WGPC :: World Grand Prix Championship 19 [Race #2]

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WGPC :: World Grand Prix Championship 19 [Race #2]

Postby Vilita and Turori » Fri Oct 01, 2021 8:40 pm

Driver signups are open throughout the season, to sign up a driver simply go to this thread to do so. However, they will not have a race seat unless signed by a team.


Current Status:

Things You can Always RP About:
  • Your Driver(s)
  • Your Team
  • Your Track, Sponsors, Manufacturers etc. - pretty much anything?
  • TYRES:: WGPC Sanctioned Tyre Suppliers
  • ENGINES:: WGP2 Official Engine Supplier
  • JOINT TEAM?:: There are still two pending invites for WGPC teams that are unanswered. In the event there is an open slot in WGPC preference might be to offer that slot to a collaborative effort between two nations. If this interests any participants, then this week is the time to do that collaboration
  • Track Signups - Technically still open but there are plenty of tracks to choose from at this point and the schedule is taking shape

Note: This is the WGPC RP Thread. There will be a separate RP thread for WGP2 that will open in the coming days after the initial flurry of WGPC teams / Drivers making initial connections. Ultimately, the two RP threads will be treated as a single source for RP, however, during the season, it is logically recommended to post series-specific topics in the appropriate thread.

To see how the negotiation period usually works, read below and/or have a look at last season’s RP thread. Once you have signed a driver up, begin writing about them in this thread. The more interesting the story you create, the more chance your driver has of catching the eye of one of the WGPC teams. There are no rankings. Success is built on good roleplaying by team-owners, drivers and team-mates as well as a big slice of luck, with your driver’s parameters coming into play too.

You may RP however you like. Maybe you'd prefer to tell the world that a couple of teams are interested in your driver via some rumour-mongering in your local newspapers? Perhaps you'd like to set up an interview with a team? Maybe your driver has a big social media presence or can’t keep out of the news for all the wrong reasons? A popular tactic in recent years has been for teams to hold an open-invitation trial for a number of drivers to test their car around a local circuit, with the best driver/drivers being chosen for the team, so look out for those as well. There is no 'right' way to do it, and the only 'wrong' way to do it would be to attempt to confirm your driver is racing with a team before any real negotiations, OOC, IC or otherwise, have taken place.

You may also wish to consider the massive difference in pay between an experienced driver with a good reputation and a newcomer. In RL Formula 1, the best drivers are paid handsomely to drive while the newcomers often have to pay a teamin order to secure a drive. Does your driver need to secure sponsorship in order to pay his way into a deal? Or is he a skilled driver with years of experience, upon whom a team can rely to draw money to the team through external sponsorship and win bonuses?

When you wish to confirm that a driver has joined a team, or formally offer a spot in your team to a driver, do so in bold, like this or this or this or simply like this.

Finally, as this is the RP thread, there should be no out-of-character chatter here. Banter and informal inquiries are welcome on the NS Motorsports Discord Channel Take any official inquiries and/or complaints to the OOC discussion thread.

All teams should have two drivers confirmed by 17 October. Any Team with ZERO confirmed drivers on 14 October will be at risk of losing their spot on the grid.

77- iBen Toralmintii  [TUR]       4.00 | 3.00 | 5.00
50- Sara Luna [DCS] 4.10 | 4.30 | 3.60
(TEAM) [3.25] [4.55] [4.20]
-T- Skiia Vialiv [VIL] 2.75 | 4.75 | 4.50
71- Rustom Ibuna [FID]            4.50 | 2.80 | 4.70
19- Dom Falepeau [TGN] 5.00 | 4.00 | 3.00
(TEAM) [3.20] [4.70] [4.10]
-T- Alvis Kalvin Lacsamana [FID] 3.30 | 4.80 | 3.90

50- Rudy Edwards [HAP]            3.00 | 4.00 | 5.00
8- William Archer [AFT] 3.00 | 5.00 | 4.00
(TEAM) [3.00] [5.00] [4.00]
-T- [---] -.-- | -.-- | -.--
94- Ryker Lane [NIM]              5.00 | 4.50 | 2.50
41- Jean Mercer-Daly [ESM] 3.00 | 5.00 | 4.00
(TEAM) [3.75] [5.00] [3.25]
-T- Janne Laukkanen [ABL] 3.20 | 4.80 | 4.00

11- Lane Carter [TJU]             5.00 | 2.00 | 5.00
--- [---] -.-- | -.-- | -.--
(TEAM) [4.00] [4.50] [3.50]
-T- Daryl Mizushima [SQR] 2.50 | 5.00 | 4.50
85- Olivia Stone [NIM]            2.00 | 5.00 | 5.00
82- Kinu Luminna [AUR] 3.25 | 4.50 | 4.25
(TEAM) [4.00] [3.65] [4.35]
-T- Aaron Deering [UAD] 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00

88- Ted Pressley [TMB]            3.80 | 4.10 | 4.10
19- Anola "Wrench" Melani [CMT] 4.10 | 3.80 | 4.10
(TEAM) [4.00] [5.00] [3.00]
-T- [---] -.-- | -.-- | -.--
15- Heinz-Otto Junker [STL]       3.50 | 4.50 | 4.00
31- Joy Wingelaar [TLI] 3.70 | 3.50 | 4.80
(TEAM) [4.00] [4.00] [4.00]
-T- [---] -.-- | -.-- | -.--

37- Laura Haukanna [AUR]          3.50 | 4.00 | 4.50
27- Dario Nülkeschläger [HÜL] 3.00 | 4.00 | 5.00
(TEAM) [3.72] [4.70] [3.58]
-T- Sam Blaatschapen [DCS] 3.32 | 3.97 | 4.71
51- R.L. Cruisin [VIL]            3.64 | 4.50 | 3.86
17- Janne Laukkanen [ABL] 3.20 | 4.80 | 4.00
(TEAM) [3.75] [4.00] [4.25]
-T- Lukas Fichter [SWR] 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00

40- Adriana Kowalski [VEZ]        4.25 | 2.75 | 5.00
--- [---] -.-- | -.-- | -.--
(TEAM) [3.55] [4.35] [4.10]
-T- [---] -.-- | -.-- | -.--
---  [---]                        -.-- | -.-- | -.--
--- [---] -.-- | -.-- | -.--
--- [---] -.-- | -.-- | -.--
--- [---] -.-- | -.-- | -.--


Driver Signups are still open and can be found in this thread. You may also utilize the Quasi-Official WGPC / WGP2 Signups Spreadsheetfor ease of viewing and personal filters and to quickly find out more information about the drivers than is posted below. The number to the far left is the drivers finishing position in the most recent season of WGPC/WGP2 competition. 1-30 correlated to finishing position in the WGPC Season 18 Driver Standings. 31-60 correlate to a finishing position (-30) in the WGP2 Season 5 Driver Standings.

The Following Drivers are recognized as having applied for a WGPO License:

2 : [TUR] iBen Toralmintii | 4.00 | 3.00 | 5.00 | :: CONFIRMED
3 : [HAP] Rudy Edwards | 3.00 | 4.00 | 5.00 | :: CONFIRMED
4 : [DCS] Sara Luna | 4.10 | 4.30 | 3.60 | :: CONFIRMED
6 : [NIM] Ryker Lane | 5.00 | 4.50 | 2.50 | :: CONFIRMED
7 : [VIL] R.L. Cruisin | 3.64 | 4.50 | 3.86 | :: CONFIRMED
9 : [FID] Rustom Ibuna | 4.50 | 2.80 | 4.70 | :: CONFIRMED
10 : [TJU] Lane Carter | 5.00 | 2.00 | 5.00 | :: CONFIRMED
11 : [ESM] Jean Mercer-Daly | 3.00 | 5.00 | 4.00 | :: CONFIRMED
12 : [NEK] Erica Okumura | 3.60 | 3.70 | 4.70 | :: WGPC Only
13 : [SOR] Gregori Krupin | 4.00 | 3.00 | 5.00 | :: WGPC Only
14 : [HDR] Sayono Souzare | 3.14 | 4.61 | 4.25 | :: WGPC Only
15 : [TRP] Cocoabo #23 | 2.50 | 4.50 | 5.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
17 : [NIM] Olivia Stone | 2.00 | 5.00 | 5.00 | :: CONFIRMED
19 : [HÜL] Dario Nülkeschläger | 3.00 | 4.00 | 5.00 | :: CONFIRMED
21 : [TGN] Dom Falepeau | 5.00 | 4.00 | 3.00 | :: WGPC Only
22 : [LIS] Anneliese Devereux | 3.50 | 4.00 | 4.50 | :: WGPC Only
23 : [AUR] Kinu Luminna | 3.25 | 4.50 | 4.25 | :: CONFIRMED
24 : [AFT] William Archer | 3.00 | 5.00 | 4.00 | :: CONFIRMED
25 : [VEZ] Adriana Kowalski Ela Lillian | 4.25 | 2.75 | 5.00 | :: CONFIRMED
27 : [SQR] Daryl Mizushima | 2.50 | 5.00 | 4.50 | :: PENDING OFFER

31 : [STL] Heinz-Otto Junker | 3.50 | 4.50 | 4.00 | :: CONFIRMED
32 : [ABL] Janne Laukkanen | 3.20 | 4.80 | 4.00 | :: CONFIRMED
33 : [TMB] Ted Pressley | 3.80 | 4.10 | 4.10 | :: CONFIRMED
34 : [VIL] Skiia Vialiv | 2.75 | 4.75 | 4.50 | :: WGPC/WGP2
35 : [CMT] Anola "Wrench" Melani | 4.10 | 3.80 | 4.10 | :: CONFIRMED
36 : [AUR] Laura Haukanna | 3.50 | 4.00 | 4.50 | :: CONFIRMED
40 : [TLI] Joy Wingelaar | 3.70 | 3.50 | 4.80 | :: CONFIRMED

43 : [HDR] Chiruno Hakusoe | 3.25 | 4.29 | 4.46 | :: WGP2 Only
44 : [MVE] Alex Márquez | 5.00 | 5.00 | 2.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
47 : [AUR] Haru Jukkenna | 3.75 | 4.25 | 4.00 | :: WGP2 Only
48 : [HDR] Sakiteno Kuyara | 2.00 | 5.00 | 5.00 | :: WGP2 Only
50 : [TJU] Batu Tüvshinbayar | 3.00 | 5.00 | 4.00 | :: WGP2 Only

53 : [SWR] Lukas Fichter | 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
54 : [ETN] Edward Rousseau | 4.00 | 3.50 | 4.50 | :: WGPC/WGP2
58 : [BOL] Parveen Kulkarni | 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 | :: WGP2 Only

-- : [ETN] Catherine Toggard | 5.00 | 3.00 | 4.00 | :: WGPC Only
-- : [BRO] John Elton | 5.00 | 2.00 | 5.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [DCS] Sam Blaatschapen | 3.32 | 5.00 | 3.68 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [DFX] Fyrelyra Aervath | 4.50 | 3.50 | 4.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [DFX] Elora Faelfir | 5.00 | 4.00 | 3.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [JUE] Cesaro Ferrara | 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [JUE] Alfonso Ferrara | 2.00 | 5.00 | 5.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [MRT] Bryce Yannec | 5.00 | 2.50 | 4.50 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [SHE] Kyidawa Sherpa | 3.00 | 4.50 | 4.50 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [STR] Al Jak | 4.00 | 3.00 | 5.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [T14] Isaac Whiteman | 4.00 | 3.00 | 5.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [T14] Simonetta Sheridan | 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [TAX] Vaccinia Poxvirus | 5.00 | 2.00 | 5.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [TGN] Darian Vilau | 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [UAD] Aaron Deering | 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [NKY] Taavi Kiirejäävõistejä | 5.00 | 4.60 | 2.40 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [69X] Ilya TSUNOPIN | 2.50 | 5.00 | 4.50 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [ADB] Shalmaneser Kalhu | 4.00 | 3.00 | 5.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [AFT] Adonis Fitzpatrick | 4.00 | 4.25 | 3.75 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [BOL] Sullivan Joyner | 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [BPE] Ryden Solow | 4.90 | 2.20 | 4.90 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [BRO] Kyle Simon | 3.00 | 5.00 | 4.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [CBP] Jordan Crowe | 3.60 | 4.10 | 4.30 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [ERM] Nikhil Pillai | 4.50 | 3.50 | 4.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [FID] Alvis Kalvin Lacsamana | 3.30 | 4.80 | 3.90 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [GRU] David Findlay | 4.75 | 3.25 | 4.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [HAN] Katie Edwards | 5.00 | 2.00 | 5.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [MLK] Lillý Náttmörðsdóttir | 2.00 | 5.00 | 5.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [PCU] Pande Putu Raka Ganesha | 4.00 | 5.00 | 3.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [SHT] Ahmad Syaqirin Rahman | 4.00 | 5.00 | 3.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [TLI] Daniel Rae | 4.00 | 4.80 | 3.20 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [VEZ] Angela Stella Tan Fang Ling | 3.80 | 3.90 | 4.30 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [ASM] Leonardo Monteno | 3.00 | 5.00 | 4.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2

    Driver Signup Limitations
  • Each nation may have no more than two race drivers in a single WGPC/WGP2 series and no single user may occupy more than 4 total driver slots across all WGPC/WGP2 competition regardless of nationality of the driver. WGPC Teams may opt designate an official test driver who would not be precluded from participating in concurrent WGP2/WGP3 events.
  • The WGPC Thread should only be used to confirm Drivers to WGPC Teams. The WGP2 Thread will be available for WGP2 Driver Deals to be confirmed.

Rules and regulations
Size and shape
WGPC cars must be similar in size and shape to RL formula one cars. The definition of 'formula one car' is a vehicle that competed in RL Formula One any time after 1970.
Maximum length of a car is 5.3m
Maximum width of a car is 2.3m
Maximum height of a car is 1.2m (not including on-board camera)
Minimum weight is a car is 600kg

Electric engines are permitted.
Nuclear-powered engines are not permitted unless it can be proven (in safe conditions) that a catastrophic crash would not result in the circuit being unusable for the next four hundred thousand years.

Air may be used to aspirate engines, but the WGPC reserves the right to ban cars that attempt to use sails to take advantage of windy circuits.

Power may be provided by animals, but only if they satisfy at least one of the following conditions:
They have been extinct for millions of years and have been turned into oil by natural processes.
The animal may not currently be on the WWF's list of endangered species.
The animal must not be harmed or stressed by the ordeal.
The animal must be on the inside of the car.

There must be at least 30 centimetres between the driver's feet and the front of the car.

The design of the car must ensure that, if it were to be put upside-down, the driver's head would not touch the floor. The inclusion of an air intake behind and above the driver, coupled with a strong fin on the bonnet of the car in front of the driver, should be enough to accomplish this. The driver's head must not be the tallest thing in the car (not including wings).

All cars must include a seat-belt. The seat-belt must be able to be easily removed by a driver within two seconds.

All cars must include a removable steering wheel. The driver should be able to remove it manually within two seconds.

Cars may include a "halo"-type safety device.

No part of the car may be wider than the wheelbase.

There must be no sharp objects on the outside of the car. Wings should be at least one centimetre thick.

The season runs, ICly, from spring to autumn.

Unless otherwise advertised, each event will consist of a Practice Session, Qualifying Session, and Race. The Qualifying Session will set the grid for the Race.

Points will be awarded to the top 10 drivers at the conclusion of each race in the following order from first to 10th: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1. Drivers must have finished the race to 90% distance of the winner to be eligible to score points. If not enough drivers are classified as having finished a race, no points will be awarded after the last driver to finish 90% race distance. 1 point will be awarded to the driver who sets the fastest lap in each race.

The team with the most points at the end of the season will win the WGPC Constructors Championship.

The driver with the most points at the end of the season will win the WGPC Drivers Championship.

Teams may be added or removed during the season.

Teams may sign a maximum of two race drivers plus one test driver. The test driver may still compete in the parallel WGP2 Season.

Race length is 305 km to the nearest full lap rounded up.

Pole position will be on the inside lane of the track.

Intentional attempts to crash into other cars will result in a penalty for the driver.

Team instructions to intentionally cause accidents will result in a penalty for the team.

Pit Stops
No refuelling during races. Cars will start each race with the fuel needed to complete the race.

Changes to the car are permitted during races.

