used by the former Confederation of Dalbernia.

As he entered the building, he could hear the echoing of his cane on the wooden floor, as well as the bickering of the convention.

“Hopefully Adrian will not grow bored,” he thought, walking down the hall to the door.

“Greeting gentlemen,” the Ymerawdwr stated to the members, after opening the door and closing it behind him.

The Members stood and bowed to their young monarch, and sat back down.

“I have a proposal for a new constitution,” he stated, “perhaps one that most or all parties could agree to.”

He opened his briefcase and pulled out several papers and gave a copy of the papers to each person.

“Over the last few months,” he continued, “I have written and rewritten down ideas and constitutions. I realized, due to our way of living, our traditions, our societal structure that some things must stay the same. Some things will have to be figured out in the future. Now if that future is near or far, I cannot say. I do hope and pray that this will end this bloody civil war and reunite the nation.”

He then cleared his throat and began to read the final constitution he wrote.

Constitution of the Empire of Seluia

We, the people, clans, and lords of the Dixons, the Digisi, the Tsalagi, the Brytons, the Eresh, the Sotch, the Roifainnians, the Sasannians, the Francaigh, the Polenic, and the Spáinnigh come together to form a lasting union between our peoples, hereby declare the formal establishment of the Empire of Seluia.

Article I. The Ymerawdwr:

Section 1. The title of Ymerawdwr, with the title for a woman being “Banimpire”, shall be a hereditary title.

Section 2. The Ymerawdwr shall oversee the well-being of the government and of the nation.

Section 3. The Ymerawdwr shall have the ability to temporarily close the Imperial Council.

Section 4. The Ymerawdwr shall be the Commander-in-Chief of all armed forces of the Empire of Seluia.

Section 5. The Ymerawdwr shall be the one person that selects the Chiefs of the Army, Navy, Cavalry, Air Force, and of the Marines.

Section 6. The Ymerawdwr shall have the power to appoint a Chief Ambassador from a pool of candidates given to them from the Council of Clans.

Section 7. The Ymerawdwr shall have the ability to pick and choose their own heir.

Section 8. The Ymerawdwr shall have the ability to pick and choose a regent or the members of a regency council for their heir in the case that they, the Ymerawdwr, pass away before the heir turned 16.

Section 9. The Ymerawdwr shall have the ability to add people onto their Imperial Council.

Section 10. The Ymerawdwr shall have the power to sign or veto any and all legislation from the Imperial Congress.

Section 11. The Ymerawdwr shall have other powers and abilities not described and not strictly forbidden within this document

Article II. The Succession of the Ymerawdwr:

Section 1. The Title shall follow the lines of the eldest child of the Ymerawdwr, once that line is extinct or is disinherited then it shall follow the next eldest, going on until all of the lines are extince or disinherited, then it shall go to the descendants of their siblings, and so on.

Subsection A. If the Ymerawdwr did not have any children nor a designated heir, then the title shall go to their siblings and follow the line of succession.

Section 2. If the Ymerawdwr passes away and has an heir, the heir shall become the next ruler.

Subsection A. If the heir passes away before the Ymerawdwr and they did not change nor know of the death before their own death, then the crown shall follow the line of succession, with the descendants of the heir having a claim to the crown.

Section 3. In the case that the Ymerawdwr passes away and the heir or new monarch is younger than the age of 16 years old, then a regent or a regency council shall take over.

Subsection A. The Regent or the regency council shall have been chosen by the previous Ymerawdwr or by the Imperial Council as a whole, with the living spouse having the majority of the say with care and education.

Subsection B. In the case that the previous Ymerawdwr did not choose either a Regent nor the members of the regency council, then the members of the council shall be voted upon by the Imperial Council and the living spouse.

Subsection C. In the case the Regent or a member or multiple members of the regency council passes away, a new Regent or member(s) of the regency council shall be voted for by the Imperial Council.

Article III. The Imperial Council:

Section 1. The Imperial Council shall hold, at minimum, the Chief of the Army, the Chief of the Navy, the Chief of the Cavalry, the Chief of the Air Force, the Chief of the Marines, the Chief Ambassador, the High Chief, the Chief of the Lords, and the President.

Subsection A. The Ymerawdwr shall have the ability to add more people to the Council if they wish.

Section 2. The Imperial Council shall be the advisors for the Ymerawdwr.

Section 3. The Imperial Council, with the Prince-electors becoming “Honorary Members”, shall have the ability to choose a Regent or choose a member or the members of a regency council if the new Ymerawdwr is younger than the age of 16 years old.

Section 4. The Chief Ambassador shall be chosen by the Ymearwdwr from a pool of candidates made up of the members and made by the Council of Clans.

Article IV. The Imperial Congress:

Section 1. The Imperial Congress shall be comprised of the Senatus Populusque Seluia (shortened to “SPQS”, “the Senatus”, or “the Senate”) and of the Council of Lords.

Section 2. A Shared-meeting of Congress can be called for a ceremony, for a passing of an amendment, or any reason that is or can be considered “extremely important”.

Article V. The Senatus Populusque Seluia:

Section 1. The SPQS shall be made up of three senators from each Nation-State.

Section 2. The SPQS shall have the ability to make bills on laws relating to the citizenry or bills relating to relations with foreign nations.

Section 3. The leader of the SPQS shall be the President.

Article VI. The President:

Section 1. The President shall be a citizen that was born in the nation and that is a minimum of 25 years old, that is elected through the Electoral College.

Section 2. The President shall oversee all votes within the Senatus.

Section 3. The President shall be the main representative of the Senatus to any and all other nations, as well on the Imperial Council.

Section 4. The President shall have the following powers and abilities:
- The ability to temporarily become the head of state and government if the Ymerawdwr is unable to preform their duties and did not choose a Lord Protector or a Lady Protector.
- The power to sign and veto any and all legislation from both chambers of the Imperial Congress.
- The power to declare any policies involving the Senatus
- The power to raise citizen militias to temporarily become Imperial militias.
- The ability to vote in the Senate in the case of a tie.
- Other powers and abilities not specifically stated nor forbidden within this document.

Article VII. The Electoral College:

Section 1. The Electoral College shall be made up of a representative from each State Government and all twelve Prince-electors.

Section 2. Prince-electors shall be selected by the Ymerawdwr, by the High Priest, by the Grand Droidist, and by the Pope and shall be a hereditary title, unless revoked.

Subsection A. The title may be revoked by the Ymerawdwr or by a shared-meeting of the Council of Lords and the Council of Clans.

Subsection B. There shall be a four kinds of Prince-electors: three secular Princes, three Chicphilehian Princes, three Droidist Princes, and three Catholic Princes.

Subsection C. The titles, for the non-secular Princes, shall only pass down to the religion of the title, with the head of each religion crowning them.

Subsection D. In the case that a non-secular Prince changes religion, their title shall be revoked and given to another.

Subsection E. Any and all Imperial Princes (princes of the Imperial Family) shall not be allowed to hold the title of Prince-elector.

Section 3. The Representative-electors shall vote as according to how the citizens vote within their state.

Subsection A. The Representative-electors shall have the ability to vote against what the citizens voted for if a “sufficient” reason is given.

Section 4. The Prince-electors shall vote for as they see fit.

Section 5. A Representative-elector shall be worth one vote while a Prince-elector vote shall be worth three votes.

Article VIII. The Council of Lords:

Section 1. The Council of Lords shall be made up of all nobles, no matter if they own land or not.

