Volleyball World Expo 13 - Everything Thread

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Volleyball World Expo 13 - Everything Thread

Postby Bollonich » Mon Oct 04, 2021 11:30 am


Welcome to the 13th Volleyball World Expo

The Bollonischian Volleyball Federation (BVF) and the Royal Hispinas Volleyball Federation (FRVH) are delighted to welcome the competing nations of the Volleyball World Expo to the Republic of Bollonich and Kingdom of Hispinas.

As the 'Everything Thread', this place is where you will post your roster and RPs, also where the match results and fixtures will be posted. All games will be played within the host nations. IC information about the host nations and the host cities will be available on the post right below that of the OP. Any OOC questions should be directed to the OOC thread.

Tie-Breakers: Wins - Points - H2H Result - Set Ratio - Point Ratio - Coin Toss

1. Quebec and Shingoryeo
2. Gatchingerrak Union
3. Bollonich
4. Atheara
5. Hispinas
6. Kriegiersien
7. Lisander
8. Brookstation
9. HUElavia
10. Græntfjall
11. Sarzonia
12. Permecutan
13. Abanhfleft
14. Mytanija
15. Commonwealth of Baker Park
16. Chromatika
17. 14 Stars
18. Natanians and Nosts
19. Kohnhead
20. Cassadaigua
21. United Adaikes
22. StrayaRoos
23. Andoria
24. Ardengard
25. Siovanija and Teusland
26. Darmen

Host Pot
Hispinas (9)
Bollonich (17)

Pot 1
HUElavia (1)
Konhead (2)
Mytanija (3)
Cassadaigua (4)

Pot 2
Quebec and Shingoreyo (5)
Siovanija and Teusland (6)
Commonwealth of Baker Park (7)
Abanhfleft (8)

Pot 3
Kriegiersien (10)
Sarzonia (11)
Pemecutan (12)
Chromatika (13)

Pot 4
Græntfjall (14)
Lisander (17)
Natanians and Nosts (23)
Atheara (UR)

Pot 5
Gatchingerrak Union (UR)
Brookstation (UR)
The 14 Stars (UR)
United Adaikes (UR)

Pot 6
StrayaRoos (UR)
Andoria (UR)
Ardengard (UR)
Darmen (UR)


Group 1 (Held in Hispinas, scorinated by Bollonich)
Brookstation (UR)
Hispinas (9)
The 14 Stars (UR)
Kriegiersien (10)
Natanians and Nosts (23)
Andoria (UR)
Mytanija (3)
Abanhfleft (8)
Lisander (17)
StrayaRoos (UR)
Siovanija and Teusland (6)
Kohnhead (2)
Chromatika (13)

Group 2 (Held in Bollonich, scorinated by Hispinas)
Commonwealth of Baker Park (7)
United Adaikes (UR)
Bollonich (17)
Atheara (UR)
Gatchingerrak Union (UR)
Sarzonia (11)
Græntfjall (14)
Darmen (UR)
Quebec and Shingoreyo (5)
Pemecutan (12)
Ardengard (UR)
Cassadaigua (4)
HUElavia (1)

RP cutoffs for Hispinas will be from 2 pm to 4 pm UTC, while on Bollonich's side it will be from 6 pm UTC to 8 pm UTC.

4th October - Official closing of signups
7th October - Group Draw

9th October - Matchday 1
- 2 v 13, 3 v 12, 4 v 11, 5 v 10, 6 v 9, 7 v 8, bye 1

10th October - Matchday 2 & 3
- 9 v 7, 10 v 6, 11 v 5, 12 v 4, 13 v 3, 1 v 2, bye 8
- 3 v 1, 4 v 13, 5 v 12, 6 v 11, 7 v 10, 8 v 9, bye 2

11th October - Matchday 4 & 5
- 10 v 8, 11 v 7, 12 v 6, 13 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3, bye 9
- 4 v 2, 5 v 1, 6 v 13, 7 v 12, 8 v 11, 9 v 10, bye 3

12th October - Matchday 6 & 7
- 11 v 9, 12 v 8, 13 v 7, 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4, bye 10
- 5 v 3, 6 v 2, 7 v 1, 8 v 13, 9 v 12, 10 v 11, bye 4

13th October - Matchday 8 & 9
- 12 v 10, 13 v 9, 1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5, bye 11
- 6 v 4, 7 v 3, 8 v 2, 9 v 1, 10 v 13, 11 v 12, bye 5

14th October - Matchday 10 & 11
- 13 v 11, 1 v 10, 2 v 9, 3 v 8, 4 v 7, 5 v 6, bye 12
- 7 v 5, 8 v 4, 9 v 3, 10 v 2, 11 v 1, 12 v 13, bye 6

15th October - Matchday 12 & 13
- 1 v 12, 2 v 11, 3 v 10, 4 v 9, 5 v 8, 6 v 7, bye 13
- 8 v 6, 9 v 5, 10 v 4, 11 v 3, 12 v 2, 13 v 1, bye 7

17th October - Quarterfinals | A1 v B4, A2 v B3, A3 v B2, A4 v B1
19th October - Semifinals | Winner of A1 v B4 v Winner of B2 v A3, Winner of B1 v A4 v Winner of A2 v B3
21th October - Final
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Postby Bollonich » Mon Oct 04, 2021 11:30 am

Welcome to Bollonich


The Republic of Bollonich , is a small nation located on the northern side of Rushmore to the east of Græntfjall and the north of Weatherdon. The Republic of Bollonich is sparsely populated with a large proportion of the nation being covered in coniferous forests and arid regions. Bollonich is a highly advanced nation scientifically and economically. 90% of the Bollonischian population are habited on the coasts on the northern side. Bollonich’s capital city Vreton, is a lavish location known throughout the multiverse as the stop for tourists passing by.

Players and Tourists Guidelines

Drug Policy - Bollonich has a relatively liberal drug policy, with marijuana sold throughout the nation. Any drugs that are found in the presence of players or tourists while arriving into Bollonich shall be returned on inspection if the substance is permitted by law. If it is not, the substance shall be confiscated. The presence of such a substance after arrival shall be subject to national law and dependent on the severity of the substance owned.
Alcohol policy - All people above 18 can consume and own alcohol. The last drink can be served at 2 am in the night after which all pubs must close. Identification of your age is required to purchase alcohol and ID maybe required for consumption. The Blood alcohol content for driving is 0.03%, above which a person is not legally allowed to drive.


The matches that shall be played across two venues in two cities. The players shall be commuting with the means of airplanes, commercial versions of which shall also be available to tourists. If a person wishes not to avail Bollonich’s airlines, they can use Bollonich’s public transport system with the NCHS, being vastly available. Rental cars or motorbikes are also available however to rent one of these a person will need to display his or her driving license.
For within city commute, a person is welcome to use Bollonich’s underground system of subways, which costs a small fee for tourists. Cycles are also widely available for rent across Bollonischian cities.
For inter city transit a separate option also exists, that of national railways. Some passenger railways are free of cost while others require a small fee, as such trains are owned by privatised companies.


If you are travelling to Bollonich, you might want to extend your stay to view some of the beauties here. Fermont is home to the National History Museum where a person new to Bollonich can learn all about our history and have a deeper understanding. Among educational locations such as this, another is the Bollonischian Cultural Centre located in Vreton which has information all about the culture and traditions. Visiting monuments like the Founders Statue located at Marda should be something on your bucket list.
The other major tourist attraction are the beaches and coniferous forests of Bollonich. The northern coast of Bollonich is blessed with a number of beaches and is a tourist hotspot with Kibnoto beach near Vreton being highly famous. The coniferous forests located towards the south eastern side of Bollonich are endowed with a vast variety of flora and fauna. The Great Bollosch Tiger are also found here. The Akusha National Park located near Akusha is the largest national park in Bollonich which receives a large number of tourists every year.

People and Living Facilities

The People of Bollonich are extremely friendly and are willing to help out anyone, however they are also very lawful and don’t like to break the law for anyone or anything. They can converse in English or the Bollonischian native language. The people speak nicely, however if you enter a political discussion with a Bollonischian don’t expect them to be nice to you as Bolloischians are highly passionate about politics and anything remotely related to it.
If you are visiting Bollonich, you will need a place to stay, and you could avail the 5 star Government line of hotels presented by the Bollonischian Department of Hotels. To get a room in any of these hotels you will need to produce your ID, either digitally or physically. The locals shall also be able to point you to the local home stay or such other places. All hotels and home stays are Government approved for safety, and other facilities.

Sporting Culture

The Bollonischian people are highly passionate about sports, and you are bound to find a following for each and every sport. The most popular sport by far is football which is nearly followed by all sports fans, which also includes some of the most passionate fans ever. The rivalry between Vreton United and Vreton City is the most famous and revered among all. It has also led to the phrase, “If you see two people fighting they must be United and City fans.” Not a very elegant phrase but a phrase nonetheless.
The second place is held by two sports, mainly cricket and tennis. Cricket is a sport that is either loved or hated by most Bollonischians, and has a fair number of people from both camps. Tennis a sport mainly enjoyed by casual sports lovers and normal people, generally seen as a sport of the rich people.
Volleyball manages to hold a dear place in sports fans of Bollonich, especially following our deep run in the Olympics and our national teams' victory at the World League. The domestic scene also receives much popularity due to the influence of big businesses which has allowed the teams to sign some of the best foreign and domestic talents. This has facilitated the Bollonischian teams in making deep runs into the VCL on its comeback.

Host Cities and Stadiums

Vreton - Vreton is the largest city in Bollonich and also serves as the capital of Bollonich. The city has become one of the most developed cities in the regional proximity, and is by far the most luxurious city in Bollonich. The presence of a beach and other great tourist spots nearby makes it a hotspot for visitors visiting Bollonich.
The Vreton City State Indoor stadium is a world class facility for indoor sports, having hosted the VCL and the WorldLeague, last year around. Having a capacity of 25,000 people its perfect for hosting world class volleyball matches.
This stadium will host the first two matches on the list of fixtures for Group B.

