[Motorsports] WGPC (19) / WGP2 (5) :: Signup Thread

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[Motorsports] WGPC (19) / WGP2 (5) :: Signup Thread

Postby WGP2 » Fri Sep 24, 2021 10:35 pm


This is a Motorsports / Auto Racing RP Signup Thread. This is the signup thread for the World Grand Prix Championships and the World Grand Prix 2 which will be run concurrently for the first time on NS. This is the official NS Sports version of Formula 1 and Formula 2 Racing.

New users are encouraged to signup a driver and compete for a seat with a WGPC or WGP2 team.Signups must be placed in this thread to be recognized as valid for WGPC Season 19 and WGP2 Season 5. After signing up, users are encouraged to add their drivers, teams and circuits to the WGPC/WGP2 Signup Tracker on Google Sheets. While some teams may have indications for planning purposes as to what drivers they want to sign from participation in prior seasons, all connections must be confirmed via the RP Thread to become official.

Note: If you are considering whether WGPC or WGP2 is right for you, don't worry you don't have to make that decision now as Driver Signups are valid for both series. It should be noted that the Max RP will have a lower cap at the WGP2 level than the WGPC level which may result in a lower "RP burden" for WGP2 only participants, but otherwise, Raw RP contributions to both WGPC and WGP2 will be factored equally to each series.

Key References ::

Key Signup Milestones ::
  • [1 October] - Recommended Signup Date.
    After this point Teams will begin signing Drivers, the Schedule will be in the process of finalizing and Teams will be getting confirmed.
  • [9 October] - (Estimated) - First Official Pre-Season Event(s)
    Note: Drivers may signup at any point. Team, Circuit and Supplier signups will close on or before 9 October as all spots in these areas are filled.

Driver signups will be for both WGPC & WGP2. There is no limit to the number of drivers who may be entered however each nation may have no more than two drivers in a single WGPC/WGP2 series and no single user may occupy more than 4 total driver slots across all WGPC/WGP2 competition regardless of nationality of the driver. Users have the option of designating a driver as open to either WGPC/WGP2 or as WGPC Only / WGP2 Only. WGPC Teams may opt to designate an official test driver who would not be precluded from participating in concurrent WGP2/Regional events. There will be no designated test driver for WGP2 Teams.

Drivers sign up to teams via roleplay in the RP thread, which will be created soon. The more RPing you do with your driver, the higher your RP bonus. The higher your RP bonus, the more likely a team is to sign your driver and the faster your driver is likely to be on the circuit.

DRIVER SIGN UPS: fill in the following information in a post. All drivers will be free agents at the start of the season until signed by a team.
Driver Name:
Name Trigram:
Nationality Trigram:
Preferred Car Number:
Second Choice Car Number:
Reliability (Between 2 and 5):
Aggression (Between 2 and 5):
Technique (Between 2 and 5):
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series:
Driver's bio:

Drivers do not need to be human, but should be humanoid or otherwise capable of driving a race car.
DRIVER NAME is the full name of the driver.

NAME TRIGRAM is the trigram that usually represents the driver's surname. A trigram is a set of three letters that represent a larger word. For example, a driver named Terho Talvela's could have a trigram of 'TAL' or 'TLV', but probably not 'TTA' or 'TER' because both of those examples use letters from the driver's first name. It's the surname which is important.

NATIONALITY TRIGRAM should be the trigram for your nation. It should be three letters. This is NOT the trigram for the driver's name.

PREFERRED CAR NUMBER is your driver's preferred car number. This can be any number between 3 and 99, as well as 0. 1 and 2 are reserved for the current WGPC & WGP2 team champions, if they choose to use those numbers.

SECOND CHOICE CAR NUMBER is your second choice for your driver’s car number. In the event that two drivers choose the same number, the season host will assign car numbers.

RELIABILITY, AGGRESSION and TECHNIQUE: Aggressive drivers are better at overtaking, while technical drivers are better at traversing the multiverse's more difficult circuits. Each attribute should be given a numerical number between 2 and 5 and the three ratings must add up to a maximum of twelve.

PREFERRED SERIES: (WGPC/WGP2/Test Driver/Other - Choose All that Apply)

BIO is a short biography of your driver. His/her/its age, experience, hopes and aspirations, driving style, favourite sandwich, whether they are colour-blind - things like that.


Each user who has previously participated in the WGPC or WGP2 may submit a maximum of Four Grand Prix circuits (Inclusive of Puppets). New users may submit a maximum of two circuits. Circuits should be listed in priority order (from the user perspective) though it should be noted that WGPC schedule balance will be of higher priority than the individual user priority (So Don't submit a Track you wouldn't want selected!) Submitting a circuit is not a guarantee that it will be used in the upcoming season. Spare circuits may be used for pre-season or special events. Users may indicate a preference of series that a circuit should be selected for which may either increase or decrease the chance of it being selected depending on overall numbers. Note that one circuit will be selected for a combination Pre-Season Test / iRoS Round 1 Race Event. If you are interested in this event in lieu of a Race Event for your circuit this may be noted in your signups or RP.

It is customary to provide an image of your circuit (no larger than 900 x 900 pixels, of course). Circuits with no image will not be considered for selection. Ovals and real-life circuits will not be considered for selection.
Circuit Name:
Race Name:
Track Image:
Lap Record (WGPC Car)(seconds):
Track Length (km):
Qualifying Type (Traditional or One-Shot):
Chance of rain (1%-20%):
Track aggressiveness (1-10):
Track technicality (1-10):
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult):
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous):
Preferred Series: (WGPC / WGP2 / Test / iROS)

CIRCUIT NAME is the name of the track, e.g. Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, Monza, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, or Spa-Francorchamps. You don't have to use a full name.

RACE NAME is the name of the race, e.g. Grand Prix d'Île Saint-Joseph, WGP2 Race of the Hills, Nimban Deuxième Prix, or any local name

TRACK IMAGE is a link to an image of the track, hosted externally on photobucket or imgur or a similar service. Signups with no track image will be invalid.
Note: In order to be considered for WGPC, a Track must have a unique layout (IE: Not an image of a real life circuit)

LAP RECORD is the fastest lap recorded on the circuit in a WGPC (F1)-spec car. Please note that this lap time should be that set in a top-spec car, not a WGP2 car.

TRACK LENGTH is the length of one lap, in kilometres. Unless previously used for WGPC or WGP2, no circuits under 3 km or over 7 km will be entertained.

QUALIFYING TYPE: There are four choices. TRADITIONAL: 90 minutes long, cars set up to 10 laps with the quickest lap counting. ONE-SHOT: Each car gets one lap, and no more, to set a time. SPRINT: Sprint Qualifying will take place over a single session. All drivers will race for 100km around the circuit in question, and their finishing positions in this shorter race will determine their spot on the final grid. ELIMINATION: Standard Formula Elimination Qualifying. TT - Two Tiered Qualifying

CHANCE OF RAIN: Percentage chance of an event being wet. This number should be between 1 and 20. 1 means there will be a 1% chance of a wet race and 1.5% chance of a 'changeable' race. 20% means there will be a 20% chance of a wet race and a 30% chance of a 'changeable' race. Use 5% as an average.
TRACK AGGRESSIVENESS/TECHNICALITY: Aggressive circuits are wide with plenty of opportunities to overtake. The second value is Technical Difficulty. A track with a high TD rating suits more technically skilled drivers, and the circuit may be more difficult to overtake on. The numbers should add up to ten.
OVERTAKING DIFFICULTY is how difficult it is for a driver to overtake another on the circuit. A 5 means overtaking is difficult, a 0.1 means overtaking is easy. 2.5 is about average.
MARGIN FOR ERROR denotes how severely mistakes can be punished. A 0.1 means the track is forgiving - a driver won’t lose too much time if they spin. A 5 means mistakes are punished more severely. 2 is average for a regular circuit. A true street circuit would be more technical.
INFO: Track information/description.

Teams for WGPC19 are allocated on an Invitation-Only basis based on historical performance at the WGPC and WGP2 Levels.

Users may submit a team to compete at the WGP2 level. Final Team selection will be at WGPC discretion. For the best chance at having a team accepted please ensure to signup your teams within 1 week. At least one WGP2 Motorworks team will serve as a fall back for New Users who have not been otherwise signed to a team. There is no penalty for having a team consisting of two drivers from the same nationality however users are encouraged to collaborate. Your team begins with no drivers attached to it – you have to sign them from the pool of free agent drivers, and you can do so in the RP thread via a bolded confirmation

The more RPing you do with your team, the higher your RP bonus. The higher your RP bonus, the more likely a driver is to accept a drive with your team, and the better your team is likely to do on track.

To submit a team, fill in the following form:
Team Name:
Team Nation:
Nationality Trigram:
Team colour (in hex code):
Reliability (Between 3 and 5):
Acceleration (Between 2 and 5):
Turning (Between 2 and 5):
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Team bio:

TEAM NAME is the full name of the team.

TEAM NATION is the nation the team is registered in. This may be more than one nation; if so, both nations should confirm this.

NATIONALITY TRIGRAM should be the trigram for the nation. It should be three letters.

TEAM COLOUR is the primary colour of the team, or its cars, in a six-figure alphanumerical hex code.

RELIABILITY/ACCELRATION/TURNING: These numbers define how good your team’s car is at certain things. The higher its Reliability, the better it is at not falling apart on track – sometimes literally – and the easier it is to drive; the higher its Acceleration, the better it is at getting up to high speeds quickly, making it more capable out of tight corners and on long straights and high-speed corners; the higher its Turning, the better it is at maintaining speed and stability while changing direction, making it better at moving through low- and mid-speed corners. For the purposes of this WGP2 season, all teams' reliability stat must be between 4 and 5, inclusive.

TEAM BIO is a short biography of the team's history.

WGPC will select a Spec engine supplier from among the signups which will become the official supplier for all teams that have not indicated a specific supplier via RP. ICly, WGP2 Teams will be encouraged to utilize the spec engine as a cost saving measure with the cost burden shared between WGPC, the supplier and the team instead of the team only. WGPC will select a Spec tyre supplier from among the signups which will become the official supplier for all teams that have not indicated a specific supplier via RP. ICly, WGP2 Teams will be encouraged to utilize the spec tyre supplier as a cost saving measure with the cost burden shared between WGPC, the supplier and the team instead of the team only.

WGPC will select between 3-4 Total Tyre Suppliers to be ICly approved for use in competition. There will be no limit to the number of Approved Engine Suppliers.
To submit an engine manufacturer, fill in the following form:
Engine manufacturer:
Engine name (if different):
Reliability (between -1 and 1):
Actuation (between -1 and 1):
Tare (between -1 and 1):

ENGINE MANUFACTURER is the name of the company that makes the engine.
ENGINE NAME is the name of the engine, if different from the name of the company.
R/A/T should add up to no more than 0.
For WGP2: Only one engine shall be chosen as the WGPC Official Partner and Spec Engine; Other manufacturers may provide engines but those engines must have the same spec as the WGP2 Official Supplier Engine.

To submit a potential tyre supplier, fill in the following form:
Manufacturer Name:
Reliability (Between -1 and 1):
Traction (Between -1 and 1):
R & T ratings should add up to no more than 0.
MANUFACTURER NAME is the name of the company producing the tyres (e.g. Bridgestone, Michelin, etc).
RELIABILITY and TRACTION determine the characteristics of your tyre, how quickly it may degrade, and how much traction it provides a car. Each attribute must be a number between negative 1 and 1, and the two must add up to a maximum of zero.
Only one tyre supplier shall be chosen as the spec supplier; any other suppliers that do not win the tender may provide for established teams, but may not differ in their stats from the spec tyres.


The Atlantian Oceania Grand Prix Series (AOGP) will be contested among teams and circuits within the Atlantian Oceania Region during the same season as the World Grand Prix and will be scorinated roughly on the same timeline. Some race dates will be shared when the WGPC/WGP2 races at tracks . Signups for AOGP are completely separate from WGPC/WGP2 however if a Driver is unable to find a seat in WGPC/WGP2 they may be able to drop down to a regional series.

Signup for AOGP using the Following Google Sheet Only: ... sp=sharing

The AOGP Regional Series runs at the same time as the WGPC/WGP2 and will not have a dedicated RP thread. As such it should provide minimal/no additional participation burden on those already participating in WGPC/WGP2 who may choose to include AOGP events in their WGPC/WGP2 Contributions. Those not participating in WGPC/WGP2 but participating in AOCAR my choose to RP or not at their leisure!


TBD. It is expected there will also be a concurrent Tier 3 Esportiva Regional Series. Signup information for that series will be provided when available.