Section 2. The Council of Lords shall have the ability to make bills involving the nobility and monetary issues.

Section 3. The Council of Lords shall be in-charge of the Treasury.

Section 4. The Council of Lords shall have the ability to elect a Chief of the Lords from amongst themselves.

Article IX. The Chief of the Lords:

Section 1. The Chief of the Lords shall be the leader and a member of the Council of Lords.

Section 2. The Chief of the Lords shall be the main representative of the Council of Lords in the Imperial Council and to any and all other nations.

Section 3. The Chief of the Lords shall oversee all votes within the Council of the Lords.

Section 4. The Chief of the Lords shall have the ability to vote if there is a tie within the Council of Lords.

Article X. The Making of Bills and Laws:

Section 1. The bill shall be proposed in the correct chamber by either the Ymerawdwr or by a member of that chamber.

Section 2. If the bill passes, then it shall go to the next chamber.

Section 3. If the bill passes both chambers, then the bill shall go to the desk of the president.

Section 4. If the President vetos, then the bill must go back to the origination chamber and go through both chambers with nine-tenths of the people voting for it in both chambers.

Subsection A. If the amount of votes needed is not met, then the bill shall be shelved.

Subsection B. If the amount of votes is met and/or surpassed, then the bill shall go to the desk of the Ymerawdwr.

Section 5. If the President signs the bill, it shall then go to the Ymerawdwr.

Section 6. If the Ymerawdwr vetos the bill, a shared-meeting of congress shall be called, with a nineteen-twentieths vote needed to pass the Ymerawdwr.

Subsection A. If the amount of votes needed is not met, then the bill shall be shelved.

Section 7. If the Ymerawdwr signs the bill, it shall then go to the High Judicial Court.

Section 8. If the High Judicial Court finds the bill unconstitutional, then it shall be shelved, otherwise it shall become law.

Section 9. In the case of an Amendment of this document, the procedure shall go as the following:

Subsection A. A member of the Imperial Congress or the Ymerawdwr calls for a shared-meeting of the Imperial Congress for an amendment. The Amendment is read out by the President and the floor would be open for discussion. Once the discussion ends with no others beginning, then members of the Imperial Congress shall vote.

Subsection B. In order for the Amendment to pass to the President, a minimum of a three-fourths vote is needed, otherwise the amendment will be shelved.

Subsection C. If the President vetos the Amendment bill, it shall then go back to the Imperial Congress, which the bill must get a four-fifths vote to pass the president. If the President signs the bill, it shall then go to the Ymerawdwr.

Subsection D. If the Ymerawdwr vetos the bill, a seven-eights majority is needed from both chambers of Congress to pass the Ymeardwdr and to become an amendment. If the Ymeawdwr signs the bill, then the Amendment is added.

Article XI. The Council of Clans:

Section 1. The Council of Clans shall be made up of all Clan Chiefs.

Section 2. The Clan Chiefs shall advise the Imperial Congress and the Ymearwdwr.

Section 3. The Clan Chiefs shall govern the Regions or the “Clan Lands”

Section 4. The Council of Clans shall have the power to elect the High Chief from one of their own.

Section 5. The Council of Clans shall, also, be used as a way for Regions to negotiate between each-other.

Section 6. The Council of Clans shall have the ability to vote on Regional matters that affects other regions, but not the entire nation.

Article XII. The High Chief:

Section 1. The High Chief shall be the be the leader and a member of the Council of Clans.

Section 2. The High Chief shall oversee any and all votes, voting only in case of a tie.

Article XIII. The High Judicial Court:

Section 1. The High Judicial Court shall be the highest Judicial Court in the Empire.

Section 2. All judicial matters that involves Nation-States, Regions/Clan-Lands, or the Empire itself, shall be overseen by the High Judicial Court.

Section 3. The High Judicial Court shall be made up of citizens who are or where judges, lawyers, or other legal personnel that has their legal bar license and did not lose it for any reason.

Section 4. The members of the Judicial Court shall be citizens who have lived in the nation for a minimum of twenty years, worked as a legal personnel in the Empire, after becoming a citizen, for a minimum of ten years, and be the minimum age of fifty.

Section 5. Member of the High Judicial Court shall be voted upon by the Senatus, from a pool of candidates from the Ymerawdwr.

Article XIV. The Chief High Justice:

Section 1. The Chief High Justice shall be the leader of the High Judicial Court.

Section 2. They shall be the one to read any and all verdicts of legal proceedings they oversee.

Article XV. Sections of the Empire

Section 1. The Empire shall be divided by several types of Sections.

Subsection A. The largest section shall be the Regions or the Clan Lands, which shall be lead by the Clan Chief of the area, as well as having regional laws being made by a Regional Council, which the members shall be voted into office by enfranchised citizens. The Clan Chief title shall be decided by the laws of each clan.

Subsection B. The next section shall be the Nation-States, which the land is controlls shall be decided, originally, by the areas controlled by certain cultures and/or peoples. The Nation-State shall be governed by a State Governor and a State Legislature, which shall be made up of a State Senate and a State House of Representatives, all of which shall be elected by enfranchised citizens.

Subsection C. The third section shall be the Duchies. They shall be headed and governed by a duke or duchess, which shall be a hereditary title.

Subsection D. The fourth section shall be the Provinces. They shall be headed and governed by a Provincial Governor and by a Provincial Council, both of which shall be elected by enfranchised citizens.

Subsection E. The fifth section shall be the Margraves. They shall be headed by a Margrave, a title that shall be handed by the Ymerawdwr.

Subsection F. The sixth section shall be the Earldoms. They shall be headed by an Earl or Earlness, which shall be a hereditary title.

Subsection G. The seventh section shall be the Counties. They shall be headed by a Count or a Countess, which shall be a hereditary title.

Subsection H. The eighth, smallest, and final section shall be the Baronies. They shall be headed by a Baron or a Baroness, which shall be a hereditary title.

Article XVI. The Je’daii Templar:

Section 1. Seeing as the Je’daii Templar has, for a long time, been a part of the government of previous states and not, they shall be a fully free and independent organization under the protection of the Imperial Government, the Imperial Council, and the Ymerawdwr.

Article XVII. Clans:

Section 1. As is with tradition within these lands, the clans shall follow these laws:

Subsection A. A clan shall be made up of the following:
i. Families and houses that relates to a common ancestor
ii. Families and houses that pledged loyalty for protection
iii. Families and houses that formed, with them being a part of the same clan as the mother
iv. Families and houses that descend from a tribe.

Subsection B. Clans shall form if or when multiple, large houses that have a common ancestor come together.

Subsection C. Clans shall have the ability to send volunteers to help in the conflicts of other nations that does not face Seluian forces.

Subsection D. Clans shall be given lands that either they conquered last and had not lost.

Subsection E. Clans shall have the ability to make lesser-laws (as would be determined by the Imperial government) with-in their “clan lands”.

Subsection F. Clans shall have the ability to petition the Ymerawdwr/Banimpire to receive lands that is ruled by a member of their clan, but owned by another clan.

Subsection G. Clans shall have the ability to settle their own disputes, only using force if found necessary (with permission from the Imperial government).

Subsection H. Clans shall have the ability to raise clan militias during war time, following the “Laws on Clan Warfare” as signed in 1649 A.D., and as updated in 2019 A.D..

