Texkentuck Submarines-Votes More Nuclear Subs

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Texkentuck Submarines-Votes More Nuclear Subs

Postby Texkentuck » Fri Jan 21, 2022 12:07 am

The Texkentuck News Network is the channel on cable news in Texkentuck. It's reported like news but from the Texkentuck law "The Entertainment News Act" categorizes heavy 24/7 news programs with various opinions under the term of entertainment news. The Act states a news station is considered news when facts are reported truly and the event reported is reported in the contest of no exaggerations and stated and takes into account the way reporters ask questions. News stations under this act are graded by a non-partison panel taking into account how many times a station gets facts wrong. How many times message is reported and how questions are phrased rather it fits in actual news or news entertainment...

Dominion Square of Capitalist bloc has released a statement by the Texkentuck Royal Armored Navy. A new protective stealth coating will be fixed at some point to all nuclear submarines. Also the Royal Navy stated that the nation is building 50 more submarines and 5 new nuclear submarines that are more advanced than what the fleet has already. The new nuclear submarine will be able to launch a hypersonic missile and 4 mid range missiles on an adversary at once. By the end of the year the entire fleet will have been modernized and upgraded. Currently a new Aircraft Carrior is being built that will have the capability to deploy 55 fighter jets and 1 bomber underway. Gen. Guy Red VonSchirk stated that the growing need for Texkentuck to have security is already in place, but do to nations interests in our domestic affairs our Royal Armored Navy is upgrading to implement on the world the new foreign policy agenda labeled Force to Convey Power. President Bram W. Schirkophf stated that our nation has been forced to move in the direction of un-diplomatic and totally un-apologetic. Nations have refused to join in our agreement for arms control and now the world will pay the price....War is necessary and the population has been educated that every citizens duty to their country is to adapt to the new ideology of Warrior Echos. This means when our nation goes to war their is no withdrawal until the enemy down plays to our agenda....It's the only policy that keeps the U.C.C.R strong. The President also stated that the new Pulse Satellite will be launched and we intend to keep the original Pulse Satellite in orbit as well. We intend to also militarize the moon....We intend to build a space command post under ground on the moon and intend to build more bases in our artic hemisphere that's on our border....
**** General Guy Red VonSchirk- General of the Royal Texkentuck Armored Naval Forces

Texkentuck News Network also is releasing a statement that the new local governments are under way on the southern border. Also a Second wall of defense will be built across the southern states for the purpose of checking vehicles for drugs and to capture enemy spies. We will be lifting the rules we agreed to when we were in the world assembly on how prisoners are to be treated. Some prisons will be built to hold foreign enemies and not citizens. The techniques that will be used are waterboarding and various other techniques that will turn an enemy of the state into a successful informant to stop our enemies. We intend to also launch a program much like a religion sending it's missionaries out into the world but these missionaries speak of how great Texkentuck is and our adversaries have it wrong....The program is underway in study at Texkentucks' Catholic International University Department that studies the spread of ideology...The study done by many students have come to the conclusion that the nation should join the WA but publicly break every proposal the citizens and government disagree with and let the inspectors in to see doctors not living by the expectations of allowing abortion and to be upfront. The study was done stating such actions would serve no consequence....Nations that reject us already do so what's the difference stated a student. Also a student stated President Bram W. Schirkophf has a way with opposition of the international security. The nation took out a battleship and the nation isn't at war. The student stated technically many citizens feel that the nation may do what it wants before the international security with light consequence. We are thankful for our allies and we respect our allies. Our allies realize our military excersizes and tests are for our security and there's. Nations say that our missile tests are irrelevant and serve no purpose and if that's the case we believe the government should push forward with it's policy. A study was done stating Texkentuck has one of the largest militaries considering it's not the strongest economy but the people happen to be the richest. Citizens are buying their own battleships for crying out loud stated a student. The nation has more wealthy citizens over all than most nations... There are citizens who walk around as if they are the president and most feel they are very much so because the President gets drunk in dominion square for major events such as the Christmas Celebration. It's the most transparent administraitiong with the people but for the world they never know what to expect next besides a missile test stated a student laughing. The student also stated the WA works to make human rights best for all but doctors are forced to have abortions and the government is right their in the room with the doctor and mother the whole time. The student stated my mother was warned that in giving birth would be major complications. The doctor wrote a report and the abortion was performed. The state investigated the incident but my brothers life was recognized and my mother survived. Overall abortions don't happen in Texkentuck on a wide scale because of the governments pro-life laws and policy to protect a life. She was protected by a clause that stated that it was her decision to choose in that circumstance. The national religion states that the mother should always give her life but she was thinking about me and my 5 other brothers and sisters and the church didn't judge our family. With understanding and communication are nation is proceeding to live up to human rights of each citizens. It's been a long road and civil rights in Texkentuck still makes advancement. Lately the government released a statement that the poor of Texkentuck will always be and their are reasons of no control why we have poverty in such areas and launched it's new policy of be charitable. Not just in money but by being a good citizens to your fellow citizens less or more. When the student was asked by Texkentuck News do you believe the President is wrong to use military force. The student replied at times the missile tests seem unnecessary but have you seen the wars across the globe. Our nation is taking a strong stance. I support the initiative Force to Convey Power....It sounds egotistical to the world but their is a lot of ego....The student laughed....Another student joined into conversation and stated the world assembly is hysterical because they are pushing for Paid leave Act II and it's highly unpopular among nations. Some nations are so focused on closing the gap between rich and poor that the middile-class suffers...That's a human rights violation in ones right to work hard to get rich. In regards to the study if we were to join the WA. Thankfully the mass number is voting against such extension to such laws and maybe it's for that reason....We already have a paid leave act law in Texkentuck and it's with the pro-family policies....You heard it from the youth of Texkentuck-U.C.C.R This has been Texkentuck News Network Reporting...
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