St. George Introduces New Tank

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St. George Introduces New Tank

Postby Texkentuck » Mon Sep 20, 2021 1:25 am

St. George Combat and Defense develops the latest in innovation for the Texkentuck Armed Forces from Naval ships to the very pen the President may use.

The Newest development by St. George is the new Hammerhead Tank for the Texkentuck Armed Forces. Currently it's not for sale like the SeaLander. The vehicle is new and will soon be the vehicle to replace many older tanks. The T-1 Hammerhead Tank with a Mk-19 Attached.

St. George has rolled out a new vehicle the SeaLander
an armored carrier vehicle that runs on diesel and compensates to save on fuel efficiency by the advanced solar panels on the turret. The SeaLander is a militarized carrier vehicle that can withstand the blast from most tank shells. It has caging on the side to stop propelled rockets. This vehicle is able to go across land and ocean. This vehicle is able to carry troops or it can be converted into a moving rocket launch pad. The only material we are not selling with the vehicle is our radar reflective technology. We are selling the advanced scope and solar technology that allows for the tank to run systems when not powered. The SeaLander may convert into a missile launch pad. The solar panels open out of the way like suicide doors for the missile to launch.

St. George is Currently working on a militarized armored train to run through each state of Texkentuck.
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