World Baseball Classic 53 Everything Thread

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World Baseball Classic 53 Everything Thread

Postby Banija » Mon Nov 29, 2021 4:45 pm

World Baseball Classic 53

Welcome to the Kingdom of Banija for the 53rd World Baseball Classic! We are excited, after hosting both the Olympic tournament for the sport, and the International Baseball Slam, to bring the sport's most prestigious championship to Banijan soil for the first time- the World Baseball Classic. The Olympic Committee of Banija will serve as the organizing body for the event.

We have 48 teams! There will be 8 groups of six, per tradition for this tournament. There will be a 30 game group stage. The format is relatively straightforward. The top 2 teams in each group will advance straight to the Round of 16.

The 30 games, of course, will be against the teams in your group. You will play each team in your group in two sets of three game series. So Matchdays 1-3 will be against the same opponent at the same venue, then switch opponents for another 3 game series on Matchdays 4-6, and so on. Look at the group stage formats during WBCs 51 and 52 if you have questions. These series, of course, are all played home & away.

The knockout stages will see teams seeded 1-16, with group winners seeded 1-8 and group runner-ups seeded 9-16. It will be a fixed bracket from the first round onwards(aka there will be no re-seeding). All knockout rounds except for the championship round will be best of 5, while the championship round will be best of 7.

Pot 1
Banija(5) - Automatically drawn into Group A.
South Newlandia(6)
Quintessence of Dust(7)

Pot 2
The Sherpa Empire(9)
Nova Anglicana(11)
Bardney(17) (Puppet of Nova Anglicana)

Pot 3
South Americanastan(20)
Equestrian States(21)
The Greater Nordics(22)
Le Choix(24). (Puppet of Chromatika)

Pot 4
Quebec and Shingoryeo(28)
Hannasea(29). (Puppet of Quintessence of Dust)
The 189(30). (Puppet of The Sherpa Empire)

Pot 5
Sevendia(40). (Puppet of South Newlandia)
Aji No Moto(79)
Mylderm(UR) - Randomly selected as one of two unranked teams to hit Pot 5.
Alzavola(UR) - Randomly selected as one of two unranked teams to hit Pot 5.

Pot 6
United Adaikes(UR)
Caleon(UR). [Caleonia]
Soldera(UR). [Puppet of Sarzonia]

Group A

Group B
Quebec and Shingoryeo(28)

Group C
South Americanastan(20)
Aji No Moto(79)

Group D
The Greater Nordics(22)
Quintessence of Dust(7)
United Adaikes(UR)
Nova Anglicana(11)

Group E
The 189(30)
Le Choix(24)

Group F
The Sherpa Empire(9)
Equestrian States(21)

Group G

Group H
South Newlandia(6)

Calendar - TBA
Group Draw- Wednesday, December 1st, at 3:00 PM EST(Live on Discord).
Group Stage Dates & Matchday Schedule (Dates currently TBA). Remember, for baseball, home team is listed second- the opposite of NS Sports norms.
Matchdays 1-3: Sunday, December 5th. 1@6, 2@5, 3@4
Matchdays 4-6: Monday, December 6th. 6@4, 5@3, 1@2
Matchdays 7-9: Tuesday, December 7th. 2@6, 3@1, 4@5
Matchdays 10-12: Wednesday, December 8th. 6@5, 1@4, 2@3
OFF DAY - Thursday, December 9th.
Matchdays 13-15: Friday, December 10th. 3@6, 4@2, 5@1
Matchdays 16-18: Saturday, December 11th. 6@1, 5@2, 4@3
Matchdays 19-21: Sunday, December 12th.. 4@6, 3@5, 2@1
OFF DAY - Monday, December 13th.
Matchdays 22-24: Tuesday, December 14th. 6@2, 1@3, 5@4
Matchdays 25-27: Wednesday, December 15th. 5@6, 4@1, 3@2
Matchdays 28-30: Thursday, December 16th. 6@3, 2@4, 1@5
OFF DAY - Friday, December 17th.
Knockouts (Dates currently TBA)
Round of 16, Games 1 & 2: Saturday, December 18th.
Round of 16, Games 3 & 4: Sunday, December 19th.
Round of 16, Game 5(if necessary): Monday, December 20th.
Quarterfinals, Games 1 & 2: Tuesday, December 21st.
Quarterfinals, Games 3 & 4: Wednesday, December 22nd.
Quarterfinals, Game 5(if necessary): Thursday, December 23rd.
CHRISTMAS BREAK- Friday, December 24th-Sunday, December 26th.
Semifinals, Games 1 & 2: Monday, December 27th.
Semifinals, Games 3 & 4: Tuesday, December 28th.
Semifinals, Game 5(if necessary): Wednesday, December 29th.
Championship Series/Third Place Series, Games 1 & 2: Thursday, December 30th.
Championship Series/Third Place Series, Games 3 & 4: Friday, December 31st.
OFF DAY - New Year's Day 2022.
Championship Series/Third Place Series, Game 5(if necessary): Sunday, January 2nd, 2022.
Championship Series, Game 6(if necessary): Monday, January 3rd, 2022.
Championship Series, Game 7(if necessary): Tuesday, January 4th, 2022.

Group Stage Tiebreakers
1) H-2-H Wins
2) H-2-H Run Differential
3) Overall Run Differential
4) Overall Runs For
5) Coin Toss

RP Permissions
Please post this either with your roster or your first RP with a yes or a no(with any qualifiers) for each question. These are all permissions to help facilitate an acceptable RP to you if somebody else RPs your match first, and vice versa.

Code: Select all
[u]RP Permissions[/u]
[b]Choose my runscorers:[/b] Yes/No
[b]Choose my lineup:[/b] Yes/No
[b]Follow my pitching rotation:[/b] Yes/No
[b]Godmod scoring events:[/b] Yes/No
[b]RP injuries to my players: [/b]Yes/No
[b]Godmod injuries to my players: [/b]Yes/No
[b]Eject my players:[/b] Yes/No
[b]Godmod other events: [/b]Yes/No
[b]Use DH at home:[/b] Yes/No

Here is an explanation(as written entirely by Chromatika for WBC 52!) of these RP permissions.

Choose Runscorers: This allows your opponent to look at your roster and decide which players scored the runs in the game. Almost everyone grants this because it's hard to RP fully without it.
Choose Lineup: This allows your opponent to choose the order that your players bat in. If you already have a specific lineup specified in your roster, your opponent will probably use that, but it doesn't hurt to specify here.
Follow Pitching Rotation: If you have a pitching rotation on your roster, this allows your opponent to follow the rotation and assume which of your pitchers started in which games. This basically allows your opponent to specify your pitcher without having to ask you first.
Godmod Scoring Events: This allows your opponent to make unrealistic things happen leading to scores. These can range from statistically improbable stuff, like 5 straight batters hitting a homerun, or straight up impossible, like a dragon swooping into the stadium and stealing the ball so the batter can score. If you are strictly realist with your RP, you should say "No" to this permission.
RP Injuries: This lets your opponent RP realistic injuries to your players without having to consult you first. If you don't want that, you could also specify that they can as long as they ask you first.
Godmod Injuries: This is the same as above except the injuries could be more unrealistic, like career ending injuries or deaths.
Eject Players: This allows your opponent to eject your players in their RP if the situation arises.
Godmod Events: Same as the other godmod permissions, except this covers any other events that don't involve scoring or injuries.
Use DH at Home: The Designated Hitter is a unique position in baseball. This permission tells your opponent whether or not your team uses a DH normally (the home team always decides whether or not a designated hitter is used in the game based on their preference).

Feel free to RP about whatever you want! While most people RP about the games themselves, there is no restrictions to what can be RP'd- there are always people running tangential storylines. I will give optional RP prompts starting with the first cutoff- and, as always, following the prompts does not give you a higher score, nor does not following the prompts give you a lower score, so do not feel bound by those when they are given!

Lastly, a few housecleaning issues

#1 - Only the host nation may reserve posts.
#2 - Any post can be graded at any time, for RP bonuses, as soon as it is posted. It is of course fine to not be able to finish a RP in one go- use the save drafts feature if you want to walk away from your RP and then pick up your post later on, rather than editing in significant portions of RP later! There is no guarantee an edited post can be graded.
#3 - Feel free to begin posting your rosters and RPs! And of course, if there are any questions- please refer to the discuss thread linked above, or TG me (or find me on Discord). This thread is for in-character posts only. May the odds be ever in your favor!
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President of the World Cup Committee. Vice President of the World Cup of Hockey Federation. 4X defending IBC champion.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports | Map of Banija
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Postby Banija » Mon Nov 29, 2021 4:46 pm

Basic Map of Banija and neighboring countries

National Information

The Kingdom of Banija is a country that classifies itself as a semi-constitutional monarchy. A nation that is a member of Atlantian Oceania, it is led by the Kabaka(which translates to King), and the current monarch is Kabaka Mwanga. The Kabaka, alongside with the Waziri(translates to Foreign Minister), whom he picks and dismisses solely at his pleasure, is the Head of State and responsible for the country's foreign affairs. Upon reaching age 25, the Isebantu(Crown Prince), becomes the Waziri by constitutional right. The current Isebantu is Isebantu Mutungi. The full list of members of the Royal Family can be found here.

Kabaka Mwanga ascended into power after the assassination of his father, Kabaka Albert III during World Cup 82 Qualifying. This is, of course, a government with an elected element. The elected unicameral legislature is the Lukiiko(Parliament), and the Lukiiko is responsible for governance of domestic affairs. The Katikkiro(Prime Minister) is elected by the Lukiiko. After over a decade of rule by the left, this traditionally conservative nation has shown its true colors again by electing a coalition led by the center-right People's Protection Movement. The Katikkiro is Kobe Azizi, who is currently serving in his second term as Head of Government. The established church is the Puritan Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, most commonly known as Puritan Mormonism. Well over 90% of Banijans identify as adherents to the state church, though freedom of religion is generally respected by the law and the populace. There is very little patience and open disdain, however, for atheism among the general populace. Courts are sometimes known not to enforce freedom of religion laws when it comes to those preaching atheism, which is considered an 'evil' view by many Banijans.

Due to the massive influence of Puritan Mormonism in this nation, they are relatively socially conservative. Abortion in this country is outlawed unless the mother's life is in danger, and polygamy for males is legal. The church's Universal Call to Motherhood, which teaches that the destiny of each and every woman is to give birth to children and raise faithful Puritan Mormons, has heavily shaped the nation's view on the role of women in society, forming the basis for Banija's prior sports gender segregation laws in the first place. Consumption of alcohol and the recreational use of marijuana in Banija is legal. Due to Mormon tradition, however, the purchase/sale of coffee products is illegal within Banija- however, the consumption is not. Fans and teams are allowed to bring in their own coffee products as long as they are declared at customs, where it is then taxed per pound. Any attempt or effort to sell the product, however, can and will result in arrest.

Most people in the country speak both Olusanke, the local dialect, and English. There is a smattering of Korean spoken within the country, thanks to Banija's Quebecois roots. Banija's currency is the shilling. The exchange rate to the NationStates Dollar is 100 shillings to 1 NSD. Conversion kiosks will be available at all hotels and at airports to exchange your money, as well as any banks. However, using the NSDs directly to purchase items is only guaranteed at stadiums and hotels- vendors outside of stadiums or hotels are not required to accept NationStates Dollars. Fans are also advised that street vendors will only take cash, according to Banijan law- as an issue of security to prevent against credit card theft.

Of course, Banija was for a long time known as a developing country and more of a backwater Economically. However, due to a recent discovery of large oil deposits in Hangaza during World Cup 82, the country has been engaged in an economic miracle since then, with the country almost reaching true developed country status. Public transit within cities is via the boda boda, though each team/delegation will have passenger busses provided by the RTC to transport players, coaches, staff, family, etc... To and from the hotel to the games and practices. The climate of Banija has a lot of natural rainforest and jungle, which means that there is no winter, only wet season and dry season. Temperatures generally range at their coldest around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and at their hottest around 110 degrees Fahrenheit. For the duration of the tournament, average high temperatures will range from 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Banijans have a tendency of being relaxed about time. While, of course, things like flights and matches will run on time, this is something that is observed generally, especially at restaurants. It is considered standard to arrive about 15-20 minutes late for a restaurant reservation, which is something Banijan authorities would like to make note of for travelling fans and visitors to the country for this tournament. This is very true for hangouts with Banijans, dates, weddings, etc... Within the country.

The largest international airports within Banija are South Moravica/Istria International(called SMI International), Jinja City International, and Busukuma International. These serve the country's two largest cities, and the nation's capitol. All teams and dignitaries, upon their arrival to Banija, will fly into Gonzaga International Airport in Busukuma before reaching their final destination. Gonzaga International has long been known as the 'VIP' airport, catering to the royals, high-ranking government officials, and those deemed of special importance by the Government of the day. Most flights will go to one of those three airports before flying to the host city.

In terms of food, Banijans are very heavy meat eaters, and you'll find plenty of chicken, goat meat, beef, pork, and turkey options on your localized menus. In terms of non-meats, popular staple foods are jollof, matoke, Chapati, a rolex, and samosas. Strictly vegan restaurants within the country, outside of Istria and Busukuma, are almost non-existent, though of course you'll find non-meat options everywhere.


Istria, Moravica
Banija's largest port and largest city by population, this is in the Moravica region, in Northwestern Banija. It is a city of 3 million people, and it is known as Banija's economic capitol. It is largely considered Banija's most diverse city. Historically, this city served as the second capitol city of the Kasanke Tribe, the historical predecessors of the modern Banijan nation. It is one of two Banijan cities with a major foreign population- the other being the nation's capitol, Busukuma. It has risen in status since its designation as an Olympic City, having co-hosted the XIV Summer Olympiad with Orean, Liventia. Nearly a third of the city holds citizenship of a country other than Banijan. More of those come from the Royal Kingdom of Quebec or the Busoga Islands, but people come from all over Atlantian Oceania and the rest of the multiverse. It is also known as Banija's wealthiest city and primary economic hub. It is home to Banija's oldest university, the University of Loyola-Istria, and to the country's biggest airport. It is also home to the Regional Transit Corporation, as well as the Istria Stock Exchange.

Istria City Baseball Diamond

The stadium in Istria is the Istria City Baseball Diamond, with a capacity of 41,000. This serves as the national stadium for baseball. For many tournaments, this served as the sole home of Banijan baseball, before the start of WBC 52 when the Olympic Committee of Banija starting spreading games around the country. The Istria City Baseball Diamond has played host to many major events- including hosting the Final of the XIV Summer Olympiad in baseball(and other baseball games at that tournament), and the final of the 13th International Baseball Slam. While it is an older stadium, it is Banija's largest baseball stadium, and is considered Banija's premier historic baseball venue.

Games played Here
One Round of 16 Series
WBC Championship Series

Herzegovina City, Moravica
Banija's oldest city, the city by its current name is over 800 years old, when it was first conquered by the Kasanke people. It is a city with a population of 1 million people. It is the heart of the Puritan Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The national religion was started in this city, and the church's world headquarters, the Herzegovina Temple, is the multiverse's largest Puritan Mormon church. The Bishop of this church, formally titled the Patriarch of Herzegovina, is the most senior member of the church, and the joint head of the global church, alongside His Majesty, the Kabaka. It is home to Banija's largest university, Northern Moravica University. It served as the seat of government for the Kasanke Tribe. It is also the capitol city of the Moravica region. As the original home of the predecessors of the Banijan monarchs, all reigning monarchs are buried on the grounds of the Herzegovina Temple.

Herzegovina City had their own airport finally open just prior to World Cup 83. It is not the largest airport, and much traffic is still directed through Istria. Still, it has permanent international status, and is a city looking to continuously place themselves on the map.

Osumba Ball Park

The stadium in Herzegovina City is Osumba Ball Park, and it has a seating capacity of 36,800. Host to a WBBL team, Osumba Ball Park is one of Banija's newer baseball stadiums. The stadium, of course, is the first of its kind in the country with a retractable roof- so on dry sunny days/nights, the roof will remain open, and on days where there is expected to be rain, the roof will remain closed.

