World Wide Accord of Nation

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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World Wide Accord of Nation

Postby Texkentuck » Wed Dec 01, 2021 11:20 pm





The World Wide Accord of nations is a new international organization of nations who vote on proposal to be implemented across the speres of nation states where ever possible. The World Wide Accord of Nations meet the first of every month in Dominion Square of Capitalist Bloc at the new constructed building for nations to come together to find what they agree upon in order to execute policy on the world stage across all spheres in International Incidents and the World Assembly. We understand that another world order is in place which votes on proposals to influence nations based on the majority. This international organization recognizes that many nations in the WA institute domestic and international policy on the non-majority who vote in opposition. That's the way that organization operates. We are a diffirent type of organization.

The World Wide Accord seeks to understand the borders, language and culture of vast nations and to find what policies nations are willing to negotiate in order to push through diffirent policies. Many nations feel that majority rule is the best form to implement important policy with out negotiation. We feel that where their is no negotiation is autocracy. We seek to change that.

In joining this organization it's to make the world more democratic and to eventually institute into the WA our form of democratic agreement. We notice that the WA has it in which every nation may discuss issues in hope to convince other nations the proposal is good. Which is good for democracy. But their is not planned negotiation or commitment by word and deed that lets take for instance two proposals that are highly unpopular but will not pass. Take for instance the vote the current proposal at vote lacking support. Such a policy would seem to pass. But maybe if the nation putting such a proposal in place with other nations agreed to remove a proposal that was close and lacking in vote this would pass. This is the type of negotiation lacking by the World Assembly. The World Wide Accord wishes to make it in which proposals are passed for a proposal.

. We want to find what nations want and are willing to negotiate to push through specific proposals. We seek to build a new coalition of nations who seek to work with other nations in order to push through proposals that may not be able to get a vote by agreeing to vote for other proposals that can't get a vote.

For nations who want to make coalition and to find room for negotiation in the World Assembly

How do nations of the World Wide Accord vote and find common ground.
This World Wide Accord doesn't implement diplomacy because only the World Assembly may do that. This Accord has a vote on an issue to find nations who want to have a say for an issue. Also we hope to see the overall opinion of nations around the world. The World Wide Accord will only is for nations to find which issues they agree with peer nations and to negotiate more members to support a proposal by promising and living up to voting for another nations proposal that also may not be able to get the vote when close.

Every day for the first of the month the organization will discuss what the World Assembly has at vote. Why nations are for it or against it. Also most of all seeking to find what may get a proposal to pass or not pass by a nation finding what nations are willing to negotiate and live up to for a vote.

How does voting work-
Example in simple terms:
At vote and written by WA standards is the support for all nations to feed animals. The WA has 5,000 votes for this.
Only 6,000 are in opposition.

A vote is made to see the overall opinion.

After the fact nations go into more discussion about what will nations vote against or for whiles seeking to find negotiation of support of a proposal or the withdrawal of a proposal. Once this is discovered nations will form a treaty stating the promise to vote for such proposal in order for there proposals to get more votes and hopefully pass. Rather the WA passes or not the proposal after our discussion is out of our control.

We hope to create parties among WA nations in order to negotiate and stand in coalition for many issues.

November 4th will be the first vote and negotiation- It's about the current proposal at vote. If your nation is in opposition or seeking to change the opinion of a nation is encouraged to join and discuss a negotiation. This will show the essence of diplomacy in the WA most of all. Also we ask nations who are not in the WA to vote their opinion.

ooc- The World Assembly is a body which decides proposal and it's pushed by majority vote after discussion of the issue but very often it's not promoted to negotiate tat for tat. We hope to change that and make this a place for nations to peacefully spend less time explaining why an issue is right or wrong but finding which nations are willing to negotiate proposals that matter to them for proposals that are unpopularly just the same. We do not believe this will change a lot but we do believe this will make it in which nations may all see proposals in place that wouldn't normally exist. Also we encourage non-members of the WA to vote as well.

Nations involved in International Incidents

The second half of the Accord seeks to find nations who will join in coalition in international incidents

ooc-simply to find nations who will join your team in international incident rp.

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Nation Name:
Leader Name:
World Assembly Member:
More information you would like to share to the nations of the accord in regard to present or pass proposal.

