The Nation of Texkentuck-UCCR VS VonVorkinfrotworst/Redkophf

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]

Opinion of the Trial among world leaders

A:The trial was fair
B: The trial was not fair
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C: We support the Vonvorkinfrotworst Successionist
D: W support Texkentucks Current Government
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The Nation of Texkentuck-UCCR VS VonVorkinfrotworst/Redkophf

Postby Texkentuck » Sat Dec 04, 2021 10:33 pm

This is the Texkentuck Monarchy Republic Federations Supreme Court hearing and trial of the revolutionaries Karliko VonVorkinfrotworst and former Governor Argnier Redkophf for revolutionary mobilization and actions of cyber fraud against the state.

The trial is held in the Texkentuck National Criminal Court In the Capital building Left Wing in Dominion Square of Capitalist Bloc.

Dominion Square of Capitalist Bloc has cancled having a military parade but proceded with the tradition of the raising of the flag and National Anthem. Exactly 40,000 troops were armed heavy outside the capital with 200 Hammerhead Tanks. The Texkentuck Royal Airforce is Patroling the skies more frequent. The Texkentuck Army has 10 Shanooks patrolling the square to make sure that their is security. The Prison bus that was heavily guarded made it's way after traveling 1 month on escorted by TFS agents in armored vehicles. The 24 prisoners will remain in prison and will participate as apart of the trial by teleconference. The leaders of the Rebellion and Communist Revolution former Gov. Argnier Redkophf and Karliko VonVorkinfrotworst are rolled off the prison bus in prison strapped chairs. The revolutionaries are facing life in prison for their actions against the nation.

The prisoners are rolled to the West Wing of Texkentucks' Capital Building to the National Supreme Court rooms for hearings of individuals and for trials. This case has a jury of 12 Texkentuck Citizens who will decide if they are guilty or not. The 12 jurist remain behind glass mirrors for their protection. Also after the hearings the nation will conduct a poll from world leaders if they believe that the trial was fair and just and who they support.

Out walks the Supreme court justices who take their seat to begin the proceedings.
12 Chief Justices: CJ-Eric Paul Grears CJ- Donald J. Columbus CJ- Farooq "The Warrior" Tutkent CJ- Jyten " The Nord" Kophf CJ- Ursalla VonStrass CJ: Bram W. Yorginburg CJ: Frank J. Shultz CJ- Vincent VonMan VonKophf CJ- Vladimir Vladivich Ourumov

Over an intercom is President Bram Walt Schirkophf and Speaker of the House Gen. Francis Vladimir Verbatimkophf-
Royal President: Bram Walt Schirkophf
Speaker of the House: General Francis Vladimir Verbatimkophf

A statement is read by both at the same time- On behalf of the citizens of the nation the office of the Presidency and Parliament we condemn Gov. Argnier Redkophf and an exiled member of the old parliament Karliko VonVorkinfrotworst for crimes against innocent citizens and the overthrow of local state government of the old states Vallhallaland, Articland, and Redland...
-The intercom switiches off-

The Chief Justices walk in and the prisoners remain strapped in their chairs in place. The only people standing in the room are soldiers armed from the Texkentuck Armed Forces.

The acting Balif is Col. Ernest G. Urkinkophf who states- At any time heads of states who were involved in the war may access the court. The Court at this time will have a moment of silence for our nations troops and allies of Gholistan, Erloane, and New Imperial Draconis.
After the moment of Silence-

Chief justice Vladimir Vladivich Ourumov states- By presidential decree Gov. Redkophf during this court you will be addressed as prisoner 555 and VonVorkinkophf you will be addressed as prisoner 111. Prisoner 555 and 111 if found guilty will be sentenced to serve time at the Snowland Military prison with no visitation rights and the no rights to phone calls. You will be released upon President Bram W. Schirkophfs request or that of the acting monarchy. You are being sentenced for the following crimes as stated on the papers given to your lawyers Rick Renokophf and Martin Vokinkophf. Any outbursts by the prisoners they will be put into the sound proof glass that we have available.