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Postby Vilita and Turori » Fri Sep 24, 2021 10:47 pm


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Postby Tumbra » Fri Sep 24, 2021 11:28 pm

Driver Name: Ted PRESSLEY
Name Trigram: PRE
Nationality Trigram: TMB
Preferred Car Number: 88
Second Choice Car Number: 58
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.8
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4.1
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.1
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGPC/WGP2
Driver's bio: 22 years of age. A one-time Tumbran WGP3 Champion, Ted made his debut in WGP2 S4 and won two feature races en route to finishing third in the standings, helping his team, Kaylan, win the WGP2 S4 Constructor's Championship in the meantime with teammate Anola Melani. Recent events have led to him being estranged from his father, and Ted is now looking to either take the step up to WGPC or find a ride in WGP2 for another year, amidst trying to live life on his own. Has sponsorships from several Tumbran companies.
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Postby Dragonfluxx » Fri Sep 24, 2021 11:46 pm

Driver Name: Fyrelyra Aervath
Name Trigram: AER
Nationality Trigram: DFX
Preferred Car Number: 96
Second Choice Car Number: 31
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGPC/WGP2
Driver's bio: Ze is a Kitsune with ambitions of winning a world title, typical "came from rags still in rags and scraped together some cash" feel-good story. Ze honestly only managed to get a license from Motorsport Dragonfluxx because some of Fae Holiness' advisors thought it'd be a good idea for a cute rise from ashes story to... distance DFX from the sins of the Wretched One.

Driver Name: Elora Faefir
Name Trigram: FAE
Nationality Trigram: DFX
Preferred Car Number: 77
Second Choice Car Number: 55
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 3
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGPC/WGP2
Driver's bio: Ve is a Neko with some level of mechanical knowledge thet decided to start racing cars so ve could learn more about the way they work. Ve is very bookish and smart, but becomes an absolute beast on the track, looking more like a rocket pilot than a GP driver, yet ver mechanical knowledge keeps verself from breaking the car.

Team Name: Dragonfluxx Racing
Team Nation: DFR
Nationality Trigram: DFX
Team colour (in hex code): #7F0000
Reliability (Between 4 and 5): 5
Acceleration (Between 2 and 5): 3
Turning (Between 2 and 5): 4
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Team bio: The national racing team of Dragonfluxx will debut in WGP2 if their license application is approved. They also plan to race in NSSCRA when the next season begins.

Engine manufacturer: Design Dragonfluxx
Engine name (if different): Hydra-X
Reliability (between -1 and 1): 1
Actuation (between -1 and 1): -0.75
Tare (between -1 and 1): -0.25

Standard RP Permission Template follows:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
RP Anything DFX from your IC perspective: Go for it, but TG or Discord me so I can incorporate it.
Godmod my nation (excluding sports): HELL NO
Godmod my sports: DM me, we'll hash something out.

EDIT: Added Engine Supplier for Team
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Postby United Adaikes » Sat Sep 25, 2021 12:01 am

Driver Name: Aaron Deering
Name Trigram: DEE
Nationality Trigram: UAD
Preferred Car Number: 28
Second Choice Car Number: 93
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGPC/WGP2
Driver's bio: Son of a multi-billion Adaikesian florin oil conglomerate company owner, he was fascinated upon seeing the Vilitan Grand Prix on the television six (6) years ago. This fascination level turned higher when a Lisanderian businessman friend invited them to watch one of the races of WGPC 16 in Grand Prix EON Lisander. Since then, he has set his sights to drive and compete in the WGPC. He got his father to sponsor races in United Adaikes and has won all of them. However, this just sparked controversy in the nation because of rumors of match-fixing. To put stories to rest, with Aaron turning recently of age, Aaron decided it was time to race in the WGPC.
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Postby Togonistan » Sat Sep 25, 2021 12:18 am

Driver Name: Dom Falepeau
Name Trigram: FAL
Nationality Trigram: TGN
Preferred Car Number: 19
Second Choice Car Number: 7
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 3
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGPC
Driver's bio: A driver whose career has been quite of an rollercoaster so far. The 23-year old started racing at quite a late age of 15, when he participated in Togonistan Rallycross League, finishing his maiden season in top of the Junior Class rankings. A year later he was picked up by Kaylan Racing Team and joined their youth development program. Securing a drive in the domestic TTRL series, Falepeau initially spent two seasons driving for Domerton Motorsports before making a step up to Kaylan’s representative team. The following two seasons saw Falepeau finishing 6th and 2nd in the championship. Despite the results, due to an influx of multiple younger, more promising drivers, Falepeau was sacked from the team for the next season.

A year of great changes followed for Falepeau, who decided to do a complete hairpin turn in his career. With no prior experience in open-seater racing, the young Togoni jumped aboard the WGP2 train. Being a rather unknown driver to the international stage, Falepeau eventually ended up signing a 1-year long contract with New Scaiva and Horshenwurst-based Junixwagen team. First WGP2 season was a rough ride for Falepeau, as his lack of experience with the machinery, accompanied by multiple mechanical failures left him struggling amongst backmarkers on the grid. Eventually, Falepeau ended the season on mere 22nd place in drivers standings, with 6th place achieved in Yakumicha GP2 Challenge being his best result.

Following his first season in WGP2, Falepeau's future was unsure until he got picked up by MRT2, with whom he spent the 2nd season of WGP2 as the team's sole entrant. What is largely considered as a great leap in his career, Falepeau showed consistent results in MRT2, eventually ending the season on 11th place in the drivers standings with 42 points under his name.

Moving on to the third season of WGP2, Falepeau secured himself a seat in Filindostan's Badai Angin-IGR. Despite a slow start, the season turned out to be his most successful one to date, with Falepeau getting a podium finish in Esmerel and a race win in Diarcesia. As a dark horse, Falepeau stood in title battle until the very last round of the season, eventually finishing 4th in Drivers Championship with 63 points.

From there on, Falepeau made a step up to WGPC, once again signing with MRT for WGPC 18. He started the season with a set of strong performances and constant points finishes, followed by a steady demise in results as the season carried on. Eventually, Falepeau finished his maiden WGPC season 21st with 15 points.

Being the most successful Togonistani driver to date, Falepeau has gained some great PR through various media outlets during the years and is generally liked by fans of the sport. He has gained himself a reputation of chill, consistent and reliable driver who is able to be fast without taking too much unnecessary risks. Backed by Britonish fashion brand Élégamment, Falepeau will bring a decent-sized sponsorship package with him for any team signing him for the season.

Driver Name: Darian Vilau
Name Trigram: VIL
Nationality Trigram: TGN
Preferred Car Number: 12
Second Choice Car Number: 69
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGPC/WGP2/Test Driver
Driver's bio: Darian Vilau is a member of Kaylan Prospect Program as well as current reserve and development driver for Kaylan. Being a champion of the maiden season of WGP3 ENZ Championship, Vilau took a step into WGP2 last season, filling the role of a reserve driver for the team. Vilau made an appearance in three non-championship races during the last season of WGP2, stepping in as a substitution for teammate Anola Melani. Out of the three non-championship rounds, Vilau finished 2nd on two occasions and 4th on the final round.

Circuit Name: Hwoarang Racing Circuit
Race Name: ZX-Flow Energy Grand Prix of Togonistan
Track Image: Here
Lap Record (WGPC Car)(seconds): 70.103
Track Length (km): 4.03
Qualifying Type (Traditional or One-Shot): Traditional
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 7
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 7
Track technicality (1-10): 3
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 2
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 1
Preferred Series: WGPC / WGP2 / Test / iROS
Info: Hwoarang Racing Circuit, located at the outskirts of the city of Hwoarang, is a race track built in 2002 at the area of an old abandoned military airfield. With the length of 4.025km, it is the biggest racing circuit in Togonistan. When the airfield closed in 1998, it was left unused and it didn't take long until local street racers took it over as a good place for hosting their drag race competitions. However, eventually, local authorities also found out about the events happening there. The City Council liked the fact that local motorsports enthusiasts had found a use for the airstrip and they quickly started plans for turning the area into an actual raceway. Work started in 2000 and the racetrack was opened to the public two years later. Over the time, the track has constantly been upgraded and built to fit the needs of as many different racing disciplines as possible. Over the course of the years, the track has been used to host various motorsport competitions, some of the more notable ones being WGP2 Season 1 Hwoarang GP, TTRL Hwoarang Challenge and Hwoarang 24h Endurance Cup. The 4.025 km-long track is one of the fastest tracks in the whole Novapax region. Built on top of the old military airbase, the surface is generally very flat and the elevation changes during the course are almost non-existent. With multiple airstrips integrated to the circuit, the wide straights allow for great overtaking opportunities with the use of slipstreaming, accompanied with some sharp corners at the end to truly pull of some spectacular maneuvers. The long runoffs on the either side of the track can encourage the drivers to truly go for risks during the race.

Engine manufacturer: Kaylan
Engine name (if different):
Reliability (between -1 and 1): -0.75
Actuation (between -1 and 1): 0.50
Tare (between -1 and 1): 0.25

Starting off as a low-cost car manufacturer, Kaylan has over the years slowly but steadily increased their presence in motorsports. Having developed multiple different versions of WGP2- and WGP3-spec engines (including the WGP2-winning Kaieke 3), Kaylan has established themselves on the market as a manufacturer offering affordable, yet powerful solutions. All of which is achieved by keeping manufacturing costs low via using modern facilities and looking for ways of replacing some expensive materials with cheaper, yet durable alternatives.

In the upcoming season, Kaylan will be providing engines to their own WGPC team as well as seek to sign deals with any other WGPC, WGP2 or WGP3 teams.

Team Name: Kaylan Junior Team by Domerton
Team Nation: Togonistan
Nationality Trigram: TGN
Team colour (in hex code): Light Green (#00ff22)
Reliability (Between 4 and 5): 4
Acceleration (Between 2 and 5): 4.50
Turning (Between 2 and 5): 3.50
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Team bio: Domerton Motorsports is one of the oldest racing teams in Togonistan. Founded by Andrew Domerton 15 years ago, the team has seen a fair amount of success in domestic TTRL series as well as in WGP3 ENZ Championship. For the upcoming season of WGP2, Domerton’s intentions are to partner with Kaylan and serve as their feeder team. While the team will race under Kaylan’s name and seek to preferably seat drivers recruited into Kaylan Prospect Program, it’s daily operations will mainly be run by Domerton’s staff members.
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Postby Filindostan » Sat Sep 25, 2021 1:10 am

Driver Name: Rustom Ibuna
Name Trigram: IBU
Nationality Trigram: FID
Preferred Car Number: 71
Second Choice Car Number: 99
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 2.8
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.7
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGPC
Driver's bio:Entering his fourth season in the highest level of open-wheel racing in the multiverse, Rustom "Rusty" Ibuna will be remaining with the team he drove the previous season, the first time in his career that he did not move teams in the offseason. Starting out in WGPC 16 as a second driver for MRT alongside Savojar driver Sigur Bjarnason, he helped the team win the constructors' championship with a win in Aji No Moto.

After losing his seat to Gregori Krupin despite scoring more points than Bjarnason, he moved to Eelandii VTGP, with decorated Starblaydi driver Jai Kardaeri, finishing within the top 10 in the Drivers' championship. Eventually he reunited with his father, Rudolf Ibuna, at Badai Angin in Season 18 alongside Alex Dimitrianov, and for the first time in his career, would finish below his teammate.

Taking the lead driver role in the team in the incoming season and juggling his driving duties with owning a stock car team, Rusty will look to end his winning drought which has been lingering for two seasons already.
Driver Name: Alvis Kalvin Lacsamana
Name Trigram: AKL
Nationality Trigram: FID
Preferred Car Number: 47
Second Choice Car Number: 99
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.3
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4.8
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 3.9
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGP2
Driver's bio: Winning the WGP3 Filindostan championship, Alvis Kalvin Lacsamana, or "AK" for short, was planned to replace Rod Gozum during the last rounds of the previous WGP2 season. However, things did not materialize at that point. With Gozum leaving the paddock and returning to Filindostan for the FISCAR domestic stock car series, AK is now the main local driver for the Badai Angin driver academy which include the likes of Indra Vartak and Edward Rousseau who participated last WGP2 season.

He will be the test driver for Badai Angin Tim Motorsport in WGPC but he will look for any available seat in case the pre-planned deal with ANMARA, an Ajian team which attempts to enter the WGP2 competition this season, does not materialize.