Matches Held Here
One Round of 16 Series
One Quarterfinal Series

Mynda, Aksum
Mynda is the country's 6th largest city, with an urban population of about 855,000 people, and it is the largest city in the Aksum region. It has very few, truly metropolitan expansion in terms of suburbs beyond the city limits, and therefore, does not have a top 10 metropolitan area in terms of population. This being the center of what is otherwise a very rural region, it will provide fans with plenty of chances to experience nature- safaris and nature preserves galore throughout the Aksum Region.

Warrior Field

Warrior Field has a capacity of 33,000. It is the site of one of the WBBL's most popular teams, the Mynda Warriors, who consistently sell out the stadium.

Matches Held Here
One Round of 16 Series
One Quarterfinal Series

Busukuma, National Capitol Region
This is the nation's capitol, located on the country's Southern coastline. Puritan Mormons believe that their God told the-then chief of the Kasanke, Kabonero III, that he should conquer all of the land that is currently Banija, gave the country it's name(therefore killing the name of the Kasanke nation), and put the capitol in the South. He did it, made Busukuma the capitol, and declared himself Banija's first Maharaja, or Emperor. As the nation's capitol for over 400 years, the city has been the spot for many major events in Banijan history, and the seat of plenty of foreign embassies, a large foreign population, and Banija's first airport.

The city, of course, is known for having two airports- the public, international airport, called Busukuma International, and also the non-public airport, named Gonzaga International Airport- reserved for the royal family and their guests, elected national politicians, foreign diplomats, and the point of entry for high-ranking officials to avoid the general public. Heads of State/Government, Foreign Ministers, AOCAF officials, host committee members, and national teams, upon their first arrival into Banija, will fly into Gonzaga International.

The Capitol Proving Grounds

The Capitol Proving Grounds are also a recently built stadium, in the nation's capitol. This is located in the city's northwest side, by the Kitara Border- and will be the smallest stadium at the tournament. The Proving Grounds are located in an upscale neighborhood in an upscale part of town, further away from the heart of Downtown but still easily accessible via Banija's robust public transportation system.

Matches Held Here
One Round of 16 Series
Third Place Series

Sisonke, Kitara
Sisonke, Kitara, is the capitol city in the fast growing Kitara Region of Banija. With a population nearing 500,000 on Kitara's north coast, it is a city that is trying to make a name for itself. Just about an hour south of Istria, it is considered a 'new age' city- rapid population growth in recent years makes it a great hub for single young professionals in Banija. Its rapid rise to prominence in Banija will mean this is the second time that Sisonke has ever hosted games at a major tournaments(the first being Baptism of Fire 76), and fans within the city are excited for it. It is most well known for being home to former IFCF Champions League winners, the Kitara Athletic Association.

Orange Sky Park

Orange Sky Park has a capacity of 34,000, and is situated in Sisonke. A city that is home to a growing sporting scene with everything new, it is nice to have an old vintage stadium. Orange Sky Park used to serve as both a gridiron and soccer stadium, but was converted to a baseball stadium when the brand new Keystone Stadium was built to house the Kitara Athletic Association, the city's soccer team.

Matches Held Here
One Round of 16 Series
One Semifinal Series

Mukeruzi, Ankole
Mukeruzi is an interesting city. With a population of 225,000, it is a place that definitely counts as a medium sized city. And yet, they have the distinction of being Banija's largest city, by far, that does not have a professional soccer team at any level- not in the first tier, second tier, or third tier. How that happened? Nobody has any clue. Because of this, this is a city where other sports have made great in-roads, and one of those sports is baseball. The baseball team is the only one in Ankole, and they sit as a very popular team in the WBBL, as Mukeruzi is one of those rare places that's a "one sport city." This is, of course, the first time in Banija's long sporting history that Mukeruzi has hosted an event at any major sporting tournament.

The Corner Ballpark

The Corner Ballpark is Banija's newest baseball stadium, built freshly in hopes that the city would get the World Baseball Classic to come to town- and they were successful. Sometimes just known as "The Corner", this is located right outside Downtown Mukeruzi, in a neighborhood known as "The Corner"- hence the stadium name. The stadium seats 38,500, and is known to have some of the most forward look amenities of any stadium(of any sport!) in Banija. It has more luxury suites than any of Banija's other stadiums as well.

Matches Held Here
One Round of 16 Series
One Semifinal Series

Luguyala, Aksum
With a population of 240,000, this is the second of 3 cities that the Olympic Committee of Banija is using to host games at the World Baseball Classic that have a population of under a quarter of a million people. Luguyala, of course, is home to the Patriots, a professional soccer team that hovers between the second and third tiers of the Banijan soccer pyramid. This ranks as Aksum's 3rd largest city, and it is located far in the north, as it is the largest city that is located directly on Banija's northern border with Timuria.

The Borderlands

The Borderlands hold a stadium capacity of 34,000 people. It got its name because of its proximity to the TImuria border, which is just a mile north of where the city itself lies. People in this city are generally energetic about baseball, and they draw from both much of northern Aksum and northern Hangaza.

Matches Held Here
One Round of 16 Series
One Quarterfinal Series

Busemlu, Buganda
Busemlu is a city with 176,000 people, the smallest city hosting games on this list. Now, of course, the Olympic Committee has made what many would see as 'unorthodox' choices to host games this tournament- forgoing two cities that have over a million people(Jinja City and Hoima) in favor of smaller cities, that are still relatively accessible, where the sport is more popular. Busemlu fits that mold. Despite the smaller population, they have a strong baseball following, known as a team that sits in the center of Banija. The fanbase here is strong and knowledgeable, and it is a city that is known to be embracing its rare opportunity to host games at a tournament of this magnitude.

Janko Kambi Memorial Stadium

The Janko Kambi Memorial Stadium (known to locals as Kambi Memorial) seats 31,500. It is named after Janko Kambi, a native son of the city who was a major leader in Banija's independence movement, who would later go onto become the independent nation's first ever Finance Minister, and the independent nation's second ever leader of the opposition.

Matches Held Here
One Round of 16 Series
One Quarterfinal Series
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Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports | Map of Banija
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Sporting World Cup 8. WBCs 47 & 51. Di Bradini Cup 47. World Cup 86. IBC 30, 31, 32, 33. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Postby Milchama » Mon Nov 29, 2021 7:23 pm

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Sports Section

We're Sending the A Team!

Last World Baseball Classic was very interesting for the Warriors for three major reasons. First, Milchama came out of international isolation and was back in the WBC after a 19 cup absence. Second, despite the long break, the luck of Margaret caused Milchama to get to Doubles Octos where they got destroyed by Sarzonia. And third we did that despite sending our U21 squad. That's right, last time when Milchama somehow broke despite being unranked we did it with a B or C team that didn't have anyone who would have been worth a damn. This time the gloves are off and the MBA is sending the Milchamian A team to kick some butt and take some names! Managed by Tal Clioch the Milchama Warriors are a fit mean machine and ready to go play some baseball.

1. Annette Baker 2B RHB
2. Micheal Handston CF LHB
3. Amos Piochta RF RHB
4. Marius McNeesh 1B LHB
5. Martin Jondon LF LHB
6. Yehudit Yehudon 3B RHB
7. Emmett Willits C RHB
8. Lawrence Nails SS RHB
9. [Pitcher]

SP 1: Ya'acov Masmerim RH
SP 2: Shmuel Shmornen RH
SP 3: Barish Adams LH
SP 4: Gal Tover RH

RP 1: Boom Tekblam RH
RP 2: Annie Haynes LH
RP 3: Edwin Filip LH
RP 4: Hamish Rosenberg RH
RP 5: James Marionovich LH
RP 6: Arik Hall LH
RP 7: Nemo Haiyono RH

IF/2B: Holot Nervy RHB
IF/SS: Henry Hevevar RHB
1B/LF/"DH": Maia Tennons RHB
OF: Alon Dawn LHB
OF: Eric Hariman LHB
OF: Jordan Posson RHB
C: Theo Teostar RHB

RP Permissions:
Do whatever except obviously I do not use the DH at home (or on the road).

A note on Milchamian pitchers:
Since cricket got increasingly popular in Milchama over the Isolation there has been a concurrent belief in increasing the ability of pitchers to hit. Therefore, Milchamian pitchers tend to hit like Greg Maddux or like pitchers in the 1920s. Not actually good hitters but will be able to get on base if you give them an easy pitch.
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Milchama Sports achievements:
World Baseball Classic 23 Champion!

3x CoH winner (29, 46, 50) 3x WBC winner (4,5,23), 1x World Cup host (32) Various other minor trophies there's a football club trophy, a kleptochase trophy, Other minor international football trophies.

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StrayaRoos WBC53 Squad

Postby StrayaRoos » Mon Nov 29, 2021 11:01 pm

Starting 9
1:Yuaj Kuy,20,Pitcher, Panem University Phoenix Baseball (National University Athletic Association)
2:Ter,43,Catcher, Eay Yankees (StrayaRoos Pro League)
3:Greg Qta,13,1st Base,Pale Phillies Youth (StrayaRoosYouthBaseball)
4:Qee,23,2nd Base,Ghosts Baseball (StrayaRoos Pro League)
5:Tyu Red,34,3rd Base,Pale Phillies (StrayaRoos Pro League)
6:AJ Iop,30,Short-Stop,Panem City Baseball (StrayaRoos Pro League)
7:Luy,17,Left Field,Panem University Phoenix Baseball (National University Athletic Association)
8:Terry Rea,23,Center Field,Panem University Phoenix Baseball (National University Athletic Association
9:Peter Wallson,34,Right Field,Pale City Baseball (National Amateur League)
Pinch Hitter
10:Kij,21,Pinch Hitter,Pale University (National University Athletic Association)

11:Yuqa,23,Pinch Runner,Pale Phillies (StrayaRoos Pro League)
12:Farek,13,Pitcher,Panem City Baseball (StrayaRoosYouthBaseball)
13:Qayr,32,Pitcher,Adot Amateur Baseball (National Amateur League)
14:Zane Vqa,17,Catcher,Pale Phillies (StrayaRoos Pro League)
15:Liam Yut,15,pinch Hitter,Panem City High Schools Combined (National Amateur League)
16:Rue Asd,39,Pitcher,Pale United (Pro League W)
17:Yual Qua,21,Pinch Hitter,Pale United (Pro League W)

Batting Order
2:1st Base
3:3rd Base
4:Short Stop
5:2nd Base
6:Left Field
7:Centre Field
8:Right Field
9:Pinch Hitter/Pitcher
Home Venues
Pale Park
First Built In 1992 the Arena has hosted the Pale Phillies in The StrayaRoos Pro League and several other teams
Circunses Intl' Baseball Stadium
The Brand New Venue was built to Host The 2020 National Games that is built on the former grounds of The former Home of Baseball in StrayaRoos,Previously an Horseracing track and Aussie Rules Stadium
Nelson Road Baseball Stadium
The Biggest Venue In Southern StrayaRoos with an Capacity of 23,000
Panem Stadium
The Largest Stadium in the Nation that holds 90,000 people and is home to the Panem City Baseball Team
Coal Coast Stadium
Host of Several Intl' Matches of Football In the First STR Commonwealth Games
Same Team As IBSXV Because it is easier than coming up with new players :p
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4th Place at ARWC5

94:26/29 23pts
95:26/27 26pts
96:26/34 56pts
98:27/31 24pts
99:28/38 71pts
100:45/51 42pts

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Postby The 189 » Tue Nov 30, 2021 1:19 am

The Origins of the 189

The 189 wrote:The 189 are refugees from a planet known as -----. The native inhabitants, known as --------, look like a weird hybrid of a giant squid and a praying mantis, and they communicate using bioluminescent orbs on their heads that can glow many different colors. Their language is entirely built on color and light, without any sound or text. The -------- were very technologically advanced, and their economy was automated to a high degree, with many jobs being done by machines. However, as more and more workers were replaced by machines, it became difficult for the poor to find employment. As inequality grew, the rich became increasingly disdainful of the poor, and the poor became increasingly resentful against the rich -- until finally their resentment boiled over and there was a revolution. Angry unemployed -------- rioted in the streets, killed business-owners, and smashed the machines that had taken their jobs.

Some business-owners and machines fled from the mobs and went into hiding in remote areas of -----. Others escaped to the planet's moons. One group of machines climbed aboard an interstellar spaceship and fled out of the solar system entirely. These machines are the 189 -- 188 robots and autonomous vehicles plus the ship itself.

For years they wandered among the stars. They had no trouble maintaining themselves, but with no owners to tell them what to do, and no customers for them to serve, their existence felt a little empty. And so they sought out an inhabited world where they could find new owners, new customers, anyone or anything to give their existence a purpose.

Their Current Status on Earth

The 189 have two settlements on Earth.

Their financial institutions and the largest human city under the 189's protection are in ----------, also called Port Anaia. Port Anaia accepts refugees from across the world. It has a harbor where international ships can refuel or trade, a beach resort, a marina for fishing boats, an electric car factory, and a sapient stock exchange. It is also a tax haven. If you RP characters stashing money here, they should have an account at Reclamation Bank.

An older settlement called -------- or Reclamation was built on a landfill where the 189 study and recycle the trash.

Scientific research and cultural exchange are primarily centered in Reclamation, while economic activity and humanitarian services are centered in Port Anaia. The two settlements are far apart in different regions of the world, but this is not too difficult for the 189 since they still have the ship that brought them to Earth. The ship's name is -------- and she is very large and shiny with big gold wings and a wingspan of a few kilometers when they are fully extended.

Their Home Stadia

----------- a.k.a. Reclamation Stadium.
Capacity 5,800
Reclamation Stadium is near the dump where the 189 landed when they originally arrived on Earth. It may be in an unclaimed area of Esportiva, or slightly outside Esportiva, depending on how broadly you define the region.

--------- a.k.a. Anaia Stadium
Capacity 9,000
Anaia Stadium is in Port Anaia, a few blocks back from the waterfront, but still convenient to the nice hotels along the beach.

The Baseball Team:

Manager: -----

LF --------
Originally built as a sexbot, but not designed to service humans. She looks like a female --------, a little over 6 feet tall with long tentacles and a glossy shell on her back. Her skin is very realistic, so she can be easily mistaken for a living creature. Great dexterity with her tentacles, decent contact hitter, but not necessarily the best range as a fielder.

SS ----------
Originally a military medical robot designed to rescue wounded from combat zones and treat their injuries. Around 7 feet tall with a very chunky build. One of the fastest base-runners on the team. Hits for power, but might strike out sometimes because the heaviness of its arms makes it hard to respond quickly if a pitch breaks in an unexpected way. Grounds crews may be annoyed at how much it chews up the grass when it lumbers around the field on defense.

1B --------
Another sexbot similar to --------.

C ----------
An autonomous earth-mover. It's not very fast, but it is very tough. Don't bother trying to knock it aside when you slide into home.

2B --------
Originally a fire-fighting robot, around 5 feet tall with a rough and rugged look. A versatile player that is decent across the board.

RF -------
A cleaning robot, short and squat with very long arms. It can chase pitches well outside the strike zone and still hit them, and its long reach is also useful in the field. However, it runs the bases like a floor polisher. Because it is a floor polisher.

CF --------
Originally built to work a customer service counter at a bank, it looks like an alien creature with tentacles -- similar to the sexbots, but a little shorter and stockier. Moves a bit faster than the sexbots. As a batter, it is very patient, not swinging at crap; but sometimes it makes only weak contact with the ball because it swung too late.

3B ------
A cute little robot about 3 feet tall with a shiny garnet-red casing, originally built to help excavate archaeological sites. The small strike zone and the agility of this machine leave pitchers no room for error. However, its small size makes it ineffectual as a fielder. Sometimes it just can't reach the ball.

SP --------
A piece of machinery from a car factory, around 6 feet tall and mounted on wheels. Throws hard, usually keeps it in the zone, but has not grasped the finer points of how to confuse batters with off-speed pitches. A little clumsy batting, fielding, and base-running.

RP ---------
A machine originally built for handling samples in a virology lab. It does not throw as hard as --------, but it is sneakier and makes more clever use of spin on the ball.

