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Got Issues?

Postby Parum Pacificus » Fri Jan 14, 2022 3:12 am

I didn't find any site that specified the results of each choice or a discussion on any topic that dealt with it.


The Issue

A low-level bureaucrat was recently found murdered after rejecting a retired homeowner’s request for a construction permit. During the subsequent court case, the homeowner admitted that he found their address in the public voter rolls, which has shed light on the security threat that they may pose, especially to government officials.

The Debate

1 “Leader, we are all in danger!” exclaims Jennifer Gruber, a bureaucrat in the Department of Administration, who has not left the building since the trial. “Any psychotic Pizza Cultist can go down to City Hall and get all of my personal information with no repercussions! I cannot possibly imagine being able to continue in my position without an escort at all times. It may be expensive, but can you really justify price over a murder, all because I rejected someone’s request to build an airstrip in their backyard?”

2 “We are incapable of assigning security to every paper-pusher who works in Parum Pacificus City,” sighs Chief of Police Newt Nakatomi, taking a black marker to some recently filed incident reports. “Why not clamp down on the accessibility of voter rolls by restricting public access to groups that actually use them, such as political parties and researchers? Not every Joe, Dick and Harry needs to know my address, my phone number, and especially not my salary.”

3 “Don’t be ridiculous! The people have a right to know! Everything!” trills Susie Thiesen, a litigious anarchist who recently sued a judge for ‘pounding the gavel incorrectly’. “If some rookie cop slips up, I should be able to take them to court! Not that I’ve done anything wrong, of course. The most private activities of every employee on the government payroll shall be made publicly available to all!”


And just for the record, the economic model is Capitalism.

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Postby Phydios » Fri Jan 14, 2022 8:57 am

What is the point of this thread?

There's a list of all issues in the game here. And if you want to see the effect lines and possible stat changes of an issue, try this player-run site.
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