Circuit Name:
Race Name: Grand Prix Filindostan Cepat (WGPC) - WGP2 Ras Yogyakulta Masayabee (WGP2)
Track Image:
Lap Record (WGPC Car)(seconds): 91.625 (1:31.625)
Track Length (km): 5.94
Qualifying Type (Traditional or One-Shot): Two-tiered, Elimination if TT is not applicable
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 10.00
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 6.20
Track technicality (1-10): 3.80
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 3.20
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 3.40
Preferred Series: WGPC / WGP2
Info: Yogyakulta International Circuit is a permanent racing facility located in Yogyakulta, Pelita Raya, Filindostan. Owned by the local petroleum giant Petrofilindo, the 5.961 km circuit is a mixture of straights and bends that will put the engines of the racing cars to their test, and narrow corners that drivers must negotiate without making too much mistakes. The track itself is challenging - lots of gravel traps to alert the drivers from going too fast and shortage of run-off areas, which can punish drivers who are too aggresive. The width of the circuit is narrower than usual, making the circuit a little bit difficult to make overtakes.

The start/finish straight is a downhill with a 35 degree left turn, with full throttle going to the Kotyog Complex, which starts going uphill with a small degree turn 4, with foot on the throttle up to the first of the two Nordus Bends, then going full throttle going to the tightest corner of the circuit, The Hairpin. A series of downhill turns from Turn 7 to Turn 1 plus 1 (11) completes the second sector. From the second Nordus Bend, the track goes gradually uphill until the Unlucky Turn, which elevates steeply going to a flat Turn 14 and going abruptly downhill in the Petrofilindo Complex. Another steep uphill curve, the Yoggy Bend, sends the cars to the start/finish straight.

The track hosted a round of the WGPC during the 17th season where Terho Talvela won a controversy-filled race. Yogyakulta is in a contract with San Marco Street Circuit to rotate the WGPC and WGP2 events between them. Should it be included in the final calendar for WGP2, the race will be sponsored by Filindo fastfood chaim Masayabee.

Circuit Image

Engine manufacturer: Badai Angin
Engine name (if different):
Reliability (between -1 and 1): -0.48
Actuation (between -1 and 1): 0.75
Tare (between -1 and 1): -0.27

Preconfirming Aji No Moto as a puppet.
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Postby Aji No Moto » Sat Sep 25, 2021 1:21 am

Filindostan wrote:Preconfirming Aji No Moto as a puppet.

This is confirmed.

Circuit Name: Serizawa Racing Circuit
Race Name: Kissan Motors Ajian Grand Prix (WGPC) / Konbini 24/7 WGP2 Race of Shibara (WGP2)
Track Image: ... ircuit.png
Lap Record (WGPC Car)(seconds): 77.466
Track Length (km): 4.40
Qualifying Type (Traditional or One-Shot): Elimination, Traditional if not applicable
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 18.00
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 6.30
Track technicality (1-10): 3.70
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 2.00
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 2.00
Preferred Series: WGPC / WGP2 / Test / iROS
Info: The Serizawa Racing Circuit in the Ajian Empire is one of the newest tracks in the country. Owned by the local autombile giant Kissan, the track is more of a type that will test the cars' engine power and overtaking opportunities, which are featured in the Kissan Straight, the Serizawa Complex leading up to The Bird's Beak, and the banked curb after the Widow's Peak turn that leads to the opening part of the Kismo Complex.

The track starts on a ~300 meter straight into the 130-degree turn at Turn 1, then speeds to the Asahi Kerb, before encountering another straight line leading to the Sugiyama Corner, more of a semi-sharp kerb before slowing further down to turns 4 and 5, known as The Complex. A bend then leads into the slowest point of the circuit, The Bird's Beak. The cars then power through the bend into another semi-hairpin, the banked Turn 7, before pacing through a series of sharp kerbs, Turns 8 and 9, in which the power of the car and the speed is important as they lead into the Kissan Straight. This straight is around ~850 meters and has a slight bank leading towards the Widow's Peak, which is a banked kerb leading to the technical section, the Kismo Complex. A sharp turn at turn 15 leads the cars into the start/finish line to complete the lap.

The track is made of asphalt and is newly-built. Kissan Motors, who will sponsor the race if chosen to be one of the racing venues, will hope that international grand prix organizers will look to have the track host some of their races.

The track hosted the second round of WGPC 16 as a contingency measure after Aelsh organizers pulled out of hosting the second round of the season. Rustom Ibuna won the race after colliding with his now-fiancee Kyoko Fujisaki while he was leading the race.

Circuit Image

Team Name: Aji No Moto AutoRacing Alliance (ANMARA)
Team Nation: Aji No Moto
Nationality Trigram: ANM
Team colour (in hex code): #ffd700
Reliability (Between 4 and 5): 4.02
Acceleration (Between 2 and 5): 3.38
Turning (Between 2 and 5): 4.60
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Team bio: A racing alliance formed by 4 of the most prominent automobile makers in Aji No Moto led by Kissan, ANMARA has bought the assets of Filindo team Equipo Telebuenas-Badai Angin (ETBA) and will plan to enter the WGP2 racing scene with the acquired assets. A deal with Badai Angin has been signed where the Badai Angin Drivers' Academy livery will wrap the car and the team is planned to sign AK Lacsamana and another of the current crop of drivers for the academy that will sign up for this season (either Indra Vartak, Edward Rousseau, or Luc Deschamps).
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Postby Liventia » Sat Sep 25, 2021 2:18 am


Circuit Name: Talbott Autodrome
Grand Prix Name: Liventia Airways Grand Prix of Liventia
Track Image:
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:40.071
Track Length (km): 6.239 km
Qualifying Type (Traditional or One-Shot): Two-Tier if available, otherwise Traditional
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 1%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 3
Track technicality (1-10): 7
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 3.5
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 2
Preferred Series: WGPC
The Grand Prix of Liventia was traditionally shared between the Talbott Autodrome in Talbott and Neverend's Gold Park Circuit, but Gold Park's long-standing contract with Motorsport Liventia lapsed at the end of Season 17. Since then, a new agreement reached between the three circuits is for Talbott to host WGPC and Gold Park to host WGP2 events. Therefore, the Talbott Autodrome, also nicknamed "The Dog" for its canine-like outline, has been nominated to host the Grand Prix again this season.

Coming down the start-finish straight from turn 21, drivers build up a fair amount of speed before braking for a tight section that comprise turns 1 and 2. Turn 2 is a second-gear right-hander leading onto a technical section of esses up through turn 6, where the first intermediate is located. This is a section not taken at above fourth gear.

Turn 6 is a smooth left-hander onto a very short straight before a sharp hairpin at turn 7, which leads into one of the faster sections of the circuit. Turn 8 is a fifth-gear right hander before a sharp breaking point at turn 9 which is a second-gear corner. A small 'S' later and we're onto a section of the track with three quick chicanes in a row, which leads to another hairpin at 14.

14 through 16 is a fairly quick section, but 16 is another hairpin. From here onwards it's almost totally flat-out with a nice, long straight leading up to the quick left-right combination of 18 and 19 before a last hairpin at 20 leads back onto the main straight.

The technicality of the track means cars with poor reliability tend to fair better here as cars aren't all-out through the whole circuit. It is technically situated in the Folenisa Desert, which makes rain unlikely, though not impossible—when it does rain, it drenches everything.

It is not impossible to overtake on the circuit, although it feels like a street circuit in parts, and it is more difficult than on a usual track. There are no walls, however, only gravel pits and run-off areas, which helps avoid major safety car incidents.

All winners:
WGPC 8: Matthew Portland (InfoInternet Liventia Racing)
WGPC 9: Sauli Nieminen (SVS Motorsports)
WGPC10: Joe Allon (Velog)
WGPC11: Jai Kardaeri (Carvenlo)
WGPC12: Alexander Lund (McPahan)
WGPC14: R.L. Cruisin (Carvenlo–Franklin)
WGPC17: Alex Dimitrianov (Badai Angin)
WGPC18: Abdoulaye Goita (Schkeska-VSK Viska)

Circuit Name: Gold Park Circuit
Race Name: WGP2 Neverend Challenge
Track image:
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:38.411
Track Length (km): 5.98 km
Qualifying Type (Traditional or One-Shot): One-Shot
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 20%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 5.5
Track technicality (1-10): 4.5
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 1
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 2
Preferred Series: WGP2
Info: Once locked into a rotation with the Talbott Autodrome to host the annual Grand Prix of Liventia in the WGPC, it has fallen out of favour with Motorsport Liventia following internal politics. However, the circuit's owners have reached an agreement with the governing body to become the permanent home of Liventia's WGP2 race, to be called the Neverend Challenge.

It is a fairly wide circuit all the way around, making it easy to overtake. With vast tarmac run-offs, errors are usually easy to recover from. The circuit is designed to be run in either direction, but for the WGPC/WGP2 it uses a counter-clockwise orientation.

All winners:
WGPC13: Matt Hingis (McPahan)
WGP2 IV Feature: Janne Laukanen (Nexus)
WGP2 IV Sprint: Harry Zoomtwat (Urotovsky-Gatutin)

WGPC Team:
Team name: Carvenlo Liventia Airways Racing
Team nation: Liventia (LEN)
Team colour: #cae002
Reliability: 3.75
Acceleration: 4
Turning: 4.25
Team bio: Carvenlo Racing makes a return to the WGPC for their 14th season in its various guises, this year returning with a naming sponsor in Liventia Airways, the national flag carrier that also sponsors the country's WGPC grand prix. Originally, Carvenlo intended to enter WGP2 as the engine supplier for Matthew Portland's new racing team, but have now agreed to re-enter the top flight after an approach from organisers.

The team is a six-time world constructors' champion, in seasons 3, 4, 6, 8, 11, and 12. Darren Franklin will be technical director and Portland will serve as director of motorsport and chief strategist. Another former Liventian world drivers champion, Troy Wilkins, will be the team principal.

Its engines will be home-built, with an R/A/T of 0.25/0/-0.25.

WGP2 team signup:
Team Name: Portland Racing-Carvenlo
Team Nation: Liventia
Nationality Trigram: LEN
Team colour (in hex code): #ffd966
Reliability (Between 4 and 5): 3
Acceleration (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
Turning (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Team bio: Carvenlo Racing makes its return in name to the WGPO after a number of years supplying the WGPC Motorworks team, as engine supplier for the new Portland Racing team run by former world champion Matthew Portland.

Portland, the owner of the team and lead strategist, has tapped Carvenlo CEO Mark Marsh as team director of racing, with Darren Franklin serving as team principal.

While Portland Racing is new to the WGPO scene, Carvenlo has a long history, being a 13-time participant in WGPC's 18 seasons to date under various names, and wining the world constructors' title six times (WGPC3, 4, 6, 8, 11, 12).
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Postby Beepee » Sat Sep 25, 2021 3:40 am

Driver Name: Ryden Solow
Name Trigram: SLO
Nationality Trigram: BPE
Preferred Car Number: 69
Second Choice Car Number: 70
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4.9
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 2.2
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.9
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGP2
Driver's bio:

Ryden Solow, at the age of 21, has already had three years riding in the Beepeean Billy Cart leagues, where he faced little serious competition.

Known to his friends as "Solow-Coach", for his infamously slow driving style, Ryden has a polite manner, often waving those past who want to overtake.  Ryden has no demerit points on his licence and has an almost impeccable use of indicators at intersections.  As a result of his intensive drivers education couse, Ryden has honed his technical skills and is a solid overall driver. 

Like most Beepeeans, Ryden is generally amicable with an irreverent sense of humour. 

If he gets a ride, and he's happy to join any team,  this season will be Solow's rookie year.  Ryden will be looking for experience and maybe, just maybe, the odd moment of glory. 

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Postby Hapilopper » Sat Sep 25, 2021 8:01 am

Driver Name: Rudy Edwards
Name Trigram: EDW
Nationality Trigram: HAP
Preferred Car Number: 5
Second Choice Car Number: 50
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 5
Preferred Series: WGPC
Driver's bio: Rudy Edwards, the quiet, youthful-looking Hapiloppian, came from obscurity to just about win the World Grand Prix Championship last year with Preston Autos. He's back and has all the optimism in the world for a better season. Last year, Rudy finished a shocking third in the World Championship standings, with much of that success coming in the second half of the season after Preston Autos found something great in their cars. In other words, they "hit the moving target." Rudy will be back with Preston Autos this year as they intend to go from "hitting the moving target" to "being the moving target".