Section 2. As to make a formal, united law on marriages, the clans shall abide by the following:

Subsection A. The spouse that takes the other’s name shall be a part of their clan, family, and, in the case of non-Imperial nobles, sub-family. In the case of a union of two houses, they shall be a part of the clan that the name of the first is a part of. In the case of a marriage with an Imperial Noble, the person shall then be a part of the Imperial clan and family, forming a new subfamily if the Imperial is a woman marring a male; if they are of the same gender, then they shall be a part of the same clan, family, and sub-family.

Subsection B. The children of the marriage shall stay as a member of same clan as their parents.


Amendment I. The citizens of this Empire shall have the right to bear arms not be infringed upon and will be protected.

Amendment II. The right to and freedom of religion, speech, press, and peaceful assembly shall not be infringed upon and shall be protected.

Amendment III. During a time of peace, no soldier shall be quartered in any house without the expressed consent of the owner.

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The Convention

Postby Delogie » Tue Mar 08, 2022 3:24 pm

The Constitutional Convention Meeting Room, the Domhnall Building, Llanfair
March 6, 2022 A.D., 6:22 P.M.

The debate took hours, with a heavy disagreement on several things.

“This would bring us back to what we had before, which heavily caused this war,” one member said.

But, after the long debate, a vote was still held and the constitution that the Ymerawdwr made was defeated. Everyone only agreed on the idea of states and new lordships. By 7:52 P.M. that afternoon, a new provisional constitution was written, that expanded the entire convention to include the entirety of the remaining Senatus, the remaining Council of Lord, and the remaining Council of Clans. They, also, decided that the Ymerawdwr will make the new states and lordships, as that was considered to, traditionally, be the former Unchel Brennus’, now Ymerawdwr’s, job.

Revan left the building and entered into his transport, to go back to his home.

The Unchel Palas, Llanfair
March 6, 2022 A.D., 8:29 P.M.

Revan entered the building, he only saw the soldiers that stood guard. He sent word ahead of time that the workers of the Palace had time off, while his slaves was already being borrowed to work in fields to pick what would become food for, mainly, the troops and to work in several factories. He went to his office and turned on his computer.

“How am I going to do this,” he thought.

9:25 P.M.

He continued making the new states, now drawing it on one of many copies of a map that shown terrain, when he heard a knock at the door.

“Come in,” he yelled.

He heard the door open and close, with feet walking toward him. He put down his pencil and looked up. It was Princess Mallory Peterme, of the former nation of Sasannia, and Princess Hinata Roselle Idenburg. He began to remember all the times he and Hinata met, how she would flirt with him. The last time they met was in 2013.

“Greetings cousins,” Revan said in a tired voice, “what brings you two hear?”

“My brother told us you were here due to the Constitutional Convention,” Hinata answered.

“He is correct,” Revan confirmed.

“Is there a new constitution,” asked Mallory.

“There is a new provisional constitution,” Revan informed the two women, “there has been some progress, but we are far from something more… permanent.”

He spun the map around and pushed it toward them. The women looked at it.

“I was given the duty to make new states and new lordships,” he continued.

“I noticed there is no butlers or maids,” Mallory stated, “is there a particular reason?”

“Yes,” he answered, “I need some of the peace and quiet to figure this out, so I will be keeping the place clean myself.”

“We can help, if you want,” said Hinata.

“Sure,” Revan answered, “especially since this has been taking a while.”

“What do you need us to do,” Hinata asked.

“At the moment, nothing,” he replied, “I guess find someplace to sleep.”

The two women left the room and began to look for someplace to sleep, while Revan continued to work on the maps.

10:01 P.M.

“Finished,” Revan said, laying back in his chair.

He copied the maps and put all in his briefcase. He then got up and went to his dresser. He took off his shirt and put it in his hamper.

“We have not found anyplace to sleep,” Mallory said, while looking down the hall, with Hinata following close behind her.

The two women then looked forward and noticed Revan.

“Please knock next time,” he said.

He then grabbed a linen tunic and put that on

“I guess we can sleep in my bed,” he said, “I know the couch was gotten rid of due to damage from when the palace was broken into.”

The women agreed. The women went into separate bathrooms and dressed into their night attire. The women slept closer to the wall, leaving Revan to sleep on the edge, so he could get up in the morning to go to the convention.

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An Expanded Convention

Postby Delogie » Tue Mar 08, 2022 3:26 pm

The Domhnall Building, Llanfair
March 7, 2022 A.D., 9:05 A.M.

Revan walked into the old, room that was used for a combined meeting of the Senatus, the Council of Lords, and the Council of Clans. He walked to his throne, which was situated with a large desk in-front of it.

“Greeting Ladies and Gentlemen of the Provisional Government of the Empire of Seluia to the Constitutional Convention,” the Ymerawdwr announced.

He then opened his briefcase and said, “I have with me the copies of my proposal for the arrangement of states and of different kinds of Lordships.”

He then gave the copies of the maps to one of the people there to hand out, then continued, “as we all know, one of the problems previously was the hardship of trade and moving from one place to another for the citizens. I believe my proposal is one of the ways we could solve this.”

After everyone had a chance to look over the maps, one of the Senators stood up and asked, “would it not be better just to have states and no lordships?”

“I believe that the nobility must stay around, considering that they will help oversee any and all governing,” said the Ymerawdwr, “if it is decided in the new constitution that there shall be no-more nobility, then I can change the map as needed.”

“What of the clans,” asked a clan chief.

“That would be something that would have to be decided amongst them, that follows with the laws of a new constitution,” answered the Ymerawdwr.

After that, the debate begun. It was agreed that the Senatus, the Nobility, and the Clans would stay around.

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The Uniting

Postby Delogie » Wed Mar 09, 2022 3:30 pm

The Town of Berry, within the territory of Ganaquaia
March 9, 2022 A.D., 12:05 P.M.

“I think this is the only thing we can do,” said a man in a white dress-shirt and pants, “Ilinoyi will agree to this.”

“Gentlemen,” said a map in a black peaked-cap, military uniform, with brown pants, “I believe with this union of our nations, we will be able to over-thrown this young, foolish boy we used to call ‘High King’ and now ‘Emperor’. To the United Nations of Sithia.”

“To the United Nations of Sithia,” repeated the other people in the room, as they drank.

“And soon,” thought the man in the black peaked-cap, “Anigi will rule them all.”

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Postby Czeily » Wed Mar 16, 2022 5:45 am

They were too young to die: The 5th crusade (Pt. 1)
16/03/2022, Somewhere in the Commonwealth of Chariza

Diary of (GNR) Sgt. André Tomas MAUCKENBERG VADIZ

"I've stoped counting the days since a long time. What was marketed to reservists like me back in the day is a lie. What was supposed to be a 1 week operation has now turned into a 12 years conflict. 12 years ! I've been deployed to this theater of operation for too long. I only joined GNR's Reservist program to have access for a scholarship.

Of course, I haven't been deployed for 12 years straight in a row, I had permissions, wich permitted me to enroll in the Academy. It isn't the civilian university I wanted, but at least I have a military diploma & civilian diploma now thanks to the 'Officer Training Program' standards. Who said graduating in two courses was hard ? That was easy now that I look at it.

But anyways, here am I. Writting my military thesis on guerilla warfare, directly on the battlefield, fighting a insurgency. Originally I wanted to be a lawyer, well I have my licence in criminal justice thanks to the OTP, but here am I, walking down the road to become a military official.

I'm currently deployed at Chariza's second biggest city: Viena-de-Santo-André, currently performing my last rotation as squad leader. In two weeks, I'll be commanding a battalion of the GNR's I. QRF 'Chariza-norte' Division. I'm saying goodbye to the National Guard Reservist corps and saying hello to the National Guard Professional corps.