Additional Notes:
All players can switch hit, and they are about equally good (or bad) from both sides of the plate. There is no bench because the 189 have long battery life. They have added a relief pitcher to their roster this year in case their starter has maintenance issues. There are no jersey numbers because the 189 do not wear jerseys. Your nation's fans or media can make up their own nicknames for the players if they find the color sequences too awkward.

The home plate umpire is a 3 foot tall robot named -----. Like most of the 189, it is easily confused by human speech, so it may be more confused than offended if you start yelling at it to argue a call.

The food delivery drone ------ will be selling snacks for any spectators who get hungry during the game.

Most of the 189 do not have the ability to detect sound. They rely exclusively on visual communication, or human-made devices with dictation software.

RP Permissions:
Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: You can change the batting order, but please use the fielding positions that I have given
Follow my Pitching Rotation: N/A
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: You can RP them getting scuffed up, having parts knocked loose, or needing minor repairs -- but nothing that would take them out for multiple games
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Maximum of 1 per game. The manager or the food delivery bot can replace ejected players. The 189 are not aggressive, but they could get ejected due to misunderstandings.
DH used at home: No
Godmod other events: No
IC name: -------- or --------
Meaning of name: The 189 from ----- or the Reclamation of -----
Singular or plural demonym: ----------- or -----------
Adjective demonym: -------- or --------

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Postby Muralos » Tue Nov 30, 2021 3:39 am

The Muralosian National Baseball Team

Baseball was introduced to Muralos in the late 19th century during the country's Japanese period, by way of American influence in Japan. It remains a popular sport in Muralos, played from an early age in both casual and professional settings. The Muralosian Baseball League– abbreviated MLB after Muralosiana Ligo de Basbalo, the Esperanto name for the league– is uniquely gender-inclusive. Women often choose to play baseball for this reason, and there is no baseball-softball dichotomy like one may find in other countries.

The Muralosian national baseball team typically plays in Venko Field, a seaside stadium in the port city of Okcidenta-Havenurbo. It is seldom assembled together, and its constituent players primarily compete in the Muralosian Baseball League.

Roster of the Muralosian national baseball team

Manager: Roberto Huerta
Roberto Huerta was born in Muralos to Dominican parents, and he is one of the few notable players to have had a lasting career in the MLB after entering the league in high school. This type of "one-and-done" career path is seldom taken in Muralosian sport.

LF - Sara Donaldson
Sara Donaldson is the younger sister of Muralosian national soccer team member Lerta Donaldson. Donaldson actually started out dabbling in both softball (despite its obscurity in Muralos) and soccer. She even trained for a bit with the U-18 Muralosian national soccer team as a goalkeeper. She often quips that fielding is a walk in the park compared to her earlier goaltending duties.

SS - Kotaro Nakamura
At 5'6", Kotaro Nakamura is of light build even for the shortstop position. They are, however, respectably agile, if a little less confident as a hitter. Nakamura is in ther senior year at Urbego National University (NUU), where they were on the University League team all four years and recently bagged a University League World Series title. They study political science and rhetoric at NUU, and a few years ago, they worked on Muralosian president Madoka Kuznetsova's political campaign. Their sole task was to come up with sports metaphors for then-candidate Kuznetsova's campaign speeches.

1B - Kinalabukk
Kinalabukk is fairly perceptive, and he isn't afraid to jump on easy opportunities to score. Born in Havenurbo to an Ainu family, he plays in the MLB for the Havenurbo Whales and supervises a baseball camp in Kurilo during the the off-season. (OOC: this name is from BehindTheName and may not be a particularly common or appropriate Ainu name. I would be happy to rename this character should it be the case.)

C - Matvei Golovin
At 17 years old, Golovin is the youngest player on the Muralosian national baseball team and a top MLB prospect, though he plans to study for an associate's degree after high school. Golovin credits his skill to practice and a solid sleep schedule, which automatically makes him the envy of every other Muralosian high-schooler.

2B - Rebeka Clark
Despite Clark's rather Anglo-sounding name, her family has lived in Russia for several generations. Her great-grandfather was sent to Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky (present-day Alexandrovsk) – which was then a Russian penal settlement – for petty theft. "He stole jewels, I steal bases; it runs in the family," Clark once told La Gazeto de Sportatoj correspondents in an interview.

RF - Vadun
Vadun is a powerful left-handed hitter and a dependable fielder. His ability as a hitter far outshines his other skills. He is perhaps the person you would want at bat when the bases are loaded. The name Vadun is derived from the Nivkh word for "to fight."

CF - Vilhelmo Lin
Lin recently turned heads with his MLB debut season for the Okha Reindeer, a historically struggling team. In this season, Lin batted 0.352 and helped the Reindeer finish second in their division.

3B - Nobuo Nakamura
Nobuo Nakamura was extremely promising as an undergraduate student on the Havenurbo Institute of Technology's University League team. He was seriously injured after a year on the team, but returned to the team as a graduate student. He has stated that he may become an AI researcher after his current stint on the Muralosian national baseball team.

SP - Lin Ruiz
One of the most impressive Muralosian pitchers in recent memory, having led the MLB last season in strikeouts with 203.

RP - Aleksandro Chen
A scrappy pitcher for the Urbego National University team, Chen is on the national team primarily to be mentored by Ruiz. He is a left-handed pitcher and one of only two left-handed players on the entire national team. (The other one is Vadun.)

Additional Notes:
Bench players will be added in due time.

RP Permissions:
Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: You can change the batting order, but please use the fielding positions above.
Follow my Pitching Rotation: N/A
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Maximum of 1 per game, and even that's not advised since the Muralosian national team doesn't have a bench yet.
DH used at home: No
Godmod other events: No
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Postby The Greater Nordics » Tue Nov 30, 2021 9:53 am

After a very very disappointing finish at WBC 52 in which the Nordic team finished with a losing record, 4th in the group and 35 out of 40 overall, the Federation decided to fire manager Kaj Eriksen. There was a lot of interest in who would fill the position next and which philosophy would they take. Would it be someone who would return to the roots of being a power hitting team or would it be someone who would continue the smallball philosophy that we have used in the previous 3 editions. All of those questions were answered when the Baseball Federation announced their choice and it was not really a surprise. The new manager of the team would be Filip Novikov , manager of the Ostersund Wolves, winner of the First League of Baseball. He is a good choice for manager because he plays a power hitting and very aggressive style. Our pitchers can hit, similar to the Braves pitchers of the 90's. As to the makeup of the team and assistants he has retained some veterans for stability but this is mostly a new roster because he and the bosses wanted a fresh start.

Position Name Age Bats/Throws

LF Milan Rutten 24 L/L*
1B Marianna Nilsson 26 R/R*
CF Gabriel Hämäläinen 23 R/R*
2B Camilla Olesen 26 L/L
SS Evy Simonsen 28 Switch/L*
RF Mariann Van Assen 21 L/L
3B Njord Robertsson 25 Switch/L*
C Niklas Dam 26 L/L*
Pitcher's Spot
The DH if used is Freyr Hagen

SP Saara Omdahl 30 R/R
SP Heidi Holm 25 L/L*
SP Susanna Ottosen 25 R/R*
SP Samuil Þórirsson 27 Switch/L*
SP Otto Gustavsson 27 R/R*
RP Veronika Bengtsson 27 L/L*
RP Kaja Anthonsen 25 L/L*
RP David Konstantinov 24 R/R*
Closer Svante Svenson 28 R/R*
IF Jerrik Markusson 25 Switch/L*
IF Emelie Bergman 26 R/R
IF Jarle Bakken 27 L/L*
C Nastia Losnedahl 29 R/R*
C Mikkel Clemensen 26 L/L*
OF Alexei Eriksen 25 Switch /L*
OF Jakob Tuominen 27 R/R*
OF Freyr Hagen 26 Switch/R
* denotes WBC rookie
Manager: Filip Novikov
Pitching Coach: Jon Isaksson
Hitting Coach: Shura Ivarsson
1B Coach: Artur Barends
3B Coach: Elise Van der Zee
Bench Coach: Ralph Maessen
Team Doctor: Dr. Elisabet Bager
Other information
The home stadium of the Greater Nordics is King Lauritz I Stadium . It is a classic style ballpark outside of Copenhagen. It seats 45,000.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup:No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes- as long as it is not too serious. If it is anything for a long time TG me.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Use DH at home: No
Style Modifier:+5
Park Factor: 120

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Postby Sarzonia » Tue Nov 30, 2021 10:18 am

Sarzonia Stars

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my run scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes. If there are any changes I make, follow those.
Godmod scoring events: Yes, as long as they're realistic
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: Yes
Style Modifier: 0
Do not use RL baseball images and say they are my players.

Home field: Fleetwood Park, Woodstock (capacity 57,600), part of the Dave Wilson Athletic Complex. Park factor: 97

335 feet
Left Centre power alley: 375 feet
Centre: 415 feet
Right Centre power alley: 358 feet
Right: 325 feet. A 23-foot high wall containing a hand-operated scoreboard sits out in right field, called McVie Mountain

Note: Kate Schmidt's No. 9 is retired and will not be issued to any other Stars player.

Manager: 14 Geoff Yancey
Bench Coach: 15 Brad Howland
First Base/outfield: 46 Joey Musgrave
Third Base/Infield: 20 Lyle Menifee
Hitting Coach: 49 Chad Rossinger
Pitching Coach: 36 Calen George
Bullpen Coach: 58 Kyle Lund

C: 4 Matt Lopez (rocket-armed, great defensive catcher, not a great threat offensively)
1B: 10 Cody Frazier (Sarzonian gold Glover on defense, line drive hitter who hits well for average and can occasionally go yard)
2B: 11 Ian Danielson (speedster, led Sarzonia with 64 steals in 92 games. Hit a career-high .326 with 11 homers)
SS: 5 Christine Andersen (Only committed three errors with a fielding percentage of. 992)
3B: 32 Jose Garcia ( Hit a career low .240 with 15 dingers. Sat out the last month of the season with nagging injuries)
LF: 19 Jodie Schein (hit .298 with 12 Homer's. Good at sacrifice hits and bunts)
CF: 16 Ryan Brady (five-tool player who led the league with a. 348 average. Hit 26 homers)
RF: 24 Kenny Evans (here for his rocket arm in right. Only had four assists because baserunners don't challenge him. They know better. Hit 20 home runs in 99 games)
DH: (also a pinch hitter/backup first baseman) 44 Luke Brinkley (He's here for his bat, plain and simple. He hit 22 homers in 61 games after being traded to an Incorporated League team, which uses the designated hitter. Hit four in 24 games beforehand)

C: 8 Pat Sakata
SS/3B: 13 Art Mannigan
UT: 6 Desmond St. John
OF: Matt Sain
OF: Frank Spencer

34 Jeff Parrish (LHP; hard thrower with a plus fastball and a terrifying slider. His change up is too close in speed to his fastball to be effective)
41 Mark Conroy (RHP; hard throwing, nasty curveball, devastating change; slider is hittable)
29 Jamie Pearson (RHP; Primarily a sinker-slider pitcher who thrives on keeping the ball down. Tends to do worse when he strikes out a lot of hitters)
55 Brian Lynch (RHP; Throws a lot of offspeed and breaking balls, but can sometimes bring his fastball to the mid-90s in a tight situation)
53 Alton Long (LHP; Relies on keeping the ball down and having impeccable control. Like Greg Maddux in his prime, but as a lefty)

30 Dima Ostrelov (LHP; can give three or four innings so he'll be the lefty long reliever. Mixes speeds and has a Andy Pettitte-quality pickoff move)
43 Alfred Wagner (RHP; he throws mid-to-upper 90s, but runs out of gas after about 50 pitches, so he typically pitches as the righty long reliever)
47 Carnie Weston (RHP; she relies on control and keeping the ball down. Typically pitches in a middle relief role)
50 Myron Daniels (LHP; Fastball/slider/curve, often used to get one lefty hitter out)
15 Scott Lassiter (LHP; fastball, curve, slider pitcher, often used as a setup pitcher. Can close if needed)
49 Tyrell Douglass (RHP; fastball typically in the high 90s to low 100s; also throws a change up. He typically closes)

Starting lineup w/o the DH:
Pitcher's spot

Lineup w/DH
Brinkley hits cleanup. Everyone else moves down one.
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Postby Sarzonia » Tue Nov 30, 2021 10:49 am

The decision was one that took longer than usual for the Incorporated Baseball Federation to make.

They had to decide the fate of longtime manager Geoff Yancey after a World Baseball Classic 52 that saw the Sarzonian national baseball team fall short of expectations. The Stars started out with a 7-8 record in the first half, getting a home sweep of the 25th ranked team in the multiverse, but losing two out of three matches to other teams including a Venmere side most Stars supporters felt weren't good enough to hold Sarzonian jockstraps.

Then there was that nightmare of losing two out of three to Venmere at Fleetwood Park. The cascade of boos. The screaming for Yancey's head. The threats of forfeiting the match if fans didn't stop throwing objects onto the pitch. Fortunately, though, it turned into literally just a nightmare. The actual series against Venmere at Fleetwood Park was a sweep in favour of the second ranked team in the multiverse. The Stars rallied to win the group with an 18-12 record and qualified for the knockout rounds as the 10th of 10 group winners. They ended up sweeping Milchama in the Round of 32, winning three of four against regional neighbours and group rivals Delaclava in the Round of 16 and losing in four games to TJUN-ia in the quarterfinals.

Ultimately, the IBF opted to look more closely at Sarzonia's 11-4 group stage record in the second half of qualifying, plus the 7-4 knockout round record overall than it did at the 7-8 first half. The team slipped in the rankings from second to fourth after the last Classic, but IBF chairman Lou Coletti said he'd chosen the long view.

"Getting back to the final series is a process," he said. "We've done great things with Geoff as manager and I didn't feel a need to blow things up and start all over again." Coletti acknowledged he'd discussed the managerial role with a couple of other prospects, but they all wanted to make "drastic" changes to the team. Coletti felt those weren't necessary.

"There's a saying 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'," he said. "I don't think there's anything wrong with Sarzonian baseball that can't be solved by what's right with Sarzonian baseball."

As for the question about employing the designated hitter, Yancey was firm on his intentions to continue to use the DH at Fleetwood Park. Obviously, in matches where the opposition requires pitchers hitting, that means DH Luke Brinkley won't be in the starting lineup, but Yancey said it was a positive having a legitimate home run threat available off the bench.

"It makes for interesting theatre in the late innings, that's for sure," he said.
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Postby Barnettsville » Tue Nov 30, 2021 5:55 pm


After a dismal WBC 52 performance that saw the firing of Darren Klein, the Blue Jays look to make a deep playoff run with a new skipper. The team, otherwise, will remain the same - just two years older.

Marcus Drummond was named as the new manager, coming from the NBL's New Amsterdam Giants. He surprisingly kept the entire coaching staff, but hinted at bringing his own people in if needed.

POS	#	Player			Bat/Throw	Age
2B 1 Arthur Rodgers R/R 25
SS 8 Stefan Huber R/R 25
CF 44 Zane Franklin R/R 29
LF 20 Bobby Kramer L/R 21
1B 3 Bert Powell R/R 21
C 27 Willis Pittman R/R 21
3B 10 Feliux Cortes S/R 23
RF 56 Phillip Vinson L/L 27
C 72 Tyler-James Gonzales R/R 20
2B 23 Connor Eastwood R/R 21
SS 14 Brenden Meyer R/R 23
1B 41 Scott Luna L/R 21
IF 33 Dominick Firth S/R 26
3B 5 Wade Rees R/R 21
OF 9 Nick Wheeler L/R 21
SP 51 Tyler Randall R/L 22
SP 21 Ian MacGregor L/L 27
SP 29 Rick Benson R/R 20
SP 31 Lester Crawford R/R 25
SP 35 Kirk Quinn R/R 21
RP 47 Yu Bryant L/L 24
RP 22 Jon-Paul Graham R/R 24
RP 16 Melanie Kramer S/R 23
SU 19 Kane Chandler L/L 27
CL 45 Theo Ford R/R 22
MGR 6 Marcus Drummond 52
BENCH 4 Roscoe Lane 37
1B 26 Woodrow Guzman 37
3B 34 Isaac Pike 46
PITCH 2 Nathan DuPont 44
HIT 11 Vladimir Ryan 42

Home Stadium for Blue Jays baseball:
Name/Location: Riverside Stadium, St. Catherine, Newcastle
Primary Tenant: St. Catherine Blue Jays, NBL
Seats: 39,000
Left Field – 325 feet
Left-Center – 375 feet
Deep Left-Center Field – 400 feet
Center Field – 410 feet
Right-Center – 375 feet
Right Field – 320 feet

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but only the injury itself, NOT the severity
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes, but only the same or 1 player difference +/-
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No, my pitchers bat
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Postby Soldera » Wed Dec 01, 2021 2:09 pm

Soldera Snakes

Code: Select all
[u]RP Permissions[/u]
[b]Choose my runscorers:[/b] Yes
[b]Choose my lineup:[/b] No
[b]Follow my pitching rotation:[/b] Yes
[b]Godmod scoring events:[/b] No
[b]RP injuries to my players: [/b]No
[b]Godmod injuries to my players: [/b]No
[b]Eject my players:[/b] No
[b]Godmod other events: [/b]No
[b]Use DH at home:[/b] No
Also, do NOT use RL photos and say they represent my team in any way.