Circuit Name: Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit
Race Name: The Preston Autos Hapiloppian Grand Prix (WGP2: The Hapilopper International Trophy)
Lap Record (WGPC Car)(seconds): 1:28.535
Track Length (km): 5.57
Qualifying Type (Traditional or One-Shot): Elimination
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 15
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 6
Track technicality (1-10): 4
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 1.5
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 4
Preferred Series: WGPC / WGP2
The Hapilopper City Grand Prix Circuit is located on the western outskirts of Hapilopper City, actually located in the nearby suburb of Paulson. The circuit was built back in the late 1990s in an effort to attract international road racing to the Dominion, and an estimated 120,000 fans are expected to fill the circuit grounds for a Grand Prix weekend, should the circuit be granted a Grand Prix. What kind of race the circuit will present depends on the weather. If Hapilopper's notoriously-finicky weather gets involved, mayhem could ensure. If not, many expect a fantastic race anyway with lots of passing opportunities and high speed ruling the day. Below is some information about the corners and portions of the track drivers will encounter.

Your lap starts with First Right, a flat-out right kink leading downhill to Downhill Pass. Typically, it is not considered wise to make a passing move here, unless the trailing car has picked up a huge draft off the leading car. Expect speeds to approach 210 mph past First Right, which should give fans on the pit straight a real thrill as they see cars haul ass at top speed towards Downhill Pass.

Your first real opportunity at passing comes at Downhill Pass, a downhill left hand corner, and a possible trouble spot throughout the race. Drivers in the Hapilopper Championship Series have been known for missing their braking point and hurtling right off the track and into the neighboring sand trap. Behind Downhill Pass, fans will congregate on a viewing area hill, known as "Spectator Hill," which gives fans a great view of Downhill Pass and the McLaughlin's complex. Drivers, marshals and photographers have told stories of watching smoke from barbecues on Spectator Hill wafting across the circuit and becoming momentarily distracted by the scent of barbecue chicken and ribs.

Named for former gentleman driver Peter McLaughlin, who competed in sports car racing across three decades in the Dominion, and the designer of this circuit, the McLaughlin's circuit consists of two uphill corners. The first one comes after a short straight following Downhill Pass, and gives drivers another opportunity to perform overtaking maneuvers. Maybe someone might want to repass whoever got by them at Downhill Pass. A short straight connects the two McLaughlin corners, which leads towards a small almost straight leading to Slidey Right.

This corner gained its name following a rainy day a few years ago when the corner, already slick from a car blowing an engine and oiling down the track, sent car after car off the track due to virtually no traction on the track. Slidey Right is a tough corner on a dry day, a pain in the ass on a rainy day, and a bold place to make a passing move for the braves of drivers. Look for a lot of action here.

An unofficial series of esses, Flat Left and Flat Right, as the name would suggest, are taken at full-throttle as drivers make their way to one of the most interestingly-named sections of the track. Don't expect a lot of passing on Flat Left and Right, unless the drivers involved in such a move are either a.) unspeakably brave or b.) terminally stupid. A handful of drivers have tried making passing moves either leading up to, or in the middle of, Flat Right, which have led to some horrific accidents in the past, most notably during a Hapilopper Championship Series race last season when Leroy Keegan ran over the left-rear of Blake Broadbent, sending him skyward, before tumbling all the way to Oh Crap There's A Wall.

Perhaps the most famous feature of the Hap City Grand Prix Circuit, "Oh Crap There's a Wall" is a sudden left-hand corner accompanied by an unforgiving concrete wall along the track surface. Top WGPC cars will take Flat Right at full-throttle before having to slam on the brakes for the relatively slow Oh Crap There's A Wall, taken at an estimated 80 mph. Drivers in the Hapilopper Championship Series have hit the outside wall on multiple occasions, wrecking their day and leading to increased discussions that maybe there should be a little bit of runoff just the racing surface. Either way, Oh Crap There's A Wall is a great place for a driver to make a balls-to-the-wall passing move on the braking from 180 to 80 - or less.

A number of road circuits across Hapilopper (and yes, they do exist) have named perhaps the most remote part of their circuit "Chicken Bone Alley" for the cheap seats typically located there. Chicken Bone Alley on the Hap City Grand Prix Circuit is the straight between Oh Crap There's A Wall and the Triple Diamond and features grandstands on either side. In last year's Hapilopper City 1000 kilometer race, a handful of drivers complained that fans sitting in these seats threw chicken bones at their cars midrace. No bones were found by corner workers, but the accusation still stands.

The Triple Diamond Complex, at one point, featured a long triple-apex corner leading onto the Final Straight. However, due to concerns that this corner could allow some of the top teams to run somewhere in the neighborhood of three kilometers plus at full throttle, officials with the Grand Prix circuit made the hard decision to install a chicane between the second and third apexes of Triple Diamond. The chicane - a slow right hander in the middle of apex two - slows cars down, and again for the left-right segment leading onto Final Straight.
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Postby Esmerel » Sat Sep 25, 2021 8:40 am

Hello, boys! I'm BAAAAAACK!

NAME | Jean Mercer-Daly





DOB | 9 May 1982 (age 39)
SEXUALITY | Male, aromantic
HEIGHT AND WEIGHT | 188cm / 95kg
SKIN, HAIR AND EYE COLOR | Caucasian, chocolate brown, blue
OTHER DETAILS | Cybernetic replacements for left eye, arm and leg


RACE STARTS | 46 over 4 seasons
CHAMPIONSHIPS | 0 drivers’, 1 constructors’
BEST YEAR | 2018 (2nd)


Jean Mercer-Daly.

A man of fortune and misfortune. A household name. A being more than human. A representative of all Esmerelians on the world stage. One man (or woman, absolutely, but this is a man) can be all those things and even more, and that is what the 39 year-old from Rochester has become over the last four years.

He’d started his career in racing much, much later than the average driver, having only dabbled in barely-sanctioned banger races his father Christopher and brother Evyn had encouraged him to try out. It was only in 2003, when Christopher plowed into a barrier at 200km/h during a ESTL (Esmerel Street Touring League) race in Lapiz Point and had his career cut short, that Jean was forced to take up the mantle of family figurehead, as Evyn wouldn’t stick around to stay in the well-regulated culture of sanctioned racing. Still, it appeared Jean was a natural as his father had been, quickly securing the necessary license to compete in ESTL starting in 2006. Often jumping between teams that rose or sunk, and to whichever crews Jean worked best with and was paid the most by, he excelled just enough to win two season championships, and ran with the best in the years to come.

Jean seemed to have decided that the ESTL had lost its luster at some point, as he took a sabbatical after the 2015 season- his winnings over the past decade had given him enough of a cushion to afford it. There was a sense of longing for something different. Perhaps open-wheel racing in the fastest ground cars known to man and otherwise. But Esmerel only needed the ESTL and some light stock racing, and the nation’s embarrassing diplomatic isolation made sure he wouldn’t get all that far elsewhere in the Verse.

At least until the Exposure Laws in 2016 and the opening in a small works team out of Kyeligsted in the WGPC, the Verse’s most prestigious racing series. Despite driving very different cars to GT street tourers, Jean fit right in. A podium on debut, while followed by four failures to score due to technical failures, instantly put Jean on the map. Or, it would, had Jean not gone and won the next three races. In a row. His inexplicable charge, combined with a controversial incident at the Audioslavian GP with defending Abovian champion Terho Talvela put his team at the top of the Constructors’ table and Ryker Lane, driving for the Wardship’s Nexus Racing, at the top of the Drivers’ despite winning no races, as well as marking Esmerel forever on the map of the Verse as a strong competitor in international competition.

Jean would sign with Nexus in Season 16 to replace the outgoing Serbian driver Marika Pedanovic, and alongside the defending champion, went on a tear in an attempt to either defend Ryker’s title or win it for himself. While Ryker faltered and finished only 14th, Jean found himself in the title fight all season, and while on the back foot in second coming into the season finale, he still had a chance to defeat Vangazi driver Jessica Franssen and win the title- at least until a cyberterrorist targeted his car down the main straight and sent it directly into the wall at Turn 1- but instead of 200km/h, it was 340.

Jean would suffer immaculate injuries from the attack, and be forced to undergo amputation in the left arm and leg, and later the left eye after complications during the recovery. But with all the affected parts replaced with cybernetics, Jean was free to continue his career.

Yet the last two seasons have seemed to show that the Jean of old may have indeed perished in the crash at Crossport. While able to score two poles and three podiums during the following season, Jean could only settle for fifth place in the championship, well behind the title fight, which concluded with two races still to go. And though he scored a lucky win in Hodori during Season 18, Jean barely kept up with the rest of the field as well as his past performances, adding to his at-then point total of 253 just 36 points more at the end of the season. Both seasons had gone by like blurs, as did many of Jean’s formerly equal competitors.

As of now, Mercer-Daly’s detractors have begun to grow, with the aging driver’s talents now in question. Is the WGPC still a place for him, let alone any sport, after a worse accident than what ended his father’s career and an age that most drivers retired well before reaching? With his average qualifying at 6.25 during Season 15 and 14.91 during Season 18, is there even a chance he could return to, excel, or even approach his potential of old?

Jean intends to answer that question this season. Some have argued he should retire and allow some successor into his position, and some have rumored he may do so if this season proves his glory days are well enough behind him. Until it’s all truly over, however, none can say for sure what he will decide on, not even himself.

Jean went from hero to zero. Can he go back to hero?

NAME | Forest Cross International Raceway (FCIR)
LOCATION | Vertress, Rainier Province, Esmerel
RACE NAME | Grand Prix of Esmerel


WGPC LAP RECORD | 1:48.319*
SET BY | Jasmin Kranjska (MTJ), WGPC18 pre-season testing
NOTE | Times are expected to be in the high 1:46 - low 1:47 range.
LENGTH | 7.307km (42 laps at 305km)
QUALY FORMAT | Traditional (no sprint)



Forest Cross International Raceway is the premier motorsport facility in Esmerel, having long been a fan favorite of many racing series’ drivers and fans alike. It is also the oldest, finishing initial construction in 1971, prior to Esmerelian independence. In those days, the track consisted of the tricky first sector and the long latter half of the third sector, at about 3.5 kilometers. Chief designer Niall Martan felt inspired by the impossibly tight streets of Monte Carlo and the immense straights of the old Hockenheim, combining the two into a test of both the driver’s skill and the car’s ability to handle both types of open wheel racing.

Races at the track proved an immediate hit, with highlights of the lap including a risky Turn 1 and 2, the ever-so-small Pin of Bravery, the Double Shift chicane downhill into the straights, and the Grant Ridge Tunnel which saw cars flying out at top speed into both the blinding sunlight and a quick left hander.

However, the track would also prove dangerous. No fatalities would be recorded, but injury was not uncommon as drivers pushed the limits and some cars were unable to handle the brunt of both the technical and high speed sections. After the many tragedies during the 1994 racing seasons, major changes were scheduled to be made, along with a large track extension to add new forms of excitement, fit additional fans and bring the length of the track to just over 7 kilometers. Many parts of the track were widened, and runoff extended, while the dangerous Turn 1 was reprofiled and the Grant Ridge Tunnel shortened to allow more time to adjust to the light.

As for the new sections of the track, builders added the tricky Serpent’s Fork, the multiple bridges over the new back straight, the seemingly endless Centrifuge and the immense Blast Zone, the aforementioned 1322m back straight that was one of the Verse’s longest flat out sections of track, and a race killer for improper engines. The original spirit of the track had been kept, as was the goal, and in 2018, fans got their wish as the World Grand Prix Championships made a visit to the circuit for the 2018 Esmerelian Grand Prix.

During the race, home hero Jean Mercer-Daly dominated every session and won without a problem. While racing happened in the back, the lead was never in question, especially after major title contender Terho Talvela misjudged the Double Shift and had a horrific crash, bringing out a red flag while he was taken to the hospital. The controversial happenings of the GP spurred the track owners to redesign it to better suit racing of every kind, as well as maximize safety while finding a way to keep the track’s most exciting and risky areas.

Calls to add reprieve between the long, flat out straights were answered, with two chicanes placed in Sector 3. Turn 1 was made tighter but also given banking to open the lap strong. The Serpent’s Fork was redone to create no major challenge for a single car while making interesting lines available for cars dueling into the corner. The Double Shift was removed from the GP layout, though fan calls to keep it were also heard, and the area was renamed Talvela in honor of the unlucky driver caught out by poor safety standards. Elsewhere, the Centrifuge was squeezed into the Knife, creating a medium left before a hairpin leading to the Blast Zone, rewarding controlled acceleration and reducing the strain of keeping up the car’s maximum speed for a third of the lap.

In total, FCIR combines the best concepts of open wheel racing - tight, twisty technical sections mixed with flat-out dashes to the finish - at the upper limit of reasonable track length, 7.3km. The circuit has been stuck as a testing circuit for the past two WGPC seasons, with fans desperately hoping for the return of a GP to the track this year. The same hope belongs to the race organizers, who have finally let drop that if no race should happen here this year, they would be off to find a different circuit.

