CE 31 & EspoT20 II & Sporting Festival - Everything Thread

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CE 31 & EspoT20 II & Sporting Festival - Everything Thread

Postby South Newlandia » Sat Nov 13, 2021 2:35 pm

South Newlandia is proud and honoured to welcome you to the 31st Campionato Esportiva, to the Espo T20 II, and the rest of the Sporting Festival (Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Gridiron)

November 15th: Signups close
November 17th: Group Draw
November 24th: Matchday One (aka Day 1)
November 26th: Matchday Two (aka Day 2)
November 28th: Matchday Three (aka Day 3)
November 30th: Matchday Four (aka Day 4)
December 2nd: Matchday Five (aka Day 5)
December 4th: CE31 playoff games, Espo T20 II playoff games, Baseball quarterfinals, Basketball Matchday Six, Ice Hockey playoff games, Gridiron Semifinals (aka Day 6)
December 6th: CE31 Ro16, Espo T20 II Quarterfinals, Baseball Semifinals, Basketball Matchday Seven, Ice Hockey Quarterfinals, Gridiron Final/3PPO (aka Day 7)
December 8th: CE31 Quarterfinals, Espo T20 II Semifinals, Baseball Final (G1)/3PPO, Basketball Semifinals, Ice Hockey Semifinals (aka Day 8)
December 10th: CE31 Semifinals, Espo T20 II Final/3PPO, Baseball Final (G2/3), Basketball Final/3PPO, Ice Hockey Final/3PPO (aka Day 9)
December 12th: CE31 Final/3PPO (aka Day 10)

The listed days are scorination days, which will be used to differentiate between cut-offs below.

Cut-off times, as well as the start of the group draw live on Discord, will be between 8 pm UTC and 9 pm UTC.

RP information:

You may begin posting Rosters and Roleplays now.

As the host of the tournament, I have a few rules about roleplays of the host nations that I hope you to follow. Namely, there are no current pandemics or zombie apocalypses in South Newlandia, and I would appreciate if you could keep it that way. Please also don’t kill anyone in my country without permission. Most things can be talked about; if you have an interesting idea, but aren’t sure if it would be okay for me, it never hurts to send me a telegram or a message on discord.
Please do include a Roleplay Permission Box, so your opponent knows what they can Roleplay about. You may have a general box, or make one for every sport you participate in.
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes/No
Eject my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

If you have any questions, please feel to ask them! I am easily reachable by Telegram or on Discord, or you can answer your question in the signup/OOC thread for all to see.

Formats and Pots, and, where applicable, group draws, found under spoilers below.

Campionato Esportiva 31
with 35 signups, teams will compete in 7 groups of 5 teams. After four games for each team, the group winners and the 4 best runners-up will advance to the Round of 16 directly, while the three worst runners-up and the seven third-place teams will play a play-off game to decide the remaining five Ro16 tickets. From there, it will be a single-elimination bracket as you're used to. Tiebreakers for advancement and seeding will be Group placement, points, goal difference, H2H record, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.


Pot 1:
(1) Ethane
(2) Brenecia
(3) Nova Anglicana (AZE)
(4) South Newlandia
(5) Gergary
(7) Burgburgh
(8) Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom

Pot 2:
(9) The Licentian Isles
(10) Esportivan Darmen
(11) Tumbra
(13) Xanneria
(16) Racing
(17) Le Choix
(18) A Random Place

Pot 3:
(19) Ancherion
(20) Bongo Johnson
(22) Ceyne Isles
(23) Fhulghamous Peninsula
(24) Natanians and Nosts
(25) Kaldtfjell
(26) Sangti

Pot 4:
(27) Damukuni
(28) Polkopia
(32) Castlelobruxo
(32) East Murbley
(34) Gouvanarch
(35) Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison
(39) The Hannasean Federation

Pot 5:
(39) Montego
(41) Copper Cuprum
(46) Ha'Yarok
(49) The Hinodejin Empire
(UR) Drehda
(UR) Oduduwa Repulblic
(UR) Robostania


Group A:
(9) The Licentian Isles
(1) Ethane
(35) Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison
(UR) Robostania
(20) Bongo Johnson

Group B
(5) Gergary
(25) Kaldtfjell
(UR) Oduduwa Repulblic
(16) Racing
(32) Castlelobruxo

Group C
(22) Ceyne Isles
(41) Copper Cuprum
(17) Le Choix
(8) Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
(27) Damukuni

Group D
(39) The Hannasean Federation
(18) A Random Place
(24) Natanians and Nosts
(39) Montego
(2) Brenecia

Group E
(4) South Newlandia
(28) Polkopia
(13) Xanneria
(46) Ha'Yarok
(26) Sangti

Group F
(3) Nova Anglicana (AZE)
(11) Tumbra
(23) Fhulghamous Peninsula
(49) The Hinodejin Empire
(32) East Murbley

Group G
(7) Burgburgh
(10) Esportivan Darmen
(34) Gouvanarch
(19) Ancherion
(UR) Drehda

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 2v5; 3v4; Bye: 1
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 5v3; 1v2; Bye: 4
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 3v1; 4v5; Bye: 2
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 1v4; 2v3; Bye: 5
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 4v2; 5v1; Bye: 3
Day 6 - Playoff Round
Day 7 - Round of 16
Day 8 - Quarterfinals
Day 9 - Semifinals
Day 10 - Final/3PPO

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

Espo T20 II
with 15 signups, teams will play in 3 groups of 5. After that, group winners and second-placed teams will directly advance to the Quarterfinals, while the three third-placed and the best fourth-placed team will have a playoff for the final two spots. After that, it will be a regular single-elimination bracket as you're used to. Tiebreakers for advancement and seeding will be Group placement, points, H2H record, NRR, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.


Pot 1:
(8) Damukuni
(11) Ethane
(13) Sylestone

Pot 2:
(16) The Grearish Union
(RT) The Licentian Isles
(RT) The Sherpa Empire

Pot 3:
(RT) Tumbra
(RT) Esportivan Darmen
(RT) Castlelobruxo

Pot 4:
(RT) Copper Cuprum

Pot UR:
(UR) A Random Place
(UR) Gouvanarch
(UR) Ingla Terra
(UR) Natanians and Nosts
(UR) South Newlandia

*RT: Returning from Espo T20 I


Group A
(UR) South Newlandia
(RT) Castlelobruxo
(UR) Gouvanarch
(16) The Grearish Union
(11) Ethane

Group B
(RT) The Sherpa Empire
(UR) Natanians and Nosts
(RT) Tumbra
(UR) A Random Place
(13) Sylestone

Group C
(RT) The Licentian Isles
(RT) Copper Cuprum
(RT) Esportivan Darmen
(UR) Ingla Terra
(8) Damukuni

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 2v5; 3v4; Bye: 1
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 5v3; 1v2; Bye: 4
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 3v1; 4v5; Bye: 2
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 1v4; 2v3; Bye: 5
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 4v2; 5v1; Bye: 3
Day 6 - Playoff Round
Day 7 - Quarterfinals
Day 8 - Semifinals
Day 9 - Final/3PPO

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y/N
RP injuries to my players: Y/N
Godmod injuries to my players: Y/N
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y/N
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y/N
*It is assumed whoever RPs first has the right to select the method of dismissal, but not whether
there were godmod circumstances behind them (e.g. a ball hitting a bird before being caught fairly).

Style mods are permitted, but only between +3 and -3 (to leave room for ground mods)

Twelve participating teams are divided in two groups of six. After a single-round robin totalling five games, the top four teams in each groups advance to the Quarterfinals. They and every other knockout match are one-game, single-elimination; except for the final, which will be best of three. Tiebreakers for advancement and seeding will be Group placement, wins, H2H record, PD, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.


Pot 1:
(6) South Newlandia
(9) The Sherpa Empire

Pot 2:
(11) Nova Anglicana (AZE)
(13) Super-Llamaland

Pot 3:
(28) The Hannasean Federation
(33) Ethane

Pot 4:
(117) Sangti

Pot UR:
(UR) A Random Place
(UR) Copper Cuprum
(UR) Gouvanarch
(UR) Ha'Yarok
(UR) Natanians and Nosts


Group A
(33) Ethane
(UR) Natanians and Nosts
(6) South Newlandia
(UR) Ha'Yarok
(13) Super-Llamaland
(UR) Gouvanarch

Group B
(UR) Copper Cuprum
(UR) A Random Place
(11) Nova Anglicana (AZE)
(117) Sangti
(9) The Sherpa Empire
(28) The Hannasean Federation

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 1v6; 2v5; 3v4
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 6v4; 5v3; 1v2
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 2v6; 3v1; 4v5
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 6v5; 1v4; 2v3
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 3v6; 4v2; 5v1
Day 6 - Quarterfinals
Day 7 - Semifinals
Day 8 - Final (game 1)/3PPO
Day 9 - Final (game 2 and 3 if needed)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes/No
Choose my lineup: Yes/No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Eject my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No
Use DH at home: Yes/No

The eight participating teams will play a single-round robin, with the top four teams qualifying to the semifinals, leading to a normal single-elimination bracket. Tiebreakers for advancement and seeding will be Group placement, wins, H2H record, PD, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.

Participants: (to be shuffled)
(15) Nova Anglicana (AZE)
(29) Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
(UR) Fhulghamous Peninsula
(UR) Ha'Yarok
(UR) Natanians and Nosts
(UR) Sangti
(UR) South Newlandia
(UR) United


Group A
(UR) Natanians and Nosts
(UR) Fhulghamous Peninsula
(15) Nova Anglicana (AZE)
(UR) Ha'Yarok
(UR) Sangti
(UR) South Newlandia
(29) Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
(UR) United

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 1v8; 2v7; 3v6; 4v5
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 8v5; 6v4; 7v3; 1v2
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 2v8; 3v1; 4v7; 5v6
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 8v6; 7v5; 1v4; 2v3
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 3v8; 4v2; 5v1; 6v7
Day 6 - Matchday 6 - 8v7; 1v6; 2v5; 3v4
Day 7 - Matchday 7 - 4v8; 5v3; 6v2; 7v1
Day 8 - Semifinals
Day 9 - Final/3PPO

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes/No
Suspend my players: Yes/No
Godmod suspension events: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

Ice Hockey
The 15 participating teams will be devided in three groups of five. After a four games, the top two teams per group directly advance to the Quarterfinals, while the third-placed teams and best fourth-placed team have a playoff game for the final two spots. From there, it's a regular single-elimination bracket. Tiebreakers for advancement and seeding will be Group placement, points, H2H record, PD, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.


Pot 1:
(21) Nova Anglicana (AZE)
(25) Gergary
(74) The Sherpa Empire

Pot 2:
(75) Natanians and Nosts

Pot UR:
(UR) Esportivan Darmen
(UR) Ethane
(UR) Fhulghamous Peninsula
(UR) Gouvanarch
(UR) Kaldtfjell
(UR) Polkopia
(UR) South Newlandia
(UR) The Hannasean Federation
(UR) Tumbra
(UR) United
(UR) Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom


Group A
(74) The Sherpa Empire
(UR) Polkopia
(UR) Ethane
(UR) South Newlandia
(UR) United

Group B
(UR) Gouvanarch
(25) Gergary
(UR) The Hannasean Federation
(UR) Kaldtfjell
(UR) Fhulghamous Peninsula

Group C
(75) Natanians and Nosts
(21) Nova Anglicana (AZE)
(UR) Esportivan Darmen
(UR) Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
(UR) Tumbra

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 2v5; 3v4; Bye: 1
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 5v3; 1v2; Bye: 4
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 3v1; 4v5; Bye: 2
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 1v4; 2v3; Bye: 5
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 4v2; 5v1; Bye: 3
Day 6 - Playoff Round
Day 7 - Quarterfinals
Day 8 - Semifinals
Day 9 - Final/3PPO

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes/No
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes/No
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes/No
Godmod Injuries to My Players: Yes/No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes/No
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes/No
Godmod Other Events: Yes/No

With six teams participating, teams will play in one group in a single-round robin. After that, the top four teams advance to the semifinals, which lead in a single-elimination bracket.

Participating teams: (as the post-42 were not yet available, post-41 were used) (to be shuffled)
(36) South Newlandia
(UR) A Random Place
(UR) Fhulghamous Peninsula
(UR) The Hannasean Federation
(UR) Nova Anglicana
(UR) United


Group A
(UR) The Hannasean Federation
(36) South Newlandia
(UR) Fhulghamous Peninsula
(UR) United
(UR) Nova Anglicana
(UR) A Random Place

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 1v6; 2v5; 3v4
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 6v4; 5v3; 1v2
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 2v6; 3v1; 4v5
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 6v5; 1v4; 2v3
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 3v6; 4v2; 5v1
Day 6 - Semifinals
Day 7 - Final/3PPO

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes/No
Suspend my players: Yes/No
Godmod suspension events: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

You may post your rosters, if signed up for more than one sport, in the same post or different ones; but if you plan on editing anything into a post at a later date, please leave some kind of disclaimer for me to see; I might miss your edit otherwise!
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Postby South Newlandia » Sat Nov 13, 2021 2:37 pm



Campionato Esportiva 31
Group A
Ethane – Bongo Johnson (Stadium of Friendship, 41,093 – Elephant Valley)
Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison – Robostania (Elephant Dome, 21,500 – Elephant Valley)

Bongo Johnson - Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison (Walstreim Park, 15,000 – Walstreim)
The Licentian Isles – Ethane (Ratzupalfu Colosseum, 16,000 – Ratzupalfu)

Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison - The Licentian Isles (Coast Stadium, 14,600 – Elephant Town)
Robostania - Bongo Johnson (Kinetik Stadium, 16,000 – New Colk)

The Licentian Isles – Robostania (Jecken Arena, 16,250 – Newport)
Ethane - Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison (EsportivArena, 14,000 – Newport)

Robostania – Ethane (Stadium of Friendship, 41,093 – Elephant Valley)
Bongo Johnson - The Licentian Isles (Elephant Dome, 21,500 – Elephant Valley)

Group B
Kaldtfjell – Castlelobruxo (Stadium of Friendship, 41,093 – Elephant Valley)
Oduduwa Repulblic – Racing (Elephant Dome, 21,500 – Elephant Valley)

Castlelobruxo - Oduduwa Repulblic (Walstreim Park, 15,000 – Walstreim)
Gergary – Kaldtfjell (Ratzupalfu Colosseum, 16,000 – Ratzupalfu)

Oduduwa Repulblic - Gergary (Coast Stadium, 14,600 – Elephant Town)
Racing - Castlelobruxo (Kinetik Stadium, 16,000 – New Colk)

Gergary – Racing (Jecken Arena, 16,250 – Newport)
Kaldtfjell - Oduduwa Repulblic (EsportivArena, 14,000 – Newport)

Racing – Kaldtfjell (Stadium of Friendship, 41,093 – Elephant Valley)
Castlelobruxo - Gergary (Elephant Dome, 21,500 – Elephant Valley)

Group C
Copper Cuprum – Damukuni (Walstreim Park, 15,000 – Walstreim)
Le Choix – Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (Ratzupalfu Colosseum, 16,000 – Ratzupalfu)

Damukuni - Le Choix (Coast Stadium, 14,600 – Elephant Town)
Ceyne Isles – Copper Cuprum (Kinetik Stadium, 16,000 – New Colk)

Le Choix - Ceyne Isles (Jecken Arena, 16,250 – Newport)
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom - Damukuni (EsportivArena, 14,000 – Newport)

Ceyne Isles – Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (Stadium of Friendship, 41,093 – Elephant Valley)
Copper Cuprum - Le Choix (Elephant Dome, 21,500 – Elephant Valley)

Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom – Copper Cuprum (Walstreim Park, 15,000 – Walstreim)
Damukuni - Ceyne Isles (Ratzupalfu Colosseum, 16,000 – Ratzupalfu)

Group D
A Random Place – Brenecia (Walstreim Park, 15,000 – Walstreim)
Natanians and Nosts – Montego (Ratzupalfu Colosseum, 16,000 – Ratzupalfu)

Brenecia - Natanians and Nosts (Coast Stadium, 14,600 – Elephant Town)
The Hannasean Federation – A Random Place (Kinetik Stadium, 16,000 – New Colk)

Natanians and Nosts - The Hannasean Federation (Jecken Arena, 16,250 – Newport)
Montego - Brenecia (EsportivArena, 14,000 – Newport)

The Hannasean Federation – Montego (Stadium of Friendship, 41,093 – Elephant Valley)
A Random Place - Natanians and Nosts (Elephant Dome, 21,500 – Elephant Valley)

Montego – A Random Place (Walstreim Park, 15,000 – Walstreim)
Brenecia - The Hannasean Federation (Ratzupalfu Colosseum, 16,000 – Ratzupalfu)

Group E
Polkopia – Sangti (Coast Stadium, 14,600 – Elephant Town)
Xanneria – Ha’Yarok (Kinetik Stadium, 16,000 – New Colk)

Sangti - Xanneria (Jecken Arena, 16,250 – Newport)
South Newlandia – Polkopia (EsportivArena, 14,000 – Newport)

Xanneria - South Newlandia (Stadium of Friendship, 41,093 – Elephant Valley)
Ha’Yarok - Sangti (Elephant Dome, 21,500 – Elephant Valley)

South Newlandia – Ha’Yarok (Walstreim Park, 15,000 – Walstreim)
Polkopia - Xanneria (Ratzupalfu Colosseum, 16,000 – Ratzupalfu)

Ha’Yarok – Polkopia (Coast Stadium, 14,600 – Elephant Town)
Sangti - South Newlandia (Kinetik Stadium, 16,000 – New Colk)

Group F
Tumbra – East Murbley (Jecken Arena, 16,250 – Newport)
Fhulghamous Peninsula – The Hinodejin Empire (EsportivArena, 14,000 – Newport)

East Murbley - Fhulghamous Peninsula (Stadium of Friendship, 41,093 – Elephant Valley)
Nova Anglicana (AZE) – Tumbra (Elephant Dome, 21,500 – Elephant Valley)

Fhulghamous Peninsula - Nova Anglicana (AZE) (Walstreim Park, 15,000 – Walstreim)
The Hinodejin Empire - East Murbley (Ratzupalfu Colosseum, 16,000 – Ratzupalfu)

Nova Anglicana (AZE) – The Hinodejin Empire (Coast Stadium, 14,600 – Elephant Town)
Tumbra - Fhulghamous Peninsula (Kinetik Stadium, 16,000 – New Colk)

The Hinodejin Empire – Tumbra (Jecken Arena, 16,250 – Newport)
East Murbley - Nova Anglicana (AZE) (EsportivArena, 14,000 – Newport)

Group G
Esportivan Darmen – Drehda (Jecken Arena, 16,250 – Newport)
Gouvanarch – Ancherion (EsportivArena, 14,000 – Newport)

Drehda - Gouvanarch (Stadium of Friendship, 41,093 – Elephant Valley)
Burgburgh – Esportivan Darmen (Elephant Dome, 21,500 – Elephant Valley)

Gouvanarch - Burgburgh (Walstreim Park, 15,000 – Walstreim)
Ancherion - Drehda (Ratzupalfu Colosseum, 16,000 – Ratzupalfu)

Burgburgh – Ancherion (Coast Stadium, 14,600 – Elephant Town)
Esportivan Darmen - Gouvanarch (Kinetik Stadium, 16,000 – New Colk)

Ancherion – Esportivan Darmen (Jecken Arena, 16,250 – Newport)
Drehda - Burgburgh (EsportivArena, 14,000 – Newport)

Espo T20 II
Group A
Castlelobruxo – Ethane (Southground, 4,500 – Elephant Valley)
Gouvanarch – The Grearish Union (Black Dolphin Arena, 7,000 – New Colk)

Ethane - Gouvanarch (Harrier Stadium, 5,800 – New Colk)
South Newlandia – Castlelobruxo (Southground, 4,500 – Elephant Valley)

Gouvanarch - South Newlandia (Black Dolphin Arena, 7,000 – New Colk)
The Grearish Union - Ethane (Southground, 4,500 – Elephant Valley)

South Newlandia – The Grearish Union (Harrier Stadium, 5,800 – New Colk)
Castlelobruxo - Gouvanarch (Harrier Stadium, 5,800 – New Colk)

The Grearish Union – Castlelobruxo (Southground, 4,500 – Elephant Valley)
Ethane - South Newlandia (Black Dolphin Arena, 7,000 – New Colk)

Group B
Natanians and Nosts – Sylestone (Black Dolphin Arena, 7,000 – New Colk)
Tumbra – A Random Place (Harrier Stadium, 5,800 – New Colk)

Sylestone - Tumbra (Southground, 4,500 – Elephant Valley)
The Sherpa Empire – Natanians and Nosts (Black Dolphin Arena, 7,000 – New Colk)

Tumbra - The Sherpa Empire (Harrier Stadium, 5,800 – New Colk)
A Random Place - Sylestone (Black Dolphin Arena, 7,000 – New Colk)

The Sherpa Empire – A Random Place (Southground, 4,500 – Elephant Valley)
Natanians and Nosts - Tumbra (Southground, 4,500 – Elephant Valley)

A Random Place – Natanians and Nosts (Black Dolphin Arena, 7,000 – New Colk)
Sylestone - The Sherpa Empire (Harrier Stadium, 5,800 – New Colk)

Group C
Copper Cuprum – Damukuni (Harrier Stadium, 5,800 – New Colk)
Esportivan Darmen – Ingla Terra (Southground, 4,500 – Elephant Valley)

Damukuni - Esportivan Darmen (Black Dolphin Arena, 7,000 – New Colk)
The Licentian Isles – Copper Cuprum (Harrier Stadium, 5,800 – New Colk)

Esportivan Darmen - The Licentian Isles (Southground, 4,500 – Elephant Valley)
Ingla Terra - Damukuni (Harrier Stadium, 5,800 – New Colk)

The Licentian Isles – Ingla Terra (Black Dolphin Arena, 7,000 – New Colk)
Copper Cuprum - Esportivan Darmen (Black Dolphin Arena, 7,000 – New Colk)

Ingla Terra – Copper Cuprum (Harrier Stadium, 5,800 – New Colk)
Damukuni - The Licentian Isles (Southground, 4,500 – Elephant Valley)

Esportivan Baseball Trophy
Group A
Ethane – Gouvanarch (Elephant Stadium, 15,000 – Elephant Valley)
Natanians and Nosts - Super-Llamaland (Dolphin Stadium, 12,500 – Newport)
South Newlandia - Ha'Yarok (Seaside Park, 14,000 – Walstreim)

Gouvanarch - Ha'Yarok (Dolphin Stadium, 12,500 – Newport)
Super-Llamaland - South Newlandia (Elephant Stadium, 15,000 – Elephant Valley)
Ethane - Natanians and Nosts (Seaside Park, 14,000 – Walstreim)

Natanians and Nosts – Gouvanarch (Elephant Stadium, 15,000 – Elephant Valley)
South Newlandia – Ethane (Dolphin Stadium, 12,500 – Newport)
Ha'Yarok – Super-Llamaland (Seaside Park, 14,000 – Walstreim)

Gouvanarch - Super-Llamaland (Dolphin Stadium, 12,500 – Newport)
Ethane - Ha'Yarok (Elephant Stadium, 15,000 – Elephant Valley)
Natanians and Nosts – South Newlandia (Seaside Park, 14,000 – Walstreim)

South Newlandia – Gouvanarch (Elephant Stadium, 15,000 – Elephant Valley)
Ha'Yarok - Natanians and Nosts (Dolphin Stadium, 12,500 – Newport)
Super-Llamaland – Ethane (Seaside Park, 14,000 – Walstreim)

Group B
Copper Cuprum – The Hannasean Federation (Elephant Stadium, 15,000 – Elephant Valley)
A Random Place - The Sherpa Empire (Dolphin Stadium, 12,500 – Newport)
Nova Anglicana (AZE) - Sangti (Seaside Park, 14,000 – Walstreim)

The Hannasean Federation - Sangti (Dolphin Stadium, 12,500 – Newport)
The Sherpa Empire - Nova Anglicana (AZE) (Elephant Stadium, 15,000 – Elephant Valley)
Copper Cuprum - A Random Place (Seaside Park, 14,000 – Walstreim)

A Random Place – The Hannasean Federation (Elephant Stadium, 15,000 – Elephant Valley)
Nova Anglicana (AZE) – Copper Cuprum (Dolphin Stadium, 12,500 – Newport)
Sangti – The Sherpa Empire (Seaside Park, 14,000 – Walstreim)

The Hannasean Federation - The Sherpa Empire (Dolphin Stadium, 12,500 – Newport)
Copper Cuprum - Sangti (Elephant Stadium, 15,000 – Elephant Valley)
A Random Place – Nova Anglicana (AZE) (Seaside Park, 14,000 – Walstreim)

Nova Anglicana (AZE) – The Hannasean Federation (Elephant Stadium, 15,000 – Elephant Valley)
Sangti - A Random Place (Dolphin Stadium, 12,500 – Newport)
The Sherpa Empire – Copper Cuprum (Seaside Park, 14,000 – Walstreim)

Esportivan Basketball Trophy
Natanians and Nosts – United (Elephant Valley Superhall, 6,000 – Elephant Valley)
Fhulghamous Peninsula - Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (Elephant Valley Superhall, 6,000 – Elephant Valley)
Nova Anglicana (AZE) - South Newlandia (Jungle Stadium, 4,500 – Ratzupalfu)
Ha'Yarok – Sangti (Jungle Stadium, 4,500 – Ratzupalfu)

United – Sangti (Elephant Valley Superhall, 6,000 – Elephant Valley)
South Newlandia - Ha'Yarok (Elephant Valley Superhall, 6,000 – Elephant Valley)
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom - Nova Anglicana (AZE) (Jungle Stadium, 4,500 – Ratzupalfu)
Natanians and Nosts - Fhulghamous Peninsula (Jungle Stadium, 4,500 – Ratzupalfu)

Fhulghamous Peninsula – United (Jungle Stadium, 4,500 – Ratzupalfu)
Nova Anglicana (AZE) - Natanians and Nosts (Elephant Valley Superhall, 6,000 – Elephant Valley)
Ha'Yarok - Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (Elephant Valley Superhall, 6,000 – Elephant Valley)
Sangti - South Newlandia (Jungle Stadium, 4,500 – Ratzupalfu)

United - South Newlandia (Elephant Valley Superhall, 6,000 – Elephant Valley)
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom – Sangti (Jungle Stadium, 4,500 – Ratzupalfu)
Natanians and Nosts - Ha'Yarok (Jungle Stadium, 4,500 – Ratzupalfu)
Fhulghamous Peninsula - Nova Anglicana (AZE) (Elephant Valley Superhall, 6,000 – Elephant Valley)

