Sun, Sea and Oil Sands [PMC RP] [OOC - OPEN]

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Sun, Sea and Oil Sands [PMC RP] [OOC - OPEN]

Postby Ubaria » Fri Sep 10, 2021 5:37 pm

In-Character Thread


Welcome to San Marlín

San Marlín, a roughly hewn emerald island located in the crystal clear aquamarine waters of the Lesser Antilles islands. A mere stone’s throw from the coasts of northern Venezuela, the island was named by Spanish explorers after the abundance of the namesake sailfish teeming in the nearby waters. Like many islands of the Lesser Antilles and indeed the Caribbean on the whole, San Marlín enjoys a measure of sovereignty granted to it by it’s former Dutch overlords following their decolonisation efforts in the wake of World War 2. In centuries past, the island swapped ownership between the Dutch and Spanish many times and traces of both European cultures, as well as traditional Afro-Caribbean roots can be found to this day.

San Marlín is mainly known for three things. Cheap Holidays. Fishing and also the inexorable Petroleum industry. The rich reservoirs of natural fossil fuels contained deep below the glassy waters and on the coasts contain several dozen years worth of crude oil and so have been exploited by the powers that be for the benefit of the first world. The oil is processed on site and shipped to partners across the globe that include the U.S and the Netherlands to name two. Due to this, San Marlín could be considered one of the richest small Caribbean islands, with a strong tourism industry and secondary Aloe and Sugarcane export to pad out it’s coffers.

As with a lot of the world, the oil money rarely finds it’s way back to the people and the petroleum industry is barely tolerated, they are further vilified due to numerous oil spills and extensive pollution to the waters surrounding the area. Additionally, the island has been the centerpoint of increasing tensions with the Venezuelan government, officially it’s gripe is with fishing rights to the nearby waters though it’s obvious it’s part of a wider campaign to curb western influences in the region, with Venezuela becoming tighter partners with Russia, it’s obvious why.

The South American nation’s partnership with Russia is not just one of economic benefit, but of military also, with the supply of hundreds of small arms, vehicles and aircraft it has bolstered the nation’s strength several fold and brought about a new era in the country's fraught history. NATO and western powers have been unwilling to be drawn into lengthy political conflict over the region and have awarded nothing but inefficacious threats and hollow words.

San Marlín is officially a protectorate of the Dutch government and maintained a token force upon the island as part of an international peacekeeping force, though in recent years due to military budget cuts the base fell by the wayside and was then occupied by a newly formed San Marlín Defence Force, a light military utilising mainly old cold-war hand me downs that were thrust into the hands of untrained men and women. It’s barely enough to ward off pirates though maintains a semblance of peace among the discontented populace.

Due to the rising tempers in the region, as well as the obvious jingoistic military parades carried out by the Venezuelan military, a smaller installation has been bought out by Taxom, a major petroleum company operating in the area and has installed a small contingent of security contractors from WhiteTree Support International; a U.S based Private Military Contractor with a lengthy portfolio of successful - albeit controversial - contracts in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and South-East Asia.

The year is 2018. Taking place in a world not too dissimilar to the once we are used to, though is perhaps a little more fraught with conflict. International tensions are at an all-time high due to dwindling natural resources and an increasing disparage of wealth has caused military and civil conflicts throughout the world. Whilst the wars of the world are far from culminating in a majorly devastating conflict, smaller conflicts rage on daily.

We are part of a team of contractors hired by a Petroleum company to protect their assets and interest in the small island nation of San Marlin, an Ex-Dutch colony in the Lesser Antilles and a hotbed for crude oil extraction and processing. However, the regional power of Venezuela looms over the island like a dark cloud necessitating our presence.
Tutela per vim

WhiteTree Support Initiatives, or simply just WSI, is a Private Military Contractor based in Colombia, South Carolina. Founded in 1998 under the name ‘Apex International’ by Ex-U.S Army Major Geoff Whitetree, they were heavily involved in the Iraq war and later Afghanistan, providing security for U.S forces based in both nations. After being linked to events surrounding the 2004 Equatorial Guinea coup attempt, they became a disreputable name and eventually rebranded to WhiteTree, later on being acquired by Canadian based security conglomerate Regina Corp.

WhiteTree, now on a serious payroll, continued to secure contracts around the globe offering up their security services to second and third-world nations, offering not only military solutions but also provided disaster relief and aid work to nations suffering from the effects of natural disasters, famine and war.

Composed of mostly ex-military and police professionals from nations around the globe, their current deployment capabilities cover the world over, with around 7000 staff located in 17 offices around the world, carrying out contracts in 17 different countries. Their latest deployment is to the Caribbean island nation of San Marlin, their mission is primarily to provide security assistance to Taxom Petroleum Corporation installations and staff, though they have also additionally been subsidized by Taxom to train the local San Marlin Defense Force.

WhiteTree has deployed with a contingent of two specialist security teams to provide close asset protection and installation protection, a training team to assist in developing the skills and assets of the local military force, and both a logistical and administrative team to back them up. Based out of Operational Base Tempest, a small compound a short drive south of Aeropuerto de Saledo, though it maintains a small security annex at Taxom’s regional HQ on the island. They have also been granted additional access to both a hangar at Aeropuerto De Saledo and Puerta Lago for logistical necessities.

Officially, WhiteTree’s contract lasts eighteen months with a mid-contract rotation, though an additional extension is anticipated due to the volatile regional situation, perhaps to an even more permanent position.

Since WIS contractors hail from all over the globe, from a variety of military and civilian backgrounds, contractors are permitted to carry any weapon they feel comfortable handling, provided it is within contractual parameters. WhiteTree cannot guarantee that ammunition will always be provided for weapons with more exotic calibres and operators using weapons with rare or difficult to source ammunition will be asked to provide their own.

Additionally, WhiteTree cannot guarantee identical weapon replacements for units that are lost or damaged, though can provide standardized replacements in the form of an AR-15 Carbine, AK-77m Rifle or Glock 19 sidearm. Heavy weapons such as Anti-Tank launchers, shoulder fired missiles and recoilless rifles will be issued to trained operators on a per-contract basis.

WIS also utilizes a fleet of up-armored vehicles upgraded with the latest in ballistic protection technology. Most of the workforce consists of Ford-F Types, Chevrolet Tahoes or Yukon XL’s, upgraded to withstand small arms fire and IED blasts, additionally many units are upgraded with tactical encrypted satellite uplinks. Armed units come specially equipped with an FN MAG or Minimi on a 360 ring mount for fire support.

The Bell-205 serves as the rotary wing workhouse, fulfilling both personnel transportation and light support roles with some teams feilding the EC155. WIS also operates a handful of Mi-8’s for heavier logistical needs.

For fixed wing aircraft, WIS own two AN-12 Cubs that provide longer range transport and logistical needs where the Pilatus PC-12 operates as a VIP transport aircraft. The Cessna 208 Grand Caravan serves as a platform for both aerial surveillance & command/control roles.
At the present time, the RP is going to be limited to a security team rather than any of the other roles purely due to keeping things in one place. There will be a spot for a pilot perhaps, if more people join and there's a demand for it, i'll consider opening up other roles. That said, you are allowed up to two characters at maximum, otherwise it becomes confusing and people take on too much of a workload.

Most of you should know the etiquette expected of RP’s and i hope you’ll adhere to them. To make it clear, OP wields absolute power over the course of the RP including those in it and any decision they make is final. Co-Ops also wield this power but any decision they make can be overridden by OP if necessary.

Many military based RP’s suffer from a specific manner of problems and most of you will know what I mean. ‘The angsty loner’ trope among them. To be clear, you are an adult, not some moody teenager that likes to throw tantrums or start trouble for no discernable reason. That means you’re not going to be going around punching fellow squadmates for no good reason, being overly aggressive or hostile, being racist or demeaning (this has no real place anywhere). There may be IC disagreements between characters hailing from different nationalities, cultures and religions but handle these disagreements tactfully and there won’t be any problems. Start a knife fight in the mess hall over somebody slighting you and you’ll be ejected. One warning.

The ‘One Man Army’ trope is another common one. You’re a human, a soldier granted but still a human subject to wear and fatigue just like everyone else. Not only does carrying two assault rifles, a shotgun, an rpg, twelve grenades and 1000 rounds of ammunition not really make any sense from a realism standpoint, you’d be detracting from the co-operative experience of everyone playing their role. This also means you’re not going to be iron man. You’re not invincible and you’re mortal like everyone else, taking a 7.62 to the neck and proceeding to murder several soldiers in a room with your handgun isn’t fun nor realistic. Keep it grounded.