So what should happen this year? Will the track’s many new changes provide a better experience for the drivers, or will the track fade into obscurity for reasons unknown? We will need to wait and see.

Use only if there are too few entries otherwise, and prioritize the WGPC race day.

NAME | Forest Cross International Raceway (FCIR) West Circuit
LOCATION | Vertress, Rainier Province, Esmerel
RACE NAME | WGP2 Challenger's Prix of Esmerel


NOTE | Times are expected to be around 1:08.500.
LENGTH | 3.440km (59 laps at 200km)
QUALY FORMAT | Traditional (no sprint)

SERIES | WGP2 only


See above for Forest Cross' bio. This layout is the West Circuit, also commonly referred to as the original circuit, for following the layout of the track when it opened in 1971, aside from a few reprofiled corners. Race organizers have made an impromptu push to attempt and secure a WGP2 race date to support the WGPC one, using the shorter and less punishing layout for the junior series.
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Postby TJUN-ia » Sat Sep 25, 2021 8:53 am

Name: Lane Carter
Name Trigram: CRT
Nation: TJUN-ia (The International Community of TJUN-ia)
Nation Trigram: TJU
First Preference Car Number: 11
Second Preference Car Number: 64
Reliability: 5
Aggression: 2
Technique: 5
Preferred Series: WPGC Only
Driver Bio: The name "Carter" originates from the former nation of Galar, a land filled with creatures well known to audiences in the International Community. When it was discovered during qualification for WC84 that the nation had collapsed without a trace, the FA-TJUN-ia decided to allow the 11 players from Galar to come over to TJUN-ia and play for us. One of the players mentioned was called Prince Carter. Carter was really good at football but he also brought to TJUN-ia his brothers, Jester and Lane. Jester was more physical and gravitated towards American Football, but Lane? Well, that's a different story.

Lane wasn't really the physical type, more interested in motorsports and was perfecting the art of karting before the collapse and the sudden move to TJUN-ia. On arrival at TJUN-ia City, he told the community he wanted to race. Small problem - racing didn't really exist in TJUN-ia at all by this point, so they started from scratch by forming the TJUN-ia-MRO. He was the one who tested out the Jungle Circuit in Peninsula before it would be used in NSSCRA 9, so he certainly helped the nation kick start its racing pedigree.

Come the 3rd Season of WGP2, he was ready and hopped into the program of UrGa. He took pole in his 2nd ever race and looked good to score a potential win before a racing incident with teammate Taras Matviyenko started the downfall. He finished consistently in the points multiple times during that season but Taras had the higher finishes as a similar driver in the same car. So, he felt that he let everyone down and decided to leave on his own accord. It would later be discovered that UrGa wanted to do the right thing and tell him he would be let go face-to-face, but the actions of "The Forgotten Galarian" prevented that. That letter from Vasily Semyonovich Gatutin would eventually end up in Lane's possession 3 months later in Portside.

But that letter made him realise that he wasn't as bad as he made out: he was consistent with what he was given, even though Taras was the one who got the podium. He finished only 5 points down on his teammate, after all. So, change of plan. The original plan for Carter was to wait for the next WGP2, where he could improve on his performances. But after that letter, he decided to throw caution to the wind and try to get his adopted homeland to the apex of open-wheel motorsports: the WGPC itself. That plan ended up going really well for S18 as his consistency during the 2nd half of the season got him into 10th in the standings by the season's end, a result he could be proud of in that Race Eelandii V&T GP. He even managed to break out of his social bubble and make a friend in the form of Daryl Mizushima, which goes to show how much things changed over the course of a single season. Now he's looking to get on the podium at least once, no matter if his emotions say otherwise.

Name: Batu Tüvshinbayar
Name Trigram: TUV
Nation: TJUN-ia (The International Community of TJUN-ia)
Nation Trigram: TJU
First Preference Car Number: 9
Second Preference Car Number: 7
Reliability: 3
Aggression: 5
Technique: 4
Prefered Series: WGP2 Only
Driver Bio: The TJUN-ia-MRO spent a lot of resources on helping Lane Carter reach the big time and while his successes have been prominent in WGPC18, the organisation was beginning to focus on the next step - the next generation, the drivers who will follow in the footsteps of the Galarian towards the summit of the open-wheel world. Upon discovering an opportunity to send a driver to the Nexus System in order to race in a spec series held by Nexus Racing themselves, the MRO found someone that could fulfil the role of "the next generation" and could actually do very well indeed. His name was Batu Tüvshinbayar.

With a name meaning "Strong" and "Firm", you'd probably expect great things from this guy already. Batu is a native Mongolian and comes from the city of Shinebaishin in the CEA, not far from the border with the CSTO. You don't really get a lot of people that are from Mongolic backgrounds participating in international competition, but his parents expected great things from him nonetheless with a name like that. They wanted him to be a fighter, maybe in boxing or in one of the many martial arts, but he wasn't one to learn the complicated stances and moves of these sports. When fighting failed, they looked at sports where you have to be both aggressive and smart and once they discovered the wacky world of motor racing, there was no going back.

He entered karting at just 12 years old and tamed the art of the kart as if it were a horse. He was known for driving like a warrior at times, pushing his way through the field when required - but he's also known for being patient, only using his aggression when the situation demanded it. At age 16, he caught the attention of the MRO when he won a national series race from 16th on the grid, slicing his way through the field as if he had 20 years experience and not 5. Because of this and many other performances, the MRO decided that it would be Shinebaishin's own who would apply to travel to the Nimbus System to prove his strengths to a non-TJUN-ian audience. In the futuristic Crossbay Circuit, he would prove to be someone with potential - taking the 2nd race with a huge comeback drive and finishing 5th out of the 10 drivers on points. Unfortunately, it also exposed his weaknesses as proved by his inconsistency in on-track position at times - known for flying up or sinking down the grid with no in-between. Still, he took that experience to heart and went to WGP2 S4 looking to do something good...only for his two podiums to be the ultimate highlight as his poor form caused a whole team to, he returns to racing looking to get his mojo back.

As a driver, he is one that focuses on both his aggression and his technique. While his reliability lags behind his other attributes, he can be an absolute nightmare to drive against when he and his car work as one. He may sound aggressive and all-powerful as a driver but off-track, that's not the story at all. That's a lesson from what he learnt from his parents: just because he's supposed to be strong doesn't mean he can't be kind. Out of the car, he's a friendly person (a rarity in TJUN-ian motorsports it seems) and one who loves to talk to anyone he sees. He's almost like Maddison Riley-Jones in that regard - just without the shyness. If anyone finds joy in speaking to this 18-year-old from Shinebaishin, then they may have earned a friend for life. This is Batu Tüvshinbayar, a young boyman with a heart that's warm out of the car and fiery within it, but one who must focus on the good and ignore the upcoming bad if he is to succeed in this sport.
2nd: NSCF24
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32
4th: WBC50, IBC31, WBC52
Quarterfinals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2, WB41, IAC12, 7WC6
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (5 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/3 T2 Wins)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3 Wins/2 @JR)/#96 Alice Jepkosgei
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar
NSTT: 3 Singles Titles (2 Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Runner-up)

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Postby Vilita and Turori » Sat Sep 25, 2021 9:12 am

Driver Name: R.L. Cruisin
Name Trigram: CRU
Nationality Trigram: VIL
Preferred Car Number: 51
Second Choice Car Number: 14
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.64
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 3.86
Preferred Series: WGPC/WGP2
Driver's bio: R.L. Cruisin is an experienced WGPC veteran looking to enter his 8th WGPC season. Cruisin famously got their start at the top level of World Grand Prix motorsports on the Vilita & Turori Motorsports team as the 'other' car during Stang Crax World Grand Prix title season during WGPC 11. While Cruisin would claim their share of podium finishes during the season, it was Crax who would take home the title for Vilita & Turori. Cruisin was elevated to the primary seat during WGPC 12 as Crax left the team, but suffered a drop in the standings, from 4th down to 9th place and a best finish of 3rd place at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course before the team went on a hiatus from WGPC vehicle production and its older vehicles fell out of spec. Cruisin became a journeyman driver joining forces with teams such as Frontiere Racing, Carvenlo-Franklin racing, Arada GP and most recently MSA-SinVal. During six prior seasons of competition, Cruisin has recorded four victories, thirteen podium finishes and collected points in 33 events. After failing to win any races during WGPC 15 with Arada GP, Cruisin stunned the racing world by taking the Checkered flag at the Grand Prix of Turori in the penultimate round of WGPC 16 in a woefully under-powered MSA-SinVal machine. The victory restored sponsors confidence in one of the most recognizable names on the World Grand Prix Circuit as well as inspiring Cruisin to take one more run at a Drivers Championship. Cruisin has a strong following in Vilita and is likely able to attract corporate support from a vast number of Vilitan affiliated entities.

Driver Name: iBen Toralmintii
Name Trigram: TII
Nationality Trigram: TUR
Preferred Car Number: 77
Second Choice Car Number: 78
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.75
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3.25
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 5.00
Preferred Series: WGPC Only
Driver's bio: Turori's most famed motorsports personality, Toralmintii is considered by many to be one of the best WGPC drivers to never win a World Title. Previously, riding the wave of popularity following his triumph as champion of the International Super Formula Championship, Toralmintii was instrumental in getting the Eelandii Grand Prix Circuit added to the World Grand Prix Championship calendar. Toralmintii, who designed the course as well as the Grand Prix modifications to the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course in Vilita, the legendary Turorian had a career defining season during World Grand Prix Championship 14 and came home second in the final driver standings behind only his Vilita & Turori Motorsports teammate Terho Talvela. After retiring to serve as Team Principle for WGPC Eelandii during WGPC Season 16, Toralmintii made a surprise return to the drivers seat in the finale of WGPC 16 picking up an impressive 4th place result for Tropicorp Racing Aelund.

This ignited the spark in Toralmintii who signed on to drive full time for TRAE during WGPC Season 17 where the Turorian driver set an all time record for Consecutive race victories though once again narrowly missed out on the Championship to Abovian teammate Terho Talvela.

Driver Name: Skiia Vialiv
Name Trigramme: VIA
Nationality (Trigram): V&T
Preferred Number: 14
Second Choice Car Number: 41
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 2.75
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4.75
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
Preferred Series: WGPC/WGP2
Short Biography: Skiia Vialiv turned heads on the local Vilitan racing circuit as one of the top young female drivers. She was unable to secure a ride for the inaugural season of the NSSCRA's second tier competition but did pick up an opportunity from the makeshift Vilaye EnergySport team for a number of exhibition races. Vialiv was also a strong performer during the V&T Racer NSSCRA Pick 'em Season 10 competition. Despite her inexperience in internationstatal competition, Vialiv has a strong social media presence on twii.tur which has helped the young Vilitan driver earn the backing of the Vilisorma Beverage Company.

Vialiv placed 4th in the Driver Standings during her debut season of World Grand Prix 2 competition driving for VilayeEnergy Sport Grand Prix including a double-runner up finish (Sprint & Feature) in the final event of the season in Liventia.


Circuit Name: Eelandii Grand Prix Course
Grand Prix Name: Grand Prix of Turori
Track Image: (On Right)
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): (1:22.409)
Track Length (km): 5.19
Qualifying Type (Traditional, One-Shot, Elimination or Two-Tiered): Two-Tier
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 20
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 5
Track technicality (1-10): 5
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 3.23
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 3.77
Info: The Eelandii Grand Prix was held for the first time during WGPC 13. The Eelandii Grand Prix Course opened just prior to WGPC 12 and held an official test session during WGPC 12 that served as a predecessor the the courses inclusion on the official schedule one season later. The venue has see-sawed between a sanctioned race weekend and a mid-season test event. The Grand Prix of Turori returned to the World Grand Prix Championship schedule for its 16th season.

Eelandii, an officially unrecognized city according to the official map of Turori, is located between the capital of Almintora and the center of sport in Cednia. The city was stood up prior to the World Cup 63 Finals hosted in Turori with the creation of a brand new state of the art sporting complex for football and athletics known as Eels Park. Looking to expand Eelandii's reputation as a 'center of sport' for the Island Emirate, the Eelandii Grand Prix circuit broke ground following the completion of the World Cup 63 finals in the shadows of Eels Park, the home of the Turori National Association Football team. The racing surface transitions from Street to purpose-built racing track to tarmac as drivers navigate the center of Eelandii.