Fermont - Fermont is a north-western coastal city which severed as the capital of Bollonich prior to the switch to Vreton. It’s almost on par with Vreton in terms of facilities and the sports culture is much more rich to that of Vreton, as Fermont is seen as the home of lots of sports such as tennis, cricket, handball and volleyball have all found homes here.
The Kings’ Dome is a lavish indoor stadium facility constructed by the Kings of Fermont franchise to play their home games at in collaboration with the ASG state and Fermont district governments. It is also a popular tourist destination even when games are not on as it contains the Museum of Volleyball within its state of the art infrastructure. This stadium can house a maximum of 20,000 people.
This stadium will host the 3rd and 4th matches on the list of fixtures for Group B.

Maihar - Maihar is also a north western city located slightly more inland than the coastal cities. It’s an important location for the Bollonischian economy as it serves as the headquarters of multiple companies due to the low tax rates of Tentonia. Sporting culture is less prominent here however due to multiple investors it does have two teams from the city currently competing in the Bollonischian Volleyball League.
The Jenner Stadium is the home stadium of the Maihar Warriors, with a housing capacity of 10,000. Despite not being the largest in terms of numbers, facilities of the stadium are of equal level to the others, providing facilities of the highest quality for a fabulous experience spectating the VWE.
This stadium will host the 5th and 6th matches on the list of fixtures for Group B.
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Postby Hispinas » Mon Oct 04, 2021 11:30 am

Kingdom of Hispinas
Reino de Hispinas | Hispinasko Erreinua | Kaharian ng Hispinas | Gingharian sa Hispinas

Hispinas, with official name of Kingdom of Hispinas, is a nation state located in the continent of Terranea in Eastern Rushmore, and has an estimated population of around 27 million inhabitants, the nation has land and maritime borders with several nations, with Szavoda to the west, a portion of land claimed by Nuevo Caracas to the south, and a maritime border with Pridnestrovia in Pavola to the west. The nation's capital, Mandrid, is located in the central portion of the nation, but the largest city is Cebuenas in the eastern portion.



Hispinas' name came from a the union of "Hispania" and "Filipinas", two major ascendants of people currently living in the central and eastern parts of the nation. There were references to a nation called "Hispania y Filipinas", but Hispino historians refute the claim and consider the entity an estranged, separate one from the current inception of the nation.

Administrative Divisions

Hispinas is divided into twelve autonomous provinces, each with a designated capital city. Historians consider three major regions of the nation, with the areas in the western portion being called "Basko Errepublika", due to the high influence of Basko culture and heritage in the three westernmost autonomous provinces, Basko da Gama, Iparbasko, and Ekialdekobasko. The eastern portion of the country is called "Republica Catarungia" due to the four autonomous provinces closely linked with Catarung culture and heritage, and with their flags showing the five orange-white horizontal bars which represent the Catarungs. The remaining independent autonomous provinces are normally called "Independientes", with one of the five states having an increasingly large Rusko influence in the province - Nuevo Transnistria.

Below is the list of Autonomous Provinces and their capitals:

Autonomous Province     Capital                      Flag  
Basko da Gama Vallezul (Haranurdina) Image
Iparbasko Seviguio (Mendihegalean) Image
Ekialdekobasko Haranbehera Image
Castillo de Mandrid Mandrid Image
Calanorte Punta de Malklan Image
Magdalena Vigano Image
Mesetasur Piedramarilla Image
Nuevo Transnistria Mascardo (Maskagrad) Image
Catarungia Cebuenas Image
Communitat Azucena Lirio Image
San Felipe Felipamerigo Image
San Guadalupe Murosur (Parilsabagatan) Image



Ethnic Groups

As highlighted in the administrative divisions section, there are four major ethnic groups for the inhabitants of HIspinas. The majority of the Hispino populace has Hispano ethnicity, especially in the central provinces and some in the eastern portion. These Hispanos have Spanish as their primary language while a certain percentage of Hispanos can understand both Spanish and either Basque, Cebuano, or Filipino language. The next highest percentage of the total population is Basko, who has Basque as their primary language. The next is the Catarungs which have Cebuano as their primary, and lastly, the Ruskos in most cities and towns in Nuevo Transnistria where Russian is primarily spoken. A minority of Hispinos living in Magdalena and Murosur are native Filipinos which uses Filipino language as their primary language.


Hispinas is considered as a secular state, with Catholicism being the most prevalent religion in the nation. Around 84 percent of the Hispino populace are Catholics, with 10 percent being Orthodox Christians, and 4 percent being others such as atheists, or pagans.

How to get to Hispinas

Air transport is the main means to get to Hispinas, unless you are coming through the land borders at Szavoda, or the territories claimed by Nuevo Caracas. The main airport at Mandrid, Mandrid - Torres de Castillo International Airport (MTC), is the main gateway of the nation, and a multimodal transportation station is located near the airport where city and provincial buses stop and go to fetch passengers to go around the country. There are a multitude of expressways from Mandrid to neighboring places such as Vallezul, Vigano, and Piedramarilla. Aside from the primary international airport in Mandrid, a secondary international airport in Cebuenas is also used to cater to incoming international traffic, as well as the international port in downtown Cebuenas.

Locations and Arenas

Three locations has been nominated by the Royal Hispinas Volleyball Federation (FRVH) for the matches of the VWE 13, with two matches held each location per matchday, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

Mandrid - in the capital Mandrid, the national arena is being used as the venue, Palacio de Reino de Hispinas, which was the sole venue used for basketball matches for the national team, and recently, the King of Hispinas allowed usage of the arena for volleyball matches. WIth a capacity of 23,871, it is the largest indoor arena in Mandrid, and in Hispinas. The first two listed matches are held here in Mandrid, as well as one of the quarterfinal games and the third place playoff.

Cebuenas - Being the second city from Mandrid, Arena Telebuenas (capacity 14,762), Cebuenas is tapped as the second city to host VWE games. The third and fourth listed matches as well as the Hispinas side of the semifinals will be held here.

Vallezul - As a Basko-dominated city, Vallezul is awarded as the third city to host VWE matches, given over Vigano due to the latter's proximity to Mandrid. Haranurdina Kiroldegia (capacity 9,546) hosts the last two listed games as well as a quarterfinal match.
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Postby Sarzonia » Tue Oct 05, 2021 11:45 am

Sarzonia national volleyball team, aka The Stars


Coach: Alan Ryan, 51 years old
Associate Head Coach: Ivan Gold, 41 years old
Assistant Coaches: Rhett Smith, 46 years old
Perla Gonzales, 59 years old

Setter: 1 Callie Stern (female) 5-foot-9, 140 pounds, 18 years old.
Outside Hitter: 12 Frank Abrams (male) , 6-foot-1, 185 pounds, 19
Outside Hitter: 3 Dexter Jones (male) , 6-foot-2, 190 pounds, 18
Blocker: 4 Larry Rogers (male), 6-foot-5, 210 pounds, 20
Defensive Specialist: Chad Barnes (male), 6-foot-2, 178 pounds, 18
Libero: 23 Ed Reynolds (male), 5-foot l-11, 170 pounds, 17

Setter: 14 Marc Harvey (male), 6-foot, 180 pounds, 19
Outside Hitter: 15 Ian Weinstock (male), 5-foot-10, 199 pounds, 18
Outside Hitter: 20 Cole Spindell (male), 5-foot 11, 150 pounds, 17
Blocker: 9 Charlie Avery (non-binary, AMAB), 6-foot-4, 195 pounds, 18
Defensive Specialist: 10 Kate Myers (female), 6-foot-3, 195 pounds, 20
Libero: 33 Kitt Bowser (mtf), 6-foot, 187 pounds, 18
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Postby Graintfjall » Tue Oct 05, 2021 2:06 pm

Coach: Nico Ensiosson

Coach: Nico Ensiosson

№ Name Height Age Club
1 Nyagũthiĩ Wanjirsdóttir 2.01 m 19 Image Olympic Thessia
2 Kormlöð Auðsdóttir 1.90 m 22 Image Kuodorf
3 Elsa Kristjónsdóttir (L) 1.63 m 24 Image Ilsburg
4 Anney Rómansdóttir 2.01 m 21 Image Hintersfjörður
5 Torfheiður Dextersdóttir 1.94 m 30 Image Væggerfried
6 Stina Bjarkisdóttir 1.86 m 34 Image Notschach
8 Veronika Annesdóttir (L) 1.79 m 32 Image Kuodorf
10 Giorgia Gustavsdóttir 1.93 m 29 Image Væggerfried
12 Helga Gillsdóttir 1.81 m 34 Image Laitwinkl
14 Tera Juliansdóttir 1.86 m 23 Image Wimhavn
15 Loftveig Sólimannsdóttir 1.87 m 33 Image Gerstungal
16 Julia Hartmannsdóttir (C) 1.89 m 25 Image Lohrreith

This is once again a women’s team, which reflects in part the weak state of men’s volleyball in Græntfjall. This is perhaps surprising as the “land of the frost giants”, pumping out Big Fucking Græntfjallers in everything from football and basketball to handball and water polo – but then that’s the point, there’s simply too much competition for talent, and few tall men would choose a relatively niche sport when ample opportunities exist in other games. But with the women’s basketball and handball scenes lagging, a stronger talent pool seems to have emerged among the women.

This is a broadly similar Net Wolves squad to the one that competed at the Olympics and VWE12 two years ago [in Græntfjaller time]. A key player is 19 year old Nyagũthiĩ Wanjirsdóttir, of Kijani extraction, is the first black person to ever represent Græntfjall in international sport. The 2.01m teen is a prodigious talent and quite raw, but the success Anney Rómansdóttir had last time has motivated coach Nico to take a gamble on her. Elsa, being groomed as Veronika’s replacement, can be expected to see increased playing time now (they will wear green while the rest of the team wears blue-and-white).

RP permissions: if you RP first you may…
Do pretty much anything: Y, except…
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Postby Kriegiersien » Tue Oct 05, 2021 2:53 pm

For a nation where nudity is mandatory, clothes are always a nice surprise. Kriegiersien comes as always in their black Olympic rags.. jerseys.

The team is a mixed team, but this time with only one coach, women's Olympic team coach Maria Tristan, who lost in the quarter final of the Olympics against Scornerse (women), while the men lost against Bollonich. The players are the same as the ones who played at the Olympics, all human except one Zombie and one Pony. 4 Beach Volleyball players were also added.