Normal RP rules apply. No meta, no godmodding. Ect. Ect. Try to maintain decent grammar and spelling throughout your posts. If English isn’t your first language, help is on hand.
Code: Select all
[size=85][color=#616161]//WhiteTree Support Initiatives - Contractor Personnel File//
For administrative use [i][b]ONLY[/b]. Unauthorized access, distribution or modification will result in legal action.
Property of WhiteTree Support Initiatives. A Regina Corporation subsidiary.[/i][/color]

[b][u]Biographical Information[/u][/b]
Name: (First, Middle & Last)
Nationality: (Primary & any secondary)
Date of Birth: (Note minimum age would realistically be mid twenties)
Appearance: (Image plus brief description of distinguishing features)

[b][u]Personal & Professional Background[/u][/b]
Previous Occupation:
Medical History:

Military or Police Branch:
Previously held Rank:
Operational Role:
Skills & Qualifications:

[b][u]Additional Information[/u][/b]
Phycological Evaluation: (Personality traits, quirks and characteristics. What makes your character tick? What are their values? Hopes? Fears?

Biography: (A couple of paragraphs here will suffice.)

[b][u]Equipment Form[/u][/b]
Primary Weapon: (Platform, Calibre & Attachments)
Secondary Weapon: (Platform, Calibre & Attachments. Optional)
Sidearm: (Platform, Calibre & Attachments)

Tactical Equipment: (Anything kept on person in a rig or carrier. Includes grenades. Medical kits. Survival tools and such)
Clothing: (Head to toe. Keep in mind this is sub-tropical Caribbean heat. You won't need anything heavy. Expect rain and possible storms)
Additional Equipment: Anything in a rucksack or holdalls or carried in a vehicle. Specialist medic equipment, power tools, additional ammunition.)
As per our contract with Taxom Petroleum, our arrangement is as follows;

  • Protection of persons and assets operated and/or affiliated with the Taxom Petroluem Corporation or it’s associates.
  • Provide tactical assistance in the form of weapon and tactics training to members of the San Marlin Defense Force.

Several sites operated by the Taxom Petroleum Corporation are assigned as follows;
Site Alpha: Reserved for FOB Tempest
Site Bravo: Reserved for Security Annex located in Aracigua
Site Charlie: Taxom Petroleum Regional HQ based in Puerta De La Marlin
Site Delta: Taxom Petroleum Storage Terminal based in Icana
Site Epsilon: Taxom Petroleum Processing Plant based in Icana
Site Foxtrot: Taxom Petroleum Processing Plant based in Suano
Site Gamma: Taxom Regional Director private residence based in Aracigua
Site Hotel: Taxom Petroleum Airport Hangar based in Aeropuerto Internacional de San Marlin
Site Zeta: Morros Military Base

Our security mandate extends to every member of the Taxom Petroleum Corporation based on the island, though there are several VIP's that require close protection at all times, these are as follows;

Phaero - Eric Maynard Jr - Taxom Petroleum San Marlin Regional Director
Ramses - Gregory Feyette - Taxom Petroleum Field Operations Director
Cleopatra - Natalia Sommerfield - Taxom Petroleum Liason Agent
Ptolemy - Jonathan Holmes - Taxom Petroleum Director of International Compliance

You are to act in accordance with international and local law. You are not authorized to initiate hostilities with targets not initiating hostilities with Taxom or WhiteTree staff. You are only to fire your weapons if any of the mission objectives are directly threatened. You are by no means allowed to initiate conflict for any reason other than stated previously.

Any alteration or amendment to the mission objectives will be outlined by your superiors.
Map of San Marlin

Located around eighty kilometers from the coast of Venezuela, San Marlin is one of the larger islands in the Antilles chain, with a rough area of 4000km2 mostly consisting of low lying hills and plains covered in a smattering of light rainforests throughout and relatively dry forest in the north and eastern sections of the island. Pico de Vallemosa is the island's highest point which stands at 2572m above sea level and is visible from everywhere on the island.

The capital of Puerta de la Marlin or Puerta Marlin, is the islands most populated city, containing roughly around 55% of the islands population of 172,000 and is the most built up, containing state of the art modern port facilities able to berth and service coastal tankers and container ships as well as larger crude oil tankers. The Bolivar highway runs the periphery of the islands and connects all the major towns and cities to the infrastructural network and runs past the International airport, a modern facility constructed back in 2011 where previously, most international air traffic could only be accepted at Saledo Airport. Most other airports on the island are regional only and are either unpaved or rough landing strips.

San Marlin is dominated by the Petroleum industry, with multiple storage plants and processing facilities dotted around the island, all are owned by the Taxom Petroleum Corporation which has maintained a presence on the island since the late 50's. Whilst it has bought a lot of wealth to the island, most of this has been retained by the government of San Marlin and it's cabal of leaders who have been accused of charges ranging to embezzlement and tax fraud, leading to an air of discontent on the island. In 2015 a terrorist bomb attack in the town of Suano killed sixty-two people, whilst most were native citizens it claimed the lives of several foreign nationals and so the island quickly came under international scrutiny.

In 2017 a political faction under the name 'The Sons of Bolivar' killed several police officers in a shootout in the town of La Valera and took several hostages in a nearby sawmill, several of which were Dutch nationals working on behalf of a GMO company working on the island. Several hostages were accidentally killed when soldiers of the national Gendarmerie accidentally set the factory abalze when deploying smoke grenade canisters in preparation for an assault, the subsequent shootout killed six soldiers, fifteen gunmen and eight civilians, several dying in medical care due to injuries either sustained by smoke inhalation or gunshot wounds.
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Current Contractors

// 1st Security Element 'Anubis' // - James Richard Webber - Commander // Ubaria
/ 1st Security Squadron 'Ra' /

Fireteam Blue

Fireteam Red

/ 2nd Security Squadron 'Set' /

Fireteam Green
Fireteam Yellow

// 2nd Security Element 'Panther' //

// 1st Tactical Support Element 'Ares' //

// 1st Logistics Element 'Nyx' //
/ 1st Rotor-Wing Support Team 'Stork' /

  • 2x Bell-205 Transport Helicopters
/ 2nd Rotor-Wing Support Team 'Crane' /

  • 2x Bell-205 Transport Helicopters

// On-Site Assets Available //

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Postby Anowa » Fri Sep 10, 2021 5:39 pm

App should be up in the next few days hopefully.
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Postby Kyraina » Fri Sep 10, 2021 5:46 pm

//WhiteTree Support Initiatives - Contractor Personnel File//
For administrative use ONLY. Unauthorized access, distribution or modification will result in legal action.
Property of WhiteTree Support Initiatives. A Regina Corporation subsidiary.

Biographical Information
Name: Joseph "Bear who Flys" Bridges
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Dallas, TX
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 29 Sep 1987
Appearance: Image
Joseph Stands at 6’2” and 225 lbs. On his upper arms are tribal tattoos, including one of a Brown Bear. He is missing his Right leg below the Knee cap.

Personal & Professional Background
Education: Certification from Pike Peak CC for Power sports technology, CCAF degree in airfield management, A.S. in Gunsmithing from Colorado School of Trades, bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from UCCS
Previous Occupation: Volunteer Firefighter/USAF CCT
Medical History: 2015-Right Leg amputated below the Knee
2013 Boxers Fracture, Right Hand
2003 wisdom teeth removed

Military or Police Branch: United States Air Force
Unit: USAF Basic Training And CCT Tech School (2005-2007)
21st sts (2007-2010)
321st STS (2010-2012)
24th STS (2012-2013)
Delta Force (2013-2016)
Attached to the 10th Spec Forces Group (2016-2018)
Previously held Rank: E-7 Master Sgt
Operational Role: Combat Controller/Marksmen
Skills & Qualifications:
Air Traffic Controller
Gunsmith and Armourer
Motorcycle Endorsement
Small, Medium, and Big Game Hunter

Additional Information
Phycological Evaluation: Joseph has been described as sarcastic and a smart ass, yet is also caring. He jokes often trying to get others to not take situations so seriously outside of combat. he believes the more relaxed you are when the bullets fly the better off you will be.

Biography: Joseph was born in Dallas, TX to a German Engineer as a Father and a Muscogee Nurse as a Mother, he is the 3rd of 7 kids. Growing up Joseph wasn't always the fastest or strongest, or even the smartest, and while often picked on, had a gift for hockey. Joseph wanted to serve after his oldest sibling was killed in NYC on 9/11, however his wish to serve in the US military made people bully him more just because he was built like a bean pole. One day the bullying eventually stopped as his hockey coach had put Joseph on a work out regimen and Joseph had gained the confidence to stand up for himself, and in his Junior and senior years lead his highschool to back to back Texas High School Hockey state championships.

After Graduating highschool Joseph enlisted in the USAF as a Combat Controller or CCT. After 2 years of pipeline training and a year of On the Job Training at 21st Special Tactics Squadron (STS), Joseph was deployed to Iraq attached to a team Green Beret ODA Team. After a year in Iraq Joseph returned stateside and continue to deploy a missions around the world in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. in 2010 while in Afghanistan Joseph met a woman from the army in the CST or Culture Support Team that would later become his wife, Her Name was Ashley Williams, who he had 1 son and 1 daughter with.