In 12 years, I've lost a lot of my companions, but in defeat I learned a lot of things. Even for a 'champion of democracy', the FRC is cracking down on the media's coverage of the war. If the greater numbers could see what's happening, a lot of trouble back at home would happen. The FARDF is bombing indiscriminately the civilian popualtion. Just today, a pediatric hospital where women were giving birth was bombed by one of our ballistic system ! 34 Mothers and at least 3 newborns were killed.

The B-34 'Fullback' fleet of the FARDF is working arround the clock, bombing every civilian building, comiting war crimes against our own. The separatist governement isn't even supported by the civilians, why did the FARDF's General Ludmilla Maria DOS SANTOS VELHOUDIA think ? She's killing innocent civilians ! and no one back at home is reacting to that because the media is censored by the authorities via the so called 'Patriotic & National Defence Act'. And what about Social-Media ? Well our 'democratic censors' are working arround the clock with Big-T to censor the social medias. Propaganda is everywhere.

I can't even speak about the situation to my family because If I speak, I would be court martialed for 'propaganda menancing the FADF reputation'. Only the foreign world knows about those war crimes. But not a single Carsilian besides the ones living in Chariza.

There's so much indignation arround the world that, somehow, someone smuggled in a fleet of SU-7 fighter bombers and a MiG-21 fleet. Under the noose of the Navy. The corrupt admiral was then retrieved and charged with high treason, aparently he prefered to kill himself before the judgement. The FARDF local airstrips are only suoted for the Super Tucano operations. The result of this ? the FARDF lost 12 Super Tucano in one single day. Old communist era missiles are destroying our aircrafts. At first we didn't need AS fighters, but now we need them.

The B-34s on a other hand, stopped coming: AS isn't secured at least for now. Air Command isn't willing to loose it's B-34s. Plus, they have to make a 5 hour flight to fly over us. Why ? because the only FARDF Aerodrome that could accomodate the B-34 in Chariza, is in Chariza's state-capital city held by the Crusaders.

But this history is about to change. The Presidency ordered 6 divisions of the Regular armed forces to move west. They also ordered the first and second Naval Aviation Navy Group to sail west. Not long from now, the mighty F-23C Shark will bring hell on their aviation. And the FARDF will send it's own F-23A to help our naval aviation. A SEAD operation is also planned but for that, the B-34s need cover. But the cover is coming, oh it's coming.

But for now, here am I, waiting for the orders, listening to the enemy's radio frequences. Waiting for the order to attack the enemy's position. Mother, if one day you read this, know that I don't regret anything. Even if my 'comrades' are comiting crimes, I'm doing this for the future of the federation."

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Postby Czeily » Fri Mar 18, 2022 8:28 am

They were too young to die: The 5th crusade (Pt.1)

They were too young to die: The 5th crusade (Pt.2)

Ambrosio's Valley, 27km east of Chariza's Capital

3 flights of 15 helicopters from the GNR IX. (Reserve) Air Assault Brigade were flying through the cynic valley of Adriatino. At times of peace, the valley is a tourist hotspot. Thousands flocked here to visit it's natural wonders annualy. A lush & green forrest, outlined by the weat fields and with mountains in the distance. This valley was once ranked 1st for it's quality of living in the whole FRC. The valley is the pride of the Charizians. But for 12 years now, the quiet valley transformed into a war torned one.

It's here that, initially, the seperatists ambushed a GNR 17km long convoy on it's way to crackdown the riots in chariza's capital. Killing hundreds in the process. What is now known as "Yvan's rampage" was in fact the first combat & shots fired in the war that was to come. Since then, the separatists pushed inland, back and forth, with the FRC. Now, after 9 years, the first federal soldiers were about to put boots on the ground of the valley.

Sgt. Mauckenberg Vadiz's company, "Air Assault Company Alpha", alongside "Air Assault Company Bravo" and "Air Assault Company Charlie", was tasked to secure a strategical town for accessing the capital held by the separatists. The town of Adrianopolis, home to 15 thousand souls but deserted by them due to the war. It was turned into a 5CA bastion due to it's proximity with the capital. But after 1 week of bombing, the city's defence force was disorganised.

450 men were tasked to capture the city's aerodrome and hold the position until armored support and the rest of the brigade arrives. The flights were organised the following way: the flights were composed of 15 helicopters each. 10 Super Puma carrying each a squad of 15 men (150 Resservists per flight), escorted by 3 AH-28N Havoc attack-helicopter and 2 RH-125M Fennec reconnaissance-helicopter.

"Air Assault Company Alpha" was Flight-A. The Sergeant was in one of the Super Puma, alongside his squad.

Landing -20 minutes...
Somewhere over the valley, The Sergent's helicopter

On the speakers, the pilot played California Dreamin'. The song was heard by everyone, but in the passenger bay, the 14 Resservists and their sergent were focused on the mission.

The Sergeant received information from high command on it's encrypted tablet via the MILCOM encrypted military messaging system. The Sergeant shouted: "Pilot, cut the song !". The later complied and cuted the song, the sergeant stood up and everyone one started looking at him.

The Sergeant then started the briefing, "Our main objective is to capture the aerodrome, it's facilities and the runway intact. We have 4 hours to do it before the arrival of the Paratroopers. Our company, alongside company Bravo, will capture the aerodrome. Meanwhile company Charlie will capture it's surroundings. We have Helicopter gunship support, further helicopter support will be available later in the day. SEAD has already been performed by the brigade's wing of RH-52 helicopters. The GIMFADF has confirmed the presence of 5CA's I. Foreign legion and the presence of MK-17 and MK-23 aircraft, not a single aircraft can take off, if none is secured the mission will be considered as failed... LET'S KICK YVAN'S ARSE UNDERSTOOD ?!"

In choir, the men replied "SIR, YES SIR!". The sergeant returned to his seat and the music resumed. The private on his left, Pvt. Ramires da Alfandega, looked at Sgt. Mauckenberg and asked: "Is this your last operation with us ?"

Mauckenberg replied, "Probably..."
Ramires replied with a smile, "it's been a honnor sergeant"
Mauckenberg looks at the private and asked, "You only have been with us since yesterday... Tell me, who's waiting for your return back home ?"
Ramires replied, "My girlfriend with our newborn boy"
Mauckenberg replied whilst laughing, "21 years old and that b*stard already has a family !"
Ramires laughed and replied, "Sir, yes sir"
Mauckenberg took a serious tone and said, "Be professional and follow the orders, that's how a resservist survives for a other day"
Ramires nodded
Mauckenberg looks at Ramires's M3 Machine gun and asks, "do you know how to use this ?"
Ramires nodded
Mauckenberg replied, "Don't point that thing at us"
Ramires laughed and replied, "Sir, yes sir" he then looks at Mauckenberg's EG3A2 battle rifle, points at it and asks, "And you, sir, do you know how to use that ?"
Mauckenberg replied, "No and that's why I point this at you during battles"
Ramires laughed

The rest of the trip through the valley happened without any sort of trouble.

Landing H-hour
Adrianopolis State Aerodrome

The 45 helicopters had flown over the city without any major problem, they were the target for some MANPAD fire but no helicopters were hit. Flight by Flight, Super Puma after Super Puma, the 450 men landed on the Aerodrome's runway, each squad proceeded to their objectives.

