Before ships have left Asian Waters-Nuke Fired Test

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Before ships have left Asian Waters-Nuke Fired Test

Postby Texkentuck » Sat Jan 15, 2022 12:20 am

The Texkentuck News Network is the channel on cable news in Texkentuck. It's reported like news but from the Texkentuck law "The Entertainment News Act" categorizes heavy 24/7 news programs with various opinions under the term of entertainment news. The Act states a news station is considered news when facts are reported truly and the event reported is reported in the contest of no exaggerations and stated and takes into account the way reporters ask questions. News stations under this act are graded by a non-partison panel taking into account how many times a station gets facts wrong. How many times message is reported and how questions are phrased rather it fits in actual news or news entertainment...

Texkentuck News Network reports that early this morning citizens in China reported an unknown object flying across it's airspace. Speculation it was a UFO?! The government has not released a statement at that time because Owl Force One was apart of the mission. To make clear to the Grand Communist Chinese government that the Texkentuck Federation Royal Navy and Airforce was present earlier today in the Asian Pacific waters off the coast of Japan. Japan is considered an ally at this time. The Texkentuck Federation Ship the "Big Malarky launched a supersonic-nuclear engineered new Shark Missile. The missile has flown over the skies of the Grand Communist Chinese airspace making way just below the atmosphere. In cooperation of the Gholistan government the missile landed and exploded safely in International Waters close to Gholistan hitting an unknown battleship that has been close to the national waters of Texkentuck and Gholistan! As the ship was preparing it's live test a report was given to the Royal Navy an unknown battleship was near Texkentuck Waters that didn't have permission again this month. Owl Force One which is the Presidential Aircraft was in route to witness the test with 1000 Nija Star Fighter jets. When Owl Force One received word of the ship again near and about to enter national waters of Texkentuck and Gholistan. Past months and years a missile or a battleship from Texkentuck would run off the ship. In this case it was President Bram W. Schirkophf himself who made contact with the battleship that he intends to watch a test from the TFS Big Malarky. President Schirkophf made contact with Big Malarky and stated "I want to see if the missile can hit the ship from here." The navy was at first reluctant. But the President insisted in order to see the test and to know it worked on a live target that was an adversary. Also stated he was tired of our navy wasting too much energy on foreign naval ships. The ship that was in Texkentuck International Waters has been warned numerous times throughout the year.
Now was the breaking point according to the Texkentuck Royal Navy. The Test was a success. As the test was taken place a squadron of A-10 Warthogs randomly fired rounds into the Asia Pacific at no known target safely. Owl Force One has safely arrived to St. Ignatius Loyola AirBase a few hours ago and will be giving a press conference tomorrow in the follow up to militarized exercises planned. The following picture released to us was by a Texkentuck Nuclear Submarine that came up to witness the test and to get a picture of the airspace and missile in launch... Tomorrow from Dominion Square the President will have his State of The Republic Address as well as inviting his national security advisor to make a statement. - Ursulla VonCouverkophf-Texkentuck Monarchy Republic Federation Reporter.....
Picture Courtesy of Nuclear Submarine Class of the Asia Pacific....

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Postby Arpasia » Sat Jan 15, 2022 12:37 am

Arpasia Condemns Texkentuck for their actions, as they deem that launching nukes just for testing over open waters could cause harm to the fraglie local marine environment, and that "Launching ICBMs are a waste"
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