Maria Tristan


Amiran Vimal Setter
Iairos Norman Middle Blocker
Kyran Lucius Middle Blocker
Teshub Chinonso Outside Hitter
Abhishek Bakhtiyar Opposite Hitter
Ross Mealor Outside Hitter
Xanti Lóegaire Setter
Julian Mahdi Middle Blocker
Dragomir Mark Middle Blocker
Stefanu Arash Outside Hitter
Vijaya Erkin Opposite Hitter
Alexander Garcia Outside Hitter
Micha Dig Libero
Thomas Block Middle Blocker

Araceli Erminlinda Setter
Sylvie Eulalia Libero
Shanta Chae-Yeong Outside Hitter
Lexie Cintia Outside Hitter
Dalila Melanija Opposite Hitter
Kim Anime Middle Blocker
Susi Zombiene Setter
Marina Florina Middle Blocker
Éva Mikhal Middle Blocker
Ilona Candi Outside Hitter
Christa Eoforhild Outside Hitter
Twilight Pop Opposite Hitter
Birgit Berlin Middle Blocker
Adriana Nederland Outside Hitter

RP: Everything allowed what doesn't break the game
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Postby Chromatika » Tue Oct 05, 2021 7:52 pm

Chromatik Volleyball Roster
Head Coach: Paul GRANDERSON (44)

Setter: #4 Nancy GERMAIN (27), ZMVC - 6 ft 11 in
Outside Hitter: #18 Samuel JUNG (22), LDVC - 6 ft 7 in
Opposite Hitter: #11 Lance GERARD (28), UTVC - 6 ft 8 in
Middle Blocker: #24 Larry LEAR (24), WTVC - 6 ft 10 in
Middle Blocker: #1 KIM Do-Ya (20), UTVC CAPTAIN - 6 ft 9 in
Libero: #17 Nancy NILES (23), UTVC - 6 ft 5 in

Setter: #31 Marseille VICERO (20), LDVC - 6 ft 8 in
Outside Hitter: #20 Megan SUISHAM (21), WTVC - 6 ft 4 in
Opposite Hitter/Middle Blocker: #22 Allyson GANDORF (23), ZMVC - 6 ft 7 in
Middle Blocker: #29 Kenny SINGLER (25), MHVC - 6 ft 8 in
Libero: #4 Gregory ISSIL-JOBAR (25), CCVC - 6 ft 7 in
Utility: #15 Sinclair HWANG-JONES (24), ZMVC - 6 ft 5 in
With the expansion of the Chromatik Volleyball League to Twelve Teams, this is the best volleyball roster the country has ever seen. Leading the way is Kim Do-Ya, the youthful phenom that's led the way for Urrheddiao Thunder Volleyball Club, leading the league in blocks. The actual Captain of the squad is the Libero, Nayncy Niles, whose artful digs have become almost commonplace; she sets the tone for the squad's tendency of defense first.

On the attack, Nancy Germain is the best Setter on the team, often used for that ball to set up the score. Then, right-handed Samuel Jung from the left and left-handed Lance Gerard from the right take care of business. Jung is likely to hit directly at people while Gerard prefers to aim at spots. It's an interesting squad.

Off the bench, look for the likes of Sinclair Hwang-Jones to enter whenever anyone is in trouble; Allyson Gandorf hits powerfully from the side, while Megan Suisham has finesse. If needed, Gregory Issil-Jobar can fill in for Niles.

The team's goal is simple - just make it to knockout rounds. But.. 8 out of 26 is going to be rough.
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Postby Atheara » Wed Oct 06, 2021 3:33 pm

Athearan National Volleyball Team For The VWE 13

Head Coach: Lyna Grezna - Keylahaven (32)

No Name Age Role
1 Karla Enaverich 23 Setter
12 Evaline Herphax 25 Outside Hitter
15 Petra Halsenbergen 23 Opposte Hitter
19 Crisina Halsey - Olivers 24 Middle Blocker
27 Erisa Van Denerie 26 Middle Blocker
30 Anna Ceraline 26 Libero

23 Cassandra Kellers 24 Setter
7 Eliza Monveret 23 Outside Hitter
21 Mira Isnadottir 25 Opposite Hitter
5 Leyna da Cresta 24 Middle Blocker
36 Amanda Van Denerie 25 Middle Blocker
2 Reyova Reina 23 Libero

Once again, Atheara sparks some slight controversy with fielding an all womens team for the 13th Volleyball Expo. Though, this has a reasonable justice. Women players in Atheara are just better than men players. It's just a simple fact. Lyna Grezna - Keylahaven has learned on how to be a proper coach, but she has never experienced coaching directly. The objective of this tournament? To not finish last. That was all what the state asked for of this team, just to not finish last in this Expo. They are sure they can do it.

And as for the players, tough luck. Despite the fact that the women players are better, there is no volleyball league for either gender, which made it difficult to compare skill level and ratings. But with proper counting, reviewing, and analyzing, these were the best female players Atheara had, which was true in the sense that they were better than the best male players analyzed. Can they prove themselves enough?

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United Adaikes Men's National Volleyball Team

Postby United Adaikes » Thu Oct 07, 2021 9:26 am

Coach: Kennedy Glass (49 y/o)
Name			Age	Height (in cm)	Weight (in kg)	Spike (in cm)	Block (in cm)	Team
River Peyton 19 164 54 278.8 262.4 Faraday Rough Riders
Skyler Harden 21 182 82 309.4 291.2 West Bridge Reds
Christmas Hanley 28 189 60 321.3 302.4 Adaikes Coffee Ravens
Haven Cannon 20 188 54 319.6 300.8 Golden Sierra Griffins
Dell Firmin 18 181 67 307.7 289.6 Golden Sierra Griffins
Palmer Marshall 36 176 75 299.2 281.6 San Lucas Realtors
Rory Whittemore 36 180 56 306.0 288.0 Adaikes Coffee Ravens
Francis Morce 35 178 62 302.6 284.8 A1 Cargo Movers
Carson Bloxam 18 180 68 306.0 288.0 Golden Sierra Griffins
Arden Milburn 18 188 67 318.3 299.5 Faraday Rough Riders
Angel Atterberry 30 180 57 305.9 287.9 Adaikes Coffee Ravens
Bronte Lobo 25 180 87 302.9 284.9 A1 Cargo Movers
Kevyn Castilla 33 178 81 300.7 282.9 Adaikes Coffee Ravens
Allyn Vargas 24 176 81 298.6 281.0 San Lucas Realtors
*UAAUA member university
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Postby Pemecutan » Thu Oct 07, 2021 8:05 pm



Manager: Putu Agus Diwandana
Head Coach: Komang Arya Wirasutha
Assistant Coach: Nathalia Rahayu
Physiologist: Luh Putu Widiari


Main Line Up
Name Age Pos Club

#2 Koming Andita Putri 24 Libero Munggu Surfers
#3 Diana Harum 23 Middle blocker Gerenceng Mountains
#4 Tanti Handayani 25 Middle blocker Munggu Surfers
#5 Kadek Dwi Mahayanti 24 Outside hitter Gerenceng Mountains
#6 Lidya Gandarsih 26 Opposite hitter Pemogan Black Gold
#12 Kadek Larasanthi 26 Sitter Peguyangan Sharkbite
Name Age Pos Club

#1 Lidya Nirmala Putri 24 Sitter Carangsari Great Lakes
#9 Putu Ayu Diah Suari 23 Middle blocker Kerobokan Westwind
#11 Sukma Ayu Kinanti 23 Opposite hitter Sanur Tebenan
#13 Dewi Putri Purwasih 25 Libero Mengwi East Side
#14 Ayu Laksmi 25 Middle blocker Abiansemal Squirrel
#15 Luh Putu Gina Latri 24 Outside hitter Padangsambian Greenleaf

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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Fri Oct 08, 2021 6:56 am

OOC: For the purpose of this roster, the results for the QOVO.1 season is available. This season's result won't be submitted for the IVF's Volleyball Champions League (VCL) entries.


Quebec and Shingoryeo Men's and Women's National Volleyball Teams - VWE 13

The Royal Quebecois Volleyball Federation, in continuation of its practice also shared by Basketball Quebec (BQ) and Quebecois Handball Federation (QHF), is proud to continue its practice of sending mixed teams with expanded rosters to international competitions, even as the QOVO.1 leagues gender-separated. In terms of who the team plays, the RQVF maintains a different policy than BQ, who operates a 16-member roster updated every matchday, and will maintain a straightforward policy:

  • Quebecois men will play against male teams. In case there is no specified team due to lack of roster in past (generally counted as tournaments VWE 9 onwards), or there is a mixed team that mostly consists of male players, the male team will play.
  • Quebecois women will play against female team. If there is a mixed team that mostly consists of female players, the women's team will play.
  • In case of mixed or nongendered gender teams, the RQVF will send a dualsex team.

Team Jerseys - Designed by Neo (Lisander)


Quebecois Volleyball In Nutshell

Alongside (ice) hockey and basketball, Volleyball's considered one of the three indoor jewels of the Quebecois winter sports. It is one of few countries in the Multiverse where both men's and women's indoor volleyball have remained highly popular, and the QOVO.1 and QOVO.2 leagues sees fairly even television ratings and attendance figures among both sexes.

Unlike the basketball teams, the volleyball teams maintain separate heights, with the women being slightly taller than average (OOC: compared to RL, that is) and men having roughly average heights, and the RQVF competition policies reflect this. The parity of talent and international success shared between the Quebecois men and women, as well as the fact the two national team programs had played against each other for most part, means that there is less need and even lesser need to double-squad the benches.

That said, this version of Grim Reapers is no different than most of their top 10 opposition in their ability to ride the benches, and will actively use the substitutions where needed. One may argue that is where their strengths lie - consistent depth - but that may also be a different word for 'lack of a clear best 7' (see the each team info).