Circuit Name: Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course
Grand Prix Name: Vilitan Grand Prix
Track Image: (On Right)
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): (1:25.440)
Track Length (km): 5.05
Qualifying Type (Traditional, One-Shot, Elimination or Two-Tiered): Traditional
If qualifying is 'Traditional' or 'One-Shot', would you like your race to be considered for the feature/sprint race weekend?: Y
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 14
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 7
Track technicality (1-10): 3
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 2.14
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 3.14
Info: BIO: Located in the picturesque region of Vilitan right overlooking the waters of Atlantian Oceania, the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course was carved out of the Rocks on Vilita's Rockii Coast and offers a unique challenge to all drivers. Originally more of a wide-open high intensity speed park, The Grand Prix modification of the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course was a new addition to the facility in preparation for its inclusion in World Grand Prix Championship 11. While Acceleration and Mechanical Power will be a great equalizer on much of the course, the Grand Prix boot designed by Turorian legend iBen Toralmintii mid-way through the course gives those with the ability to make maneuvers in tight spaces a chance to shine as well. The course has long been a fixture on the World Grand Prix circuit and has additionally hosted an event during the Inaugural World Grand Prix 2 competition. While the Vilitan Grand Prix was not contested during WGPC 16, the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course was an official mid-season testing venue. During WGPC 17, iBen Toralmintii became the first local driver to win the Vilitan Grand Prix Though no Vilitan driver has ever won a race at the circuit.

Map of track: Image

Circuit Name: Alikki-Corra Street Course (Proposed)
Race Name: Streets of Alikki-Corra Grand Prix
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:34:000
Track Lap Length (km): 4.61km
Qualifying Type (Traditional or One-Shot): One-Shot

Aggressiveness : 2.6
Technical: 7.4
Chance of being a wet race (1%-20%): 14%
Overtaking difficulty (0.5 - 5. 0.5 is easy, 5 is difficult): 2.2
Margin for Error : 3.2

Location: Alikki-Corra, Vilita, Atlantian Oceania
Nation Trigram: V&T

Bio: This proposed course cuts through some of the popular sections of the Capital of Vilita, Alikki-Corra. While some residents have complained about the effect of holding a street race in the Vilitan Capital city, organizers are hoping that the infrastructure purchased to host such an event can be re-used throughout Vilita in future seasons to highlight a variety of different Vilitan cities with unique temporary courses. While there are some sweeping corners most of the turns are tight and will require drivers to draw back all of their momentum to navigate. This track was the opening circuit on the WGP2 Season 4 Calendar

Team Name: Vilaye EnergySport GP
Team Nation: Vilita & Turori
Nationality Trigram: V&T
Team colour (in hex code): #007a80
Reliability (Between 3 and 5): 3
Acceleration (Between 2 and 5): 5
Turning (Between 2 and 5): 4
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Team bio: Originally formed after a takeover of the Mertagne Grand Prix during WGP2 Season 4, Vilaye EnergySport GP posted a Top 4 Finish in the WGP2 Season 4 Constructor Standings

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Postby Juvencus » Sat Sep 25, 2021 9:19 am

Driver Name: Cesaro Ferrara
Name Trigram: CLF
Nationality Trigram: JUE
Preferred Car Number: 91
Second Choice Car Number: 92
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGPC/WGPC2
Driver's bio: Cesaro Ferrara, the son of Luigi Ferrara and Martina Lombarda-Ferrara, both excellent drivers back in their heyday is the representative, alongside his brother, Alfonso Ferrara of both the Ferrara and Lombarda families of racing. The winner of numerous unofficial racing events in Juvencus, due to lack of an official event in the country, despite its popularity, Cesaro is an excellent all-around driver who can be highly reliable behind the wheel, rarely ever losing his cool, exhibiting a high level technique especially on extremely curved turns and can be quite the aggressor occassionally.

Driver Name: Alfonso Ferrara
Name Trigram: ALF
Nationality Trigram: JUE
Preferred Car Number: 48
Second Choice Car Number: 72
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 2
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGPC/WGPC2
Driver's bio: Cesaro Ferrara's younger brother, Alfonso Ferrara is the other representative of the Ferrara and Lombardi families behind the wheel. While not necessarily as big a name as his much better-rounded older brother, Alfonso possesses perhaps the best technique of any Juven driver in history but only on a day he actually focuses and cares enough to win. He has only won 1 event, the unofficial Santo Domenico race, highly regarded as the hardest of the unofficial races due to the tightness in turns and high abundance of them.
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Postby Valentine Z » Sat Sep 25, 2021 9:35 am

Driver Name: Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian.
Short form: Adriana Kowalski Ela Lillian.
Name Trigram: AKS
Nationality Trigram: VEZ
Driver Nation: Valentine Z / De Geweldige Sierlijke Katachtige Utopia en Zijne Autonome Machten ov Valentine Z
Preferred Car Number: 40
Second Choice Car Number: 31
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4.25
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 2.75
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 5.0
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGPC

Bio: A slightly smaller and younger robot that hails from the land of Poland in Valentine Z, Adriana is a multi-purpose android that is now assisting and helping Clarissa alongside with her work. She always sees Clarissa as her big sister, while Clarissa herself was very excited to work with the younger and smaller robot. All of this is attributed to Adriana's bubbly and jovial nature, as well as being carefree, full of energy, and being curious. Still, standing at 11 feet, perhaps small is relative, since Clarissa defaults out to 20 feet (though at times, she could go as small as 8 feet, or even smaller). Having been participated in WGP2 III, WGP2 IV, and WGPC 18, Adriana aims to bring her usual robotics and Valentian spirit into the world of Grand Prix once again with the future series. In the most recent event that was WGP2 4, Adriana went pretty far as a driver for Fireline Motorsports, winning first two main feature races in a row, though eventually fell short for the rest of the season. Still, the fact that she got pretty far points-wise was something commendable for a Valentians, for Valentine Z does not exactly see success in the scene of WGP just yet. As for WGP2 IV, Adriana didn't have a single thought that it was due to her team's fault and instead, she figured that it might just be because of her habit of driving and the codes that she was running. As a result, after much consultation with Jenny and self-actualization, she decided that she wanted to give her human mind a bit more autonomy instead of the hard-coded codes doing the calculation - that is, she sacrificed her reliability for a bit more aggression. Will this work in the favor of Adriana, will this further worsen things, or will it simply equate down to her doing average for the most parts? Only time and luck will tell, but for now, Adriana signs up for WGPC.


Driver Name: 1st Cpt. Angela Stella Trista Josephine Natalie Rv. E. Tps. “The Eternal Explorer” Bethany Alyssa Valeska Payton. Mikayla Gosling Josie Rowan Serenity Chelsea Mikayla Hannah Tan Fang Ling.
Short form: Angela Stella Tan Fang Ling.
Name Trigram: ANG
Nationality Trigram: VEZ
Driver Nation: Valentine Z / De Geweldige Sierlijke Katachtige Utopia en Zijne Autonome Machten ov Valentine Z
Preferred Car Number: 84
Second Choice Car Number: 33
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.80
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3.90
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.30
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGP2

Bio: A lifetime-long explorer and adventurer, 1st Cpt. Angela is the personnel of Valentine Z that revitalized the space program, as well as being the in-charge of running it and expanding the program itself. She is also one of the few Valentians from The Sixty who was born after the events of Cold War, at around 2002 (Valentine Z is currently in 2096 as the time of WGPC 19 / WGP2 5). Born to Canadian survivors that were taken in from the Cold War, Angela would find herself amazed by the skies, and the space itself in general. Ever since as young as 4 years old, she would find herself fascinated by the stories of astronauts and adventures in space from the pre-Valentian Era, as well as on what lies ahead. She runs the space program of Valentine Z as of today, whilst at the same time encouraging and inspiring the younger Valentians with the stories of her adventures. In the meantime, as the main pilot after Wing Commander Angeline went away for her own commitments, Angela has also seen a fair share of highlights, races, wins and losses, and many more along the way. She also was fascinated by how Adriana handles the car, and with her also being involved in VRSCR (Valentian Rocket Stock Car Racing) and driving a spaceship that tops up at 1e+60 km/h, it would have been an understatement to say that Angela has quite a thing for speed and she wanted to get into the world of international motorsports on her own. Of course, she also does know her limits and as a result, she signed up her name for WGP2 first, figuring that she would not be as ready to race in a championship. As far as her evaluation goes, Angela is seem as someone who uses her physics and astronomy expertise to translate somewhat well in the scene of motorsports, but she likes to take a few risks here and there.
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Postby Valkea » Sat Sep 25, 2021 11:22 am

Engine manufacturer: Sidus
Engine name (if different): Sidus 616M-1B
Reliability (between -1 and 1): -0.50
Actuation (between -1 and 1): 0.75
Tare (between -1 and 1): -0.25

Some IC smothering
Sidus Motor Company has historically been an active participant in motorsports throughout Astyria, particularly in Astyrian Formula One. The company fielded its own AstyF1 team from 1966 to 1973 and has supplied engines to various teams since the 1980s. It wouldn't be until 2006 that Sidus would return to the sport as a works team. Since then it has won four Drivers' and Constructors' Championships (2007, 2012, 2015, and 2020), as well as several more as an engine supplier.

The Sidus 616M-1B is a 1.6L turbo hybrid engine that is supplied to the Grand Prix Auto Pryfors Bilar-Viska team, and it shares largely the same specification that the Sidus AstyF1 team uses for the 2021 season.
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Postby Lisander » Sat Sep 25, 2021 12:06 pm

Driver Name: Anneliese Devereux
Name Trigram: DEV
Nationality Trigram: LIS
Preferred Car Number: 7
Second Choice Car Number: 0
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3.5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGPC
Driver's bio: Some have talent. Some have a rich daddy paying for the parts they destroy. Anneliese Devereux is none of the above. Two years ago, she was about to quit her motorsport dream and search for a job as a mechanical engineer. But she received a push, probably the biggest push ever given to a racing driver in Lisander motorsport history. Going from unemployment to WGPC in three months, she was the star of TAS Alliance Racing, a group of underdogs that joined the WGPC 18 on a whim. Even with a one-year-old car, she was able to avoid the last position of both drivers' and constructors' championships. She was then accepted into Bitten Heroes Academy, to train with Darius Castellammare, learning from his calm and composed style. For the second half of the season, she was already more confident, and in the end, she managed to do the second half of the year better than the first. Having joined as the second driver in the Hodori team, PrismRiver Racing, she continued her development and finished WGP2 in 15th place, ahead of her teammate, Charseyne Valkyria. Aligned with the development of the "new" Bitten Heroes, Sissie is set to be the first driver of the team.

Team Name: Bitten Heroes Academy
Team Nation: Lisander
Nationality Trigram: LIS
Team colour (in hex code): #1f1b32
Reliability (Between 3 and 5): 3.6
Acceleration (Between 2 and 5): 4.4
Turning (Between 2 and 5): 4.0
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Team bio: Bitten Heroes Academy is the junior team of Bitten Heroes Grand Prix Engineering, competing in WGP2 since Season 2. Commanded indirectly by the main team bosses, and relying on the entire Bitten Heroes GPE structure, but with a dedicated and exclusive staff just for WGP2, the Academy Team is the final step before WGPC for virtually all prospective drivers in Lisander. The Academy's young drivers, spread across several championships, see this position as the greatest honour of their career to date. To be in the Academy Team is to have guaranteed at least one foot inside a WGPC cockpit at some point in the future.

With local multi-champion Marc Wiel as Team Principal and under the engineering team of Amy Graad, who, in her first season as Technical Director, has just taken the limited Team Azhaar Pro Racing to TOP 3 in the International Open Wheel Car Championship, the Bitten Heroes Driving Academy Team is ready to return to action.

Circuit Name: Circuito de Grandeville
Race Name: HEDRA Grand Prix de Lisander/MaxxFuels WGP2 Race of Lisander
Track Image: This one.
Lap Record (WGPC Car)(seconds): 1:36.776
Track Length (km): 5.98 km
Qualifying Type (Traditional or One-Shot): Sprint
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 2%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 5
Track technicality (1-10): 5
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 3
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 3
Preferred Series: WGPC and WGP2
Info: Grand Prix de Lisander is set to return after one season, after Circuito de Grandeville being remodeled. The complex gone under big modifications, the most notable is the new pitlane, that is now on the inside of the track, in order to provide safe reentry to the drivers. Other modifications were the transformation of Reta Oposta in a proper straight, that now ends in a hairpin, that runs around the circuit heliport. The circuit is around near 500 meter longer with the new hairpin and the modifications on turns. Last but not least, the final curve that was deemed too irregular is now more rounded.