Dangerous pit stop releases will be investigated and may result in a penalty for the driver and/or team.

* Due to the nature of the sport, there are no RP permissions in WGPC. You should expect your drivers and/or teams to be mentioned by other players. You may even expect other users to mention things your driver has said.
* In contrast to, say, war RPing, where a user decides which/how many losses to take after an attack, in WGPC a user decides how much blame or responsibility to take after an accident. You may RP that your driver caused an accident through their own poor or overly aggressive driving, but you may not write that another user's driver was at fault for an accident unless you have their permission. In general, making another character look stupid is not usually acceptable. If a driver is in their first season, it's probably acceptable to call them a rookie, or inexperienced, or possibly even naive if you're sufficiently careful, but refrain from calling another driver reckless or stupid or unskilled unless it's clear from the other user's RPs that this is the case.
* If you're going to RP a conversation between your driver and another driver, try to keep to the other driver's established characteristics.
* If another user mentions an action of your driver, or mentions something that happened to your driver, before you have the chance to RP, you may either reinterpret their interpretation of events or, if you really feel you wanted the story to go in a different direction, you may change the events that happened. For example, you had your heart set on RPing your driver as having had a particularly violent and explosive accident, but another user decides that your driver retired in the pits due to engine failure, you may write your own version and ask that the previous RPer makes the appropriate change to their RP.
* Any disputes over RPing will be adjudicated by the season host, whose decision is final.

9 OCT - WGPC Practice #1 / iROS Round #1
[7.00 / 3.00] Hwoarang Racing Circuit, Hwoarang, Togonistan
14 OCT - WGPC Practice #2
[4.00 / 6.00] Elbej Historic Site Circuit, Almur, Diarcesia
17 OCT - WGPC Practice #3
[6.50 / 3.50] Mount Fesmos Circuit, Caldwell,Tumbra
20 OCT - WGPC Round 1
[3.00 / 7.00] Talbott Autodrome, Talbott, Liventia
23 OCT - WGPC Round 2
[4.00 / 6.00] Yakumicha Circuit, Yakumicha, Hodori
30 OCT - WGPC Round 3
[6.30 / 3.70] Crossbay Circuit, Nimbus Bay, Former Citizens of the Nimbus System
06 NOV - WGPC Round 4

13 NOV - WGPC Round 5 / iROS Round #4

16 NOV - Mid-Season Test / Test Driver Exhibition Race

19 NOV - WGPC Round 6

23 NOV - WGPC Round 7

28 NOV - WGPC Round 8

05 DEC - WGPC Round 9

12 DEC - WGPC Round 10

19 DEC - WGPC Final Round
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The Valentians – Chapter 0 - They Drive Again.

Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian waited in the brightly lit, cooling, and relaxing office as she dangled her legs freely and was tapping the chair in order the pass the time. There were many other robots like her around, or people with computers in their hands. Without a doubt, this is Intelligence Officer Jenny Claudia Joy Lena Linette “Sombra De Kenshutsu Sa Renai Hakkā” Marce Tanya Mayweather Ik. D. Do. S. Morishita Whitney Sakurano Fujima Felice Hoshiko Radiance's office, she thought to herself. In the meanwhile, she was running a few simulations in her head - not for the official tracks just yet - but simply to see and make evaluations as to how far she could push her code. That has always been something of a concern for her in WGP2 IV, what with her programming not allowing her much in the way of being aggressive. She waited around while Jenny was fixing up the other robots, and that was right after she has done quite a good job on her own for Exuberant Superintendent T-2000/2904-3 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi who is currently racing in NSSCRA 11 and got herself a podium place of being a 2nd finisher.

Eventually, the bell rang with a soft little chime, and it was time for Adriana to be checked up and modded by Jenny. Jenny is quite an interesting person, Adriana thought. With how much Valentine Z has improved over the years, on top of the very technologically literate populace, and Jenny being the main Intelligence Officer that runs the codes, she would think to hire perhaps a few more to help her out here and there. She has apprentices, but at the end of the day, "Well, you know what they say, right? Rather do it yourself and then be satisfied with it." Jenny definitely took pride in her job.

"Ahh, Arigato, Adriana!" Jenny exclaimed as the door opened and Adriana walked into the decently spaced office. It was filled to the brim with machinery, albeit it was mostly for computational purposes and not for hardware related stuff. That was for other, she thought. "It's been a while, haha! So... you finally decided on that little thing we talked about? So I have been working on a few drafts lately, and the codes are ready. It's a matter of your choice now, so yeah, let me know what you think!" Taking a page out of Nexus Academy, Adriana now has upgrades/downgrades to the way she runs and performs on the fields. This might not help her anymore for WGP2 4, but it sure as heck was going to be beneficial for the upcoming events. Though of course, the numbers have changed from the time she was talking to Jenny.

Adriana Kowalski Ela Lillian - Originally at 4.6 R, 2.4 A, 5.0 T.

Option A: Do Nothing (±0 R, ±0 A, ±0 T)
With the upgrade of absolutely nothing and to do nothing with the code, perhaps other than to do some optimization, this "upgrade" will simply let Adriana perform a little faster on the field in terms of calculations. But if you are already a supercomputer in human form factor, would you still want to be faster just to get that extra 5% edge?

Option B: Intuition (-0.7 R, +0.7 A, ±0 T)
The very first suggestion from both Jenny and Angela, this would modify and reprogram Adriana's WGP-centric codes to make her rely on her human mind more. "When in doubt, your mind should be able to take over more and to not be too rigid about the most optimal solution," Jenny stated to her on the phone, "After all, the racetrack is not exactly the most static environment, and it is up to some intuition to be able to get that edge over your opponents." This, of course, would sacrifice Adriana being reliable, which in turn might have higher chances of a DNF.

Option C: Reckless Abandonment (-0.2 R, +0.7 A, -0.5 T)
This would modify Adriana's codes to prioritize speed and overtaking over anything else, especially course correction and calculation. In layman's terms, this will sacrifice Adriana being technically capable of being able to handle a race course's most demanding of turns and curves, to divert that CPU power into calculating the fastest speeds one can get, as well as more frequent and demanding on-the-fly programs that are dedicated to overtake and tackle other opponents. Also affects reliability by a small amount, the overtaking programs overwhelming everything else.

"Hmm, yes, I have seen them too, and they are pretty good, but I was... I was wondering if Option B has a Lite Version, if you know what I mean," Adriana said sheepishly. She minded sacrificing her Techniques and skills, but Reliability is something she could let go of a little. But that was the thing - just a little. Option B was going to tremendously change the way she drove, so all she needed was something that would take the flavor off a little.

"I see what you mean, don't worry," Jenny snapped her fingers with delight, getting to work on her laptop which in turn was connected to her more powerful PC in the office, "I understand that -0.7 is going to be a huge departure, so what about something a little bit more workable. How about a change of 0.35? I think half the change is fair enough, right? You get to choose how reliable your coding and your driving instincts are, while also giving you leeways as to override your codes and just go with the flow on the track."

The decision was then made. Option B, but Lite. Adriana sat down on the operation table akin to a human surgeon table, but with multiple straps designed for the robot limbs. "Sorry, precautions! One time a robot got a reflex reaction while I'm working on a code; punched through my laptop. That was a good laptop... anyway, let's get started!" Adriana voluntarily shut herself down, in low-power mode so that Jenny can still run through and edit the codes that she need, while also making sure that Adriana would not get fatal errors translating into actions. Pulling her repository of Adriana's codes, Jenny started editing a few parameters here and there, followed by writing out new functions, traits, and commenting out some of the older ones. After a tedious work of 33 minutes, Jenny was done. Adriana was ready to run her code once again. She compiled the codes and executables, tested it out, and there was nothing. "Oh man, what now..." Jenny quipped her lips, cursing at herself for something slipping away. She looked at the code again, to which she could not find anything. The colons and semicolons were all where they needed to be, so what happened?

"... Zero-width whitespace at Line 492,202... Ii kagen ni shite, I couldn't see that!" she whispered to herself, letting out a bit of a smile and smirk as she went along. With the offending character removed, it was time for Jenny to boot up Adriana for the second time. She recompiled, copied the files into Adriana, and it worked like a charm! Adriana booted with a soft hum, along with the usual test of her limbs and her facial expressions. Her eyes flickered open like a human normally would, so that was not a lot of creepy factor to it. "You might want to run a few test runs before you start really going onto the course. Try a simulation," Jenny remarked, smiling with a job well done. Now it's up to Adriana to test it out.


1st Cpt. Angela Stella Trista Josephine Natalie Rv. E. Tps. “The Eternal Explorer” Bethany Alyssa Valeska Payton. Mikayla Gosling Josie Rowan Serenity Chelsea Mikayla Hannah Tan Fang Ling was very gleefully to be around the track, perhaps a break from the works of astronomy, physics, and sciencing that she did on a daily basis. She does not mind her job, and actually took a lot of passion in it. Still, even she could use a bit of break away from them, and thus, the world of Grand Prix. She was definitely not ready for WGPC, and thus signed up for WGP2. "It's good to start small!" she said to herself. For all fairness and purposes, the practice runs she did with Adriana on the simulation indicated that Angela was able to keep it up with the techniques that she has learned from VRSCR (a domestic Valentian Rocket Car race), on top of the spaceship that she drove on a regular basis. Speed is not so much of a concern for her, with cars going 200-400 km/h something she can absolutely handle. Much like Adriana, however, she has a lot to learn in the ways of aggressive techniques and overtaking methods, especially when there are many other cars on the track that they will need to work against.

Signing up her name as several WGP officials looked at her. How was someone like her going to drive a car was probably their first question. After all, the ideas of Valentians being "fun-sized", for the lack of a better term, is anyone around 15.5 feet. Angela here was towering and crouching around them at 15 ft 8 in (477.52 cm), going as much as some people getting intimidated by her height alone. "Ahh don't worry about that. There will be a way to fit me in for the race, ahaha! We Valentians have quite a fair lot of tricks up our sleeves!"

Now all Adriana and Angela have to do is to wait for the teams that would take them in, to go for as many tryouts as they could.


1657 words.
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Postby Taxonomic Kingdoms » Sat Oct 02, 2021 1:47 am

The RNA Kingdom is home to more anthropomorphic deities than any of the other Taxonomic Kingdoms. That made it all the more puzzling why tRNA Sports had sent a rose bush to interview Vaccinia Poxvirus and Paramecium Bursaria about their planned foray into WGP racing. The flowering shrub was sitting in a pot on a conference table, holding a microphone wrapped in its thorny branches.

"My name is Rose Rosette Emaravirus," the rose bush said. "I will be covering your press conference today for tRNA Sports. Ebola Reston could not be here because she is in Baja Calania covering the Handball World Cup."

"They couldn't find someone else who's comfortable in human form?" Vaccinia asked.

Bursaria ruffled its cilia in frustration and said to the potted plant, "You are Virian; can't you change the way you look? Why did you make yourself look like a plant?"

"I am a plant virus," Rosette explained. "It is uncomfortable to impersonate a species I can't infect." She rustled her foliage and adjusted her grip on the microphone. "Right, let's get started. Please take your seats, Bursaria there and Vaccinia there."

The cameras started rolling and the potted rose bush asked the drivers to introduce themselves. After their brief introductions it was time to get into the substance of the interview.

"Why do you want to drive in WGPC?" she asked Vaccinia.

"When WSRC came to Ribovia, I heard a lot of people asking, 'Why can't we have something like that in Bamford? Why don't we have racing here?'" Vaccinia explained. "If I can drive WGPC -- or WGP2 -- people in Bamford will have something to watch and someone to cheer for. WGP is different from rally, but I think a lot of people just want something to watch to break up the boredom of everyday life."

"When you say 'people,' do you mean Bamfordvirians or do you mean the human community?"

"Uh... Some of both, but especially in the human community. I have a lot of human friends, so I don't mind doing things that are more human-oriented."

"Is there any team you especially want to drive for?" Rosette asked.

"All of them?" Vaccinia said. "I'm new to the sport, so I think it's a question of a team choosing me more than me choosing them. But I really appreciate the technology that Nexus Racing puts into their cars. It's very unique, so they would probably be my first choice."

"You don't have any corporate sponsors or professional racing experience. Why should a team sign you over any of the other drivers that are on the market right now?"

"They won't have to worry about me coming down with the flu on the day of an important race."
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Postby Liventia » Sat Oct 02, 2021 2:23 am

Troy Wilkins had been waiting for this day for a long time. The two-time former world drivers' champion, driving for Carvenlo's predecessor team sponsored by InfoInternet, had sat around writing opinion pieces and doing television commentary on World Grand Prix Championship and World Grand Prix 2 races ever since his retirement from driving, in addition to running his own domestic racing team.

An opportunity had come about in recent seasons to act as a mentor for the WGPC Motorworks team during WGPC Season 18 alongside his friend and successor in the Carvenlo seat, Matthew Portland, as their collective knowledge and know-how was tapped on when Carvenlo were asked to provide support to the Motorworks outfit.

Now, that had blossomed into something more. Carvenlo had been planning a return to the WGPO scene, either as engine partner to Portland's new outfit in WGP2 or a full-fledged comeback for the six-time world constructors' champions in the top tier. And, as it turned out, the WGPC19 organisers had extended Mark Marsh's organisation an invitation to return to the series, which had been taken with both hands.

With Marsh now serving as CEO of both the automotive and racing departments of Carvenlo, Portland had been tapped to run the outfit as director of motorsport and chief strategist. With Franklin Racing's Darren Franklin moving into the more suited role of technical director, overseeing the new car, Portland had reached out to his old friend with a proposal.

It was a one-line text message. "How does Carvenlo team principal sound, Troy?"

Now that sounded like an offer he couldn't refuse. Although, he'd now have to actually sign a couple of drivers…

From: Troy Wilkins - Carvenlo Racing (
To: The agents / inboxes of R.L. Cruisin, Erica Okamura, Sayono Souzare, Olivia Stone, Dario Nülkeschläger, Adriana Kowalski, Janne Laukkanen, Ted Pressley, Joy Wingelaar, Lukas Fichter, Edward Rousseau
Subject: Carvenlo Racing trials

My name is Troy Wilkins – the WGPC historians among you will recognise that name. I was the world champion in seasons 3 and 4.

However, I'm now the team principal of Carvenlo Liventia Airways Racing, six-time world constructors champions. For the first time since WGPC14, the team is returning to the World Grand Prix Championship fold, and is actively looking for drivers.

For some of you, you will be no stranger to us – either having driven for us before, or worked with us when we provided services for the WGPC Motorworks team in WGPC18. For others, the most you might have done is maybe read about us in a book somewhere, or online.

However, we'd like to invite you or your driver clients for closed trials with a view to driving for Carvenlo Liventia Airways Racing in season 19. The trials will take place (OOC on 5 October) at the Talbott Autodrome, and consist of four one-lap time trials each and two 90-minute free driving sessions to set fast laps.

I hope you will consider our offer for a chance to join the most successful team in WGPC history.

Warmest regards,
Troy Wilkins
Team principal
Carvenlo Liventia Airways Racing

A thought hit Wilkins. Maybe Carvenlo could work something out with Nexus Racing to use In Motion tyres this season, with Laukkanen in the car and providing feedback…
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Postby The 14 Stars » Sat Oct 02, 2021 3:10 am

Here we go again, start the engines letsgo!

The 14 Stars, an Algocracy of almost 5 billion people yet relatively unknown in sports, in one of the simulators sat a dude driving his usual rounds with his coach looking at his statistics.
His coach was no one less then his own dad who always supported him no matter what, and as he finished the training he grinned as he stepped out of the simulator looking at his virtual results displayed before him.

''Not bad not bad at all but you know what i say, there is always room for improvement especially on a stage like the multiverse'' the man saying this was the young champion Isaac Whiteman.
He also had an interview scheduled with the Starsian media to be exact with StarToday and as he changed into some regular clothes he prepared himself for the interview with a smile to other press waving softly.
While he walked on the stage a young lady in her mid 20s stood up giving him a handshake welcoming him in the show as he replied with saying he was honoured to be in such a big show at all.

''Well Welcome Isaac, we're happy to have you here the most talentful driver we've had in a decade since Bryan Stonewall, its good to have you here and we're ofcourse interested to get to know you better.''

Isaac gave a friendly smile as he replied he was quite relaxed.