In 2012, Joseph was hand picked for the 24th STS, and starting in 2013 was sent to Delta Force, spending deployment time in Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan fighting ISIS, often working with the Kurds in Iraq and Syria. In 2016 Joseph's assignment with Delta ended and was one of the Airmen attached to the 10th Special Forces group at fort Carson, CO, joined the a Local volunteer fire department and was promoted to Master Sgt (E7). In 2017 was a difficult year for Joseph as Ashley was killed when She was deployed Afghanistan by a car bomb, and while Joseph was deployed to Syria he was shot in the left leg below the knee by ISIS Insurgency Forces, forcing his left leg below the knee to be amputated and replaced with a prosthetic leg below his left knee. In Mid 2018 Joseph was Medically retired from the USAF after completed Rehab. He and his kids stayed in Colorado Springs, CO. His parents and His late wife's parents moved to be close to him and help him with his Kids. After a couple Months of bouncing from Job to Job, Joseph applied and was hired by Whitetree.

Equipment Form
Primary Weapon: HCAR, .30-06. Attachments include A 4x Trijcon Acog, Canted to left side BUIS, PEQ-15, and a Forward grip with built in Bi pod
Secondary Weapon: Vector SMG, .45 ACP. Attachments include a Red Dot sight and PEQ-15
Sidearm: Glock 21, .45 ACP. No attachment

Tactical Equipment: IFAK
4+1 .30-06 Metal Mags for HCAR
SOG Tactical Backpack with Carl G ammo (2X Confined Space Round, 2xFlare Round, 2x HE antipersonnel)
2 AR500 Lightweight level 3 plates
AN/PRC-148 MBITR with earpiece and throat mic
2x 12 guage Shell Bags: 16x Winchester .00 Buckshot, 6x Brenneke ATS slugs, 6x Drag Stabilized Bean Bag rounds
SOG Voodoo Hawk
Ontario 6150 499 Air Force Survival Knife
15 Glock 21 Mags
5 Glock 21 30 round Mags
Various solid color Cargo Pants and Cargo Shorts
various solid color tshirts and button up shirts.
Rocky spec ops combat boots in the color of sage green.
two pair dark brown Arait square toe cowboy boots.
Sage Green boonie hat
black 5.11 baseball hat
a black ops core fast helmet.
A Pair of Oakley MFrames 3.0 with clear safety lenses
A pair of steel colored Oakley Gascans with Polarized Prizm sunglass lenses
Oakley SI Ballistic Goggles
Ops Core Half-Mask Respirator with 5x Filters
Additional Equipment:
SOG Machete
50ft of 550 Paracord
Bushnell 4x20 binocs
4 extra Prostatic Lower right Legs
Picture of His kids and deceased wife
The Bosch FL12B 12 V Max worklight with spare battery and charger
Tools for gunsmithing
Monocular PVS-14 with head mount with spare battery
CAT S60 Smart Phone
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Postby Soviet Farm » Fri Sep 10, 2021 5:50 pm

will begin working tonight

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//WhiteTree Support Initiatives - Contractor Personnel File//
For administrative use ONLY. Unauthorized access, distribution or modification will result in legal action.
Property of WhiteTree Support Initiatives. A Regina Corporation subsidiary.


Biographical Information
Name: Lesley Sarah Rutledge
Nationality: British
Birthplace: Dumfries, Scotland
Date of Birth: 05/10/1987

Lesley Sarah Rutledge stands at five feet, eleven inches in stature with blue eyes and red hair, weighing at one hundred and fifty pounds, having an athletically lean build kept in shape via vigorous exercise regimen and active lifestyle.

Personal & Professional Background
  • Basic training - Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, Devon. (2004)
    • Undertook and completed phase 1 training, learning basic military skills.
  • The Commando course - Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, Devon. (2004)
    • Undertook and completed phase 2 training, learning skills necessary for the commando role.
  • Royal Marines Boarding Course - HMNB Clyde. (2007)
    • Recieved training in boarding techniques, maritime Interdiction operations, public order/unarmed combat training and close quarter battle skills. Qualified as a boarding operator.
  • Cold Weather Training - Bardufoss, Norway (2008)
    • Recieved Cold Weather Training with their unit, understands and is capable of survival in artic conditions.
  • Platoon Weapons Class 3 Qualification - Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, Devon. (2009)
    • Recieved training in advanced marsmanship, stalking and fieldcraft, static and mobile observation, construction of observation posts and hides, navigation, reconnaissance and counter sniper techniques.
  • Parachute Badge - RAF Brize Norton. (2009)
    • Completed the basic parachute course.
  • Jungle Warfare Training - British Army Training and Support Unit, Belize (2011)
    • Completed jungle warfare course during unit training, understand and is capable of survival in jungle conditions.

Previous Occupation:
  • 3rd Commando Brigade, 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group; R Rifle Squadron. (2005 - 2009); Lance Corperal.
    • Tasked with the protection of unauthorised access to british trident nuclear facilities. Remained stationed at HMNB Clyde as part of a 550 man force.
  • 3rd Commando Brigade, 40 Commando; Command Company, Recce Troop (2009 - 2013); Corperal.
    • Placed within the sniper section following the completion of Platoon Weapons Class 3 training, participated in deployment rotations during Herrick 12, Herrick 17 and with the Response Force Task Group (Joint Expeditionary Force)
  • Special Forces Support Group; D Company (2014 - 2016); Corperal.
    • Selected and placed within the sniper section of SFSG. Saw short deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq as part of joint operations with both British and American personnel. Handed notice in 2015, leaving service in 2016.
  • WhiteTree Support Initiative; Protective Security Specialist. (2017 - 2018)
    • Completed both a protective security detail contract in Angola, and a maritime security contract in the horn of africa.

Medical History:
  • fractured metacarpal bones on her right hand. (2007)
    • Injury recieved while in a pub off duty in 2007. Placed on administrative duties for two weeks until recovery.
  • Grade 3 Concussion (2010)
    • Injury received during a combat patrol in Sangin, Helmand Province in August. Rutledge came under fire from a compound while mounted up in a Jackal 2, taking a rifle calibre round to the helmet at close range. Suffered from loss of consciousness for roughly half a minute and has mild amnesia of the surrounding events. Treated and monitored in Camp Bastion, returned to the unit the following week.
  • stress fracture to right tibia. (2012)
    • Injury recieved during a training operation in 2012. Placed on administrative duties for six weeks until recovery.

Military or Police Branch: Royal Navy; Royal Marines Commando.
Unit:Special Forces Support Group
Previously held Rank: Corperal
Operational Role: Sniper
Skills & Qualifications:

Lesley is qualified in a wide range of infantry skills such as firearms proficiency, fieldcraft, basic survival techniques, unarmed and close quarters combat, first aid, CBRN and amphibious warfare skills. Lesley has additionally qalified both as a boarding operator, and as a sniper.

Additional Information

Phycological Evaluation:

Lesley Rutledge, or ‘Les’ as she was known by her fellow marines, is a highly competitive soldier who upholds a active mindset, exhibits the qualities typical of an experienced royal marine sniper. She puts her all into most tasks, takes no half measures and approaches problems in a highly industrious, pragmatic, and professional manner, showcasing an intuitiveness, mental resilience, and confidence in pursuing her goals. She performs well under stressful situations, can think on her feet and will take things on the chin when they go wrong, however, she does harbours a headstrong attitude, rarely backing down.

Socially, Rutledge has an extroverted who projects a boisterous and confident personality armed with a sharp wit, harbouring a friendly and optimistic demeanour with most people, engaging in quick-witted banter while sporting a dark, dry sense of humour delivered smugly and packed with sarcasm. This can often appears rather abrasive to more reserved individuals.

Has a lot of loyalty towards her colleagues but doesn’t have much patience for incompetence and negligence from them, having now moved on to private sector work, she firmly believes there is no place for it.


Early Life

Born in Dumfries, Scotland on October 5th, 1987. Lesley Rutledge grew up alongside a sister and a brother. Her family was primarily working class. Her mother worked as a hotel cleaner whilst her father was a member of the crew aboard a small fishing trawler. The upbringing was her parents were relatively sparse because of their work schedules and her father’s alcoholism. As a result, she predominantly spent it around her grandparents. With Rutledge growing up around tales of her grandfather’s “exploits” from his military service as a truck driver during the Malayan Emergency before his death when she was six, leaving her often under the care of her grandmother.

Childhood and teenage years

Rutledge established a broad amount of independence from a youthful age because of her parents’ work schedules, along with an ambitious streak, being described as having an abundance of energy, which was often used in the clamour for validation, with Rutledge was the middle child of the group. She had an average performance within academics, with the only notable achievement being within mathematics.

Rutledge did, however, shine within competitive and team environments, joining the navy cadets at twelve, making cadet staff sergeant over the course of her time within the youth group. During her time, she proved to be proficient in field craft, drills swimming and football, even taking part in the regional competitive heats at sixteen within the girl’s football squad, but her team got knocked out before making it to the national level. At seventeen, she left school with an average grade set and promptly enlisted in the military, electing to try for the royal marine commando after being attracted by the challenge touted in the advertisements.

Royal Marine service

Rutledge passed through the three-day potential royal marine course, and entered early intake in 2004, tackling the thirty-two-week training program at CTCRM Lympstone, in Devon. Undertaking the arduous training modules and commando course, picking up infantry, commando, and amphibious warfare techniques. Rutledge received her green beret in late 2004, and after being made a general duties marine, was committed to the 3 Commando Brigade’s 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines R Rifle Squadron stationed at HMNB Clyde.