Nova Anglicana (AZE) – United (Jungle Stadium, 4,500 – Ratzupalfu)
Ha'Yarok - Fhulghamous Peninsula (Jungle Stadium, 4,500 – Ratzupalfu)
Sangti - Natanians and Nosts (Elephant Valley Superhall, 6,000 – Elephant Valley)
South Newlandia - Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (Elephant Valley Superhall, 6,000 – Elephant Valley)

United - Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (Jungle Stadium, 4,500 – Ratzupalfu)
Natanians and Nosts - South Newlandia (Jungle Stadium, 4,500 – Ratzupalfu)
Fhulghamous Peninsula – Sangti (Elephant Valley Superhall, 6,000 – Elephant Valley)
Nova Anglicana (AZE) - Ha'Yarok (Elephant Valley Superhall, 6,000 – Elephant Valley)

Ha'Yarok – United (Elephant Valley Superhall, 6,000 – Elephant Valley)
Sangti - Nova Anglicana (AZE) (Elephant Valley Superhall, 6,000 – Elephant Valley)
South Newlandia - Fhulghamous Peninsula (Jungle Stadium, 4,500 – Ratzupalfu)
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom - Natanians and Nosts (Jungle Stadium, 4,500 – Ratzupalfu)

Esportivan Ice Hockey Trophy
Group A
Polkopia – United (Valley Rink, 3,300 - Elephant Valley)
Ethane – South Newlandia (Trunkst Hockey Arena, 3,000 - Trunkst)

United - Ethane (Prosperena, 4,000 - Newport)
The Sherpa Empire – Polkopia (Valley Rink, 3,300 - Elephant Valley)

Ethane - The Sherpa Empire (Trunkst Hockey Arena, 3,000 - Trunkst)
South Newlandia - United (Valley Rink, 3,300 - Elephant Valley)

The Sherpa Empire – South Newlandia (Prosperena, 4,000 - Newport)
Polkopia - Ethane (Prosperena, 4,000 - Newport)

South Newlandia – Polkopia (Valley Rink, 3,300 - Elephant Valley)
United - The Sherpa Empire (Trunkst Hockey Arena, 3,000 - Trunkst)

Group B
Gergary – Fhulghamous Peninsula (Trunkst Hockey Arena, 3,000 - Trunkst)
The Hannasean Federation – Kaldtfjell (Prosperena, 4,000 - Newport)

Fhulghamous Peninsula - The Hannasean Federation (Valley Rink, 3,300 - Elephant Valley)
Gouvanarch – Gergary (Trunkst Hockey Arena, 3,000 - Trunkst)

The Hannasean Federation - Gouvanarch (Prosperena, 4,000 - Newport)
Kaldtfjell - Fhulghamous Peninsula (Trunkst Hockey Arena, 3,000 - Trunkst)

Gouvanarch – Kaldtfjell (Valley Rink, 3,300 - Elephant Valley)
Gergary - The Hannasean Federation (Valley Rink, 3,300 - Elephant Valley)

Kaldtfjell – Gergary (Trunkst Hockey Arena, 3,000 - Trunkst)
Fhulghamous Peninsula - Gouvanarch (Prosperena, 4,000 - Newport)

Group C
Nova Anglicana (AZE) – Tumbra (Prosperena, 4,000 - Newport)
Esportivan Darmen – Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (Valley Rink, 3,300 - Elephant Valley)

Tumbra - Esportivan Darmen (Trunkst Hockey Arena, 3,000 - Trunkst)
Natanians and Nosts – Nova Anglicana (AZE) (Prosperena, 4,000 - Newport)

Esportivan Darmen - Natanians and Nosts (Valley Rink, 3,300 - Elephant Valley)
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom - Tumbra (Prosperena, 4,000 - Newport)

Natanians and Nosts – Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (Trunkst Hockey Arena, 3,000 - Trunkst)
Nova Anglicana (AZE) - Esportivan Darmen (Trunkst Hockey Arena, 3,000 - Trunkst)

Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom – Nova Anglicana (AZE) (Prosperena, 4,000 - Newport)
Tumbra - Natanians and Nosts (Valley Rink, 3,300 - Elephant Valley)

Esportivan Gridiron Trophy
The Hannasean Federation – A Random Place (Elephant Field, 7,700 - Elephant Valley)
South Newlandia - Nova Anglicana (AZE) (EVU Field, 3,000 - Elephant Valley)
Fhulghamous Peninsula - United (Jungledrom, 2,186 - Ratzupalfu)

A Random Place - United (EVU Field, 3,000 - Elephant Valley)
Nova Anglicana (AZE) - Fhulghamous Peninsula (Elephant Field, 7,700 - Elephant Valley)
The Hannasean Federation - South Newlandia (Jungledrom, 2,186 - Ratzupalfu)

South Newlandia – A Random Place (Elephant Field, 7,700 - Elephant Valley)
Fhulghamous Peninsula – The Hannasean Federation (EVU Field, 3,000 - Elephant Valley)
United – Nova Anglicana (AZE) (Jungledrom, 2,186 - Ratzupalfu)

A Random Place - Nova Anglicana (AZE) (EVU Field, 3,000 - Elephant Valley)
The Hannasean Federation - United (Elephant Field, 7,700 - Elephant Valley)
South Newlandia – Fhulghamous Peninsula (Jungledrom, 2,186 - Ratzupalfu)

Fhulghamous Peninsula – A Random Place (Elephant Field, 7,700 - Elephant Valley)
United - South Newlandia (EVU Field, 3,000 - Elephant Valley)
Nova Anglicana (AZE) – The Hannasean Federation (Jungledrom, 2,186 - Ratzupalfu)

In a nutshell
South Newlandia is a small Esportivan island with about four million inhabitants, located approximately between the Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva, Tumbra, and Lisander. South Newlandia is known for democracy, elephants, regulated capitalism and environmentalism, and the friendly population, happy to help you out if you run into any problems.

In general, you can divide South Newlandia into a Southern and a Northern Part, each consisting of five general areas. You can reach a few of those directly with an airplane, via the airports in Elephant Valley, Walstreim and Newport, but for most of the areas, you will have to take an additional ship or train, or a bus. Fortunately for you, public transport is almost free in South Newlandia, while renting a car can be more expensive.

Your stay at the Campionato, Espo, Sporting Festival
South Newlandia is a very small country. Therefore, expect that for the average fan, getting a hotel room on short notice will be difficult, and tickets will definitely be in short supply. Remember that re-selling tickets for more than the original price is banned in South Newlandia, so if you see someone ripping people off, alert the authorities by dialling or texting 123.
Even if you can’t get a place in the stadiums (tickets will be divided 40%/40% between the two participating nations, with 20% being available to everyone else), that isn’t that big of a deal. In many spots around the country, opportunities to watch the games on a big screen, often outside, with hundreds or thousands of other fans. The atmosphere at those events is often almost as great as being in the stadium, and in many places, it’s completely free of charge.
If you need any help or assistance with anything, feel free to ask the populace for help. South Newlandians are known to be eager to help, as long as you follow a few basic rules, such as not being an embarrassment for everyone and not being a pain on purpose. If you fail to clear this smallest of hurdles, you probably won’t have much luck getting help from the general public, but you can still get help by texting or dialling 321, where people are paid to deal with you. You can use this number to get all kinds of help and get answers to your questions. On an unrelated note, please don’t make North Newlandia jokes. Nothing bad will happen, but everyone has heard that one already.

Rules and Laws
If you plan to visit South Newlandia, there are a few things you should be aware of beforehand. Laws on imported goods are rather strict, and things you’d expect to not be allowed to take into other countries are usually banned in South Newlandia as well. Examples for this include dead animals, living people unwilling to enter and bombs of any kind. The same regulations will also apply if you go to leave the country again.
Special note should be made of South Newlandian drug laws. While all drugs, and this means all drugs, including alcohol and tobacco; are decriminalized in South Newlandia; this does not mean you are allowed to deal drugs. Selling or giving away drugs for any reason is strictly banned; this includes, again, alcohol and tobacco. However, you are allowed to take any drugs you want to without punishment, and are allowed to own any that are only for your own consumption. You are probably going to be treated like an addicted person though, so people might attempt to get you professional help to fight the addiction they perceive you to have. This is rare; most people are aware that different customs exist in other countries. In short, you are allowed to take any drugs into South Newlandia as long as you can convince officials that you aren’t addicted to them and do not intent to sell them.
Bribing South Newlandian officials is basically impossible; border control is a very well-paid job in South Newlandia. Otherwise, the South Newlandian legal system is similar to the legal systems of most other civilised places; with the exception that jails and prisons have been outlawed a few years ago.

Getting around inside South Newlandia isn’t a huge problem, it is often more difficult to arrive in the first place. That’s the case with all islands, but South Newlandia has rather few flights and ships exiting and entering, mostly because of environmental regulations. If you do arrive in South Newlandia, you are likely near the coast or even on an island now; your options are Elephant Valley, Newport, Walstreim, Kinjestad or Ineton.
When you arrive, the probably best options are the multiple high-speed trains that can get you almost everywhere in the country fairly quickly. Unless you want to go to a really remote place, you can probably expect your journey to your destination to take two hours at the very most. If you want to connect between two of the big cities, like from Walstreim to Ratzupalfu, you can expect it to be even quicker. If you don’t like trains, for some reason, there are also busses and cars to rent, but the streets aren’t always in perfect condition, and are far less convenient, to be honest.
Flights inland are banned in South Newlandia. If you want to be mobile within a city, you can rent bikes for free, or you can take the underground if you are in a bigger city and the bus if the city is smaller. There are also busses and rental cars in the bigger cities, but unless you really need to, we wouldn’t advise you to use them. The bus is slower than the underground, and the underground gets you pretty much everywhere within a city. Cars can get very inconvenient because they are banned in many areas, and where they aren’t, there are rarely any parking spots. Seriously, don’t try to drive a car in South Newlandia. Most of the citizens don’t either; a lot of them don’t even have a license.

The climate typically stays the same in South Newlandia throughout most of the year, with moderate winters and warm summers. In the places where games are hosted, temperatures around 15-25°C can be expected, and although it may rain a bit, there are no big storms forecast during the duration of the Tournaments. Weather extremes of all kinds are rare, too; don’t expect any windstorms or floods or anything like that.

There are some wild animals in South Newlandia, but they will generally don’t disturb you if you don’t disturb them. Basically, just stay on the outlined paths in the forest and don’t do anything to anger animals, and you’ll be fine. Most of South Newlandias wild animals are friendly, like the elephants, for example; in the unlikely event that you meet a bear, probably the most dangerous animal you could meet in South Newlandia, in the woods, you should follow standard bear safety guidelines. In any emergency, you can call or text the number 123 to get immediate help, or the number 321 if you just need less urgent, but still important advice.

Cities and Stadiums

Elephant Town

Elephant Town is right to the west of Elephant Valley, and the two cities have grown together over the years. Compared to Elephant Valley itself, the city is slightly more industrial and poorer than Elephant Valley, but it remains one of the most important cities in the nation. Outside of sports, many people don’t think of the two cities as separate anymore, and Elephant Town has received much support by the government in recent years.

Elephant Town used to have a solid, workers-club style soccer team in the Elephant Town FC. There are hardly any other sports here, as many young people here simply prefer football, and Elephant Town is not playing a role in many other sports.

Other attractions
Top attractions in Elephant Town include many museums showcasing the history of South Newlandia, including many of the old industrial buildings. Today, not much industry remains in South Newlandia, and it’s possible to visit many of the former factories, many of which have been built into museums today. If you’re looking for the harbour of the West Coast, that’s also just nearby.

The people
People from Elephant Town generally have a greater sense of community compared to most of the rest of the nation, and people are helping out each other more often than anywhere else. This is also the most likely city on the mainland for you to be greeted by strangers.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~22°C
Chance of rain: medium (~30% on any given day)

Stadiums: [Campionato Esportiva 31]

Coast Stadium (14,600)
The Coast Stadium has previously been host to games in CE28, but the formerly old stadium has received an upgrade in the last years, both increasing the modernity and seat count. Nevertheless, it kept most of the charm of the historic stadium, its scenic view of the coast, and the open roof allowing the game to be influenced by the elements. The upgraded stadium has also been used during World Cup 89.

Elephant Valley

Elephant Valley, the capital of South Newlandia, makes up about an eighth of the country’s population. The city has relatively few skyscrapers, but is built over a large area instead. The city used to be more industrial, but is mostly focusing on providing entertainment for the rest of the country; most of the biggest media outlets, like the “Elephant Valley Mail” or “South Newlandia One” are having their headquarters here, but there is also a lot of other IT-related industry here. Elephant Valley is relevant for just about every sport.

Elephant Valley is the centre of South Newlandian sports. They had two elite soccer teams between Elephant Valley FC and the Valley Wanderers, still have two elite baseball teams in the Homers and United, and are also the host of most South Newlandian home games in baseball and soccer. Additionally, Gridiron football is bigger nowhere than in Elephant Valley, home of the national team and the NSCF team Elephant Valley University Red Elephants.

Other attractions
Other than sports, Elephant Valley is by all accounts the heart of South Newlandian politics and culture. The South Newlandian government, a common sight to visit, is here, as well as some parts of the administration of the Esportivan Union. Elephant Valley also has multiple large universities, with the Elephant Valley Science Institute and Elephant Valley Sports College next to the aforementioned EVU. Other sights to visit in Elephant Valley include the biggest water park in the nation, as well as a massive statue of an Elephant painted in the colours of South Newlandia.

The people
Like in most of South Newlandia, many inhabitants of Elephant Valley are immigrants either in first, second, or third generation, creating a melting pot of all kinds of different cultures. In recent years, other cities have surpassed the growth rate of Elephant Valley, which has caused a once rapidly shifting city to settle down a bit.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~22°C
Chance of rain: medium (~30% on any given day)


Stadium of Friendship (41,093) [Campionato Esportiva 31]
The Stadium of Friendship is by far the biggest stadium in all of South Newlandia. It was, very expensively, built by Valentian Constructions Limited, but it has all the bells and whistles of a modern stadium, including a retractable roof and the best available technology everywhere. It stands just outside the city limits, and is easily reachable using all forms of transport. The Stadium of Friendship also hosted a semifinal during World Cup 89.

Elephant Dome (21,500) [Campionato Esportiva 31]
The Elephant Dome used to be the biggest stadium in South Newlandia, having been host to the final of the 28th Campionato Esportiva. The retractable roof allows the stadium to be dry regardless of weather, and it stands closer to the center of the city, easily reachable from everywhere. It has also been used during World Cup 89.

Southground (4,500) [Espo T20 II]
The Southground, located near the south of Elephant Valley, is the biggest cricket ground in South Newlandia outside of New Colk. It tends to slightly favour the batters.

Elephant Stadium (15,000) [Esportivan Baseball Trophy]
The biggest South Newlandian baseball stadium is located in the relative South of the capital city Elephant Valley. The stadium was upgraded after the 48th WBC, and is now able to host 15000 people. All fifteen home games of WBC48 were played here, and the unranked South Newlandia won twelve of them, including all of the first ten home games. The upgraded stadium also featured one match series in the IBS11 and the WBC49, and knockout games in IBS12, including a semi-final; and of course, multiple play-off series at WBC52, including the South Newlandian semi-final win over Sarzonia. Domestically, this is the home of the Elephant Valley Homers.

Elephant Valley Superhall (6,000) [Esportivan Basketball Trophy]
The Superhall, located near the centre of the city, it a multi-functional sports hall frequently used for all kinds of events, including the occasional concert, and it will be used for basketball for the duration of the tournament.

Valley Rink (3,300) [Esportivan Ice Hockey Trophy]
The Rink is located near the Northeast of Elephant Valley, and a sufficiently decent Ice Hockey stadium, despite being small.

Elephant Field (7,700) [Esportivan Gridiron Trophy]
Located a bit outside Elephant Valley, this small stadium is the biggest South Newlandia has to offer. Without a roof, it is open to the elements of both wind and rain. Elephant Field has also been used for home games of South Newlandia during World Bowls.

EVU Field (3,000) [Esportivan Gridiron Trophy]
EVU Field, located close to the Elephant Valley University, serves at the home of the NSCF team Red Elephants, and although small, is a decent stadium.

New Colk

New Colk is located on the Elephant Island only just off of the coast, but already technically in the Strele Channel separating South Newlandia and Tumbra. New Colk, having a population of roughly 40,000, has a large Grearish population. Although many of them have assimilated with the South Newlandians into one, many Grearish influences remain today, and that is making this city extremely special. Because of this, New Colk is also the city with the strongest cricket presence in South Newlandia.

The Kinetik Islanders used to take the SNSL by storm, but since then, it has been a bit quieter around sports in New Colk. Recent developments suggest they’re looking to lure a baseball team into the city; and teams from here dominate the small cricket league of South Newlandia.

Other attractions
As mentioned earlier, New Colk has many Grearish influences. This includes rare wildlife, such as the yellow-billed kingfisher and Grearish harrier, as well as, in extremely rare circumstances, black dolphins being sighted from the Island. Other than that, Grearish support, including through the energy drink company ‘Kinetik’, has given the city a massive boost. Among the host cities, New Colk also has the nicest beaches to visit; like every South Newlandian beach, they are subject to strong environmental regulations.

The people
Graerish folks are some of the nicest people you could ever meet, and that is reflected in New Colk.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~25°C
Chance of rain: medium-high (~40% on any given day)


Kinetik Stadium (16,000) [Campionato Esportiva 31]
Kinetik Stadium, sponsored by Kinetik, has also hosted CE28 games. Kinetik built a top-notch modern stadium with everything you could possibly want. It is very close to the sea, so this stadium always looks fantastic on photos. For WC89, they upped the seat count once again.

Black Dolphin Arena (7,000) [Espo T20 II]
The Black Dolphin Arena is the biggest cricket ground in South Newlandia, and the home of the perennial South Newlandian cricket champions. It tends to be very balanced between pitchers and batters. It’s the heart and soul of South Newlandian cricket.

Harrier Stadium (5,800) [Espo T20 II]
Harrier Stadium generally slightly favours the pitchers, especially those with good speed. It’s the second biggest ground South Newlandia has to offer, and while its smaller than Black Dolphin Arena, it is said to look even nicer.


Newport is located on the East coast of South Newlandia, and is the second-biggest city of the country at about 330,000 citizens. It used to be a very industrial city, named after the port that is the biggest in the country today. If anything is getting shipped to South Newlandia, odds are, it arrives in Newport first. In recent years, Newport has been the fastest growing city in the country, as job prospects have quickly attracted people from around South Newlandia and the multiverse.

Newport has always been an important city for South Newlandian sports. Before the end of SNSL, there were two strong football teams here, Jecken Newport, and Newport United. Newport also has a strong baseball presence, with the Newport Owls and Newport Dolphins in Llamaphant Pro Baseball, and plays a role in various other sports.

Other attractions
Newport has basically everything you’d expect a city to have, including food from around the multiverse, malls, and everything else. Two of the most well-known attractions of Newport are the East-Newport minigolf course, considered the best in the country, and suitable for all ages and skill levels; and the Newport Cineplex, one of the biggest cinemas in the nation, featuring all the currently relevant movies and blockbusters. If you’re more interested in culture, you can visit the highest court of law here, or the Newport College for International Relations, or the Newport Law School, or the Newport Politics Institute…

The people
The citizens of Newport are relatively normal for being South Newlandian, friendly, and commonly welcoming toward foreigners. Of course, many citizens of Newport are immigrants themselves, moving to South Newlandia for job prospects or whatever else. They do have a reputation for being a little bit less open than South Newlandians from other places, but that’s mostly a myth.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~18°C
Chance of rain: medium-low (~20% on any given day)


Jecken Arena (16,250) [Campionato Esportiva 31]
Jecken Arena, sponsored by the Jeckish chicken brand, has previously hosted a CE Semifinal, and remains one of the biggest stadiums in South Newlandia. Jecken had purchased the naming rights for many years in advance. Jecken Arena has also hosted games during World Cup 89.

EsportivArena (14,000) [Campionato Esportiva 31]
The EsportivArena was specifically built for World Cup 89. In honour of the Esportivan Union, South Newlandia represents the region with this stadium. It’s also just about as modern as it can get.

Dolphin Stadium (12,500) [Esportivan Baseball Trophy]
The home of the Newport Dolphins, the newly built Dolphin Stadium, is the second biggest baseball arena of South Newlandia and directly adjacent to the port. The Dolphins, playing in Light Blue, have had mixed results in recent years, but they might put it together this time.

Prosperena (4,000) [Esportivan Ice Hockey Trophy]
Newport has a small ice hockey community too; mostly brought in by immigrants. This is actually the biggest ice hockey stadium South Newlandia has to offer; it’s just not much of a thing here.


Ratzupalfu, with a population of 175,000, located near the center of South Newlandia, was always a city trying to work with nature instead of against it, and it works out fairly well for them. The city is surrounded by jungle, with wild animals often not far away, and it will be your best bet if you want to see wild Elephants. Ratzupalfu is located at the edge of the South Newlandian jungle, encompassing most of the central portion of South Newlandia.

The Ratzupalfu Rhinos used to be a strong South Newlandian soccer team, and although they lost their baseball team due to the reduction through Llamaphant Pro Baseball, they are set to regain new life with the Ratzupalfu University of Nature Egrets set to start playing in NS College Football. On top of that, Ratzupalfu is the team usually on top in South Newlandian basketball as well.

Other attractions
Other attractions, beside the jungle and the animals, include the aforementioned Ratzupalfu University of Nature, as well as many sources of information about South Newlandian wildlife, including the two biggest museums of South Newlandia.

The people
People from Ratzupalfu are more nature- and animal loving than any other in South Newlandia, and are going to tell you about their pets, and want to know about yours. People from here are willing to work together with nature, giving back more than they take.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~25°C
Chance of rain: very high (~70% on any given day)


Ratzupalfu Colosseum (16,000) [Campionato Esportiva 31]
The Colosseum was built from scratch for Campionato Esportiva 28, partly by the government and partly by the Rhinos. Different to the old stadium, the colosseum is not only much more modern, but also has some reasonably decent connections to the rest of the country. Rain is pretty much the natural state here, but it’s also dry reasonably often. The stadium surely won’t shield the players from the rain, but has still been used for the big stage of the 89th World Cup.

Jungle Stadium (4,500) [Esportivan Basketball Trophy]
The secondary South Newlandian basketball court is located in a hall that is, otherwise, almost completely surrounded by the wilderness. This can lead to stunning pictures; it is not uncommon for wildlife to be seen outside the large windows.

Jungledrom (2,186) [Esportivan Gridiron Trophy]
The Jungledrom is the home of the NSCF team of the Ratzupalfu University of Nature, home of the Egrets. It is wide open to the elements, which can make passing difficult; which often can lead to the ground game shining here.


Trunkst is the smallest hosting city with only about 44.000 inhabitants. It is located at the Northern edge of the country, and considered part of the Far North politically. The northern tip of South Newlandia, where Trunkst lies, is not really viable for agriculture, and fishing and the occasional rare thing in the mines is what kept the city afloat in the beginning.

Since then, sports have been a big part of the city. While their football team, Trunkst CFT, was most known for always falling short of getting promoted to the top flight, the cities’ own Robin Dragonovic became the nations’ first (and only) NSSCRA driver, even though he is now racing under the flag of TJUN-ia. Aside from that, Trunkst is by far the city where ice hockey is most popular in South Newlandia.

Other attractions
There are a limited number of things to visit in Trunkst, but you can go look at the beautiful cliffs just outside of the city, or visit one of the museums about the history of the South Newlandian North.

The people
The people tend to be more reserved in Trunkst, but they’re still very friendly on the inside. While most of the rest of the country tends to underestimate the Far North, it remains a core part of South Newlandia.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~15°C
Chance of rain: medium (~30% on any given day)


Trunkst Hockey Arena (3,000) [Esportivan Ice Hockey Trophy]
THU is not the biggest ice hockey stadium in South Newlandia, but its gets close, and it is also the home of the usual champions. Thanks to the architecture, this stadium tends to get louder than others.


Walstreim is located on the very South coast of South Newlandia. You probably recognise the name from the club team, but more on that in a bit. Walstreim, one of the drier cities in the nation, has been very industrial in the past, and is widely considered to be the home of South Newlandin football. Having more than 200,000 people, it is the third-biggest city in South Newlandia, behind Elephant Valley and Newport, and that’s largely what it is thought of. Most of the important stuff is in one of those two nations, but there are many important things here as well.

The Walstreim Lions, home of South Newlandian sports, won the last four SNSL titles, and took the footballing multiverse for a ride when they qualified for the Ro16 of the Champions League on the first venture of South Newlandia into domestic sports. Their youth team later won the Rising Stars Cup, and the Lions also have won a CEdC. There’s also a decent baseball team in Walstreim, the Stingrays. Despite typically being the game of the North, baseball is surprisingly popular down here.

Other attractions
Walstreim, although not the most interesting city, still has a couple of interesting things to visit, such as the largest mall in South Newlandia and a very interesting museum about marine life, or Walstreim Business University.

The people
People from here are honestly rather boring until you get to know them better, which is usually worth it. Also, people are crazy about football here.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~25°C
Chance of rain: low (~10% on any given day)


Walstreim Park (15,000) [Campionato Esportiva 31]
Walstreim Park, formerly Walstreim City Stadium, has been the stadium where the Lions fought their CL run. Since then, the stadium has been modernized for World Cup 89, and is regarded as the stadium with the most comfortable seats.

Seaside Park (14,000) [Esportivan Baseball Trophy]
Seaside Park, is, as the name suggests, seaside; and the new home of the Walstreim Stingrays. The recently renamed baseball franchise only just moved into this ballpark for the ongoing season, and it’s easy to see why – not only is it visually stunning, but also modern as it can get.

If you need any additional information, feel free to drop me a telegram or a message on discord.
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"SNL - Stadium Not Large" - Ko-oren

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Licentian National Football Team

Having watched the Cyan-and-Gold over the last few years, you would likely be surprised to hear that the time between the Cup of Harmony and the Campionato Esportiva has been filled by crisis. It has though, with manager Fabrizio Kaal resigning to take up a “more prestigious” job, by his own description, and promptly pissing off a fair amount of his fellow Licentians. Not only have there been managerial changes, but with experienced regular starters like Cam Spijker, Miles Henderson, and Tiago Weiling making themselves unavailable for international selection, the new manager will have a task on his hands to bring success home from the Campionato.

Head Coach – Galeano Image
The Tamarindian-born man simply known as Galeano is one of the most highly rated managers in Astograth, where he has long been a naturalised citizen. After a long and successful playing career as a midfielder for the Army Club, Royal Rumiatzi, and the Astograthian national team, Galeano established himself as a master strategist, with a managerial style based on aggressive pressing, wide play, and big centre forwards. His last three years have been spent with Royal Rumiatzi, who he led to two straight league titles in his first two years in charge, before leaving the club after they failed to qualify for the IFCF. Now, the FALI have picked the acclaimed Astograthian to take over as the manager of the Licentian Isles: he will have a lot of work to do.

