The Great Japanese Empire

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The Great Japanese Empire

Postby Ric Belli » Thu Nov 25, 2021 5:40 am ... ese_empire
wait! Stop! You should read this ! This is not just a topic. And we're not just any region... Hey, welcome to NationStates! I am writing to you from the Great Japanese Empire, a distinctly Japanese-themed region steeped in rich history, as well as a large community of friendly people who would love to get to know you! We are an inclusive society that loves democracy, politics and pranks. We have regularly scheduled competitive elections in which any citizen can run for a seat in the House of Commons or even run for prime minister! Even outside elected positions, you can always have your say and influence change in the Great Japanese Empire, as with our new Transfer of Power Initiative. Outside of our vibrant political scene, we have an active executive branch of government, fun games, role-playing, quizzes, debates, discussions about real politics and world events, the military and much more, most of this in our active regional forum! We strive to be a friendly and hospitable area, ready to accommodate anyone and everyone, no matter where you are and wherever you are. This is because we really want everyone to enjoy their time at NationStates, and to feel safe as a member of a prestigious and thriving region. Travel to the Great Japanese Empire today to begin your journey. And who knows? If you do everything and fill out a quick and easy citizenship application to join our thriving regional forums, you could end up becoming our leader in no time! Hope to hear from you soon! Send a telegram if you have any questions! Check out our vibrant forums! Best Regards jingu Emperor of the Great Japanese Empire
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