''Ofcourse i last year in my debut stayed a bit outside of the media since i wanted to keep my focus on a good opening season, but honestly it turned out to be the best season i drove so far!''

''Indeed and now you are planning on competing for a WGP2 or WGP spot, do you think you have alot of tough competition since many drivers would want their name on the list of such competitions.''

Isaac nodded confirmingly before replying

''Thats true, but thats what i want there is no one left here for me to compete with, i did already beat the best around here and the only logical step is to become an international driver which has been a dream of many.
And i feel blessed that i can possibly make that dream come true, of all people my name is there and i'll represent our entire nation and our pride as a racing nation even if the sport is quite small.''

The interviewing woman laughed a bit but continued.

''You surely are, are there any teams you think would suit you or where you would like to get a spot on? you will likely find some trouble seeing both your young age and inexperience yet compared to some drivers.''

''Hmm... i don't think i really prefer one team over another, each team has their own unique assets and their strong points and they will need to find the right drivers to exploit these strenghts to the maximum of their capability.
And yes i am new, i am from an unknown country and i am relatively inexperienced but that does not make me any less then other drivers because on the race track we are all equals of eachother.

But ofcourse a benefit is that i have a whole future to come, i won't be a name to disappear very soon which is a small benefit i have over older drivers maybe but they have more experience under their belt.''

She nodded and wrote things down

''Thats a nice sentence, last question why would a team choose you out of everyone?''

Isaac thought for a moment and said'

''Because people like me from an unknown nation and a new generation can give a whole new dimension to the racing sport and a part of the game is giving new people and countries a chance to prove themselves.
I believe The 14 Stars can become a good racing nation we can deliver quality both on and off the track but we will need a chance to show our worth on the track instead of only with words''

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Postby Lisander » Sat Oct 02, 2021 5:56 am

Bitten Heroes Centre, Brax, Lisander,
Training Room 03

"How dare they?" - she pouted.

"Sissie, it's no use. It seems that the new WGPC management has a different vision of how the category should be organized. I think it's strange too, Promotion and Relegation sounds like a football thing... But well, they make cocoabos run inside cars, so they have some pretty... So they've got some pretty unique ideas about how things might work. I can assure you that they are still thinking carefully about our application. They must have had a tough time to decide... That's a lot of traditional teams they've left out."

"Yes! Have you seen the list? They're going to have to choose two between us, Polaris, Fireline and all sorts of scrubs on the waiting list! It's not a fair contest, and for us, you know, it's even less so, because Polaris and Fireline have more seasons than us. And what's worse, did you see where the fuckers put me? 22! Fucking 22. Who's number 7? R.L. Cruisin! From where? Vilita! Those sons of..." - Anneliese Devereux was about to rip that piece of paper in pieces."

"Sissie, control your mouth. What did I tell you about swearing? Read this list straight. The data is listed as prior results, not the numbers you're gonna use."

"To me, it's just a different way of pissing me off."

"I'd say it's a way to separate the wheat from the chaff. See these names behind you? Junker, Laukkanen, Haukanna? They were in WGP2 last season, remember?"

"I know who they are, talking that way offends my intelligence." - said the young woman.

"BeYou see, they are prodigies. They are people who have achieved promotion quite easily. Laukkanen has what it takes to be the next Terho Talvela. Junker has TMW all to himself and Laura Haukanna probably already has a guaranteed seat at Viska. We are not like them. We don't have those results. We have to make do with what we can get, whatever it is. We are ready with the car, but if there is no way we will just keep updating it as much as possible and keep doing private testing, just like the bastards at Omni motors did with us at WGPC 15. If you join a team, it will be easier for us too. Take your girlfriend with you."

"Anne's not my girlfriend, it was just that one time... No, it's okay. There were a few more times. But still, we prefer to remain friends as we always have been. In other news, I ordered my helmet for this season from the first lady. Ludi promised something really cool, but I'm not going to show it until I decide on my seat. If I'm going to do it, I'm going to go with a black helmet.... But you're making me change the subject. Listen, I'm not going to any of those teams that stole our seats!"

"They haven't stole our seats. It was a decision of the management, it's not their fault, there's no use for a grudge. Sissie, I said we need to take what's available to us. TMW Rennsport would be a great choice!"

"No means no."

"Well, I need to write something in the email they sent me." - he sighed.

"Write there: Sissie Devereux will accept offers for testing from any WGPC team that was part of WGPC before."

"Really? Not even TMW? You know what would be good? We helped them last year, we could use that to get a spot."

"I'm not going for any spot that should be ours. I'd rather watch from home if that's the case."

Darius Castellammare sighed as Sissie went back to the simulator chair, putting her gloves back on and heading out for a new circuit. The black gloves matched the tracksuit and the shoes matched the pink gym-shorts. It was a confusing combination to say the least. Arms covered and legs showing out. Sissie had been chubby as a teenager, but the physical and technical training to become a driver had helped get her reasonably fit, enough to be declared the prettiest female driver of WGPC some time ago. But she'd kept her fluffy cheeks ever since.

"This is pointless, Sissie. You know who's in the same situation as you? Look, I see here on the list... Catherine Toggard, Ethanian. I doubt she's complaining that her team, which is probably Fireline, is off the list."

"Oh sure, like they're going to put a newbie straight into WGPC."

"They did that to you, didn't they? So why not?"
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Postby Togonistan » Sat Oct 02, 2021 8:32 am

Kaylan Racing Technology - Simple, Affordable, Powerful!

Years of experience in motorsports have allowed us to find the balance between simplicity, power and affordability. Having developed 3 different variations of WGP2 engines in the past (including last season's championship-winning Kaieke 3) as well as provided competitive engines to a number of teams in various WGP3-level series, you can be rest assured that by choosing Kaylan as the engine supplier for your team, you will put your faith in technology that has proven itself on the world scale.


Our Values:

Simplicity - Following a simple and straightforward design language with our engines, our goal is to reduce the struggle of teams needing to adapt to new technology. Ease of maintenance and availability of spare parts is one of the main goals we have aimed to achieve when developing our powertrains. Each engine comes with a start-up guide and video tutorials, allowing teams to install and run our engines on their cars with ease, with no need for additional input from our side. Should some teams still face some struggles, our team of experienced mechanics is ready to provide assistance either via means of modern communication devices or by arriving on spot to help the team get their engines up and running.

Affordability - By using modern top of the line facilities and constantly researching for ways of replacing expensive materials with cheaper, yet durable alternatives, we have managed to bring our manufacturing costs down drastically. This has allowed us to provide a price lower than various other manufacturers on the market while not making any cuts in performance.

Performance - Affordable doesn't have to mean slow! Our engines have proven themselves over the years as very competitive designs, often exceeding various other, more established manufacturers in terms of performance. With our engines, we have worked to find the middle ground between producing enough speed and power while keeping the weight to minimum, in order to produce an engine accessible enough for both established as well as less experienced drivers.

Our Engines:



Name: Kaylan Taika 1
Spec: WGPC
Type: 1.6l V6 Turbo Hybrid
Power: ~934 HP @ 15000 rpm

Taika (Translation: Tiger) is our newest and most powerful line of racing engines. Utilising the newest Turbo Hybrid technology, the new Taika 1 is the first WGPC-spec engine designed in-house by Kaylan and will be powering Kaylan Racing Team in their upcoming WGPC debut.



Name: Kaylan Kaieke 3
Spec: WGP2
Type: 3.4l V6 Single Turbo Charged
Power: 620 HP @ 8750 rpm

Kaieke (Translation: Rider) is our family of WGP2 engines that first saw the light of day with it's first iteration, Kaieke 1, powering Kaylan Racing Team's debut in the 2nd season of WGP2. Over the years, the Kaieke family of engines have been developed further, with it's current 3rd iteration being the engine that brought Kaylan their WGP2 victory last season. We are ready to provide the Kaieke 3 to any WGP2 teams looking for an engine supplier in the upcoming season.



Name: Kaylan Hukerikei 3
Spec: WGP3
Type: 3.4l V6 Single Turbo Charged
Power: 380 HP @ 8000 rpm

Hukerikei (Translation: Hurricane) is our family of WGP3 engine designs. Designed after our Kaieke 3, Hukerikei 3 provides a similar design to our WGP2 engine with slightly limited power output. The engine has seen successful use in WGP3 ENZ Championship as well as Tumbran Formula 1 series. We are ready to supply the Hukerikei 3 to any teams looking for an engine supplier in any WGP3 or equivalent series.
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Postby Diarcesia » Sat Oct 02, 2021 1:58 pm


Phoenician Tires Gears Up in Upcoming World Grand Prix Season

With the first preseason testing fast approaching, Diarcesian tire company Phoenician recently signed a deal with Grand Prix Auto Pryfors Bilar-Viska (PB-Viska) as their official supplier. The deal reaffirms the prior relationship the two companies had in the WGP2 Season 4, where Phoenician's products helped propel PB-Viska to fifth place in the constructors' standings.

Using the highest-quality rubber sourced from Southeast Diarcesia, the craftsmanship behind each tire made by Phoenician is of unquestioned quality. State-of-the-art research and data intelligence using observations over the prior WGP seasons allows the company to make a wide range of selections to fit various scenarios. Their durability is tested over the most punishing of environments, demonstrated in live competition with Laura Haukanna's WGP2 feature race win in the sweltering heat of the Elbej Historic Site circuit.

Talks are currently underway regarding the possible selection of Phoenician as the official specification tire supplier of the current WGPC season. Phoenician is also available for supply arrangements with participating teams.

Wanda: The standard of motorsport rubber, the Phoenician Wanda slick tire delivers the ideal balance between staying power and surface grip in a given situation. The company provides five compounds with color-coded labels, ranging from the red Hi-Rel (hardest, longest-lasting) to the heliotrope Hi-Trac (softest, grippiest).

Carthago: Where slick tires fail in wet weather, the Carthago is there to help keep the race cars running. Wet-dry intermediate and full-wet variants are available choices to cover light or heavy rain situations.

About Phoenician
The Phoenician Tires company specializes in high-quality, high-performance rims and tires for road and track use. They were founded in 1922 and are still in business to this day. Its founder is Ǧnziza of Kos, the grandson of the great general and statesman Pippin of Kos, who was heavily involved in the making of the Phoenician Road and Tread Light traditions. His partner is Herculex Catsar, who specialise in producing rim-tire variations on the classic designs. As a test of its craft, their products handled the rigor the races require and saw success in consecutive WGP2 seasons.

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Postby Esmerel » Sat Oct 02, 2021 3:22 pm

Forest Cross International Raceway, Vertress, Rainier Province, Esmerel
2 October 2021

In most forests, you could hear the soft wind blowing, the chirping of the local birds, and the rustling of the trees. They were calm places; places left untouched by life’s desires. To relax there would be as obvious as to pay taxes or to witness the passage of time.

In this forest, there was none of that. No relaxation, no freedom from the mark of man; it was almost completely the opposite here. Even if birds still sung, and the winds still blew, one could not hear them. Or they could, were it not for the roar of a V8 engine screaming around. A red and black open-wheeler launched out of a tunnel and through a zigzag, before turning left and then straight past some stands before entering the forest. It was moving at an absurd speed, one which in many places would be considered dangerous. But on this road, and in that car, there was little that could be dangerous.

After the forest began, the road sloped inside a turn, before a steep climb came for the driver. Despite their lack of visibility, the car did not let up, nor did their driver, reaching the top before getting ready to come back down the hill. The road opened up as it made a bridge over the road below, and a large field surrounded by tall hills itself surrounded the roaring red car. It tore right through a slow, twisty left to right to left turn as if there was no turn at all, before getting back to speed up a smaller slope and over a second bridge. It seemed as if at every moment, there was nothing but perfection to be witnessed. Such was proven by the car taking another three-turn combo… with just one turn of the wheel.

Down the hill, and then another left. The speed was not yet there, but the engine had never run better. The driver ran down the gears to set up their next turn just right, before letting it all loose into a long, long, long straight road. The sound increased in pitch, then jumped down, then went up, and down again. The tires kicked up smoke as they spun for their lives to keep the car moving. The air itself seemed to part as the car and driver shot down the lane, their speeds still increasing. Faster, faster, faster. There was only faster. Maximum power, and maximum potential. The sound stopped jumping back down, and only steadily climbed up before settling at a high but not too high pitch. The tires could not go any faster, even as they wished even more speed could be taken. Still four hundred meters remained. Then there was a stop, and a left. The driver held on as best they could. The tires prepared to let go of speed and grab the earth instead. The engine was ready to breathe out after its most arduous task. The wind, the trees, the birds, they had all been singing this whole time but they grew silent for this one moment…

Except when the driver pressed against the brake, the speed did not leave. Distress. A refusal of reality, at such a critical moment. A wall sat ahead, ready to catch those in this situation; yet the driver tried to save their car. The power of a button forced the speed to be let go, and all the others worked together to try and keep away. Too little, too late. Break apart. The car smashed into the barrier head-on, its front demolished and its driver shaken. All its parts cried out, not in pain but in failure, as they could not save the thing they worked so hard to maintain. Despair: a feeling of stolen hope.

This car’s hope had been stolen, for the first and last time.

Yet for the driver, it had not been the first.


Jean’s House, 1101 Bergliez Way, Brentwood, Vespucci Pv., Esmerel

Jean Mercer-Daly took off his VR headset, shaking somewhat, and set it down next to him. I can’t believe it ended like that, he thought. I was on such a good lap! At least three tenths up on my PB, and it ends in a stuck throttle? Not even mentioning that’s how… He stopped himself. He was about to think “how his career ended,” but he decided it was not true.

Still, what else could he have said? Both his seasons since that day had been write-offs. Especially that last one. He’d pulled off a freak win, but almost nothing else all that year. And at 39, maybe he really was getting too old, despite all his doctors telling him he had the body of someone ten years younger. It’s not like… well, maybe I just haven’t really tried, I guess. Still, I never expected to go out in a direction like this one, he thought. Here he was, sitting in a sim rig in a small house south of Lapiz Point, debating how best to bow out of competition. It never helped to relive the PTSD he’d suffered from being hit by a literal terrorist.

Matters were, in fact, even worse anyways. Talia, his longtime agent even since the ESTL, dropped out after the tire fire that was WGPC18. Of Jean and his little clique, only Max remained, and Max had only been around for Jean’s sophomore slump, so what could he say about what Jean really used to be able to do? By now, it had been an awfully long time since Jean had won anything… and backed it up with speed, anyways. His personal life had been somewhat okay, at least for a washed-up racing driver. He’d moved house to something smaller, not out of necessity or a distaste for his cabin on Rochester, gods, he loved that place- but it was difficult to drive for hours just to get to an airport or from an airport to his house. Now he was just 15 or 20 minutes on a good day from Strovoz International. Besides, his house didn’t look all that special on the outside- easy to avoid the crowds. Or at least the crowds that would have gathered if not for the ban on gatherings until the pandemic could get under control. He was fully vaccinated, just like all 150 million Esmerelian citizens and 110 million Esterlonians, and the borders had been half closed to only allow other vaccinated, negative people into the nations, though the government refused to take any chances. Twas the price to pay when led by scientists, and/or the benefit to reap. It was difficult still, considering a specific geographical neighbor that was not doing all that well.

If anyone, Jean didn’t mind. Nor did he know how to keep a coherent train of thought, but that was another topic entirely. It wasn’t like thoughts could be coherent, not all the time. They just came when they did.

Jean got out of his rig and walked to the kitchen for a quick glass of milk. He figured it’d be another day of driving around and maybe doing some online races. Or just relaxing in his bedroom for who knows how long, browsing social media without logging in, just so he could enjoy things without the world knowing. Either way, this was what his life amounted to now. He used to race, definitely. Go fast and win, too. Nowadays it was a miracle if he could keep it on the road to the grocery. At least, that’s what he always thought about himself these days.

As he sat down for a moment, his phone rang, which he took a look at to see the caller; who knew if it was important? Calling code 47? That’s Norway, isn’t it… Max? Jean wondered. What’s he want now? No way I could deliver. Jean debated denying the call. If it was about what he was thinking about, he already had a few thoughts against it. But maybe, just maybe, it was something important, and maybe he could still do it. Max was currently his biggest contact outside his family, after all.

So he answered. “You’re speaking to Jean Mercer-Daly,” he said. “What might you need?”