Captain – Caitlin Fraser
Vice-Captain – Flora Watson

Formation – 5-2-2-1 (Skill Modifier: -2):
This Campionato will see a major change in style along with the big changes in personnel, as Galeano brings with him the style of play that brought him high amounts of success in Astograthian football. Expect to see an aggressive defensive style, with the attacking style heavily focussed on the wing-backs and wingers playing balls into a single centre forward. There’s also a move away from the traditional holding midfielder seen in Licentian football, replaced by a pair of central midfielders who will likely split on the park into holding and attacking roles, but aren’t designated as such.



Name             Age   Club                 Nation
Caitlin Fraser 34 SC Montfort Image
Leland Wood 26 Montfort Wanderers Image
Josh Gibson 25 Haligonian Image

In a squad filled with change, we begin with a position where there is very little. Caitlin Fraser retains her captain’s armband, and the spot as number one keeper for the Licentian Isles after playing her role in the staunch defence that SC put up this year. Sam Heijnis has stepped back to focus on his career at St Thomas, so it’s an opportunity for Leland Wood and Josh Gibson to continue in their roles, with eyes being kept on youngsters like Aimil MacGowan.

Right Backs:

Name              Age   Club                  Nation
Sarah Maartens 26 St Thomas Image
George Turnbull 22 Stonehouse Athletic Image

The right back position, as expected, has been vacated by Cam Spijker, leaving a void for St Thomas’ Sarah Maartens to step into. It’s not clear that she will be the only choice though, with Stonehouse’s George Turnbull impressing in recent years: the 22 year old is likely to see some opportunities, especially in the coming World Cup.

Centre Backs:

Name             Age   Club                 Nation
Flora Watson 31 St Thomas Image
Lucia Allan 29 Abingdon Celtic Image
Arwen van As 21 Couno Rangers Image
Jasmin Russell 23 Shieldhill Image
Tim Bijvank 22 Glenmount Town Image

While the three centre half set-up brought to the Cyan-and-Gold by Galeano will lead to more opportunities, it’s two stalwarts of the Licentian defence who continue in their roles. Flora Watson and Lucia Allan have played major roles in keeping the Cyan-and-Gold defence strong for the past four years. They will likely be joined in the back three by Arwen van As, now of Couno Rangers in Tumbra, who impressed at Garton Bay before the move across Esportiva. Two defenders only slightly older than van As will be waiting in the wings, in the shape of Shieldhill’s Jasmin Russell and Glenmount’s Tim Bijvank.

Left Backs:

Name            Age   Club              Nation
Seren Thomson 23 Couno Rangers Image
Ayden Evers 22 Abingdon Celtic Image

Should anyone be surprised that a manager who wants his full backs to attack is selecting young fresh legs? Rowan Findlay can perhaps feel hard done by, but his replacements have both had better years. Seren Thomson was the first of two Licentian defenders to join Couno Rangers a couple of seasons ago, and was replaced at Abingdon Celtic by Ayden Evers, signed from St Thomas: now, the pair of them will fight for a starting spot in Cyan-and-Gold.

Centre Midfielders:

Name               Age   Club                 Nation
Arlo McGregor 25 Montfort Wanderers Image
Saul van Duuren 24 Waterfleet Image
Arthur Mazereeuw 22 St Thomas Image
Fiadh Buchan 21 Coret Hawks Image

With the Isles moving from three central midfielders to two in this new system introduced by Galeano, it was always going to be a harsh time for one or two Licentian midfielders. Arlo McGregor and Saul van Duuren are the pair who will retain their places in the starting eleven despite difficult years for their clubs. Arthur Mazereeuw can certainly feel hard done by given his previous performances for St Thomas, but there’s no doubt he will have opportunities. Fiadh Buchan, now in the Zenith in Nephara, keeps herself in the hunt as well.

Right Wingers:

Name             Age   Club               Nation
Mitch Louws 22 La Nueva Avenida Image
Casey McMillan 23 St Thomas Image

It’s a new start on the wings as well under Galeano, but on the right it’s two players who have long been pegged for success. Mitch Louws may have now made his way to Farfadillis and the S-FPL where he regularly plays on the left wing, but he will continue to largely play on the right for the Isles, at least for the time being. He’s backed up by Casey McMillan, who left her childhood club Farnworth to replace Louws at the Recreation Ground.

Left Wingers:

Name               Age   Club               Nation
Scarlet McKenzie 23 Mountainside Image
Phoebe Hellemons 21 Montreal Koreana Image

Young players playing abroad will dominate both wings for the Isles, at least for the Campionato. Scarlet McKenzie made a jump straight from Thornhill to Eura, and has become first choice with Miles Henderson taking a step back from international football. She will be backed up for the first time by Phoebe Hellemons, the Quebec-based winger who previously played for Colesham Rovers.

Centre Forwards:

Name                   Age   Club                  Nation
Anne-Linde van Oers 24 1896 Ebor Image
Silke van der Linden 24 Stonehouse Athletic Image
Will Wood 22 Blackheath Image

It’s all change again up front, but you can see why. Tiago Weiling has stepped back from international football, while Ruaridh Grant has paid for Gaelic Club’s recent struggles. That makes Anne-Linde van Oers, without a doubt, first choice for Galeano if only on account of having far more experience than the other two centre forwards. Despite being the same age, it’s a first call up for Stonehouse’s Silke van der Linden, while Blackheath’s Will Wood also earns his first call up after a year where he won Young Player of the Season.

Kits – Created by Kirola Sports of Audioslavia:

Visitors to the Licentian Isles for international matches should note that there are a growing number of football hooligans, known on the Isles as “casuals”, who are always liable to cause disruption and possibly attack fans travelling to the Licentian Isles. Travelling supporters are advised to wear team colours wherever possible (as casuals will not attack fans wearing colours without provocation), and avoid areas of the Isles populated by violent casual groups, along with trying to avoid these groups at matches. Most casual groups will be easily identifiable by banners they carry or songs they sing. Groups to avoid (with associated club and parish) include:

Jolly Roger (Garton Bay Pirates, Montfort Parish)
Capital City Squad (Montfort North End, Montfort Parish)
Real Celts (Gaelic Club, Abingdon Parish)
Colliery Casual Crew (Colesham Rovers, Colesham Parish)
Island Riot Squad (St Bart’s United, St Bart’s Parish)
Licentian Border Squad (St Thomas, St Bart’s Parish)

Nations should also note that some casual or ultra groups may travel in force with the Licentian national team for international matches outside the Isles. Not all are violent, but most will carry flares and large banners, and make use of them to build up the atmosphere during a match. If your nation bans this kind of behaviour, please make the FALI aware so that we can warn fans travelling to your nation in advance.

For any more information on Licentian casuals, please contact the FALI (OOC – discuss by TG or Discord).

Licentian National T20 Cricket Team

With many of the best Licentian cricketers currently competing in the GCF’s test season, the team that will compete in the latest Esportivan cricketing competition will be somewhat second string. Nonetheless, the Isles will be hoping for some success in this sport which is yet to entirely shed its reputation as “too posh”.

First XI
# Name Bats Bowls Parish
1 Barra Kennedy RHB - St Bart's
2 Kate Bradley RHB - Colesham
3 Esther McKay LHB - St Bart's
4 Callie Dunn RHB - Abingdon
5 Stephen Gardiner (c) RHB OB Montfort
6 Michael Young (wk) RHB - Abingdon
7 Hugo Evans LHB SLA Montfort
8 Adam Holmes LHB LM Montfort
9 Marley Verhoeven RHB RMF Montfort
10 Ailis Brodie RHB RM St Bart's
11 Niall Murdoch RHB RF Montfort

# Name Bats Bowls Parish
12 Natalie Mitchell (wk) RHB - Montfort
13 Emmy Galloway LHB SLW Abingdon
14 Allie MacKenzie RHB RFM Abingdon
15 Joe Christie LHB - Colesham
16 Morven Quinn LHB - Montfort

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Preferred starting lineup: check my most recent RP: if nothing is listed for your match, then you are welcome to select a lineup, with the caveat that those listed highest at each position are most likely to play, and the central midfield will pair a defensive player (van Duuren or Buchan) with an attacking player (McGregor or Mazereeuw)
Preferred Goalscorers: no preference
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I decide severity and how long they will be out for
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Discuss by TG/Discord
Godmod other events: Discuss by TG/Discord

Fair play and respect are important to Licentian players, and they should not be depicted as going outside the bounds of normal behaviour during a match without prior permission. I will also not tolerate the introduction of any virus or other world-changing event to the Isles without prior permission. If you have another idea that you would like to RP I am happy to collaborate: hopefully it’s clear where to go by now.

Player ages are correct as of the first matchday.
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Postby Tumbra » Sun Nov 14, 2021 4:11 am

The Black Eagles


IMPORTANT OOC NOTE: For all intents and purposes, this Tumbra that began contesting in WCQ87 is an entirely new nation. They have no recollection of their earlier exploits from WC70-80, because that simply didn't exist for this Tumbra. Any and all similarities to the nation of the similar name can and should be construed as glitches in the Multiverse. You may, however, make muted references to "having done this before" or something. For a detailed explanation of how this came to be, read these RPs.

The Tumbran National Football Team is Tumbra's main representative in all association football competitions for national associations. Making its debut at the 87th World Cup Qualifiers, the team currently ranks 117th in the world. The team is controlled by the Tumbran Football Federation, which is also the governing body of football in Tumbra. Also known as the Black Eagles, or affectionately the Eagles, the team competes in the World Cup and its related competitions; it also participates in the Campionato Esportiva, also sends teams to the Di Bradini Cup for Under-21s, and the Under-18 World Cup, in which the team won it's 13th incarnation.

Fresh off a surprise second-round appearance in the World Cup in Tikariot, only losing to eventual third-placed finishers Audioslavia, manager Yuan Zilai bids farewell to stalwarts Louis Addison and Marcus Sheldon; both of whom have announced their retirements from the national team. Not that it matters, though; the fact that they were even in the World Cup was a surprise to most, who didn't expect them to make it out of a crowded Group 9; and of a playoff against the legendary Quebec & Shingoryeo.

Prioritising defence and counterattacking, Yuan Zilai's 4-2-3-1 returns; and the emergence of more of the Nine that won the U18WC in Zeta Reka continues, with Valerie Wells and Victoria Jones making it into the squad for this tournament, evidently having impressed overseas. A new team crest and kit, too, arrive with the qualification to the World Cup; many are hoping this will lead the Black Eagles into a new era of unparalleled success.

Style Mod: -3

Coaching Staff
Pos Staff Member Age Prev.Club
Manager YUAN Zilai (袁子赖) 57 Yuezhou NT
Asst. Manager Peter Gabriel 40 Straton FC
Coach (Atk) Gabriel Watson 55 Hesham FC
Coach (Def) John McGann 57 Delphi Lions
Coach (GK) Callum Randolph-Watts 45 Fraser Valley FC
Head Physio Lucy Reynolds 41 --
Physio Joseph Smith 67 --
Scout Viv Watson 60 Tavistock Athletic

The Manager

Yuan, 57, managed the Yuezhou Dragons in their debut cycle in the World Cup, finishing a miraculous third as a ninth seed, beating countries like Northwest Kalactin and Eraman — before bringing Yuezhou to the quarterfinals of the Copa Rushmori 36. A difficult start to the World Cup 87 cycle saw him lose his job, however. Slated to take on the job at AC Valanari, visa issues meant he was never able to take on the job — and was a free agent until the approach from the national team to replace the recently-departed Marco Hemmings. Prior to his foray in international football, he also served as a coach for WNS Nangang.

Touted as a defensive manager, Yuan chose to set the Dragons up with five defenders during his time with them; but has already indicated his preference for playing with four at the back in Tumbra. Utilising an aggressive midfield press, the Black Eagles fall into a 5-4-1 in defence, with the defensive midfielder dropping back to provide an extra man in defence. With the ball, it's fast, one-touch counterattacking; constant running is the name of the game here.

The Roster

No Pos Player Sex Age Caps Goals Club
1 GK John Lennon M 33 54 0 Lakewood City
12 GK Frank Johnson M 23 0 0 Abingdon Celtic [TLI]
13 GK Victoria Jones F 20 0 0 Lotus Park [BRE]

No Pos Player Sex Age Caps Goals Club
2 LB Ryan Hughes M 29 57 0 Lakewood City
18 LB Josh Hindley M 25 0 0 Avidia United [KRY]

4 CB Ian Ashburn M 25 53 1 Lakewood City
5 CB Harry Henderson M 29 71 1 Aleiusia Capital [ZRH]
14 CB Stephen Kerr M 21 12 0 Chromatik [CMT]
20 CB Douglas Moore M 28 5 0 Lakewood United

3 RB Chris Carter M 25 33 1 Lakewood City
19 RB Nigel Harris M 28 19 1 Lakewood United

No Pos Player Sex Age Caps Goals Club
6 CM Vincent Hicks M 25 71 8 FK Metropola Borograd [STL]
8 CDM Trudy Harrison F 21 14 0 Chromatik [CMT]
10 CAM Phil Cole M 25 53 9 Lakewood City
15 CM Craig McGrath M 27 56 6 Serrapince FC
16 CM Alan Morgan M 27 50 1 Lakewood City
23 CM David Burnet M 24 1 0 Columbia City

No Pos Player Sex Age Caps Goals Club
7 LW George Hilton M 25 36 7 Serrapince FC
17 LW Valerie Wells F 20 0 0 Swanguard Athletic [QUE]

9 RW Robin Vaughn [c] M 29 90 31 Lakewood City
21 RW Lynne Crossley F 19 6 1 Strathcona Internationals [KSK]

No Pos Player Sex Age Caps Goals Club
11 ST Nick Riordan M 22 26 12 Serrapince FC
22 ST Nigel Erskine M 27 19 12 Anomalies [CMT]

Players from 1-11 can safely be assumed to be starters, but pre-match XIs will be posted before every cutoff. Please check my RPs for pre-match lineups. If none are posted, feel free to pick and choose from this side.

Tumbra will name eleven starters and twelve names on the bench, with up to three substitutes. In the unlikely event that they make it to extra time, a fourth substitute will be taken. Tumbra will not play for penalties and will try as often as possible to finish a match in ninety or a hundred and twenty minutes.

The Players


Kits, courtesy of Kirola of Audioslavia


Tactical Set-Up


Left Corner Taker				Neil Fraser
Right Corner Taker Robin Vaughn
Penalties Robin Vaughn
Direct FK Taker Craig McGrath
Indirect FK Taker Neil Fraser
Most likely to foul/be booked Harry Henderson
Most likely to shoot Nick Riordan
Most likely to score from close-range Nick Riordan
Most likely to score from long-range Robin Vaughn
Most likely to be fouled Robin Vaughn
Most likely to attempt the spectacular Robin Vaughn

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No.
RP injuries to my players: Yes. Maximum of 2 per match. I will decide length.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes. Maximum of 3. Any more must be matched.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes*. Maximum of 1. Any more must be matched.
Godmod other events: No.

Do not use pictures of RL players and claim they are my players.

COVID-19 does not exist in Tumbra.

*As a general rule, just let me know before doing something egregious. Don't know what egregious means, or unsure that what you want to do breaks
this line? Telegram me or message me on Discord. I'm on the NSS server.


Number of Players to have earned at least 1 Cap: 58
Most Caps
Robin Vaughn (90)
Vincent Hicks (71)
Harry Henderson (71)
Russell White (61)
Neil Fraser (59)
Craig McGrath (56)
Ryan Hughes (56)
John Lennon (54)
Ian Ashburn (53)
Phil Cole (53)
Alan Morgan (50)

All players under 50 caps not listed.

Most Goals
Robin Vaughn (31)
Marcus Sheldon (16)
Philip Cohen (13)
Nick Riordan (12)
Nigel Erskine (12)

All players under 10 goals not listed.

The Blue Lions


A fourth placed finish in the previous EspoT20 was promising; and after much encouragement from Cricket Sylestone, the domestic T20 league sent clubs to the IFDC for the first time, even if their representatives performed less than well. A return is on the cards, then, for this second edition; where a run to the quarter-finals will be seen as a great indicator of the progress of cricket in Tumbra.

Name Sex Age Club Bats Bowls

Richard Bremner M 32 Avondale Knights [SYL] Left --
Cory Griffiths M 28 Southport CC Right --
Philip Adams M 25 Kingsbury CC Right --
William McCullogh M 29 Bencoolen CC Left --
Scott Paulsen M 26 Lakewood CC Right --

Name Sex Age Club Bats Bowls

Holly Cranston F 26 Pesfield Wasps [SYL] Left Left off-spin
Robert Cohen M 28 Bencoolen CC Right Right fast medium

Name Sex Age Club Bats Bowls

Jack Walker M 28 Kingsbury CC Right --
Stephanie Hunter F 25 Bencoolen CC Right --

Name Sex Age Club Bats Bowls

Charles McCrory M 29 Halpeney Lightning [SYL] Right Right seam
Ben Watson M 26 Southport CC Left Left medium

Pace Bowlers
Name Sex Age Club Bats Bowls

May Chen F 31 Columbia CC Right Right swing
Ryan Wallis M 24 Kingsbury CC Left Left fast medium

Spin Bowlers
Name Sex Age Club Bats Bowls

Oscar Bowles M 26 Chamberley Giants [SYL] Right Right off spin
James Wilton M 28 Bencoolen CC Left Left orthodox

The team is coached, once again, by Bencoolen head coach Albert Wallis, 64.


Style Mod: 0.5

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: No.
RP injuries to my players: Yes. Maximum of 1 per match. I will decide length.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Godmod how my players were dismissed: No.
Create a full scorecard for my team: Please do.


From left to right: test (white), and limited overs (blue and green). The team will wear the blue and green kits.

The Golden Deer


No.	Pos	Line	Name			Gender	Age	Club
13 GT --- Charles McNulty M 24 Ridgewell Bears
37 GT --- Jacob O'Halloran M 32 Teignford Thistles
52 GT --- Clara Schmidt F 22 Franport Blizzards
4 DF 1st Michael Callaghan M 27 Ridgewell Eagles
66 DF 1st Jane O'Hara F 28 Millsburgh Mercenaries
24 DF 2nd Tom Williamson M 33 Ridgewell Bears
40 DF 2nd Brendan Sykes M 27 Ridgewell Bears
16 DF 3rd Anthony Wilkins M 31 Teignford Thistles
22 DF 3rd Lara Quinn F 22 Teignford Thistles
55 DF 4th Melanie Williams F 29 Ridgewell Eagles
9 DF 4th Jacob Williams M 24 Millsburgh Mercenaries
34 DF SUB Francis Owen M 26 Free Agent
98 RW 1st Scott Campbell M 30 Franport Blizzards
8 C 1st Marie Stephenson F 22 Franport Blizzards
11 LW 1st Ben Wilson M 30 Ridgewell Eagles
44 RW 2nd Charles Winston M 26 Teignford Thistles
57 C 2nd Edward Wright M 34 Ridgewell Bears
96 LW 2nd Daniel Grey M 19 Millsburgh Mercenaries
77 RW 3rd David Buchanan M 23 Clark Clippers
33 C 3rd Gareth Palmer M 34 Colbrook Kingfishers
3 LW 3rd Louise Stafford F 23 Readale Ravens
88 RW 4th Kimberly Garner F 31 Readale Ravens
72 C 4th Andrew Fleming M 29 Clark Clippers
25 LW 4th Nick Howard M 24 Teignford Thistles
17 W/C SUB Tim Low M 33 Millsburgh Mercenaries




Style Mod: -2.5

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Penalise Players: Y
Eject Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N
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Population: 114 million | TLA: TMB | Capital City: Straton | Largest City: Couno
Constitution | Domestic News | Domestic Sports | Wiki Article | A Timely Reminder
President: Kelia Campbell (Labour) | Prime Minister: Kenneth Everett (Labour)
U-18 World Cup 13 Champions/Di Bradini Cup 51 Champions

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Postby Le Choix » Mon Nov 15, 2021 12:19 am

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes, though Lavigne will score most of the goals.
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes; Max: 3
Hand out red cards to my players: No (TG me if you want to)
Godmod other events: No
Style Modifier: -4
Saison 41
Ligue Légère             Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Étoile 36 23 8 5 26 7 +19 77 Champions, IFCF CL, CEdC
2 Brillante 36 20 6 10 30 19 +11 66 Cup Champions, IFCF CC, CEdC, CWC
3 Glacée 36 18 6 12 20 16 +4 60 IFCF CC
4 Lumière 36 16 8 12 35 21 +14 56 IFCF CC

5 Fidèle 36 14 7 15 27 27 0 49
6 Croiser 36 11 9 16 15 20 −5 42
7 Marquée 36 11 9 16 19 27 −8 42
8 Ailes 36 10 9 17 20 30 −10 39
9 Aube 36 11 6 19 14 24 −10 39
10 Chevalier 36 6 12 18 16 31 −15 30
Coup des Élus 41
First Round
Marquée 0–0 Chevalier (0–0 AET) (4-3 pen.)
Ailes 1–0 Aube

Étoile 1–0 Ailes
Brillante 0–0 Marquée (2–0 AET)
Glacée 1–0 Croiser
Lumière 1–1 Fidèle (1–1 AET) (4–3 pen.)

Étoile 1–1 Lumière (1–1 AET) (5–4 pen.)
Brillante 0–0 Glacée (1–1 AET) (4–3 pen.)

Étoile 0–2 Brillante

Botte Dorée: ST Gwenaël Cazenave, Lumière
Gant Doré: GK Marie-Françoise Benett, Étoile
Ballon d'Or: CM Aurélie Dior, Brillante
Le Choix National Team for CE 31
Nickname: Les Élus, Les Jaune et Noir
Home Venue: Sang des Martyrs (Cap. 20,100)
All-Time Record: 24-9-20, WC Record: 22-9-18
BoF 75: 5-1-2
WC 88 Qualifying: 9-3-6
WC 89 Qualifying: 7-4-7
CoH 80: 1-0-2
CoH 81: 0-3-1
CE 30: 2-0-2

Management Staff
Manager: Hélène Monet, 40
Assistant Manager: Florence Dior, 48
Physio: Clarence Mardin, 42

Starting Lineup:
Goalkeeper: Marie-Françoise Benett, 24 Étoile, 6 ft 5 in

Right Back: Isaac Morneau, 23, Brillante, 6 ft 3 in
Center Back: Adolphe Pleimelding, 24, Étoile, 6 ft
Center Back: Éloi Bouthillier, 22, Aube, 6 ft 8 in
Left Back: Béatrice Pueyrredón, 20, Étoile, 6 ft 1 in

Right Midfielder: Élise Lacan, 25, Brillante, 6 ft 2 in
Center Midfielder: Léa Leloup, 21, Lumière, 6 ft 3 in
Attacking Midfielder: Aurélie Dior, 23, Brillante, 6 ft 1 in - On Loan to Ridgewell rovers (TMB)
Center Midfielder: Hervé Kaplan, 26, Croiser, 6 ft 2 in
Left Midfielder: Henry Grant, 28, Étoile, 6 ft 4 in CAPITAINE

Striker: Gwenaël Cazenave, 21, Lumière, 6 ft 1 in - On Loan to Mid-Capital (SYL)

Goalkeeper: Genevieve Porton, 23, Glacée, 6 ft 7 in
Goalkeeper: Davy Kléber, 22, Aube, 6 ft 4 in

Right Back: Flore Dembélé, 20, Aube, 6 ft
Center Back: Mathis Bertillon, 21, Marquée, 6 ft 1 in
Center Back: Ingrid Bureau, 24, Glacée, 6 ft 2 in
Left Back: Jérémy Marchal, 23, Ailes, 6 ft 6 in

Right Midfielder: Océane Manaudou, 25, Lumière, 6 ft 2 in
Center Midfielder: Fabrice Bessette, 21, Croiser, 6 ft 5 in
Attacking Midfielder: Élie Rouzet, 23, Chevalier, 6 ft 8 in
Center Midfielder: Émeline Doisneau, 26, Glacée, 6 ft 4 in
Left Midfielder: Brice Vasseur, 23, Croiser. 6 ft 2 in

Striker: Rolande Peletier, 23, Brillante, 6 ft 1 in
Key Characters:

GK Marie-Françoise Benett
With the arrest of Francine Pellier for fraternization, Benett steps into the role of starting keeper for Les Élus, a role that requires much concentration and puts you in tremendous pressure. Coming off a career season, her unique combination of aggression, recognition of flow, reflexes, and cerebral acuity have the Chosen believing she could be as effective as Pellier, if not more. The stage is now hers.

CB Éloi Bouthillier
He may only be twenty-two and barely have four seasons of Ligue Légère under his belt, but he's being heralded by The Chosen media as one of the better defenders in the last decade. With a mean streak in him that results in brutal tackles and a good knowledge of the goings-on on the field, it's no wonder that he's been talked up so much. Possessing a very moldable personality and a willingness to learn, he's going to be the future of The Chosen for years to come.

LM Henry Grant
Henry Grant has been on his third team already in his tenth season for Les Élus, having played for Brillante and Ailes before settling with Étoile. He's good for at least one highlight of a bending goal every season. With The Chosen's 4-5-1, having players that can create scoring opportunities remain of paramount importance, and Grant will be called upon to contribute. He's one of the most vocal of the lot, having connections with both the Grand Bishop of the Church and the Grand Bishop of the Interior. He hasn't used the connections so far, but it'll be interesting to see what happens if the team struggles.

AM Aurélie Dior
Playing the spearhead part of the 4-5-1, Dior will be the other player to try to score the goals for Les Élus. With a quick burst and creativity to boot, she knows when to make a play on the goal and when to pass the ball off. A model citizen that takes the job of sports very seriously, she's a perfectionist who drives herself to live every day as a better example than the day before. With her best days still ahead, she'll continue to be very important for Les Élus. She won the Ballon d'Or the previous season as Brillante lifted the trophy.

ST Gwenaël Cazenave
With Gavin Lavigne being arrested for fraternization, everyone wondered who would be the next striker to play the spearhead of their formation; enter one Gwenaël Cazenave, a dribbler, pacer, and short-range shooter that has an unending motor. His presence will likely work very well with the way that Dior can press with the ball.

CM Élie Rouzet
If The Chosen are behind late, they have the ability to replace one of their center midfielders for Élie Rouzet. She's more of the "Shoot first, ask questions later" type of player with a license to shoot. Thankfully, she's got decent range and a good follow-through.