Mauckenberg's squad, alongside 2 other squads, was tasked to capture cargo Ramp A1 to A4, the MK-23 fighters were parked there. They shoot and manouvered to the objective, killing dozens in the process. The 5CA I. Foreign Legion detachement defending the Aerodrome was surprised of how the reservists were performing good, because after all, they were reservists of the national guard, not even the ones from the regular army.

After 5 minutes of fighting, Mauckenberg's squad captured and held their objectives. 10 minutes after, the first wave of 5CA's Militia men alongside the trained legionaires was coming, trying to re-capture the ramps & planes.

On the roof of the building, the Sergeant was right next of Ramires and his asistant, Pvt. Lawrence Varnes.

Whilst shooting at the separatists, Mauckenberg asked Ramires, "Is everything alright kid ?"
Shooting is M3 gpmg, the Pvt. took a moment before responding, druing the reload phase of his gpmg he replied, "Welcome to the rice fields !"
Mauckenberg laughed, but not for long, one of his subordinates shouts, "Sh*t ! Sh*t! Sh*t! Tank incoming take cover !"

A captured T60-2000 Abrão mbt of the separatists was rolling down the tarmac, towards the Sgt's position.

Mauckenberg shouted, "TAKE COVER ! INCOMING !" but not long after, the tank was destroyed by a ATGM fired from a AH-28N Havoc
Ramires laughed and said, "TAKE THAT YVAN !" before firing back his M4 at the now running militia men.

Landing H +11 hours
Adrianopolis State Aerodrome

The battle lasted for the whole night, reinforcements came and by the first hours of the morning the city of Adrianopolis and it's aerodrome was captured. The GNR armored spearhead that came as reinforcements continued down the main road towards the capital, to repeal any enemy counter attack. They established defensive positions 7km west of the Aerodrome, down the road. Small pockets of resistance continued fighting even after the fall of the aerodrome, in the city. But the reinforcements are taking care of the clean up.

Alpha, Bravo and Charlie company were asigned to the Aerodrome defence, but for now everyone was resting. A deserved rest after the heavy fighting during the night.

Sgt. Mauckenberg was sitting on the destroyed skeletton of the tank previously destroyed during the night, smocking a cigar and cleaning his rifle. The Paratrooper commander, Cap. Alexios S. Bernardo Harlemina, of the Paratrooper company that came 4 hours after the initial landings, came over to talk.

Mauckenberg saw the Cap. and was about to salute him when the Cap. started talking, "there's no need to salute Sergeant, you men fought well this night".
Mauckenberg nodded and said, "Thank you Captain"
The Captain looks at the Sergeant and says, "High Command wants you to take control of your Brigade for the rest of the operations, the old Brigade commander was found dead this morning"
Mauckenberg, surprised asks, "With all due respects, is this a hoax captain ?"
The Captain hands over the telegram from HQ with the official notification of promotion, "It isn't, your efforts paid out, congratulations on your promotion to Brigadier-Colonel, a helicopter will arrive to take you back to the HQ for further briefing, no worries you will be back here in instants"
Mauckenberg thought to himself, "My promotion to Brigadier-Colonel was for next week, oh well, it's only a detail now... I guess ?"

Soon after, the now Brigadier-Colonel embarked in a Fennec Transport helicopter and was now being transported back to the HQ. His military commanding officer career was about only to begin, but at 30 years old he was now a Brigadier-Colonel of the GNR.
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Postby Czeily » Sat Mar 19, 2022 4:53 am

They were too young to die: Top Gun (Pt.1)

Adrianopolis State Aerodrome

"My squadron departed from Porto-Alegre since 6 days. We flew and stayed at various military aerodromes & airstrips. The Airmen at those bases, young cadets from the Academy, were surprised to encounter the most senior fighter squadron so out west.

But many understood the gravity of the situation. Many understood that if we were flying west that something big was about to happen. They weren't wrong. On march 15, peace talks between the feds and the seperatists broke down. Abd sh*t started to hit the fan badly for bothsides. The 16, in a big attack against enemy troops, the FARDF sent 46 Super Tucano to raid the frontlines. But those b*stards were out of luck, that day, Yvan showed up with his new toys.

MK-21 and MK-23 fighters, from the old republic, showed up. Yvan shot down a entire FARDF squadron of Super Tucano. The same day, 2 B-34 bombers were shot down by Yvan's lapdogs. The FARDF supsended air operations until yesterday when, with the GNR help, they captured the very same aerodrome were I'm standing.

My F-35S squadron arrived soon after the landings, alongside a squadron of F-35UB and F-27UB. I received today orders from the new Brigadier-Colonel in charge of the whole theater: alongside the navy, me and my squadron is ordered to secure air superiority for B-34 missions to resume. That GNR Colonel, Mauckenberg, is a tough man from what I've heard from the Reservists and paratoopers stationing here.

Meanwhile AS isn't secured, the F-27UB and F-35UB were to resume bombing operations. I mean I'm not a traitor, in fact the real traitors are the seperatists pilots whomst deserted from our ranks. But I'm not sure if I support the bombing operations, the civilian didn't ask for this sh*t show.

But I'm not a bomber crew. Many call me the 'Red Devil'. God knows how I hate being called that, I shot down 7 Aircrafts but come on, 'Red Devil' ? I belive that dumbass is better but anyway.

My first sorty is in 3 hours. Please god, have mercy on our souls".

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Closing In

Postby Delogie » Wed Mar 23, 2022 4:18 pm

The Domhnall Building
March 22, 2022 A.D., 12:20 P.M.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Provisional Government,” said one of the Senators, “I do believe that we have finally agreed to a new constitution.”

A round of applause rang out.

“Now, it is only a matter of wording,” continued the same Senator.

The recording, with a scribe writing the notes for what will be done. The Ymerawdwr sat, half asleep, but smiling that the convention is finally going somewhere. His mind began to think of Mairead, Nandag, Cadilyna, Mallory, Cadi, Gráinne, Currie, and Hinata. He began to imagine him spending all of his time with them, both intimately and around a large house, with children.

“Sir, are you alright,” asked one of the guards.

The Ymerawdwr became startled.

“I must have fallen asleep,” he thought.

“Yes I am,” he told the guard, “I just fallen asleep.”

The debate continued, until the convention agreed to end at 3:35 P.M..

“We are getting closer to the end of this problem,” he thought.

4:22 P.M.

He arrived at the Unchel Palas, he was greeted by Lady Nandag and Lady Cadilyna.

“Greetings, your highness,” they greeted at the same time, bowing.

“Greetings, Lady Cadilyna and Lady Nandag,” he replied.

The ladies opened the door for him and followed him in.

“What brings you both here,” he asked.

“We wanted to see you,” said Lady Cadilyna.

“And it is important,” said Lady Nandag.

The three sat on the black couch, in-front of a glass coffee table.

“What happened,” asked Revan.

“Mairead is currently under the ‘protection’ of Sithia, specifically unser her father, Geremia Duwarth,” said Nandag.

He stayed silent, thinking of something to do.

“Do you both think it may be possible to have her be a diplomat between us and Ganaquaia,” he asked Cadilyna.

“It is possible,” she answered, “he may think that we would try to do something.”

“Would you be able to give a letter to him,” Revan asked Cadilyna again.

“Yes,” she said, “I am allowed to travel to both sides due to my friendship with popular people over there.”

“Good,” he said, “I will have a letter that I will need sent tomorrow.”

They three then continued their discussion, now about the proposed new constitution.

The Domhnall Building
March 23, 2022 A.D., 8:22 A.M.