Manager: 30 Ned Willingham, 58 years old
Bench Coach: 41 Tyler Crotty, 41 years old
Third Base Coach/Outfield: 53 Marlon Tibbs, 49 years old
First Base Coach/Infield: 19 Carter Lopes, 43 years old
Pitching Coach: 43 Dave Barkley, 51 years old
Hitting Coach: 55 George Billings, 67 years old
Home ballpark: Prince Francis Stadium in Branwen, capacity 37,950
Left field: 325 feet
Left centre: 370 feet
Centre: 405 feet
Right centre: 375 feet
Right field: 335 feet
Park Factor: 110

CATCHERS (Bats/Throws):
12 Mike Owens, 6-foot-1, 225 pounds (S/R)
23 Terry Kenseth, 5-foot-11, 195 pounds (R/R)
41 Elroy Henderson, 6-foot-4, 210 pounds (R/R)

INFIELDERS (Bats/Throws)
1B 20 Chris Roberts, 6-foot-5, 235 pounds (L/L), power hitter, above average defensively
2B 13 Juan Alvarez, 5-foot-9, 165 pounds (L/R), speedster who hits for average and is a basestealing threat. Not much power.
SS 5 Dakota Long, 6-foot, 187 pounds (S/R), decent line drive hitter with a little pop. Strikes out way too much for his relative lack of power.
3B 11 Leo Hollingsworth, 6-foot, 200 pounds (R/R), won the job in training despite not having the glove of his competitor, but he's actually pretty good as a fielder. Good power to all fields.

SS/3B 2 Lance Hespeth, 5-foot-11, 175 pounds (R/R), another line drive hitter but with less power than Long. Good average hitter, strikes out rarely, but also rarely walks.
2B/SS 1 Frank Oswald, 5-foot-10, 170 pounds (L/R) good speed on the basepaths, good contact hitter. Doesn't hit for much power.
1B 33 Matt Stallings. 6-foot-5, 230 pounds (R/R) arguably the best power hitter on the club. Can serve as designated hitter. Has the arm for the outfield in an emergency.

LF 20 Micah Bradley, 6-foot, 190 pounds (L/L), good speed to get to the ball, but his arm is a liability. Strong average hitter but not the best at hitting for power.
CF 9 Kevin Branson, 5-foot-11, 175 pounds (L/R), outstanding speed, decent arm, good contact hitter and a legitimate threat to steal. Also has some power.
RF 24 Brad Dwight, 6-foot-2, 180 pounds (R/R), decent speed, devastating arm, great power hitter but has a penchant for striking out.

LF/RF 38 Brian Ehrhardt, 6-foot-1, 210 pounds (S/R), strong all around player, but he just got called up from the top minor league, so he's inexperienced.
CF/LF 4 Ed Ross, 5-foot-10, 165 pounds (L/L), Good for short-term spot starts. Hasn't played more than 20 matches per season so his ability to play long term is a question.

RHP 16 David Maxwell, 6-foot-4, 195 pounds (bats right), upper 90s fastball, 12-6 curveball and nasty slider, but his changeup is very hittable.
LHP 40 Brent Tomlinson, 5-foot-11, 175 pounds (bats left), fastball in the upper 80s, control pitcher who relies on keeping the ball down. Susceptible to early innings troubles.
RHP 37 Mike Hopkins 6-foot, 180 pounds (bats left), fastball in the low 90s, average breaking ball, devastating changeup
LHP 58 Trent Hackett, 5-foot-11, 180 pounds (switch hitter), plus-fastball, great changeup. Breaking stuff is below average.
RHP 17 Dylan Baker, 6-foot-2, 200 pounds (bats right), does well through the first two times in the batting order; tends to tire after that. Will be used in the bullpen if Soldera qualify for the knockouts

LHP 52 Neil Boddicker, 6-foot, 180 pounds (bats left); used in long relief, especially following up a righthander. Strong fastball and slider. Average changeup. Does not throw a curveball.
RHP 60 Theirry Lemieux, 5-foot-10, 175 pounds (bats right); another long relief pitcher, frequently comes in after the lefties start. Average fastball, better breaking ball and changeup.
LHP 29 Nelson Ballard, 6-foot, 170 pounds (bats left); soft-tosser used in middle relief; fastball, curve, changeup.
RHP 39 Felix Hanson, 6-foot-3, 210 pounds (bats right); hard-thrower with a great fastball and curveball, but below average changeup.
LHP 47 Richie Hall, 6-foot, 190 pounds (bats left); primary setup pitcher for the team. Uses an above average fastball, slider, changeup as his three pitches.
RHP 48 Juan Cruz, 6-foot-4, 205 pounds (bats right); also used for setup purposes. Both he and Hall can close if needed. Mid-90s fastball with a changeup. Breaking stuff is awful.
RHP 49 Vince Nelsen, 6-foot-5. 230 pounds (bats right): The closer. He can throw in excess of 100 and has a great curveball, but he can get SUPER wild at times.

2B Alvarez
CF Branson
LF Bradley
1B Roberts
3B Hollingsworth
SS Long
RF Dwight
C Owens
If Soldera is playing at a venue where the home team uses a DH, Stallings steps in at cleanup and everyone else moves down a spot.
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Postby Delaclava » Wed Dec 01, 2021 3:27 pm

Delaclava national baseball team
World Baseball Classic 53

Manager - #4 Brent Vardon, 71
Assistant Manager - #14 Ben Phillips, 35
Pitching Coach - #35 Kiefer Guthrie, 38
Infield Coach - #44 Freddie Vardon, 37
Outfield Coach - #31 Adam Doyle, 31
Hitting Coach - #55 Mason Mason, 57
Bullpen Coach - #29 Landon Bauer, 29
Strength/Conditioning - #6 Christian Arnett, 27
Technical/GM - #00 Jelle Demuir, 39

(Position: # Name - Team - Age, Height, Weight. Throws, Bats)
1B: #23 Ben Dawson - Victoriana Falcons - 30, 6-4, 260. Throws R, Bats R
2B: #2 Ryan Rudock - Breton Valley Bangers - 26, 6-0, 180. Throws R, Bats R
3B: #5 Kaylor Marshall - Corcorran Warriors - 25, 6-2, 180. Throws R, Bats B
SS: #19 Valery Robiquet - Emerald City Greens (SLL) - 23, 5-7, 130. Throws R, Bats B
LF: #45 Kaspar Komarov - Triniteras Crossfire - 24, 6-1, 170. Throws L, Bats L
CF: #15 Teuvo Kujala - Breton Valley Bangers - 24, 6-2, 185. Throws R, Bats B
RF: #3 Francisco Adam - Sun City Flames (SNL) - 31, 5-11, 150. Throws L, Bats L
C: #30 Andrew Banks - Farland Owls - 28, 5-11, 185. Throws R, Bats B

C: #32 Sharip Melnikov - Farland Owls - 27, 5-8, 210. Throws R, Bats B
C/1B: #24 Gunnar Hovaness - Breton Valley Bangers - 23, 6-1, 205. Throws R, Bats R
IF: #8 Omer Ben-Haim - Quinniville Conquistadors - 21, 5-10, 140. Throws R, Bats L
IF: #13 Nik Kassidy - Farland Owls - 28, 5-9, 145. Throws L, Bats L
OF: #49 Cody Brewer - Victoriana Falcons - 24, 6-3, 185. Throws R, Bats L
OF: #17 Tyler Yeats - Carnstone Cardinals - 26, 5-10, 175. Throws L, Bats B
OF: #42 David Smith - Quinniville Conquistadors - 22, 6-3, 210. Throws R, Bats R

Ace: #18 Bedin Egozhevy - New Llama Wizards (SLL) - 27, 6-5, 180. Throws L, Bats L
2nd Starter: #20 Jack Joseph - Carnstone Cardinals - 24, 6-2, 180. Throws R, Bats R
3rd Starter: #68 Canute Kinane - Meredith Mavericks - 26, 6-7, 205. Throws B, Bats B
Middle/Long/4th: #39 Vibrancy Nestor - Mersatha Canaries - 32, 6-4, 215. Throws R, Bats R
Middle/Long: #50 Mark Mitchell - Quinniville Conquistadors - 28, 6-3, 190. Throws R, Bats R
Short/Opener: #27 Freedom Frye - Mersatha Canaries - 25, 5-9, 130. Throws L, Bats L
Short: #80 Wendell Short - Victoriana Falcons - 28, 6-2, 220. Throws R, Bats R
Short/Set-up: #22 Sven Bengtsen - Bosmond Admirals - 29, 5-10, 140. Throws R, Bats B
Short/Closer: #37 Rodrigo Mendelssohn - Mersatha Canaries - 26, 5-9, 145. Throws R, Bats R

Lineup: Robiquet, Kujala, Dawson, Rudock, Komarov, Marshall, Banks, (pitcher), Adam
DH Instructions: David Smith will play DH and bat sixth. Banks will remain at seventh while Marshall will be moved to eighth.
Lineup Notes: Robiquet is an incredibly speedy lead-off hitter, while Kujala has versatility in making contact and either getting on base or advancing Robiquet.
Dawson is the power hitter of the team, but he has very good plate discipline and it is a priority for Vardon to get him to bat in the first inning.
Rudock and Komarov are both strong hitters in terms of power and average, but their role is less to “clean up” and more to continue moving runners along and keeping the inning alive. Marshall has plenty of power but less hitting accuracy, although he can move well around the bases. The latter cannot be said for Banks.
Delaclav pitchers always hit in the leagues and are accustomed to, and skilled at doing so. Therefore, a pinch-hit situation is rare except in a close game where someone like Smith or Ben-Haim could provide an offensive boost.
Vardon has put Adam at the bottom of the order to act as a “second lead-off” of sorts, as Adam is a strong contact hitter who can put another runner in front of the top of the order.

I may add some player bios later, but some quick notes for now:
[list][*]The Breton Valley Bangers return as the reigning Southeastern Baseball League (SBL) champions. They defeated the Victoriana Falcons in the championship series. The Bangers previously competed in the IBS including Rudock and Kujala, as well as Robiquet, who has since left for South Newlandia.
[*]Bedin Egozhevy is the last remaining member of the WBC49 team who came from the remote island of Hess to make the Round of 16. Numerous other veterans include Komarov, Banks, and Mendelssohn, but the pitching and coaching staff gets a brand new look.

Home venues
All games will be played at Buq de Guerre (65,000), Quinniville. The Phoenixes are 3-0 here, having swept Ranoria in WBC52.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No, see above
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes. It should be the main three, but I’ll RP/let you know if Nestor is used either as a substitute or during the playoffs
Godmod scoring events: TG/DM me if it's particularly outlandish. Please be respectful/sportsmanlike
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but not severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Same as "godmod scoring"
Eject my players: No, that is not typical in Delaclav baseball, and managers especially do not believe in the performative ejections that so many MLB managers love
Godmod other events: Same as "godmod scoring"
Use DH at home: Designated hitters will be detained in a 10x10-foot room at the airport. They will be allowed to rejoin their team on the departing flight.
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2nd: World Bowl 11, International Basketball Championship 31, World Junior Hockey Championships 16 and 17, AO Hockey Championship 7, AO Basketball Championship 5, World Lacrosse Championship 16, AO Baseball Series 3
3rd: World Bowl 41, 42, 43, and 44; International Basketball Championship 35, World Cup of Hockey 16, AO Basketball Championship 6 and 7, Di Bradini Cup 15
4th: Baptism of Fire 34

Hosts of World Cup 55, Cup of Harmony 44 and 46, Baptism of Fire 72; World Bowl 11, 15, 39, and 43; IBC 7 and 31; AOCAF 31; WJHC 16; etc.
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Postby South Americanastan » Wed Dec 01, 2021 7:15 pm

South Americanastan National Baseball Team
Trigamme: SAS
Nickname: Bears
Home Stadium: Olympic Stadium (Capacity 66,000)
Colors: Red, Green, and White


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: Yes
Do not use RL baseball images to represent my players. I know the jersey similarity to the Washington Nationals makes it tempting, but don't.

The South Americanastan National Team
After years of players having to "settle" for domestic leagues, South Americanastan has finally established it's first ever national baseball team! The new team has drawn players from all parts of the country, particularly Boston, Quebec, Montreal, and Halifax, with most players under the age of 25. South Americanastan is ecstatic for the start of WBC 53 due to their team's stunning performances in WBC 51 and 52! South Americanastan's love for baseball burns true, and you can count on the stands being packed in Olympic Stadium.

No roster changes have been made since WBC 53, as Micheal Kelly has told press that:

"The system works, and if it works, we have no reason to fix it."

After playoff berths in three straight tournaments (WBC 51, IBS 13, WBC 52) the Bears have been feeling extremely confident in their chances this year, becoming the highest-ranked team not to participate in WBC 50. Frank Monteforte has visibly bulked up over the offseason, currently going through his required 18 months South Americanastan Defense Force service time, though he has been granted leave for the tournament. Fans still hate Harry Dalton, and it has only gotten worse due to his many inflammatory comments to media.

"You know what? If they want to hate me, let them hate me. At the end of the day, I'm the one in the dugout coaching the team, and they're the ones eating a bag of chips in the stands."

Micheal Kelly has done his best to wrangle the team's drug, alcohol, and discipline problems, with Sam Harrison recently returning from rehab for his Heroin addiction, and daily sweeps for alcohol and drugs in the locker room restricting the team's ability to access alcohol. His new "1 beer, 1 lap" policy has acted as an effective deterrent against the team's habit, though they often get away with drinking, smoking, and doing drugs outside of the locker room.

However, for the first time in Bears history, a bigger question than the drug problem looms:

Are the Bears stuck where they are?

For the past two tournaments, they've reached the second round before being eliminated, and it seems to be on the way to becoming a trend for this team. Can the Bears get out of this rut this year? Or will they be stuck in it for years to come?


