Gholistan returns Territory.

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Gholistan returns Territory.

Postby Texkentuck » Sun Jan 16, 2022 10:06 pm

The Texkentuck News Network is the channel on cable news in Texkentuck. It's reported like news but from the Texkentuck law "The Entertainment News Act" categorizes heavy 24/7 news programs with various opinions under the term of entertainment news. The Act states a news station is considered news when facts are reported truly and the event reported is reported in the contest of no exaggerations and stated and takes into account the way reporters ask questions. News stations under this act are graded by a non-partison panel taking into account how many times a station gets facts wrong. How many times message is reported and how questions are phrased rather it fits in actual news or news entertainment...

Texkentuck News Network Reports that Gholistan is still a member of the U.C.C.R but President John Meno is focused on the mainland of his nation. After diplomatic talks and President Bram W. Schirkophf met with the leader of Gholistan President John Meno an agreement was reached for the territory to return to Texkentuck Monarchy Republic Federation. In the following weeks leaders from his nation will be swearing an oath to protect the constitution of Texkentuck-U.C.C.R. President John Meno left with his forces back to the mainland of Gholistan. Leaving an established group of paramilitary forces in support of the U.C.C.R. Their will be exactly 50 states added to the nation. President Bram W. Schirkophf has made a statement that New Gholistan will still be a state. It will be a state remembered for stopping slavery below our southern border. The Wall will still stay intact for defense purposes but the wall will now allow for any citizen of Gholistan to pass through freely...
Parliament this week will be drawing up the state boundaries. In 6 months we will federalize the nation into our system of government with acting governors....
Also the trade and buisness are adopting the currency of Texkentuck-U.C.C.R It's sadly believed that the mainland and government of Gholistan is going bankrupt. It's a 90% fall out of that nation of being apart of the U.C.C.R. The organization is discussing changing the organization into more of a domestic organization but the international organization will be open to allied nations under a new name and creed for partnership in advancing sovereinty, free-markets, and democracy....
Texkentuck News Network----


Below is the history of the Tribal war-
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