MG Hélène Monet
The woman in charge that helped Chevaliers win Saison 39 after many seasons of futility, Monet is more of a facilitator than a tactician. With players coming from all the teams of the League coming together, her skills will be needed to put aside their egos and work together as a team.
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Postby Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva » Mon Nov 15, 2021 8:18 pm


Nova Anglican Admin Zone Roster and Overview


G #1 Jordan Hopkins, 32, FC Portus
G #22 Johnny Hodges, 32, Heartwood FC
G #23 Patrick Fisher, 27, Castellum FC

LB #5 Sean Reed, 32, Archbishop FC
CB #2 Jared Thayer, 34, Bridgewall City FC
CB #3 Matt Woods, 30, Springs FC
RB #4 Bradley Fuller, 32, Newfield Athletic
FB #12 Damian Hillman, 33, Archbishop FC
FB #13 Hayden Cochrane, 28, Kinjestad Soccer, South Newlandia
CB #14 Billy Brock, 28, Castellum FC
CB #15 Michel Robert, 27, Olympique Sept-Iles

DM #6 Will Bartholomew, 33, Bridgewall City FC
LM #7 Ced Hampton, 31, Newfield Athletic
AM #8 Colby Parker, 31, Sanctuary FC
RM #9 Luc Gagne, 29, Olympique Sept-Iles
M #16 Tanner Whitehead, 31, Bridgewall City FC
M #17 Buddy Ahrens, 32, Bridgewall City FC
M #18 Scott Banks, 28, Labrador United FC
M #19 Ryan Goodman, 26, Archbishop FC

F #10 Darren Williams, 34, Newfield Athletic
F #11 Freddy Beal, 31, Archbishop FC
F #20 Garrett Burke, 33, St David Wanderers, Kelssek
F #21 Aaron Stevenson, 33, FC Portus

Manager: Ross Hogan

Formation, Starting XI, and Style

Style Modifier= +2.5


(In order, home, away, and alternate, courtesy of NSI's Vulpine Sportif)


Home Stadium: Lighthouse Stadium, Rutupiae, NAAZE (cap. 40,000)

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y - only if you TG me and ask first
Injure Players: N - TG me if the severity will be more than one game and I'll give the yea or nay
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y - no more than one every two games, so if my previous opponent has doled one out, tough luck
Yellow Card Players: Y - for every two you give my players, at least one must be given to your players
Godmod Other Events: N

Nova Anglicana Minor League All-Stars Roster

Nickname: Lions
Acronym: NOV

Starting Rotation (order as given)
RHP #36 Joey Conner, 24, Liverpool Raiders
RHP #44 Terence Becker, 22, Harbour Grace Aviators
LHP #19 Jean Lapalme, 23, Kings County Planters
LHP #20 Nick Mason, 22, Thunder River Snow Crabs
RHP #39 Will Pittman, 21, Fermont Northmen

LHP #57 Joel Freeman, 24, Truro Iron Horsemen - long reliever
LHP #46 Ben Alexander, 21, Makkovik Evergreens - lefty specialist
LHP #48 Louis-Philippe Frechette, 21, Clarenville Trailblazers - middle reliever,
RHP #56 Phil Fuller, 22, Placentia Destroyers - middle reliever
RHP #16 Sammy Jacobs, 24, Amherst Solons - middle reliever
RHP #11 Michael Adkins, 23, Saint-Augustin Seals - middle reliever
RHP #30 Kerry Poole, 23, Blanc-Sablons Barachois - middle reliever
RHP #43 Seth Carpenter, 22, Bathurst Phantoms - setup
RHP #23 Mathieu Lemoureux, 22, Chevery Gulls - closer

Catchers (Bats/Throws)
C #60 Marc-Olivier Fournier, 22, Shediac Lobsters (S/R)
C #18 James Miller, 22, Riviere-Saint-Jean Magpies (R/R)
C #51 Brad Reynolds, 21, North West Lakers, (L/R)

Infielders (Bats/Throws)
1B #21 Cory Christensen, 23, Rothesay Patricians, (L/L)
3B #26 Bryan Yates, 22, Miramichi Highlanders, (R/R)
SS #11 Aaron Edwards, 23, Souris Spuds, (S/R)
2B #6 Stephen Perry, 22, Port aux Basques Whalers, (S/R)
3B/1B #50 Nick Smith, 21, Cartwright Bears, (R/R)
SS/2B #27 Bradley Boyd, 21, Hopedale Leviathans, (S/R)

Oufielders (Bats/Throws)
RF #25 Damien Langlais, 22, New Waterford Miners, (R/R)
CF #35 Ryan Cook, 23, Yarmouth Steamers, (R/R)
LF #29 Theo Underwood, 23, Edmundston Eagles, (L/L)
OF #38 Noel Quinn, 22, Havre-Saint-Pierre Titans, (L/L)
OF #24 Lance Harmon, 21, Marystown Mariners, (S/R)

Chris O'Neill #55 (Manager)

Lonny Crenshaw #1 (Hitting Coach)

Bernard Dawkins #47 (Pitching Coach)

Reggie Staples #9 (1st Base Coach, Fielding Instructor)

Nate Stinnett #8 (3rd Base Coach, Outfield/Baserunning Instructor)

Billy Bundy #15 (Bench Coach)

Joseph Pelletier #52 (Bullpen Coach)

Starting Lineup w/o DH
CF Ryan Cook
3B Bryan Yates
RF Damien Langlais
1B Cory Christensen
LF Theo Underwood
SS Aaron Edwards
C Marc-Olivier Fournier
2B Stephen Perry
P Pitcher's Spot

Starting Lineup w/DH
CF Ryan Cook
3B Bryan Yates
RF Damien Langlais
1B Cory Christensen
LF Theo Underwood
DH Nick Smith vs LHP/Noel Underwood vs RHP
SS Aaron Edwards
C Marc-Olivier Fournier
2B Stephen Perry

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but not serious ones. Back stiffness, jammed fingers, bruises, etc. Nothing that would keep them out of the lineup for more than 1 game. Reciprocity is expected.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No, but manager is fair game
Godmod other events: No
Use the DH at home: No
Style Modifier: +1

Nova Anglicana Lions U23 National Basketball Team

Offensive Style: 5 out
Defensive Style: Press/3-2 Matchup Zone
Style Modifier (if applicable): +4
Captain: Darren Goodman
Colors: Red and White Home, Blue and White Away
Arena: National Arena (doubles as hockey stadium)
Arena Location: Londinium
Arena Capacity: 14,000
Head Coach: Lyle Montgomery
Assistant Coaches: Hugh Reynolds, Fred Sullivan



G #3 Matthew Shaw, 6'2, 21 - somewhat limited offensively, but excellent assist man
G #8 Daniel Robinson, 6'4, 22 - best shooter on the team
G #12 Darren Goodman, 6'5, 23 - drives and cuts very well
G/F #25 Hayden Charpentier, 6'7, 23 - has an excellent fadeaway jumper
G/F #27 Nick Brewer, 6'9, 23 - more of a point forward, better at guarding people face-to-face than those who back him down

G #14 Peter Lee, 6'3, 21 - better shooter than Shaw, but sometimes doesn't have the best vision on court
G #35 Christophe Tremblay, 6'4, 21 - a bit one-dimensional, but deadly from 3
G #17 Teddy McLaughlin, 6'6, 20 - youngest player on the team could stand to mature, but a real jack of all trades (defense, ballhandling, passing, shooting)
G #10 Colin Hale, 6'5, 22 - tireless off the bench, a defensive stopper
G/F #32 Glenn Kelley, 6'8, 21 - best post defender, thick-bodied but deceptively quick and good passer
G/F #22 David Concannon, 6'7, 23 - quick enough to defend guards and has a good shot from beyond the arc
G/F #48 Thomas Parks, 6'9, 21 - rail-thin with a strong vertical leap

Playing Style

5 out means they utilize guard play to the maximum, with no player inside the arc. It is a constantly shifting offense of back cuts, dribble drives, and three-pointers. On defense, they press in a 1-2-2 style before falling back into a 3-2 matchup zone. They can play man-to-man, but don't often because they are usually undersized compared to their opponents. They try to fill up the scoreboard more than their opponents, but if they hold their opponents down, it's usually because they've forced bunches of turnovers.



RP Permissions

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my pointscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y, but TG me before you put anything in and I'll give it the yea or nay
Give my players foul: Y (no technicals, maybe head coach)
Foul my players out: Y
Give injuries to my players: Y, but not serious ones (1 game or less)
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: N

Nova Anglicana U-20 Roster

Head Coach: Tom Benson
Style Modifier: -0.5
Captain: Darren Gordon
Assistant Captains: Marc Broussard, Sean Harper

1st Line
RW Ricky McCoy, 20, University of King's College - he does everything hard (party, study, play hockey), but is possessed of a lot of raw talent too, needs to grow into his body
C Sean Harper, 20, Memorial University - steady, firm, even-keeled, potentially a future leader, but his on-ice abilities in passing and shooting are excellent too
LW Andre Messier, 20, University of New Brunswick - sharp-tongued Acadien chirps at his opponents, but silences them with his wicked shot and skating abilities

2nd Line
RW David Manning, 20, St. Stephen's University - this is the potential line, and it begins with Manning, who's capable of a four-point performance one night and looking lost the next
C Alistair McDaniel, 20, St. Francis Xavier - McDaniel is an artist with the puck on his stick, able to find both the net and his teammates, but he can get pushed around a little
LW Francois Coderre, 20, Universite de Sept-Iles - Coderre is a shooting machine, shooting early and often, but the good thing is, it often goes in the net and he varies his shots well

3rd Line
RW Darren Cole, 19, University of Reginorum - Cole is in what he refers to as "third-line purgatory" because he's a bit of a hothead, but he's got a great shot, probably the best shooter on the bottom two lines
C Emile Tétrault, 19, Universite de Moncton - Tétrault is a mere 5'7 (170 cm), but he zips around the ice and is a good passer with hustle
LW Cary Pittman, 19, Memorial University - unusual for this team in that he is a bit of a bruiser, could pick up some penalties, but his physical gifts and potential outweigh his faults for now

4th Line
Caleb Hammond, 18, University of King's College - irrepressible on and off the ice, has a knack for finding people with the right pass
George Hogan, 18, St. Stephen's University - most of his teammates say he's "too smart" to be on the fourth line, but he's humble enough to know his mental gifts outweigh his physical ones, so that's why he's there
Cam King, 18, Memorial University - he has an excellent slap shot, nice and heavy, but it's not always accurate, physical presence

Pair 1
Marc Broussard, 20, Universite de Sept-Iles - Broussard is an incredible talent, a two-way player who is at home on both ends of the ice, has become more of a team player
Matt Morrison, 20, Dalhousie University - Morrison is tall and lanky, excellent at harassing opponents without a lot of physical contact, better than average shot

Pair 2
Daniel Ford, 20, Acadia University - Ford is a hulking bruiser who can take your head off with a shot or with a check, but not particularly fast or skilled
Chris Kelley, 20, St. Francis Xavier - Kelley is also a physical specimen, will fight if necessary, blocks plenty of shots

Pair 3
René Boutin, 19, Universite de Sept-Iles - Boutin does a little bit of everything, can hit, block shots, pass, shoot, etc, but is a little undersized
Adam Kelley, 19, Cape Breton University - long arms mean his reach with a stick is unparalleled, fast skater, needs to broaden his game a bit

Joey Perry, 20, Universite de Moncton - a big body, blocks the net well, but can be beaten by skilled players
Mitch Bowers, 18, University of Reginorum - a little on the small side, but tiger-quick in the net

Penalty Lines

Power Play 1: 1st line+Pair 1
Power Play 2: 2nd line+Pair 3
Penalty Kill 1: 1st line+Pair 2
Penalty Kill 2: 4th line+Pair 1

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following...
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to My Players: No
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes, but limited, this is an ICly disciplined team good on the penalty kill, more likely to be outplayed than commit a bunch of penalties
RP Ejections for My Players: No
Godmod Other Events: No

Nova Anglicana Lions National Football Team Roster

Head Coach: Doug Dierberg
Offensive Coordinator: Leo Stater
Defensive Coordinator: Ken Greene

Offense: Air Raid

Defense: 3-4

Style Mod: +4


First player or first two players, as the case may be, are the starters

QB - Wynn Dixon
QB - Adam Harvey

RB - Ryan Ingle
RB - Melvin Brookshire

FB - Tom Wegman

LT - Jonathan Weis
LT - Michael Saubel

LG - Eddy Nash
LG - Bryan Schnuck

C - Dirk Meijer
C - Rudy Heinen

RG - Dave Redner
RG - Josh Carr

RT - Jacques Delchamp
RT - Frank Randall

TE - Cam Martin

WR - Dylan Kuhn
WR - Fred Meyer
WR - Chris Shaw
WR - Dallas Magruder
WR - Rick Fry
WR - Amir Basha


DE - Jay Ukrop
DE - Robbie Loblaw
DE - Lawrence Smith

NT - Sam Dillon
NT - Michel Delhaize

OLB - Sam Kluber
OLB - Rocco Balducci
OLB - Tee Harris

ILB - Paul Harp
ILB - Von Glover
ILB - Phil Hannaford

FS - Jordan Buehler
SS - Devin Lowe
S - Logan King

CB - Bryce Haggen
CB - Joe Traister
CB - Christian Albertson
CB - Bruno Charbonneau
CB - Joey Andronico


K - Bill Hart
P - Luca Fazio
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Postby Robostania » Tue Nov 16, 2021 3:29 am

Robostani Federation for Association Football
Campionato Esportiva 31 Squad

Manager: Federick Emmeryn
Trigamme: RBT
Nickname: The Red Dragons


GK 1 Honnor Gomez
GK 31 Taranjit Mallah
DF 16 Haridev Gummara
DF 13 Lawrence Zirres
DF 4 Sheldon Mathews
DF 86 Mansoor Shah
DF 69 Gannat Maqbool
MD 16 Taha Malingra
MD 9 John Keville
MD 14 Shawn Gunner
MD 13 Hillary Masha
FD 10 Ferdinand Burghan
FD 7 Mallard Trevuss
FD 11 Josh Kirawn
FD 121 Golden Mathews
MD 99 Huashi Takara
FD/MD 111 Gamez Harare
[[ Playing XI was Bolded]]

Image Image


My Opponents, if they RP first. Can do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby A random Place » Tue Nov 16, 2021 6:38 pm

Rosters for A random Place

Permissions and Style mod:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

Style mod: whatever the maximum available is

Trivia Information:

In A random Place, anything is decided by random luck. Every month, a random president is selected out of literally anyone in the country to decide everything. The people are aware of the obvious downsides, but never cared. The latest randomly decided President, a 7-year-old Sports fan named Seil Tooletmen, decided (among several other, considerably more stupid things) that there would be a random squad of players entering the Campionato Esportiva, the Espo T20 II, and some side events, just for fun, after randomly being elected. A random Place had only recently found out that they were technically located in Esportiva, which no one there really cared about. As such, here is the teams the Randoms will be sending.

Campionato Esportiva 31:
GK: Abigail Eastwood, 38
LB: Noor Carson, 36
CB: Kristen Medrano, 25
RB: Faraz Benton, 39
CM: Ashlyn Langley, 20
CM: George Salas, 34
LM: Tashan Dalton, 40
OM: Luther Dupont, 27
RM: Carley Terrell, 24
ST: Bryony Soto, 25
ST: Baxter Woodcock, 19

GK: Rick Moon, 26
D: Ffion Hall, 19
MF: Manon Herrera, 40
ST: Cavan Seymour, 25
ST: Bree Cartwright, 26

Head coach:
As a head coach, the Randoms decided to give Brian Adkins, the manager of the Tumbran team Newton Wanderers AFC the job, because no better options were available, and he was foolish enough to still call the Randoms back after what happened two years ago; and after what happened four years ago. Yes, poor Atkins is going into his third time with this mess. That’s why the Randoms are pot 2. He gets to try and teach 16 Randoms how to play football. Different Randomers, in fact. In true Randomer fashion, they will rely mostly on luck. Please feel free to make things as ridiculous as you want.

Espo T20 II
These guys are random people they pulled off the street, so they’re probably ketchup bottles anyway. Coach is also just Some Dude, 47.

1 Aariz Buckner R/-
2 Imani Ryan L/-
3 Priya Barrera R/-
4 Vlad Coleman R/yes
5 Nylah Stephens L/-
6 Kevin Cooke R/yes
7 Carmen Bloggs L/yes
8 Conner Bull (wk) R/-
9 Joni Floyd (c) R/yes
10 Joshua Rubio R/yes
11 Adele Wiggins L/yes

Danyaal Cote R/-
Corrina Kim R/-
Tobey Rosas R/yes
Amani Cullen R/-

Rico Roberson (19, R)
Rikki Richard (37, R)
Khadija Akhtar (39, R)

Wilf Ewing (38, L)
Eira Reed (37, R)

Starters, in batting order:
(C) Marsha Higgins (19, R)
(1B) Ayyub Bateman (22, R)
(2B) Romeo Gardner (29, R)
(SS) Eshaal Hanson (31, R)
(3B) Pharrell Mckenna (23, R)
(LF) Keagan Roth (28, L)
(CF) Caio Williams (21, L)
(RF) Iwan Griffith (38, R)
(DH) Shawn Bouvet (23, R)
Yes, that is the batting order. If they play without DH, the pitcher takes slot 9.

(C) Delilah Tucker (25, R)
(Bases/SS) Charity Foster (24, R)
(Bases/SS) Sonnie Drummond (39, R)
(Outfield) Alya Lester (20, L)

Head Coach:
Craig Spearman (Nova Anglicana)
He coached the Randoms back in International Baseball Slam 11. That did go decently, but now, those are entirely new players. Spearman has also not yet confirmed that he’ll be coaching, but the Randoms sure do hope so. Otherwise, they’d have to pull a random guy from the street. Oh, wait.

You can assume a full team is suited up, but come on, you weren’t gonna use my TE3 anyway. They’re random bums from off the street. Like those listed here, but you get the point.

QB Jacob Dominguez, 24
RB Samual Marks, 28
TE Misty Esquivel, 39
TE Daanyal Cochran, 25
WR Javier Harris, 25
WR Lori Davies, 37
C Amaan Tanner, 34
OG Etta Robertson, 26
OG Renzo Ferry, 18
OT Duke Thompson, 36
OT Mairead Munoz, 28

DE Bruno Mccann, 26
DT Darcy Mcdowell, 23
DT Terri Bannister, 32
DE Laiba Mac, 28
OLB Lucien Sloan, 23
MLB Tess Lake, 22
OLB Alana Livingston, 34
CB Imaan Tait, 40
CB Xanthe Tran, 24
SS Dustin Reeve, 31
FS Darrel Summers, 21

K Chantal Poole, 30
P Alix Cousins, 34

Coach: Some Dude, 47

This is a numbers puppet. They rely on luck and freak circumstances to win. You have my full permission to do whatever you want with them.
OOC Puppet of South Newlandia. No IC connection between the two.

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Postby The Licentian Isles » Wed Nov 17, 2021 6:06 am

The Montfort Times

A Primer on Licentian Politics

With elections coming up in the Licentian Isles for the first time since this nation returned from its supernatural absence from Esportiva, it’s probably about time that the complex electoral system of these islands is explained to any outsiders who might have taken an interest in our politics. Designed to ensure equality between the four parishes, it’s a system of federalism taken to an extreme. It confuses Licentians just as much as it does outsiders. Let’s try and make things a little bit more clear.

The Basics

We’ll start with a fairly simple description of the processes at work here. The Licentian system would technically be defined as a federal directorial republic. In layman’s terms, the nation is made up of four parishes that have high levels of authority on internal issues, with the Federal Council of the Licentian Isles acting as a head of state and government, acting on foreign policy and military issues. There are four Federal Councillors, with one each elected from each parish.

The Councillors are not directly elected. Instead, they are elected by the Assemblies of each parish in the first act of business after Assembly elections. Those elections occur every five years by a mixed–member proportional system, with the number of seats differing between parishes. Each voter, who must be aged 16 or above, receives two ballot papers for national elections: one that allows them to cast their vote for a local representative, and one that is for the party list of their choice. That will be joined by a third ballot paper at these elections for the Assembly of Esportiva, the new body legislating within the Esportivan Union. Elections to the AoE will be proportional based on votes within each parish, with six members from Montfort Parish, four from Abingdon, and two each from Colesham and St Bart’s. For now, let’s start by listing the seven most prominent political parties within the Licentian Isles.

The Parties

Green Party – De Groenen – Pàrtaidh Uaine

Registered abbreviations – LGP, DG, PUA
Leader – Emma McCallum
Ideology – Green progressivism
Leads in – Montfort, Abingdon (senior coalition partner), St Bart’s (senior coalition partner)
MAs in – Montfort, Abingdon, St Bart’s, Colesham

The Greens are arguably the most prominent of what are often known as “the Big Four” political parties in the Isles. Licentians have long been turned on to the importance of protecting the environment around them, and so many instinctually relate to the political program that the LGP present. This time, it’s likely that there will be a dip in vote share for the Greens. In the last elections they earned massive numbers of seats across the Isles, even earning a slim majority in Montfort’s Assembly. Now, it’s expected that the Green vote will dip slightly, and they’ll be likely to need to form a coalition in Montfort, while also struggling to hold onto their senior roles in Abingdon and St Bart’s.

Liberal Party – Liberale Partij – Pàrtaidh Libearal

Registered abbreviations – LLP, LPLE, PLA
Leader – Sìne MacDonald
Ideology – Centrism, liberalism
Leads in – St Bart’s (junior coalition partner), Colesham (junior coalition partner)
MAs in – Montfort, Abingdon, St Bart’s, Colesham

The Liberals sit in a strong position coming into this election, despite straddling the political battleground in the Isles. On one hand, they are strongly pro-Esportivan Union, and have worked hard to grow the centre ground. On the other, they’ve spent five years in coalition with the National Party, the largest bastion of Espo-scepticism in the nation, running the most right-leaning parish in the nation, Colesham. They will hope to expand their power in St Bart’s and Montfort, with a chance of acting as kingmakers in the latter. There are some worries, however, that they will lose much of their influence in Colesham.

National Party – Licentische Volkspartij – Pàrtaidh Nàiseanta

Registered abbreviations – LNP, LVP, PNA
Leader – Alyssa Lamont
Ideology – Conservatism, Espo–scepticism
Leads in – Colesham (senior coalition partner)
MAs in – Montfort, Abingdon, St Bart’s, Colesham

The most prominent right wing party in the Licentian Isles is perhaps known more widely in Esportiva for their attempts to block the ascension of the nation to the Esportivan Union. While their opposition was ultimately defeated, the Nationals have taken a sharp rise in popularity as a result of their strong position on the Union. They may lose ground with more socially conservative voters to the CPP as Alyssa Lamont has largely moved the party closer to the centre to court more of the Espo-sceptic vote, but they will nonetheless be a force to be reckoned with in these elections.

Socialist Party – De Socialisten – Pàrtaidh Sòisealach

Registered abbreviations – LSP, DS, PSA
Leader – Juul Huisman
Ideology – Social democrats, socialism
Leads in – Abingdon (junior coalition partner)
MAs in – Montfort, Abingdon, St Bart’s

At one time, the Socialists were the most prominent party in the Isles. Now, they come into these elections as the weakest of the Big Four in terms of seats. They lost all representation in Colesham as that parish experienced a rightward shift five years ago, and they could only join a coalition with the Greens in Abingdon, limiting their ruling power. Since then, new leader Juul Huisman has worked hard to differentiate her party from the Greens with a focus on protecting industry and Licentian jobs. That may lead to some growth, especially in Abingdon and Colesham, where they hope to gain some ground back.

Party for the Dutch – Partij voor de Dutch–Licentiërs – Pàrtaidh Duitseach

Registered abbreviations – PD, PDL, PDA
Leader – Noëlle van der Meer
Ideology – Dutch minority interests, localism
Leads in – N/A
MAs in – Montfort, St Bart’s

The largest of the two minority parties represents the largest of the minorities in the Isles. The PDL have long held an important place in St Bart’s as the group that can decide whether governments stand or fall, as they have a strong base in the parish’s Dutch population. At the last elections, their vote in Montfort finally reached the point where they were due list seats in the capital, allowing them their first breakthrough on the mainland. Since then, some have suggested that the party should focus on increasing their vote with the smaller Dutch populations in Abingdon and Colesham, but Noëlle van der Meer has committed to keeping the focus in the heartlands.

Conservative People’s Party – Conservatieve Volkspartij – Pàrtaidh Tòraideach

Registered abbreviations – CPP, CVLE, PTA
Leader – William Blair
Ideology – Right-wing populism, Espo-scepticism
Leads in – N/A
MAs in – Montfort, Colesham

The Conservative People’s Party have benefitted greatly from the rightward shift in Colesham. Once a fringe party largely seen as extremists, William Blair has led the party to relevance for the first time, and they sit on the precipice of even further gains. They have targeted defeating centrist constituency MPs in Colesham in this election, including Alyssa Lamont, the LNP leader, who will have to defend her seat in Kirkross against Blair himself. It will be interesting to see how many scalps the CPP can take.

Gaelic People’s Party – Gaelische Volkspartij – Pàrtaidh Gàidhlig

Registered abbreviations – GPP, GVP, PGA
Leader – Dòmhnall Burnie
Ideology – Gaelic minority interests, localism
Leads in – N/A
MAs in – Abingdon

The PGA are further back in the race to grow as a minority party than their Dutch colleagues. While they have grown in Abingdon, home to much of the Gaelic national feeling in the Isles, their influence outside of that parish have been very limited. Dòmhnall Burnie has aimed to change that by pushing the growth of the PGA in Montfort, where the second largest population of Gaelic people lives, with the hope of emulating the growth of the PDL. At this election, we may begin to see if his plan is paying dividends, or if this is a much more limited party.