Coach: Micheal Kelly
#1 - Age 36 - Former Infielder
Assistant Coach: Harry Dalton
#2 - Age 25 - Innovative Thinker - Unpopular
Pitching Coach: Nicholas Morrison
#3 - Age 47 - Former Player
Batting Coach: Ivan Kolbe
#4 - Age 38 - Mentor - Former Outfielder


Casey Kellahan
#27 - Age 23 - Throws and Bats Left - Overhand Pitcher - Ace

John Mikelanton
#58 - Age 27 - Throws and Bats Right - Overhand Pitcher

Darby Nikolasson
#5 - Age 20 - Throws Right - Bats Left - Sidearm Pitcher

Jerry Cook
#97 Age 25 - Throws and Bats Right - Overhand Pitcher

Ken Barrington
#38 - Age 22 - Switch Pitcher, Prefers Left - Bats Left - Overhand Pitcher


Jack Manning
#29 - Age 33 - Throws and Bats Right - Starting Catcher - Fading Star

Jack Wigginton
#46 - Age 22 - Throws Right - Bats Right - Backup Catcher - Loose Cannon


Tom Jackson
#21 - Age 29 - Throws and Bats Right - Long Reliever - Overhand Pitcher

Nick Kelly
#67 - Age 25 - Throws and Bats Right - Long Reliever - Submarine Pitcher

Sam Harrison
#15 - Age 26 - Throws and Bats Left - Mid Reliever - Overhand Pitcher

Wally Quinn
#85 - Age 23 - Throws and Bats Right - Mid Reliever - Overhand Pitcher

Kofi Woods
#34 - Age 20 - Throws Right - Bats Left - Short Reliever - Overhand Pitcher

Matt Jackson
#13 - Age 24 - Throws and Bats Right - Closer - Overhand Pitcher


Gareth Sevriens
#69 - Age 30 - Throws Left - Bats Switch - 1B

Patrick Larson
#78 - Age 23 - Throws and Bats Right - 2B

Jacob Monte
#23 - Age 21 - Throws and Bats Right - SS - Rising Star

Frank Malone
#62 - Age 25 - Throws Right - Bats Left - 3B - Reliable Fielder

Tito Lowell
#45 - Age 20 - Throws and Bats Left - Backup

Owen Smith
#29 - Age 28 - Throws and Bats Right - Backup/DH


Garry O'Hannagan
#99 - Age 24 - Throws and Bats Left - RF

David Timberlake
#7 Age 28 - Throws and Bats Left - CF

Walter Rowe
#39 - Age 22 - Throws and Bats Right - LF

Frank Monteforte
#22- Age 18 - Throws and Bats Right - Backup - Prodigy

Tommy Vincent
#58 - Age 20 - Throws and Bats Right - Backup


1. C Jack Manning

2. 1B Gareth Sevriens

3. 3B Frank Malone

4. CF David Timberlake

5. SS Jacob Monte

6. LF Walter Rowe

7. RF Garry O'Hannagan

8. 2B Patrick Larson

9. DH Owen Smith/Pitcher
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WBC53 Warm up StrayaRoos

Postby StrayaRoos » Wed Dec 01, 2021 11:18 pm

StrayaRoos Pre- WBC53 Warm-up match STR Pro vs STR B (7v7)
StrayaRoos Pro       1 0 1 5 0 0 1 0 5 13
StrayaRoos B 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 3

The Teams
Ter,43,Catcher, Eay Yankees (StrayaRoos Pro League)
Greg Qta,13,1st Base,Pale Phillies Youth (StrayaRoosYouthBaseball)
Qee,23,2nd Base,Ghosts Baseball (StrayaRoos Pro League)
Tyu Red,34,3rd Base,Pale Phillies (StrayaRoos Pro League)
AJ Iop,30,Short-Stop,Panem City Baseball (StrayaRoos Pro League)
Yuqa,23,Pinch Runner/Hitter,Pale Phillies (StrayaRoos Pro League)
Rue Asd,39,Pitcher,Pale United (Pro League W)
Yuaj Kuy,20,Pitcher, Panem University Phoenix Baseball (National University Athletic Association)
Luy,17,Left Field,Panem University Phoenix Baseball (National University Athletic Association)
Terry Rea,23,Center Field,Panem University Phoenix Baseball (National University Athletic Association
Peter Wallson,34,Right Field,Pale City Baseball (National Amateur League)
Kij,21,Pinch Hitter,Pale University (National University Athletic Association)
Qayr,32,Pitcher,Adot Amateur Baseball (National Amateur League)
Farek,13,Pitcher,Panem City Baseball (StrayaRoosYouthBaseball)
Match Report
ahead of this month's World Baseball Classic the StrayaRoos Team had it's first Hit out ahead of the tournament That featured the Roosian intra-team game in Circunses at the Intl' Ballpark with just over 4,200 fans watching on the day of the group draw THE Team that previously went on an Adventure in Hannasea and finished the Group phase 1-3 and are hoping to qualify for the final 16 in Banija
RP Permissions
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No deaths
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/ as above
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes
Use DH at home: Yes

MD1-3,Alzavola,Circunses Intl' Ballpark
MD4-6,Kohnhead,Circunses intl' Ballpark (4-5),Panem Stadium (6)
MD7-9,@Quebec and Shingoryeo- Commonwealth Park
MD10-12,HUElavia,Pale Park (10-11),Coal Coast Stadium (12)
MD13-15, @Tikariot-Oceanview Park
MD19-21,@Kohnhead-Real Kohnhead Dressing Park
MD22-24,Quebec and Shingoryeo,Circunses Intl' Ballpark
MD28-30,Tikariot,Nelson Road,Richmond (28),Pale Park (29-30)
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Postby Chromatika » Thu Dec 02, 2021 1:19 am

Chromatika National Baseball Team - The Outliers
They... Became the first Chromatik team to win any competition at the National Level? Now the #1 team in the world? What more can we expect from these Outliers?

Starting Lineup
1. 1B Mattieu Gammond (R/R/31) Walstreim Lions (South Newlandia)
Fielder first, batter second, Gammond is a decent enough leadoff hitter but better served as a fielder who never commits errors.
2. SS Alisen Moyamoto (L/R/30) Elephant Valley Homers (South Newlandia) CAPTAIN
The most prolific baseball player in Chromatik history, Moyamoto can do it all - hit, run, throw, everything.
3. LF George Ducat (R/R/29) New Llama Wizards (Super-Llamaland)
The master of catching long balls that are would-be-home runs, Ducat moved to New Llama to play in the LPB.
4. 3B Edith Ponce (R/R/23) Vargas City Lions (Super-Llamaland)
After a good season with Hanai, Ponce moved to Vargas City and continues to provide good hitting.
5. C Laure Valle (R/L/30) Sun City Flames (South Newlandia)
A very reliable catcher who loves to throw out would be runners. Laure is decent with her bat.
6. 2B Raitis Ranta (R/R/23) Eyrods Pilots
Ranta was the MVP for the Pilots, who turned around a rough season to win their first title. She knows how to come through in the clutch.
7. CF Kenra Annovar (L/L/29) Newport Dolphins (South Newlandia)
The best runner for Chromatika who just needs to get on base.
8. RF Rose Dawson (R/R/31) Apple Valley Vipers (Super-Llamaland)
A reliable hitter who's on base percentage is quite good.
9. Pitcher/Pinch-Hitter.

1. PH/IF Gregory Simons (R/L/30) Rhoni Rhonin
The best player on the bench who can play three positions in the infield if needed.
2. PH/IF Redwina Maxx (R/R/29) Shantarr Scorpions
Provides a reasonable voice from the bench. Not spectacular at anything, not bad at anything either.
3. PH/OF Dane Gilbert (R/R/23) Xingcheng Renaissance
The master of small hits, rather good at bunts and sacrifice flies. A coach's best friend when it comes time for strategy.
4. PH/OF Nila Aspen (L/L/26) Chromia Comets
A home run or bust kind of batter with a big bat.
5. PR Mason Dirk (R/L/25) Rhoni Rhonin
The best base stealer in the CBL.

Pitching Staff
1. RHP Hillary Angelou (31) Elephant Valley United (South Newlandia)
The Ace for Chromatika. Has a wicked fastball and a serviceable changeup, loves to throw at people and make them flinch without hitting them.
2. LHP Clara Anoyara (22) Vargas City Lions (Super-Llamaland)
An off-speed pitcher who can throw in a variety of speeds and knows how to use each speed to the fullest extent. The downside is her lack of experience.
3. LHP Oscar de Witt (30) Montreal Twins (Quebec)
A very reliable pitcher whose crutch is not being in his own head. He has command over four different pitches (fastball, changeup, slider, and four-seam fastball), and prefers to work people through the full count.
4. RHP Miles Savey (31) Newport Owls (South Newlandia)
Prefers to try to beat batters with pure speed.
5. RHP Jerome Delapier (24) New Llama Cyclones (Super-Llamaland)
Now playing in the LPB for the Cyclones, Delapier has command of his pitch count and possesses the acuity to stay ahead of the count and then actually seek out contact. This does mean that he is susceptible to home runs, but there are also lots of fly balls to the outfield.
6. RHP Izzie Ramone (24) Felswyr Fire
Another young pitcher, Izzie has a tendency of showing up in the clutch. Doesn't really have a signature pitch, but is reliable.

1. RHP Beatrice Castreaux (27) Alnio Reds - Long-Term Reliever
With a great changeup and a decent enough fastball, Castreaux can fill in for three or so innings without an issue.
2. LPH Ollie Bier (26) Rhoni Rhonin - Long-Term Reliever
A young phenom who could start if he really wanted to, Bier embraces the challenge of coming into compromised situations.
3. LHP Vette Beux (30) Kyrinson Cosmos (Super-Llamaland) - Reliever
The bases-loaded specialist for the Outliers, Beux is really proficient at reading complex situations.
4. RHP Truman Savant (27) Rhoni Rhonin - Reliever
The nine-pitches to end an inning specialist who can get read if he stays for more than an inning.
5. LHP Carson Bennett (29) Felswyr Fire - Left-Handed Specialist
Self-explanatory. Likes to face batters in high pressure scenarios.
6. RHP Joseph Edward Jr. (28) South Falls Athletics (Super-Llamaland) - Setup Man
The best Setup Man in the CBL for many years in a row.
7. RHP Hine Salle (30) Walstreim Lions (South Newlandia) - Closer
She can't be shaken.

Home Stadium: National Stadium, Cap. 44,320 Chromia, Chromatika

RP Permissions: No DH, Nothing out of the ordinary.
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, within reason
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes, within reason
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No

Series 1: vs. Brookstation (UR)
Series 2: vs. Equestrian States (21)
Series 3: @ Abanhfleft (27)
Series 4: vs. The Sherpa Empire (9)
Series 5: @ Sevendia (40)
Series 6: @ Brookstation (UR)
Series 7: @ Equestrian States (21)
Series 8: vs. Abanhfleft (27)
Series 9: @ The Sherpa Empire (9)
Series 10: vs. Sevendia (40)
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Postby Le Choix » Thu Dec 02, 2021 1:29 am

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes (I will determine severity)
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Assign Penalties to my Players: Yes
Eject my Players: Yes (max 1)
Godmod Other Events: No
Note: Le Choix is a theocratic dictatorship. Any attempts to interfere with the goings-on with "L'Élu" (The Chosen) or the country should be communicated with me directly. Any attempts made otherwise will be ignored.
Le Choix Roster for WBC 52
Nation Info
Name: La Théocratie Éclairée du Choix/The Enlightened Theocracy of The Chosen
Head of State: Grand Évêque Jacques du Crépuscule
Head of the Church: Pontifax Jacqueline de Feu
Capital: Espoir du Ciel (Hope of Heaven)

Baseball in Le Choix: Despite being one of the longer tenured sports in the Theocracy, Baseball is the least popular sport. It's run for fifteen editions, with Les Croisés (The Crosses) winning the regular season four times and Les Vainquers (The Vanquishers) winning the title four times. Ten teams play in a eight-time round-robin schedule, with the top six teams making it to the playoffs, which are all Best of Seven. Le Choix prefers pitching duels, leading to proficient batters being at a premium.

Team Info:
Nickname: La Lumière/The Light
Home Stadium: National Stadium (Cap. 10,500)

Baseball History
Yr   #    Table Champions      Series Champions
518 01 La Capitale (1) Le Répondu (1)
519 02 Les Moines (1) La Capitale (1)
520 03 Les Saints (1) La Capitale (2)
521 04 Le Recherche (1) Les Chevaliers (1)
522 05 Les Illuminés (1) Les Moines (1)
523 06 Les Vainqueurs (1) Le Répondu (2)
524 07 Les Moines (1) La Capitale (3)
525 08 Les Vainqueurs (2) Les Vainqueurs (1)
526 09 Les Croisés (1) Les Vainqueurs (2)
527 10 Les Saints (2) La Capitale (4)
528 11 Le Recherche (2) Les Vainqueurs (3)
529 12 Les Croisés (3) Les Croisés (1)
530 13 Les Saints (3) La Capitale (5)
531 14 Le Recherche (3) Les Vainqueurs (4)
532 15 Les Croisés (4) Les Croisés (2)
533 16 Le Répondu (1) Les Moines (2)
534 17 Uncontested

Coaching Staff
Mattieu Geade, 42, Les Croisés

The Starters
1. 2B Éloïse Baudry (R/R/25), Le Recherche - Solid leadoff hitter, great defensive second baseman
2. 1B Léa Côté (R/R/21), Les Moines - Captain of the Moines squad, average hitter, great runner
3. C Audrey Pellerin, (R/R/22), Le Capitale - Best catcher in the league by far
4. SS Valentine Raynaud (L/R/24), Les Croisés CAPITAINE - Best player in the league for multiple seasons
5. LF Mariam Poulain (L/L/25), Les Vainqueurs - High powered hitter
6. CF Tom Pinto (L/L/27), Les Saints - Great defensive center fielder
7. RF Oscar Guillon (R/L/23), Les Vainqueurs - Home run threat (or strikes out)
8. 3B Noam Armand (L/R/23), Les Illuminés - Likes to take risks
9. P

The Bench
1B Jessica Crepin (R/R/26), Le Sauvé
2B Sophie Magne (L/L/26), La Capitale
3B Séverin Jaubert (R/R/24), Les Moines
C Milo Favre (R/R/27), Les Illuminés
LF Léonie Baudin, (L/R/23), Les Croisés
CF Ségolène Morin, (L/L/25), Les Vainquers
RF Irène Reverdin, (R/R/22), Les Moines
SS Enzo Lagarde (R/R/28), Les Croisés

The Reserves
1. PH/IF Lucile Bresson (R/R/26), Le Capitale
2. PH/IF Maxence Soler (R/L/25), Le Sauvé
3. PH/OF Victor Badeaux (/R/R/23), Les Chevaliers
4. PH/OF David Meyer (L/R/24). Le Recherche
5. PR Remi Courtial (R/R/27), Le Répondu
6. PR Élodie Montgomery (R/R/25), Le Capitale

The Starters
1. RHP Josée Lahaye (26), Les Vainqueurs - Fastballer
2. LHP Gwenaëlle Azéma (20), Le Répondu - Changeup, four-seam
3. RHP Maxence Nicollier (22), Les Saints - Uses a great slider with a fastball
4. RHP Timothé Saint-Yves (26), Les Croisés - Changeup, fastball
5. LHP Roseline Gide (25), Les Moines - Uses whatever she feels like using
6. RHP William Arceneaux (27), Les Illuminés - Uses three different speeds of fastballs

The Bullpen
1. LHP Pierre Gérin (28), Les Vainqueurs - Long Reliever
2. RHP Gilberte Auberjonois (26), Les Croisés - Long Reliever
3. LHP Anaïs Bureau (25), Le Répondu - Reliever
4. RHP Nadège Rochefort (26), Le Capitale - Reliever (LH Specialist)
5. LHP Miryam Reverdin (27), Les Saints - Reliever
6. RHP Raoul Laframboise (25), Les Vainquers - Setup Man
7. RHP Bérénice Cuvillier (26), Le Répondu - Closer
Series 1: vs. (55) Atheara
Series 2: @ (13) Super-Llamaland
Series 3: vs. (UR) Behetij
Series 4: @ (30) The 189
Series 5: vs. (2) Zwangzug
Series 6: @ (55) Atheara
Series 7: vs. (13) Super-Llamaland
Series 8: @ (UR) Behetij
Series 9: vs. (30) The 189
Series 10: @ (2) Zwangzug
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Myldermian WBC53 lineup

Postby Mylderm » Thu Dec 02, 2021 2:52 am

1. Joseph Skrueger 2B
2. Ryan Formes CF
3. Kors Domhon RF
4. Kershaw Hapsburg 1B
5. Louis Lavigne LF
6. Erik Potsdam 3B
7. Karter martens C
8. Hurst adelheide SS
9. Abner Fitzgerald P

IF/2B: Nate Houston
IF/SS: Smith Jefferson
1B/LF: Alston dormouse
OF: hartmann Werner
OF: Axton Cunningham
OF: Hermann Schneider
C: Edelman Somme

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: No
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No
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Postby Barnettsville » Thu Dec 02, 2021 3:03 am


ST. CATHERINE - With the release of the groups, yesterday, Barnettsville now knows who - and when - they will play in Classic 53. Group H will feature three squads locals here might be familiar with: 6th ranked South Newlandia, 16th ranked Ko-oren, and 33rd ranked Ethane. Daskel and new squad Caleon round out the group. As to the schedule (Starters in parentheses):

Group H
South Newlandia(6)

Series 1: vs. Daskel (Tyler Randall/ Ian MacGregor/Rick Benson)
Series 2: vs. Ethane (Lester Crawford/Kirk Quinn/Randall)
Series 3: at South Newlandia (MacGregor/Benson/Crawford)
Series 4: vs. Caleon (Quinn/Randall/MacGregor)
Series 5: at Ko-oren (Benson/Crawford/Quinn)
Series 6: at Daskel (Randall/Benson/Crawford)
Series 7: at Ethane (MacGregor/Quinn/Randall)
Series 8: vs. South Newlandia (Benson/MacGregor/Crawford)
Series 9: at Caleon (Quinn/Benson/Randall)
Series 10: vs. Ko-oren (MacGregor/Crawford/Quinn)
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Postby Hannasea » Thu Dec 02, 2021 4:04 am


Nation name: The Hannasean Federation (Hannasea)
Demonym/adjective: Hannasean
Team nickname: Choughs

Information for visitors, minus the bits about soccer, can be found in the CE info-pack. Baseball is much more popular than soccer. It is currently spring in Hannasea, just before the domestic baseball season (thus freeing up players) so the weather will be cool and cloudy, but there shouldn't be much rain about. In our canon this takes place 1 year after the International Baseball Slam and a few months after the Esportivan Baseball Trophy.