Rules among nations in Accord in the discussion of negotiation or forming an alliance with other nations.
1. No Name Calling.
2. A topic that is discussed more than 4 sentences long is not permitted. This is not a place for debate to change a nations mind but to see where nations stand and to state what proposal or issues you would be willing to sacrifice to support one other nations proposal. Debates are encouraged to take place in the World Assembly.
3. No name calling and typical stuff Nation states ban will not be permitted.
4. We encourage each nation to find what issues they are willing to negotiate with out making a response more than 4 sentences long.
Every nation has a say for what proposals they are for and against. Nations may ask what will get them to change their mind for a vote on a proposal they wouldn't normally vote for.
5. Texkentuck will act as moderator in drawing up agreements for nations who only vote for cats but will vote for dogs if the nation voting dogs votes for Parrots and vast birds will fly freely. We want to bring real democracy to the World Assembly. Also nations who find the majority are for an issue and the WA aren't but believe they can join and make a difference. This is the place to bring such movement.

November 4rd the thread will be created and exist. Lets bring real democratic change..........

The thread on November 4th all nations will right in character and in rp for issues and coalition...
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Postby Texkentuck » Wed Dec 01, 2021 11:30 pm

Nation Name: Texkentuck Monarchy Republic Federation-Union Conservative Republic
Leader Name: President Bram W. Schirkophf
World Assembly Member: Not at this time. But will once we have formed a party with fellow nations to be in coalition on key agreement issues. Also will be willing to negotiate with nations to vote our way if they want for us to vote another. We are very diplomatic with values as a nation.
More information you would like to share to the nations of the accord in regard to present or pass proposal:
Texkentuck Monarchy Republic was once a member but noticed that among the minority their was hardly room to form a joint coalition or to negotiate with other nations for tat for tat. I hope this organization form such a system to implement lead by vast nations and their causes. We understand that nations who form coalitions or agreements may not involve our nation but the same will be true for those nations in the world wide accord. This is a place to find nations who are diplomatic and willing to help pass through each others unpopular proposals among the vast majority. Their is no guarantee that a proposal will pass because the WA is made up of nations not in the Accord. Nations of the Accord will hopefully build coalitions and parties for the overall majority rule of the WA. One thread breaks but many threads bound together and working together hold. Build many threads of parties in joint coalition and take your issues together to the WA.

When nations negotiate we will help create the bound agreement to be seen for the purpose nations live up to their word. We want for their to be more democracy among the WA. Just having majority vote with no coalition or tat for tat discussion should be implemented for the purpose of democracy in which voting takes place. We just draft the agreement for the accord but our nation isn't involved in your negotiation.

Also this is a place to form a coalition with nations for international incidents which is a small part of the Accord.
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Postby Erloane » Thu Dec 02, 2021 7:20 am

Nation Name: The Republic of Erloane
Leader Name: James Mercurius
World Assembly Member: Yes
More information you would like to share to the nations of the accord in regard to present or pass proposal.[nation][/nation] No
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Nation States Cayo
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Postby Nation States Cayo » Thu Dec 02, 2021 7:25 am

Nation Name: The Cayon Democratic Republic of Nation States Cayo
Leader Name: James Malid Ahmed
World Assembly Member: Yes
More information you would like to share to the nations of the accord in regard to present or pass proposal. Nope
Cayon Democracy Best Democracy! Remove slavery! Praise Raspberries!
Nation States Cayo is a south pacifican WA Nation with around 300 endorsements. NS Cayons love fruit, especially raspberries. The nation’s leading industry is Basket Weaving, which is also in the top 0.6% in the world.
Capital: South Naranja
Leader: President J. D. Kim
Faith: Naelitaism
Currency: Nulcrani
Animal: Avren Crane (Gruidae Avrenius)
Government type: Cayon Democracy

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Postby Texkentuck » Fri Dec 03, 2021 8:42 pm

Nation States Cayo wrote:Nation Name: The Cayon Democratic Republic of Nation States Cayo
Leader Name: James Malid Ahmed
World Assembly Member: Yes
More information you would like to share to the nations of the accord in regard to present or pass proposal. Nope

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