For this cycle of the Volleyball World Expo, the Royal Quebecois Volleyball Federation have taken an aggressive measure to review their roster, mostly due to the 2051 Quebecois Commonwealth Games being held on the home soil right after the olympics. For this edition of Grim Reapers, this had meant that some veteran members from past (no key players though, most of key players will be playing in both) were left out of contention in favour of playing them there. While vast majority of the team have stayed the same, with those marked with an * has been given to those who will be making their VWE debuts, either on the 12-man roster or as an alt), the slight difference in personnels and starting lineups for the Quebecois men and the women should provide this team enough of a challenge that the RQVF hope to respond well.

OOC Note: With the last part, it's mostly based on how the Asian Games, regional games that matter a lot to many Asian nations, are held right after the FIVB World Championships. How the Asian Games are viewed by volleyball federations depend on each nation - the Japanese rarely send their best, the Koreans prioritise Asian Games over World Championships (a matter I find to be tragic and short-sighted), and the Chinese depending on each quad schedule (In 2014 Chinese women sent second-teamers, a bulk of who became part of the gold medal-winning team in Rio 2016, while they sent full squad in 2018).

Quebecois Men - Life Goes Along

Entering his third straight Volleyball World Expo as the manager, Pierre-Stephane Jobin has named the Quebecois men's team as they look to continue the team's rising form in the international competition, especially following the gold-medal performance by the Under-25 team. For most part, Jobin's been fortunate to return most of those who had taken part in the past national teams, with eleven players from the last VWE team, and nine from the Olympic team coming back to the 19-player entry that includes 7 alternates. The lone exception, Middle Blocker Mathieu Ethier-Leblanc, was left out of the national team after solid two-year period, where he was most recently selected to the QOVO.1 first team, due to a knee surgery that will keep him out for first half of the QOVO.1 season with Shawinigan Skywalkers.

For most part, the team's basic bones have remained the same under Pierre-Stephane Jobin, with Ahn Seung-Min continuing as the team captain and the team built around three locker room leaders in Ahn, Zackaël Lapierre, and Byeon Jeong-Wook. With that said, the three new additions are ones to note on their own right. Middle Blocker Sung Han-Yong, was one of the last to have been left off of the national team training camp for the last VWE. Since then, he has become one of the best middle blockers in the country, being named the best Middle Blocker in last year's Olympics tournament and Quebecois Intercollegiate Sports MVP over the last 12 months. It remains to be seen on whether Sung will be able to beat out Gye Joo-Seong, Guy Tille-Nadon and Dong-Joon Etchemin-Wakan for the second starting spot in this position, but his footwork alone should be able to generate solid blocks in the middle blocker group that has gotten better over time.

As for the other two newcomers to this Quebecois men team in setter Jin Chang-Wook and utility hitter Benoit-Antoine Aplin, they are expected to strongly contend for starting minutes as well. Benoit-Antoine Aplin, the pin who can play both positions, is undersized but makes up for it with his spike height (350cm!) and magnificent power, and he is expected to compete with Todor Asparuhov for the starting opposite after Ahn Seung-Min eventually retires in near-future. Jin Chang-Wook, mercurial setter who was named the Olympic tournament MVP last summer in Bunjil, Electrum, is another character of his own, but we'll talk about that right below. As for rest of the team, most of the big names return- Libero Zackaël Lapierre, who returns for his fifth straight tournament, is once again the sole libero on the 12-man roster, while all-arounder Alanis Hair-Lewis and explosive Ivan Stankic, whose overhead spikes are a treat, are expected to start on the left side. Byeon Jeong-Wook once again returns as the starting middle blocker, and while he has gotten slower in steps over the years, he is expected to be relied upon as the team looks to test Tille-Nadon, Gye and Sung as the second blocker.

In terms of storyline for this team, the most notable one will be at the setter position, not because of competence but because of the depth. Benedict Jeon returns for his third straight VWE, as the 28-year old has played well for both Perce and the Grim Reapers for over half a decade now. While he has not been a classical Quebecois men's setter in any mould, preferring to set high and reliant upon a clear opposite, he's a proven winner and is going to be named starter for position. Still, the handle could easily turn around, especially with the arrival of Jin Chang-Wook. Jin, the defending olympic tournament MVP last summer, is a shorter setter with higher ceiling. After his indomitable performance with Queen's College and the Olympics, he signed with Vreton Bulls of Bollonich, where he has starred ever since. For long time, he has been expected to be a potential superstar, and after having won the olympic gold, it intrigues the Quebecois public on how Jin, whose temper and tendency to set quick and low are well known, could challenge the starting position. If all works out well, and if Benedict Jeon struggles, this could possibly be a tournament where he breaks out.

Coaching and Technical Staff
Head Coach: Pierre-Stephane Jobin, 47 - Shawinigan Skywalkers
Assistant Coaches: Yi Joon-Cheol, 40 - California University
Andrew Bryant-McCullis, 38 - St. John's Spiritair Jumbos
Team Doctor: Dr. Hong Soo-Wan, 55 - RQVF
Physiotherapist: Claude-Andre Echequan, 29 - CSKA Quebec VC

No  Name           Surname      Age    Ht. Position                     Team        
02 Seung-Min Ahn 30 1.94 Oppose (RS) Montreal Koreana VC
05 Zackaël Lapierre 29 1.87 Libero (Li) Montreal Koreana VC
06 Benedict Jeon 28 1.91 Passeur (S) Perce Soohyeop Armada

07 Todor Asparuhov 22 1.99 Oppose (RS) Perce Soohyeop Armada
09 Han-Yong Sung *22 2.08 Centre (MB) CSKA Quebec
10 Ivan Stankic 23 1.99 Réceptionneur-attaquant (OH) St. John's Spiritair Jumbos
11 Jeong-Wook Byeon 31 2.07 Centre (MB) Attawapiskat Blaze

13 Joo-Seong Gye 23 2.03 Centre (MB) Shawinigan Skywalkers [from Hanyang College]
14 Benoit-Antoine Aplin *21 1.92 Outside/Opposite (OH/RS) CSKA Quebec [from Hanyang College]
16 Chang-Wook Jin *21 1.85 Passeur (S) Vreton Bulls (Bollonich)
15 Alanis Hair-Lewis 26 2.02 Réceptionneur-attaquant (OH) Dynamo Sillamaye-Sotke (Gatchingerrak Union)
17 Jong-Doo Bae 19 1.94 Réceptionneur-attaquant (OH) Ottawa Avian Spark
------ ALTERNATES ------
03 Gustave-Paul Filatriault 24 1.89 Passeur (S) Baja Calania Blazer
04 Joon-Hwi Kim 22 1.81 Libero (Li) CSKA Quebec VC
08 Dong-Joon Etchemin-Whakan 33 2.08 Centre (MB) Fakel Gatchinovo (Gatchingerrak Union)
12 Guido Santarelli 28 1.96 Outside/Opposite (OH/RS) Montreal Koreana VC
19 Guy Tille-Nadon 23 2.05 Centre (MB) London Nonghyeop Planthoppers
21 Théodore Sinotte *26 1.94 Réceptionneur-attaquant (OH) CSKA Quebec
25 Seung-Rok Oh *22 1.96 Réceptionneur-attaquant (OH) London Nonghyeop Planthoppers [from Kingston Polytechnic]

Quebecois Women - Questions Continue

For most part, the same story of keeping up with their reputation continues from the Grim Reapers' women, as they return to face strong competition in women's volleyball, where there is no shortage of elite to world-class competition known to them (HUElavia, Mytanija, Cassadaigua, Baker Park, and Siovanija and Teusland are generally those the Quebecois keep in alarm, following the federation issues currently in place in Banija). Grim Reapers' legend Kim Yu-Jin once again returns to coach the Grim Reapers women, and her squad returns most of the major core that had beaten all but one of their international rivals over Kim's tenure as the Grim Reapers coach. Keep in mind- they have yet to beat HUElavia, their achilles' heel. This is still a fairly young squad, even with their relative experience, and with the '9th trio' of Marinne Veronneau, Alexanne Bayley and Nadine-Erin Page not retiring from the sport anytime soon (national team would be a different story though), life should go on as usual for Team Quebec.

Alexanne 'Lexie' Bayley returns as the Grim Reapers' women's captain. The 31-year old, who plans to retire from the national team after this cycle, has never really been a dominant player due to weaker power on her spikes, but more than makes up for it with libero-like defence, great block height and leadership. She is expected to be succeeded as the team captain by 22-year old Yang Soo-Gyeong, who is universally viewed as the icon of the Quebecois women's team. The outside hitter, whose trademark spike is a cross on a deep angle, is viewed by many as the next 'Brittany Veronneau', and is expected to contribute heavily on both offence and defence, especially back row defence.

On the opposite side of the pins, we have a couple of strong options in Natalie Wesoloski-Okafor and Natalia Horakcova. Wesoloski-Okafor had a successful breakout tournament last WVE when she scored 26 and 18 points in quarterfinal and semifinals victories over Cassadaigua and Mytanija, and her record-breaking season this year, when she scored 541 points in the QOVO.1 season, seems to suggest the trajectories. That said, while the opposite has performed at otherworldly level at times, Natalie does have tendency to commit errors at various stretches (OOC: usual example I think of it is Paola Egonu - everybody knows she's world-class opposite but she did have a poor olympic tournament), and it is expected she be substituted at times with Natalia Horakcova, shorter, faster opposite with much more powerful swing.

Unlike the men's team, Setter is the weak spot of this team, which coach Kim, the setter from the 2030 Novonaya-Provinsk team that won the gold medal, has said over and over again. Kim Yu-Jin made it no secret that with Karina Benn Fernandez's retirement after the last VWE, they will have to build their team around younger setters, with the leading candidate being Chae Sang-Heui. Chae, who returns for the third VWE, is the best setter this country has after spending past two, impressive seasons with CSKA Quebec, where she used the team's strength on height well. But it is clear to anyone that Chae's not been at the level we've seen from Naloe Miro (setter from the 2020 Centralis-Nassau Bay team that won gold), coach Kim, or the legends of 1980s or 1990s. Chae is expected to face lots of competition from Marissa Donovan, a veteran whose reliability with Kingston drew the technical staff's attention over the QOVO.1 season, or Elisabeth Rousseaux, a major prospect with her love of feeding the middle blockers. Huge part of this Team Quebec's performance will come down to how well the setters perform over the course of the term.