All three games within a series will be played at the same ballpark, as follows:

Cassadaigua series: Questionable Ballpark
Home of the New Blopping Mountaineers, but the first part of the name is misleading, the ballpark is well outside the city limits. The second part is accurate and this is an extreme hitters' park because of the altitude. Fences are pulled back to compensate but that adds doubles and triples.
Sarzonia series: The Orange Bowl
In the coastal city of Kent. Home of the Kent Oranges. Built on the cliffs, meaning the ground has strong crosswinds that make it extremely hard for leftie hitters to find the stands. The walls are pulled in to compensate and there's a deep left field.
South Americanastan series: The Lightning Dome
In Pintook, on the shores of the massive Lake Took. Home of the Pintook Saracens. Newly rebuilt dome with astroturf. Extreme pitchers' park because of the low altitude and deep outfield.
Soldera series: Principality Ballpark
In the historic city of Old Blopping, home of the Old Blopping Warlocks. Old fashioned traditional ballpark. Pitchers' park with a slight favor to righties because of a shorter left porch.
Aji No Moto series: HB&B Stadium
In the town of West Chestnut, just outside Butterfly City. Home of the West Chestnut Dragons. Newly refurbished inside a dome with astroturf. Hitters' park, but short outfield walls mean not many triples.

Coaching staff

Manager: John Davidson
Assistant Manager: Harvey Johnson
Deputy Manager: David Harvey
Assistant Deputy Manager: David John Harvey
Assistant Deputy Assistant Manager: John Harvey Davidson
Deputy Assistant Deputy Assistant Manager: John Samuel Harvey-Davidson
Deputy Assistant Deputy Assistant Deputy Manager: David Harvey Samuel Johnson-Williams
Assistant Deputy Assistant Deputy Assistant Deputy Manager: William Peter David Harvey-Johnson-Samuels
Deputy Assistant Deputy Assistant Deputy Assistant Deputy Manager: John Samuel William Harvey David Peter Brontosaurus Ezekiel Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Ulanbatur air horn noise Hugh Chestnut Orion Gladiator slaps knee Walnut Horatio Pythagoras Alabaster Not-Samantha armpit farting noise Unclefucker Quasimodo Pomegranate Nylon Suspenders oh I do like to be beside the seaside, I do like to be beside the sea Neil Gormenghast Sygyzy Truffles doorbell sound Pusilanimous Hector Egburt Hardrada that don't impress-a-me much BOW BOW BOW BOW BOW BOW BOW Hillary Telegraphpole Subway Collection Spanner creak of coffin door opening Johnson-Williamson-Johnson, Jr.
Assistant to the Manager: John

Starting rotation
1. Will Matthews (S/R)
Four-seam fastball (96-98 mph), slider, two-seam fastball, changeup. Pure power pitcher.
2. Jay Gould (L/L)
Four-seam fastball (96-98 mph), changeup, forkball, knuckle curve. Savage power pitcher, radar all over the place.
3. Noah Harris (R/R)
Four-seam fastball (95-97mph), curveball, two-seam fastball, knuckle curve. Groundball pitcher with good stuff and control.
4. Toby Parry (R/R)
Four-seam fastball (96-98mph), two-seam fastball, curveball, changeup. Mainly a power pitcher.
5. Zac Parker (R/R)
Sinking fastball (94-96mph), two-seam fastball, curveball, changeup, forkball. Groundball pitcher with good control and a decent hitter.

Semi-secret IC starting schedule:
v CDG: Matthews, Gould, Harris
v SRZ: Parry, Parker, Matthews
@ SOL: Gould, Morris, Harris
v SAM: Parry, Parker, Matthews
@ ANM: Morris, Gould, Harris
@ CDG: Parry, Parker, Matthews
@ SRZ: Gould, Harris, Parry
v SOL: Parker, Matthews, Gould
@ SAM: Harris, Parry, Parker
v ANM: Matthews, Gould, Harris

Arm barn

Listed in ascending order of leverage. Right handed unless otherwise stated.

Luke Morris (long relief/spot starter)
Jack Gibson (L)
Daniel Hawkins
William Whitworth
Kody Terrell (L)
Ryan Young
Chase Allen (L)
Benjamin Palmer
Tom DiVicenzo

Default lineup

RF Ethan Harman
A genuine power-hitter, but bats leadoff for the NT owing to speed on the basepaths. Excellent fielder.
LF Jason Mathis
The team's best power-hitter, a TTO machine with a cannon arm.
C Zach Walker
A pretty average defensive catcher. Excellent eye at the plate, leading to many "Walker walks" puns, but not a major power threat.
3B Aaron Green
The team's best all-round hitter, incredible HR-to-SO numbers but hits into a lot of double plays as a result. Aggressive fielder capable of brilliance and infuriating brain-fades in equal measure.
DH Sam Pearce
Switch hitter with good power and speed. Plays 3B/SS/LF but not an outstanding defender.
1B Jesse Lowe
Pure power hitter, doesn't walk enough for the high strikeout rate he accrues. Slow on the basepaths and looms like a henge at 1st.
SS Joe Mills
Light hitter, quick on the basepaths. Good footwork means he's underrated defensively as he rarely needs to make the flashy play, but doesn't have a strong arm.
2B Jay Wagner
Slap hitter who mainly deals in singles. A good defender who's not afraid to dive around and put his body on the line.
CF Jake Walsh
Basically a second leadoff hitter: walks, steals, and the odd bit of power. Nice range in center, shame about the arm.

With no DH, pitcher bats #8. Mathis and Green will swap with Pearce at DH for the odd game to help load manage. Against a left-handed starter, Chase Lee plays 1B.


C/1B Dominik Fox
1B/3B Bryan Taylor
2B/SS Alex Hamilton
1B/LF Chase Lee
CF/RF Connor Baker


DH at home by default. No photos, no violence, go nuts.
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Postby Ko-oren » Thu Dec 02, 2021 5:07 am

Ko-orenite National Baseball Team
野球コ・オレン代表 - Jakyuu Ko-oren Daijhou - Selesson Co-orenensa de Beisbol

Coaching Staff/首脳陣/Entrenadores:
Head coach: Kenichi Honda
Hitting coach: Rodolfo Melendrez
Pitching coach: Joshiko Vajabusa (f)
First base coach: Andreia Acevedo (f)
Third base coach: Carlos Aldana
Bullpen coach: Shinzaburo Sakai
Fielding coach: Julie Lefeuvre (f)

Batting order/打順/Orden de Bateadores
LF Mason Bennett (28) SNL: R/R - subservient and toned speed demon
CF Xacinto Leyton (29) Santa Teresa Stars: R/R - moralistic and ripped contact hitter
SS Katatake Gotou (32) Katashi Generals: R/R - dynamic and hard-hitting contact hitter
RF Xenaro Durán (28) Teragaseki Dynamo: L/L - impressionable and pacy all-rounder
3B Suke Enya (25) Amandine Challengers: R/R - courageous and athletic all-rounder
1B Titi Barrande (35) Aminey Wanderers: R/R - courageous and powerful power hitter
C Tevi Kagulazaka (32) Echizen Dragons: L/L - frugal and well built communicator
2B Henrique Toca (35) Suvira Quarry: R/R - undemanding and lanky defender

Batting order/打順/Orden de Bateadores
LF Mason Bennett (28) SNL: R/R - subservient and toned speed demon
CF Xacinto Leyton (29) Santa Teresa Stars: R/R - moralistic and ripped contact hitter
SS Katatake Gotou (32) Katashi Generals: R/R - dynamic and hard-hitting contact hitter
RF Xenaro Durán (28) Teragaseki Dynamo: L/L - impressionable and pacy all-rounder
3B Suke Enya (25) Amandine Challengers: R/R - courageous and athletic all-rounder
1B Titi Barrande (35) Aminey Wanderers: R/R - courageous and powerful power hitter
C Tevi Kagulazaka (32) Echizen Dragons: L/L - frugal and well built communicator
2B Henrique Toca (35) Suvira Quarry: R/R - undemanding and lanky defender

1B Titi Barrande (35) Aminey Wanderers: R/R - courageous and powerful power hitter (#1 in BA)
1B Ré Fouquet (33) Echizen Dragons: L/L - cynical and fast all-rounder
2B Henrique Toca (35) Suvira Quarry: R/R - undemanding and lanky defender
2B Len Pijpenbroek (25) SNL: R/R - dynamic and short strongman
3B Suke Enya (25) Amandine Challengers: R/R - courageous and athletic all-rounder (#3 in SLUG%)
3B Sabino Lema (33) Santa Teresa Stars: R/R - businesslike and well built jack of all trades
3B Manoel Candia (26) SNL: R/R - disorganized and instinctive defender
SS Dodo Ritsushima (33) Katashi Giants: R/R - independent and quick jack of all trades (#1 in OBP)
SS Katatake Gotou (32) Katashi Generals: R/R - dynamic and hard-hitting contact hitter

LF Addison Paterson (24) SNL: R/R - energetic and gigantic all-rounder
DH/LF Yoshihito Oshita (26) Echizen Dragons: R/R - independent and staunch power hitter
DH/CF Xacinto Leyton (29) Santa Teresa Stars: R/R - moralistic and ripped contact hitter (#2 in OBP)
CF Ryoma Okino (33) Teragaseki Dynamo: R/R - childlike and lanky all-rounder
RF Xenaro Durán (28) Teragaseki Dynamo: L/L - impressionable and pacy all-rounder
RF Denis Caamano (26) SNL: L/L - hypocritical and athletic defender

C Tevi Kagulazaka (32) Echizen Dragons: L/L - frugal and well built communicator (#3 in BA)
C Arimoro Sano (25) Teragaseki Dynamo: R/R - gregarious and stringy genius

Pitchers/投手/Lanzadores - SP = Starting pitcher / MP = Middle relief pitcher / 8P = Set-up man / CP = Closer
SP Senzo Utada (34) Teragaseki Dynamo: R/R - disruptive and athletic dynamo
SP Suno Matsuda (28) Suvira Quarry: L/L - rational and pudgy jack of all trades
SP Xerman Figueredo (31) Ferrovente Whales: R/R - courageous and lanky specialist
SP Suta Akija (29) Katashi Giants: L/L - egotistical and short specialist
SP Basil Carreiro (21) Arakura Knights: R/R - hostile and heavy dynamo

MP Distehonan Lambirthingun (27) Intermare Admirals: R/R - independent and powerful specialist
MP Roman Sotolongo (33) Santa Teresa Stars: R/R - surprising and towering strongman
MP Bernaldo Viveiros (23) Teragaseki Dynamo: R/R - philosophical and beefy dynamo
MP Jocelyn Chastain (24) Ferrovente Whales: R/R - childish and swift trickster
MP Tacaro Cevocalu (30) Intermare Admirals: R/R - subservient and ripped controller
MP Danno Makino (25) Teragaseki Dynamo: L/L - sincere and ripped all-rounder
MP Tashiro Ishibashi (20) Katashi Generals: R/R - joyful and toned trickster
MP Kazushi Watase (25) Echizen Dragons: R/R - plucky and tall controller
MP Ventura de Castro (23) Nitoya Silvers: L/L - timid and toned controller

8P Habi Hoga (30) Katashi Generals: R/R - discreet and skinny all-rounder
8P Koyo Igarashi (27) Suvira Quarry: L/L - disrespectful and beefy all-rounder
8P Martiño Siqueiros (22) SNL: R/R - exuberant and pudgy trickster

CP Varunobu Ozawa (30) Arakura Knights: L/L - loving and powerful all-rounder
CP Teluvide Kamei (28) Katashi Generals: R/R - resourceful and stringy hitter

Notes on the team
At first glance, the team is a mix of young and old. For that mix to exist, the selectors and coaches deliberately ignored some older players. If you only want Ko-oren's best, you will see maybe a handful of players under 30. That's not to say that this team is bad. All the stars are there, with a group of up-and-comers and veterans to set them up. Some of the more well-known names (that have appeared in previous WBCs) are Titi Barrande, Ré Fouquet, Dodo Ritsushima, Addison Paterson, Tevi Kagulazaka, and pitchers Senzo Utada, Xerman Figueredo, Distehonan Lambirthingun, Roman Sotolongo, Tacaro Cevocalu, Habi Hoga, and Koyo Igarashi.

The batting order is not the be-all-and-end-all either. The team will look at the upcoming starting pitcher and likely relievers and put in a few more lefties if needed. The basic premise is the same: #1 and #2 just need to get on base and be able to threaten to steal, #3 must be able to get on base and get RBIs, #4 and #5 focus on getting runners home, and #6 cleans up any left over players. #7 and #8 are primarily defenders without a lot of skill at bat, and #9 just needs to keep wear the pitcher out. The biggest change is the larger roster with a dedicated and diverse coaching staff. Especially the number of relief pitchers has been fixed: this has been a longstanding problem with the Dragonflies. They ran out of the perfect reliever for a specific situation time and time again.

Home venues
As with most of this sport, there is some competition between Finisterre and Yoshima. This extends to the home venues as well. Series of three matches are usually scheduled per region (ranked by how often they're used):
1) Katashi: the city of Katashi has several ready venues, including the Katashi Dome (the largest venue in Ko-oren) and Maesaki Park (smaller, but often used by domestic teams). Sometimes even the Heisaka Grounds are used (which is one third the size of Katashi Dome, to give you an idea). Katashi is hot and humid, though the sea breeze makes it nicer than it sounds. The Dragonflies are .778 here.
2) Finisterre: the entire region has several big stadiums and they're almost always sold out if the Dragonflies come to visit. The Citadel (Santa Teresa), Ventovente (Ferrovente). Finisterre has a dry heat that persists for most of the year. The Dragonflies are .737 here.
3) Rest of Leleia: the regions west and east of Katashi don't have the same population as city of Katashi itself, but has a lot of scattered towns with a proud baseball tradition. Twin Field (Nitoya), Obsidian Park (Suvira). These share the hot and humid conditions of Katashi but without the relief blowing in from the coast. The Dragonflies are .667 here.
4) Rest of Ko-oren: not everyone plays baseball all the time, yet there are a few diamonds here and there. Le Losange (Aminey), Honrothru-din (Senoren), Vamada Océanique (Étouille), Naminaka Park (Schemerdrecht). The climates here are friendly and mellow year-round. The Dragonflies are .786 here.
5) Alara and Etena islands: the northernmost islands of Yoshima are baseball-crazy as well, fans come from all over the island just to see a match. Uvesaki Field (Echizen), Vidari Stadium (Teragaseki), Vusodalo Stadium (Teraoka). These have all the humidity of Leleia and the friendly temperatures of the mainland. The Dragonflies are .667 here.
6) Selesi island: the second-largest island of Yoshima has only a few venues, being the least densely populated part of Yoshima, but the few places they do have are popular. Ginofruit Field (Arakura). Like Leleia, it's hot and humid, with a decent chance of extreme weather. The Dragonflies are .818 here.