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Postby Kaldtfjell » Thu Nov 18, 2021 3:58 am

Kaldtfjeller National Football Team

Head Coach – Sverre Ericsson

Formation - 3-5-2 (Skill Modifier: +3):



Andor Baggisson – 23 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Geir Erlingsson – 24 years – FK Svolborg
Fritjof Adalsteinnsson – 27 years – Treborg Fotball

Centre Backs:

Oyvind Baldersson – 28 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Viggo Gudbrandsson – 22 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Randel Vidarsson – 32 years – Treborg Fotball

Asbjorn Halsteinsson – 22 years – FK Hvitirseid
Agnar Gandalfsson – 26 years – Treborg Fotball
Randolf Ivorsson – 24 years – FK Ulsteinvik

Holding Midfielders:

Amund Freyrsson – 21 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Odd Holgersson – 27 years – FK Svolborg

Centre Midfielders:

Elof Ingvarsson – 26 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Thorarinn Gandalfsson – 28 years – FK Steinnkjer

Viggo Amundsson – 21 years – Treborg Fotball
Ask Asbjornsson – 24 years – SFK Hornungsvagr


Sindri Beckettsson – 35 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Torsten Hallbjornsson – 26 years – FK Steinnkjer

Alvar Torbjornsson – 26 years – FK Brumundal
Bo Magnisson – 24 years – FK Ulsteinvik

Centre Forwards:

Havardr Osmondsson – 29 years – FK Brumundal
Bjarne Gustavsson – 23 years – SFK Hornungsvagr

Egil Stigandrsson – 22 years – FK Ulsteinvik
Sigge Torleifsson – 26 years – FK Steinnkjer

Kits from Cloaker of Nephara:

Kaldtfjeller National Ice Hockey Team

Head Coach – Steinar Brandrsson

Style Modifier – +4 – Kaldtfjeller hockey is aggressive, attacking hockey. Expect lots of fighting and roughing on the ice, along with a team that’s willing to throw players forward, and pulls the goalie more often than the average team would. This is a team made up entirely from the top team in the nation, SIK Hornungsvagr, so the team are well-drilled and familiar with each other.



G – Torbjorn Gustavsson – 28 years
G – Dan Torleifsson – 24 years
G – Bjarni Adalsteinnsson – 20 years

Centre Backs:

Line 1
D – Hakon Flemmingsson – 28 years
D – Amund Snorrisson – 26 years

Line 2
D – Torgny Arvidsson – 31 years
D – Baggi Eindridesson – 22 years

Line 3
D – Gustav Olafsson – 29 years
D – Alvar Hemmingsson – 23 years

D – Folke Karesson – 29 years


Line 1
RW – Aki Egilsson – 23 years
C – Oscar Torgnysson – 30 years
LW – Bjarne Selbysson – 21 years

Line 2
RW – Bo Ebbesson – 27 years
C – Sigurd Sigmundsson – 22 years
LW – Ingvar Hallesson – 32 years

Line 3
RW – Halle Thorsson – 26 years
C – Torvald Amundsson – 24 years
LW – Gunne Bjarnesson – 25 years

Line 4
RW – Roald Svensson – 20 years
C – Vragi Dansson – 25 years
LW – Oyvind Viggosson – 28 years

W/C – Thor Torvaldsson – 27 years

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Preferred starting lineup: the bolded players are most likely to start
Preferred Goalscorers: no preference
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I decide severity and how long they will be out for
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Discuss by TG/Discord
Godmod other events: Discuss by TG/Discord

I will not tolerate the introduction of any virus or other world-changing thing to Kaldtfjell without prior permission. If you have another idea that you would like to RP I am happy to collaborate by Discord or TG.

Player ages are correct as of the first matchday.
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Postby Esportivan Darmen » Thu Nov 18, 2021 9:48 am

Esportivan Darmen Football Team
presented by the
Esportivan Darmen Football Association

Manager: Ralph Fried, 57
Assistant Manager: Rhisiart Howell, 65
Defensive Coach: Hartley Banks, 41

23 Player Roster
#  Pos Name                 Age Club                         Caps Goals
1 GK Junior Wheeler 28 Cairo United 56 1
2 LB Diederich Sonnen 30 Kaiserville BSC 41 1
3 LCB Gruffydd Kitchen 25 Civil Service FC 36 1
4 RCB Noel White 27 St. Leonards Casuals FC 11 0
5 RB Bleddyn Llywelyn 30 Drury St. John's Drillers 20 0
6 LM Quinn Parent 30 Naitpyge United 33 3
7 LCM Leonard Siegert 26 1. FC Halberstadt 4 0
8 RCM Deforest Allan 30 Naitpyge United 56 7
9 RM Hendrix Seabrook 28 O'Kirk FC 26 4
10 LF Demyan Borisov 28 Chuckio FC (DAR) 53 34
11 RF Davie Underwood 29 Earo United 56 23

12 GK Johnny Coleman 32 Naitpyge United 0 0
13 LB Kit Althaus 23 Aissurop United 0 0
14 LCB Kichirō Nakajima 21 1899 Stille Strand 0 0
15 RCB Denis Tyrell 23 Cahir Central FC 0 0
16 RB Glendower Paris 23 Nawi Narwhals 0 0
17 LM Willoughby Patterson 29 PFC Sofia 10 0
18 LCM Borislav Sokolov 23 Tanamera United 0 0
19 RCM Normand Moore 31 Deathsdon FC 15 0
20 RM Chad Jepson 26 St. Leonards Casuals FC 4 1
21 LF Gronw Mullins 24 Ullapool FC 0 0
22 RF Isay Bogomolov 29 Tanamera United 6 1
23 GK Kaolin Forester 31 Earo United 0 0

Formation: 4-4-2
Style Modifier: +1.25

There's a ball. There's a goal. Get the ball in... the... goal.

Oh and stop the other team from doing that too.

When the team decides to be a little more sophisticated, counter-attacking is the name of the game.

Team Roles
Captain: Deforest Allan
Vice-Captain: Davie Underwood
Left Corner: Leonard Siegert
Right Corner: Noel White
Penalties: Demyan Borisov
Free-kicks: Deforest Allan

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: YES! If you name your goal scorers, please also name mine.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, within reason.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes, within reason.
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Godmod Other Events: Yes, but please let me know first.

Also, sending TG's to Darmen will probably be the quickest way to get in contact with me if necessary.

Esportivan Darmen Regional Cricket Team
presented by the
Esportivan Darmen Cricket Board

Coach: Ceri Meyrick (63, Newport CC)

Name Age Club Bats Bowls
Art Dudley 34 Tanamera CC Right ---
Syd Strange 28 Tanamera CC Right ---
Joseph Toller 29 Earo CC Left ---
Cory Toft 36 Tanamera CC Right --- CAPTAIN
Jude Peters 25 Finchley CC Right ---
Ferdie House 32 Tanamera CC Left ---

Name Age Club Bats Bowls
Henderson Dobson 25 Tanamera CC Right RFM

Name Age Club Bats Bowls
Timothy Yoxall 26 Tanamera CC Right ---
Brad Fortune 29 Hastings & St. Leonards Priory CC Right ---

Pace Bowlers
Name Age Club Bats Bowls
Trueman Allard 28 Tanamera CC Right RF
Moe Layton 31 Hitchin CC Left LFM
Darrin Cummings 26 Newport CC Right RMF
Hallam Travis 24 Portishead CC Right RFM

Spin Bowlers
Name Age Club Bats Bowls
Madison Grey 30 Tanamera CC Left SLA
Jase Griffiths 29 Stroud CC Right LB

RP Permissions: Please no killing or other serious life altering events. If you create a scorecard for your team, please also create one for mine too. Otherwise, have fun!

Esportivan Darmen Regional Ice Hockey Team
presented by the
Esportivan Darmen Ice Hockey Association

Head Coach: Sylvester Behrend (48, Metro ERC 96)

Pos Name Age Club
GK Avihu Krauß 26 Metro ERC 96
LD Klaus Saller 23 Metro ERC 96
RD Kaolin Miura 27 Metro ERC 96
LW Sven Allsopp 27 Metro ERC 96
RW Eckart Köhler 30 Metro ERC 96
CN Isamu Nakashima 26 Metro ERC 96

GK Sonny Hartmann 31 HC Kiev
LD Freddy Hayley 26 Naitpyge Ice Storm
RD Hunter Dickson 23 Metro ERC 96
LW Jezza Keyes 27 Metro ERC 96
RW Morton Field 28 Metro ERC 96
CN Norm Moses 25 Metro ERC 96

GK Jerry Jarvis 28 Metro ERC 96
LD Jake Alexander 30 Metro ERC 96
RD Keiran Constable 27 HC Sofia
LW Wilfrid Robinson 24 HC Kiev
RW Dacre Krückel 26 Metro ERC 96
CN Chauncey Hext 29 Naitpyge Ice Storm

LW Oswin Ware 32 Metro ERC 96
RW Rollo Christopher 24 Naitpyge Ice Storm
CN Bruno Sherman 28 Metro ERC 96
RP Permissions: Please no killing or other serious life altering events. If you name your goalscorers, please also name mine too. Otherwise, have fun!
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Postby Castlelobruxo » Thu Nov 18, 2021 9:55 am

Castlelobruxo National Football Team

Ooooohhhhh, Football that's an interesting one but you see the history of football in Bruxo doesn’t have a similar history as it does in many other nations. Football as a sport was unknown in Castlelobruxo and still is. The first form of any type of football was played when Quidditch players tried to kick the Quaffle with their legs instead of catch it. This naturally made it basically impossible to score so they decided to remove the flying element from the game. And after multiple decades of the evolution of the sport we ended up at a sport similar to football. However in Castlelobruxo the sport of football is known as Pes Sphera (literally football in latin). The team which travelled to the Licentian Isles had gotten off to a good start in the CE with a win in our very first football match against the Hinodejin Empire. The team's good start to the tournament was necessary for some much needed confidence and belief that we could compete at the highest level. Burghburgh our next opponent looked like a tough nut to crack in our match against them as we lost out by a tiny margin of 1 goal. Our next match against the hosts too was no less difficult. These two losses set us back, however we weren't out of it yet. We still had a good position in the group making the playoff stage. Our losing form however continued into the playoffs as we suffered another defeat putting us out of the competition. The team returns to our second Campionato Esportiva, this time in South Newlandia looking to make further progress in the footballing side of sports.

Starters (4-2-1-3)
#1 Wormsquawk Newtsmoke (GK) (Age - 33)
#2 Skullhiss Catreek (RB) (Age - 25)
#3 Dragonweed Shadowdrip (CB) (Age - 18)
#4 Boilfist Flamemoon (CB) (Age - 22)
#5 Fearbug Nightcape (LB) (Age - 32)
#6 Wartsnort Bloodsquawk (CM) (Age - 27)
#7 Blackcape Gristlesneer (CAM) (Age - 18)
#8 Swampstare Hellbug (CM) (Age - 20)
#9 Shadowgnash Startlesneer (RW) (Age - 29)
#10 Newtspoon Fearstench (CF) (Age - 31)
#11 Spidersquawk Blackscream (LW) (Age - 32)

#12 Hazelscare Startleburp (GK) (Age - 18)
#13 Gristlecast Feardrip (CB/RB/LB) (Age - 32)
#14 Wartbug Hensneer (CM/CAM) (Age - 21)
#15 Toadbite Hellreek (RW/LW/CF) (Age - 30)

Manager - Demontrot Bubblestare (Age - 53)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes (lemme know first)
RP injuries to my players: Yes but be aware that magic can heal them instantaneously
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes but be reasonable
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes but again be reasonable
Godmod other events: Maybe (Let me know)

Style Mod : 5

Castlelobruxo National Cricket Team

Castlelobruxo is an open magical country where everyone is borne with magical abilities of their own. The people however live in peace and harmony with people of non magical backgrounds. Practice of the dark arts are prosecuted by the national government and despite being a magical society we just seem to love cricket. The national cricket team has been formed by taking players from all over the fantastical and developed nation of Castlelobruxo. The Cricket Team participated in their very first international cricket tournament representing us at the very first Espo in which it was a rather disappointing show from our players. Despite some good plays, we only managed one victory finishing last in our group. We come into the Esportivan Sporting Festival's Espo II with hopes of having a better tournament this time around.


#1 Blackjaw Spidergut (Batsman, RHB) (Stupefy) - Loves to stun bowlers in their run up giving him an unfair advantage.

#2 Battooth Flamescream (Batsman, LHB) (Impedimenta) - Temporarily jinx that slows the movement of the target

#3 Dreadblink Stewsneer (Wicketkeeper, RHB) (Accio) - Summons the ball into his hands and hence barely misses catches.

#4 Newport Fearsquawk (Batsman, RHB) (Confundo) - Confuses the bowler

#5 Catbug Demoncast (Batsman, LHB) (Engorgio) - Increases size of his bat to have a better connection with the ball .

#6 Fearstench Wormgut (All-rounder, RHB, Off-Spin) (Geminio) - Duplicates the number of balls to confuse the batsmen

#7 Hazelsmoke Stewhiss (All-rounder, LHB, Medium Fast) (Locomotor Mortis) - Binds the batsman’s legs to make them unable to have any leg movement.

#8 Henfire Bristlecharm (All-rounder, RHB, Leg-Spin) (Rictumsempra) - Tickles the batsman into submission.

#9 Catamite Darkcape (Bowler, LHB, Fast) (Conjunctivitis Curse) - Blinds the batsman

#10 Demonbug Swampbone (Bowler, LHB, Chinaman) (Evanesco) - The ball is vanished by him and appears just before hitting the stumps.

#11 Startlegash Stewsneer (Bowler, RHB, Fast) (Muffliato) - Disturbs the batsman by creating a buzzing sound in their ears.

*Only the starting lineup shall be travelling to South Newlandia to take part in the EspoT20 since no reserves are required as even if they get injured, magic heals them in no time.


Snakecharm Hellspoon (Head Coach) - Snakecharm is an experienced coach who was also part of the glory days cricket team of Castlelobruxo, and now has returned to the national team in a cricketing stature.

Skullhex Catreek (Nurse) - Skullhex has been the national cricket team nurse for the last 20 years and in all that time she has never had a player miss a match due to an injury.

RP Permissions
You can more or less do whatever you want, if it's something that will affect my nation's world building TG me first. Also if you create a scorecard for your team please do the same for mine.
Style Mod - +1

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Postby South Newlandia » Thu Nov 18, 2021 7:11 pm

Conservative South Newlandia nearly doubles size in South Newlandian election; Centre-Green
government to continue working together; announce creation of new ministry

The final election results of the South Newlandian parliament election are in, and while both parties have sustained
small losses, the Green Environmentalist Party and the Centrist Union have retained their majority in parliament.


The party of the current president, Nia Freeman, has lost eight seats, but remains the strongest force with just over
30% of all seats. Meanwhile, the Environmentalists, who lost 10 seats, but their 63 are still enough for another coalition with the Centrist Union. After a few short weeks of discussions, they have announced their plans for the new legislature; including plans to continue with Esportivan cooperation, take a slightly tougher stance on international concerns, and to create the legal framework to send elected representatives to the Esportivan Union.

Before we look at the new cabinet, it’s worth talking about the three opposition parties. New opposition leader is Conservative South Newlandia, who nearly doubled their vote count to gain 72 seats; making them the second-strongest party in the new parliament. It is speculated that some South Newlandians believe that the government has been too soft on international issues, and should be careful completely opening up to all the Esportivan Union has to offer. Some believe this has gone too far under Freeman. Additionally, CSN successfully made the abolished prisons a central talking point; but the controversial law to abolish them entirely will likely remain in effect.
Meanwhile, the big loser of the election was the Socialist Party, who got nearly chopped in half; they struggled to gain support for their economic ideas in the new pro-EU environment. The LPP remains outside of making a noticeable dent, but they did increase their share slightly.


The re-elected Nia Freeman has announced the new cabinet, and while she herself, Guerra, Stark, Doric and Jacobs
of the CU and Wise, Schultz, Fuller and Bell of the GEP kept their respective ministries, there were a few notable
movements. Todd Dragonovic, former Minister of Law, succeeds Holly Murphy as Minister of the Interior; Dragonovic
himself will be replaced by Andreas Zugberg. Additionally, the CU gained two new ministries; the formerly GEP-held
Ministry of Health will be the domain of Anja Clemente, while Alexander Wu becomes the first Minister of Opposing
Tumbran annexation of the Northlands, the newly established ministry.

For obvious reasons, it is not expected to be permanent through future governments; but it is part of the new
slightly tougher line of the South Newlandian government on the issue. Wu, in his first press conference, stated
that “the Northlands are not Tumbra, and attempts to take it by force will be met with strongly worded letters in
the short term and discussions of potential sanctions in the long term”.

Meanwhile, the GEP had movement themselves as well; the formerly CU-held Ministry of Education will be headed
by Sophie Benoit, while Mia Lefant replaces Max Nunez as Minister of the Environment.
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Postby Sylestone » Fri Nov 19, 2021 12:18 am

Sylestone Squad for EspoT20 II

Following last year’s success in the inaugural EspoT20 on home soil, a T20 cricket competition played between many of the upcoming cricketing nations in Esportiva, Sylestone’s Hawthorns will be back and raring to go in order to successfully defend their title in South Newlandia for the Esportivan Sporting Festival, which includes the 31st Campionato Esportiva, the second EspoT20, and tournaments for basketball, ice hockey, baseball and gridiron. However, due to the current ongoing test series in Bollonich, many of the best cricketers in the nation will not be participating in the tournament. Although some names - notably Liam Afosha and Lachlan Cocrine - will still be in the squad as the respective captain and vice-captains, pretty much everyone else has little or no T20I caps to their name, and were selected following commanding performances in the most recent edition of the Crash n’ Smash. However, despite this disadvantage, the Hawthorns still appear one of the favourites to take out the title, even though the eight-ranked Damukuni have joined for this edition and Ethane are also participating. This is also partly due to many other nations having their best players away playing tests, though, with the Licentian Isles already confirming a second-string side, while the Grearish Union may have to do the same.




Name				Age		Gender		Batting Hand	Bowling Style		Domestic Franchises
(+) Yash Ubuni 35 M RHB N/A Avondale Knights Image
Brianna Eastwood 20 F RHB ROS Scorching Hot Dodle Image
Lachlan Edwards 20 M RHB RLS Chamberley Giants Image; Manta Islanders Image
Edward Cunningham 28 M RHB RM Betham Dogs Image

Despite the obvious absence of Luke Tiati and Simon Monteane at the top of the order, these four opening batters are still certainly up there amongst the best in Esportiva, with Brianna Eastwood and Edward Cunningham coming off crash-hot form in the Crash n’ Smash, while Yash Ubuni and Lachlan Edwards have each played the shortest format of the game for Sylestone previously. Ubuni and Eastwood appear likely to be selected for the opening match against Natanians and Nosts, with the former likely to go from ball one, while the latter is more likely to settle into her innings. Edwards and Cunningham also have a similar batting style to Eastwood, but are not in as supreme touch as she is, hence the reason why she has got the nod over them.
Ubuni will also be the backup wicketkeeper, putting on the gloves whenever Ashton Stealom isn’t playing, while Edwards’ flat, accurate leg-spinners will be useful if he gets a game. Eastwood’s off-spin and Cunningham’s medium-pace won’t be used as much, bur both are still capable bowlers if the need arises.


Name				Age		Gender		Batting Hand	Bowling Style		Domestic Franchises
(vc) Lachlan Cocrine 25 M RHB ROS Chamberley Giants Image
Brock Westleford 26 M LHB LOS Cleorough Devils Image
(+) Ashton Stealom 29 M RHB N/A Cleorough Devils Image
Sean Lake 31 M RHB RM Scorching Hot Dodle Image
Peter Lenton 33 M RHB RM Dunkirk Rovers Image
Peter Longlege 20 M LHB LOS Dunkirk Rovers Image

Looking back on it, it’s amazing that only three of these players have earned T20I caps for Sylestone in the past. Lachlan Cocrine is an obvious pick for the side, and will be taking the vice-captain mantle despite still only being tender-aged, at 25. His international T20 batting average of 44.26 and strike rate of 168.20 must be maintained if Sylestone are going to have a shot at their second Espo title and while neither Sean Lake or Peter Lenton are expected to join him in the lineup against Natanians and Nosts, their international experience will be more than handy. Ashton Stealom will be taking the gloves and is likely to fulfil a spot down the order where he can play an aggressive role towards the end of an innings, while Brock Westleford will be hoping to continue his superb form with the Cleorough Devils on his debut for the island nation.
As for bowling, only one or two of these players can really be called upon to bowl an over or two a match, and often only as a last resort with the score 1-200 from 12 overs or something. If Peter Longlege gets a game, his tight left-arm offies may be of use, particularly early on in and innings, while Peter Lenton’s medium-pace has garnered wickets before, too. None of the other players, though, are likely to be called upon at any stage to bowl.


Name				Age		Gender		Batting Hand	Bowling Style		Domestic Franchises
(c) Liam Afosha 29 M RHB ROS Chamberley Giants Image
Samuel Cross 21 M RHB RFM Pesfield Wasps Image
Caitlyn Freehill 22 F LHB LMF Avondale Knights Image

After turning down the offer to play in Bollonich for the test series, Liam Afosha has taken up the opportunity to captain the Sylestonean side to the EspoT20, with a wealth of experience and a calm head making him an obvious candidate. His capabilities to control a run-chase, to hit out when needed, and to bowl useful off-spin makes him one of the most talented players in the side, let alone arguably the most experienced. In the all-rounders section of the squad, he will be joined by young quicks Samuel Cross and Caitlyn Freehill, with both coming off commanding seasons with the bat and ball to assure themselves of a spot in this lineup. Cross’s death bowling is certainly a handful and if Freehill gets a game, her ability to bowl two or three useful overs in a row alongside solid top-order batting will not be underused.


Name				Age		Gender		Batting Hand	Bowling Style		Domestic Franchises
Leo Codrington 25 M RHB RF Halpenley Lightning Image
Kate Sonnel 16 F RHB RLS Cleorough Devils Image
Nathan Norwell 24 M LHB RMF Cleorough Devils Image
Georgia Haines 29 F RHB RLS Avondale Knights Image
Milan Poci 30 M RHB RLS Dunkirk Rovers Image
Ross Amitt 29 M RHB RMF Scorching Hot Dodle Image

Which leaves us with the bowlers. With all the first-choice bowlers away on test duty, this EspoT20 will help the national selectors see who is able to step up on the big stage and make their way into the first-choice lineup if an injury occurs, or someone is out of form. Leo Codrington will lead the bowling lineup and despite his short stature, is still a prolific wicket-taker. He appears likely to open the bowling with the outswing of Nathan Norwell, while 16-year-old Kate Sonnel has somehow placed herself in a position to play in the opening game against Natanians and Nosts, with her wily leg-spinners taking wicket after wicket during the Crash n’ Smash for champions Cleorough Devils, with her economy rate also sublime. She will also be joined by the more experienced leg-spinners in Georgia Haines and Milan Poci, while Ross Amitt, a surprise selection in the side, will round out the squad following some excellent death bowling in the Crash n’ Smash, with a myriad of slower balls and cutters keeping the batter on their toes at all times.


Liam Afosha: 24 matches. 463 runs @ 42.09, SR 142.02, HS 54*, 2 50s, 0 100s. 15 wickets @ 42.07, economy 7.77, SR 32.47, BBI 4-23, 1 4-fors.
Ross Amitt: On debut.
Lachlan Cocrine: 24 matches. 841 runs @ 44.26, SR 168.20, HS 104*, 7 50s, 1 100s.
Leo Codrington: On debut.
Samuel Cross: On debut.
Edward Cunningham: On debut.
Brianna Eastwood: On debut.
Lachlan Edwards: 3 matches. 23 runs @ 11.5, SR 135.29, HS 12*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 1 wickets @ 14.00, economy 6.00, SR 14.00, BBI 1-14, 0 4-fors.
Caitlyn Freehill: On debut.
Georgia Haines: 1 match. 0 wickets @ N/A, economy 11.67, SR N/A, BBI 0-35, 0 4-fors.
Sean Lake: 1 match. 7 runs @ 7.00, SR 116.67, HS 7, 0 50s, 0 100s.
Peter Lenton: 7 matches. 55 runs @ 27.50, SR 110.00, HS 15, 0 50s, 0 100s.
Peter Longlege: On debut.
Nathan Norwell: On debut.
Kate Sonnel: On debut.
Ashton Stealom: On debut.
Yash Ubuni: 1 matches. 8 runs @ 8.00, SR 100.00, HS 8, 0 50s, 0 100s.
Brock Westleford: On debut.
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Cricket: ODI WT II semifinalists, EspoT20 I champions
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Postby Burgburgh » Fri Nov 19, 2021 1:53 am

And lo, the Burgeoisie decided to enter the Campionato once more. And the football was good.

Burgburgh sits on a high, dry, sun-baked plateau where only the hardiest vegetation survives. As a result their economy revolves around livestock, leveraging animals that can take the barest inputs and produce something of value. The ranchers of the nation are hardy and determined, and that extends past their work to their favored pastime--the sport of football.

Style: 0
Patience is the name of the game in Burgeoisie football. A forced play is a counterattack waiting to happen; weigh the risks and the rewards and behave accordingly. And, of course, a workmanlike dedication to due diligence. You'll never catch any of the Ranchers failing to cover their tracks or fall back as the situation calls for. A lack of ambition might be the undoing of the team were it not for the excellent synergy between Cándido Samuel and the strikers, both of whom ensure that when Samuel spies a golden opportunity it's pounced upon and—at the very least—the opposing goalkeeper is put to test.

MNG - Lukas Benoit - Former manager of Burga and the winningest manager of FBL history. Has been with the NT in an advisory capacity for several cycles but is finally taking up full control.
ASS - Arina Northrop - The de facto manager of previous cycles, feeling scorned by the FBL as her lack of official title meant they could hand it over to Lukas without technically demoting her.

GK - Levi Odell - Burga - Foreman at one of the Burgburgh's few, and very valuable, hops farms. Likes to leave a bitter taste in the mouths of opposing strikers.
LB - Jojo Gärtner - Burgtopia FC - One of the city-based rooftop ranchers. Watches too much anime and strikes stupid poses after doing something mildly noteworthy.
CB - Anacleto Torres - Los Burgeles FC - Dairy specialist, whole division. Has a viscous stare.
CB - Carmen Batista - Burgburgh Royale - Long-haul truck driver that negotiated routes that takes them to wherever matches are happening. Incredible stamina.
RB - Cailin Walker - Burgerdam FC - Irrigation engineer. Great at cutting off routes.
LM - Erick Honeycutt - Burgham Bulls - Beekeeper. Swift as a bee and stings like a bee.
CM - Patty McNamara - Burg City Excelsior - Safety inspector that handles the nation’s largest ranches. Tireless and sharp-eyed.
CM - Cándido Samuel - Burgopoli SC - Procurement specialist for a conglomerate of fast food chains. Distribution specialist for the team.
RM - Johnathan Rockford - AFC Hamburg - Speciously wealthy city-dweller with no apparent job other than playing football, which he's admittedly quite good at.
ST - “Sunshine” Lewin - Burg City Excelsior - Greenhouse engineer. Tends to take overly optimistic shots.
ST - Celeste Forester - Burga - Soil quality scientist. Adapts to poor pitch conditions very quickly.

GK - Rebeccah Ledford
XB - Bennett Courtenay
XB - Efraín Habich
XB - Trenton Salinas
XM - Nikolay Schuhmacher
XM - Riley Wirnhier
XM - Francisco del Olmo
ST - Buster McDavid
ST - Spring Blakely

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
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Postby Tumbra » Fri Nov 19, 2021 12:08 pm


The first forty seconds of this clip play, as the theme of this show.