During her four years within the unit, she primarily spent her service guarding facilities that housed the UK’s trident nuclear submarines before her placement on a boarding team after completing the RMBC course in 2007. Rutledge found military life to be charming, with her appreciating the regiment, camaraderie and demand that came from it, although monotony was regularly a prevailing enemy in her station. After obtaining a marksman standard within ACMT for three years running and making corporal in early 2009, Rutledge, looking for a new challenge and being recommended by her NCO, signed on for the platoon weapon class 3 course. She began the thirteen-week course, returning to the commando training centre in Devon, learning the skills to become a sniper.

After obtaining the specialisation, Rutledge earning their parachute badge near the conclusion of the year before being reassigned 40 Commando’s recce troop, experiencing her first deployments out of country. Her unit deployed first to Sangin, Helmand Province, Afghanistan in April 2010 as part of Op Herrick 12 on a seven-month rotation. She took part in intelligence gathering, reconnaissance and combat patrols in the district, typically as an attached sniper team, during which it wasn’t uncommon for them to come under fire and engage in fierce firefights over the seven-month period.

During one combat patrol in August, Rutledge suffered a concussion after coming under sustained fire, taking a rifle round to her helmet at close range while mounted in their patrol vehicle, resulting in a brief loss of consciousness. Despite having no recollection, herself of the events, upon waking up, Rutledge re-joined the fight with their unit, fighting off their attackers until they could disengage, allowing reinforcements to take over. She was sent to camp bastion for a medical check-up to ensure no life-threatening brain trauma had occurred and was cleared within the week.

With the conclusion of their deployment in the region, they handed over they handed operations over to I Marine Expeditionary Force, with the tour ending in October. After that, her unit was as part of Cougar 11 with the JEF(M), a rapid response group operating in the Mediterranean Sea. It was a relatively quiet one until the military intervention in Libya, where in June 2011 their ships detached and deployed off the Libyan coast as part of Operation Ellamy. Her unit prepared for potential ground operations that never came, and when the operation concluded in October.

Her last deployment as part of 40 commando was another seven-month deployment as part of Herrick 17 between 2012 & 2013. While a lot more subdued than it had been in 2010, combat was still something that occurred, if infrequently with the Taliban, her unit often being tasked with routing out resistance in joint operations with Afghan army and United States marines. Rutledge’s recce troop typically being the first on site to gather intelligence before units began moving in proper. The deployment ended in April, marking the last royal marine’s deployment into Afghanistan.

Special Forces Support Group service

With a new recruitment drive looking for more royal marines to serve within the Special Forces Support Group, Rutledge took an opportunity in early 2014. Undergoing additional training as part of service for a recce squadron within D company. The overall task of the unit being to provide QRF, assist special operations personnel, act as a blocking force, perform secondary divisionary raids, and training of foreign military personnel.

Rutledge saw their final deployment to Afghanistan in 2014, her unit being deployed to assist in joint special forces operations and train members of the Afghanistan’s 444 task force in Helmand. With Rutledge’s unit primarily acting as an advisory element to them during training and field operations, being rotated out of this task in October. At the end of this deployment, Rutledge submitted their year notice, intending on leaving the service to focus more on her personal life, wanting something solid after she left the unit.

With the war in Iraq heating between the state and Islamic state, Rutledge would see her final deployment as part of United kingdom’s commitment to Combined Joint Task Force of operation inherent resolve. Her company being tasked with providing training to Iraqi personnel, along with assisting special forces operations conducted by SBS units, notably providing support for them during the Siege of Fallujah, working with JTACs assigned to coordinate strikes for local Iraqi forces. She was discharged from service in late October, returning to civilian life.

Home Life

Having returned home to Dumfries, Rutledge quickly began to settle back into her old town, spending lost time with her partner and joining up with her father to briefly work with him in the fishing industry. While things began smoothly for herself, things would gradually take a turn for the worst with economic issues and a steep amount of a family debt. Something exacerbated by when her father’s fishing trawler capsized in port due to poor maintenance.

In need of something to change, Lesley began working two jobs, taking up part-time work as a fitness instructor, but found the workload to be completely unfulfilling on top of running part of the business. While she considered reenlisting, she became dissuaded from doing when meeting with some of her old squadron, being informed of WhiteTree and the simple work of contracts. Struggling with debt, and her relationship with her husband failing, she jumped at the chance to get her life back under control.

WhiteTree Support Initiative

Taking up contracting, Rutledge first found work as a maritime security, working as a defensive marksman spending three months protecting ships from piracy in the horn of Africa. She earned a solid amount of money from the gig and found the working environment not to be too much different from her time in the royal marines. Later, she was assigned as a protective security specialist in Angola, protecting mining executives against kidnapping and potential violence on a two-month rotation.

Despite attempting to get her own financial issues under control, her long-time partner separated from her, and her father suffered a workplace injury, one acquired while intoxicated. Left with more stressful issues again, Rutledge took yet another contract, this time in the Caribbean island of San Marlin.

Equipment Form
Primary Weapon:
    A 5.56x45 M4A1 with heavy aftermarket customisations generally build for the task at hand. Typically using a 11.5 inch barrel set up with a Warcomp flashhider for mounting a 6'' Surefire socom suppressor, fitted with a EOTech holographic weapon sight with x3 magnifier, mounted to larue riser along with a set of knights armament 45 degree offset folding sights; Additionally has both a Steiner DBAL A3 and surefire scout weapon light fixed to an keymod handguard, Both connected to seperate pressure pads attached to the foregrip. Additionally, Rutledge keeps a 16 inch upper with a similar overall setup, with the exception of the EoTech holographic weapon sight being replaced with a veriable M5Xi 1-5x24 optic for when they are conducting more open, less urban patrols. Weapon is kept attached to a two point sling.
Secondary Weapon:
    Accuracy international .338 Lapua Magnum AWM fitted with a folding stock, sound suppressor, Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II 25x day scope and harris HBR bipod. Alternately a M82A3 fitted with a Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II 25x magnification day scope is kept for anti material and counter sniper purposes. A SVIPIR-2+ clip on thermal weapon sight is kept stored for useage on both rifles.
    .40 S&W Glock 23 with a RMR red dot sight.

Tactical Equipment:
  • Six PMAG magazines loaded with M855A1 5.56×45mm NATO.
  • Two thirteen round ploymer glock magazine loaded with .40 S&W ammunition.
  • Four M18 smoke grenades, two white, one red and one violet. two kept within the vehicle, two carried.
  • Two M67 fragmentation grenades. Carried on person.
  • 6'' Surefire socom suppressor.
  • Google Pixel 3
  • KA-BAR Becker BK2 survival knife.
  • CRKT Kurki with 10 inch blade.
  • Navigational and rangefinding equipment including a Mark 4 12-40x60mm Tactical Spotting Scope, MOSKITO hand-held laser range finder, AtragMX, Kestrel 4500, GPS (Garmin Wrist GPS 401 and Garmin eTrex), regional maps and compass along with notepad, pencils and pens to make ammendments and notes.
  • AN/PRC-148 MBIT Radio with earpiece and PTT device.
  • ComTac XPI headset, compatable with 148.
  • Coyote brown Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic Helmet with NVG mount.
  • ActInBlack DTNVG - AVS night vision device (White Phosphor)


    Lesley opts for civilian clothing, favoring botton up work shirts usually in mute colours or plaid and tartan designs with mostiure wicking properties, plain teeshirts, hiking trousers or jeans depending on the locale along with a pair of Nike black military boots. For protection against the elements and environment, they have lightweight waterproof Gore-Tex shell jacket and a DPM Smock for particularly wet spells, as well as a black baseball cap (althought she typically like to keep their head uncovered) and a set of black general rayban glasses to protect them from the sun, and a set of work gloves to protect their hands.

    As for body armour and equipment, Lesley uses a coyote brown low profile slick plate carrier fitted with level III plates. The vest having a IFF infared UK flag patch on the center and is fitted with additional pouches for ammunition, radio, grenades and adminstration supplies. They additionally have a coyote brown battle belt with synthetic holster, two pistol magazine pouches, a knife sheath, canteen pouch, IFAK and a dump pouch.

Additional Equipment:
  • Olive grab three day patrol Rucksack containing equipment and essentials for travel. Has a British flag identifier patch attached at the back.
  • Rifle Tripod.
  • Six AWM five round magazines loaded with .338 Lapua Magnum.
  • Three M82 ten round magazines loaded with .50 BMG.
  • Two M18 Claymore mines with M57 firing device and electric blasting cap assembly.
  • Olive drag bags for sniper rifles.
  • 3x5 Union Jack flag.
  • General service respirator with spare filters.
  • Folding Shovel.
  • Canteen and water purification tablets.
  • 100 feet of Paracord.
  • Grey waterproof poncho.
  • Black ULACH IIIA helmet.
  • Coyote brown AVS platecarrier fitted with level IV plates.
  • Cleaning kit for equipment.
  • dry packs for storage of electronic equipment.
  • Spare batteries for electronic devices.
  • Personal effects and hygine products, including several cans of insect repelleant and sunscreen.
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//WhiteTree Support Initiatives - Contractor Personnel File//
For administrative use ONLY. Unauthorized access, distribution or modification will result in legal action.
Property of WhiteTree Support Initiatives. A Regina Corporation subsidiary.