As for the rest, most of the key names return. Both starting middle blockers in Erin MacDonald, powerful blocker, and Marine Veronneau, an all-arounder who has singlehandedly led Winnipeg Winterhawks to an unlikely QOVO.1 Final run in upsets over both Montreal Koreana and CSKA Quebec, return. Ekaterina Kaganovich is a young, promising middle blocker who is expected to succeed Veronneau in due time, while new additions in Nancy Krief-Livingston (good location) and Monika Dubrowska (height and power) are ones to watch in their own right. And of course, to no one's surprise, Nadine-Erin Page returns as the team's libero. Page is often left underrated due to Yang and Bayley's presence on defence, but her ability to set the ball is a crucial asset for the team that likes to set the passes fast and at any direction, and her leadership remains important to this team as well, especially with Bayley struggling with injury at various points.

Coaching and Technical Staff
Head Coach: Kim Yu-Jin, 43 - Swanguard Athletic
Assistant Coaches: Miguel Jorge Arrado, 40 - Halifax Antebellum
Kenneca Obomsawin, 36 - Montreal Koreana
Team Doctor: Dr. Hong Soo-Wan, 55 - RQVF
Physiotherapist: Claude-Andre Echequan, 29 - CSKA Quebec VC

No  Name        Surname         Age    Ht. Position                      Team    
01 Ekaterina Kaganovich *19 1.97 Centre (MB) VK Magevskaya (Mytanija)
02 Natalie Wesoloski-Okafor 21 1.96 Oppose (RS) Montreal Koreana VC
03 Marissa Donovan *27 1.81 Passeur (S) Kingston KD Bank Stars
04 Nadine-Erin Page 29 1.71 Libero (Li) Halifax Antebellum
07 Erin MacDonald 24 1.95 Centre (MB) Montreal Koreana VC

08 Natalia Horakcova 26 1.83 Oppose (RS) Sept-Iles QGC
09 Sang-Heui Chae 22 1.82 Passeur (S) CSKA Quebec
10 Soo-Gyeong Yang 22 1.94 Receptionneur-attaquant (OH) Atletik Thessia (Mytanija)

13 Nancy Krief-Livingston *24 1.83 Receptionneur-attaquant (OH) Swanguard Athletic
14 Marine Veronneau 30 1.94 Centre (MB) Winnipeg Winterhawks VC
17 Alexanne Bayley 'C' 31 1.94 Receptionneur-attaquant (OH) Iskra Palmyra (Gatchingerrak Union)

99 Monika Dubrowska *21 1.86 Outside/Opposite (OH/RS) Gander Avro Comets [from University of Kingston]
------ ALTERNATES ------
05 Ye-Rahm Kweon 21 1.79 Libero (Li) Winnipeg Winterhawks (from UPRI)
11 Helene Nault-Tenerowitz 25 1.91 Receptionneur-attaquant (OH) CSKA Quebec
12 Zina Villeneuve-Booshie 26 1.86 Oppose (RS) CSKA Quebec
13 Elisabeth Rousseaux *20 1.79 Passeur (S) Université du Saguenay
16 Ji-Young Hong *29 1.77 Passeur (S) Montreal Koreana VC
20 Aurelie Sokanon *25 1.88 Centre (MB) Swanguard Athletic
42 Sheila Riquelmet Donne *20 1.84 Receptionneur-attaquant (OH) Kingston KD Bank Stars

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes/No
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes/No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes*/No (TG or PM me first)
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes/No
Godmod Other Events: Yes* (TG or PM me first. I like creativity)
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Postby HUElavia » Fri Oct 08, 2021 8:40 am

HUElavia National (Women's) Volleyball Team

10 | OH1 | Felicia Tirabassi | 31 | 6'0" | Left
5 | S | Luciana Cabral de Ávila | 30 | 5'6" | Ambi
12 | MB1 | Melissa Puig | 22 | 6'3" | Left
1 | OH2 | Vanessa Suarez Aranda | 31 | 6'1" | Right
3 | OPP | Elisaveta Yakovna | 24 | 6'3" | Left
7 | MB2 | Fumnanya Obe | 27 | 6'0" | Ambi
6 | L | Tatiana Ribeiro Furtado | 23 | 5'9" | Left

17 | OH | Tereza Kanashiro Yamada | 19 | 5'11" | Right
2 | S | Alcione Lobo de Almeida | 18 | 6'2" | Right
9 | MB | Chen Tao | 28 | 6'2" | Ambi
11 | OH | Atiq Huamanchagua Jaillita | 18 | 6'1" | Left
13 | OPP | Camille Quirion | 19 | 6'2" | Right
8 | MB | Qulla Cusipuma | 25 | 6'0" | Left
4 | L | Amaia Mayordomo | 20 | 5'8" | Left

Head Coach: Clementina Moreira (57 Years Old)
Assistant Coaches: Francisca Torres (51 Years Old), Clara Biescas (54 Years Old)

RP Permissions:
RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing serious
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes
Give Red Cards to/Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Darmen » Fri Oct 08, 2021 9:13 am

Darmeni National Volleyball Team
presented by the
Darmeni Volleyball Association

Head Coach: Ellanher Burton (64)
Assistant Coach: Madalyn Greenberg* (59)

# Name Age Club
1 Oswald Connell 23 Coastal VC
2 Zed McNiall 29 Tempala Terror
3 Huri Ó Cuinn 25 Southern VC
4 Teódulo Greer 24 Tempala Terror
5 Westley Albrecht 34 Harbor District VC (Libero)
6 Anastacia Chevalier* 31 Tempala Terror

7 Nadine Gabler* 34 Coastal VC
8 Ilona Perry* 23 Tempala Terror
9 Aurora Paris* 33 Southern VC
10 Thore Ready 24 Tempala Terror
11 Petula Müller* 33 Coastal VC
12 Pancho Robles 21 CV Chavarría
*Female players

RP Permissions: No killing or other serious life altering events, otherwise, have fun!
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Postby StrayaRoos » Fri Oct 08, 2021 4:34 pm

Team roster
01:Eddie Lan,28,1.98M,Captain
02:Luca Kibo,21,2m
03:Adam Joul,25,1.79m
04: Oscar Naphat,35,1.93m
05: Matt Jak,27,1.95m
06:Zac Yal,22,1.89m
07:Hamish Rea,19,1.9m
08:Amelia Jal,29,2m
09:Jim Ak,19,1.9m
10:Nicola Kai,31,1.89m
11:Tayla Lai,19,1.86m
00: Nicholas Kak,28
Head:Ryan Teal,57 (0-1)
Assistant:Stu Teal,34
Assistant:Jak Alos,50
Home:Magenta base,Yellow Hoops
Away:Yellow Base,Magenta Hoops
Libero:Magenta Base,Yellow Stripe
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VWE13:Group Stage
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Postby Chromatika » Fri Oct 08, 2021 4:40 pm

Chromatika @ Volleyball World Expo 13:
Matchday 1: vs. Hispinas (9)
Matchday 2: vs. The 14 Stars (UR)
Matchday 3: vs. Kriegiersien (10)
Matchday 4: vs. Natanians and Nosts (23)
Matchday 5: vs. Andoria (UR)
Matchday 6: vs. Mytanija (3)
Matchday 7: vs. Abanhfleft (8)
Matchday 8: vs. Lisander (17)
Matchday 9: vs. StrayaRoos (UR)
Matchday 10: vs. Siovanija and Teusland (6)
Matchday 11: vs. Kohnhead (2)
Matchday 12: BYE
Matchday 13: vs. Brookstation (UR)
WVE 13 Preview

Volleyball is a growing sport in Chromatika. The Chromatik Volleyball League expanded to twelve teams this past season, with teams now in Z'ai'ai, Urrheddiao, Chromia, Lanar, Myana, Wirr Tsi, Sanar, Alnio, Lhor, and Eyrods, it's a sport that is definitely gaining some momentum. Attendance has averaged to over 3,000 per match in the last season, which is a significant increase from the sub-1000 average in the inaugural season.

Volleyball has also become recognized as an official sport sponsored by both the Chromatik High School Athletics Association and the Chromatik Collegiate Sports Association, joining the likes of football, gridiron football, basketball, baseball, and select track and field events. It is reportedly the aim of Chromatika to become a top ten team in the multiverse and contend for titles in the next few World Volleyball Expos.

Of course, the hardest part about the World Volleyball Expo is getting out of the Group Stage. Only four out of thirteen teams will make it, and the list of teams ranked higher than Chromatika include Kohnhead, Mytanija, Siovanija and Teusland, Abanhfleft, Hispinas, and Kriegiersien. This means that despite being the thirteenth ranked team in the world, Chromatika are seventh in their group. With such a narrow field for the playoffs, Chromatika will have to massively overperform in order to get to the Quarterfinals.

Which players will have to be on top of their game? Nancy Niles, the Libero and spiritual head of the squad; the duo of Samuel Jung and Lance Gerard, the main offensive threats, and Nancy Germain, the team's setter who will be backed up by Marseile Vicero.

It will be difficult to see just how far this team will go.
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Postby Cassadaigua » Fri Oct 08, 2021 7:33 pm


Cassadaigua has appeared in the Volleyball World Expo often throughout its history, and were the champions of the sixth edition, which came one tournament after hosting the fifth VWE. Team Cassadaigua was also the runner up in VWE 4

Coach: Shannon O’Rourke (61)

S: #10- Kristen Kruse (30) (Captain)
OH: #18- Gabrielle Nugent (27)
OH: #11- Maddie Gebhardt (22)
MH: #19- Chelsea Friedman (26)
MH: #5- Katelynn Wood (24)
L: #16- Lindsey Klevankin (31)

S: #13- Julia Diravallo (32)
OH: #14- Kerrianne Dozier (26)
OH/MH: #21- Becky Phelan (28)
MH: #6- Samantha Comstock (26)
L: #9- Julie Garver (23)
Utility: #00- Margaret Randle (38)

RP Permissions:
Anything that can occur in a normal volleyball game is ok. With injuries, just say my player was hurt.
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Postby United Adaikes » Fri Oct 08, 2021 8:02 pm

Adaikesians' 1st competitive international match will be against the defending champions

For UAD national volleyball team coach Kennedy Glass, it is always the hardest when you're joining an international competition for the first time. "Most especially the first matchday, as it will gauge how we are performing in international volleyball," Glass added.