Maximilian Rykinsvik, Jean’s engineer for the previous two years, was indeed on the other end. “Jean… Long while no hearing, hasn’t it been?” he mentioned. “It’s good to hear your voice again, definitely.”

“That’s… not something I disagree or agree with,” Jean replied. “I know I’m not busy right now, but we both know I’m not doing so hot-”

“Mind’s down in the dumps? Come on, Jean!” Max exclaimed. “I know it hasn’t gone that well, but even though I wasn’t there for your best races, I know what you can do. I want to believe that there’s still a fighting spirit in you.”

“When you put it that way, that’s… well, I guess there kinda is,” Jean said. “I’ve been in the sim pretty often these days. Lots of fun driving. Reminds me of the good old days. Still, who starts a conversation like that?”

“Fair point. Who indeed? Me, I suppose. Anyways, I think you know why I called,” Max said. “And if you don’t, well, here. Season 19 is about to get started. I’ve already begun negotiations to extend your contract with Nexus-”

“No. No, no, no. I don’t know about this,” Jean interrupted. “Let’s be real. I’m washed out. I’m old compared to everyone else on the grid. Do you even realize how early most of these drivers end up retiring? But you think I can still go fast?”

“There was that one race last year where you did,” Max said. “I think that’s a taste of what you have always been able to do, if you put your mind to it. Though… yeah, you’re not wrong that compared to most of the other drivers, you’re pretty old. I know you’ve been out of the WGP2 loop, but Nexus is looking to get Janne Laukkanen into a seat with someone else this year, before they move him up to Nexus in season 20.”

“Which means someone has to go,” Jean said. “Why not just cut the crap and put Janne in my seat now?”

“Nexus doesn’t want to do that. He’s not ready for a top seat already. Listen to me. They want you in the seat,” Max replied. “At least one more year. And hey, if you do well enough, they might opt to boot Ryker, team before country. Sure, you’ve always been number two, but you’ve got way more wins than him.”

“And he’s got a championship. That he got without any wins. They don’t mean everything,” Jean said. “And what about Terho? He won the last two back to back in complete domination. How do I beat him?”

“...Terho retired.”


“...I know you really dropped out of the loop, but dear gods. Anyways, I swear it. He’s not racing anymore. Three championships was enough. And about everyone else? Toralmintii? Edwards? Cruisin? It doesn’t matter who it is, you can beat them if you try. Luck will come around to your favor at some point,” Max argued. “I… I don’t know why I’m still going on, when I guess I don’t really have to. Look, the season’s coming up and they want you, it’s that simple. I do understand if you’re really serious about dropping out. But let’s try and start it. If push comes to shove, we can negotiate a swap mid-season.”

Jean paused. “I’ll call you back in a bit. Just give me time to think,” he said.

“Ah, fair enough. No need to rush quite yet,” Max said. “Take care for a bit.” He hung up.

Jean did need a moment to think; he wasn’t just trying to throw Max out of the conversation. Max was right. Maybe he did still have something to go and prove. It was only his fourth full season, anyways. Four seasons more than most racers would get in the WGPC. And he didn’t even need to go seat searching, he just had a seat waiting for him. But there was plenty going on in his life that he just didn’t know what to do with. Mostly, it was about his brother Evyn, still tearing it up in the streets and whatnot. Or something. He’d been in touch for a while, but the two were still in an unresolved conflict that seemed to be going nowhere.

Maybe if the two talked it over. Maybe that would work; get things moving again. So Jean gave Evyn a call.

“Hello, this is Evyn on the line,” Jean heard his brother answer. “What’s going on?”

“Evyn, hey. It's Jean. Just wanted to call about something,” Jean said.

“Oh, sure, bro. Hit me.”

“It’s the WGPC. Season 19 is coming up; it should be the rest of the weekends in the year; maybe a bit into ‘22,” Jean said. “I was wondering if I should do it.”

“Oh, hell no. Not this shit again. I swear. This is the exact shit you tried to pull on me last year,” Evyn protested. “You tell me you need to go and race up in the tippy top, and you promise to keep in touch, but then I don’t hear anything from you for fucking months! A year, even! And all the while your driving in that train car was shit.”

“Train car?”

“Your eight-wheel machine. Who the hell designed that? It obviously didn’t help you go faster,” Evyn said. “Just a comment. No matter who you would drive for, I dunno if you really belong. It’s like I’ve been telling you this past while. Even though you made your entrance in an odd way, with a "kansei dorifto" or some other kind of uncalled for reference... You still did good in that first race in Blacktrail that you showed up in. I want to think you have potential on the streets; more than the track and the WGPC. It's still better, anyways.

“I want to think I have potential anywhere at all,” Jean said. "I can listen to you talk about street races for a while, and I do understand. I just don't know yet."

“Sure. You are getting old, after all,” Evyn claimed. “All the rookies are ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. I've read into everything you had back at the start. The field's almost an entirely different one now.”

“...Old? You do know you’re just three years younger, right? Thirty-six isn’t too young,” Jean retorted. “Hey, I just need to say that… I don’t want to ignore you. But in the end, I’d… like to think about giving the WGPC another go.”

Evyn paused before replying. “On one condition, that you just brought up,” he said. “No ignoring me and going radio silent. Do that, and I’m not gonna play as nice with you. Don’t do that, and we can probably find an understanding or some shit. I swear to the gods, please. And one more thing, I guess…”


“Don’t come crying to me if or when it goes wrong,” Evyn said. "And mark my words: I will be back, and we'll figure something exciting out between the two of us. Some resolution, finally. No dropping these plans anymore!"

"Okay. Provided nothing catastrophic happens, that'll be the scenario. Just another thing..."


"...I could get used to eight wheels," Jean mentioned, as he hung up right afterward.

So it seemed to be coming together, after an admittedly brief deliberation following an even briefer darkest hour. Jean was just about ready to give it one more go. It’s an exciting prospect, but… I need to tell myself that I do have limits, he thought. Remember this: I’m retiring if this season does end up going to shit. If it doesn’t, well... then I can expect to enjoy it for a while longer.

Jean went to his room and began to pack up for the trip ahead. Going around the Verse with little time to stop at home would need quite a few things; hopefully there would be enough room on the plane to the Wardship. Though, before he forgot, he gave Max a call back.

“Jean? That was quick,” Max answered, on the other end.

“I know, Max… just like I hope to be this year.”
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Postby Chromatika » Sat Oct 02, 2021 7:07 pm

Café de la Mer
Myana, Myana Island, Chromatika

Rhianni Gea tapped her watch impatiently. It was almost three o'clock, and it wasn't like her client to be late. She had a packed schedule, and she couldn't handle being even a little bit behind the ball.

The doors of the café swung open, and a breathless, flustered Anola Melani stormed in, her windswept, shoulder-length hair a mess as she headed toward Rhianni. Before the door closed, though, Rhianni was surprised to see that Anola wasn't alone - there was a young woman in her twenties that came in after Anola: Auburn red hair, piercing blue eyes, and of medium height. She looked to be a mix of Caucasian and Asian, Rhianni thought. Someone new in Anola's life? A previously unmentioned friend, perhaps?

It wasn't that Rhianni Gea made a habit of getting to know her clients. She was good at her job because she knew more than enough about the sportspeople that she presented as well as their fields. Anola Melani was known to be a bit of a homebody who loved her parents. Her friends included Joslyn Furbath, the Regional Office Manager for Death Templars Law Firm in Alnio; the friends that she had made while being part of Kaylan in the previous WGP2 - Vladimir, Xander, and of course, Ted Pressley - and, to a lesser extent, Rhianni herself.

The young Chromatik driver plopped down on the seat across from Rhianni. "Sorry for almost being late, traffic was a nightmare," Anola stated breathlessly, "I know you said you only had this time for me. Well, I'm here. What did you want to talk about?"

"It is good to see you as well," Rhianni said cordially, giving Anola a chance to breathe, "Just wanted to make sure we were on the same page going forward. First: How is your elbow? Are you all ready to race again?"

Anola smiled broadly before answering the question, "Yes, both Dr. Izahaki and Alishka Kendronakava, my Physical Therapist, say that I am good to go. I haven't had the pain in a few weeks, and I've started to drive. Not on the track, just on the highways and the roads. It felt so good to grab the steering wheel again. Thank you so much for setting that all up, by the way. It's been handled so well and I feel so blessed."

Rhianni smiled in return. "You're welcome. Glad it worked out. Did you have a chance to read any of the memos that I sent you regarding sponsorships?"

"Um," stammered Anola, "I've looked at a few. Are you sure these aren't a joke? ChromatikAir? Henza Architecture? Viper Motors? They all want to sponsor me?"

Rhianni chuckled at the young Chromatik's expression. "Of course," she responded, "You are a big deal now. You're the only internationally recognized driver from our country, and everyone wants to be on your clothing, to have you represent them out there. Now, you have to make sure that your new team is okay with any or all of them, and then you'll have to go through the deals to see how exclusive any or all of them are, as well as if you're okay representing their product. My advice? Be sure that you and whomever you drive for next are on the same page. There's nothing worse than having to pick between a sponsor and your team."

"This is crazy," Anola whispered.

Rhianni took the moment to look toward the other woman that Anola had come with. It was strange for Anola to not introduce her, Rhianni thought - though they had just gone straight into business, to be fair.

Motioning to the auburn-haired woman, Rhianni ventured, "And who is this?"

Anola blushed scarlet, embarrassed by her lack of decorum and manners.

"Ah, um. Sorry about that," she managed, "Rhanni, this is Scarlett. Scarlett, this is Rhianni, my agent. Scarlett is a childhood friend of mine, and now, she's a journalist for the Chromia Central Courier. We were catching up and decided to take a trip to Myana and Urrhed Islands to go with this meeting. It's okay if she's here, right?"

Rhianni smiled as she nodded. "Any friend of yours is good enough for me, especially if it's someone you trust."

"Oh, yeah. She's used to all the secrecy and nondisclosure clauses and stuff," Anola stated.

The other woman came forward and offered Rhianni a hand.

"Scarlett Miyashiru, Chromia Central Courier. Though I'm technically not on the clock right now. It's great to meet you, Anola's told me a lot about you. Thank you for what you do for her."

It was a firm handshake, and the eyes had trust as well as competence. Rhianni could tell that Scarlett was someone who had self-confidence and knew what she wanted in life.

"Hope your article is a fair one, Ms. Miyashiru," Rhianni said, "Anola here doesn't have anything to hide, but she can be construed as a bit boring."

"I am her friend before I am a journalist, I assure you of that," Scarlett answered seriously.

"Right," Rhianni acquiesced, "All right then. Anola, I wanted to go over a few of these potential offers with you so that when you go to the WGPC and get signed onto a team, you will have the chance to present them with as much knowledge as possible."

"I'm sorry," Anola said, her eyes growing wide, "When I what? I thought that was only a possibility!"

"Oh, honey," Rhianni let out, "Did you really think I wasn't going to enter you into the next WGPC? We've talked about it for this entire year! You killed it in the WGP2, and there is definitely a spot for you there. Now, there won't be such a thing as Sprint Races, but I think you've gained some experience and you should have a good shot."

"You'll be fine," Scarlett chimed in, "You were born to race."

"Besides," continued Rhianni, "There are plenty of familiar faces. Heinz-Otto Junker, Janne Laukkanen, Ted Pressley, Skiia Vialiv, Laura Haukanna, Joy Wingelaar. Even Darian Vilau. There are plenty of familiar names."

Gathering her wits about her, Anola responded, "All right. Let's do this then."

Anola Melani spent the next forty-five minutes going over the field in the WGPC, her potential landing spots, and her potential sponsors. Unbeknownst to her, Scarlett Miyashiru looked on with a smile on her face, and Rhianni Gea noticed it. It was good for Anola to have another personal connection who knew about her motorsports life, Rhianni concluded.

Then, they went back to work.
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Postby Squidroidia » Sat Oct 02, 2021 7:22 pm

"...Hello, this is Daryl Mizushima. I still haven't gotten word from the IBA or you guys about the World Cup of Motorsport ever since the announcement window closed. Are we still doing Team Squidroidia?"

End voicemail. Daryl was frustrated. The Inklingcraft motorsports division, tapped to build a new machine to take on the IBA World Cup of Motorsport, hadn't returned any of his calls regarding when the latest news, whether it be a schedule, the circuits confirmed to join, anything regarding the category or Team Squidroidia, the team Mizushima was driving for. It seemed like after all the announcements were made, all the hype built up, the Inklingcraft team, like everybody else, was left in the dark, the IBA not saying anything about the project. It might as well have been cancelled.

It was such a shame as well for the Squidroidian. Ever since the end of the previous WGPC season, he had been everywhere - From racing in the Chinese Territories of the Sherpa Empire to logging laps in NSSCRA to gain more experience when the WGPC did return. The WCoM was that last step he was going to take before returning to the biggest stage of them all, more proven, more experienced, and ready to take on the grid more head on... Instead it left the 19 year old son of a media mogul annoyed.

His rookie season didn't go off so well as he hoped. It was part lack of experience (He was karting before ending up driving WGPC cars) and part being dealt in the Motorworks team with 3 other drivers. He could only get a handful of WGPC starts, but often when he did line up for a Grand Prix start he stunned the field in qualifying - P7 heroics in Hapilopper City anyone - before turning in a DNQ the next race. He still did get a couple of points to his name, also in Hapilopper City, earning him a P27 standing in the championship. Things could only get better from here.

But as the phone didn't ring when it came to the WCoM, it was time to look forward to the next season of WGPC competition. The seat everyone was after was the one formerly occupied by Terho Talvela, who retired from the WGPC after the last campaign with his 3rd world title. The TRÆ seat, being paired with one iBen Toralmintii, was a seat not to pass up - Ask most people on the street and they will, most likely, pick that seat up in a heartbeat. That seat was going to have fierce competition, and Daryl was perhaps a long shot to replace Terho.

The grid was teeming with possibilities. Race Eelandii, the team Daryl almost got to race for thanks to the Cocoabo Expo trials, was a team that he could try getting into. Badai Agin Tim was also an option, although like TRÆ was going to be hard to come by. Maybe Viska could be an option? Kaylan? Teusbank TMW? Nothing was for certain, just like last year. If Daryl wanted a place on a grid, he was going to have to fight for it.

In a world where the top drivers have to hit on the gas, it was crucial to pump it before everybody else did.

To: Tropicorp Racing Ælund, Badai Agin Tim Motorsport, Race Eelandii! VTGP, Viska Racing, Kaylan Racing Team, Teusbank TMW Rennsport
From: Daryl Mizushima
Subject: Warm Welcome (Again)

To all that received this email,

It is quite the pleasure to welcome all of you as we near yet another season of WGPC racing. To those who may know me, I'm happy to meet you again. If not, I'll make sure to introduce myself.

My name is Daryl Mizushima, and I'm a 19 year old Squidroidian racing driver with 1 year (Really just a couple of starts) of WGPC experience under my belt. Last season, due to my lack of experience behind the wheel of the technological marvel that is a WGPC car, I barely landed on the starting grid for the Motorworks team the majority of the time, often sitting Sundays out in the grandstands. But when I got doing, I really got going, driving my way to that qualifying run in Hapilopper City, not to mention the Cocoabo Expo or that time I nudged Dario Nülkeschläger out of the Grand Prix of Hodori. Seeing as all of those came in the rain... You might say I am a wet weather driver.

In the offseason I made sure I had some time to hone my skills - I was supposed to do the IBA World Cup of Motorsport before that fell through, but I had a hell of a time refining my craft, participating in events ranging from IRACT events to even a NSSCRA start at my home track of the Spartansburg Speedway. With that experience, I'm sure this season will be better for me and for you as well.

With that being said, I do have some money with me in case you really do need it. Again, my father is the owner of FunStar, this huge online streaming company in Squidroidia, and I'm happy to supply you with the sponsorship if need be. If you're not fine with seeing the FunStar logo all on your car, that is also cool as well, the sponsorship is indeed optional.

Other than that, let this email be a little notification to you that I am open to participate in any tests or trials that you may have. I am willing to traveling wherever the trials may be, and hopefully if I prove my worth to you, you will be given a driver you wouldn't ever forget, now or in the history books, hopefully for the better. After all the toughness I went through last season, it doesn't hurt to be a winner.