Biographical Information
Name: Gideon Jos Van-Lingen
Nationality: South African
Birthplace: Port Elizabeth
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 14/7/1985
Appearance: Gideon stands a respectable 6"2 and weighs in at 144 (65kg). His dirty blonde hair is often slicked back and facial hair kept closely cropped. His left bicep bears the remnants of a scar and below this, a sleeve tattoo of a lion clutching a knife between it's jaws.

Personal & Professional Background
  • Otto Du Plesis High School
  • South African Special Forces Training - Qualifications in Bushcraft, Combat Tracking/Counter Tracking, Long Range Sniping, Reconnaissance and airborne operations among others.
  • Royal Marine Jungle Warfare School, Malaysia
  • U.S Army Combat Tracking School, Fort Huachuca, Texas
  • African Wildlife Defence Force - Special training regarding tracking wildlife/game and counter poaching tactics.
Previous Occupation:
  • South African Defence Force, Army - Chief Maqoma Regiment (2005-2007)
  • South African Defence Force, Special Forces - 1st Parachute Battalion - Central African Republic Conflict (2010 - '13)
  • South African Wildlife Defence Force - Special Forces Rangers - (2013 - 2016)
[*] WhiteTree Support Initiative - Maritime operations in the Horn of Africa (2017)

Medical History: Broken Fibula due to sporting accident at a young age. History of alcohol abuse.

Military or Police Branch: South African Defence Force
Unit: 1st Parachute Battalion
Previously held Rank: Sergeant
Operational Role: Forward Reconnaissance
Skills & Qualifications: Gideon is a qualified combat tracker, specialising in bush tracking but his skillset extends to practically any environment on Earth. He is well versed in survival techniques and SERE tactics and as a previous parachutist, is confident with airborne operations as well as waterborne operations. He is also multi-lingual, being able to speak English, Afrikaans, Dutch, French and conversational Kikongo

Additional Information
Phycological Evaluation: Gideon possesses a strong moral compass and drive. His perceptive and patient demeanour fit well for an individual who's life revolves around being quiet and attentive, strange given his bullish character. He's passionate about wildlife, hoping his exploits in the field of private work can fund his own reserve and disdains those who make a living of the exploitation of endangered wildlife. Gideon has a strong sense of humility given his work, despising braggarts and poseurs and is outwardly expressive of those who think themselves so.

Early Life
Born and raised in the modest suburbs of Port Elizibeth, Gideon was part of one of just many blue collar families. His mother worked a job at a textile factory and his father was a simple railyard worker, both had to work to support Gideon and indeed his two sisters that preceded him. Of course, with his parents both pulling long hours and multiple work weeks, Gideon was often left in the care of his elderly Grandparents who were part of the Dutch diaspora who left the war stricken Netherlands in the wake of WW2. Perhaps this is where Gideon's fascination with the military, or more accurately, his Grandfathers role in it first started and was raised on his Grandfathers tall tales of him and his comrade in arms escapades against the Nazi regime. Gideon learned a lot from his Grandfather, namely absorbing his humility and justness.

Child and Teenage years
Gideon grew fast. Adopting his fathers broad and steady stature, Gideon was almost a head taller than the rest of the children and a lot heavier to boot and early on Gideon used this leverage to his advantage, becoming somewhat of a miscreant and troublemaker for schoolteachers and the local community at large. Spending many-a evening roaming the streets with his gang of fellow 'outlaws' they spent their time making mischief and merriment out of others misfortune, this landed him in hot water many-a times. Though his parents found it difficult to temper his attitude, Gideon's grandfather knew how to control him. Though he wouldn't be around forever and so gifted Gideon his collection of medals and war memorabilia, of which he still treasures to this day.

In an effort to keep him on the straight and narrow, he was offered to join the local High-School Rugby team and because of his bulldozer frame quickly became a star Full-Back, so much so he was offered a spot with the cities home team.

Early Career
Between working odd doorman jobs and street security details, Gideon dedicated most of his time into playing Rugby and became somewhat of a small celebrity, earning monikers such as 'Gideon the Goliath'. However, two years into his career he suffered a broken fibula and was out for several months whilst it healed. In this time, Gideon's grandfather passed away which sent him into a depressive lull of which he turned to drink to alleviate.

In time his leg healed, however he no longer had the lust to play the sport that had given him such satisfaction and more importantly, direction. Gideon hadn't even considered the military or anything close to it until a fellow rugby comrade suggested joining the SADF.

SADF and Recces
Gideon serve for several years in the SADF Army before he was referred to recruitment for the elite Recces, the notorious special forces of the South African Defence Force and passed the physical and mental requirements with room to spare. Of course, the next few months of training was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. Part of the 1st Parachute Battalion, he was pushed through a series of gruelling training regiments designed to push him to the very limit, including a week without food or sleep, only a handful from his 120 class passed.

His first action was seen in the Central African Republic, where his unit was engaged by fighters from the Séléka militia group in the town of Bangui and several of his comrades were injured by small arms fire as the rebels seized the town. Without air or armoured support, the soldiers of the 1st Parachute and other South African units could only do so much and were ordered to fall back to the city's airport.

Wildlife Rangers
Gideon rotated out of his deployment in the CAR and spent several months back in his hometown, his wife, of whom he had met in his high-school years had left him for another man. Upset, Gideon returned to living alone, teetering back on the brink of alcoholism. However, he was approached by members of the African Wildlife Defence Force, a private ranger organisation based in the DRC which was dedicated to countering the multitude of illegal poachers and enforce wildlife conservation law. Gideon was offered to not only become a Special Ranger, but to teach other prospective rangers in the art of bush-tracking and jungle-combat due to his experience with both the British Royal Marines and U.S Army.

In his time with the Rangers, Gideon was effective in tracking and locating numerous illegal instances of poaching and habitat destruction, performing numerous arrests and ending several prolific ivory poaching rings in the central African region.

Equipment Form
Primary Weapon: SA-58 OSW, a 7.62 carbine fitted with an Eclan 1-4x optic, straight foregrip and a threaded barrel for mounting suppressors as well as a tactical LED flashlight/laser combo device.
Secondary Weapon: (None)
Sidearm: 9mm Browning Hi Power

Tactical Equipment:
  • 6x 30-Round 7.62 NATO FAL Steel Magazines
  • 3x 9mm Hi Power Magazines
  • 14" Steel Machete
  • 2x M61 Fragmenting Hand Grenades
  • Three M18 Smoke Grenades. White, Green, Red.
  • Falcon 3 Series Handheld Radio W/ Bowman Headset & Push-To-Talk device
  • Military Grade Flashlight W/ head mounting device
  • Folding Multitool
  • Survival Kit including - Windproof Matches, Wiresaw, Firestriker, Companion Knife, Snare Wire, Water Filters, Signal Whistle
  • Waterproof Notebook & Writing Utensils
  • Compact Map, Compass & GPS Unit
  • Handheld Signal Flare
  • Personal Aid Kit - Waterproof Gauze & Tape, Disinfectant Swabs, Burn Dressing, Airway Management Kit, Tourniquet, 2x Morphine, 2x Epi-Pen, Foldable Splint, IV Bag & Tubing, Tweezers, Nitrile Gloves.
  • Quick-Dry olive long sleeve tee.
  • Grey/Green Slim Fit Softshell Jacket w/ hood
  • 5.11 Combat Pants, Olive
  • Brasher Hillmaster Boots
  • Green Boone Hat
  • Green Cotton Shemagh
  • Oakley Ballistic Glasses
  • Luminox 3050 Diving Watch
  • Crye AirLite Plate Carrier w/ Lvl 3 Ballistic Ceramic Plates
  • Supplementary MOLLE suite w/ 2x3 Mag pouches. Battle belt & Drop leg holster system.
  • Canvas Kit Pack

Additional Equipment:
  • E-Tool
  • 60ft Nylon Utility Cord
  • 1lr Stainless Steel Water Canteen
  • 3 day LRR combat rations & Mess Kit
  • Avalon 10x50 Binoculars
  • Canon 5D M3 Camera
  • Monocular PVS-14 with head mount
  • 140cm Waterproof Tarp
  • Mosquito/Insect Shroud
  • Spare Socks & Underwear
  • Toiletries & Insect Repellent
  • Spare Batteries for electronics
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Hastur wrote:Lesley Sarah Rutledge

Accepted. Welcome to San Marlin.
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Gonna start an app for a medic at work, I'll try to finish when I get home.
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Kyraina wrote: Joseph "Bear who Flys" Bridges

Accepted. Welcome to San Marlin
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//WhiteTree Support Initiatives - Contractor Personnel File//
For administrative use ONLY. Unauthorized access, distribution or modification will result in legal action.
Property of WhiteTree Support Initiatives. A Regina Corporation subsidiary.