But when you're up against the defending champions in the first match of your first international tournament, then what could be more challenging?

Group Stage Matches for United Adaikes:

Matchday 1 vs. HUElavia (1)
Matchday 2 vs. Commonwealth of Baker Park (7)
Matchday 3 vs. BYE
Matchday 4 vs. Bollonich (17)
Matchday 5 vs. Atheara
Matchday 6 vs. Gatchingerrak Union
Matchday 7 vs. Sarzonia (11)
Matchday 8 vs. Græntfjall (14)
Matchday 9 vs. Darmen
Matchday 10 vs. Quebec and Shingoryeo (5)
Matchday 11 vs. Pemecutan (12)
Matchday 12 vs. Ardengard
Matchday 13 vs. Cassadaigua (4)
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Postby Hispinas » Fri Oct 08, 2021 8:49 pm


Hispinas National Volleyball Team
Equipo Nacional de Voleibol Hispinas
Pambansang Koponang Pambalibol ng Hispinas
Hispinako Boleibol Talde Nazionala

Team Record: To be compiled
Consultant: Lioria Baradillo Sierra, 56, native of Vigano
Head Coach: Luisetta Parrilla Cabrera, 46, Female, native of Punta de Malklan
Assistant Coach: Matia Zabarte Echeverri, 52, Male, native of Vallezul
Joaquin Almanza Escudero, 40, Male, native of Piedramarilla
Estera Arredondo Herrero, 50, Female, native of Lirio
Captain: Martita Fraire Gabriel, 31, Female, native of Mascardo
Vice-Captain: Santana Beltram La Barca, 29, Female, native of Punta de Malklan

4 - MB - Palomina Che Venegas, 20, Female, native of Mascardo - 1.85 m, 76.9 kg - Plays for Uverennost Dinamo Mascardo
7 - MB - Enocencio Resendiz Serrano, 28, Male, native of Punta de Malklan - 2.08 m, 98 kg - Plays for Telebuenas FC Cebuenas Voleibol
6 - OPP - Santana Beltram La Barca, 29, Female, native of Punta de Malklan - 1.81 m, 77.5 kg - Plays for Flor Blanca Vigano Voleibol
10 - OH - Antonina Can Orosco, 23, Female, native of Mandrid - 1.75 m, 71.2 kg - Plays for Aerohispinas Royal Mandrid
11 - OH - Garbine Aranibar Labaca, 21, Female, native of Haranbehera - 1.78 m, 64.6 kg - Plays for Itzal Haranurdina BdG Boleibola
9- S - Martita Fraire Gabriel, 31, Female, native of Mascardo - 1.74 m, 71.6 kg - Plays for Uverennost Dinamo Mascardo
14 - L - Chito Correa Castrejon, 29, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.72 m, 69.3 kg - Plays for Flor Blanca Vigano Voleibol

15 - MB - Fito Cedano Navarro, 26, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.98 m, 88.7 kg - Plays for ATM Malklan CV
12 - MB - Diago Malave Fanta, 21, Male, native of Murosur - 1.89 m, 81.5 kg - Plays for ATM Malklan CV
7 - OH - Tacito Gallarde Silguero, 32, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.88 m, 84.7 kg - Plays for Txerrikotxoa Mendihegalean Boleibola
13 - OPP - Senalda Raya Santin, 21, Female, native of Murosur - 1.8 m, 71.2 kg - Plays for Abejalegre Lirio Voleibol
8 - OH - Herculano Joaquin Santana, 21, Male, native of Punta de Malklan - 1.76 m, 73.8 kg - Plays for Telebuenas FC Cebuenas Voleibol
16 - S - Gilberto Fontan Baylon, 31, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.62 m, 60.7 kg - Plays for Telebuenas FC Cebuenas Voleibol
17 - L - Edmundo Perez Avellaneda, 36, Male, native of Vigano - 1.71 m, 69 kg - Plays for ATM Malklan CV

The setters will try to confuse the opponents as much as possible using various attackers and rarely uses the same attacker in consecutive set plays. Back row attacks are rare given that the team has not practiced this yet. Fraire's favorite is a one-two quick with her middle blockers, while Fontan's preferred target is a cross court set to their opposites.

Provided by Harrokeria from Vallezul. Bring on the swag.
Image Image

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

  • IC History with Hispania y Filipinas is expunged and not recognized by the Hispino Monarchy. Thus, any mention of the Hispania y Filipinas name or its stint in the past IBCs will be met with raised eyebrows by the government.
  • Spanish naming customs is followed, Given name, then paternal name, then maternal name. Jersey names will be the players' paternal names, in certain exceptions, the known nickname of the player, is used
fka Hispania y Filipinas (IC-ly estranged/retconned) | Sportswire | Under-18 WC 12 Champions
Rushmore | Capital: Mandrid | Trigram: HSP | Demonym: Hispino / Hispina / Hispinian
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Commonwealth of Baker Park
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Fri Oct 08, 2021 11:47 pm

Commonwealth of Baker Park National
Volleyball Team

The Commonwealth Volleyball Association (CVBA) presents the squad for the World Volleyball Expo 13, which will mark the 5th time BP have entered the competition.

University of Oceana Head Coach Doreen Patrick returns for the second straight tournament as National Team Coach, assisted once again by University of the Commonwealth boss Brad Isaacson.

Saundra and Shannon Buckley will make their final international appearance in Bollonich, while three new players have been brought in; now ranked number seven in the world, the team will face a strong field in Group B play--#1 HUElavia, #4 Cassadaigua, #5 Quebec & Shingoreyo, #11 Sarzonia, #12 Pemecutan, # 14 Græntfjall, and the co-hosts ranked #17.

This tournament will see the introduction of an updated uniform design to replace the traditional Sky Blue motif.

Head Coach—Doreen Patrick
Assistant—Brad Isaacson

Pos	Age	Club/College
1 Emma Collins OH 25 North Park Rec Club/Endborough College
2 Patty Durham OH 21 University of Endborough
3 Cindy Gregory L 21 University of Baker Park
4 Ally Funderberg MB 22 East River Volleyball Club/Coolville State University
5 Kim Valentine MB 24 Hamilton Volleyball Club/University of Baker Park
6 Saundra Buckley OH 28 Westside Spikers Club/Ezra State University
7 Grace Figueroa MB 21 Osheana Capital University
8 Shannon Buckley OH 28 Westside Spikers Club/Ezra State University
9 Donna Rossellini S 27 North Park Rec Club/Endborough College
10 Juliana Montgomery MB 28 Ezriquay City Athletic Club/University of Ezra
11 Gretchen Fogarty OH 24 Shirley Women's Club/Marshallton University
12 Jackie Slater S 22 Lima Sports Club/University of Oceana
13 Tami Sherwin L 26 Newport Sports Assc./University of Belle Haven

Main Libero
Image Image

AOCAF LXII Champions
2x Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5&9) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII (co-hosts), LX Third Place
World Cup 85, AOCAF LXIII Fourth Place
World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84/86 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 21 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff semi-finalists
NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

WLC Vice President
WLC 34 Fourth Place
WLC 30/31(host)/32/33/35 Quarterfinal
WLC 29 Playoff Round

AORC Gold Medal

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Postby Atheara » Sat Oct 09, 2021 3:06 am

In Vreton, Bollonich...

Lyna Grezna - Keylahaven, the coach for the Athearan team participating in the Volleyball World Expo 13, is nervous. Although she has learned everything about coaches and has one some forms of management, she has never really done any coaching by herself, and now she has to do some coaching herself. This womens team Atheara sent had no cohesion or synergy, so how was Atheara going to fare?

All she knew is that Atheara were going to play unranked Ardengard on the first matchday, so that was maybe a slight relief. She thinks that maybe a warm-up and an introduction to the team was needed, since, uh, they were taken here very unexpectedly. Plus, it just seems kind of rude to take some volleyball players and them not knowing what they were supposed to do, they are in a foreign country afterall. Lyna opens the door to the training arena, and is met with the full team, already in their jerseys for training. She had something to explain.

"Gah, finally someone who can explain what the hell is going on?!" The starting setter, Karla Enaverich screams after seeing Lyna enter the room. "Calm down Karla, there has to be an explanation to this." Karla's best friend, Reyova Reina says to her. The others also spew forth their opinions, but one player, Eliza Monveret, just nods. "So, she is the deaf one... Who would send a deaf player again?" Lyna thought to herself. Anyway, she was getting offtrack, so she had to explain what was going on in sign language and also speaking as well.

"You are gathered here, as you will represent Atheara for the 13th World Volleyball Expo hosted by Bollonich and Hispinas. We are currently in Vreton, Bollonich. This city is where you will play your first two matchdays, against unranked Ardengard, then 4th ranked Cassadaigua." Lyna says calmly, and also says in sign language. Everyone just, blanked out when they heard the name Cassadaigua. "Hold on, you are saying we are in Bollonich for a volleyball tournament, and we have to play Cassadaigua on matchday 2?!" Karla asks whilst screaming.

"Yes, and Karla, please behave yourself." Lyna simply says. "But, why an all womens team?" Leyna da Cresta, the bench middle blocker asks. "You are the best players we have, i am not joking. Even the best male player was worse than the worst female player here, which is Eliza. No offense. Now, i want you all to start training as you all would do, and we are not going back to Atheara until this tournament is over. So, all that i ask you is to just get along and play volleyball." Lyna says with voice and signage, then leaves the room. "Now maybe i should get coffee for everyone." Lyna says outloud to herself.

During Training...

"Who does she think herself to be?!" Karla asks whilst fuming. "Holy shit calm down Karla, we should just follow her orders." Reyna says to her whilst holding Karla's hands. "Ugh fine, the sooner we can go home, the better." Karla says. "Oh just shut up Karla, let's get back to training. Ceraline, throw us a ball will you?" Reyna says and immediately asks Anna Ceraline, the starting libero. "Just a second!" Ceraline says back. Reyna just hopes that Karla wouldn't do what she did back when they were 16.