Each justice gives a statement-

Chief Justice Farooq "The Warrior" Tutkent then state prisoner 555 you are a disgrace to vikings like me. You ruin the history of this nations founding and you can go to h****.

Chief Justice Eric Paul Grears- Prisoner 555 and 111 you both today are dangerious revolutionaries who have caused nationwide disorder. Many have lost lives over starting this pointless conflict. The majority does not support your cause. You are the real threat to our Monarchy and traditions. Prisoner 111 you illegally returned to a nation which you were sentenced from 2 decades ago. How do we not know you will come back. If I had my ruling you would rot in Snowland Military Prison. I agree with Chief Justice Farooqs' statement. Prisoner 555 you were an unnoted communist and traitor. You are the living embodiment of the last parliament.

Chief Justice Donald J. Columbus- Prisoner 555 and 111 you realize that you've lost the war. The vary states you forcefully made rebel are renamed. Any citizens who have supported you all fled the nation during the war and will never come back. Communist Scum like you at the top steal from us all as we all go broke......I have no futher comment.

Chief Justice - " The Nord" Kophf CJ- Ursalla VonStrass- I am a viking of heritage like you and do not follow the national religion but I do know that the fundamental founding of this nation by the Texkentuck Constitution protects the foundational values. I am a capitalist and on my bench I have made the richest few in Texkentuck have to pay something in taxes by closing some loop holes. Scum like you seek to tax everyone that's successful and every millionaire to penalize them. My ruling is more fair than your corrupt philosophy.

Chief Justice-Bram W. Yorginburg- Prisoner 111 and 555 we will find you guilty and upon being found guilty I will be proud to erase your title as once a governor of Texkentuck. All echoes of your name will only be in the Texk books as a disgrace. We will reconize the good legislation you have put through and our nation once thanked you but because of your actions you get no thanks from me. All forms of forgiveness is accepted but we don't forget this civil war. It's a stain on our nation.

Chief Justice Vincent VonMan VonKophf- I have nothing to say but we the court upon the evidence that the lawyers here representing the Parliament will lay out their allegations and evidence. The offense is very strong so much so this supreme court has condemned you before such evidence. But for the sake of our democracy we have 12 anonymous jurors their freedom is in there hands. Not ours.....

The first lawyer approaches the front of the Court and States Prisoner 111 and 555 during the election Prisoner 555 was running for the Presidency. During his campaign nothing of treason or communist ideology was professed until the day after election day. On that November day you were with a mob dressed as vikings outside this Capital Building. Your mob was shouting and expressing communist ideology and emblems. It wasn't until you lost the election you showed up outside the Capital and incited revolution and outside the capital we listend for 5 hours communist views from your mouth inciting revolution. Only when you were arrested did we have to send those people to jail. Those protesters who turned violent are at the Nations largest Penitentiary. Upon your arrest over Texkentuck News Network the nation was surprised to see a force forming in all 3 states of the succession proclaiming they were a communist state and their president was prisoner 111. Prisoner 555 the TFS discovered that you brought prisoner 111 into your state slipping past our border security to live in your state capital. This goes against the law passed that no exiled members of the last parliament may return. You blatantly ignored the nation law against exiled members!!
Prisoner 555 what do you say in your defense?

The Lawyer for the nations parliament takes his seat. The 3 acting lawyers for the prisoners come to the front.
We refute that prisoner 555 brought 111 into the state covertly.

3 Lawyers for the parliament shout objection-

Supreme Court Justice Vladimir Vladivich Ourumov shouts objection accepted..........Lawyers representing 555 and 111 please be quiet and let the Parliamentary lawyers representative speak.