Biographical Information
Name: James Richard Webber
Nationality: United Kingdom
Birthplace: Sutton, Greater London
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 23/2/1972
Appearance: James is a stout, but broad shouldered man, standing in at 5ft 9. At one time, he had brown hair before most of it was claimed to male pattern baldness, now he mostly keeps his head shaved save for his face on which he sports a light stubble, with grey hairs starting to show. Years in the Royal Marines has kept his physique chiseled, his clear cut stature is half the age of his face.

Personal & Professional Background
  • College level diploma in Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  • Basic Army Training Course - Winchester
  • Officer Training Course - RMA Sandhurst
  • Armored Fighting Vehicle Training Group - Bovington Camp

Previous Occupation:
  • Royal Scots Dragoon Guard - A Squadron - (1996-'97) - Participation in SFOR in Kosovo.
  • Royal Scots Dragoon Guard - C Squadron - (2003-'05) - Invasion of Iraq. Battle of Basra
  • Royal Scots Dragoon Guard - C Squadron - (2006-'08) - Iraq War.
  • Royal Scots Dragoon Guard - C Squadron - (2011-'13) - Deployment to Afghanistan.
  • WhiteTree Support Initiative - (2015 - Current) - Security Specialist Commander.

Medical History:
  • Minor hearing loss in both ears.
  • Permeant scarring on lower abdomen.
  • Missing right pinkie finger.

Military or Police Branch: British Army - Royal Armored Corps
Unit: Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
Previously held Rank: Major
Operational Role: Field Commander

Skills & Qualifications: Webber served with distinction in the British Army, a fair but firm commander of around 120 men during his time in Iraq and Afghanistan, he's a level headed individual under pressure with multiple years of field experience under his belt. Not only this, but he's a comphetant driver of a range of vehicles included armored fighting vehicles and heavy goods vehicles, that, and he is well versed in how most vehicles operate and how they can be maintained.

Additional Information
Phycological Evaluation: In his youth, Webber was a 'larger than life' individual, something that was perhaps welcomed at his local bar but not in the army and he was quickly tempered on the magisterial anvil of army training. Still one to have a streak of overt bullishness, Webber is still a highly driven, goal oriented individual hen it comes down to it, one has to be, commanding several dozen troops at a time. He's respectful of his subordinates, loyal and perhaps almost like a paternal figure, he knows when to mentor and when to be stern.

Sutton wasn't the worst place in South London to grow up, far from it. Webber was born into a family of blue-collar workers, his father being a plumber by trade and his mother a lunchlady at the local school, he wasn't rich nor poor. Sure there were struggles for money at times but every night he had a hot dinner and place to rest his head, which was better than some. As a toddler, James' boisterous nature was immediately apparent, often breaking his toys when playing with them or even worse, breaking things around the house. His older siblings who were merely one to two years older than himself quickly found themselves being the focus of his aggressive nature.

This hot-headed temper would not cool with time and perhaps, became worse. It was quickly noted that James enjoyed pushing and pulling the other kids around and his teachers advised his parents to take him to a behaviour psychiatrist, to which they obliged. This had quite a negligible effect and quickly James began alienating those around him. His weekly therapy sessions with a private clinic cost an arm and a leg and quickly his parents began to lose hope, not sure whether to blame themselves for something wrong with his upbringing.

Webber bounced around between schools, either being kicked out due to other parents objecting about his behaviour or generally not turning up. However as he began in secondary school, James quickly found out that he wasn't the biggest boy in the yard anymore. A taste of the real world was enough to knock him down a peg or two, though that didn't stop him from scrapping in the schoolyard or in the park after school. He found himself being returned home to his parents in the back of a police car several times too many.

One of his teachers suggested rather than trying to suppress his aggressive tendencies, instead vectoring them into a sport of some kind. James quickly found that Football, Rugby and Boxing were his favourite sports of choice, being bulky and athletic he naturally excelled. During this time, Webber also became rather found of cars, bikes and other such automobiles and on one occasion, even stripped the engine out of his father's Landrover. For a while he worked as an apprentice under the wing of a local mechanic shop whilst pursuing a qualification in Motor mechanics.

Unsure of where to take himself after college, he applied to join the Army with a bunch of mates. His passion for mechanics naturally took him to where the biggest and baddest vehicles were, the Armored Corps. He also quickly noticed the pay for officer ranks and applied to become a junior officer, whilst he wasn't that academic at school, his newfound passion moved him to apply himself more to his studies.

Physical training was tough, but for a young, athletic individual he wasn't majorly hampered by the fitness courses set out and fought through them, eventually winding up being assigned to the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and took part in a single tour in Kosovo before taking a short leave to study further. Upon his return, he was pushed into the invasion of Iraq, more specifically around the city of Basra where coalition forces fought in large armored engagements, decimating the Iraqi army at every turn.

After Iraq, he would go onto Afghanistan, patrolling the mountains in lightly armored Jackal patrol vehicles. It was here that his vehicle would hit an IED, whilst he managed to escape alive, his injuries rendered him unable to return to service.

Between his tours, James had started a family, though his estranged wife refused to be associated with him and his kids grew up mainly devoid of their biological fathers presence. James became a simply lorry driver, delivering goods across the U.K and Europe. His wage barely covered the mortgage on his house and soon it became repossessed by the bank, he was forced to live in a Veterans hostel until he was approached by a former colleague about joining up with a private military company. At first he was unsure, though with the threat of slipping into homelessness ever looming, he couldn't say no.

Equipment Form
Primary Weapon: Colt Canada C7 with a Trijicon ACOG & Vertical Grip & Flashlight.
Secondary Weapon:
Sidearm: SiG Sauer P226

Tactical Equipment:
  • Olive Drab Paraclete SOHPC W/ Level 3 Plates
  • 5x 5.56 STANAG 30 round Magazines - L51A2 5.56
  • 2x .357 20 round SiG Magazine
  • 2x White Smoke Grenade
  • 1x NICO 9 Bang Grenade
  • Waterproof Notebook & Pen/Pencil
  • Shockproof Tablet
  • Navigational Equipment
  • AN-PRC 148 & Peltor Comtac Headset
  • AN/PVS-23 Binoculars
  • Personal Aid Kit
  • B&H Silver Cigarettes

  • 5.11 Black Polo Shirt
  • Grey/Green Cargo Trousers
  • Pentagon Scorpion Boots
  • Green Shemagh
  • Oakley Half Frame Sunglasses
  • Black Baseball cap W/ UK Patch.
Additional Equipment:
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Postby Beiarusia » Sat Sep 11, 2021 3:52 pm

Think i'll join doing comms/EW/ECW stuff if that works.

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Postby Ubaria » Sat Sep 11, 2021 3:54 pm

Beiarusia wrote:Think i'll join doing comms/EW/ECW stuff if that works.

Sure. We'd definitely need a technician of some sorts, perhaps not in terms of combat but someone who can fix those kinds of systems for sure.
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Postby Bolslania » Sat Sep 11, 2021 4:32 pm

Is the pilot available to be played or should I stick to Security Team?
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Postby Ubaria » Sat Sep 11, 2021 4:42 pm

Bolslania wrote:Is the pilot available to be played or should I stick to Security Team?

Pilot's on reserve so probably just security fornow.
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Postby Beiarusia » Sat Sep 11, 2021 5:32 pm

//WhiteTree Support Initiatives - Contractor Personnel File//
For administrative use ONLY. Unauthorized access, distribution or modification will result in legal action.
Property of WhiteTree Support Initiatives. A Regina Corporation subsidiary.

Biographical Information
Name: Annette Grímsdóttir
Nationality: Norwegian
Birthplace: Narvik, Norway
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: February 29, 1988 (30)
    Annette is 5'4" (162.5 cm) and weighs approximately 137 pounds (62.1 kg). Has no immediately distinctive features such as scars or tattoos. Ears are pierced but rarely is jewelry worn.

Personal & Professional Background
  • High School
  • Basic Training
  • Advanced Individual Training
  • Arctic Ranger Training
Previous Occupation: Norwegian Armed Forces
Medical History:
  • Surgery (2004) - Appendix removed. Fully recovered.
  • Hypothermia (2007) - Exposure during expedition in arctic region. Fully recovered.
  • Head Trauma (2015) - Training accident resulting in a major concussion and lasting medical complications.
  • Seizure Disorder (Chronic) - Currently on medication. Has not disclosed this condition to current employer.

Military Branch: Norwegian Army
  • Jegerkompaniet (2007-2010)
  • Intelligence Battalion (2010-2016)
Previously Held Rank: Stabssersjant (OR-7)
Operational Role:
  • RTO
Skills & Qualifications:
    Annette is skilled in surviving in desolate locations, specifically those in the northern arctic regions, but generally understands the basics necessary for prolonged survival, avoidance, rescue, and minimizing impact on the environment (re: minimizing presence). Trained in unconventional warfare, guerilla tactics, and operating behind enemy lines without support. Can operate and maintain most communication systems and can repair small-scale electronics to a competent degree. Is not a skilled marksman but has shown some skill in shorter engagement ranges. Is bilingual, speaking Norwegian and English.

