The 3rd Agilfigian War - Summarized

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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The 3rd Agilfigian War - Summarized

Postby Moosh Moosh World » Wed Dec 08, 2021 8:02 am

Here is a summary of the war with Agilfigie, lasting from 2017-2021
Covered by Gelo Sanafwe of The Jamestown Leader
10/5/2017: President Bali of Blightubi notices strange info coming from Agilfigie. He then holds a press conference, in which The Andromedian Union (henceforth known as Andromedia) declares war on The New Order of Agilfigie
10/7/2017: President Snig of Moosh Moosh World launches an attack on Sceleks Military Base 10 miles outside the Agilfigian capital of Many, halting Agilfigian military progress
10/30/2017: President Papy of Agilfigie attempts todo a surprise attack on Port City, Agmeep. This is unsuccessful as spies were alerted of the attack 2 days earlier. This ended in an Agilfigian retreat.
11/7/2017: Andromedian forces enter Agilfigie, going undetected due to the remoteness.
2/19/2018: Andromedian forces arrive in Many and a seige starts. This causes a 3 year long stalemate to happen, in which nothing happened due to Many's heavy fortification.
05/24/2021: Following the 3 year long stalemate, General Rogalo Skifnikson, leader of Retesu launches a surprise attack on Langlin Island in Moosh Moosh World. This causes Moosh Moosh World to switch directions and attack Retesu, Gralica, and Suuferland instead.
05/25/2021: Moosh Mooshian troops leave Agilfigie and head to Retesu. Alkan. the capital of Retesu is bombed
05/30/2021: Agilfigie reconquers Agilfigie
07/24/2021: Moosh Mooshian troops land in mass in Retesu and neighboring Gralica. The little Retesan and Gralican troops did not stand a chance against the much larger Moosh Mooshian army, and they made staggering moves.
07/30/2021: Retesu pushes back Moosh Moosh World, causing them to focus on Gralica instead.
08/30/2021: Almost all of Gralica, except the capital of Paklinaton is in Moosh Mooshian hands.
11/09/2021: President Tremine DePaplin of Gralica is found hiding under a crate and taken into custody
11/10/2021: DePaplin is sentenced to death, with the jury voting 9-0. He is sentenced to be executed November 17th.
12:21 PM: Troops from Suuferland arrive in Reklo Prison where DePaplin is being held, attempting to free him
12:24 PM: President Koko of Suuferland sends a bomb threat. Moosh Mooshian troops move towards Jamestown attempted to diffuse them
12:30 PM: 9 bombs are diffused, one bomb goes off, killing 10 people
12:31 PM: Suuferlandian forces break into the prison, containing 5 POWs and 5 guards
12:33 PM: Feeling helpless, all 5 POWs are killed by the guards, including President DePaplin.
12:34 PM: Suuferlandian troops leave
12:36 PM: In retaliation, Reklo Prison is bombed, killing all 5 guards
1:00 PM: Gralica issues a statement of surrender
11/16/2021: The Treaty of Port City is held. In this treaty, Gralica is split up into east and west, with west being Moosh Mooshian controlled and the east being annexed as the territory of Gralica in Retesu. Paklinaton is on the Moosh Mooshian side. Mepe Clempson Jr is made as the leader of West Gralica (officially The Moosh Mooshian Colony of Gralica). The war ends with a month long cease fire. The cease fire ends on 12/16/2021.
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