“We have officially agreed on the wording of the new constitution,” the Ymerawdwr addressed to the Constitutional Convention, “I would like to make a special request to this provisional convention. We have the ability to make peace with two members of the United Nations of Sithia: Ganaquaia and Ilinoyi. I would like to send a letter showing the constitution to both leaders. This will be done through certain channels that I cannot and will not share. I request that the constitution is not shared with the public until we are able to make some form of peace with them and, perhaps, see peace.”

The room stayed silent, then one of the Lords stood up and said, “well, you heard him, lets vote on it.”

After each person was given a piece of paper and wrote their vote. The paper was put in a bucket, shaken, then counted. All but three people voted in favor.

“As you all know,” said Baron Richard Astleyson, “any sharing of this information will result in a charge of treason, which will result in capital punishment, if you are found guilty.”

Then the Baron turned to the Ymerawdwr and nodded his head, “your highness, you have the permission of the Constitutional Convention. Let us hope and pray that this war ends.”

The Unchel Palas
4:29 P.M.

Revan signed his name at the bottom of the letter. He put it in an envelope with his seal. He then gave it to Lady Cadilyna.

“God’s speed Cadilyna,” he told her.

She took the letter, bowed and ran to her car.
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Corrupt Dictatorship

Postby Itielia » Fri Mar 25, 2022 7:46 pm

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Каждему - по праце!
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1. Blanket COVID vaccination to be achieved by October - Ministry of Health
2. New Environment protection laws passed by the State Council
3. Itielian box office reaches 120 million cervonec (1 million NSD)
4. Risk of terrorist attacks minimised after ten years.
5. Chairman of the Council of Ministers visits Cernoglav Factory

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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Greater Niagara » Sat Mar 26, 2022 5:57 pm

A Collaboration Between Czeily and Haltoria.

Porto-Alegre CF, Casa Branca

Shortly after the arrival of the Haltorian delegation at the Luis Alberto International Airport, the delegation embarked in a HVTH-26 of the Força Aérea da Federação (FARDF) by the code name 'Marinha 1'.

The Helicopter took off from the airport and transported the Haltorians to the Casa Branca (The White House), landing on the lawn of the grand garden.

The Delegation was then conducted to the Oval Office, and waited 5 minutes for the President whomst was returning from a Senate session.

Pres. Vasconcellos Das Neves, entered in the office whilst his bodyguard closed the door behind him.

The President walked towards the Haltorian Emperor and shook his hands whilst saying: "Welcome to Carsilia your Imperial Majesty", he then said whilst laughing: "it seems those Republican senators want my skin! Sorry for making you wait".

Emperor Louis Philippe shook the hand of President Das Neves respectfully. "Ah, the wonderful world of politics!" He said, laughing. "It's always someone out to get you over one policy decision or another."

The President laughed, both now sat down arround the Pres's Bureau.

Vasconcellos asked, "What's the subject of your visit your Imperial Majesty ?"

"I believe that our nations have much to offer, both militarily and economically."

"Up until recently, we've been more isolated, especially militarily," The Emperor replied. "However, recently we've held military exercises with the Federated Provinces of China, and have begun negotiations over a free trade agreement with the Furbish Islands."

"You might know that we follow a strict policy of neutrality regarding military questions, but in the Economy area it's a an all other song... The Carsilian companies and the Haltorian companies would both grandly benefit from cooperation"

"I am certainly interested, and I'm willing to negotiate a trade agreement with Czeily."

"Great, our nations would both benefit from cooperation especially in the Naval, informática systems and Aerospace Industries... And I'm also confident that Haltorians customers would like to pay for cheaper oil and gas"

"Cheaper oil is something we'd especially need, with all the cars used in Haltoria," Louis Philippe replied.

"Then, for the exchange of a few shares and Production licenses from companies like Rendilli, Petronas could provide you that"

"That's something we'll have to discuss further."

"What about military industry? We could have a very successful business arrangement trading military equipment."

"The FARDF is interested in your A330MRTT, and I've heard that your Air Force is interested in the F-23A Widow II fighter"

"Yes, we've been looking to diversify our fighter complement with the most modern aircraft to provide maximum strike power."

The president took a puff from his cigar and replied, "you came to the right place, how many do you need ?"

"We'll need at least 10 squadrons worth, or 120, to begin. I believe that's a reasonable first purchase?"

"Reasonable indeed, I'll put the Empire in contact from reps of our industries. One last thing, we need Military aid".

"About the civil war?" The Emperor shifts in his seat. "I'm listening."

"I can't deploy more national troops than what's currently deployed or the Senate will be on my skin. My officers says that we still need 40.000 trained troopers for the operation to liberate Chariza's capital".

"Would you prefer these be Haltorian Imperial Army units helping you, or Haltorian Volunteer Militias?" The Emperor inquired.

"We need professional soldiers, trained in urban combat and used to being paradroped into hostile zones... Those two Brigades will be placed under the GNR command, when we take back the city: they will go back to Haltoria... In exchange, we offer 5% of the shares of Petronas for one symbolic 1 CZD"

"We could certainly send more than two brigades," Louis Philippe replied. "I could negotiate with the Imperial Army to send as many as 2 full divisions to help."

"Wonderful" the President said, "I will deal with the Senate, a bill is to be passed in emergency voting for the creation of a foreign Legion, the parliament here will not be a problem... How about yours ?"

"If I think it should be done, the PM will see it done, Parliament be damned."

"Keep in mind that the Senate is stubborn, no official alliance can be drawned from this, but if one day you need a favor, I'll see what I can do"

"Certainly I understand, Monsieur President." Louis Philippe laughs. "Your politicians are just as stubborn as mine are sometimes."

"You haven't meet the Prosecutor-General" the president laughed, "Anyways, what are the Furbish Islands offering you ?"

"Uh..." The Emperor racks his brain for a moment. "A free trade deal, a possible new train line set up in Haltoria."

The President laughed, "Maybe the CF Company can participate in the deal ? Sure this is a public contract won after a competition of some sorts, right ? I'll propose to the Senate the establishement of a comission to work out on a free trade deal to be proposed to the Empire"

"That would certainly be beneficial, for both of us," the Emperor replied. "I'll discuss it with the Imperial Council when I return to Haltoria."

"Then if it's done, I would like to thank you for your visit" he says as he gives his hand for a handshake.

The Emperor shakes the hand of the President. "It has been a pleasure, Monsieur President."

"It's been a pleasure doing business with the Empire."
The Kingdom of Greater Niagara
Pro Rex et Patria!

1. Niagaran Civil War continues with intensified counterattack by Republicans 45 km south of Lannister.
2. Royalist Forces push back NRA offensive at Vanheim, estimated over 50 Republican tanks destroyed.
3. Field Marshal Mikkel Harfson states that Royalist victory is expected in "a matter of weeks or a month more fighting."
4. Mobius Squadron scores another major victory over skies of Fonthill, repelling attack from squadron of F-15's.
5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs releases another protest of illegal occupation of Rogaland territory by Itielian 7th Army Corp.
6. King Matthew IV tours front lines in undisclosed location, comments on bravery of the troops there.