Best wishes and happy racing,
-Daryl Mizushima, #63

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Postby Hapilopper » Sat Oct 02, 2021 8:45 pm


TOMORROW: Meet the Preston PGP-02 and Preston Autos' drivers for the 19th season of the World Grand Prix Championship.
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Postby Diarcesia » Sat Oct 02, 2021 9:23 pm

Previously in WGP2 Season 4...

Diarcesia wrote:PB-Viska HQ
Pryfurium, Diarcesia
A few days after the Nekoni sprint race

"Hey, Aldauren. How's it going?" the CEO of Pryfors Bilar casually drops by Aldauren's office during her tour of the place.

"Fine. Just... we were struggling in Nekoni, the pace is absent this late in the season, and we made uncharacteristic errors. Losing contention in both championships may have an impact in the morale."

Siv Ingesson ponders on the team principal's words. "This is a reasonable reaction," she says, "Have you started looking at other drivers? Thought it might interest you?"

"Laura and Indra are perfectly capable dri— one moment: are you getting into something?"

"Nothing official yet, but let's say only the WGPO license remains before we can announce that we will join WGPC."

Aldauren's eyes widen for a split second. "Well, this is good news."

"I can see how continuing our investment in motorsport can help the company, so we are also keeping our involvement in WGP2 as a feeder to WGPC. I just had preliminary talks with Sidus on whether a partnership is possible there."

They hear knocking on the door.

"Who's there?" Aldauren asks, interrupting his and Siv's conversation.

Artur says Laura wants to talk.

"We can continue this later, okay?" Siv tells the elf, who politely nods.

"Come in, Laura," the said elf says.

Laura greets him first. Before taking her leave, Aldauren's boss acknowledges the newcomer.

"Have a seat," Aldauren offers once he and Laura are left in the room. She sits down.

Auruna wrote:"Aldauren, I want to speak to you about something. I have made a decision about my future and I think now is the perfect time to address it."

Aldauren's curiosity is raised. "What is it?"

Auruna wrote:"I would like to keep working with you, with the team, I want us to succeed together. There's something about this team that made it feel like home and I want to stay, but I'd still keep my connection to Viska. They will allow this, I know it. After getting to know this team for a whole season, I want to keep that momentum going, to improve together, fight together, and to win together."

He slowly stands up to go to the windowsill and lean on it. He glances over at Laura, who goes quiet.

"I have been very happy with the work we have done so far, and you are a crucial piece behind it. You've become sorts of an icon in Diarcesia after your win in Elbej, and everyone is wondering if you'll follow in the footsteps of my former rival in WGPC. Perhaps, will you succeed where I failed?

You saw Siv earlier. Keep this between the two of us for now, but we talked about how close we are at getting a team spot there.

The question is, if we somehow couldn't enter WGPC 19, are you willing to drive in another WGP2 season?"

Auruna wrote:Hearing Aldaurens response, her face shines with a smile, she was happy to hear it. And to answer his question, she excitedly lets out an enthusiastic "Yes!

If this pans out, he now has one driver in his potential WGPC 19 lineup. Who will be the other? He fancies convincing the aforementioned former rival, Sara, to take the other spot, but for that to happen, they have to create a car that best fits her style. It will not be an easy task. Aldauren is sure other teams will try to sign her to them.

PB-Viska HQ
Pryfurium, Diarcesia
Present day

Aldauren Ginintella, the retired Diarcesian WGP3 star driver, and now the head honcho of the Pryfors Bilar grand prix racing team, anxiously awaits Sara's response. It has been some weeks since she showed up on his invitation to try out for the open WGPC seat.

Their license to participate was confirmed then and Siv, the CEO, announced it to the public shortly thereafter. Part of the process was signing a new contract with Viska. PB will be funded by the MNA, Auruna's motorsports governing body, directly (Boethiah bless us, this is very convenient just as our seed funding from the Diarcesian government expires, he thought) plus an access to Viska's more experimental technologies and exclusive facilities. Viska will handle most of the R&D with PB having the ability to guide its direction. In return, Viska will have some control over one of the seats, meaning that Laura Haukanna will race in WGPC for PB-Viska. Also, Aldauren fully expects that they will be referred in the media as a sister entity to the actual Aurun-registered Viska works team. To avoid confusion, he gave directions to refer to the team in shorthand simply as "Pryfors Bilar" or PB.

Back in the subject of Sara, the press coverage around the PB HQ during her test for the team was larger than he expected. He will give the seat to her in a heartbeat, but he needs the test as a formality and as part of his due diligence as the team principal.

It is almost bedtime. No response yet from her.

I don't think she will accept it. Perhaps she attended the test out of politeness? Aldauren muses.

Yes, that makes sense to Aldauren. As Sara matured in motorsport, she developed to one of the most polite in the grid, even if she does not hold the media in high regard. She is one of those types who merely want to drive a car fast, period. At the same time, she earned a reputation as a mercurial racer in the offseason. She insisted on one-year contracts even when her financial situation was far from ideal.

Maybe our car didn't fit her style after all. Or did she have something different in mind?

Mercurial indeed. Local speculation is rife on what team will Sara go to in WGPC 19. It is known that Volkov gave her a contract extension. She hasn't signed it to the elf's knowledge. The point is moot since there are no indications that the Sorlovian team will reappear this year.

After the conclusion of WGPC 18, Sara went off the public eye except for a stint in the WSRC for Schkeska Rally, "just doing my hobby", she told him at the time. Then she went back to obscurity afterwards. She has not said anything at all on where she is looking for a drive.

Unless... Aldauren's train of thought keeps on going.

Sara Luna's House
Chiyginia, Diarcesia

"Very nice time!" Tom Bennett, Sara's boyfriend, is close to her as he watches the WGPC racer finish yet another lap time in a quite-new high-fidelity simulator set up in their home, thanks partly to Tom's programming skills. It is his present upon the conclusion of WGPC 18, much to Sara's delight.

With the WGPC season drawing closer, she began correspondences to the available teams if they can accommodate her for tests and maybe offer her a seat if there's one for her. As before, she will choose among the extant offers based on which car synergizes with her best. There is a slight difference this time: she is working to be more adaptable in her driving style across different cars in different circuit environments.

"Thanks, honey. I think I'm done at testing Volkov, time to move to the next one," she smiles. She made detailed after-the-fact observations of how each team's cars behaved in the last season. With the financial windfall she and her family received from Volkov, she gradually accepted a personal challenge that developed over the offseason: she will work to win the Driver's Championship for herself.

"You mean the last one? You seem to be saving this in particular for last."

"Not really. I'm using reverse championship order." The pair looks at the setup notes they use to configure the simulator. On the page titled "Teams", Sara adds a check beside the entry for "Volkov". Now, check marks are seen beside 12 of the 13 teams who participated in WGPC 18.

The one for "TRÆ" isn't.

TRÆ, she thinks. Terho Talvela is retired, which means there is one TRÆ seat wide open for anyone to take. iBen will return to his seat there. Rudy Edwards will most likely be Preston's number one. And... and...

Sara breathes deeply to clear her mind. "Shall we start configuring it, Tom?" she smiles sweetly. She can't wait to get back to work, and she is very appreciative of Tom's support.
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Postby United Adaikes » Sat Oct 02, 2021 10:32 pm

To: Tropicorp Racing Ælund, Badai Angin Tim Motorsport, Preston Autos GP Racing, Nexus Racing, Race Eelandii VTGP, Viska Racing, Kaylan Racing Team, Teusbank TMW Rennsport, GP Auto Pryfors Bilar-Viska, Carvenlo Liventia Airways, +4 others

Subject: Aaron Deering, the WGP driver you are looking for!


The United Adaikes Performance Fuels is endorsing one of the best Adaikesian racers, 19-year-old Aaron Deering. While today might be the first time you have heard about the driver, Aaron is eager to travel to a place and time wherever and whenever you please to invite a test drive where he can showcase his skills. In addition to that, the United Adaikes Performance Fuels is pleased to inform you that we are eager to sponsor (in any form) this driver and the team that will be accepting his services as a race driver.

The United Adaikes Oil Company, the parent company of the United Adaikes Performance Fuels, is the largest and wealthiest private oil corporation in the United Adaikes with plans to expand into a multinational conglomerate to extend its services and oil around the world.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! If you are interested or have any queries, do not hesitate to reply to this email!

Logan Gibb
Deputy Director
Office of Public Relations
United Adaikes Performance Fuels
A subsidiary of the United Adaikes Oil Company
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Postby The 14 Stars » Sun Oct 03, 2021 3:29 am

Chapter 02 the meeting

Alright welcome to this meeting, and you will ask to me ofcourse, what meeting? and lots of other questions might come to mind but thats all for later as we first need to listen to what they actually have to say.
This meeting took place in the Schiller Private Residence in the countryside of the 14 Stars.

Mister Schiller: ''Alright Isaac, i called you here today because you will have a companion with your search for a drivers seat in the WGP and WGP2 this time and i wanted to have you two meet as Starsian talents.''

As the door opened a beautiful tall blonde girl stepped into the room with a smile on her face, she was excited to finally meet the best male driver of the country and maybe even compete with him on the track, she extended a hand to him with a smile as her voice was ever so soft even if her personality was nothing like that at all

Simonetta: ''Hey there hello, its really nice to meet you my name is Simonetta!''

Isaac: ''Nice to meet you too, well you probably know me already but i am Isaac and as it seems we both want to take on the world with our driving abilities and a bit of help from mister Schiller ofcourse.''

This meeting was meant solidify the bond between the two Starsian talents and make them aware of the fact they need more then just simple words to become a truly great driver at all.
After all the Schiller Group was the largest Racing Team in The 14 Stars and they had trained both Isaac and Simonetta to the extend they are capable of up to this day

Mister Schiller: ''So why did i call both of you here, because you two are our best talents but can we compete with the world? nope we simply can't and i don't expect any WGP team to actually offer you a seat but thats because our country is a bit isolated.
Its not because of your ability but rather because there is no track record of you two being available, even if you may get invites there will be many competitors and not all teams are equally fair when it comes to contract offers.

We as Schiller group will assist you where we can which is why from now on we are gonna schedule more media attention and better visibility so you also get your chances on the track.''

Isaac: ''That sounds like a plan i honestly hope i will get the chance to show the WGP and WGP2 what i can do, i am too excited to just not talk about it only thinking about how much we could achieve for our country.''

Simonetta: ''Yeah im really excited too, and we are really young drivers so we are also the future for the teams as both of us have many years to go in the racing industry and we really have room to grow and improve.
But then again imagine how awesome it would be to be invited at highest level''

They laughed and spent that afternoon planning and working on their promotion together and had a really nice day, i'd say it brought them closer together two people sharing the same nationality.
But only time will tell if their efforts are enough to earn them a seat in the big WGP or WGP2

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WGPC Pt0: Dreams

Postby TJUN-ia » Sun Oct 03, 2021 8:29 am

The following is a reconstruction of a dream had by Lane Carter, as written in his journal during the WPGC Offseason. He himself cannot explain what the meaning of it all is...or maybe, he doesn't want to admit that he understands. He's been having it for a while now, ever since the Burnam Bros Classic, but he still doesn't understand why...

I walked along a path in an orchard of apple trees.
The apples were red and blue, for some reason.
The orchard was massive and protected by an army.
This army was made up of both Human and Inkling kind, all dressed in black.
I don't know why this serene setting needs such defences.

It seems they were keeping watch of this central area I was walking towards.
In this area was a simple bench...with him sat upon it.
I sat next to him and he began to a peaceful tone.
He said: "Lane, it's so nice that you came." and began talking about his "important duties".
I listened, as one wants to do for someone like him, and then he asks "And what about you?"
I told him that I was waiting for today for a long time...I felt confident saying that to him at least.
I gave him this letter and told him to read it when he got back to his home...I didn't say what it contained, but it felt...emotional, I guess.

I gave him a hug to say goodbye but...we were interrupted by the guards.
Something was coming and we needed to get out of there ASAP.
I didn't know what he meant by that...but then the Darkness came.
The Darkness lifted him up and took him away, despite our best efforts to keep him with us.
I screamed his name and told him I would come for him come what may...but there was no response.
The last thing I remember before waking was me screaming his if he was something I needed to have.

I don't know why Arceus would show me this.
Maybe she is telling me something about myself...but I just don't know.
But one thing is for certain...he must not know about this.
I don't want him to interpret this...thing as an admission of something big...though maybe this is, in a way.
What could this all mean?
Maybe the racing can give me an answer...who knows at this point...
Am I...who I thought I was a few years ago...or have I changed to something more...interesting?
Who knows if I will ever know that answer...
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T1: #07 Michael Stefan (5 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/3 T2 Wins)
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Postby The Licentian Isles » Sun Oct 03, 2021 9:38 am

You might not think that a racing driver, especially a professional one, would enjoy the peace and serenity of a farm in rural St Thomas, but Joy Wingelaar did. Maybe a part of that was that it was home. Maybe another part of it was her slight discomfort with being the centre of attention, as you inevitable are in a sport where only a certain number of drivers get the call each year. Joy, despite her name, was an inherently anxious young woman. She constantly doubted herself, her abilities, and why she’d ever got to the position that she was in, in a fantastic team in WGP2, and on the cusp of the biggest series in open-wheel racing. Given all that, perhaps it was no surprise that home was a good place to clear her head.

This was less of a working farm now that she had moved up to international motorsport. In her youth, animals filled the place, and she often rode horses, fed chickens, and milked cows. Now, her family simply didn’t have the time to run a farm and give full support to Joy’s career at the same time, and her father Petrus was only ever going to go one way with that choice in front of him. Because of that, much of the herd of cows had been sold to a neighbour, though they still kept the chickens, along with the horses that Joy and her brother Kris had ridden in their teenage years.

Today, Joy was out by the chicken coop with her mother, Lijsbet. For all of the loud, brash love that Petrus gave his children, Lijsbet supported them in a much different way. She was unlikely to come to races the way Joy’s father did: Joy suspected it was a fear of seeing her daughter get hurt, or worse. Instead, whenever Joy came back to St Thomas, there would be a hot-cooked meal on the table, fresh linen on her childhood bed, and the warm embrace that a mother gives to a daughter. Perhaps, Joy thought, she should be grateful her mother, was quieter and more reserved. The motorsport world probably couldn’t deal with having two Petrus Wingelaars.

It had been a fairly quiet break from racing. With the exception of a few media interviews, along with encouraging Licentian karting talent like Dan Rae, Joy had spent most of it at the farm. There, she had found herself in the simulator a fair bit, going over mistakes in the WGP2 season, and familiarising herself with courses that might appear on the schedule in whichever series she ended up in. Her and her father had rebuilt the whole thing when she returned from Liventia, fitting it with new screens and a host of other upgrades funded by her salary from TMW.

Occasionally, her head would stray back to Stelburg, where her employers from the last WGP2 season were based. She looked on the season fondly, having built a good relationship with Heinz, and done fairly well for her first season in racing on that level. Nonetheless, her anxious brain couldn’t stop flipping back to the fact that her teammate had won the title. Were there reasons that he performed better than her? Had she performed well enough to earn a spot there in either WGPC or WGP2?

For now, she was feeding chickens. Joy and her mother never really talked about racing; it just wasn’t something that they had the same interest in. Instead, they talked about the weather, about what Lijsbet would cook for dinner, about a planned trip into the city of St Thomas to do some shopping for Kris’ birthday. It did Joy good. She needed the distraction. But it was then that she heard a shout from back at the house.

“JOY!” It was Kris, still acting as her secretary and fielding emails for her. “YOU’VE GOT AN EMAIL!”

“Sorry mama, if Kris is that excited I should go handle that.” She gave her mother a hug.

“Don’t worry schat, I’ll finish up here. Go see what Kris is shouting about.” Her mother stood on tiptoes to kiss Joy on the cheek, before the younger Wingelaar set off at a sprint back towards the house. She burst through the door, and was jumped by her parents’ very excitable puppy as she made her way through to the study. It had long been where her father had kept the books for the farm, but now it was the base for her racing career.

“Who is it Kris?” She wondered if it was Jorn, or anyone at TMW.

“It’s from Troy Wilkins at Carvenlo.” Joy knew both of those names. Carvenlo were a historic team in grand prix racing, and Troy Wilkins was a two time champion of WGPC. What could they want with her? She read the email, then leant back in the chair next to Kris. Bloody hell.