Dan Jacobs: Good evening. Two months of campaigning are almost over, and the twists and turns of an election campaign are nearly over. Kenneth Everett's Labour Party came into this election seeking a third term, and the entire nation awaits the decision its people have made. Welcome, one and all, to Election Night on the Tumbran Broadcasting Corporation; where we'll be bringing you the results live; beginning with our exit poll when the polls close in five minutes time. With me is the TBC's Chief Political Correspondent, Jessica Pryce; she'll be bringing us analysis of the results and the larger story.

Jessica Pryce: The election was largely dominated by the issue of the economy; amongst other things, a ten cent rise in the income tax that would be utilised to pay for an increase in the education budget, and other facets of the taxation regime that Tumbra has. But foreign policy overtook that issue in the last week or so, with South Newlandia's aggressive rhetoric against the Tumbran expansion into the Northlands; and Tumbra's further relationship with the Esportivan Union came under the spotlight as well. It'll be interesting to see how this sways the vote, if there's any effect on it and all.

Dan Jacobs: Joining her around the round table will be Professor Stephen Brown of the University of Nantwich, who will be providing more in-depth coverage of the results; bringing us through how people voted and why.

Prof. Stephen Brown: The polls have shown that Labour have held a lead throughout the parliamentary term and the election campaign, even though they were hurt by the defections and the country's image has suffered somewhat due to the Northlands; but I wouldn't be surprised if the polls this time are accurate — they were, last time.

Dan Jacobs: In our Magic Room, where we'll be able to bring the election to life through the use of graphics, swingometers and the like, stands Will Byrne.

Will Byrne: This map I'm standing on shows how Tumbra voted last time. A sea of red, with much less blue and dark green, and blotches of green and yellow. A majority of a hundred and thirty-two was the final result.

(The map of Tumbra goes grey)

Will Byrne: How will Tumbra vote this time?

Dan Jacobs: And sitting around a parlour booth of his own, may I say, is David Vance. He'll be entertaining a collection of guests throughout the night — politicians to be, former politicians, ministers and commentators alike. And we'll be hoping he gets some answers to the questions he'll be putting to them.

David Vance: Joining me tonight up here, now, is the Minister for Education Emma Chambers from her count in Gillman; and here in the studio, former Liberal cabinet minister John Murray, along with former Moderate Party leader David Chandler. And we'll be welcoming more guests throughout the night, as I try to find out more about what the politicians think — if they're thinking anything at all.

Dan Jacobs: But the first thing on election night is the exit poll; the final poll, conducted throughout today from the moment the booths opened at eight a.m. for the TBC, ITN and Aurora. We asked more than thirty thousand people how they voted; and this will be our projection of how the night will go. Sometimes it's accurate; sometimes, like in 1996, it's been very wrong.

I will add, that if you find yourself in line at a polling station when the clocks strike ten, stay in line and you will be given your chance to vote.

Here it is, then; Professor Brown, any last comments?

Prof. Stephen Brown: I think we're going to see a reduced majority for Labour; certainly it'll be difficult for them to hit the 132 from last election. There's been quite a bit of goodwill from 2021 that's gone now, what with the EU, the rising costs of living and the end of coal power in Tumbra. I think we're going to see a third Labour government, with a substantially reduced majority; the Liberals didn't put their case to the country strongly enough, and they're mainly looking to recover, anyway. The Prime Minister's personal popularity will be a big part of why Labour wins this election.

Dan Jacobs: Well, ten o'clock, and here it is.


We are saying that Labour have won a third term in office, but with a smaller majority than they did last time; while the Liberals will gain about forty seats to end the night on two hundred and thirty-three. Keep in mind, however, that this is just an exit poll, and there will definitely be a range of outcomes for the exit poll, but this is our central forecast.


Prof. Stephen Brown: I think the exit poll largely falls in line with our expectations; though my personal guess would be that Labour will end up winning around three hundred and sixty seats, rather than the three hundred and fifty-three predicted here. What I'm more interested in, however, is how the minor parties will fare tonight.

Dan Jacobs: I think that'll come up on screen soon; there we go.


Dan Jacobs: Before your analysis, Professor, I think we should note that the seat changes here; your minuses, your plusses, they're taken from the number of seats each party had at the end of the last Parliament. Normally we wouldn't do this, but with the sheer number of new parties that emerged throughout the 47th Parliament, it's easier, we think, for everyone to follow.

Prof. Stephen Brown: If we look at the Labour number here, it only shows them losing fifteen seats; but if we took it from the last election, this would be them losing thirty-six seats. It's quite a large loss, though with their cushion of a majority it won't be much water off the Prime Minister's back. What I think is the main story, here, however, are the minuses from the smaller parties; you see the Moderates losing ten seats, the Progressives eighteen, and the New Democrats might lose their entire Parliamentary contingent. I expected similar losses, though not to this scale; I think it's because they didn't manage to make themselves heard enough.

Jessica Pryce: With all the new parties that sprung up during this term, I think the average voter would be hard-pressed to focus on all the new parties; in seats like, say, Nantwich North, for example, they've always voted Labour until their MP defected to the Progressives; so I think this is more of a regression to the mean. The Moderates; we've known that they've struggled to get their own voice heard as well, and the NDP have struggled to fit in in Tumbra's political landscape. Add the Prime Minister's popularity; and you've got a recipe for a third term.

Dan Jacobs: It's interesting, I think, because the Prime Minister himself was hinting at resigning midway through this term; he didn't make any firm commitments about whether he'd finish out the full term of four years. It'll be something Labour have to deal with sometime down the line; he is, after all, their biggest electoral asset. We asked voters today, as well, questions about the two main candidates running for Prime Minister; though of course people don't elect the Prime Minister directly.


Dan Jacobs: In both cases the Prime Minister recorded a big gulf over Peter Lindner, the Leader of the Opposition.

Jessica Pryce: I'd be inclined to take both these polls with a pinch of salt; we're always listening to the Prime Minister, seeing the PM, plus he gets the benefit of incumbency; so we can see how he's performing. What I think Lindner's result tells us, however, is how little he's known to the general public; a problem the Liberals have had for their last three Opposition leaders now. Geoffrey Osbourne, Anne Monteiro, Peter Lindner, all struggled with getting known; they were popular amongst the parliamentary caucus, but less so amongst the public. And I think it's the gulf between the name recognition that's gotten this; voters don't know who the Leader of the Opposition is, they see the Tumbran economy as doing "fine", and so they're going to rank Labour higher than the Liberals or the Nationals.

Prof. Stephen Brown: Voters saw no reason for a change, and therefore they've stuck with Everett, whom they know.

Dan Jacobs: We'll be going over now to David Vance to get reactions from the politicians to our exit poll.

TUMBRA vs EAST MURBLEY — Campionato Esportiva 31, Matchday 1

Starters: 1 - Lennon; 18 - Hindley, 4 - Ashburn, 14 - Kerr, 19 - Harris; 6 - Hicks, 8 - Harrison, 10 - Cole; 7 - Hilton, 9 - Vaughn; 11 - Riordan

Bench: 12 - Johnson, 13 - Jones; 2 - Hughes, 3 - Carter, 5 - Henderson, 20 - Moore; 15 - McGrath, 16 - Morgan, 23 - Burnet; 17 - Wells, 21 - Crossley; 22 - Erskine
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Tumbra - a sprawling, modern federal democratic republic located in Esportiva. Strong economy, strong civil rights, strong freedoms.
Population: 114 million | TLA: TMB | Capital City: Straton | Largest City: Couno
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Postby Burgburgh » Fri Nov 19, 2021 5:13 pm

Minutes from the 124th Special Convening of the Heads of Government, “On the Matter of the Esportivan Union.” Held in the provincial quarters of Grand Duke Arburg this Thursday the Tenth of May, 762.

Dignitaries in attendance:
His Eminence Grand Duke Arburg, twelfth of his line.
Nicole Bartram, Primero Ranchero and chair of the Conservationists.
Lana Hidalgo, chair of the Ranchers’ Collective.
Herman Dulles, chair of Our Land.

Dignitaries in absence:
Zachary Blake, chair of Demolitionists.
Stephanie Chalms, chair of Liberty First.

Dignitaries of parties without a seat in parliament are not invited to Special Conventions.

Arburg My sincere thanks to you all for arriving on such short notice. The absent have sent notes detailing their positions on today’s agenda that will be brought up as appropriate by scrivener Reyes. They have also expressed disappointment in their inability to attend, no doubt knowing Reyes is not likely to pass on the dogmatic fervor they were written with.”

Reyes My job is to state their arguments, not make them.

Arburg Naturally. Now, to business. I shall put the first, and largest, question bluntly: Shall we contemplate joining the Esportivan Union?

Dulles I know my objections shall fall on deaf ears in a room of cooperativists, but I nonetheless am obligated to state the simple truth that engaging in such a union will serve no greater purpose than to debase the Burgeoise state and people. For hundreds of years we have fruitfully milked life from the teat of a parched land and there is no reason to believe we cannot continue this state of affairs for hundreds more. Allowing faceless bodies filled with foreigners clueless to our plight to alter our policies can only serve to introduce problems where none were before.

Hidalgo True to form, your simple truths are nothing but the self-convinced lies of a delusionional isolationist. Cooperation and trade with Esportiva at large has been a core sector of our economy for decades—the era where the Burgeoise economy has expanded at rates previously thought impossible given our resources—as well as a thoroughly metropolitan turn in culture at large that has yet to destroy all sense of traditional values in spite your demagoguing. Entrance into the Esportivan Union will give us untold opportunities to raise the tide that will carry all boats. We also have a duty to support the revolution across the region, both through putting more weight behind fellow left-wing assembly members and utilizing the organizational might of the economic bodies to the ends of mutual aid.

Bartram While there are obvious disagreements between us in the specific subject matters, we agree that having a voice in the assembly is a requirement even when solely focused on the matters of Burgburgh’s internal affairs. Our climate is already incredibly fragile; the amount of change the system could handle before a catastrophic collapse that threatens our entire way of life is depressingly small. Ensuring that our advocacy for sustainable practices in all walks of life can reach as many legislatures as possible is an inarguable requirement for the future of our people. That membership would facilitate an economic boom from the easing of trade channels with many major partners makes it a particularly easy sell to anyone with even a passing self-interest.

Reyes Blake, unsurprisingly, is not eager to lend his cooperation to nations that are even more heavily urbanized and run by elites than our fair locale. He casts a nay. Chalms is worried of the potential of civil liberties being curtailed as a result of Union lawmaking that could leave us in a compromising position of needing to oppress our own peoples as we are held hostage for the economic benefits that would otherwise be revoked. However, she relents that it is unlikely any major personal infringements reaches quorum any time soon while the economic freedoms afforded from membership would be immediate and major. She casts an aye.

Arburg One vote for, one vote against. Please present your formal position.

Dulles Nay.

Hidalgo Aye.

Bartram Aye.

Arburg The ayes have it. A referendum on the matter of joining the Esportivan Union will be drafted and distributed to the people. With that decided, the agenda expands considerably. Membership in the Council and Assembly are non-negotiable, so there is no matter to discuss there until our application is confirmed and delegates must be selected. Therefore we shall move on to discussing the merits of the Esportivan Courts of Justice.

Bartram The mere act of passing climate-preserving environmental regulations means nothing if member states are free to shirk their responsibilities without consequence. It is squarely within our duty to protect what is ours to ensure as many outside our borders comply as do inside.

Dulles It is just as preposterous to think that we have any right to meddle in the justice system of other nations as it is to think other nations should dictate our own. An international court enforcing laws in such a fashion is a travesty to national sovereignty and I cannot abide with our government assenting to such an invasion by participating in it.

Hidalgo While I am not as axiomatically opposed to the concept as Dulles, I do believe it’s in the best interest of each nation’s revolution to handle their matters of justice individually to ensure timely and efficient applications of the people’s will. By lending our resources we provide a stable platform for them to effectively operate off of, and they do the same in return for us.

Reyes Blake does not assent to a jury of Esportiva’s urban elite. Justice should be meted out by the community directly affected by it, at a community level, so it’s a nay. Chalms abstained.

Arburg One against. Votes, please.

Bartram Aye.

Dulles Nay.

Hidalgo Nay.

Arburg One for, three against. We shall not participate in the Esportivan Courts of Justice. Then, onto the Esportivan Central Bank and the possibility of replacing the Spear with the Espo.

Dulles Surely none of you are seriously considering this? Abandoning the Spear would lead to riots in the streets and a complete defanging of our own capacity to control internal monetary policy. The risks of an extensively-spending central governing body inflating our currency out of control and tanking the ability of Burgeoise to buy basic necessities with no recourse more than a shout in a chamber is unacceptable.

Hidalgo We see merits in the idea of a shared currency, but simply cannot justify the effort of implementing and restabilizing the economy around such a massive change when that time and energy could be spent on more pressing concerns. Things have to be going much better to consider this an initiative worthy of being undertaken.

Bartram Sounds like we all finally agree on something. There are no concerns that warrant us dropping the Spear, and few benefits to adopting the Espo. I think it is safe to say that’s nays across the board.

Reyes Not quite. Blake advocated for it, reasoning that by reducing the amounts of currencies in circulation it would be easier to complete the end goal of eliminating all currencies and putting an end to the modern concept of capitalism. Chalms dismissed it out of hand, as further centralization of economic policy will chafe at Burgeoise business.

Arburg One for, four against. The Central Bank and the Espo will remain outside our borders. Onto the Esportivan Economic Development Association.

Bartram This is clearly the big selling point for most of us, and I daresay we can lump the Free Trade Association in with this as a clear good to the Burgeoise people and economy.

Hidalgo While I am loath to praise the idea of greasing the wheels of commerce, even in an ideal commune we would not have everything needed to be fully self-sufficient. Smoothening the process of filling in those gaps from trusted neighbors is doubtlessly the best way to supplement ourselves.

Dulles My fellows would normally go on about protectionism and the critical value of tariffs in political gamesmanship, but I am no fool incapable of reading a graph. Tariffs simply do not achieve their stated goals and only serve to harm everyone involved. Breaking down these barriers to trade will be naught but a boon for our industries.

Reyes Blake votes nay to both, citing various concerns over incentivizing the import of products of diseased factory cities. Chalms exhibits reservations over the EDA and by it the Assembly’s power to regulate Burgeoise business practices, but still votes aye to both.

Arburg A resounding affirmative, unsurprisingly. Application into the Economic Development Association and Free Trade Association are thus a given. Perhaps a more contentious point: The Esportivan Defense Bloc?

Dulles Hogwash. We hardly spend enough to call ourselves adequately defended, who could think we could spare strength to protect others? What have they done to deserve our protection? We have no obligation but to look out for our own, and until we ratchet up funding in that department even the idea of this proposal is laughable.

Hidalgo Brothers and sisters in arms are bonds forged in steel. If we are truly to become a member of the international community, that means showing a willingness to put our lives on the line for those who would do the same in our time of need. Reaping the benefits of shuffling capital around while not having the moxie to stand and fight for what is right is a level of cowardice I dare not think ourselves capable of.

Bartram The jingoism of past eras is just that—in the past. Esportiva is no longer under threat of the capricious whims of Gregory or the Corvidae. Should the Brenecians or Tumbrans begin to fall out of line, they are Union members and can be suitably pressured into cowing via diplomatic means. There simply is no room to promote the military-industrial complex in modern society without promoting its use, and I cannot condone such a thing.

Reyes Blake is opposed, as modern armies effectively operate out of mobile cities while at the beck and call of capital-based elites and corporate overlords. Chalms is opposed simply on the matter of minding our own business. I didn’t even paraphrase that, that’s literally what she wrote.

Arburg Votes?

Dulles Nay.

Hidalgo Yay.

Bartram Nay.

Arburg Four to one, the Defense Block is turned down. Next—right, we already did the Free Trade Association. The Foreign Aid Commision, then.

Dulles Nay.

Hidalgo Yay.

Bartram discussion on this one then? I suppose both your answers are self-explanatory. I am unsure of how much we can realistically budget for such efforts on the thin margins we run, but scraping whatever help we can to help the disaster-struck will always be worth some good PR. Mark me as aye.

Reyes Blake is… approving, actually. I had to read that again to make sure. Yes, he says that many of the worst affected in such disasters are those without the power to change their situation—even for city dwellers, the ones trapped in a warzone are those unable to afford to leave and thus cannot be held accountable for their presence as such. Which means they are, indeed, deserving of aid. Chalms predictably votes nay.

Arburg Color me surprised. Three for and two against, we shall be considering the Foreign Aid Commision as a part of the docket. And now, finally, we have the Esportivan Energy Commission.

Bartram Our bounties in renewable energies, both wind and solar, are often quite literally going to waste. As battery technology continually fails to catch up with the rest of the sector we have dozens of stations turned off to avoid overloading the grid compared to the comparatively miniscule draw our cities sip versus the megalopolises our neighbors harbor. It makes economic sense to hook ourselves into the region to sell off excess energy, it makes environmental sense to wean fossil-fuel reliant countries away with our cheap renewables, and it makes moral sense to put ourselves in a position of power to press others to make the jump to renewables as grids get overhauled and upgraded to make way for an interconnected system.

Hidalgo Well said. I have no objections on the matter—all of these concerns are not a particularly high priority on my agenda, but it is apparent we are needlessly leaving resources on the table and this is a straightforward and fruitful way to rectify that.

Dulles Don’t be fooled by that green, flowery rhetoric. International and especially intercontinental power transfer is an absurdly difficult and expensive endeavour and it is foolhardy to think anyone will come out ahead by investing in a moneypit. If we have an excess of power, we can find ways to utilize it for the good of the Burgeoise within our borders.

Reyes Blake waxes on for quite a long time about how such an overwrought power grid is only required by the excess of cities and that a small-scale, robust one is all that is truly needed. So that’s a nay. Chalms once again abstains.

Arburg Particularly interesting points all around on this matter! Votes, please.

Bartram Aye.

Hidalgo Aye.

Dulles Nay.

Arburg My my, a two-all draw. Hopefully we shall see better results than that in the upcoming Campionato! I feel secure breaking it by virtue of the Conservationists being the controlling party, and thus the Energy Commission box will be ticked in our hypothetical application. Thank you all for your time.

Reyes This meeting, the 124th Special Convening of the Heads of Government, is now adjourned.

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Postby Super-Llamaland » Sat Nov 20, 2021 1:15 am


If WBC51 was two steps forwards for Isaac Oladipo's daring new Heartball project, then WBC52 was undoubtedly one step back, as the Tigers fell at the first hurdle to a Delaclava team that would suspend its participation in international baseball just weeks after knocking Heartball out. And while the IBS doesn't mean much at all, it was still disheartening to see Buck Fuchs' kids slump to a group stage exit (were they better when they were 11?). Ahead of what could be a pivotal WBC53 in Tigers history (Oladipo's contract runs out soon), the CE Baseball Championship offers a way to get some momentum going.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes, within reason (justify any discrepancies from the below lineups if possible)
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: TG for approval
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I determine the severity
Godmod injuries to my players: TG for approval
Eject my players: TG for approval (Llamaneans really don’t get ejected often)
Godmod other events: TG for approval
Use DH at home: Yes

NICKNAMES: The Tigers (official), The Cubs (unofficial)
MANAGER: Isaac Oladipo (Banija), 58
RANK: 16
Home Stadium: Tyler Rocke Memorial (43,500) in downtown New Llama City, former host of the WBC30 finals, as well as a number of Baseball Club Championships matches. Home to the New Llama Wizards.

Credit: No Nonsense Sportswear, Filindostan

Hit a home run: Brünhild Gunnlaugson, Gabriel Acosta, Miranda Gray
Hit a double: Summer Huang, Miranda Gray, Brünhild Gunnlaugson
Get a clutch hit: Miranda Gray, Summer Huang, Trevor Mikkelson-Yao
Strike out: Derrick Armstrong, Lily Scutaro, Gabriel Acosta
Draw a walk: Miranda Gray, Noah Slater, Tyson Long
Steal a base: Summer Huang, Will Rentería, Lily Scutaro
Get caught stealing: Miles Villeneuve, Trevor Mikkelson-Yao, Summer Huang
Make a great defensive play: Summer Huang, Derrick Armstrong, Lily Scutaro, Trevor Mikkelson-Yao, Miranda Gray
Commit an error: Tyson Long (although it’s still unlikely)
Get Ejected / Start a Fight: literally nobody

Derrick ARMSTRONG, #1, 31, C-1B, S/R - Apple Valley Vipers
Emery WU, #12, 27, SS-2B-CF, S/S - Apple Valley Vipers
Miranda GRAY, #33, 28, 3B-LF-RF, R/R - Emerald City Greens
Summer HUANG, #6, 30, SS-2B-CF, S/S - New Llama Wizards
Gabriel ACOSTA, #10, 29, 1B-RF, L/L - Masmow Dragons (South Newlandia)

Noah SLATER, #16, 30, C-1B, S/L - Vargas City Lions
Miles VILLENEUVE, #18, 24, SS/2B, S/R - South Bryant Chariots
Rachel ESTRADA, #34, 23, UTIL, S/R - Vargas City Lions
Alana GONZALEZ, #93, 28, 3B/1B, R/R - Peninsulara Kingfishers

Starting catcher Derrick Armstrong takes after his ex-manager on defense, but unfortunately, nowhere else. He has a cannon for an arm, a natural instinct for framing pitches, a supernatural ability to calm down struggling pitchers, and a .224 career batting average in the LBL. While his power makes him a threat at the bottom of the lineup, his free-swinging tendencies make him one that’s easily dealt with. Corner infielder (and occasionally outfielder) Gabriel Acosta, expected to start at first, is one of the few traditional sluggers on the team. And while he also struggles with plate discipline, he distinguished himself from other potential starters by his defensive prowess and versatility. Emery Wu is a patient, doubles-hitting middle infielder with a sweet stroke and good range, who's really found some pop over the past few years. Summer Huang covers an incredible amount of ground in the field, whether she’s at shortstop, second base, or center-field. With a bat in her hands, she’s an incredibly effective - if overly aggressive - contact-hitter with doubles power and strong baserunning instincts. The Wizards recently shelled out a record-setting contract to her in free agency, infuriating the small-market South Bryant Chariots. Finally, Miranda Gray at third is one of the most disciplined hitters on the team, and an underrated defender at the hot corner - although her bland personality and small-market team make her less of a hot commodity than the other starters. Maybe a recent move to Emerald City will turn things around for her?

Off the bench, Noah Slater offers a stronger, more patient bat at the expense of lacking Armstrong’s finesse behind the plate. Former Next Big Thing Miles Villeneuve, Summer Huang’s heir apparent at South Bryant, is an incredibly effective contact-hitter with enough plate discipline and power to get by, as well as a flashy - if not particularly effective - defender. Rachel Estrada is a jack-of-all-trades utilityman who, while not the greatest hitter who could’ve filled up the bench, is definitely the most versatile and the best teammate. Finally, Alana Gonzalez is a poor defender at third, which has seen her be forced into playing at first for her club, but her plate discipline and power make her a threat, and she's famously good at pinch-hitting.

Brünhild GUNNLAUGSON, #52, 24, LF/RF, L/L - City of Dinschria
Lily SCUTARO, #11, 30, CF, R/R - Victoriaville Venom (Cassadaigua)
Trevor MIKKELSON-YAO, #27, 24, RF/CF, L/L - Vargas City Lions

Will RENTERÍA, #19, 28, LF/CF/RF, S/R - Rüsselsheim Blue Sox
Tyson LONG, #9, 27, LF/RF, S/R - Nikcoro Suns

Brünhild Gunnlaugson can absolutely rake, with absolutely once-in-a-generation power reminiscent of her uncle Isak, a WBC40 champion with the Tigers. She's also incredibly quick on the basepaths and is solid enough in the corners, although her lack of discipline may cost her at this level. Lily Scutaro is less polished in the batters’ box than your average LBL outfielder, and strikes out frequently. However, she makes up for it with supernatural instincts in center-field, where she’s won a Gold Glove in all three of her LBL seasons, and on the basepaths. Scutaro is also a surprisingly powerful hitter for her five-seven height. In right field, WBC rookie Trevor Mikkelson-Yao is an elite five-tool talent. In his second LBL season with Vargas City, Mikkelson-Yao became the youngest player to join the 30-30 club (thirty home runs and thirty stolen bases) in the past twenty years. He’s a bit of a free swinger, and his decision-making in right-field betrays his cannon arm and range sometimes, but the athleticism and talent are clearly there on both sides of the ball.

Tyson Long, a former first overall draft pick, has staked his case to be the Llamanean slugging outfielder. His plate discipline, long at-bats, and ability to hit to the opposite field have always defied his young age, but his in-game power has really caught up to his raw power recently in a breakout campaign where slugged forty-one home runs. Has been rumored to be up to no good in Quebec, which may or may not be related to his power surge, but is increasingly finding himself the odd man out in a stacked outfield. Meanwhile, Will Rentería is more of a specialist. A slap-hitter by nature, Rentería's weak bat is compensated for by his blazing-fast speed and defensive prowess. He'll most commonly feature as a pinch-runner or defensive substitution, while Long is a more natural long-term replacement for the other outfielders.

Note: For the playoffs, Oladipo will use a four-man rotation, with Jørgensen available out of the bullpen.
Isaac COLÓN, #50, 29, R - Vargas City Lions
Since his international debut at IBS11, Isaac Colón has been hyped up as a generational ace pitcher with talent in spades. Has this potential been reached? Well...yes and no. Colón lights up the radar gun with a triple-digit fastball, and his screwball and changeup both have incredible movement. He’s really matured lately as well and has become a silent killer in high-leverage situations. However, repeated injuries have limited his LBL effectiveness, and unless he can lead a deep playoff run, he’ll always fall short of the Zhengs and Masorkas of the past.
Kai SÖDERSTROM, #20, 29, L - New Llama Wizards
The understated second starter of the New Llama Wizards surprised many by throwing eight shutout innings in the President’s Cup finals, but Söderstrom has been a quietly excellent pitcher for far longer than that. The lanky lefty has a low-90s two-seam fastball with a lot of movement, which he mixes expertly with a strong curveball and an inconsistently controlled, but occasionally devastating, changeup. A paragon of focus and calm on the mound, Söderstrom is very difficult to rattle, but he has had troubles with the third time through the order in the past.
Savanna WLADECKI, #25, 26, L - South Falls Athletics
Rookie of the Year three seasons ago, Wladecki originally wasn’t supposed to be in the majors at all after being taken in the fourth round. But injuries forced her into Derrierton’s rotation, and although her fastball never rose above ninety miles an hour, extremely high spin and pinpoint accuracy ensured that even a relatively pedestrian-seeming fastball-slider-changeup combination was able to stymie hitters for her first few seasons in the LBL.
Solveig JØRGENSEN, #28, 21, R - Xingcheng Renaissance
A young fireballer who loves to mix high fastballs that top out in the high nineties with sharp, late-breaking shuutos down in the zone. Also mixes in a comically slow, looping 12-6 curveball to great effect. The next steps will be to improve her control and gain a better strategic feel for the game, but the stuff is absolutely in place for Jørgensen to become a star.