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Corrupt Dictatorship

Postby Itielia » Mon Mar 28, 2022 6:49 pm

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1. Blanket COVID vaccination to be achieved by October - Ministry of Health
2. New Environment protection laws passed by the State Council
3. Itielian box office reaches 120 million cervonec (1 million NSD)
4. Risk of terrorist attacks minimised after ten years.
5. Chairman of the Council of Ministers visits Cernoglav Factory

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The Beginning of the End

Postby Delogie » Tue Mar 29, 2022 4:48 pm

The Dining Room in a Castle Deep in the Territory of Ganaquaia
March 26, 2022 A.D., 7:22 A.M.[i]

“Why do you keep me here,” Lady Mairead, now considered the Princess-Heir to Ganaquaia, asked to her father.

“I would rather have you be safe, and you must be able to take my place if anything happened,” High King Geremia I Duwarth answered.

They continued to eat their breakfast, when a servant came in.

“My lord,” said the servant, bowing, “you have a special visitor.”

“Bring them in,” he said.

The servant left the room, and in came a young lady.

“Lady Cadilyna, what brings you here,” asked the High King.

“I have a special letter from a certain person, it is a letter that must be read in private. I have another one for President Seosamh Hermann of Illinoyi,” said Lady Cadilyna.

“I can send it to him, secretly,” said the High King, “feel free to stay here, your presence will be secret.”

“Thank you,” she said, while bowing.

The Temporary Presidential Office, Roifain
[i]March 27, 2022 A.D., 8:22 A.M.

“HA, this man is an absolute clown and should have his head chopped off,” said President Hermann, “we will never surrender to them, peace will never be an option until Seluia is destroyed and Revan is on his knees, begging for forgiveness before his head being cut off, after facing the worst torture possible.”

He then wrote a note to the High King of his response.

The Foreign Legations, Beking
March 28, 2022 A.D., 9:22 A.M.

Revan stood in the room he slept in during the siege, looking out of the window. He began to think of the retreats his forces had to do due to the supply lines being destroyed by Sithian forces.

“I wonder who Geremia will send,” he thought.

He heard a knock on the door. He turned and saw Lady Mairead. They ran to each-other and braced each-other.

“My father sent me to help discuss peace,” she said.

The two walked down to the room that Nandag, Cadilyna, Mallory, Cadi, Gráinne, Currie, and Hinata was staying. They all embraced her, and began to reminisce.

Revan then got a report of a force near his hometown of Athyncoill, now under the occupation of Sithian forces. He said his goodbyes to the women, and went and dressed in his military uniform. He sat in an open jeep, which was surrounded by a small force, in a single-line military column.

Outside of the Town of Decatur, a Few Miles South-West of Athyncoill
March 29, 2022 A.D., 7:00 P.M.

The sun was still up, the Ymerawdwr’s jeep and General Muldoon asked a man that was at the Diamond Bar for where the village of Béal na Bláth was. The man pointed up the road. After he seen the small section of the column pass, the man ran out through the back. He and his squad grabbed their weapons and ran to the pass near the village.

“Are you sure this is a good idea,” asked General Muldoon.

“I doubt anyone would attempt to kill me in my home county, let alone so close to my hometown,” the Ymerawdwr said.

The two stayed silent for a few more minuets before Revan spoke up again.

“I wonder if me marring Lady Mairead Duwarth and inviting everyone to it would end this bloodshed,” Revan said, “what do you thing Baile?”

“Big wedding,” he said.

“Invite the entire country and call it ‘Marriage and Diplomacy’,” Revan responded, “Adrian will be best man; Geremia and Seosamh as bride’s maids.”

General Muldoon began to laugh. After a few minuets, they stopped due to a road block, several carts.

The Ymerawdwr got out of his jeep, with General Muldoon, and asked one of the soldiers, “how long will it take?”

“Two minuets,” replied the soldier.

Then gunfire can be heard. Revan grabbed a rifle and he and the general ran behind one of the vehicles. Revan fired back while the General took control of the mounted machine gun and they fired at the ambushers. Revan than moved away from cover to another vehicle. A gunshot rang out and Revan fell. Unmoving, eyes closed…

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The News

Postby Delogie » Tue Mar 29, 2022 5:43 pm

The Road Leading to Béal na Bláth from Decatur
March 29, 2022 A.D., 7:52 P.M.

General Muldoon ran to the Ymerawdwr, “REVAN!!”

He knelt by him, trying to waken him, “come on Revan, don’t do this. Not Again!”

The ambushers retreated, while an ambulance was called up, with Revan put on a gurney. After a few more minuets, Revan was loaded onto an ambulance and taken to a field hospital. Word was then sent to General Raibeart Coille, who, with the Second Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia, stayed in Beking while the First and Third Corps went with the Ymerawdwr.

The Foreign Legations, Beking

General Coille put on his dress uniform and went to the room where the women stayed. He knocked on the door, with his stetson by his side, while he stood at attention. Captain Cadi opened the door and asked him to come in.

The women sat on the couch while the General spoke, “Ladies, I have received news a few minuets ago that the Ymerawdwr’s section was ambushed. He has been taken to a field hospital. I will let you all know of any updates.”

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Corrupt Dictatorship

Postby Itielia » Fri Apr 01, 2022 5:56 pm

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Каждему - по праце!
Personal views do not necessarily align with IC policies
NS Stats are not used|Developing Country with Mixed Economy|TGs with good movies recommendations are welcome

1. Blanket COVID vaccination to be achieved by October - Ministry of Health
2. New Environment protection laws passed by the State Council
3. Itielian box office reaches 120 million cervonec (1 million NSD)
4. Risk of terrorist attacks minimised after ten years.
5. Chairman of the Council of Ministers visits Cernoglav Factory

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OLYMPIC THINGY! Yes I copy and pasted this from my olympic p

Postby Attancia » Sat Apr 02, 2022 1:46 pm

Attancia, a nation in shambles. Following two decades of all-out civil conflict, infrastructure is all but functional, law is everything except enforced, and stability is a quite literally foreign concept. Despite this, it somehow manages to provide a competent Olympic team, sourced from all corners of the "nation". The Olympics is the one event in which the north, the south, and the hundreds of rebel militias can come together in an agreement: Attancia must be presentable on the world stage, despite ongoing conflict. While the Olympic games are no excuse for either belligerent to compromise, there is always some halt in the violence when they come around. Some particularly radical groups, however, view the Olympics as a ploy by the "legitimate" Southern Attancian government to gain international support and to ease rebellion on the island. These groups have made particularly violent protests against the Joint Attancian Olympic Commission previously in history -- the worst incident occurred when terrorists fired makeshift missiles into the plane carrying out the Attancian athletes, killing all of them. That was four years ago. This year, however, extra security measures were taken, and the Olympic team successfully left the nation and joined the rest of the RCN's Unified Team.

Shortly before arriving with the delegation, the athletes for individual sports were shipped to a foreign nation both for security and practice reasons.

Ariadne and Recha, both participating in forms of women's snowboarding, stood at the top of the track. The sun beat down on them in this perfect landscape of mountains and snow. The track swept down and around the mountain they were on, thought it stopped half way down at a bar -- an ironic place for the Commission to be based, considering that they were precision-measuring times. A few observer hot air balloons floated in the distance, their vibrant colours clear in the cloudless sky.