“They’re offering me a trial?” Disbelief filled her voice, as her mind returned to the debate from last season in WGP2. She had turned down Kaylan to join TMW, and she always felt that she had pissed off some people by making that decision. Then again, what if TMW didn’t want her back? In that case, this trial would be the perfect opportunity to push for another seat on the WGPC grid. She turned to Kris. “What do I do?”

“Well, I don’t think you know anything about TMW’s thoughts right now other than what Jorn said to you last season.” He was right there, though she hoped that Jorn’s words from the various reviews of her performance rang true. “Why don’t you get in touch with them? I’ll send an email to Jorn, maybe it would even help to fly out to Stelburg. That way you can know where they stand, and decide based on that.”

She nodded. Kris always talked sense. She pulled the keyboard away from him and began to type.

To: Jorn Feistel
From: Joy Wingelaar <>
Subject: A New Year

Hi Jorn,

I hope the off-season has been treating you and the team well!

I was wondering if we could have a chat some time soon about how the relationship between myself and TMW looks going forward. As you know,
I’ve really valued my time with the team in WGP2, and I would love to join you again, whether that be in WGPC or WGP2. However, I also know
that decision isn’t entirely in my control! I think it would help me if we could have a conversation to establish what the plan is for the
coming season. I would be happy to come to Stelburg to discuss this with you if that would be easier. Let me know when would work best for

Joy Wingelaar

She hit send. Replying to Carvenlo would have to wait, even if it felt a little odd leaving a multiple time world champion on read. If conversations with Jorn didn’t go well, then she could talk to the other teams and shop herself around. For now though, she would bide her time.

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Postby Togonistan » Sun Oct 03, 2021 10:45 am

Kaylan Racing Team HQ
Tushlark, Togonistan

Clock on the car's dashboard showed 9:12 as Xander Mahakipare drove his green Kaylan Tulimanu jeep through the gates. With sun already shining bright in the morning sky, Xander found himself a parking spot and stepped out of the car. It felt strange to be back again. The HQ complex seemed quiet, with only a distant sound of a cars driving on the road outside interrupting the morning silence. Having locked his car doors, Xander started walking towards the entrance to the main building. The vacation he had taken after the long WGP2 season had paid off and while it was nice to spend time with wife and kids, Xander felt quite happy to be back and ready to take on whatever tasks might be handed to him now. Looking around, he couldn't help but notice a new structure standing in the complex, roughly 500 meters away from the main building. A large, four stories tall modular house, with shining glass walls on the front end. Last time Xander had been in the HQ, there had been nothing but an empty field with some flag poles. It seems that while he was away, the HQ had been expanded a bit. Wondering what purpose that new building might have, Xander opened the door and stepped into the old main building and walked up to the reception desk. ''Ah, Mr. Mahakipare. Welcome back, Mr. Felan is waiting for you in the conference room upstairs,'' a young woman with long black hair said to him, to which Xander nod and started making his way there.

The door to a conference room was open, Xander could hear Ralph's voice from inside. Having given a quick knock on the door, he looked through the door. ''Yes, absolutely. I greet this decision with open arms, you have a green light to go forward with it. Yup, yup,'' Ralph was walking around the room while talking on the phone. Suddenly, he noticed Xander. ''Yes, absolutely. We'll keep in touch. Good luck!'' Ralph put his phone away and looked at Xander, putting his arms wide open. ''Well well, look at that! If it ain't the man himself! Please, do take a seat,'' Ralph said. The two men took a seat behind the table, facing each other.

''Long time no see! How was your vacation?'' Ralph asked while taking bringing out a cigarette and lighting it up.

''Not bad, spent a lot of time with family.''

''Ah, family,'' Ralph nod, ''family is important. I hope you had a good time with them.''

''Indeed.'' Xander crossed his arms, ''What have you been up to?''

''Business. All business. Expanding the Kaylan brand, as always. Opened a couple of new branches outside Togonistan, been keeping an eye on developments in the motorsports division. You know, all the usual stuff. Speaking of which... I have some news that might interest you.''

Xander raised his eyebrows, ''Such as...?''

With a smirk on his face, Ralph picked up a document laying on the desk in front of him. ''Want to guess what I am holding in my hand right now?''

''Your daughter's drawings?'' Xander asked with a shrug.

Ralph laughed, ''Still the same old Xander. But no... this right here, is a legal document stating that Kaylan Racing Team has secured themselves a license to participate in the upcoming season of WGPC. We have been in talks with the organizers for a past month or so, and it is final. This here, Xander, this is the opportunity we've been looking for. And the board has agreed to grab this opportunity with open arms.''

Xander felt his heart starting to pound in his chest. After their constructors title in WGP2, the rumours had started circulating about Kaylan stepping into WGPC. But, as always, people were talking all sorts of stuff and he was not one to take any random rumours as facts. However, Xander had a hunch something big might be coming when he had received a phone call couple days ago, with him being asked to return to the HQ. ''So... what does that have to do with me? What about the WGP2 team?''

''Since we have the necessary groundwork in form of our previous WGP2 team, the decision was simple. We have shifted all the team's assets into our WGPC endeavours. Right now, they are moving final things into the new building. You must have seen it when you came in, didn't you?''

''I was indeed wondering what was up with that sudden expansion to the HQ.''

''With such a prestigious thing as a WGPC team, we can't keep it cramped in the old building now, can we? The new building will be all for WGPC team and WGPC team only. Nice wide open offices, a separate garage area incorporated into the building... well, you will see it all for yourself. Because, as you might already have figured out by now, that team needs a charismatic and capable leader. With the work you did in WGP2 last season, the board's decision was very simple. They want you to be the Team Principal of Kaylan's new WGPC team. So, what do you say?''

Xander looked at Ralph for a few moments. Was that actually happening right now? It all seemed like a strange dream to Xander. Still, he remained calm and calculated as always. ''I want Manu by my side. And the rest of core membership, if possible.''

Ralph nod, ''You will have free hands to pick your people, just write down a list who you need and I'm sure everything can be organized. The board only has two requests.''

''Such as?''

''One, they want you to keep Ted Pressley in the team. Two, they have set a goal. 8th in the Constructors Championship should be the goal to aim for. There is a lot of talk about TMW making a step up as well and becoming the fresh new force on the grid, especially with Heinz-Otto Junker presumably staying with them. So, naturally, signing Pressley and bringing that Kaylan-TMW rivalry to WGPC would be the best thing to do. You know how marketing works, things like these... it's what people like to see.''

Xander nod, ''I will see what I can do. Is that it? When do I start?''

Ralph smirked and stood up. ''Well, for starters... why don't we go and check out your new office?''

A few days later...

Xander had just lit up a cigar and was sitting in his brand new office. Indeed, his new workspace was spacious. Comfortable leather sofas, big windows with a view at the park next to the HQ, a minibar, big TV, a computer with three monitors and a large chair that was a perfect fit for Xander's large bottom. The office even had his own personal pool table fit into it, even though Xander wasn't much of a player. The past few days had been hectic, to put it softly. Meeting with the team and seeing a lot of old faces again, meeting the representatives of Tushlarkian Beverages to discuss sponsorship details for the upcoming season. Xander had also gotten his first glimpse at the new car prototype out on the test track. At first glance, the new car seemed to be a highly capable machine, with Kaylan's Taika 1 engine wrapped into the new T180 chassis prototype. What was encouraging about it was the fact that it had certainly left quite an impression to Xander. What was discouraging, however, was the fact that Xander as well as most of the engineers had next to no prior experience with WGPC-spec machinery. Xander knew no better than anyone else if what they were working on would become a decent package in comparison to other teams on the grid. The engine seemed powerful indeed. The T180 chassis resembled the old T170 quite heavily, although there were clearly a lot of new aerodynamical components on the new T180 that weren't present on their WGP2 machine. Obviously, Kaylan's engineers had taken what they had previously as the canvas to develop the new chassis and improve it as much as they could (in limits of both knowledge and budget).

Right now, however, Xander was sitting in his office, accompanied by Kaylan's long-time scouting agent Niko Ausage. Indeed, if they were to race in WGPC, they needed someone to drive their cars. Kaylan board's wish was clear, they wanted Ted Pressley. The Tumbran was a championship contender in last season of WGP2 and had established a great chemistry with the team. Also, by signing Pressley, they would hopefully also secure the much-needed additional funding from sponsorship deals with Ashburn Industries and Pressley's other sponsors. Additionally, he was also one of Kaylan's success stories. The young driver making a step up to WGPC with the team that originally gave him a chance in WGP2 was presumably going to bring some great PR.

However, the second seat was still a bit of a question mark and Xander was discussing the potential opportunities with Niko about who to fit in that seat. One of the first candidates proposed by Niko was Sara Luna. The Diarcesian was coming off a 4th-place finish in the last season of WGPC. 4th place in what was her debut season, with a team that were rookies to the grid. With Volkov's fate being in a bit of an unclear stage as the Sorlovian outfit was yet to confirm their participation in the upcoming season, an attempt of luring Luna into Kaylan could turn into her being able to replicate her last season's success. Another candidate was Erica Okumura. According to rumours, her home team Polaris was struggling in some sort of financial troubles and might also be absent from the grid in the upcoming season, which would presumably leave Okumura up for grabs. While perhaps lacking the hype that Luna had, Okumura had a fair amount of WGPC experience under her belt and seemed more likely to accept Kaylan's offer. Dom Falepeau's name popped up as well for a moment... although having a home nation driver in the team might cause some excitement, Falepeau seemed like an unlikely candidate in the bigger picture, with the Togonistani being unlikely to return to the very outfit that had booted her from their driver development program back in the day. All in all, according to Niko, getting a driver with prior WGPC experience to partner Pressley would be an optimal scenario for the team.

However, Xander had an entirely different idea in mind. ''Anola Melani,'' Xander said confidently and puffed a cloud of smoke into the air. Having partnered with Ted in WGP2 last season, Anola had finished the season on 5th place. Over the course of the season, the Chromatik had become known as somewhat of a sprint race specialist, acquiring a number of sprint race wins and being an important piece in the puzzle of securing Kaylan's constructors title. Also, what had impressed Xander about Anola was her knowledge when it came to technical details. The way she was always working with the engineers to find the best setups for the car showed signs of real maturity in Anola, despite her young age. And while Xander had made no mention about it, Anola's efforts when it came to that were not left unnoticed by Xander.

''You are planning to enter the WGPC with two rookies? Xander... this is not WGP2 anymore, you do realise that, right?''

''I know,'' Xander said calmly as he put his cigar out on top of the ashtray, ''but the feedback she gave about the car last season helped us with development a lot. We could do with her help in developing the car before the season starts.''

''So, a development driver. Sure, why not.''

''No... she will help us develop the car, and when the season starts, she will be racing with it.''

''You do understand having two rookies on the team in it's rookie season is a huge gamble, right?''

''I know... but I have faith in her,'' Xander said confidently, ''besides, if it wasn't for her, we wouldn't be here right now in the first place. The least we can do is give her a chance now. Unless,'' Xander looked at Niko in the eyes, ''you want us to lose another young talent from our roster. Kaylan gave up on Falepeau. Kaylan gave up on Fanene. I will not let Kaylan give up on Melani.''

Niko clinched his fists. It was a known fact that when it came to developing young drivers, Kaylan had a history of letting go of drivers early on and regret it later. Fanene was currently making a name of himself in TTRL series, Falepeau had made it to WGPC on his own. Niko had been working in Kaylan's scouting department all this time, so he had an important role in all of this happening over the years. So, Xander's comment had definitely rubbed him from a bad spot. ''I mean, it's your call. I'm just acting as an advisor here.''

''Good,'' Xander nod, ''we will do it my way then.''

From: Xander Mahakipare <>
To: Ted Pressley, Anola Melani
Topic:An opportunity to drive in WGPC


Long time no see! I am writing to you regarding the upcoming season of WGPO racing events. As you might have heard already, Kaylan has been confirmed as a WGPC constructor in the upcoming season. Hence, I would like to personally invite you to our team HQ for a tour around the complex. A lot has changed since the last time you were here. In addition, I would like to offer you an exclusive opportunity to test the prototype of our new WGPC car.

Following the test drive, the team will offer you a contract to drive for Kaylan Racing Team in the upcoming season of WGPC. Attached to this letter are the details about how we can organize the transport to the HQ, as well as additional information about the test drive. Keep in mind that any information in this document is highly confidential and is not meant for sharing with third parties.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Xander Mahakipare
Team Principal of Kaylan Racing Team WGPC branch.

Kaylan Racing Team offers their WGPC race seats to Ted Pressley and Anola Melani
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Postby Tumbra » Sun Oct 03, 2021 12:04 pm

Neverend, Liventia

That stinging feeling of loss. Of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Yes, turn off the car, you've not won the championship. Keep your visor on, they can't be allowed to see your emotions right now. You were leading the championship at the halfway point! How the fuck did it go wrong?


Hmm. Yeah. The double nineteenth in Baker Park. Eleventh in Diarcesia, seventeenth in the Wardship. That'd do one in. Quietly, you try to avoid the reporters, though the distinct red-and-white helmet you've got for this weekend (which also severely clashed with the car) kind of makes it difficult. No interviews, of course; not immediately after following this heartbreak; just back to the garage.

At least you've won the Constructors' Championship. It's good to be part of a team's success, particularly since Kaylan had been struggling beforehand; but there's still a sense you've let the team down. You could have taken it home.

You could've been on the top step of the podium.

You remember the words your father told you in Hessington. One of you is going to get to the top step of the podium at the end of the season.

Make sure it's you.
Make sure it's you.
Make sure it's you.

Forget him. Take your weight, make sure you're not going to get disqualified; don't say anything. Then begin the long walk. For some godforsaken reason they've put the Kaylan garage at the end of the pit straight — when the correct strategy would have been to choose the start of the pit lane, to prevent delays in going in. You can feel the flashes of the camera all around you; you not taking off your helmet after the race is an obvious sign that something's wrong. Maybe it's better to take off your helmet, let the press see —


The walk continues, past the Badai Agnin garage, then the EHF one; reach the garage before letting it all out. Xander's there, Simon's there, Artyom, Rai, everyone. They can offer you support, before you actually have to go out there, and face the world, face defeat with a strong face. Somehow you get the feeling that it'll all be alright. There's the post-season party, after all; and after that, it's back to Tumbra. But you can't go back to Grantfeldt. It's where Dad is; you can't go back there.

And finally, the garage. Xander casts a glance at you, of care; but it's Simon who knows what to do. Of course he does; he's been your race engineer since your first year in WGP3. Had to convince Dad to let him come with you to Kaylan; but you've sworn him to secrecy regarding the decision you've made to not go back to Grantfeldt. Immediately he comes over to you, puts an arm around your shoulder, nods at Xander (more a sign of 'I've got this' rather than 'everything's ok') and you go to the back, talk things out.

The rest? It feels like a blur, of course. Like the start of the season. There's the awards ceremony, a few weeks later; you get your third placed trophy, smile weakly, witheringly, at it; you feel like throwing the fragile bronze trophy onto the stage, shattering the little handles on the cup, breaking the flimsy metal from its stand; showing just what you think of it. But you resist, grit your teeth, and walk off the stage. You know your father's watching. You didn't invite him, but he's definitely watching. You wonder what he thinks.

And that's the end of the season for you.

Couno, Tumbra

Thankfully, you've got friends in high places. A small apartment in Couno's your new home for the off-season, while you work out and make plans for next year. There...there's a lot. You need a new agent, considering that your relationship with your current agent — your father! — has basically ended.

Time flies. Autumn turns into an unusually mild winter. There's still green on the trees as you stroll through them, making your way back to your favourite bench. It overlooks the Couno Harbour Bridge, and the Couno Port Stadium on the opposite bank; the orange light of dawn glints across the statue of a ram they've got outside of the main entrance to the stadium. Kaylan haven't been in touch, nobody has, regarding the upcoming WGPC season; slowly you're making plans to drive for someone else, or, god forbid, return to WGP2. You know that if they make the jump up they'll probably look for experience; but you want to re-pay them for picking you in the first place, after you drove so shittily in the trials last year.

A few days later; Troy Wilkins addresses you through an email. You leave him on read — a dumb decision, you know, but you're still holding out hope that you'll get a seat with Kaylan. But he'll be the one you respond to if the email doesn't come.

But it does.