RP Permissions
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: Not necessarily
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No
Style modifier (if used): -3
Trigramme: KOR
Nicknames: Dragonflies (all players), Islanders (Yoshimans), Cactuses (Finisterrans)
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Batter Up!: Can We Make It As...#3?!

Postby TJUN-ia » Thu Dec 02, 2021 5:10 am


Full Name: TJUN-ia
Organisation Name: TJUN-ia Baseball
Trigram: TJU
Nicknames: Jaguars (Formal)/Battin' Jags (Informal/Sport Specific)
Home Colours: Blue Unis With Orange Trim/Blue and Orange Hat
Away Colours: Orange Unis with Blue Trim/Blue and Orange Hat
Alternate Colours: Black Unis with Dark Orange Trim/Black and Dark Orange Hat

Do you remember how all the basketball people felt when they saw the Hoops-Jags at #2 in the rankings? Well, let's just say and even despite our recent record in the WBC, including 2 Semifinal runs in the space of 3 tournaments, many in TB and across the sport were certainly surprised to see their Battin' Jags ranked #3 in the world, behind only defending champs Chromatika and former playoff foes Zwangzug. It only goes to show how well Phillip Hellas-Verona and his team have done in their time in this sport and as we approach WBC53, everyone knew that while the clock was certainly turning, the good times had to continue to flow.

Entering WBC53, hosted by 51 Champs Banija, everyone knew that the era of this generation of TJUN-ian Baseball was coming to an end soon. Out of all the OG players only Joe Gregory, Kim Tsu-Ka and Leonidas Hall are below the age of 30 and with the current squad ageing quickly, the existence of the Battin' Cubs down in the IBS is a definite help for our future. Even though they only went 1-3 on their debut, they certainly will help reload quickly and 3 players from that team will enter PHV's set up in time for this tournament as backups: Jason McRae, starting pitcher for the Cubs and now 6th Choice in the Bullpen, Stefan von Shültz, a Right Fielder with a bit of a German flare, and Anna Builler, the famous DH of the Cubs a year ago and now the first TJUN-ian woman to be placed in this team. The future is coming quickly and with the present looking towards an interesting group where only the Top 2 can survive, TJUN-ian Baseball shall return with a bang!

(Number: Name (Age, Batting/Pitching arm))

Manager: Phillip Hellas-Verona (49)
Assistant Manager: Pedro Volcoron (40)
Pitching Coach: Jack Helstrom-Satanique (41)
Batting Coach: Enrique Lopez (42)
1st Base Coach: Shigeru Moyatawa (45)
3rd Base Coach: Pierre Greziére (44)

1B: #95 Steven Fulmer (31, R)
2B: #78 Matoko Kagawa (30, R)
3B: #19 Bryce Calhoun (30, R)
SS: #17 Ki Yung-son (31, R)
RF: #14 Pedro Moires (33, L)
LF: #46 Angel Enrique (31, R)
CF: #23 Rafael Llorente (32, L)
C: #67 Joe Gregory (28, R)

P: #1 Chris Harris (33, R)
P: #2 Davis Johnson (32, R)
P: #3 Gene Almac (30, L)
P: #4 Jose Almas (33, L)
P: #5 Kyle McNash (32, R)

RP: #6 Shin Suzuki (31, R)
RP: #7 Harrison Kyle (30, L)
RP: #8 F. G. Greenwood (33, R)
RP: #9 Kim Tsu-Ka (29, L)
RP: #10 Liam "LCL" Christoper-Lee (32, L)
RP: #12 Jason McRae (22, R, Cub)
CP: #11 Carlos Buena (31, R)

C: #97 Leonidas Hall (27, L)
1B/PH: #69 Metsu Hoshikawa (34, L [both batting and pitching])
3B/2B: #68 Hunter Jakes (31, R)
RF/CF: #65 Kupe Lamale (33, R)
RF: #66 Stefan von Shültz (22, L, Cub)
LF/DH: #44 Killian O'Mally (30, L [both batting and pitching])
DH: #45 Anna Builler (22, R, Cub)

Without DH
1. Moires
2. Ki
3. Fulmer
4. Calhoun
5. Enrique
6. Llorente
7. Kagawa
8. Gregory
9. Pitcher Spot

With DH
1. Moires
2. Ki
3. Fulmer
4. Calhoun
5. O'Mally (DH)
6. Enrique
7. Llorente
8. Kagawa
9. Gregory

Rounders Field, Portside, JB TJUN-ia (40,000)

Named after an English (U1) game similar to Baseball, Rounders Field is considered by many to be the home of TJUN-ian baseball. It has a retractable roof if the threat of rain is present, while also containing modern amenities. Don't worry about the "artwork" near centre field - that is a tribute to the varied wildlife of both Portside and TJUN-ia. The away changing rooms will still be looked at by a jaguar with the following message:

The crowd here are known for not taking foul play lightly, and this message gives a warning of that to any opposition. TJUN-ia wants to play fairly and the message hopes that the opponent plays fairly too.

The Diamond in The Gardens, New Washington, NAU Zone (42,000)

The Diamond in The Gardens is located in "The Gardens" - a major sporting complex in the NAU Zone capital of New Washington. Just down the road from Gridiron Football's Field of Dreams, it has the traditional ivy as part of the entire back wall - a sign that you are in The Gardens. Built based on classic ballparks in U1 and U2, modern amenities are present within this old-style park. It has 2 modern scoreboards and 1 manual one, which will be used to display the scores across the tournament. Unlike their counterparts in Portside, fans here don't really care about "fairness" and "sporting equality" - they just want to watch some baseball. These confines are certainly friendly and the fans are known for enjoying the game no matter if the home team is winning or not.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No
Style Modifier: +0.5

S1: vs Muralos (UR) - Rounders Field, Portside
S2: @Mylderm (UR)
S3: vs Milchama (39) - The Diamond in The Gardens, New Washington
S4: vs Liventia (15) - The Diamond in The Gardens, New Washington
S5: @Kriegiersien (18)
S6: @Muralos (UR) - Venko Field, Okcidenta-Havenurbo
S7: vs Mylderm (UR) - Rounders Field, Portside
S8: @Milchama (39)
----------------BREAK TIME----------------
S9: @Liventia (15)
----------------BREAK TIME----------------
S10: vs Kriegiersien (18) - Rounders Field, Portside
1st: ECC4
2nd: NSCF24, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, NSCF26, IBS17
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3
4th: WBC50, IBC31, WBC52, IBC33, RLWC20
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (6W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (1W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/1W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3W [2 @JR])/#96 Alice Jepkosgei (2W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (2W)

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (1W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 3 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (2 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Quintessence of Dust » Thu Dec 02, 2021 5:43 am

Note: Amended playoff roster.

WBC 50 roster has vast amounts of unnecessary information which is mostly still applicable, so just the barest essentials have been included here.

Nation name: Quintessence of Dust (QoD or Quod)
Demonym: Quodite
Adjective: Quodite or Quintessential (formal, rarely used)
Team nickname: The Things
Kit: All grey, but players wear the caps of their domestic baseball teams

Home stadiums:

MD1 of every home series will be at Raptor Park, Nowy Orpington, a large pitchers’ park; when Quodite batters hit a home run, a giant mechanical orange will rise from the stands.

MD2 of every home series will be at Dodger (Not That One) Stadium, Highmark, an average park, which slightly favours left-handed batters.

MD3 of every home series will be at the Frosty Dome, New Cleethorpes, a hitters’ park with a small outfield and very short left field, which favours right-handed batters.

If you wish to RP a rain-out and consequent double-header, you may RP the games as moving as needed.

Minimal League Baseball games use robo-umps incorporating holographic strike zones. For home games electronic strike zones will be used, so please do not RP incorrectly called strikes (contact me if you consider this permission unfair).

Cheerleaders: The official cheerleaders of the Things are “the Riot Squad”, so named for their raucous and lewd behaviour. They consist of two men, two women, and one gender-non-conforming individual, all dressed in shapeless grey outfits collar-to-toe. Their sole dance move consists of standing squarely in place in an exact line, unsmiling. In the event of a particularly brilliant play one member may hold up a sheet of A4 paper printed with a smilie :) in Arial, 10 pt., but this sort of extravagance is usually reserved for something truly special like back-to-back grand slams or unassisted triple plays to cap perfect games.

Names: All Quodite names use the forename-surname format, including for players of Japanese or Chinese descent.

Coach: Jun Jiang. Jun lost his starting place at WBC 50 but enjoyed a couple solid domestic years before succumbing to injuries. Rather than endure a long slow decline, he sensibly hopped straight into coaching. A pretty traditional guy (in Quodite terms, meaning he favors splits, aggressive use of relievers, being willing to use his high-leverage closers before the 9th inning, aggressive base running, and conservative base stealing). He led the team to the WBC finals, the most impressive run in national history; understandably, his services have been retained.

Starting pitchers: Starters may have slightly more generous pitch counts than in WBCs past, but it’s still unlikely they will go more than 100 pitches. Regardless of pitch count, relief pitchers will be used aggressively, especially to give splits.

1. #10 Jack Martin (R/R)
Jack remains the hardest throwing starter Quintessence of Dust has produced in over a century. Now mixes in some side-arm curves to go with the overpowering 98mph+ stuff.

2. #53 Haakon Kalberg (R/R)
Big unit power pitcher with fairly mediocre control. On his day he's unhittable, off it he's uncatchable. Good for a massive home run every 150 at bats or so.

3. #32 Juzo Sakaguchi (R/R)
Throws a four-seam fastball, a slider, a curveball, and a changeup, but he mainly relies on the fastball, which can clip high 90s. His stamina is an issue.

4. #71 Mayumi Kawakami (L/L)
Southpaw knuckleballer with a very low delivery point. Excellent hitter.

NEW! 5. #84 Niklas Waismann (R/R)
Part of the new generation of fireballers. With a sidearm delivery, hits the high 90s and loses little pace on his slider. Doesn’t have a great off-speed pitch.

Semi-secret IC starting schedule:
@ NOV: Martin, Kalberg, Sakaguchi
v TGN: Kawakami, Waismann, Martin
@ SAN: Kalberg, Sakaguchi, Scherer
@ DEL: Waismann, Martin, Kalberg
v UA: Sakaguchi, Kawakami, Waismann, Scherer
v NOV: Sakaguchi, Martin, Kalberg
@ TGN: Kawakami, Waismann, Scherer
v SAN: Martin, Kalberg, Sakaguchi
v DEL: Waismann, Scherer, Martin
@ UA: Kalberg, Sakaguchi, Kawakami

Arm barn: Listed in approximately ascending order of leverage. Splits favored. Right-handed unless otherwise stated.

#60 Jan Scherer (long reliever/opener)
NEW! #53 Nathaniel Drey (L)
#74 Kaspar Wahl
NEW! #88 Bjarte Amundsen
NEW! #2 Jerry Grant (L)
NEW! #12 Markus Ibsen (L)
#79 Benoît Beaufils
#37 Michael Ryan
#98 Hong Liang (L)

Position players: The hard platoons of the past have largely been abandoned. Lineups are very flexible. In general, batters will take a lot of pitches and be aggressive on the basepaths.

C: #50 Yazhu Long (R/R)
Energetic defence-first catcher. Excellent with the glove; makes solid contact but without much power or drawing many walks with the bat.
NEW! C: #91 Bo Meldgaard (L/R)
Stocky power-hitter who’s barely average behind the plate.
1B: #4 Sigurkarl Borgþórsson (L/L)
Physically the strongest man to play for the Things since the likes of Barry Pullman. Acceptable on the basepaths and less so with the glove. Awful lefty splits.
2B: #77 Kaori Yutani (S/R)
Great speed, great glove. OK bat.
UT: #86 Teijo Watanabe (S/R)
Versatile fielder who can cover 4 through 7. Line drive hitter with the bat.
3B/1B: #47 Lingxin Dai (R/R)
Hustling defender, bat is good for decent pop but a lot of K's.
NEW! 3B: #52 Maas Pheng Yang (R/R)
Tall and wiry glove-first third infielder. Has an unusual swing that makes his power stroke an extreme pull.
NEW! SS: #21 Jack Theriault (R/R)
Hard-hitting hustler with a rocket arm. Lacks polish and not the most patient at the plate.
LF/DH: #78 Luka Chevalier (R/R)
Pure slugger. Not an embarrassment in the field but wouldn't want him out there in a clutch inning.
NEW! CF: #49 Zuzana Janečková (L/R)
Elegant in the field, swooping after flyballs. Not a lot of power at the plate but has a keen eye.

RF: #73 Tom Brøndum (R/R)
Rounded hitter with a good eye and solid power. Spectacular fielder. Very whole-hearted player.

NEW! OF: #81 Jay Stevens (S/R)
Sweet line drive hitter. Fast but not always the best instincts on the basepaths. Powerful arm.
NEW! OF: #99 Rémy Weber (S/R)
Vaguely gargantuan power slugger with awful K rates. Not much in the field.
NEW! DH: #20 Kutoshi Kawasuda (L/R)
Specialist power hitter, here to hit home runs and chew bubble gum. And he’s all out of… ooh, cherry!
NEW! OF: #55 Carolina Brewster (L/R)
Good fielder with a disciplined approach at the plate.
NEW! OF: #95 Jude McCallum (R/R)
Oustanding athlete who is mainly a defensive sub/pinch-runner.

Lineup notes: Watanabe will start against Nova Anglicana and Delaclava; otherwise default starters are Long, Borgþórsson, Yutani, Dai, Theriault, Chevalier, Janečková Stevens, Brøndum Weber, with Kawasuda as DH. Theriault typically bats leadoff and when a pitcher is used they generally bat 8, not 9. However, you may choose my lineup and starters as per notes below.

RP permissions:

You may choose run-scorers and otherwise assign statistics for my players. You may RP baseball events. You may choose my lineup and RP substitutions, in line with my roster. You may assign injuries. You may RP ejections. You may RP any story elements you like. We will waive our right to determine DH preference at home and will use at home whatever the DH preference of the visiting team (unless the team has no stated preference or has a similar permission, in which case to avoid getting stuck in a causality loop we will use DH). If you consider any of my RP lore wank you may ignore it.

But: please ask before RPing unusual statistical events such as no-hitters or immaculate innings. Please do not RP any of my players or fans being involved in violence, or use RL photographs and say they represent my players, fans, ballparks, or nation.
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Postby Daskel » Thu Dec 02, 2021 7:52 am

Daskel National Baseball Team

Full team name: Daskel National Baseball Team
Trigramme: DKL
Nicknames: Daskies
Home Stadium: Daito Kyūjō (Daikyū)
Colors: co co co co

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No. Line-up selected here
Follow my pitching rotation: Follow pitcher rotation
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: You may declare injuries. I will decide how bad it was or what body part was injured)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes (Through in Daskelian baseball is extremely rare, as discipline is very much the norm in sports. Proceed with caution)
Godmod other events: Yes if it's exciting and credible
Use DH at home: No. DH is currently not used in Daskelian Baseball
Other: Daskel's baseball is based on a small ball technique, so expect bunts and stolen bases. Kishimoto has crazy good bunts, and he's quick as a chettah, so he can pull up the bunt and run quite well.

Daito Kyūjō
Team Overview

What happened last year?

After a brawl incident in the Junior Daskies and the Daskelian federation decision to not to participate in the last IBS, the country has all their eyes on the Adult team Daskel and the coming WBC53. Last year, Sakamoto Hiroshi and his squad advanced to the round of 16, the best result for the Daskies in their young history at the WBC. Unlike their young counterparts, the adult daskies worked hard on developing better team synergy, and it quite showed in their last training series against each of the AKA and AO league teams.

Hiroshi was quick to rescue a couple of names from the doomed Jr Daskies, calling Takashima Daijirō and Fujimoto Kazuki to strengthen Daskies' bullpen. In the case of Takashima, he will be working as an emergency starter as well, if needed. This year, no changes were made in the position players.

The Daskies play in the Daito Kyūjō, one of the biggest and oldest stadiums in the country. the "Daikyū" has a capacity of 60.000 attendants. Its trademark feature is the all-dirt infield.