Ariadne held her gloved hand to the side of her helmet, activating some kind of radio. "Are we ready to go?" After a few seconds, she nodded to Recha, signalling a confirmation. Recha bolted forward through the laser-sensor gate, starting the timer. She swept down through the snow, twisting around technical bends and avoiding obstacles. Ariadne watched her intently, though not as a timer -- that job fell to the recorders, who were either high in the sky or drunk in the bar. It was not perfect, she knew, but better than the last time Attancia tried to participate in the Olympics. It could have been her, four years ago, who died in that tragic attack. She was nearing the end of her Olympic preparations at the time, if she recalled correctly, though didn't quite make the cut. Had any one of the snowboarders fallen ill, she would have taken their place in a smouldering wreck crashing into the ocean. The event still shook her. Though as an Attancian she was no stranger to conflict, the attack was deeply personal. She had been selected by the Commission as a child, having shown her talent during independent races, and lived her whole life in it. Even though education was a rarity in Attancia, as the government couldn't afford to waste money, she could have partaken in it -- her family was quite well off -- but she was forbidden. Her entire world was the Olympics, the training, and everyone she knew was part of it. Part of a propaganda scheme to represent Attancia on the world stage. A propaganda scheme that resulted in some of her lifelong friends being killed in a freak act of terrorism.

Her radio pinged again. Recha had finished, and it was her time to go. She threw herself through the gate, because she knew that her whole life, and many others' lives, amounted to the next few weeks.
"If I had a nickel for every time Attancia attempted to use the media to get the Furbish public on his side but backfired miserably I'd have two nickels...Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice" -Furbish Islands

"Attancia proved last night that he isn't a clown" -Furbish Islands

"Attancia is slightly less retarded now" -I forgot the name someone in TL discord once

Also...Attancia types too well to be 13, if I'm honest. Something doesn't add up. -Fluvannia

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The Meeting

Postby Delogie » Sat Apr 02, 2022 7:40 pm

The Presidential Office, Roifain, Ilinoyi, Sithia
March 30, 2022 A.D., 11:22 P.M.

“It is done, sir,” said the man standing in-front of a small group.

“Good,” said President Hermann, “with the Emperor dead, the war will go on long enough so that we may take complete control of the United Nations and of Seluia.”

“I want you men to keep a low profile, and to prepare for more ambushes, perhaps killing the other leaders as-well, or even kidnapping the High King’s daughter,” the President began to smile, “yes, we will kidnap her to force him to be under our control.”

April 2, 2022 A.D., 3:05 A.M.

Adrian lain in bed, unable to sleep at all. He kept tossing and turning, unable to get his cousin off of his mind.

“Why him,” he wondered, “why him? He is a nice man, I have caused pain for my people, ever since I made a revolutionary government and pretended that they taken me captive. If anyone should have this happen to them, it should be me.”

He finally sat in his bed and began to pray, “oh great spirits, I ask thee again to save my cousin. He is a good man and the only one with any hope of returning and keeping the peace of this land. If he survives, I promise to change, to be more like him.”

Adrian felt a great pressure lift from his chest. He began to feel sleepy and returned into bed.

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The Halo

Postby Delogie » Mon Apr 04, 2022 4:33 pm

The Foreign Legations, Beking
April 4, 2022 A.D., 9:55 A.M.

Mairead sat there, in her dress with Nandag, Cadilynia, Mallory, Cadi, Gráinne, Currie, and Hinata; a group commonly known as the “Women of Revan” by those who gossip and by certain news outlets. The women stayed silent, some praying, others reading, all waiting on news of the man they agree they love. They felt guilty of never telling him out-right since the last time his life hung-in balance.

From the door, came a knock. Princess Mallory got up and opened it. It was General Coille. The man was in his gray dress-uniform, with his white-and-gray beard looking as-soft-as-ever.

“My ladies,” he said with his heavy Dixon accent, “I have came to inform you all that there is word on the Ymerawdwr.”

He began to tell them everything, and they then went to the St. Mary’s Hospital near Starved Rock. They walked down each hallway, up the stairs, until they reached where Revan lay.

His body looked blue and cold, his eyes closed. After a few moments, he awoken and smiled that the women and the General.

“Good evening ladies,” he said with a slight smirk.

The women went to him and gave him hugs and kissed his cheeks. The group began to talk and didn’t stop for a few hours.

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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Greater Niagara » Fri Apr 08, 2022 5:47 pm

Gatineau, Late Evening
April 08th, 2022

It was really a horrible night, the Emperor thought to himself, looking out the window of his office in the Imperial Palace. It had been raining all week, with chilly weather as well. It had given Gatineau a dreary and depressing feel, a far cry from the normally cheerful city.

Pulling his eyes from the window, Louis Phillipe Bonarte II turned to the visitor in his office. Wearing a full dress uniform, Divisional General Pierre Dupont, commander of the Direction de L'Intelligence de l'Armée Impériale (Imperial Army Intelligence Directorate) stood tall before the desk.

“General Dupont, you wanted to see me?” the Emperor inquired.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Dupont replied. “You must understand, this information is top secret, and must not be given to anyone. We can trust no one.”

“Go on.”

Dupont takes a deep breath. “Your Majesty, last week I received a telegram from a high ranking agent within Divisional General Michael Qesnes’ command staff. The note seemed vague, written in a hurry. It said that Qesnes is planning a coup, and is conferring with his trusted officers about this.

“Immediately I launched an investigation into this. I have kept this secret, for fear of alerting General Qesnes. But in my investigations I uncovered evidence that General Qesnes has been in correspondence with several other generals, all apparently in league with him. This agent of mine later gleaned from Qesnes during a private conversation that he is planning to restore the Haltorian Republic.”

The Emperor, taking all this in, sits down, his face white. “How many men do we know are directly involved in this?”

“At least General Qesnes’ 12th Light Division, over 30,000 men. There may be others, but we can’t be sure who. This is why we can trust no one. I believe that he will launch his coup in a few weeks.”

“Can’t we remove him from command? Arrest his leadership?”

“I’m afraid not. Until we know the full reach of this conspiracy, we can’t arrest anyone without the possibility of setting off the coup early. All I can say we do is gather the forces we know are loyal, the Imperial Guard, and prepare to organize the possible defence of the city.”

“Alright.” The Emperor shook his head. “I can’t believe this.”

Dupont looks back at the Emperor. “There is another thing. We should contact the Carsillians. With the possibility of a coup or another Civil War looming, they should know. Maybe they can help us in defeating it.”

“I don’t know. They’re neutral, and may not want to interfere in Haltorian affairs. But I’ll organize a meeting with the President of the FRC, maybe we can work something out.”

“Alright. Your Majesty, I take my leave. I’ll be organizing a group of known loyalists tomorrow, to work out a defensive plan. With the 19th and 32nd Divisions away, though, our defences may not be as strong.”

“Alright. General, good evening.” The Emperor salutes Dupont, then sits down as he leaves Pulling out a pipe from his suit, he is left to ponder this information.

Location Unknown

General Qesnes was also smoking a pipe, standing in front of an operations table with a map of Gatineau

Brigadier General Quentin, Qesnes’ aid, walks into the office. “The others are here to see you, sir.”

“Thank you, Quentin.” He turns. “Our time moves inexorably closer. Our time to act is soon, very soon.”
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The Kingdom of Greater Niagara
Pro Rex et Patria!

1. Niagaran Civil War continues with intensified counterattack by Republicans 45 km south of Lannister.
2. Royalist Forces push back NRA offensive at Vanheim, estimated over 50 Republican tanks destroyed.
3. Field Marshal Mikkel Harfson states that Royalist victory is expected in "a matter of weeks or a month more fighting."
4. Mobius Squadron scores another major victory over skies of Fonthill, repelling attack from squadron of F-15's.
5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs releases another protest of illegal occupation of Rogaland territory by Itielian 7th Army Corp.
6. King Matthew IV tours front lines in undisclosed location, comments on bravery of the troops there.



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