Additional Information
Phycological Evaluation:
    Annette is a reserved individual, and although avoiding the spotlight unless absolutely necessary she maintains a strong sense of individuality. Has displayed an open curiosity about most subjects, and has proven quick to learn when applying herself. Has difficulties sticking to long-term goals and tends to multitask (or otherwise distract herself) when conducting time intensive activities. Is overall an amicable person but is known to be stubborn, sarcastic, and passive-aggressive towards those she dislikes. Has shown a great interest in exploring the world. Is currently supporting financially an older relative, thus has failed to disclose any medical situations that would compromise their paycheck.

Biography: (A couple of paragraphs here will suffice.)
    Annette Grímsdóttir was born in Narvik, Norway (population 20,000) and was raised primarily by her maternal grandparents. Her early childhood was remarkably unremarkable. As a teenager she expressed interest in leaving the small community, however, her commitment to further education was nonexistent and she graduated high school with no plans on how to approach her future. She thus enlisted with the Norwegian Armed Forces to both support herself and to escape the confines of her hometown. This decision was partly in part to her grandfather who had served in the military in his youth during World War II and who had passed shortly before her graduation from high school.

    Enlisting as an RTO, Annette would prove herself exceedingly capable in that particular role, and within twelve months was offered the opportunity to join the Jegerkompaniet, an ISTAR unit stationed in the northern regions of Scandinavia. Despite some mishaps during Arctic Ranger Training (she was lost overnight and subsequently developed hypothermia) she passed selection and would spend the next few years of relative peacetime in the arctic circle. In 2010 she was transferred to the Intelligence Battalion as the Jegerkompaniet was disbanded the following year. Outside of military exercises, Annette would not see combat during her tenure with the Norwegian Army, however, she would be deployed twice as part of Norway's participation in UN and NATO peacekeeping operations in Europe. Although a competent soldier Annette was by no means spectacular, yet by 2015 she had acquired the rank of OR-7 (equivalent to Sergeant First Class) and, as of then, and now supporting her grandmother financially, had no intention of retiring from the military. In early 2016 she was again participating in a joint military exercise when she was injured in an automobile accident that resulted in severe head trauma. She would recover after several months of convalescence but the trauma had left her prone to seizures that, although manageable with proper medication, made her unfit for active duty, and by autumn of that year she was medically discharged.

    The next year would be spent trying and failing to readjust to civilian life, both in Oslo and, after difficulties in maintaining steady work, back in Narvik. With few options, that she knew of, Annette was content to whittle away her time supporting her grandmother, but in late-2017 was turned towards the prospect of security work by a former friend in the Jegerkompaniet. Following this lead, and lying about her medical history, Annette was soon employed by WhiteTree Support Initiatives and, within months, was relocated to the Caribbean. Until greener pastures can be found Annette is content, and as an added bonus has traveled further than she's ever been. A perk that she isn't against having.

Equipment Form
Primary Weapon: Mossberg 590A1 (12 Gauge) w/ Tactical Light, Sling
Secondary Weapon: N/A
Sidearm: H&K MP7-PDW w/ Mirco-Reflex Sight

Tactical Equipment: (Anything kept on person in a rig or carrier. Includes grenades. Medical kits. Survival tools and such)
  • Ammo: 12 Gauge, Buckshot x9
  • Ammo: 12 Gauge, Slug x9
  • Ammo: 12 Gauge, Beanbag x9
  • Ammo: 30-Round Magazine, MP7 x2
  • Combat Knife, KM2000
  • Compass
  • Flares x2
  • Flashlight
  • GPS
  • IFAK
  • Multi-Tool
  • PDA
  • Radio, Handheld
  • Smoke Grenade, White x2
  • Survival Kit
  • Backpack, Grey Canvas
  • Fisherman's Hat, Gray
  • Glasses
  • Shemagh, Checkered (Blue/Grey)
  • Plate Carrier, Black
  • Sleeveless Shirt, Striped (Blue/White)
  • Wristwatch, Analog
  • Cargo Pants, Khaki
  • Combat Boots, Black Leather
Additional Equipment:
  • Ammo: 12 Gauge, Buckshot x9
  • Ammo: 12 Gauge, Slug x9
  • Ammo: 12 Gauge, Beanbag x9
  • Binoculars w/ NVG
  • Canteen w. Mess Kit
  • Radio, MBMMR (Backpack Radio)
  • Radio/Cellphone Jammer
  • Rope, Nylon x 30ft
  • Sketchbook w/ Pencils
  • Spare Batteries
  • Spare Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Toolkit, Electronics
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Postby Kyraina » Sat Sep 11, 2021 5:43 pm

//WhiteTree Support Initiatives - Contractor Personnel File//
For administrative use ONLY. Unauthorized access, distribution or modification will result in legal action.
Property of WhiteTree Support Initiatives. A Regina Corporation subsidiary.

Biographical Information
Name: Heaven Kimberly Andrei
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Bucharest, Romania
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: December 25, 1990
Appearance: She stands at 5'7in tall. Weighs in at 165 lbs with a curvy yet athletic build. Her arms are covered in sleeves of Tattoos, along with her back.
Personal & Professional Background
Education: Palo Alto High School
Previous Occupation: USAF Security Forces/Whitetree Security Specialist
Medical History: Nothing of Value

Military or Police Branch: USAF (2009-2015), Whitetree (2015-present)
435th Security Forces Squadron-Ramstein AFB, Germany (2009-2011)
19th SFS- Little Rock AFB, AR (2011-2013)
1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron - Hurlburt Field, FL (2013-2015)
Whitetree (VIP Protection Services) (2015-2018)
Previously held Rank: E-4
Operational Role:Gunner/Sniper
Skills & Qualifications:
USAF Basic Training (2009)
Security Forces Tech School (2009)
USAF ADM & CPEC (Sniper School) (2010)
Phoenix Raven Training (2011)
DAGRE Training (2013)
Ranger School (2013)

Additional Information
Phycological Evaluation: Heaven is Generally a quite person, and kind hearted. She can be a quiet person, and is often looking for acceptance, weather she knows it or not. She struggles with sarcasm and getting close to people. She has fears of the Dark, heights, and of Water

Biography: Born in Bucharest, Romania to Romani Parents., the Youngest of six kids. She grew up fairly poor till her dad got a job with at HP (Hewlet Packard) in their Romanian office. He slowly worked with way up in that office, before being offered a position in the United States. Her Family packed up and moved to Palo Alto, CA. She had a hard time adjusting at first to the City life in the San Francisco Area, but some of the friends she made had her try out for volleyball and basketball, which she found to help her adjust. She would eventually graduate highschool with middle of the road grades. She wasn't exactly sure what she wanted to do, so sat around for 6 months trying to figure out what to do, when her father told her that soon shed be forced to go back to Romania due to being 18 and graduating highschool. She did some research and found out about a program through the US military to get her citizenship after completion of a enlisted contract.

She started talking to the various Military recruiters before settling on to the USAF, and got suckered into Security Forces by the recruiter. After Basic Training and Tech School, Heavens first base was Ramstein AFB, Germany. Her time here was uneventful including a 3 month Deployment to Dubai, and being selected for FAST. Her Next base was Little Rock AFB, where after Three months she was selected to go Phoenix Raven school. After she earned her Phoenix Raven Tab, she would be sent with C-130s to places like Iraq, Afghanistan, countries in Africa, and South East Asia, as part of the security team assigned to the aircraft by AMC. This sometimes resulted in tense firefights. Her final assignment saw her assigned to AFSOC and going through not only DAGRE School but USAF ADM Course as well as CPEC, to earn her sniper qual. She was this time assigned to guard MC-130s in very hush hush places, every so often there would be a fire fight but not very often.

When her contract ended in 2015, she tried to apply for her citizenship but was rejected due to the constant moving around due to the military life style, and was soon facing deportation due to lack of a Green Card. She told one of her friends from the service about her struggles, and sent her to Whitetree, who offered Heaven a job, as well as sponsored her for her Green Card as well. She has been currently working in VIP Protection services part of Whitetree for a few years, to help get her citizenship and has know transferred to get a pay raise, which was after she heard her mom was very sick and they were over their heads in medical debt.

Equipment Form
Primary Weapon: M4A1 with Trijcon ACOG, and Forward Grip
Secondary Weapon: M240L with Trijcon ACOG, and Bipod
Sidearm: Glock 19

Tactical Equipment: Machete
E tool
4x AN-M14
4x Metal STANAN 30 Rnd mags
4x Glock 19 Mags
Waterproof DOPE Book and carpenter pencil
Bushnell Prime 20-60x65 Spotting Scope
AN/PRC-148 MBIT Radio with earpiece and PTT device.
4x 100 Round M240 Ammo pouch
Clothing: Several pairs of Blue Jean Pants
OD green Bates Combat Boots
Several pair of Solid Color Tshirts
Several Pairs of Bras, Underwear, and Socks
Ops Core Fast Helmet, with NVG mount
Whitetree Baseball Hat
AR500 Ballastics Vest with Level 3 plates
Oakley SI Ballistic Goggles
Ops Core Half-Mask Respirator w 5x filters
Additional Equipment:
Bushnell 4x20 Binocs
4x M4 STANAG Mags
5X Glock 19 Mags
Level 3A concealable Vest with Cross Draw Vest, both in Black
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Postby Ubaria » Sat Sep 11, 2021 7:24 pm

Kyraina wrote:Name: Heaven Kimberly Andrei

Accepted. Welcome to San Marlin.
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Postby Futrellia » Sat Sep 11, 2021 9:08 pm

//WhiteTree Support Initiatives - Contractor Personnel File//
For administrative use ONLY. Unauthorized access, distribution or modification will result in legal action.
Property of WhiteTree Support Initiatives. A Regina Corporation subsidiary.

