The World Assembly Addresses the Nuclear Apocalypse.

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The World Assembly Addresses the Nuclear Apocalypse.

Postby Morover » Tue Sep 21, 2021 9:02 am


Statement on the Nuclear Apocalypse

Good evening, nations of the world. My name is Brooklyn Shea, and I am the leader of Morover. As I'm sure you are all aware, nuclear war looks to be more and more imminent by the day - an inevitability of utmost consequences. While the ideal situation is always to avoid such apocalyptic scenarios altogether, it appears we are past the point of no return -- again.

I have requested that our esteemed international delegation, Morovian Department on the World Assembly work with Gregory Perise, Morovian ambassador to the Security Council, in order to draft a statement on behalf of the World Assembly on this situation. I believe that this statement is essential in the resolution of this catastrophe, and I urge you all to look it over. My hope is that we will be able to bring this before the entire Assembly, and have official documentation of such an event on the books. I have attached a copy of this statement to this telegraph.

I appreciate you reading, and I wish you all a good day, and good luck in Armageddon. ... 1632240010
The World Assembly Security Council,

Observing the currently ongoing volley of nuclear missiles and warheads across the multiverse,

Mildly perturbed at the frequency of such acts of aggression, happening at suspiciously regular intervals of time, about one year apart from one another,

Concerned for the wonderful nations of the World Assembly’s wellbeing during these atomic get-togethers, which may result in a less-than-ideal situation for many of the profoundly good and moral nations residing under the governance of this organization,

Gleefully noting, however, that some notoriously evil nations get bombed into oblivion during these events, meaning that there is a compelling reason for them to join the World Assembly and start on a path towards recovery and goodness,

Celebrating the goodwill brought among several groups of nations and regions, known as “factions”, which ultimately can foster positive relations between previously isolated groups of people,

Finding the chaos arising from these events to be a generally positive recess from the mundaneness of this realm, which some have described as “stagnating”, “generally boring”, or “mind-numbingly tedious”,

Concerned, though, about the safety of the Security Council at large if any malevolent actors were to shift their warmongering focus to the building of the World Assembly, and the largely negative effects that hurling nuclear megabombs towards our esteemed Assembly would incur,

Asking, in light of this, that any nations thinking of blowing up the home of the Security Council, to not do that,

Reemphasizing the fact that it would be an objectively very bad thing if any nations were to aim their full arsenal of weapons of mass destruction at any building containing gnomish personnel of the World Assembly, even though there is no formal method in which this Assembly can retaliate with material action should that action occur,

Growing rather suspicious at the lack of demonstrable aftermath following this should-be-armageddon, and worried at the implications that such a finding would have on this realm at large,

And believing that, with all these factors combined, this so-called “N-Day” shall be remembered now and forever,

Henceforth endorses any and all activities that occur under the name of N-Day, in good jest and abject chaos.
World Assembly Author

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Nono germani
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Postby Nono germani » Tue Sep 21, 2021 9:04 am

time to nuke the world assembly!

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Postby Hannasea » Tue Sep 21, 2021 9:08 am

OOC: No, it doesn't. The Security Council Addresses the Nuclear Apocalypse.

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Drew Durrnil
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Postby Drew Durrnil » Tue Sep 21, 2021 10:25 pm

this type of resolution is a big part of the reason why declarations were added to the game
good job
I'll vote for this resolution
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