The Lawyers for the Parliament state- TFS has various security video evidence taken from the rubble of the old capital found by our agents. Please watch this video. You see on numerious dates throughout the video prisoner 111 and 555 speaking to each other months before the election. No one noticed because prisoner 111 was never a well known member. His name is all that is true to him. Why didn't you report this exiled member and we do not believe you didn't know who he was.
The 3 Lawyers representing prisoners 111 and 555 shout objection that video is not evidence......That video mean absolutely nothing....First it was released by the TFS.
The 3 Lawyers representing the Parliment yell Objection.
Chief Justice Vladimir Vladivich Ourumov slams his gavel down and shouts over ruled.....

At this time we will take a recess and allow for the jury to review the video and the evidence stated here today. We will be back in 1 hour! The Judges all slam their gavel at the same time....

The second half of the court case-
The prisoners were able to get a bathroom break and go for lunch. The lawyers and all present enter the court.
Chief Justice Vladimir Vladivich Ourumov- The jury has stated that they do not need to see more evidence of the video. After discussion they state that the video is evidence and have made their mind up on how they view the video evidence. When we resume we will not be discussing this matter any further unless new evidence surfaces.

May the defendants lawyers proceed by making one statement of the video then the defense will prosiest on this evidence.
I would like to read a statement by prisoner 111- I entered the capital building under a false name. Prisoner 555 knew me under a diffirent name....

The defendants lawyers have a seat. The Parliaments lawyers next state- It's true that their was a full on revolution by prisoner 111 and 555 was a co-partner and encouraged this revoltion which lead to his arrest from Dominion Square of Capitalist bloc that day. Prisoner 555 did you shout during the protest support of the new revolutionary government?. We have a witness who will remain anonymous that you stated The Days under VonVorkinfrotworst were the days we want back- Viking rule---------Parliamentary Communist rule------Our nation finds you distasteful. Not too long into your protest was when the grand nephew of the old Vonfrotworst who is prisoner 111 on the Texkentuck New Network with an armed mob proclaimed the 3 states are now under his rule and called for the release of prisoner 111. Why if they were not working together.....It's in the news archives. Also during the enhanced interrigation process you refused to say much but when you didn't know you were recorded you shouted Vonfrotworst has now taken the states thankfully. Now we know you didn't see the news of him taking over and starting a revolution so how did you know. The Lawyer takes his seat.

The lawyers in defense of prisoners 111 and 555 state sir do you have information and news of the day on your TexkSatallite phone?! Yes! It's true prisoner 555 didn't have a phone on him at the time but many around him did. So he could have found out by his crowd. The lawyer takes his seat.

The Parliaments lawyers then take the floor of the court. We have release evidence from various TFS computers that plain tickets were bought in the name of prisoner 111 by 555. But something during the war happened to that information. But good news thanks to Texkentuck State Bank and Texkentuck International AirHub found the exact flight and number under the fake name of prisoner 111 but the bank found that money was wired from Redkophf to VonVorkinfrotworst national bank account. This evidence can't be refuted. Also prisoner 111's rebel force was caught trying to hack the space weapon Pulse Satalite. Thankfully it was a fail Pleanty of evidence that can't be refuted and the jury can see it now as we speak.

The court justices all slam down the gavel at the same time. In 1 hour the jury will have their verdict. Everyone will sit here for one hour in silence.

The court goes back into session.

Supreme Court Justice Vladimir Vladivich Ourumov states prisoner 111 who is Karliko VonVorkinfrotworst is found guilty of leading a revolution and direct support of cordinating the hacking of the Pulse Satalite. Prisoner 111 is found guilty of breaking a court order from a previous trial of the nations exiles and returned to the nation. Your sentence will be to serve life in prison with out parole or presidential release. You will reside at Snowland Plain Military Prison for inciting a revolution. Upon good behavior you will be subject to house arrest after 20 years in Snowland Plain. Also must be noted after 4 years in prison a foreign government may purchase your release. We will only release you prisoner 111 for payment from a foreign government that wants you.