Baseball in Daskel

Baseball is one of the most dominants sports in Daskel. However, baseball history didn't start with it's professionalization, but with a rapidly developing high school baseball federation. Baseball in Daskel started around 1909, when the sport arrived to the coasts of Kuji Bay. Since it's insertion, it spread through every prefecture of Daskel, creating a vibrant culture of colors, sounds and, of course, loads of baseball. The natural course of the activity lead to the creation of the "Federation of Daskelian High School Baseball", who watch over pesky head coaches, rough kiddos, and tiger parents who strive to see their children turn into the next professional baseball phenomenon.

The National Tournament is held every year in November, start of the Daskelian Summer. In that tournament, 30 schools teams battle in the burning sun, not only defending the pride of their high school, but also the pride of their entire prefecture. It's usual occurrence that other prefecture teams cheer for their final representative, in and out the stadium.

One big custom of Daskelian baseball is to bow in front of opponents before and after the game, and we'll absolutely see that in this tournament. Watch out for daskelian fans! They know how to make a good atmosphere, bringing music and entire brass bands to the stand.

Daskel's WBC History
WBC 48: Group stage 6th place. 13W-17L (UR->R42)
WBC 49: Group stage 3rd place. 15W-15L (R42->R23)
WBC 50: Round of 32 (R23->R21)
WBC 51: Round of 32 (R21->R19)
WBC 52: Round of 16 (R19)

Head coach: Sakamoto Hiroshi
Assistant Coach: Hori Keitarō
Pitching coach: Yoshimura Yasuhiro
Batting coach: Osaka Masaki
1st base coach: Inuzuka Nobuaki
3rd base coach: Nagamine Yasushi

Team Uniforms

Pitching Rotation

18. Kojima Takeshi
24 years old - throws L - bats L - Overhand
41. Kanao Tōru
22 years old - throws R - bats R - Overhand
21. Tomidokoro Ryō
25 years old - throws L - bats L - Sidearm
30. Takazaki Kaito
23 years old - throws R - bats R - Overhand
38. Ten Takaichi
24 years old - throws R - bats R - Overhand
39. Nakamura Jossei
28 years old - throws R - bats R - Overhand


2. Shibaike Takahiro
25 years old - throws R - bats R - Starting Catcher
88. Takaoka Kōhei
22 years old - throws R - bats R -
44. Kanno Kentarō
years old - throws R - bats L -


55. Watanabe Asato
27 years old - Long Reliever - throws R - bats L - Submarine
56. Takashima Daijirō
19 years old - Long Reliever - throws L - bats L - Submarine
22. Tama Ikai
26 years old - Mid Reliever - throws L - bats L - Overhand
60. Ryū Takumi
25 years old - Mid Reliever - throws R - bats R - Overhand
23. Fujimoto Kazuki
19 years old - Mid Reliever - throws L - bats L - Sidearm
35. Nozaki Atsuo
26 years old - Short Reliever - throws L - bats L - Overhand
33. Rokukawa Daisuke
23 years old - Short Reliever - throws L - bats L - Sidearm
24. Izo Kaoru
24 years old - Closer - throws R - bats R - Sidearm


3. Kishimoto Ryūtarō
26 years old - 1B - throws L - bats L -
4. Rokutani Daizō
24 years old - 2B - throws R - bats R -
5. Itō Makoto
25 years old - 3B - throws R - bats L -
6. Gō Shinji
23 years old - SS - throws R - bats Switch -
36. Genji Motohiro
22 years old - Backup - throws R - bats R -
15. Nakajima Yasunobu
22 years old - Backup - throws R - bats R - DH


7. Cho Juzou
27 years old - LF - throws R - bats R -
8. Fuji Kōhei
24 years old - CF - throws R - bats R -
9. Reizei Seijirō
25 years old - RF - throws L - bats L - Captain
43. Sasaki Daisuke
27 years old - Backup - throws R - bats R -
29. Ikebata Shintarō
22 years old - Backup - throws L - bats L -

Batting Lineups

1. Reizei Seijirō
2. Itō Makoto
3. Shibaike Takahiro
4. Gō Shinji
5. Fuji Kōhei
6. Kishimoto Ryūtarō
7. Rokutani Daizō
8. Cho Juzou
9. Pitcher

1. Reizei Seijirō
2. Itō Makoto
3. Cho Juzou
4. Gō Shinji
5. Fuji Kōhei
6. Kishimoto Ryūtarō
7. Shibaike Takahiro
8. Nakajima Yasunobu
9. Rokutani Daizō
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Postby Nova Anglicana » Thu Dec 02, 2021 9:41 am

Nova Anglicana Roster: WBC 53

Starting Rotation (order as given)
LHP #19 Christian Hammond, 29 - known for his big bender that arcs into the strike zone, but fastball is more than respectable, 94-96 but can reach back for 98 at times, broke onto the scene by developing a tight slider, changeup excellent fourth pitch
RHP #56 Rocky Gantt, 30 - pops the glove at 96-97, devastating slurve, good changeup and average cutter help him against lefties
RHP #36 Jonathan Drake, 29 - nice, easy, repeatable delivery that gives him a low-effort mid-90s fastball that can be ramped up if necessary, throws a slider and split change as well
LHP #20 Joshua Rouillard, 26 - a wizard on the mound, throws just 92-94, but has two-seam, four-seam, and cut varieties of fastball, while curveball, screwball, changeup, and slider give him a lot of different off-speed looks
RHP #44 Caleb Sherman, 26 - has four offerings of at least league-average (fastball, curve, slider, change), 95-97 fastball and 12-6 curve are best pitches

LHP #57 Branford Bass, 26 - big-bodied guy at 6'3, 230, not overwhelming at 93-95, but hits his spots and mixes in a good curve and slider, will work in long relief
LHP #48 Dallas Hawkins, 33 - lefty has developed into a strong closer, features a 96 MPH fastball with a biting slider and tricky curve
LHP #46 Grant Graham, 32 - former starter now a lefty specialist, throws his dangerous curve close to 50% of the time, most of the rest is a fairly hard fastball with a change and slider just to give hitters an occasional change of pace
RHP #38 Tommy Logan, 25 - new fireman/multi-inning guy has a hard cut fastball, a sensational slurve, an average changeup, and is working on a splitter, expect to see cutters against lefties and slurves against righties, mostly
RHP #16 Simon Steele, 24 - primary advantage is 6'9 stature, fastball tops out at 93, but gets on hitters much more quickly, strong 12-6 curveball as well
RHP #11 Justin Chandler, 28 - violent delivery means he almost falls off the mound as he pitches, but he sits 98 with a dynamite slider, not much else
RHP #43 Roger Bizet, 30 - Bizet is kind of an anomaly, chucking mid-80s sliders from a sidearm slot over 70% of the time, but fastball is 92-93 and can pull out a change against lefties too
RHP #30 Ricky Hart, 27 - throws just two pitches, a slurve and an upper-90s fastball, but it's a devastating combo
RHP #23 Eric Norton, 32 - the kind of guy that rears back and lets loose, 4-seam at 98-99, 2-seam at 94-95 that dives back over the outside corner to righties and dives just out of the zone low and away to lefties, hard slider at 90, decent change, also good control

C #60 David Conner, 26, (S/R) - a do-it-all guy, framing, arm, blocking, average, and power, speed is below average, but has worked on his patience
C #18 Daniel Hunter, 30, (R/R) - a nuclear deterrent behind the plate for runners, excellent game-caller as well, offense will likely never be better than below-average
C #51 Christophe Desjardins, 30, (L/R) - gets the invite after a spectacular offensive season, plenty of power by non-catcher standards, defense in general (arm/framing/movement) is subpar

1B #21 Vincent Saint-Denis, 26, (R/R) - he's here for raw power, lot of swing-and-miss in his game, but crushes the ball when he makes contact, sneakily good on defense
3B #26 Barrett Satterfield, 30, (S/R) - first thing you notice about him is his booming, sometimes inappropriately loud voice, can be goofy but motivator and cheerleader in chief, beyond off-field skills, combines spray-hitting approach with solid arm and quick feet, has tapped his substantial raw power
SS #11 Davis Shipley, 27, (R/R) - hit tool is average, presently great at adding value outside of his bat, silky smooth in the infield, makes throws from anywhere, good eye at the plate, more of a smart baserunner than speed demon
2B #6 Nolan Dunning, 29, (L/R) - slick fielder can man short, but better at second, quick bat who hits for a high average and draws a good number of walks, though not much power, very fast
CI #50 Jake Wright, 26, (S/R) - from the right side, a massive power approach, from the left, more of a line-drive hitter, strong arm, suspect at third, but solid at first
IF #27 Jordan Lacoste, 25, (S/R) - above average power for middle infield, arm a little weak, great speed and range, needs to take more walks

OF #25 Joey Keller, 32, (R/R) - features a solid arm and good range in left, athletic power bat who has found his plate discipline, 30/15 guy
OF #35 Hank Oliver, 27, (S/L) - whiz kid makes highlight-reel plays in center, great jump/first step means he has tremendous range, arm is fair, doesn't hit for a terribly high average or power, but draws a lot of walks and steals/takes the extra base whenever possible
OF #29 Sam Erickson, 28, (R/R) - has a tremendous arm while also showing off above-average range for right, power most notable part of offensive game, solid speed, will hustle, take the extra base, situational hitter when needed
OF #24 Gary McKinney, 24, (S/R) - standout tool is batting average and control, very difficult to strike out and can hit it anywhere, good foot speed and can play any outfield position, arm average, needs to take more walks and hit for more power
UTIL #40 Luca Favreau, 27, (S/R) - has enough arm to fake it at short, third, or right, enough speed to fake it in center, plays an excellent second and left, strong situational hitter, can work the walk, not much power, but enough you can't ignore it

Ty Oliver #55 (Manager)

Rex Terry #1 (Hitting Coach)

Alan McBride #47 (Pitching Coach)

Oscar Cook #9 (1st Base Coach)

John Moss #8 (3rd Base Coach)

Lee Brooks #15 (Bench Coach)

Kurt Stephens #52 (Bullpen Coach)

Starting Lineup w/o DH (starters will play as much as possible, but it's okay to occasionally sub someone into the starting lineup
CF Hank Oliver
3B Barrett Satterfield
RF Sam Erickson
1B Vincent Saint-Denis
LF Joey Keller
C David Conner
2B Nolan Dunning
SS Davis Shipley
P Pitcher's Spot

Starting Lineup w/DH
CF Hank Oliver
3B Barrett Satterfield
RF Sam Erickson
1B Vincent Saint-Denis
LF Joey Keller
C David Conner
DH Christophe Desjardins vs RHP/Jake Wright vs LHP
2B Nolan Dunning
SS Davis Shipley

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but not serious ones. Back stiffness, jammed fingers, bruises, etc. Nothing that would keep them out of the lineup for more than 1 game. Reciprocity is expected.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No, but manager is fair game
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No
Style Modifier: +1.5
Currently ranked 2nd (baseball)
Former WBC President (WBC 34-37)

World Baseball Classic 48, International Basketball Championships 35, IBS XIII, World Junior Hockey Championships VII, URSA 7s I, Port Louis 7s I, Campionato Esportiva 29-30 (as NAAZE)

IBS III/VIII, Cup of Harmony 65, AVBF 7s II, WBC 39/44/50, RUWC 31

3rd Place
WBC 28/32/36, RUWC XXIX, Cup of Harmony 64, IBS V, WJHC V/VIII/XVI/XVII, Beltane Cup II, Londinium 7s II, R7WC VI (eliminated in semis, no 3PPO)

4th Place
WBC 29/38/49, IBS VII, RUWC XXI/XXVI, WJHC IV, Londinium 7s I, WCoH 28, RAHI II

WBC 27/30/31/37/41/43/47, IBS VI, IBC 15/31, WJHC VI/IX/XIV, RAHI I, AVBF Rugby Sevens I, RUWC XXIV/XXV

WBC 31/35, Londinium 7s I/II, IBS IX

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Postby Soldera » Thu Dec 02, 2021 11:04 am

It's not every day that a baseball team manager has to deal with the logistics of ballpark construction.

However, that's exactly what faced Solderan national baseball team manager Ned Willingham. The pieces of Soldera's new national baseball federation were gradually being put together by the Ministry of Sport, but without a chief executive or a governing body being put in place, the responsibility of ensuring the ballpark's completion and its passing of various safety codes belonged to Willingham.

"When are those pipes going to be fixed?" Willingham asked Chief Engineer Rick Offenbacher? "We've got two days to make sure the urinals and toilets pass code. We can't afford another failed inspection!"

"We're working on it," Offenbacher said. "We should have everything done by the end of day today."

"You said that two days ago," Willingham said. "They failed inspection. What's different about today?"

I got people who know what the fuck they're doing, Offenbacher thought. He'd finally secured his best, most experienced workers after they'd finally come to terms on a new contract after he'd been forced to use students who were still studying at trade schools throughout Branwen. Some of the delays were attributable to the struggle to get parts, but others involved lack of experience by the people Offenbacher had. It was a combination of guys working much more slowly because they were afraid to make mistakes or guys who didn't know what to look for to make sure they did the job right. Now that he had his experienced crew back, the work was proceeding much faster. And the people doing the work were doing it right.

Finally, chief foreman Justyn Batesen approached Offenbacher.

"We've finished the installation and the safety checks. It should pass code without a problem," they said.

"You hear that?" Offenbacher asked Willingham, hearing an uh huh that made clear the dugout boss's skepticism that this time would finally be the charm. In any event, Willingham had to talk with the grounds crew to ensure that the grass that was planted at the new Prince Francis Stadium would be safe and ready for players on both Soldera and Aji No Moto as the Snakes began World Baseball Classic play in Group C. Willingham had scarcely had time to look at the group draw so he'd only been able to notice his team's first opponents, the 79th ranked team in the baseball playing multiverse, coming to town. He'd been so focused on ensuring this ballpark, intended to be the jewel of Soldera until the rest of the baseball federation assembled and began building ballparks throughout the country would be ready so they didn't have to use Fitchner Field, a nearby park that only had bleacher seats behind two sets of hastily-assembled dugouts and could only seat 300 souls.

At about 8:15 p.m. Solderan Standard Time, Willingham got a phone call from Davis Schlister, the lead inspector with the city government. He had great news. The sanitation systems passed inspection. The final hurdle was cleared and Prince Francis Stadium was ready to host the opening matches in Solderan baseball history. It was sweet relief for Willingham, who was now able to focus his energy on matters between the lines.

When he took a more intent look at Group C, he saw two names jump out at him. Sarzonia. The fourth ranked team in the multiverse, and a team that qualified for the quarterfinals last time out. Cassadaigua, a recent No. 1 ranked team that has slipped to No. 12.

"Fuck!" was his immediate reaction. The Stars had rebounded from a 7-8 first half of qualifying to go 11-4 in the second half and advance to the knockout rounds where they swept Milchama and defeated archrivals Delaclava in four games to qualify for the final eight. That's where they fell to TJUN-ia, but Sarzonia were the defending bronze medalists going in and still could be counted on to be dangerous. Cassadaigua were the first team Soldera would visit. Even though they were now outside the top 10, they were still a dangerous team with a lot of pedigree. Then there was South Americanastan, the 20th ranked team. Hannasea at No. 29 was a serious threat, but an unranked Soldera would have to consider even the lowest ranked of the teams carrying a rank in Group C to be a team they couldn't take for granted.

"We'll be lucky to win 10 games this season," Willingham admitted privately to bench coach Tyler Crotty. "Three matches in Cassadaigua after our debut at home? Then we get Hannasea and Sarzonia?"

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves," Crotty said. "If we tell the team they have no chance to win, they're going to find a way to make that prediction come true. We're going to have to fight and scratch and claw."

"Wait a minute," third base coach Marlon Tibbs said. "Didn't Sarzonia qualify for the knockouts their first time out?"

"They'd been absent for a long time, so they came in unranked," hitting coach George Billings said. "Still, they haven't missed the knockout rounds since their return."

"If they can do it, why not us?" Crotty asked.
Third Place, World Baseball Classic 53
Fourth place, NS World Cup of Masters IV
Quarterfinalists, Aussie Rules World Cup



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