Your eyes widen as you see the other recipient of the email. Anola. They want you two to work together again, re-join the family, help Kaylan not finish last in their first season in WGPC. It'll be tough — very tough. Somehow you get the feeling the Carvenlo ride will be easier, less bumpy, better for you to get to the top; but Kaylan want you. They remained loyal to you, even as they wish to fly high.

Of course you're going to say yes.

So, first, you type your email; yes, you'd love to go back to Tushlark, and whenever is convenient, and you'd love to drive for them again; and after making sure it's sent, type an apologetic letter to Mr. Wilkins, saying that you are very sorry, but you're accepting an offer from another racing team, but express hope that you two will cross paths again in the future. Oh, and you put in a good word for Janne and Joy, too. That can't hurt.

But slowly, the fire's being stoked again. For the first time in a few months, you feel like there's something to do again. Back to Tushlark; back with Anola and Xander; ready to take on whatever is coming. Twelve races; you've heard a rumour that the circus might come to Tumbra for the first time. To Caduke.

Your home turf.

You're ready for it.

Ted Pressley accepts the offer from Kaylan Racing Team.
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Tropicorp Suppliers and Cocoabo Introduction

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Tropicorp Sets Sights on Continuing Supplier Title Success

Tropicorp Multiversal Campus, Tropicoast, Tropicorp :: Tropicorp have confirmed their continued participation in the World Grand Prix Championship as not only a Tyre Supplier but also an Engine Provider at the constructors level for multiple World Grand Prix outfits. Tropicorp Engineering will provide the power source for two grand prix outfits for the 19th World Grand Prix Championship season having already completed agreements with Tropicorp Racing Ælund and iBen Toralmintii's Race Eelandii Vilita & Turori World Grand Prix Motorworks. Tropicorp Engineering have also expressed an interest in becoming the Official Spec Engine provided for the World Grand Prix Championships and the World Grand Prix 2 circuit.

Tropicorp will also continue to offer its tyres through its Tropicorp Racing Supply brand. Tropicorp engineers have developed a durable distance variant, a short run soft and fast variant as well as an intermediate and "Storm" variant. The 'Storm' variant is a new derivative of the Tropicorp Racing Supply Tyre line and may represent a crossover into the personnel transport market through the "Storm" branding which replaces the Sifaka wordmark on the wet tyres only.

Tropicorp is a quasi-governmental corporation created to conduct Research, Development and Production activities primarily on behalf of the Tropics of Vilita. One of the byproducts of Tropicorp's development in a remote location on the mainland has been the removal of native and wild tree species to make way for development space. Tropicorp engineers discovered a dense grove of local rubber trees.

Tropicorp Engineering developed their customized local rubber solutions to create high performance racing tyres for testing purposes. After the tests proved successful, It wasn't long before the tooling was done and Racing Tyres were popping out on an hourly basis from the workshop and Tropicorp Racing Supply was born. Everything on Tropicorp Racing Supply's standard product line from Crew Uniforms to Composite-Material suspension parts will be on offer. - even the potential for advanced product opportunities through Tropicorp Engineering to include Chassis and Hybrid Power systems.

Tropicorp Racing Supply has long been in the business of creating high-quality motorsports tyres but saw a resurgence on the World Grand Prix circuit when they became the official Tyre Supplier for Tropicorp Racing Aelund midway through the World Grand Prix's 16th season after the team struggled to find its form on its debut. When the Unique Tropicorp Rubber was introduced, however, the teams fortunes improved and interest in the Tropicorp Sifaka tyres increased with many orders for sample and small quantity levels of product over the offseason. Tropicorp became the largest Tyres supplier in the WGPC during its 17th season and were the runaway winners of the WGPC17 Supplier Performance Award which recognized the top performing Tyre Supplier of the season.

Tropicorp repeated this performance during WGPC Season 18, repeating as Supplier Performance champions for the second straight season. Now, Tropicorp look to position themselves as one of the officially sanctioned Tire Suppliers for WGPC Season 19 as they look to make it three straight seasons as top supplier on circuit.

WGPC18 Tyre Supplier Performance Standings


[1] - 194 :: Tropicorp Racing Supply

[2] - 93 :: InMotion

[3] - 66 :: Deyoze

[4] - 62 :: Solymok

Tropicorp Racing Supply secured the top spot in the Supplier Performance Standings during WGPC Season 19 with two races to go in the season marking the second consecutive season where Tropicorp earned a Supplier Performance victory of greater than 100 points. During WGPC Season 17, Tropicorp Racing Supply finished atop the standings with Petrovi, Brutus InMotion, Solymok and Pire Eleven rounding out the Top 5. Petrovi Tires and Pire Eleven did not return for WGPC Season 18 while Deyoze Tires from Hodori did participate as the total number of Tire Suppliers was reduced to four.

Tropicorp Racing Supply remain available to become Tyre Supplier for any World Grand Prix Championship Season 18 teams, offering the most balance Tyre on the market with both the Tropicorp Sifaka and Storm variant tyres. The Tropicorp Racing Supply team will be on hand with spare lots of tyres at each of the official WGPC Pre-Season testing events and tyres may be purchased directly for use in those events without any pre-reservations.

Cocoabo #23 Looking to Continue WGPC Career


"Fast Cocoabo" was an ever-present through the first three seasons WGP2 circuit including being the Runner-Up during the inaugural season of WGP2 competition. After being agonizingly defeated at the Inaugural Cocoabo Preservation Grand Prix by Vannish Motors Racing driver Jang Xiopeng, Cocoabo #23 returned a stronger, smarter, faster Cocoabo. Many blamed Fast Cocoabo's defeat on home turf during WGP2 Season 1 to poor pit strategy and not on driving talent. Still, on track, the Cocoabo showed improvements across the board. From the moment the lights went out on the grid, Cocoabo #23 was on a rail never to be challenged. The Orange an Blue Tropicorp machine led the field from start the finish taking the checkers nearly a minute ahead of the nearest competitor to become the first Cocoabo to win an officially sanctioned multiversal event within the Cocoabo Forest.

Cocoabo #23 brings funding from a variety of sponsors including The Cocoabo Enrichment & Enhancement Consortium including the Cocoabo Park Resort and Tropicorp Natural Service. 'Fast Cocoabo' completed their first full season of World Grand Prix Championship competition during the WGPC's 18th season and finished 15th in the 28 driver point standings. Cocoabo #23 consistently out-performed their Teammate at Fireline Motorsports. While Cocoabo #23 was unable to secure a first ever podium finish in the Top Tier of World Grand Prix competition they still managed to place the under-funded Fireline Motorsports machine into the Top Ten in 4 of the 11 races. By comparison, former WGPC Drivers Championship Runner-Up Jean Mercer-Daly, a race winner for Nexus Racing during WGPC Season 18, only accumulated 3 Top Ten finishes. With Fireline Motorsports not returning to the WGPC Grid for Season 19 as they work on a potential partnership with a Lisanderian outfit, Cocoabo #23 is a free agent and officials from the Cocoabo Enrichment and Enhancement Project are willing to support Test Drives for Cocoabo #23 with any WGPC or WGP2 team that may be interested in the services of their driver.
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Back To Business


Here, in this sizeable city known as Emmerich, is a building. In this building, there is a room - and in this room is none other than Dario Nülkeschläger. Once a humble guy with a dream of driving fast, now a WGPC podium finisher and a WSRC race winner. And yet here he was, sitting at his kitchen table, mindlessly eating his typical Leberkäsebrotchen and scrolling through social media without so much as a care in the world. After all, what was he to do? WGPC had finished a while back, and WSRC was also very much over - and he wouldn’t be surprised if HMG-Rallye would rather he stayed as far away from them as possible than risk racing for them again, considering how many times the car simply failed to finish rallies. It looked as if Dario would have absolutely nothing to do for the foreseeable future - that was, until he received a notification on his phone.

To: dnülke@hülkenbergmail.hü + 10
Subject: Carvenlo Racing trials

“Flippin’ heck,” thought Dario. “That’s a bit of a surprise, eh? An email has arrived in my inbox, at this time in the morning? Radical.” He took another bite of his breakfast, thinking very little about the contents of the email, and more about the contents of his sandwich. ”Mmmmmm, Leberkäse.”




”Wait a bloody minute…” Dario said, checking the notification again. ”Carvenlo? This can’t be from who I’m thinking of, can it?” He opened the email. It was, in fact, from who he was thinking of. Almost immediately, he began thinking of a reply.

From: dnülke@hülkenbergmail.hü
Subject: Re: Carvenlo Racing trials


Greetings to you as well! It’s lovely to hear of the return of the Carvenlo name to WGPC, as well as your appointment as team principal (congratulations on that, by the way) of Carvenlo Liventia Airways Racing.

It was brilliant working with the guys from Carvenlo last season (albeit, under a different name), so I’m delighted to hear that you guys will be back - and hopefully, better than ever. Nevertheless, I’d love to attend your closed trials, so you can absolutely count on me being at the Talbott Autodrome. See you there!

Many thanks,
Dario Nülkeschlager
(former) WGPC and WSRC Driver

He finished typing up the email, and sent his response back to Troy. He felt a buzz of excitement as he did so - the off-season was coming to an end, and if he played his cards right, he’d be back on the grid once again. Before he could even think of being back on the grid, however, he’d have to turn up to the trial itself, and that would involve getting flights to Liventia - so naturally, he phoned the one person he knew who could get him quick flights.

*brrrrring brrrrring*

*brrrring brrrrring*

“Hey, Dario!”

“Hiya, dad. I was just won-“

“How’ve you been? It’s been a while since I last spoke to you, especially with me being so busy and all.”

“I’ve been great, to be honest. I mean, today’s been especially great, since I just got an email from someone.”

“What’s so special about an email? I get emails every day!”

“Do you get emails from Carvenlo Liventia Airways Racing every day?”

“Wait wait wait wait wait, Carvenlo?!”

“Yep, Carvenlo. I’ve been offered a trial, and I need to get over there pretty quickly.”

“Well, why didn’t you say so? I could get you flights right now if you wanted!”

“If you could, that would be brilliant. After all, it’s not every day that you get such a good opportunity arriving in your inbox, eh?”

“How good of an opportunity is it? Is it just you at this trial of theirs or are there going to be loads of other drivers?”

“I mean, erm-“

“There’s loads of them, isn’t there.”


“How many?”

“Well, the email was sent to me AND another ten people, so that’ll give you an indication as to how many people are being given the same chance as me.”

“Huh… I guess it’s still a great opportunity - but you’ve gotta put your mind to it when it comes to these trials. You fuck ‘em up, your chance at a seat there is gone with the wind, and you end up back home, jobless and penniless.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get that.”

“As long as you do, Dario. Anyhow, I’ve booked your flight - so make sure you grab this chance by the horns.”

“Will do, dad.”

“Heh, alrighty then. Enjoy the trip!”

“Will do, bye!”

With the trials happening and the flights booked, it was time for Dario to pack his bags and get ready for what was possibly the biggest break of his career. His season with Motorworks had certainly put his name out there, as had his win in WSRC, but a chance to drive for one of the greatest names in the sport was certainly much more likely to boost his reputation.

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(OOC Note: Driver lineup was finalized near the end of WGPC 18, back in December, and confirmed earlier this year via DM.)

We here at Preston Automobile Company are proud to introduce the all-new Preston PGP-02, our car for the upcoming 19th season of the World Grand Prix Championship. Powered by our Preston Skychief V6 stock-block engine, and driven by Hapilopper City’s Rudy Edwards and Abanhfleft’s William Archer, we have all the confidence in the world in our effort for this season, and we are looking forward to the upcoming season.
With this package, we feel there is no other place for us but the front of the WGPC grid. We hope to see you there.


The Preston PGP-02 is not an evolution of the PGP-01, but rather a revolution. Very few parts from the PGP-01 were brought over to the new PGP-02, which includes a new aero package that should help the car cut through the air with ease, and help it handle the many corners around the World Grand Prix Championship’s circuits quicker than anyone else on the grid.

Included with the car is a new evolution of the car’s drag reduction system, which allows a rear wing to pop up and provide our drivers with that much more speed in the event of closely following another car. The car automatically detects another car ahead of him, flips up the DRS, and picks up speed as it closes in and blows past the car in front. Redesigned to be more stable in the aftermath of Rudy Edwards’ crash in qualifying for the Liventian Grand Prix, tests have determined that the DRS system is more reliable and less prone to breakage than it was this time last year.

Also this year, Preston is experimenting with a front wing version of the DRS, which allows the front wings to drop down on the main straight in order to help provide our drivers with that little extra speed as they work to get by the driver in front of them. We hope this double-DRS system will help our drivers as they work their way to the front of the grid every race weekend.

Our drivers can take solace in the fact that they drive one of the safest cars constructed in the entire multiverse. The PGP-02 is built to the strict standards that the WGPO requires of all cars sanctioned in the series, including the lifesaving “Halo” cockpit device, which can protect a driver from all forms of intrusions into the cockpit, covering everything from small debris to an armco barrier.


So, what powers the Preston? Is it an intricate series of neural networks that connect with the human mind? No. Is it an ultra-expensive thoroughbred racing engine? No way. Is it based off the same engine that powers some of our passenger cars? Hell yeah. The Preston Skychief V6 engine is a 3.43 liter, 209-cubic inch, stock-block engine that we expect will produce, at 55 inches of boost, close to 1,000 horsepower.

The engine was originally produced for the Hapilopper Championship Series’ main race, the Hapilopper City 500, where stock block engines are encouraged in an effort to cut costs. However, Preston saw the stock-block V6 as an opportunity to prove a point in the world’s most advanced form of motorsport in the multiverse. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to be successful. You don’t need to break the bank to be successful.

The Skychief V6 costs around a third of other top-level engines in the World Grand Prix Championship and produces all of the power. With Rudy Edwards and William Archer at the wheel last year, it won the Nekoni Grand Prix, finished third in the World Driver’s Championship with Edwards and 4th in the World Constructors Championship. This car truly packs a punch.



#5 - RUDY EDWARDS : “Hapilopper’s Great Grand Prix Hope”
Rudy Edwards, a native of Hapilopper City, is a 24-year old entering his second season in the World Grand Prix Championship. Possibly the rookie of the year last year, Edwards was best in class a year ago – third behind the super team of Terho Talvela and iBen Toralmintii. This year, though, Edwards hopes to improve on those spots. Edwards has spent his career in single seaters, seemingly competing in the background in the Hapilopper Championship Series, winning the HCS championship in 2021. The future still looks bright for Rudy Edwards, and many suggest he is a future World Grand Prix Champion.


#8 - WILLIAM ARCHER : “The man who saved Preston Autos”
William Archer, from Abanhfleft, is considered by many to be “the man who saved Preston Autos,” for his crucial victories for Preston Autos in two non-championship Grands Prix last year. The victories most likely put Preston Autos on a run of momentum that moved them up the Constructor’s Standings, got Preston their maiden Grand Prix victory in Nekoni, and convinced Preston bosses to not pull the plug on the team. In other words, many believe Preston Autos Grand Prix Racing exists today because of William Archer. With that in mind, Marty Lewis, the team principal of Preston Autos, felt the team had to keep Archer, the son of the controversial NSSCRA driver (and this year’s winner of the Super Skychief 500) Guillermo Archer.

With all of those parts in place, we're convinced that our rivals on the race track will see a LOT of THIS when the season gets going.
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Badai Angin Tim Motorsport Headquarters
Yogyakulta, Filindostan
1 month until the new season

The new management of Badai Angin Tim Motorsport has a lot to do on their hands in the upcoming season.

With new ownership and an enormous incoming cash flow from Hispino investors, the team replaced the technical management in the offseason, and did not retain their talismanic Mattijanan driver in Alex Dimitrianov. In the management department, out goes Rudolf Ibuna and Bryant Gambal, and their crew, whose Ibuna-Gambal Racing (IGR) entity will solely focus on domestic motorsport. This also meant that IGR would cease operating as Badai Angin's junior team in WGP2, and that rein would be taken over by Monghit Motorsport operating the entity once known as Equipo Telebuenas - Badai Angin (ETBA) for season 4 of the second tier of WGPO racing.

That arrangement did not last long though, as midway into the season, the team struggled at the foot of the teams' championship, and it was decided that the motorsports division of the Filindo automotive company would close down their WGP2 operations at the end of the season and sell the assets to an Ajian investment company made from four of their carmakers, and subtlety named ANMARA. They have struck a deal with Badai Angin though, with their academy drivers being signed to the team, with the classic Badai Angin livery for the season in case they sign drivers part of the academy.