Note: these are their recommended roles, but most of these are elite Llamanean relievers and can fill other roles pretty well. In the Llamanean baseball leagues, roles tend to be flexible, but Oladipo will be more rigid in his bullpen management. Oladipo has eschewed the new-age "relief ace" for a traditional, ninth-inning closer. These are all OOC role descriptions; ICly, there is no distinction between relievers. Specialty pitches are marked with one asterisk (or two asterisks for emphasis).

Long Reliever: Simon CHU, #84, 23, R - South Falls Athletics - fastball, slider, curveball
Long Reliever: Morgan HEDEGAARD, #65, 28, L - Nikcoro Suns - cutter, changeup
Left-Handed Specialist: Courtney MIKKELSON, #38, 31, L - New Llama Wizards - fastball, sinker**, slider, changeup
Middle Reliever: Evangeline LU, #55, 26, R - Apple Valley Vipers - fastball, curveball, changeup
Middle Reliever: Anastasia ZHU, #59, 22, L, Malidridad Mariners - fastball*, slider*
Middle Reliever: Kris HEADLEY, #62, 30, R - Vargas City Lions - fastball, curveball, changeup
Middle Reliever: Eliza GUO, #48, 31, L - Nandaozhou Sharks - fastball*, slider*, changeup
Setup Reliever: Y.P. YING, #70, 28, L - Newport Dolphins - cutter*, curveball, changeup
Setup Reliever: Justin FRAZIER, #36, 30, R - Masmow Dragons - fastball, sinker*, knuckle curve*, changeup
Setup Reliever: Calisto GUTIERREZ, #41, 28, R - Nandaozhou Sharks - fastball**, slider*, changeup
Closer: Kennedy SCHUMACHER, #29, 29, L - New Llama Cyclones - fastball*, shuuto, slider, curveball*, changeup


1. CF Lily Scutaro (R)
2. SS Summer Huang (S)
3. LF Brünhild Gunnlaugson (L)/Tyson Long (S)
4. 1B Gabriel Acosta (L)
5. 3B Miranda Gray (R)
6. RF Trevor Mikkelson-Yao (L)
7. 2B Emery Wu (S)
8. Starting Pitcher
9. C Derrick Armstrong (S)
Against left-handed pitchers, Noah Slater will replace Gabriel Acosta at first and Tyson Long will replace Brünhild Gunnlaugson in left field.


1. CF Lily Scutaro (R)
2. SS Summer Huang (S)
3. LF Brünhild Gunnlaugson (L)
4. DH Noah Slater (S)
5. 1B Gabriel Acosta (L)
6. 3B Miranda Gray (R)
7. RF Trevor Mikkelson-Yao (L)
8. 2B Emery Wu (S)
9. C Derrick Armstrong (S)
Against left-handed pitchers, Noah Slater will move to 1B, Tyson Long to DH, and Will Rentería to LF.

Manager: Isaac OLADIPO, 58 (ex-Bench Coach, Banija NT)
Bench Coach: Jackson FELIZ, 50 (Manager, New Llama Cyclones)
Pitching Coach: Akena LWANGA, 47 (ex-Pitching Coach, WBBL)
Hitting Coach: Anthony SMITH-MILLER, 39 (ex-Hitting Coach, South Newlandia NT)
First-Base Coach: Marcos PEREYRA, 59 (First-Base Coach, South Falls Athletic)
Third-Base Coach: Melanie XIA, 50 (Third-Base Coach, Xingcheng Renaissance)
Bullpen Coach: Nicholas JENSEN, 46 (Pitching Coach, Kyrinson Cosmos)
Team Trainer: Jordan AMELIO, 51 (Trainer, Emerald City Greens)
Video Coordinator: Nora JUN, 42 (Video Coordinator, South Bryant Chariots)
Head Advance Scout: Alasan SENGHORE, 35 (Director of Scouting, New Llama Wizards)

Five-Time WBC Champions (28, 30, 31, 40, 42)
Three-Time WBC Runners-Up (29, 37, 41)
WBC Co-Host (30)

ALL-TIME WBC RECORD: 482 - 218 (68.9 Winning %)

WBC 23: 6-4, Third in Group Stage
WBC 24: 5-5, Fourth in Group Stage
WBC 25: 5-5, Third in Group Stage
WBC 26: 6-6, L 2-0 to Equestrian States in Ro24
WBC 27: 6-4, L 2-0 to Kriegersen in Ro16

WBC 28: 15-8, W 3-1 over The Royal Barangay in Finals
WBC 29: 14-9, L 3-2 to The Royal Barangay in Finals
WBC 30: 15-3, W 3-1 over Jeckland in Finals
WBC 31: 39-0, W 3-0 over Jeckland in Finals

WBC 32: 5-5, Third in Group Stage

WBC 34: 26-16, L 3-2 to Cosumar in Semifinals
WBC 35: 12-5, L 2-0 to The Great Pond in Ro16
WBC 36: 29-9, L 3-2 to Nova Anglicana in Quarterfinals
WBC 37: 31-17, L 4-2 to Schiltzberg in Finals
WBC 38: 23-6, L 2-1 to Ethane in Quarterfinals
WBC 39: 24-13, L 3-1 to West Phoenicia in Quarterfinals

WBC 40: 36-12, W 4-2 over Schiltzberg in Finals
WBC 41: 37-11, L 4-3 to Newmanistan in Finals
WBC 42: 35-13, W 4-1 over Darmen in Finals
WBC 43: 26-9, L 3-2 to Free Republics in Quarterfinals

WBC 49: 20-14, L 3-1 to Banija in Ro16
WBC 50: 20-15, L 3-2 to South Newlandia in Ro32
WBC 51: 25-16, L 3-0 to South Newlandia in QF
WBC 52: 22-13, L 3-2 to Delaclava in Ro32

#2 - 2B Max Danks (WBC23-WBC29)
#3 - C Michael Trabajen (WBC30-WBC32)
#4 - 2B Hector Rinaldi (WBC37-WBC43)
#5 - CF Megan Peterson (WBC28-WBC32)
#7 - 3B Alex Cameron (WBC23-WBC28)
#8 - C Sofia Rasmussen (WBC36-WBC43)
#13 - SP Justin Zheng (WBC36-WBC43)
#14 - SP Brittany Hendrickson (WBC28-WBC32)
#15 - SS Darren Bradley (WBC23-WBC28)
#17 - SP Axel Florentssen (WBC38-WBC41)
#21 - SP Genevieve Strauss (WBC43, WBC49-51)
#22 - SP Josva Reynolds (WBC31-32, WBC34)
#23 - SP AJ Rondout (WBC29-WBC32)
#24 - SS Markus Wright (WBC38-WBC43)
#26 - OF Tanya Ericsson (WBC34-WBC40)
#30 - RF Jake Earnest (WBC28-WBC32)
#31 - RP Tyler Brennaman (WBC30-WBC32)
#32 - RF Lucien Russo (WBC37-WBC43)
#35 - RF Owen Duffy (WBC34-WBC37)
#43 - SP Evan Masorka (WBC23-WBC29)
#44 - RP Nick Bowden (WBC23-WBC28)
#49 - SP Natalie Wu (WBC40-WBC43), SP-RP Drew Gilson (WBC28-WBC32)
#51 - RP Jason Van Dijk (WBC38-WBC43)

Thomas Yaft (WBC23-WBC25) - 16-14 (53.3%)
Joe McKenzie (WBC26-WBC28) - 27-18 (60.0%)
Chris Evans (WBC29-WBC32) - 73-17 (81.1%)
Alex Cameron (WBC34-WBC37) - 98-47 (67.6%)
Colin Nittledeen (WBC37-WBC39) - 78-36 (68.4%)
Laurent Mårtensson (WBC40-WBC43) - 134-45 (74.9%)
Sofia Rasmussen (WBC49) - 20-14 (58.8%)
Winston Yi (WBC50) - 20-15 (57.1%)
Isaac Oladipo (WBC51-?) - 47-29 (61.8%)
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World Cup Qualifiers (68, 70, 71, 74, 77-79), Esportivan Regional Champions (20), Cup of Harmony bronze medalists (68)

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Postby Brenecia » Sat Nov 20, 2021 6:35 pm


World Ranking:
Preferred Formation: 4-3-3
Backup Formations: 4-2-3-1
Style Modifier: 0
Home Stadium: Kingsgarden - a 58,000 all-seater in the capital of Rozelle.
Kit Supplier: ediraf
Nickname: the Patriots

After the failure of Sienna Fallon to get acceptable results in the World Cup - though far from her fault - she proved an easy scapegoat, and was axed. Derdriu Wright's in, and she's swept a number of veterans out the door to try and blood a new generation of talent. It's not going to be a Golden Age, but can they at least aim for, like, bronze?

Campionato Esportiva 14, 17, 19, 22 and 25 champions.
World Cup 80 champions.
Casaran round participation award.

Overall Record
428 wins - 127 draws - 144 losses
1419 scored - 811 conceded

Most Caps
187 - Mathis Woodgate
162 - Catherine Gryphon
157 - Catherine Purrington
148 - Lauren Cheney
126 - Orson Faulkner, Anaximander Scrivener
121 - Miriam Spitfire, Squire Trevelyan
119 - Ursula Rankin
118 - Gethin Quill
117 - Sam Allbeck, Corby Wheeler
112 - Isadora Cullen
108 - Brandon Duguid, Ceridwen Fletcher
103 - Roisin Carroll
100 - Elsie Drover, Niko Szubanski

Most Goals
67 - Ursula Rankin, Lauren Cheney
50 - Catherine Purrington
48 - Cheney Scherzer
43 - Kara Ciogach
39 - Squire Trevelyan

First Team and Tactics
The national pool is physical, disciplined and tough to break down, but lacks out-and-out goal threat after the international retirement of professional egomaniac Lauren Cheney. Brenecia will not be prolific, aiming mostly to break teams down in the centre of the park and spring quick counters down the flanks, but conscious of their predictability over the past years they'll try and dominate the midfield and possession more than they've done.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y*
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y**
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y***
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

* Carpenter and Caitiff take most free-kicks and corners; Caitiff takes penalties
** I'll have the final say on severity.
*** One per match without prior agreement.

Manager - Derdriu Wright - Age 51
Asst. Manager - Hendry Jackson - Age 46

An intelligent, well-read and softly-spoken woman, Wright likes a slightly more open style of play than her predecessors, but recognises that Brenecia's talents lie largely towards the back and will play to those strengths. She has high standards of her players and has been accused in the past of burning them out; will this translate well to international football's short stints and high turnover, or will she be unable to get her ideas across? Few expect her to revolutionise the game, but she's seen as a safe and unambitious pair of hands for the medium-term.

1 - GK - Anthea Finnan (Image Holdenberg City) - Age 30 - 6 caps, 2 clean sheets
Endearingly twitchy, and quick on her feet. Finnan's rise has been thoroughly deserved, and she's overcome a number of career setbacks to put herself in the driver's seat as a successor to Wright.

12 - GK - Tiarnan Cove (Image Rozelle) - Age 30 - 7 caps, 1 clean sheet
A modern goalkeeper, albeit one for whom height is his only weakness. Excellent with distribution and shot-stopping, and relishes going one-on-one with strikers.

20 - GK - Cairbre Dundalk (Image North Laithland) - Age 30 - 2 caps, 1 clean sheet
Despite being 5'8" - with all the weakness in the air that entails - Dundalk's made a name for himself as a brilliant reflex stopper who never lets errors get him down.

2 - RB - Clovette Bravender (Image Ulsa) - Age 28 - 71 caps, 4 goals
Bravender's combination of blinding pace, limitless energy and enthusiastic slinging of crosses into the box were evident from the start; it's only in her mid-20s that she was able to match it with sharp and excellent defending at the other end, making her a superb generalist.

3 - LB - Triss Roscommon (Image Revolutionaries) - Age 31 - 78 caps, 4 goals
A slender fullback, poised, technical and intelligent. The best fullbacks know when to hold 'em and fold 'em, and when to run (constantly); Roscommon has all these gifts and more, as any midfielder would be proud to have her passing range with her left. A born leader.

5 - CB - Finn Leadbetter (Image Holdenberg) - Age 32 - 116 caps, 14 goals
A colossal defender who loves to put a bit of stick about. The art of defending and the joy of defending remain alive whenever Leadbetter is on the pitch. A serious destroyer of men in either box, and a genuine threat in set pieces.

6 - CB - Casey Giltanan (Image Workers Union) - Age 27 - 76 caps, 5 goals
Giltanan's more than a statement about Brenecia's paper-thin stocks at centre-half. She is a bona fide talent, taking an early gamble in Eura and hoping it'll come off. Early signs are positive, with Giltanan's mixture of composure on the ball and bloody-mindedness off it papering over occasional lapses in concentration that time should beat out.

17 - RB - Felice Lovibond (Image Kingsgrove) - Age 26 - 1 cap
Lean, arrogant, promiscuous, heavily inked-up and outspoken on social media, Lovibond is a bit... shag, when it comes down to it. But she's from an affluent Rozelle old-money family, so perhaps it's some kind of a delinquent thing. She's an intelligent all-round fulback, more comfortable advancing the play than simply whipping a cross in.

18 - CB - Athelney Shrine (Image Southern Star) - Age 24 - 8 caps
One of Brenecia's many rock-solid defenders, Shrine's about as fast a sprinter as an actual shrine. Fortunately, her instincts rarely guide her astray, and she's an oasis of calm no matter the pressure, both in and out of possession.

22 - LB - Mynah Seeler (Image Southern Star) - Age 25 - 9 caps
A deft, pacy fullback, Seeler's minuscule size helps her slip beneath notice as.she goes on daring runs down the flank. But she's no less diligent at the back. The kind of player who can seemingly spend ninety minutes sprinting, with the attitude to want to.

4 - DM - Ronan Schofield (Image Raynor City United) - Age 27 - 59 caps, 1 goal
An unnervingly commanding presence in the middle of the park, Schofield is oddly effortless in all his motions, whether in sweeping passes from flank to flank, or deftly bullying opponents out of possession. Time is honing him into an ever smoother, more confident player, and he's becoming a vital cog of the team.

8 - CM - Iseult Conway (Image Northern Union) - Age 24 - 12 caps, 2 goals
Quick-witted, quick-footed, and always with a smile on her face. Conway is an unflashy but diligent box-to-box shuttler with a hint of the unpredictable, and excels at bringing the ball forward between the lines. Fouls a lot, and always seems to get away with it - though at club level, is that just because she plays for Union?

11 - AM - Felicia Brind (Image South Laithland) - Age 29 - 26 caps, 3 goals
Brind carries on the proud tradition of calling up someone born and raised in Nephara, though at least her incomprehensible Valeside drawl makes her less of an easy flashback to tattooed longbowmen. She's a deft, clever and diligent street footballer, deceptively fast and with an eye for goal.

13 - AM - Consaidin Garrard (Image FK Metropola Borograd) - Age 24 - 16 caps, 6 goals
Athletic and versatile, Garrard burst onto the scene early, able to hold his own against fierce pressure. He's found his place in the squad as a highly mobile danger-man with a beautifully deft first touch, but able to press aggressively to win the ball, a natural fit for Fallon's concussive system.

19 - DM - Kurtis Mikoliunas (Image North Hall) - Age 25 - 1 cap
Mikoliunas must break you.

23 - CM - Kestutis Garrett (Image Northern Stallions) - Age 21 - Uncapped
Garrett's early years tell the tale of a man blessed with infinite athletic gifts, a man who listens faithfully to tactics and training, a man who can deliver a plan. A man with a first touch like a turnstile. Garrett always plays full-throttle, regardless of whether or not that's a good thing, fearlessly winning back and losing the ball in quick succession.

7 - RW - Kendra Carpenter (Image Wirr Tsi) - Age 26 - 21 caps, 5 goals
A classy, elegant winger who has worked hard for every sniff of football she's had, and will take no chance for granted. Energetic and fearless, Carpenter won't feel the weight of that number 7; the kind of player who can leave Northern Union's comfortable nest and keep going from strength to strength.

9 - ST - Mhacha White (Image Farrenton Athletic) - Age 29 - 78 caps, 34 goals
Like Ursula Rankin, White made her way through FC Endeavour's overclocked reserves program, the Centre for Excellence, before seeking regular minutes elsewhere; like Ursula Rankin, she's a boxy poacher with a quick switch of pace and a great eye for turning. But she's tall, and a far more complete forward than Rankin ever was.

10 - LW - Katua Byrne (Image KT Itzalovalle) - Age 21 - 16 caps, 6 goals
Byrne's got it all. Top-class pace, fully two-footed, even relishes defensive work pressing high. She's going to go far, and she knows it, forcing a move to Audioslavia to get away from pockmarked Brenecian pitches. Still, is she really ready for this level of competition?

14 - ST - Danand Tristram (Image Northern Stallions) - Age 25 - 14 caps, 5 goals
A powerhouse up front, and a traditional target woman in a way that Brenecia haven't had since the underutilised Fox Charnwood. Tristram is the kind of relentless brawler that doesn't consider a game complete until her elbows have been in at least four faces. The goals are a nice bonus, too.

15 - RW - Mathgamain Fife (Image Rozelle) - Age 27 - 44 caps, 9 goals
An industrious winger, Fife never stops running and never lets defenders feel comfortable. Direct to the point of tunnel vision, but his peerless pace and power combine to ensure he can batter his way through poor decisions and turn them into goals.

16 - LW - Rhona Leonard (Image Kingsgrove) - Age 25 - Uncapped
An unfussy orthodox winger, Leonard tends to go underappreciated. She presses aggressively from the front and would rather set up a teammate than go for goal herself, and can very consistently keep up her intensity for 90 minutes of football.

21 - ST - Rogue Lyrick (Image Rolalas FC) - Age 27 - 17 caps, 5 goals
"If Cheney wants the number 7 back," Lyrick boasted last year, "she'll have to come and take it from me." She did. But Lyrick has at least proven she's a very capable striker, two-footed and seething with pace.
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Postby Ceyne Isles » Sat Nov 20, 2021 6:36 pm


Preferred Formation:
Style Modifier: 0
Playstyle: Like a crap lower-league Nepharan team, because they basically are. Big, strong and hardy.
Kit Supplier: from Anglatia
Captain: Rabican Monrow
Nickname: the Pirates
Pronunciation Guide: "You'd have to be insane to live in Ceyne."

The Pirates have taken a more youth-oriented lineup to this edition of the CE. As ever, expectations are severely limited.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

First-choice lineup.
Built together through a handful of journeymen, most of whom have little professional experience. The Ceynes league is about as bad as professional leagues go, and while there's a side from the capital, Falston, in the Nepharan lower leagues, it's mostly made up of, well, Nepharim. Over time, the squad has become more even and less reliant on its stars... though it also has fewer stars.

Manager: Madison Forrest - Age 58
Groomed as Monica Brightwater's assistant, Forrest is a director of football for the island as a whole as much as a coach on the day.

1 - GK - Leoni Joyce - Age 27 - Falston United (NPH)
12 - GK - Casey Stafford - Age 21 - New Brinemouth
18 - GK - Vance Marcus - Age 29 - Roschester Pride

The promising Leoni Joyce will take her chance with both hands. She'll probably have plenty to do. Stafford is the woman of the future, probably the near future.

2 - RB - Vivi Conlan - Age 27 - Southern Star (BRE)
3 - LB - Tyna Marsden - Age 24 - Freeport Sharks
5 - CB - Constance Dray - Age 27 - Herty Hat Tricks (KND)
6 - CB - Sherry Brosnan - Age 30 - Morningstar (NPH)
13 - CB - Gerhard Lukonde - Age 21 - Wyndham Athletic
19 - RB - Arvis Klain - Age 24 - Arrowhead Lake
22 - LB - Trisha Nzonzi - Age 26 - US San Savola (SOR)

Arguably the strong point of the team as things stand, with attack-minded fullbacks responsible for much of the side's attacking thrust; Conlan is probably the best player in the squad. Dray's intelligent but slow, Brosnan fast but rash, and between them both capable of bouncing strikers off the metaphorical cobblestones.

4 - HM - Phenalope Carden - Age 24 - AFK Imperialismus (ZRH)
7 - RM - Susanne Mpenza - Age 31 - Kohnhead City FC (KND)
8 - CM - Morgan Brandis - Age 24 - Roschester Pride
11 - LM - Rabican Monrow - Age 32 - IFK Liverpool United (DAR)
15 - CM - Darling Keates - Age 28 - Old Boys Club (EUR)
16 - LM - Berenice Tzaha - Age 21 - New Rozelle
18 - HM - Kat Mundine - Age 29 - Falston United (NPH)
20 - RM - Beckett Carney - Age 26 - Swanguard Athletic (QUE)

Phenalope Carden is a coup for the Pirates, who absolutely needed a calm, conservative holding midfielder playing at a decent level. Monrow's and Carney's ability to whip in low crosses at the feet of the strikers is a major goal threat, with Mpenza offering creativity off the bench.

9 - ST - Sanguine Kamau - Age 23 - Hanai Breakers (CMT)
10 - ST - Seneca Kemp - Age 28 - Southrons-Errant (BRE)
14 - ST - Tempest Birch - Age 27 - EFS (EUR)
17 - ST - Ingrid Gravehurst - Age 21 - Real Pablo FC (BOL)
21 - ST - Howe Carrigan - Age 22 - Freeport Sharks

Kamau and Kemp are both very rough diamonds, but diamonds nevertheless. They're very similar players, technically lacking but with pace and a good finishing touch, able to carve out chances at this level. The towering Birch offers a Plan B - he'll probably be used to take down sides that sit back, or be brought off the bench against teams defending a lead.
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Postby Racing » Sat Nov 20, 2021 6:42 pm

>+> National Team of Racing <+<


Nickname: Racers

Coach: King Fortythree

Style: +6!!! or maximum +

1. James Vasser

2. Allan Unser
3. Jack Villeneuve
4. Alexsandr Zanardi
5. Gilles Deferran

6. Juanita Montoya
7. Robert Rahal
8. Daniel Sullivan
9. S. Olivier Bourdais

10. Samuel Hornish
11. George Franchitti

12. Raymond Harroun
14. Anthony Foyt
17. Kenneth Brack
18. Richard Mears
20. James Rathmann
21. Maximus Papis


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y

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Postby Fhulghamous Peninsula » Sun Nov 21, 2021 12:45 am


The Colony of the Fhulghamous Peninsula (Full-Gah-Moose) was first established on 6 December 2008, when Fleftic explorers landed on what was then a previously undiscovered continent. These explorers landed on a large peninsula that they named Fhulghamous because of its rich and lush green forests. One of the explorers then fell into an old mine shaft while exploring the peninsula and discovered that the entire peninsula was lying on top of one of the biggest diamond deposits ever discovered by mankind. Once the explorers announced their discovery to the Fleftic government, the Democratic Republic Army Corps of Engineers was quickly dispatched to help speed up the establishment of the colony by helping in constructing settlements and assisting in constructing mining facilities to extract the diamonds within the land.

The Colony of the Fhulghamous Peninsula was officially established as a colony of the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft on 6 September 2010 following the signing of Democratic Republic Act No. 2340. The colony's capital would be Port Thimpodopoulos, named after Sergeant Major Pythagoras Thimpodopoulos of the Army Corps of Engineers, who tragically died of a heart attack during the construction of the settlement that would eventually bear his name. Today, Port Thimpodopoulos has a population of ten million, accounting for just under half of the total population of the colony. Other cities in the colony were Besanza, Tadoki, Haritzaga City and Thereisnogodabad, home of Multiverse Premier League club Thereisnogodistan FC.

The colony is under the leadership of Governor-General Petrarchos Kulbano, brother of Minister of Colonial Affairs Demetrios Kulbano. His rule saw the Fhulghamous Peninsula's ascent to being one of the most economically-productive colonies of the Democratic Republic, but due to the colony's distance from the mainland Governor Kulbano is slowly beginning to treat the colony as his own personal fiefdom. This was one of the reasons why he had decided to send forth a petition to send a national team to the Di Bradini Cup, the Multiverse's top under-21 football competition. Unfortunately due to some last-minute troubles, the Fhulghamous Peninsula's team was not allowed entry into the Di Bradini Cup, leaving many people in the colony a bit unfulfilled. But when another chance to send forth a national team revealed itself, Governor Kulbano was quick to submit his team's entry, and this time he made sure that the wouldn't miss out on another chance at participating in an international competition.

Name of Nation: The Colony of the Fhulghamous Peninsula
Demonym: Fhulghamousian, Colonist
Team colors: Green and gray
Style modifier: +3.00 (Yet another very attacking side)
Manager: Antonis Papadimitriou (58 y/o, Fhulghamous Peninsula)

GK: Filippos Economatos (35 y/o, Palaeiologi, captain)
RB: Bruno Bravo (20 y/o, Marinos Thimpodopoulos [Abanhfleft])
RCB: Spyros Mylonas (29 y/o, Thereisnogodistan FC [Abanhfleft])
LCB: Idas Gianopoulos (32 y/o, Airbus Fhulghamous Besanza)
LB: Eric Alferez (31 y/o, UD Nuevo Carthago)
RM: Mutlaq el-Aboud (28 y/o, FC Aeaea Albion)
RCM: Leander Biros (30 y/o, Charalambos FC)
LCM: Krystallis Antonakakis (22 y/o, UD Nuevo Carthago)
LM: Hossam Issa (33 y/o, Heliopolisspor, co-captain)
RS: Anselmo Iñiguez (20 y/o, Atletico Bed Deg [Copper Cuprum])
LS: Julian Elvira (27 y/o, Nuevo Guadix CF)

GK: Husani Safar (33 y/o, Palaeiologi)
GK: Oriol Rey (38 y/o, FC Aeaea Albion)
DF: Walid Joman (20 y/o, Nuevo Guadix CF)
DF: Sotirios Rapteas (33 y/o, Esquadrille White Rabbits)
DF: Ossama Abboud (33 y/o, OGC Nou Nicaea)
MF: Abu Taleb Islam (28 y/o, CD Thereisnogodabad)
MF: Karim Khouri (31 y/o, Sfaxspor)
MF: Hamad al-Majid (26 y/o, Heliopolisspor)
MF: Priamos Kontoulis (20 y/o, Heliopolisspor)
FW: Eulalio Acosta (32 y/o, South Ons Deg Rabbitohs [Copper Cuprum])
FW: Yonatan Calvi (27 y/o, FC Aeaea Albion)
FW: Gerasimos Mouratidis (19 y/o, Nou Philippopolis)

If the Fhulghamous is facing a higher-ranked opponent then Economatos is the captain.
If the Fhulghamous is facing a lower-ranked opponent then Issa is the captain.