"Hey Eliza, how are you faring right now?" Erisa Van Denerie asks with signage. "Doing absolutely normal, why do you ask?" Eliza asks back with sign language. "Just asking since it's been, you know, 4 years since your incident. Anyways, let's get back to training. We don't want to piss off the coach based on how she talked and how she looked." Erisa says with signage. "Alright, let's just get back to training. I am thirsty." Eliza answers back to Erisa's statement about training and the 4th year after that incident with signage.

Training was done later on, they got the coffee Lyna decided to buy, and everyone went back to their hotel rooms. Hoping for a good start is vital and crucial. Especially since the road won't be very easy.
Still in the process of Retconning, but i actually made some progress. Proud to be part of Anaia!
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Third Place in the Baptism of Fire 75!
Third Place in Group 4 of WCQ 89 as a Pot 7!

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Postby Bollonich » Sat Oct 09, 2021 4:32 am

Bollonischian National Volleyball Team

Bollonischian Volleyball Union

The Bollonischian National Volleyball Team has come quite a long way since our appearance at the 12th Volleyball World Expo. The 12th Volleyball World Expo was the first tournament the national team took part in, in the international foray of Volleyball. However since that experience the team has seen major improvements in lots of departments. The team managed to finish in 7th place on the table last time around putting ourselves right up there with some of the best volleyball sides in the world. Bollonischian Volleyball didn’t stop there however, the national team also took part in the World League where we just made it to the knockouts before defeating Quebec and Shingoryeo in the final to clinch our first Volleyball title. This however was just warm up heading into the most important competition of them all, the Olympics. We knew this was the stage for some of the best volleyball sides in the world and we were among them. The Mens’ team had a fabulous run making the semifinals where we faced the Quebecois once again. This was a rematch of the World League final with both teams desperately looking to secure a win and a place in the final. This was a very crucial match for the side but there was also a sub plot going on side by side as Jin Chang-Wook of Quebec and Shingoryeo had just signed with Bollonischian franchise Vreton Bulls. This just made this titular semifinal match carry even more weight. In the end it was the Quebecois who came out on top denying us a final appearance at the Olympics as they extracted revenge for their defeat in the final of the World League. We however managed to bag the bronze medal at the Olympics with the mens’ volleyball team while the women were way unluckier being eliminated very early on in the knockouts.
On the domestic side of things, Bollonischian franchises were very successful in the Volleyball Champions’ League as both the Karvian Tigers and the Vreton Bulls made the semifinals where the Tigers were eliminated by Mytanar team Litala ’93. The Bulls however made the finals where they were eventually defeated by the team that defeated the Tigers.

The past two years have been tremendous for volleyball in Bollonich as success on the international stage has massively boosted the popularity and attention received by volleyball in Bollonich. Not only has it become much more popular but there have been massive improvements in facilities. Hosting serves as a vital chance to further assist in the growth of the sport and also serves a good economic opportunity. The 17th ranked Bollonischian team will be looking to make the most of playing at home and potentially rise higher in the rankings.

Shirt No.   Name                  Age    Position                Franchise      
#2 Tim Mills 36 Setter Vreton Bulls
#16 Susie Wyatt 33 Setter Maihar Warriors
#67 Jamie Atkinson 41 Setter San Pablo Rockers

#61 Alpha Kelsey 30 Libero Karvian Tigers
#51 Darell Ackerman 27 Libero Akusha Rovers
#22 Ellery Harvey 32 Libero Marda Frogs

#42 Hildred Blackburn 28 Middle Blocker Akusha Rovers
#84 Edmund Timberlake 39 Middle Blocker Vreton Bulls
#75 Red Braddock 29 Middle Blocker Kings of Fermont

#71 Jaye Neal 30 Outside Hitter Torrijas Wizards
#62 Jeanie Townsend 21 Outside Hitter San Pablo Rockers
#82 Thelma Eady 30 Outside Hitter Maihar Lions

#7 Adele Boone 21 Opposite Hitter Maihar Lions
#42 Rose Lyons 21 Opposite Hitter Maihar Warriors
#18 Vincent Finch 26 Opposite Hitter Torrijas Wizards

#26 Lora Willard 27 Defensive Specialist San Pablo Rockers
#17 Nettie Osbourne 37 Defensive Specialist Vreton Bulls
#43 Andy Fleming 21 Defensive Specialist Karvian Tigers
Starters in italics

Name               Age      Position       
Gaylord Abel 33 Head Coach
Brandee Jarrett 47 Assistant Coach
Lorne Seaver 42 Team Doctor
Betsy Moores 46 Medic

RP Permissions : Anything goes, ask me before you god mod and give injuries.
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Gatchingerrak Union
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Postby Gatchingerrak Union » Sat Oct 09, 2021 5:43 am

Gatchingerrak Union Men's and Women's National Volleyball Teams - VWE 13

The Joint Federation of the Gatchingerrak Union of Rushmori Nations (JFGURN), in continuation of its practice also shared by their rival and fellow commonwealth federation in the Royal Quebecois Volleyball Federation (RQVF), is happy to send the mixed teams with expanded rosters to international competitions, even as the Gatchingerrak Superliga leagues remain gender-separated. To maintain consistency across all nations (Banija being an exception, due to their historical precedence on sending only the women's national team), the JFGURN maintains and will maintain a straightforward policy no different than that of the RQVF:

  • Union men will play against male teams. In case there is no specified team due to lack of roster in past (generally counted as tournaments VWE 9 onwards), or there is a mixed team that mostly consists of male players, the male team will play.
  • Union women will play against female team. If there is a mixed team that mostly consists of female players, the women's team will play.
  • In case of mixed or nongendered gender teams, the JFGURN will send a dualsex team.
    Note: In the case of the final matchday showdown between Quebec and GGU national teams, the men's national teams will face each other. This policy is mostly due to the fact that there have been way less men's volleyball teams out in the NSSverse compared to women or mixed teams.

IC Information

Gatchingerrak Union of Rushmori nations, shortened as the Gatchingerrak Union, is a cultural and political alliance of four countries of the Quebecois Commonwealth located in mid-southern Rushmore (Norrskie Zasousti, Norrehavn, Gatchinovo and Novopetrograd, with an incoming membership by the Ilyrian Isles). The three kingdoms and the citystate, while independent nations of own, do have the Gatchingerrak Union as a way to establish their common zone, where their main goals are to advance co-operation in military, cultural, economic and energy matters. It shares land border with Vaugania and Norrhem to the west, while bits of the east touch Phoenigetzusta. Combined population of the union are estimated to be around 83 million.

While its trio of nations have always fought with one another for centuries, Gatchingerrak Union is a culturally diverse nation with growing importance outside to that of the Quebecois Commonwealth. Its population is ethnically diverse, with the eastern, Novopetrogradian half of the realms primarily Slavic, while the Western half is divided to primarily Nordic Norrehavn on north and slavic Norrskie Zasousti on the south. Somewhere in middle of the lake, which faces all of the three nations, stands the island that is nowadays known as the citystate of Gatchinovo, the ancient place known for its significance on trades and diplomacy among the Rushmori realms of the Quebecois Commonwealth. It is where the Accord between the 4 states were signed in year 2030 (around the time of WC78), to promise co-prosperity among the rivalling states whose cooperation is needed more than ever. Its economy is a mix of natural resources and heavy manufacturing for it.

A no stranger to international sport, Gatchingerrak Union does have a past history of international football and hockey, where its western realms were represented as Norrehavn. It has hosted a Copa Rushmori and a World Cup of Hockey, and both sports are extremely popular. Unfortunately, the long years of absence from the international sporting circuit does mean that it is expected to be a long way back to relevance for the seven-stars.

Men's National Team

Technical Staff
Head Coach: Sergei Mammedov, 62
Assistant Coaches: Mikko Hartikainen, 51
Nikita Shtelbaums, 28
Team Doctor: Dr. David Tavrizyan, 37
Physiotherapist: Hilde Aagaard, 48

No  Name           Surname      Age    Ht.  Position                     Team
02 Jiri Choupenitch 30 1.92 Passeur (S) TBD
04 Arseni Zhadan 23 1.91 Passeur (S) TBD
05 Alexander Chebukin 29 2.02 Réceptionneur-attaquant (OH) TBD
07 Gavrila Nasibulin 21 2.11 Centre (MB) TBD
08 Michal Cechmanek 24 1.94 Réceptionneur-attaquant (OH) TBD

09 Urpo Saarinen 27 1.97 Oppose (RS) TBD
10 Håkan Alfredsson 22 1.96 Réceptionneur-attaquant (OH) TBD
11 Kiril Sushko 31 2.08 Centre (MB) TBD
12 Vitali Sorokalet 19 1.93 Réceptionneur-attaquant (OH) TBD
14 Mikhail Pomerantsev 26 2.09 Centre (MB) TBD
16 Eemeli Vuorinen 31 1.88 Libero (Li) TBD
17 Andrei Panchenko 33 2.01 Oppose (RS) TBD

Women's National Team

Technical Staff
Head Coach: Vladimir Zhadan, 58
Assistant Coaches: Fabien Kolowrat, 53
Tatiana Sen-Smirnova, 37
Team Doctor: Dr. David Tavrizyan, 37
Physiotherapist: Hilde Aagaard, 48

No  Name           Surname      Age    Ht.  Position                     Team
01 Liana Asatryan 26 1.93 Centre (MB) TBD
02 Svetlana Lokhanova 33 1.74 Libero (Li) TBD

03 Marina Zarankina 32 1.94 Oppose (RS) TBD
05 Ksenia Voronina 24 1.92 Réceptionneur-attaquant (OH) TBD
06 Amélie Kolowrat 26 1.80 Passeur (S) TBD
08 Teodora Agontseva 20 1.93 Réceptionneur-attaquant (OH) TBD