As always, Circuito de Grandeville goes counter-clockwise. The Start/Finish point was moved in the Grandstands straight far from Bridge curve, and now cars have more space to break and reentry after pits. After bridge, a gentle turn left slight slope towards "Sete", that despite this name, is the third, very closed curve. The sandtrap was removed at the end of the following curve, being unacceptable at this time and age. The Rechristened turn four pushes people for an almost unnoticed climb before the biggest slope in the circuit, the Reta Oposta, that marks the end of Sector 1. A long straight before a close U-turn in the brand new Heliport Hairpin and then the climb starts again. Turns 7, 8 (Treason) and 9 (Quina) are getting tighter little by little, and then the Variante Reversa chicane ends the sequence of curves. After the Reversa, drivers are free to put their feet on gas again, giving some good throttle in the Parabolica for the people in the cheaper stands. Finally, Dive brings cars faster to Grandstands, but not too fast, because the final curve is now more rounded, and can be generously navigated, One for another, the time that would be gained by making "Reta" really a straight is lost on the slightly tighter corners and Hairpin. All in all, the Grandeville Circuit is about seven seconds slower than before.

Grandeville in Autumn is a pretty good city. The weather is mild and there is a slight chance of rain in the evening, however rain tyres are unlikely to be used with the race starting around 2pm. The city itself and its neighbour cities are in the low season, as winter tourism doesn't start until mid-December, and so hotels and restaurants should be low capacity. Surely there won't be any accommodation problems.

Last but not least, Lisander has adopted a completely digital identification/banking/public services system, the LSiD, that unites all data of the citizen in a microchip that can be carried in a card or in any wearable equipment. Foreigners visiting Lisander also get temporary LSiDs with its own information, in case of they need to use some public service, like a hospital. This is not refusable, and failure to comply with this regulation will get foreigners deported. So, if you don't want to get tracked, watch the rounds of Lisander on TV.

Manufacturer Name: Stellenbosch
Reliability (Between -1 and 1): -0.5
Traction (Between -1 and 1): 0.5
R & T ratings should add up to no more than 0.


After being refused a place in the last year, Stellenbosch decided to develop a more reliable tyre to apply for WGPC. The concept, however, has not changed. They still want to make tyres that go faster, even if at cost of reliability. Stellenbosch Tyre, names Superia HS2 is a traction-oriented tyre, and if compared to the more famous Tropicorp, is less economical. However, its cost-benefit is still the best for those looking for more aggressiveness than durability. From this season on, Stellenbosch will produce Superia HS2 from its new factory in Eastern District, Lisander Esportivan Zone.
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Postby Hapilopper » Sat Sep 25, 2021 12:46 pm


A spec engine proposal for the WGP2 Championship

Last season, Preston Autos entered into the world of Grand Prix racing with its stock block Skychief V6 and showed the world that you don’t necessarily need to break the bank or introduce all new technologies to be successful in the world of Grand Prix racing. The turbocharged, 3.43 liter Skychief V6 powered drivers Rudy Edwards and William Archer to three Grand Prix wins, one of them in a points-paying event, and to fourth in the Constructor’s standings. All told, the Skychief V6 program is estimated to cost a third of what a standard WGPC engine would have been.

In the WGP2 specification, Preston will present a turbocharged, 3-liter engine using slightly less boost than the WGPC specification engine. With the hiring of additional personnel and added resources over the last season, Preston is prepared to supply as many as 15 teams with an engine during the WGP2 season, although we understand that not every team will run the engine for the upcoming WGP2 series.

We believe our engine program, if you choose it, will allow teams to cut their engine budget to a third of what they would have expected. By utilizing the Skychief stock block, a team will be able to spend their budget on signing top-flight drivers or on producing a better race car, rather than having to worry about gaining an extra two or three horsepower. The engine is built from the block used for the Preston Skychief road car’s engine, and should produce in the neighborhood of 700 horsepower in WGP2 spec.

On top of that, Preston Autos, with its staff designated for the WGP2 engine program, will be available to help your team get the Skychief V6 ready and mated to your race car while minimizing the possible teething problems associated with it. Should the WGPO select the Skychief V6 program for the upcoming WGP2 Championship, we will be available on call for all your engine needs.

Engine manufacturer: Preston Autos
Engine name (if different): Skychief V6
Reliability (between -1 and 1): -0.5
Actuation (between -1 and 1): 1
Tare (between -1 and 1): -0.5
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Postby Aboveland » Sat Sep 25, 2021 4:22 pm

Driver Name: Janne Laukkanen
Name Trigram: LAU
Nationality Trigram: ABL
Preferred Car Number: 17
Second Preference Car Number: 20
Reliability/Aggression/Technique (total: 12, max. per stat: 5): 3.2/4.8/4
Preferred series: WGPC Only

Bio: With, incredibly, already three full WGP2 seasons under his belt, Kylmajärvi-born Janne Laukkkanen has finally decided—with the full support of his long-time partners Nexus Racing, and no doubt spurred on by Terho Talvela's retirement—to make the jump from the second tier of the WGPO to the flagship championship.

The emotional, introspective 20-year-old broke out onto the world motorsport scene from his ice-racing background to follow in the footsteps of his mentor-to-be Talvela, by snatching a victory in his debut race. The full support of Nexus Racing enabled Laukkanen to maintain a solid performance throughout the season to finish as second runner-up in the championship by the season's end.

Regardless, doubt was cast over his development as a driver in the latter half of his inaugural season, and his second full season of competition did little to quell his skeptics. Coming off the back of a disappointing WGPi campaign with the scrappy Garage Gunners outfit, Laukkanen's second try at WGP2 glory was marred by both the unreliability of the eight-wheeled Chase Cutter prototype and, subsequently, his own internal struggles. 17th in the championship, for the team 10th out of 12 teams overall, was the best he could muster.

Laukkanen believed his WGP2 season 3 campaign had driven an axe through his relationship with Nexus Racing, prompting him to briefly pursue a bail-out association with Tropicorp Racing Ælund. However, the Nimban team had other ideas. Reaffirming their trust in the Abovian, his career was given a lifeline with a third shot at the WGP2 title in season 4—and what a vote of confidence that was. Laukkanen found himself embroiled in the hottest WGPO title fight in years against Heinz-Otto Junker, Ted Pressley, and Anola Melani, and while a final-weekend slump ultimately granted the title to the supremely consistent Junker, his second place in the final standings—after a string of results including back-to-back victories—cemented his fate.

With Terho Talvela's retirement, the stage is set for Laukkanen's WGPC jump, once and for all. Even though he is still contracted to Nexus Racing, the Nimban team's historic lineup is expected to remain unchanged. Rumors claim that Nexus Racing will pursue a "loan" agreement with a rival team—except for Tropicorp Racing Ælund—until either Ryker Lane or Jean Mercer-Daly decide to hang up their helmets (or perhaps, until his contract runs out).


Circuit Name: Fjellutfordring
Race Name: Abovian Grand Prix
Track Image: see above
Lap Record (WGPC Car)(seconds): 70.037
Track Length (km): 4.33
Qualifying Type (Traditional or One-Shot): One-Shot
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 6%
Track aggressiveness* (1-10): 6.3
Track technicality* (1-10): 3.7
*I don't mind minor stat modifications to balance the calendar.

Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 2.5
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 3.8
Preferred Series: WGPC
Info: [The] Fjellutfordring, located in the remote yet populous city of Avsidesliggendevuoret (home to former WGPC driver and WSRC Champion Axel Novikov), received a redesign for its entry bid into the 19th season of the WGPC, aimed at improving the flow of the circuit and encouraging closer racing. The previously V-shaped complex of turns four through seven has been replaced with a flat-out stretch onto the hillsides of the Lesser Brukkifordet Massif, making for a faster—and slightly more treacherous—racetrack. The simple, 11-turn circuit lies nestled in the undulating rocky landscape of the central Abovian city, carved into the bedrock with little space to spare. Despite its relative simplicity, the design of the runoff areas of the circuit, its short length, and the slight elevation changes make for a thrilling ride.

In WGPC18, the event saw the WGPO debut of the sprint + feature race format, with Terho Talvela taking a sensational pole but finishing the feature race second to teammate iBen Toralmintii, ahead of first-time podium sitter and Motorworks driver Dario Nülkeschlager. Ryker Lane was the victor of the subsequent sprint race by a comfortable margin, trumping Erica Okumura of Polaris Racing and embattled Motorworks driver Kinu Luminna on their own podium debut.

The circuit widens as the start/finish straight leads into turn one, a prime overtaking spot with a safe tarmac runoff area to prevent first lap pileups. Drivers must get a good exit for the quick turn two, and be weary of the wall outside of turn three before launching off towards turn four over a wide stretch of undulating bumpy tarmac. Here, the track diverges from its previous layout, as the circuit narrows through the straight dash to turn five and becomes bumpy through to turn six. Drivers must be weary of their braking into the tricky yet wide turn seven chicane, and should prioritize their exit as the track climbs over the crests of the western Abovian landscape across the circuit towards the sweeping, off-camber turn eight. Turn nine slows the drivers down as the tarmac descends throughout the corner to the low-point of turn ten, before climbing once more towards the finish line.
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Postby Diarcesia » Sat Sep 25, 2021 4:56 pm

More signups to follow in future posts

Circuit Name: Elbej Historic Site Circuit
Race Name: Odrioyan Desert Circuit Masters GP
Track Image:
Lap Record (WGPC Car)(seconds): 71.88
Track Length (km): 4.41
Qualifying Type (Traditional or One-Shot): One-Shot
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 1
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 4
Track technicality (1-10): 6
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 3
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 3.2
Preferred Series: WGPC / WGP2 / Test / iROS
Info: The famous Elbej Historic Site in the Odrioyan desert was host to one of the pivotal battles of the Alm-Alessian Civil War, and has been accorded a good deal of historical and cultural value. The circuit was established in 1975 near the city of Almur, and since then has held many Diarcesian WGP3 races. As a result of special arrangements to allow such a track to be built here, the course alters little of its surroundings. This ensured the place's technical nature with an emphasis on challenging corners as well as the breathtaking scenery of its rugged terrain. It began to earn a reputation in international motorsport when PB-Viska's Laura Haukanna won in front of the team's home crowd during WGP2 Season 4.

Drivers start the race with two of its harder corners, Vicious V and Nasty Right. The latter set the stage to one of the most memorable battles between Sara Luna and Aldauren Ginintella in the WGP3. After a breather in Turn Four, the track narrows and snakes through the outcrops of the desert.

Hither and Thither, Turns 11 and 12, poise another challenge to the driver. Enter or exit wrong, then you run the risk of being overtaken with a hard time regaining what you lost. The track then hugs the edge of one of the well-preserved natural craters in Diarcesia, bounded by the wide Turn 12 and the 90-degree Turn 13.

The narrow Turn 14 gives way to a banked Turn 15. Despite what the turning angle suggests, Turn 15 allows for a generous entry speed for the driver to build momentum for the gentle Sword-Singer's Rest and quickly attain top speed at the final straight.

Circuit Name: Pryfors Bilar Raceway
Race Name: Pryfurium Circuit Masters GP
Track Image:
Lap Record (WGPC Car)(seconds): 82.025
Track Length (km): 4.15
Qualifying Type: Sprint
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 5
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 5
Track technicality (1-10): 5
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 4.54
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 3.48
Preferred Series: WGPC / WGP2 / Test / iROS
Info: The wide and free-flowing nature of Diarcesian roads naturally rolls over to this raceway. The test track of the Pryfors Bilar (PB) automotive company was built shortly after its founding, near the original location of its HQ. It has witnessed countless moments of elation, despair, and twisted metal in its many decades of operation. Now, through the tears and grime of times past, it continues to inspire fear and joy in drivers of all abilities. Recently, PB revamped the location and added two new layouts to the track, with the most WGPC-optimized one being Layout C.

The competitors and spectators will experience a mix of thrills and pitfalls along the way. They may come across ancient relics of a bygone era, or even find statues of ancient snakes and lizards that have died out altogether.

The start of the track is located at the end of the Grovedoor Straight, and cars enter the sharp and wide turn of the Console-Passant (Turn One). Cars finishing the previous lap can retain much of their speed entering it and maintain their pace to take the head start of Turn Three. Going to Turn Five, the cars go full-speed again in the next couple of smooth turns. However, drivers must be careful: borrowing from poker terminology, the Flop (Turn Five), Turn (Turn Six), and River (Turn Seven) corners can be unforgiving to those who err.

The second half of the track begins with the lead-up to the Cansay Drift (Turn Eight), normally used by PB to highlight their offerings' handling characteristics. Things slow down a bit and the cars pass under a bridge as the elevation increases. Once they reach the apogee at the Crux of Experience (Turn 10; that it's PB's marketing slogan is no coincidence), the drivers go downhill with a mild meandering stretch towards Turn 11. Another hot overtaking spot, the drivers must maintain their momentum here and on the entrance to the Grovedoor Straight if they don't want to be left behind in the dust as the lap finishes.