KITS (by Adidulas)

Arena Marinos is the home ground of both FC Marinos Thimpodopoulos, which plays in Abanhfleft's Premier League (first level of the Fleftic football league system) and the Fhulghamous Peninsula national football team. It has a total capacity of 35,673 spectators. Now back in service after a magnitude 6.2 earthquake caused part of the stadium's roof to collapse and devastated the capital city of the colony, necessitating a lot of repairs.

Richard Dawkins Park has a capacity of 23,171 spectators. Following a magnitude 6.2 earthquake that devastated Port Thimpodopoulos, all Fhulghamous Peninsula home matches were held in RDP in Thereisnogodabad while repairs were being made on Arena Marinos. With Arena Marinos now fixed, both the Fhulghamous Peninsula Football Association and Thereisnogodistan FC have reached an agreement in which RDP will serve as an alternate venue for national team games in recognition for the time that Richard Dawkins Park served as the home stadium of the national team following the earthquake.

RP PERMISSIONS (This also applies to the other sports as appropriate)
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (but I decide the severity and length)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (maximum of 3 per game)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (only 1 per 2 games)
Godmod other events: Yes (TG me first before posting anything)

Since the Fhulghamous Peninsula is part of the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft, basketball is the most popular sport in the colony, with association football coming in a close second place. Despite this though, there is only one team in the Fhulghamous that plays in the Fleftic Basketball Association (FBA), Real Haritzaga Baloncesto, and it is from this team that the core of the Fhulghamousian "national" basketball team was formed.

STARTERS (Jersey number, height, age)
Center: Alladin Riaz (#30, 7'1", 26 y/o)
Power Forward: Txatxu Goikoetxea (#20, 6'9", 28 y/o)
Small Forward: Roman Garrido (#34, 6'3", 26 y/o)
Shooting Guard: Juanito Mina (#90, 6'1", 22 y/o)
Point Guard: Sergio Villacres (#5, 5'10", 23 y/o)

Center: Moises Montenegro (#19, 6'8", 28 y/o)
Center: Teobaldo Etxepare (#56, 7'0", 29 y/o)
Power Forward: Elias Mastache (#21, 6'6", 25 y/o)
Power Forward: Bilal Sarwar (#28, 6'8", 30 y/o)
Small Forward: Hannibal Ghaffari (#91, 6'7", 28 y/o)
Small Forward: Erlantz Bengoetxea (#39, 6'4", 21 y/o)
Shooting Guard: Pantzeska Aroztegi (#23, 6'2", 27 y/o)
Shooting Guard: Omair Koroma (#27, 6'5", 26 y/o)
Point Guard: Karim Shaer (#2, 6'2", 20 y/o)
Point Guard: Xalbador Bidarte (#96, 6'7", 23 y/o)

Ice hockey is relatively popular in the Fhulghamous Peninsula. It's the fourth most popular sport behind basketball, association football, and gridiron football. There are two teams from the Fhulghamous that are playing in the Fleftic National Ice Hockey League (FNIHL), the Port Thimpodopoulos Aliens and the Besanza Basques. The Aliens have historically been the more successful side between the two, but recently, the Basques have become playoff contenders, and in recent times, the Basques have actually contested the Bixbee Cup (equivalent to the RL Stanley Cup) more recently than the Aliens.

Mousa Alem (29 y/o)

First Offensive Line
RW: Alexander Barrios (27 y/o)
C: Vasilios Apostolopoulos (28 y/o)
LW: Roberto Venegas (26 y/o)

Second Offensive Line
RW: Volker Schubert (27 y/o)
C: Hugo Carvallo (28 y/o)
LW: Otos Millios (23 y/o)

Third Offensive Line
RW: Timotheos Rodis (25 y/o)
C: Franklin Bartolomeo (29 y/o)
LW: Sebastian Franke (26 y/o)

First Defensive Pair
Bassem Bakkari (25 y/o)
Erramun Lardizabal (27 y/o)

Second Defensive Pair
Alvaro Alguacil (24 y/o)
Theofilos Ioannou (25 y/o)

Third Defensive Pair
Julio Montes (24 y/o)
Andreas Psarras (23 y/o)

Gridiron football is the third most popular sport in the Fhulghamous Peninsula, behind basketball and association football and ahead of ice hockey. Two teams in the Fhulghamous, the Port Thimpodopoulos Constructors and the Marble Arch Freedom Fighters, play for the top gridiron league in Abanhfleft, the Fleftic National League of American Football (FNLAF). It is from both of these teams that the core of the Fhulghamousian national gridiron team was formed.

OFFENSE (Shirt number, height, weight)
Quarterback - Niels Schubert (#8, 6'0", 177)
Fullback - Jalil Qadir (#85, 5'9", 185)
Tailback - Guillermo Millar (#86, 5'11", 232)
Wide Receiver - Daniel Günther (#83, 5'7", 190)
Wide Receiver - Sheldon Frazier (#89, 6'1", 203)
Tight End - Dalton Ardeni (#43, 6'0", 192)
Tight End - Yair Darst (#40, 6'3", 255)
Center - Marco Köhler (#62, 6'1", 204)
Offensive Guard - Ruben Egan (#76, 5'11", 207)
Offensive Guard - Royce Scarry (#73, 6'2", 246)
Offensive Tackle - Constantino Vargas (#66, 5'9", 234)
Offensive Tackle - Roman Acacio (#65, 6'1", 229)

Middle Linebacker - Bradyn Bernardi (#56, 6'0", 229)
Outside Linebacker - Heiko Wolf (#53, 6'4", 230)
Outside Linebacker - Nasser Al-Mufti (#59, 6'1", 223)
Cornerback - Ezekiel Maheras (#29, 6'4", 196)
Cornerback - Stelios Stavros (#27, 6'1", 211)
Safety - Tyler Oehlert (#39, 5'9", 183)
Safety - Branden Link (#20, 5'10", 182)
Defensive Tackle - Ross Scribano (#50, 5'10", 216)
Defensive Tackle - Sven Vogel (#58, 5'9", 203)
Defensive End - Efthymios Michelakis (#72, 6'0", 223)
Defensive End - Hans Schulz (#71, 6'1", 219)

Kicker - Miguel Prieto (#13, 5'7", 137)
Holder - Ezekiel Maheras
Punter - Nikolas Hatch (#4, 5'8", 158)
Returner - Sheldon Frazier
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Governor General: Petrarchos Kulbano || Lieutenant Governor: Nadejda Palomarska
Capital: Port Thimpodopoulos || Population: 21,046,399

Abanhfleft's Esportivan colony

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Postby Damukuni » Sun Nov 21, 2021 6:48 pm

Image                Image

Nation Name: Damukuni
Trigramme: DKI
Manager/Head Coach: Hatu Sekurno
Style Mod: -2.25

NO    POS      NAME                                         G     AGE      HOMETOWN                   .
1 GK Joelle Pessão F 34 Moaria, ILO .
12 GK Orest Ruina M 22 Stamford Heights, EF .
23 GK Nêstor Pacquiao M 21 Port Flowers, CD .

2 LF Yoshirō Himura M 21 Iruko, IR .
3 CF Bobbi Jean Offsides F 22 Shepherd's Landing, DP .
4 CF Kyōsuke Mumashita M 31 Furugawa, CF .
5 RF Rebecca Donlin F 33 Atarashii-Damushuto, FD .

13 LF Charlotte Lukeson F 22 Huska, EF .
14 CF Nobutoshi Akers M 21 Ōza, TJ .
15 CF Jerônimo Ledford M 22 A Missão, ILO .
16 RF Jacqueline Fay F 21 Eternalfell, ET .

6 LM Ingrid Takeda F 33 Izaki, IR .
7 CM Abigail Joaquines F 30 Ūto, DP .
8 CM (C) Linnea Jean Arducci F 33 Furugawa, CF .
9 RM Orange Line M 29 West Bay, WB .

17 LM Renata Patchogue F 33 Gyōto, NE .
18 CM Ryōta Kishimoto M 22 Keitendō, KT .
19 CM Joaninha Barreiros F 21 Uo Cêtro, ILO .
20 RM Patrick Nakamura M 34 Forest Glade, EF .

10 ST Preston Bookhout M 21 Youngstown, WB .
11 ST Jocelynne Jones F 22 Mos Roltan, NH .

21 ST Shunsuke Takeda M 22 Shinagawa, SC .
22 ST Marduca Lithgow F 21 Green Grove, WB .

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may:
Choose my scorer: Yes
Choose my scorers: Yes
God-mod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, no career-ending injuries
God-mod injuries to my players: Yes
Yellow Card my players: Yes
Red Card my players: Yes, no more than 2 per game without TGing or DMing me first
God-mod Other Events: Yes, within reason; if it wouldn't happen in real life, it probably won't happen in a match. Unless you don't post a roster or RP. Ask Hampton Island.

2nd EspoT20 (CRICKET)
Nation Name: Damukuni
Trigramme: DKI
Head Coach: Janina Lehmann
Style Mod: +1

NUM      NAME                 G     AGE    POSITION          BAT   BOWL
3 Jessanna Austin F 31 Batsman R
5 Glenna Dean F 32 Batsman R
34 (wk) Montgomery Yamasaki M 24 Wicket-Keeper R
29 Maurício Holmwood M 32 Batsman R
96 Lindsey Honeysett F 24 Batsman R
85 (c) Jilly-Grace Bell F 29 All-Rounder R RMF
16 George Sawyer M 24 Batsman R
95 German Akiyama M 37 All-Rounder R RS
64 Leopold Stringer M 33 Bowler R RF
91 Belinha Stenet F 20 Bowler L LMF
21 Andie Cross M 22 Bowler L LS

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may:
Do anything but kill my players.


(L to R) Home / Away / Goalie uniforms provided by The Uniform Club.

Twenty20 Cricket
Uniform provided by The Uniform Club. Team sponsored by Jillian's Entertainment plc.
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Postby Gergary » Sun Nov 21, 2021 10:39 pm

Gergary National Football Team
Gergary Nationale Fußballmannschaft | Gergary Labdarúgó-válogatott

National Information
Region: Esportiva
World Ranking: TBC
National Colors: Gergarian Green and Gold

Coaching Staff
Manager: Heidemarie Frost | 60 | Female
Assistant Manager: Milos Tolvaj | 69 | Male
Coach: Gunther Leitz | 62 | Male
Assistant Coach: Zsofia Kiraly | 72 | Female
Doctor: Arthur Wieck | 71 | Male

Playing Squad
# | Ar | Pos | Name                            | Gender | Ag | Club
1 | GK | GK | Laci Kurthy | Male | 33 | Balogsi ETO
13 | GK | GK | Jozsi Apponyi | Male | 26 | VfR Steinigestrasse
23 | GK | GK | Bella Lajtha | Female | 24 | FSV Matrose Wiesenblume
2 | DF | RCB | Kati Eross | Female | 28 | VfR Steinigestrasse
19 | DF | RCB | Adel Heszlenyi | Female | 29 | Balogsi ETO
5 | DF | CB | Adulf Ludwig | Male | 26 | Balogsi ETO
6 | DF | CB | Oliver Egerszegi | Male | 23 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
16 | DF | CB | Ibolya Szilard | Female | 23 | FSV Matrose Wiesenblume
3 | DF | LB | Kevin Hauer | Male | 24 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
17 | DF | LCB | Wotan Alscher | Male | 26 | VfR Steinigestrasse
11 | MF | RM | Feri Kun | Male | 26 | Balogsi ETO
21 | MF | RCM | Csenge Kalocsai | Female | 26 | VfR Steinigestrasse
4 | MF | CM | Annabell Breisacher | Female | 25 | VfR Steinigestrasse
8 | MF | CM | Dorka Vargha | Female | 27 | Balogsi ETO
14 | MF | CM | Miki Bacsik | Male | 23 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
18 | MF | CM | Vanda Kenyeres | Female | 24 | FSV Matrose Wiesenblume
7 | MF | LCM | Emmeline Wegener | Female | 25 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
12 | MF | LM | Hubert Behrend | Male | 32 | VfR Steinigestrasse
--- FORWARDS ---
9 | FW | FW | Amalia Zsigmondy | Female | 30 | VfR Steinigestrasse
10 | FW | FW | Erik Bartos | Male | 28 | Balogsi ETO
15 | FW | FW | Petra Nemet | Female | 24 | Balogsi ETO
20 | FW | FW | Anja Hoffmann | Female | 29 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
22 | FW | FW | Ingeburg Armbruster | Female | 25 | SV Bauern Milchmaenner


Image Image
Gergary's football kits are supplied by Hispinas' Harrokeria.

RP Permissions
I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: N

Injure Players: Y (Limited to Duration of Competition/Match N)
GodMod Injury Events N (Limited to Duration of Competition/Match Y)

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: N

Style Modifier: -2

Gergary National Ice Hockey Team
Gergary Nationales Eishockey-Team | Gergary Nemzeti Jegkorong Csapat

National Information
Region: Esportiva
World Ranking: TBC
National Colors: Gergarian Green and Gold

Coaching Staff
Manager: Carola Schultes | 64 | Female
Assistant Manager: Moric Pulszky | 62 | Male
Coach: Magda Rosenberg | 52 | Female
Assistant Coach: Gergo Liszt | 47 | Male
Doctor: Emmi Gutermuth | 42 | Female

Playing Squad
1 | GK | Izabella Kun | 23 | Female | JK Pasi Darazsak
84 | GK | Lea Brahms | 29 | Female | EC Kavaliere Wiesenblume
32 | GK | Ramin Unterbrink | 24 | Male | EC Oeler Oeldepot

1st Line
73 | LD | Cecilia Laurenz | 24 | Female | EC Pinguine Milchmaenner
14 | RD | Zalan Karinthy | 31 | Male | JK Balogsi Szarvasok

2nd Line
52 | LD | Bernadett Strelicz | 33 | Female | EC Eisbaeren Ingbert
40 | RD | Gizella Koranyi | 28 | Female | EC Oeler Oeldepot

3rd Line
3 | LD | Pisti Feher | 31 | Male | JK Balogsi Szarvasok
39 | RD | Ilona Nyers | 32 | Female | EC Gruene Fluegel Blauwelle

1st Line
8 | LF | Maik Grosser | 34 | Male | EC Gruene Fluegel Blauwelle
4 | C | Hargita Szasz | 35 | Female | JK Balogsi Szarvasok
9 | RF | Katalin Meszoly | 25 | Female | JK Szekelyi Hejak

2nd Line
92 | LF | Attila Csurka | 33 | Male | JK Szekelyi Hejak
88 | C | Hanna Koszegi | 23 | Female | JK Pasi Darazsak
48 | RF | Karcsi Eszes | 27 | Male | JK Pasi Darazsak

3rd Line
51 | LF | Elek Nemeth | 31 | Male | EC Kavaliere Wiesenblume
71 | C | Armin Fenstermacher | 21 | Male | EC Eisbaeren Ingbert
90 | RF | Henrik Karpati | 23 | Male | JK Suranyi Solymok

80 | C | Mechthild Raskob | 22 | Female | JK Szilagyi Asz
22 | C | Muzsa Voross | 24 | Female | JK Szekelyi Hejak
54 | W | Elise Reiher | 24 | Female | EC Adler Steinigestrasse
4 | W | Leoni Lehmann | 20 | Female | JK Borbelyi Fovarosok
34 | W | Elia Werner | 24 | Male | EC Kavaliere Wiesenblume
16 | D | Bertalan Varadi | 34 | Male | EC Adler Steinigestrasse
2 | D | Erzsebet Buday | 21 | Female | JK Pasi Darazsak
99 | D | Benedict Fuchs | 22 | Male | EC Gruene Fluegel Blauwelle

Gergary's ice hockey jerseys are supplied by Filindostan's No Nonsense Sportswear.
Primary jersey is Green and White with Green helmets - Secondary jersey is Black and Gold with Gold helmets.
The national symbol of Gergary (white vulture) is placed in the front of the jerseys.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes (I'll determine the severity and length; no career ending injuries)
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes (If you eject my players, eject at least one of yours too)
Godmod Other Events: No

Style Modifier: -4
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Postby Sangti » Mon Nov 22, 2021 1:34 am

Nationalistic Entity Football Team

Nation Name: The Nationalistic Entity of Sangti
Trigramme: SGT
Style Modifier: +1.73

An Entity trying to find suitable land and budget to clean the mainland area of radiation

After the living supply at the underground ran out, almost all the people living underground were killed by the subsequent leak of radiation and the ensuing landslides there. Some people, including billionaire and owner of the rights of the names "Indios", "Agilang Dilaw", "Angas Sangti", "Globos Angas", and "Sangti", Mr. Marcos Romualdez, were aware of the large flaw and fled to the islands of Filindostan, which they kept on calling the Filindo Isles.

They struck a deal with current leader Dorigo Dutete to establish a base in San Rafael in Kabunuklan Island, where rebels who want to secede from the Filindo government are located in the remote areas of Sinukabang-Kambing, Tapia, and Birdinuguan. The entity plan to unite these rebels and get their sympathy, and convince Dutete to fund the cleansing of the mainland of radioactive residue, and sell the entire Filindostan to their entity and reestablish Sangti as a nation in Esportiva.

All players and staff of the team are from the Filis ethnic group of Filindostan, who are either natives of Kabunuklan Island, or those who are willing to switch allegiances from Filindostan to this entity. The players who committed to this national team will no longer be eligible for selection for the Filindostan national team should they decide to return to international competitions.

Manager: Ennica DOMAGOSO, aged 55, native of Tapia, Filindostan
Played for commercial side Fipocor FC, she took coaching at San Rafael Wardogs upon retirement, and was one of the coaches of the club upon appointment of the role. As no current Filindostani managers tried to take the role due to the possible conflict of interest over the nation, Domagoso took the chance to manage the team.

Assistant Manager: Esthery GOYING, aged 49, native of San Rafael, Filindostan
Former goalkeeper played for Fipocor FC, upon retirement, she went to San Lomar Cooperative to train their goalkeepers. Same circumstances as with Domagoso.

Playing Lineup

All players are FIlindostani unless noted, and have not played a single senior match for Filindostan. The captain of the team, Warren Jay Exciminiano is a former Under-21 standout but never made it to the national team.

=== PLAYERS ===
1 | GK | Jaedick Jairus JARAVATA | M | 29 | Image Bagtasan Hi-Land
13 | GK | Claire Joan MACARAIG | F | 30 | Image Buenavista SC 90005
23 | GK | Nereo Edward MASANGKAY | M | 19 | Unattached

2 | RCB | Reyben ABANTAO | M | 34 | Image Bagtasan Hi-Land, Former Filindo U18 player
3 | LB | Ellijah Leif PILOTON | M | 26 | Image San Rafael Wardogs
17 | LCB | Dorothy Daniella BALERO | F | 32 | Image Kabanalan SC 90004
19 | RB | Wea MASAGANDA | F | 17 | Unattached

6 | CB | Kristoffer Hessen BUARON | M | 32 | Image San Lomar Cooperative, Former Filindo U21 player
5 | CB | Lakan PANSOY | M | 29 | Image San Rafael Wardogs, Former Filindo U18 player
16 | CB | Theodore Romar PALAROAN | M | 30 | Image San Lomar Cooperative

7 | RCM | Cyrine Liezel CALUB | F | 31 | Image Perokojak Kota Jakulta
11 | LM | Carlitos CRUZEM | M | 33 | Image Perokotyog Yogyakulta
12 | LM | Mikail QUELAPIO | M | 26 | Image San Rafael Wardogs
14 | RM | Ferelyn COQUIA | F | 18 | Unattached

4 | CDM | Shereen ALBISO | F | 29 | Image Locomotiva San Marco, Former Filindo U18 player
8 | CM | Boy Eufracio BUGNA | M | 31 | Image San Rafael Wardogs
18 | CM | Gerson MADLANGBAYAN | M | 19 | Unattached

15 | FW | Barbara Arriane APOSTOL | F | 29 | Image San Rafael Wardogs
20 | FW | Bryan Art RIVERA | M | 30 | Image San Rafael Wardogs
10 | FW | Jeronimo Jovito APOLONIO | M | 28 | Image San Lomar Cooperative
22 | FW | Christoffer McDarvin DE CLARO | M | 28 | Image San Lomar Cooperative
9 | FW | Pol Harrier ALINSANGAN | M | 28 | Image San Rafael Wardogs, Former Filindo U18 player

Provided by Libertad Sportswear
Image Image Image

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I'll determine the severity and duration on the sidelines
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

Nationalistic Entity Basketball Team

Playing Style: Run and Gun, Slashing, 3 pointers
Head Coach: Jobertson SOLIS, 47, Male
Assistant Coach: Noelle TOMAYAO-SOLIS, 45, Female

Starting 5
4 | C | Fredrik Davidkurt GUNDAYAO | M | 19 | Angas Sangti Program
10 | PF | Monivic ELISES | M | 17 | Angas Sangti Program
11 | SF/SG | Luningning LUSICA | F | 17 | Angas Sangti Program
14 | SG/SF | Joseff Khyle BANTA | M | 19 | Angas Sangti Program
7 | PG | Pauleen Princess RANARIO | F | 18 | Angas Sangti Program

5 | PF/SF | Charlyn ROBESA | F | 19 | Angas Sangti Program
6 | PG | Phoebe DIYAKSON | F | 18 | Angas Sangti Program
8 | SF | Hani Gianni LEGAZPI | M | 18 | Angas Sangti Program
9 | C/PF | Marietta Ranulfa CASASOLA | F | 18 | Angas Sangti Program
12 | SG | Kadir Kliff YAMOMO | M | 18 | Angas Sangti Program
13 | PG | Reinna LAPASTORA | F | 17 | Angas Sangti Program
15 | C | Kaiser PANILAG | M | 16 | Angas Sangti Program

Image Image

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I'll determine the severity and duration on the sidelines
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Foul out my players: Yes
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

Nationalistic Entity Baseball Team

The Sangti Indios
Official Roster for the World Baseball Classic 50

Nation Name: The Nationalistic Entity of Sangti
Trigramme: SGT
Style Modifier: +2

An Entity trying to find suitable land and budget to clean the mainland area of radiation

After the living supply at the underground ran out, almost all the people living underground were killed by the subsequent leak of radiation and the ensuing landslides there. Some people, including billionaire and owner of the rights of the names "Indios", "Agilang Dilaw", "Angas Sangti", "Globos Angas", and "Sangti", Mr. Marcos Romualdez, were aware of the large flaw and fled to the islands of Filindostan, which they kept on calling the Filindo Isles.

They struck a deal with current leader Dorigo Dutete to establish a base in San Rafael in Kabunuklan Island, where rebels who want to secede from the Filindo government are located in the remote areas of Sinukabang-Kambing, Tapia, and Birdinuguan. The entity plan to unite these rebels and get their sympathy, and convince Dutete to fund the cleansing of the mainland of radioactive residue, and sell the entire Filindostan to their entity and reestablish Sangti as a nation in Esportiva.

All players and staff of the team are from the Filis ethnic group of Filindostan, who are natives of Kabunuklan Island.

Manager: #22 - Florentino Mostoles, 60, Male, native of San Mameng
Bench Coach: #93 - Lorelisa Macalipis, 54, Female, native of Tapia
Pitching Coach: #1 - Russell Manuud, 45, Male, native of San Rafael
Bullpen Coach: #10 - Benedicto Salubre, 53, Male, native of Birdinuguan
Hitting Coach: #45 - Freddierick Oflas, 62, Male, native of San Mameng
1st Base Coach: #77 - Audrey Vivo, 48, Female, native of Sinukabang-Kambing
3rd Base Coach: #39 - Teodoso Palardonio, 74, Male, native of San Rafael

Pitching Rotation
#21 - Geoffrey Saenz, 31, Male, native of San Mameng, RHP
#7 - Seraphim Soliveres, 34, Male, native of San Rafael, RHP
#83 - Laine Mondoy, 32, Female, native of Tapia, LHP
#94 - Jobelle Hin, 27, Female, native of San Mameng, RHP
#18 - Joenard Karlos Abao, 30, Male, native of Sinukabang-Kambing, LHP

#63 - Jazmine Paulyn Bagasina-Padulla, 37, Female, native of Birdinuguan, Short Relief, RHP
#38 - Aldrich Dimzon, 31, Male, native of Tapia, Short Relief, RHP
#47 - Jenny Tabuzo, 26, Female, native of Sinukabang-Kambing, Short Relief, LHP
#9 - Astrud Dumigpe, 28, Male, native of San Rafael, Long Relief, LHP
#66 - Acreth Colyong, 38, Female, native of San Rafael, Long Relief, RHP
#92 - Keeve Diokno, 33, Male, native of San Mameng, Long Relief, RHP
#91 - Fiona Lipio, 35, Female, native of Birdinuguan, Setup Reliever, LHP
#19 - Monica Theresa Malig, 28, Female. native of Tapia, Closer, RHP

Starting Lineup (no DH)
1. #7 - Liezel Maurice Armonia, 2B, 32, Female, native of San Rafael, RHB
2. #4 - Hani Mikail Roquim, CF, 30, Male, native of San Rafael, RHB
3. #44 - Emil Justin Ducut, 1B, 29, Male, native of San Mameng, LHB
4. #12 - Marietta Joy Bascos, 3B, 28, Female, native of Tapia, switch-hitter
5. #5 - Arche Sane, LF, 27, Male, native of San Rafael, RHB
6. #52 - Mercy Sierra, RF, 33, Female, native of Sinukabang-Kambing, LHB
7. #69 - Bo Triguero, SS, 38, Male, native of San Mameng, RHB
8. #61 - Altheus Merin, C, 35, Male, native of San Mameng, RHB
9. Starting Pitcher

#65 - Meira Cuello, 1B/3B, 27, Female, native of San Rafael, RHB
#88 - Rodolfo Betonia, 2B/SS, 36, Male, native of San Mameng, LHB
#90 - Gene Marcos Cuizon, C, 31, Male, native of San Rafael, RHB
#99 - Bituin Davy Bereber, OF, 28, Female, native of Tapia, LHB
#24 - Kim Denise Gatapia, OF, 34, Female, native of Birdinuguan, RHB

Uniforms are provided by Filindostan's No Nonsense. The yellow uniform will be used on the nominal home games, black is the 1st alternate uniform. The throwback uniforms used in WBC 42 and 50 will be used as 2nd alternate also in homage to Filindostan who uses the same sporting color.

Image Image Image

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I'll determine the duration and severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No, and absolutely no killing.
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: N/A
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