09 Tereza Trnková 19 1.84 Réceptionneur-attaquant (OH) TBD
10 Ekaterina Pomerantseva 24 1.96 Centre (MB) TBD
12 Margarita Jaurés 34 1.91 Réceptionneur-attaquant (OH) TBD
14 Anna Pahlsson 18 1.91 Oppose (RS) TBD
16 Alina Zhadan 26 1.83 Passeur (S) TBD
18 Hanna Lee-Berg 20 1.98 Centre (MB) TBD

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes/No
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes/No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes*/No (TG or PM me first)
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes/No
Godmod Other Events: Yes* (TG or PM me first. I like creativity)
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Postby Kohnhead » Sat Oct 09, 2021 6:04 am

Team: Kohnhead National Volleyball Team (KNVT)
Nation Name: The Galatic Empire of Kohnhead
Shortened Name: Kohnhead
Nickname: The Brains
Record: 22-8
Colors: Dark Blue with Red Stripes (H) Light Red with Yellow and Blue alternating stripes (A)

Info: After a very surprising 2-1 run in Group H of the 9th World Volleyball Expo which saw us get to the round of 16, where we lost to Torisakia, volleyball became one of the more popular sports in Kohnhead. 2 years later it had overtaken basketball to become one of Kohnhead's big 4 sports in football, gridiron, tennis, and volleyball although baskbetball is looking to make it a big 5. Then the run to the semifinals and third place finish and as we return to Quebec and Shingoryeo for the 12th edition we are ranked 3rd in the Multiverse. Last time out back in Quebec and Shingoryeo we dominated our Group going 10-1 before a quarterfinals win over Baker Park. However in the semifinals HUElavia outlasted us in a tough 3-2 victory before we fell to Mytanija in the semifinals. The core that has carried this team for the past few years is aging and we don't know how much more they have in the tank.

Formation: 5-1, 5 hitters 1 setter

Right Side Hitter: #11 (C) Jonathon Posternan (M) 34, Kohnhead City Capitals
Setter: Luisa Doverman #28 (F) 27, Kohnface City Corvettes
Middle Blocker: Carlos Kirby #00 (M) 36, Barnley Bears
Opposite Hitter: Lily Callahan #07 (F) 25, Kohnhead City Capitals
Outside Hitter: Jamie Dunderhook #71 (M) 23, Kohnhead City University
Outside Hitter: Hailey Silverman #18 (F) 33, Kohnface City Corvettes
Libero: Kara Washburn #55 (F) 32, Kohnhead City Capitals

Bench Players/Reserves:
Middle Hitter: Lucy Blueford #99 (F) 24, Lithrop Athletes
Setter: Anderson Kirby #29 (M) 30, Barnley Bears
Setter: JD Crashington #16 (M) 28, Philtront Panthers
Outside Hitter: Sidney Wilson #17 (F) 31, Swisston Southeners
Libero: Clarkson Jawter #92 (M) 35,Swisston Southeners
Middle Blocker: Junior Stephens #7 (M), 28, Bingham Penguins

Coaching Staff: The coaching staff is comprised of the coaching staff of the Kohnhead City Capitals which was the same as we've always had.
Head Coach: Marcus Modenson (M) 54, Kohnhead City Capitals
Assistant Coach: Caroline Monroe (F) 42, Kohnhead City Capitals
Assistant Coach: Bartholomew Domer (M) 67, Kohnhead City Capitals
Team Doctor: Austin Donnelly (F) 57, Kohnhead City Capitals
Trigramme: KHD
Pop: 25 million
Football: 64th
Gridiron: 24th
Baseball: 15th
Basketball: 2nd
Volleyball: 2nd
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Britonish Open - Winner (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)
NSCF 24 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place
Volleyball World Expo 12 - 4th place

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Postby Abanhfleft » Sat Oct 09, 2021 6:41 am


This will be the seventh time that Abanhfleft will participate in an international volleyball tournament. While volleyball is very popular in the high school and college levels, there is not as much interest in professional volleyball, and the biggest professional volleyball league in the country is composed of only ten teams that play with semi-professional players in front of stadiums that are only a quarter full. But the Volleyball Federation of Abanhfleft hopes that with the inclusion of the national team to the Volleyball World Expo, interest in the sport within the nation will increase.

Name of nation:
Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Head coach: Roldan Manansala (64 y/o, Abanhfleft)

Right Setter: Rosemary Manabat (#2, 32 y/o)
Right Hitter: Martha Subejano (#26, 31 y/o)
Middle Hitter: Shannon Maquiling (#25, 30 y/o)
Left Setter: Tania Catindig (#85, 31 y/o)
Left Hitter: Abbey Andal (#31, 33 y/o)
Libero: Sidney Bataller (#80, 31 y/o)

Setter: Roxana Gatus (#11, 32 y/o)
Setter: Felicia Dayag (#9, 31 y/o)
Hitter: Taliya Elorza (#18, 31 y/o)
Hitter: Alessandra Vallejo (#41, 26 y/o)
Hitter: Alissa Anthony (#82, 25 y/o)
Libero: Casey Sanders (#99, 31 y/o)

Everything except killing my players or giving them career-ending injuries is okay. TG me if you've got something crazy brewing.
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

I also write stories. Would you like to read my works?

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Postby Graintfjall » Sat Oct 09, 2021 7:05 am

“Can you explain it?”

Nyagũthiĩ Wanjirsdóttir just about won the battle not to roll her eyes. She’d been playing with the Net Wolves for about two years now, and in all that time not once had she been seen as the go-to-gal on geopolitics. Until now. Suddenly, because a civil war was exploding on Græntfjall’s southeast border across Lake Viljan, just about every member of the team, and ten times as many from the press corps and general public, had come to her asking for her to explain the situation or offer her opinion. There was just one problem: Nyagũthiĩ wasn’t Kitaran! She was of Kijani extraction – her parents had immigrated from Mlima Kijani, a country in Atlantian Oceania, thousands of miles from Nyowani Kitara. After about the… twentieth time she’d been asked, though, she’d given up trying to explain this particular distinction that seemed to so fundamentally escape the comprehension of the Græntfjallers, and had just given in to reeling off the version of events as she best understood them, before making a quick exit.

“It’s a family dispute between the Akongo children over who gets to be President. Nafuna –”

“He’s the communist?”

“She. Yes, she’s the communist. And then her brother, Malik, is on the other side, fighting for power. Anyway, I really should be heading for practice!” She turned to leave and…

“What about the DFLK?”

Veronika Annesdóttir had entered the room from the other side, blocking Nyagũthiĩ’s exit. Once more, the tall younger woman’s eyelids fluttered.

“You know, I’m really not the expert on this. I’m sure if you ask Coach he can get us a briefer from the Culture Ministry or something…”

“Yeah but you people must know about this? You must talk about it when you all get together?”

There was such a wide-eyed innocence to Veronika’s question that softened the impact of her inadvertent phrasing: You people.

“We don’t all get together,” Nyagũthiĩ replied, as calmly as she could. Still, the question hung in the air. She pinched her nose between her fingers. “The DFLK are kind of irrelevant,” she sighed. “I wouldn’t worry about them. Nobody but the crazies supports them…”

“We should be doing more to support the DFLK!”

There was a general murmur of assent. Around the table sat a who’s-who of the Græntfjaller far right. General Úlfur Sigþórsson, relieved of his duties at Strike Command after a copy of a speech calling for general insurrection against the Left-slate government leaked, sat alongside Commander Gunnlaugur Rikharðsson, special forces veteran and accused war criminal. The civilian side was well represented, too: Þráinn Ástvinsson, a MT considered radical even by his NDF colleagues; Tamara Finnvarðsdóttir, every young conservative’s crush, an acerbic spokeswoman for the campus activist group Tuning Poinsettias (it was unclear why they were so called); and self-described “hyperfascist” maverick tech pioneer Hólmgrímur Svavarsson. The meeting was being chaired by Aron Fritzson, whose Jewish roots those in attendance were apparently willing to overlook (for now).

“Running a couple of trucks of small arms isn’t going to make much difference,” said Þráinn Ástvinsson. He turned to point to the tactical map showing the latest developments. “Banija and Darmen backing the KFF, Eurans and Nepharans in the field for the KPWC, and what can we offer them? A lorryload of rusting semiautomatics?”

“What would you suggest?” There was an acid barb to Cdr. Rikharðsson’s question. He had no intention of letting this doddering fool lecture him on military tactics.

“Boots on the ground!”

“Whose boots? You think the communists in Hvítursalur are going to send in the Army?”

“There are private forces…”

Cdr. Rikharðsson waved his hand dismissively. “There’s no private merc corps who could match those in the field. Besides, who’d pay for it?”

Everyone tried very hard not to look at directly at Hólmgrímur Svavarsson, who was busy watching a video on his phone. “Hmm?” He looked up.

“There’s talk of sanctions.” Tamara Finnvarðsdóttir decided to change tack, and leaned forward a little – her top two buttons were unfastened – to make sure all these horndog old men listened to her.

“All the more reason to step up the cash flow.”

“I’m an investor, not a króna kraken*,” objected Svavarsson. “What exactly am I investing in? We’ve heard squat from this Ulf dude. And now he’s working with the KFF? Why don’t I just go directly to the source and buy out Malik Akongo?”

A tall figure stepped out of the shadows at the back of the room. A woman’s voice spoke clearly: “We are not going to let this opportunity slip out of our grasp. I don’t care how much it costs, how many PMCs you have to recruit. You are going to make it happen. Two words, ladies and gentlemen. Two words.”

There was a murmur of assent from around the table, that was cut off as the image was frozen with Aron Fritzson halfway out of his seat to raise a toast to those two words:

“Greater Græntfjall,” said Kaija Michaelsdóttir quietly. It was a preposterous notion, and these far-right fools were bigger idiots than she took them for if they thought there was any chance of ‘marching to Port Viljan’. She doubted they’d get past the retired old policemen and military training rejects working border security. No, she wasn’t worried about the collective intellect of the people who’d allowed workmen to enter the DFLK mission in Háttmark to ‘repair the plumbing’, courtesy of which she was now watching this surveillance video from last week. No, it was two other words she was worried about. The two words that identified the tall woman, her face shrouded in the shadows, but her speaking voice unmistakeable.

Princess Kassandra.

* Like a piggy bank, except shaped like a kraken. Sometimes the coins get stuck in the tentacles.
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