Tauro Volante Vilches, a well-known and respected Hispino team principal in the domestic karting series, has been tapped to take the reins of the team, with his sidekick Pamelita Salinas Ortego would be the technical director, having worked with the national championship's lower formula series. The two were present in Badai Angin's last two races the previous season for a job shadow. Volante and Salinas liked what they observed and are confident on taking the team forward, having lofty ambitions of taking the constructors' title away from Tropicorp Racing Aelund, which have won the previous two WGPC Constructors' championship. They also have high expectations taken upon them as they keep the team in the top 3 in the constructors' championship, with the team barely getting it last season after Dimitrianov won his home race in his final outing with the team.

In the drivers' department, there will be a large gap to fill by Filindo driver Rustom Ibuna. With Dimitrianov out of the team at the end of last season, Rustom Ibuna will be retained by the team and will be the lead driver, while they are searching for a second driver who can push their Rusty to his limits and push each other atop the drivers' championship. With the new season approaching and teams have been informed they can assign an official test driver, Badai Angin were among the first to respond, and put Alvis Kalvin Lacsamana as their official test driver, as a reward for winning the WGP3 Filindostan last season, and with Rod Gozum's departure to stock cars.

Going back to the second driver seat, Tauro and Pamelita discussed a shortlist of drivers who can take the second spot for the team. Both would agree that their primary choice is the free agent who was the highest-placed driver in the championship last season, Sara Luna, although they have a shortlist of drivers to offer the second spot with in case she decides to accept other teams' offers. Below is their email:

To: Sara Luna
From: Tauro Volante
Team Principal, Badai Angin Tim Motorsport
CC: Pamelita Salinas, Rustom Ibuna
Subject: Badai Angin Tim driver offer



This is Tauro Volante, representing Badai Angin Tim Motorsport, second runners-up in the last World Grand Prix Championship season.

We were impressed with your stint at Volkov Racing the previous season, finishing fourth as a rookie in the drivers' championship. We would like to officially offer you the second spot in the team, with the contract details attached in this email. I am inviting you to take part on a private test with this year's car to help you decide whether the accept the offer or reconsider it.

We hope for your response soon. Should you have any queries, please feel free to respond in this email or get in touch with me via social messaging apps.

Tauro sent the email and hoped for the best. He would have backup plans if they need to find another driver.
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September 20th
Somewhere in Tyttebærsby, Aboveland

Terho's phone, sitting on a pile of damp leaves, blares the suave beats through its stereo speakers, at a volume straddling the line between audible and tinny. Beyond his deck and past the serene rolling hills of his hometown, the sun teases the mountains' outline and tints the sky a pale peachy color. Streaks of fluffy white stain the sky, framed from below by the central Abovian sierras and above by an ominous, darkening top bun of heavy, overcast clouds. The omnipresent low-frequency hum of the pump driving the water jets of his hot tub—sometimes cutting off for a moment and punching back into action with a particularly violent jab—adds to the timeless, trance-like nature of the scene. Lethargically, the Abovian lifts his nearly-submerged body up from the bottom of the tub, the water now lapping against his scraggly, unkempt strands of chest hair, and reaches to his right for the bowl of yellow cherries he'd brought with him. His move is clumsy, however, and he knocks the bowl off of the edge of the tub; it spins in the air enough to hit the cedar floor at an awkward enough angle not to shatter, but to bounce and tumble clear of the deck into the ravine below.

Ahh, retirement. It's... just okay. He sniffles as the valley breeze picks up into a gust and a handful of pine strands waft into the water. A distant crash confirms the fate of his ceramic bowl.

Despite the offseason having been much shorter than in previous years, Edvin had still decided to space out the development of AGP004, if only to really take a good hard look at the car and find something to change. In reality, AGP003 was essentially the same car as AGP002; perhaps even more attuned to his and iBen’s driving styles, and sans the overly complicated and often maligned intelligent active aerodynamics in favor of a rudimentary power-on power-off system. Even then, it had still managed to defend its teams’ title with as much brute force as the year before: there was simply no incentive for Edvin and Aada to explore the addition of anything else: neither energy recovery, nor electric boosts, not even a major tweak to the aero. Development for AGP004, then, was predictably calm and well-oriented, and in just a few months the car—an evolution of an evolution, now simply a little lighter, and a number of extremely technical tidbits tweaked across the chassis—was ready for taking to the first pre-season test, almost a month ahead of schedule. Terho—based out of his Iskajärvi flat—had obviously been elemental in its development, but he decided to retreat to his Tyttebærsby lodge before the arrival of a creeping doubt of whether his retirement had been premature or not. As things stood then, his job was done—for good.

But maybe… that sinking feeling did have a point. He takes a deep breath and reaches out again for the bowl of cherries, his hand scanning the vicinity of the far edge of the tub to no avail. Just maybe… his retirement had been premature. Did he really want to live out his days away from the adrenaline of hurling at a wall at 350 kilometers an hour in a hot tub in the middle of nowhere?

He doesn’t quite manage to answer his own rhetorical question in time before the music on his phone cuts off to allow his dumb steelpan ringtone through. It sounds for just an instant, however, stopping abruptly before he can reach out of the tub with his dripping wet hands, but starts to ring again before the music can resume. He lurches halfway out of the tub to reach over the edge, folding himself over its sharp vertical planks and softly muttering an expletive, and doesn’t bother to check the caller ID.

“Hello?” he croaks; evidently, weeks in solace away from civilization had gathered gunk on his vocal chords.

Hei!” replies the animated voice on the other end. “It’s Antti! It’s been a while.”

Terho frowns.

“I need to see you in Kylmajärvi. As soon as you can, if that’s okay.”

September 30th
Tropicorp Racing Ælund Headquarters, Toralmintii-Lintulahti International Circuit
Lintulahti, Aboveland

“Finally!” exclaims Edvin, speed walking into his office overlooking the bay with a skip in his step. He lifts his document folder a little before slamming the stack of papers down onto his desk with a loud thud. “Time for my favorite part of the off season, and I’m so excited I won’t even be asking what took you so long to get here.”

“Pretending we’re going to pick someone other than iBen?” a bearded, sweatpants-donned Terho replies, grinning, coffee in hand. He’s decided strategically to ignore the backhandedness of his friend’s hissing remark.

“Yes!” Edvin grins with a quick nod. “Except we’re actually picking someone this time. I’ve extended the contract offer to iBen again, as usual, but only for this year. He was really on the fence about continuing at all.”

Terho agrees. He clears his throat to fill in the pause without uttering a word. It’s a little awkward that iBen didn’t follow through with his retirement plans: not for the Turorian, but for himself. He’d done well enough in suppressing the intrusive thoughts of whether he’d looked bad or not for his decision to keep it from becoming an issue, but anything that triggers a twinge of doubt about his career choice always manages to make his heart race.

“Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?” Terho nods back. Yes, please. Rolling back his sleeves—more so for dramatic effect than anything else—Edvin turns the cover of his folder and pulls out the first slip of paper tucked inside.

“Where’s your tablet?” Terho asks, but his question falls upon deaf ears.

Sara Luna,” Edvin begins. The piece of paper wafts slowly onto the glass desk, and he pushes it towards Terho with the tips of his fingers. He rests his elbows on the glass and perches his head on his fists. Terho shrugs, and they exchange frowns.

“Obviously your next driver,” blurts Terho with a juvenile ‘duh’ shake of the head. “Solidly best of the rest last season.”

The team principal curls his lips inward, holding his mouth shut with his fingers. A discontent tongue is clicked at his drawn out theatrics from the opposite side of the desk. “Think—” he waves his hands around each other in a ferris-wheel motion, “—towards the future. Because you’re right… but if we’re looking for the old—er, seasoned—wise driver, we’ve got that—and outright pace—in iBen.”

Terho sighs, weary. “You’re thinking of some random bullshit signing again, aren’t you. Like, a rookie.”

“Shave that beard off, old man,” he snaps back. “Don’t be grumpy; we need a Janne, and Nexus Racing, apparently, won’t budge. Which also rules out Olivia Stone. An eye for an eye; dicks.”

Terho chokes suddenly, with a frown of offense and disbelief overcoming his face, his coughing fit preventing him from objecting emphatically to his accusations.

“So… I have some others in mind!” chirps Edvin, oblivious to the reaction to his comment. He taps his tongue and sifts through the folder to pull out an almost blank, less detailed slip. Only a few names remain intact, with various crossed out in quick slashes of permanent marker. “Here: Anola Melani, Joy Wingelaar, and Dom Falpeau… in that order.” Terho purses his lips. “Striving for some variety too, which means no Vilitans or Turorians. If iBen had gone, that would have been Vialiv’s turn.”

Terho scratches his head, but shifts in his seat to lean over the list of names. Scribbled up on the side, Daryl Mizushima, alongside a so-called Aaron Deering.

“Oh, yeah, and there was an e-mail from Mizushima, and somebody called Aaron Deering.” Terho looks up from the page and locks eyes with Edvin; both of them give each other a mutually understanding shake of the head. The latter, however, softens up. “You were a rookie once,” he reminds him. “But yeah… I’m not in that much of a silly mood.”

After a few moments of silent contemplation and crunchy beard stroking, Terho mutters, his gaze still affixed to the names on the page.

“You know,” he begins. “We didn’t win two championships on the trot with”—he brings his hands up from under the table to implement air-quotes — “a ‘one for pace, one for consistency’ lineup.”

Edvin swats away the ponderation. “You and iBen defined a generation together. I’m leaving that in the past. I can’t hold my expectations that high anymore; whatever happens this season, it’s gonna be tougher than before.”

Terho still keeps his head low, now cocking it to one side and slapping his hand against the desk. “But if you really want to have some fun… I’d take a look at Sayono Souzare or Erica Okumura too. Both, likely, out of a drive this season.”

There’s a pause, along with some gentle nodding from Edvin, before he speaks back. “Okay then… so there are options, right now.” He pauses. “Okay, tell you what; it’s a long shot anyway, but I’ll send Anola Melani an offer for TRÆ’ second seat right away. Rumor has it she’s not even thinking about leaving the team that gave her her big break, but just maybe an offer from a triple-championship team will make the offer sweet enough. Worth a shot, either way.”

“And then?”

“No tryouts, that’s for sure. I think I’ll be waiting a few days, perhaps shooting some offers after however—to my knowledge, at least—the other scheduled tryouts go.”

“Tryouts are a bore,” agrees Terho.

“I’ll need some extra time to think then,” Edvin admits. “Sara Luna…”

Some silent time passes with a supportive nod from Terho, before the other’s shoulders drop, and his eyes turn melancholy. “I’ve missed you these past few weeks,” he blurts suddenly, pushing his new clear-rimmed glasses further up on the bridge of his nose. “I’m still trying to cope with it, frankly”

Terho counters defensively. “With what?” They both give hard, dry swallows which echo across the office.

He begins with a deep breath. “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—”.

“Oh cry me a river,” Terho scoffs, ready to cut him off. He pulls on the sleeves of his t-shirt, which have ridden up against his armpits—ready to reveal his first symptom of being put in the hot seat. “TRÆ today isn’t TRÆ in WGPC16. That dumb… quasi-spiritual belief of yours is bullshit.”

Edvin shifts in his seat, clearly uncomfortable, but he’s the one to cut him off next. “I want you to stay with the team anyway, Terho.” They stare at each other. “It’s not… just about the winning-together-or-not-at-all thing. You’re a triple world champion: that’s valuable as hell.” He takes a sip of Terho’s coffee, reaching across the desk for his paper cup. “You’ll be our sporting director, whether you like it or not.”

“And where does that leave you?” Terho insists.

“Team principal, of course,” Edvin replies, rolling his eyes. “Look, it’s gonna be like a ceremonial role. But you’ll help out with setups and shit, and maybe put on a pretty face for the media. More like a spokesperson than something… actually useful.”

“So, PR-man?”

Edvin clicks his tongue. “Not quite,” he says with a shrug, indicating it’s yes quite.

There’s a long pause, and Terho stris in his seat. The two have been a pair for far too long and the subtleties of each others’ demeanors were plain to see to either of them. “You’re hiding something,” Edvin accuses to break the silence, raising a finger and perching his elbow on the face of Sara Luna. “Spill.” He wiggles his finger intensely. Terho grimaces.

“Well, uh…” he begins. “You know how I pushed this meeting to today? I, uh, got a call…”

October 3rd
Janne’s loft
Iskajärvi, Aboveland


Janne sighs, turning from his side to lay on his back, his hot, damp hair curling in on itself. The sizzle of the rocks announce the imminent densification of the hanging air. Through the ventilation slits against the roof, the orange glow of the afternoon sun slices into the dense fog, the water droplets—larger than their name suggests—swirling with the convection current above the stove. The analog thermometer above the burner reads… something; it’s overcome with condensation, inside and out. A row of gentle fingers, from index to pinkie, run—slide, on his slimy perspiration—across his forehead, tucking his golden hair behind his ear. The hand runs three more times before falling peacefully across his cheek knuckle first, down his neck, past his clavicle, and resting its palm on his chest. He takes a deep breath with a warm, melancholy smile, pushing the hand down on his body and closer to his heart. His pulse quickens.


“I’m going to miss you a lot,” he mutters, almost pouting, and tightening his grip on the hand.

“Me too,” Sami replies, sitting up against the back of the wooden sauna bench, Janne’s head resting on his only towel-draped thigh. His hand runs back up from Janne’s chest back up, palm first. His fingers curl around the girthy, throbbing contour of his neck, only following its shape, not applying any pressure. He sighs back, joining Janne in his sinking feeling—but what for Janne is the fear of anticipation, for him it’s also the weight of guilt. “I would have had to go too, anyway, so don’t feel bad.”

Janne rubs his thumb against Sami’s veiny forearm. “No, I don’t… I just hate this.”

“Going to the, uh… Wardship?”

“No, just being apart for so long,” he replies. “And, well, not the Wardship—it’s really nice. Just, not knowing what’s coming up next.”

There’s a moment of serene silence.


Unprompted, Janne continues, as Sami returns to stroke his hair back behind his ears. They stare at each other for a moment, the former’s pupils dilating, the latter puckering his lips and caressing the other’s chin. “Bringing Terho on board was a great idea from Antti.” Suddenly, he’s excitable. “We got an offer from this really important Liventian team.”

The Olympic speed-skater grins, mostly out of having been able to recognize something that Janne told him about WGPC for once. “Who?”

Carvenlo Racing. I’ve been invited to a tryout, so obviously Terho confirmed I’d be going.” He shuffles himself up to rest his head deeper in Sami’s lap, straying it off of his boyfriend’s thigh towel in the process. They exchange a look, but Janne’s not about to let himself be interrupted while dropping such news. “They’re six time team’s champions. It’s a huge deal…” His hands loosen up and join in to accompany his words. “And even though Nexus just wants to loan me out until next season… I still want a shot at the championship.”

There’s a pause, as Sami’s hands rest back again on Janne’s chest.

“But yeah, I’m leaving for Liventia tomorrow.” His face morphs back into sadness. “I don’t know when I’ll be back; if I’m getting the seat or going off on another seat hunt. I have to weigh my options too.”

The Pysyväräntän athlete nods compassionately. “I don’t want to not see you all season,” Janne pleads, his eyes glassy, his ocean blue gaze doe-like and irresistible.

Sami shuffles towards Janne to rest his head firmly on his near-bare lap, his own, longer hair forming a canopy over Janne’s face. A drop of his own sweat collects between his eyebrows and falls into Janne’s eye. He chuckles, interrupted by a swift peck. “No matter what, we’ll go to the first race together,” he promises, leaning in for another peck and lingering to kiss his cheek before pulling away.

“Okay,” whispers Janne, staring harder. Both their heartbeats are audible now; Janne reaches up to cup his hands around the back of Sami’s head, and running his fingers up his damp scalp he pulls him in closer. His own towel, wrapped loosely around his waist, peels sultrily off the side of the bench.


In summary:
  • TRÆ offers iBen Toralmintii and Anola Melani a seat, expresses interest in Sara Luna, Joy Wingelaar, Dom Falpeau, Sayono Souzare and Erica Okumura
  • Janne Laukkanen accepts Carvenlo Racing's test invitation

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