The fans who make up the bulk of the racing fan base will be happy to hear that the track does indeed have dedicated sections reserved for special events.

Circuit Name: Sigurd Ring
Race Name: WGPC Race Taffary-Makkonen
Track Image:
Lap Record (WGPC Car)(seconds): 93.08
Track Length (km): 5.7
Qualifying Type (Traditional or One-Shot): One-Shot
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 3
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 4.6
Track technicality (1-10): 5.4
(Aggressiveness and technicality should add up to 10)
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 1.2
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 0.7
Preferred Series: WGPC / WGP2 / Test / iROS
Info: Sigurd Ring is a good way off the main highways leading into and out of the Dieresis of Losphortoene's capital of Ramgardia. The premier location for endurance racers, for the WGPC car, the track is designed to help keep its cars intact from beginning to end of its long lap. Here, the winner is determined by the right balance of race strategy and driver guts. Make a mistake, and you will probably go to a runoff area, your only losses being a lot of lap time and grid positions. DRS zones are generous, and overtaking opportunities are abundant, whether in the high-speed straights or in the low-speed corners.

The biggest events here can hold a crowd of 200-250 thousand. They cheer loudly whenever something unexpected happens, like when a late-braking move proves to be momentum-swinging in the championship leaderboard. This event has lots to help make a WGPC weekend something special.

Team Name: Pryfors Bilar White Unicorns Racing
Team Nation: Diarcesia
Nationality Trigram: DCS
Team colour (in hex code): #8a8266
Reliability (Between 3 and 5): 4.26
Acceleration (Between 2 and 5): 3.42
Turning (Between 2 and 5): 4.32
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Team bio: Inheriting the WGP2 license of the previous Pryfors Bilar-Viska/Air Kalactin team, the entity presently known as White Unicorns is now considered the Diarcesian automaker's junior team. With the company having a full season completed under their belt, they have a strong base of WGP experience and the abilities of the wunderkind Sam Blaatschapen, whose WGP2 debut is heavily anticipated.

White Unicorns is a Dyrrhonian Isles-based company who lent their name to the team as part of a landmark sponsorship deal with Pryfors Bilar.
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Postby Squidroidia » Sat Sep 25, 2021 6:34 pm

Driver Name: Daryl Mizushima
Name Trigram: MIZ
Nationality Trigram: SQR
Preferred Car Number: 63
Second Choice Car Number: 71
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 2.5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.5
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGPC

Driver's bio: Daryl Mizushima, although not having been in an open-wheeled car before stepping into the wild world of the World Grand Prix Championship, had his ups and downs in his rookie season. He started off with a glimpse of what he was truly made of by scoring pole position at the Cocoabo Expo trials, but fizzled his chance as it became a DNF. After finding his calling and joining the Motorworks team, his teammates raw ability combined with his inexperience in, well, everything, landed him DNQ after DNQ, and rarely did he ever start a Grand Prix, his highlight of the season was a Q4 and ultimately P9 masterclass in Hapilopper City for his first WGPC points.

Since then Daryl has been finding action wherever he could get it, participating in a couple races in the Chinese Territories of the Sherpa Empire, making a NSSCRA start at Spartansburg, and was even poised to represent his country at the IBA World Cup of Motorsport... Until that fizzled out. With the added time behind the wheel, Daryl believes that he could have a shot at a consistent midpack finish.

Aged 19, with a height of 5' 8" and a weight of 140 pounds, Daryl is the son of Yusuke Mizushima, founder and owner of the FunStar media empire in Squidroidia. He is a very aggressive driver and isn't shy to risk his race in the pursuit of glory. He is also good friends with TJUN-ian Lane Carter, a relationship that still lasts to this day.

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Postby Nykipiflugpuu » Sat Sep 25, 2021 8:37 pm

Driver Name: Taavi Kiirejäävõistejä
Name Trigram: KIR
Nationality Trigram: NKY
Preferred Car Number: 69
Second Choice Car Number: 11
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 5
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4.6
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 2.4
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGP2

Bio: As most Nykipiks, Taavi Kiirejäävõisteja was born in the small, cozy capital of Nykipiflugpuu, and was trained from a young age in using dog-pulled sleighs as his primary means of transportation in the frigid, isolated comfort of his home, where fuel is scarce and rubber freezes solid at certain tiimes of the year.

It would seem, however, that during his late childhood going into his teens, Nykipiks would discover the art of making biofuels as a replacement for conventional diesel, and devised a method of using walrus blubber to keep temperature in their studded road tyres at useable levels. These automotive breakthroughs in the small Svalbardian republic gave way to the rise of amateur ice racing, using homemade machines propelled by surplus generator engines or rarely used lawnmower powerplants.

Along with his late father Pavlo, the Kiirejäävõistejas developed a compact, tubular framed machine which, outputting just 34 horsepower and weighing under 300 kilograms--including the 161 centimeter tall Taavi--became a proven winner on the ice races of the glaciers of Nykipiflugpuu. The Sparkswoodian war, however, waged by Abovian forces on Nykipish land, swiftly halted Taavi's development as a racing driver, and the subsequent political turmoil which engulfed the hermit nation further pushed it into isolation.

Recently, despite a (hardly successful) outing in the Nexus Racing Driver Academy (finishing... last), the driver fondly known among his friends and family as Kiiri was called up by the Abovian Autosport Association to form part of Team Aboveland in the nation's inaugural participation in the Atlantian Oceania Motorsport Championship. Despite rarely stealing the spotlight from his teammates, Kiiri did manage to make a respectable name for himself as a dependable asset throughout the season. As additional outings alongside a shady man known as Kuldar Erakkpyyseppä in the AOCAR stock car championship have borne little fruit, the Timantirkan has decided a return to formula racing—in the form of an attempt at racing in WGP2—is the next step in store for his mildly unusual career.

Circuit Name: Iskohtirinkyy
Grand Prix Name: Grand Prix of the Polestar
Track Image:Image
Lap Record (F1/WGPC Car): 1:34.922
Track Length (km): 3.36
Qualifying Type (Traditional, One-Shot): One-shot
Chance of rain (1%-20%): 20%
Track aggressiveness (1-10): 5
Track technicality (1-10): 5
Overtaking Difficulty (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is easy, 5 is difficult): 0.1
Margin for error (0.1 - 5. 0.1 is forgiving, 5 is treacherous): 5
Preferred Series: Any

Info: Iskohtirinkyy, located a few kilometers from the center of Külmäkutitõmbuvadipallyyt, Nykipiflugpuu, (pronounced: cool-mah-coo-tee-toim-bu-va-di-PAH-lit); literally, "Ball-shrivelingly cold place"), returns to the WGPC bidding pool for a third time, off the back of a highly successful[citation needed] competition debut in the previous season of WGP2, as host of a non-points-scoring race. The layout of the circuit takes inspiration from existing folkrace ice tracks in Nykipiflugpuu and Aboveland, keeping with their flowing, curvy nature. To encourage organic overtakes and to maintain the flow of the circuit, the starting grid exists beyond the main circuit, while the pit-lane, paved with temporary asphalt for comfort and practicality, borders the starting straight. Despite its short length, Iskohtirinkyy produces lap times above the minute and a half by virtue of its loose surface. The track is rather wide, enough to fit almost four cars across throughout most of the circuit. Every single corner has been designed with overtaking and clean racing in mind, and though the lack of square or sharp corners might be concerning to asphalt racing purists, the nature of the dynamic racing line of an ice circuit negates the need for overtaking zones. The track limits, in true ice-racing fashion, are compacted snowbanks, firm enough to allow for drivers to lean on the snow to make a corner but potentially hazardous should drivers get too confident. The track surface, composed of compacted snow, solid ice, and a permafrost base, has been examined and treated to ensure its condition would remain acceptable throughout an entire Grand Prix race.

Owing to Nykipiflugpuu's location within the Arctic circle, the weather at Iskohtirinkyy would prove to be another challenge. For starters, the sun does not rise in the entirety of Nykipiflugpuu from late October to mid February; the NTSB has responded with the installation of portable lighting systems, powered by imported renewable energy from the mainland (but opening the bid to potential energy partners), to mitigate the inconvenience. As far as meteorological matters go, there is a high chance of precipitation and strong, gusty winds, particularly in the vicinity of Külmäkutitõimbuvalipallyyt. Drivers must be focused to adapt to the gusty, gale force winds, and remain aware of the chance of there being a sudden bout of solid precipitation, in the form of snow or sleet. Moreover, temperatures are expected to remain below freezing throughout the event, proving a challenge for both driver and machine; conscious of the multiversal nature of the event, the NTSB has invested heavily in providing heated hospitality suites and paddock facilities to ensure teams will be able to operate to their fullest potential despite the treacherous weather, and recommends teams forgo weight saving measures in favor of insulated racing equipment.

As the track has an ice surface, the Nykipiflugpuu Tourism and Sporting Board recommends tyre manufacturers provide studded tyres for the hypothetical Polar Grand Prix, otherwise offering a state sponsored service by private Abovian contractors to adapt existing rubber to the conditions. Alternatively, the fitting of tyre chains is allowed, and they are the minimum required modification for all competitors to be eligible to participate. Alternative, unorthodox methods of gripping to the track surface are permitted as well, and to a degree, encouraged. All-wheel drive, while perhaps impossible to implement on existing machines, might prove an advantage over front or rear wheel drive vehicles.
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Postby Abanhfleft » Sun Sep 26, 2021 12:29 am

Driver Name: William Archer
Name Trigram: ARC
Nationality Trigram: AFT
Preferred Car Number: 8
Second Choice Car Number: 20
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 3
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 5
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGPC Only
Driver's bio:
The son of controversial NSSCRA driver Guillermo Archer. William Archer missed out on a ride in first WGP2 season, but that didn't stop him from getting signed by Preston Autos GP. A win in a midseason test convinced Preston that they were on the right track, and now he's back for a second season to keep up Preston's improvement.

Driver Name: Adonis Fitzpatrick
Name Trigram: FTZ
Nationality Trigram: AFT
Preferred Car Number: 74
Second Choice Car Number: 47
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 4.25
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 3.75
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Preferred Series: WGP2 Only
Driver's bio:
Donny Fitzpatrick missed out on a WGP2 ride last season but filled in for Taras Matviyenko in the midseason tests. With Matviyenko now retiring, Donny has been retained by UrGa as their new WGP2 driver.
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WGP2 Team Signup - UrGa

Postby Trans-Dniesters » Sun Sep 26, 2021 12:39 am

Team Name: UrGa Motorsports Division (shorthand)
Urotovsky-Gatutin Motorsports Division (official name)
Team Nation: Pridnestrovia
Nationality Trigram: PDN
Team colour (in hex code): #008000
Reliability (Between 3 and 5): 5
Acceleration (Between 2 and 5): 3.25
Turning (Between 2 and 5): 3.75
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.
Team bio:
The Urotovsky-Gatutin General Machine Building Enterprise, commonly shortened to just UrGa, was established on 29 May 1936 under Mikhail Ustinovich Urotovsky and Mikhail Abramovich Gatutin to produce trucks for the Pridnestrovian Army as well as the numerous collectivized farms throughout Pridnestrovia. During the Pridnestrovian-Ixanian War of 1941-47, UrGa began producing T-34 tanks alongside their trucks to aid in the war effort, with an estimated 4,200 tanks rolling off of their production lines by war's end. In the 1950s, Mikhail Gatutin created the Gatutin Space and Rocketry Bureau which would produce the Ga-36 ballistic missile, the backbone of Pridnestrovia's nuclear launch capability in the 60s to the 80s. The Ga-36 was also the inspiration for the Feniks rocket which carried Pridnestrovian cosmonauts into space. More recently, specifically the turn of the new millennium, UrGa entered the automotive industry by acquiring the controlling stake in Minchev Automobiles, an Abanhfleft-based company renowned for producing simple, cheap, and rugged cars and pickup trucks.

In the field of motorsports, UrGa is not among the best, but it's also not among the worst. The Minchev Bobcat has been the primary truck used by the Abanhfleft Racing Truck Series for over thirty years, and in terms of Grand Prix racing, UrGa Motorsports Division won the inaugural Coalition Gran Prix Racing Association constructors' championship in 2021. Other teams have since edged UrGa out of the Coalition constructors' title race, but that hasn't stopped them from dreaming of bumping elbows with the elite of multiversal Grand Prix racing. And what better place to start than in WGP2?
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