Prisoner 555 Argnier Redkophf by orders of President Bram W. Schirkophf you have lost the title of ever being a governor and will only be remembered in history. Prisoner 555 Argnier Redkophf you are found not guilty of bringing prisoner 111 into the nation for the lack of evidence and found not guilty of being directly involved in the overthrow of the state government do to the lack of evidence. But found guilty of inciting revolution and as an acting governor distasteful to your office....The jury has voted that your governorship is considered impeached and not of ever having such a title. You will be exiled. You will be exiled. You will be released from Snowland Plain as soon as your accepted by a foreign government that will take you.

At this time nations involved during the war may release a statement-
Nations of the world may send a statement-

The President of The Peoples Republic of New Norway Karliko VonVorkinfrotworst leading secessionist
prisoner 111

Governor Argnier Redkophf-Prisoner 555

Code: Select all
Nation Name:
Leader Name:
Purchase the Release of VonVorkinfrotworst
deal here:

Code: Select all
Fist nation to ask gets this exile and is responsible for him never returning to Texkentuck.
Nation Name and Leader:
To fly Redkophf to your nation as an exile:
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Postby The King Isle » Sun Dec 05, 2021 4:56 am

If you want I could execute them for you
Long live The King Isle!
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Postby Erloane » Sun Dec 05, 2021 5:11 am

Fist nation to ask gets this exile and is responsible for him never returning to Texkentuck.
Nation Name and Leader: The Republic of Erloane, James Mercurius
To fly Redkophf to your nation as an exile:

Erloane shall transport the exile into an undisclosed prison near the city of Avalanche. A military escort shall collect VonVorkinfrotworst and transport him to his rightful cell.
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Postby United Communal Burrow Republics » Mon Dec 06, 2021 10:29 am

Nation Name: The United Communal Burrow Republics
Leader Name: Janius Siltanus, High Elder of The UCBR
Purchase the Release of VonVorkinfrotworst
deal here:
The UCBR formally requests the prisoner be transfered into Union custody for a sum equivalent to 7 Million in Texkentuck currency. The Union is willing to up this payment to 15 Million of they are allowed to take both prisoners. The Union is willing to provide their own transportation.
I'm a girl from the United States, and a member of LGBT
My nation's views are partially in line with my own.
NS stats are Non-Canon.
I am Anti-Soviet and Anti-Stalinist, and typically Anti-Marxist. yes I am still far left.
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Postby Texkentuck » Sun Dec 19, 2021 5:32 pm

United Communal Burrow Republics wrote:Nation Name: The United Communal Burrow Republics
Leader Name: Janius Siltanus, High Elder of The UCBR
Purchase the Release of VonVorkinfrotworst
deal here:
The UCBR formally requests the prisoner be transfered into Union custody for a sum equivalent to 7 Million in Texkentuck currency. The Union is willing to up this payment to 15 Million of they are allowed to take both prisoners. The Union is willing to provide their own transportation.

Janius Siltanus of United Communal Burrow Republics
We accept your prisoner transfer of 15 million for both prisoners. We already providing the transportation. The prisoners will be escorted by TFS Agents on a regular Go Flight airlines flight. They will be dropped in the nation of the World Assembly. We do not care where the war criminals to go after the release. We plan to fly them to the airfield that is neutral ground in which the World Assembly takes place. Your forces can pick them up there.

General Arkady Vladimir Putkophf
Office of President Bram W. Schirkophf serving as National Security Advisor
Department of Texkentuck Armed Forces
Department of Defense
Parliamentary Arms Service Committee

General Jack K. Howitzerkophf
Office of President Bram W. Schirkophf serving as Assistant National Security Advisor
Department of Texkentuck Federation Security National Police Force
Department of Foreign TFS Clandestine Services
Department of Immigration
Parliamentary Arms Service Committee.

TEXKENTUCK FEDERAL RESERVE, CAPITALIST BLOC-CAPITALIST CITY directed by parliament will accept 15 million NSD converted to TexkMarks. Once transaction is accepted the prisoners will be allowed to be released by TFS in the nation of the World Assembly for pick up by the United Communal Burrow Republics diplomats....The 15 million will then be transferred to the nation of Earloane to be withdrawn by James Mercurius.
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