Biographical Information
Name: Cody Malcolm Sutton
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Longview, Texas
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 08/14/1992
Appearance: Cody Sutton stands at 5'11 and weighs 182 lbs. Sutton keeps his dark brown hair short with a high and tight style with a part alongside the right side of his head. Cody has a red circular birthmark on the back of his neck and has a Fleur-de-lis tattooed on the base of his neck. He also has a tattoo that stretches from the elbow to the wrist depicting Cthulu and it's tentacles. He stands at 5'11.

Personal & Professional Background
Education: High School Diploma
Previous Occupation:
Infantryman (2011-2013)
Sheriff's Deputy (2014/2017)
Volunteer Firefighter (2017/2018)
Construction Laborer (2018)
Medical History: Cody lacks any form of severe illnesses or disabilities aside from seasonal allergies that tend to block nasal function.

Military or Police Branch: The U.S. Army / Harrison County Sheriff's Office
Unit: 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st I.D. / Patrol Division, HCSO,
Previously held Rank: Private First Class
Operational Role: 11B (Infantryman)
Skills & Qualifications:
Advanced Firearms Proficiency
Automotive Technician Experience
Medium Game Hunter

Additional Information
Phycological Evaluation: Cody has a tendency to offer sarcasm and smartassery when unwanted. Growing up with three older brothers and a younger sister has shaped Cody into a reactionary, fight-first-ask-questions-later-esque character. This attitude was only amplified by his service in the U.S. Army. Cody has also been known to be very cold to strangers, usually preferring to stay away from crowds and unknowns. Regardless of this, Cody has a good moral compass as well as a warm heart to his friends and family, usually putting them first over himself. This is evident in his son, who he shares with his ex-wife and pays child support to.

Biography: Cody Malcolm Sutton was born on August 14, 1992 to George and Miranda Sutton at Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview, Texas. Born to a middle class family, his father worked as an out of state OSHA Energy Safety Supervisor and provided for the family while Miranda stayed home, but previously worked as an accountant for a small law firm in Dallas, Texas. Growing up as the youngest of three brothers and one sister was "traumatizing" for Cody, who was constantly picked on by his older brothers. Growing up with a father out of the house and a mother who was overwhelmed forced Cody to find father figures outside of the household, such as those belonging to the drug-dealing, gang crowds. He attended Tatum Elementary and Middle Schools, where he faced much of his turbulent childhood.

At the age of 15, his uncle gave him an under-the-table apprentice job at the Automotive Repair Shop he owned and ran. It didn't help to keep him out of trouble as he frequently missed work during the summers and came in to work either high, drunk, or both. His downfalls grew so heavy on him that his family placed him in Heartdream Disciplinary Academy in Hallsville, Texas for a summer. Cody was also heavily involved in Tatum Eagles Football, seeing that as the only reason to try to retain good grades.

Despite his problems with drugs, girls, and field parties, Cody managed to graduate Tatum High School in 2010. Directly after graduating, his father and mother enrolled him in Texas State Technical College though Cody would not follow up on further admission procedures. He would, instead, follow in his brother Colton's footsteps and join the U.S. Army in early 2011. Following Basic Training, he would be assigned to the 1st Infantry Division and deployed to Iraq during Operation Inherent Resolve. Following completion of his contract in 2013, he left the Army and returned home. It was there that Cody met Angel, a friend of his sister Samantha. Later that year, she'd fall pregnant. Cody's son Grayson would be born on November 17, 2014 though Cody and Angel would agree to part ways romantically, preferring to stay on friendly terms for their child's sake. Cody would eventually get hired on by the Harrison County Sheriff's Office and complete Law Enforcement Officer training at East Texas Police Academy in Kilgore. In his first year, Cody already realized Police work was brutal and not because of the actual patrolling, but because of the paperwork, bodycams, and overall intensity of his commanding officer looking for any excuse to fire them as was the case with most LEOs. It was during this time that his friend and co-worker invited him to join the Nesbitt Volunteer Fire Department, which was a small township snuggled up against Marshall City Limits and served as one of the County's Emergency Services Districts. He received several certificates for different types of training, such as MIMS 300 Command Training and Eastman Fire School's Natural Gas Suppression Tactics. By his third year, Cody couldn't handle the job anymore and resigned.

Cody decided to work a more honest living and was hired by Butler Construction in Marshall, employed as a Laborer, bringing materials from supply drop points directly to the area of work as well as help Carpenters, Electricians and Painters with whatever they needed help with. In his first year, Cody understood that this line of work wasn't making him happy and began searching for other jobs while still working at Butler Construction. He placed several job applications to Securitas, G4S Security, even applying to work at Longview Police Department. His last application was the only to be responded to and it was from Whitetree Support International.

Equipment Form
Primary Weapon: M4A1 (5.56x45mm) With Trijicon ACOG, Foregrip, Surefire M600 Flashlight
Secondary Weapon: NONE
Sidearm: Glock 23, Gen 4 (.40) with Tungsten Guide Rod, Stainless Steel Pins, Stainless Steel Threaded Barrel for Suppressor and Streamlight TLR-1 Flashlight

Tactical Equipment:
HRT RAC Plate Carrier (
Cannae Pro Gear PHALANX Duty Pack
6x 30-Round Magazines
2x Reserve Magazines for G23
2x M67 Fragmentation Grenades
1x M84 Stun Grenade
2x AR500 Lightweight Level-III Plates
Tier1 Duty Holster
Shivworks Push Dagger
WPS Tactical Pen
MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask with 4 NBC-77 SOF filters

Multicam Flagbearer Cap
Hazard4 Battle-T Undervest T-Shirt
Maverick Battle Belt
Vertx Move To Contact Gloves
5.11 Stryke Motor Pants
Arcteryx LEAF Kneepads
5.11 A/T ARID Boots
Additional Equipment:
SOG Machete
550 Paracord
Reserve Vertx Defiance Jeans
Reserve Vertx Recon Pants
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Postby Dayganistan » Sat Sep 11, 2021 9:23 pm

//WhiteTree Support Initiatives - Contractor Personnel File//
For administrative use ONLY. Unauthorized access, distribution or modification will result in legal action.
Property of WhiteTree Support Initiatives. A Regina Corporation subsidiary.

Biographical Information
Name: Yuval Feldman
Nationality: Israeli
Birthplace: Petah Tikva, Israel
Gender: F
Date of Birth: 16/04/1992
Appearance: Yuval stands at about 5'4". Has an athletic build. No distinguishing marks of note.

Personal & Professional Background
Education: High school
Previous Occupation:
2010-2013: Conscript, Combat Intelligence Collection Corps
2013-2016: NCO, Combat Intelligence Collection Corps
Medical History: Nothing of note

Military or Police Branch: Israel Defence Force
Unit: Combat Intelligence Collection Corps
Previously held Rank: Sergeant First Class
Operational Role: Reconnaissance
Skills & Qualifications: Infantry and Combat Intelligence scout basic training. Combat lifesaver qualification. Skilled with urban and close quarters combat in theory but has never really had to put these skills into practice. She is able to speak Hebrew, Palestinian Arabic, English, and conversational Russian. Krav Maga black belt

Additional Information
Phycological Evaluation: A typical Israeli, Yuval has a communication style that can best be described as blunt, to the point, and telling it like it is. It can often come across the wrong way, but she truly is a team player when it comes down to it. She can become frustrated by those who think they're better than working with a team or people who prefer to rush into situations without thinking. She's been drawn to contracting partly for the money, but also because deep down inside she enjoys the adrenaline rush of a firefight.

Biography: Yuval was born to a typical working class Israeli family. Her father had immigrated from the Soviet Union only a few years prior to her birth, her mother was a second generation Israeli of mixed Sphardic-Ashkenazi descent. She had no particular incidents of notes in childhood and was a particularly average student. During her childhood and teenage years she would play soccer. Like all Israelis she was drafted into the military at the age of 18 and volunteered to serve in the Combat Intelligence Collection Corps, signing on for an extra year of service beyond the two years required of female conscripts. Upon completion of training, she was stationed in the West Bank.

Yuval's service mostly involved HUMINT patrols in the city of Ramallah. Hostile action was not encountered beyond Palestinian civilians throwing rocks. Intel gathered by Yuval and her unit helped lead to the arrest of a Hamas bomb maker in the area. In 2012, she was transferred to a unit based in the Golan Heights due to increased manpower requirements as civil war escalated in Syria. She served in the Golan Heights for the remainder of her conscript service, manning observation posts along the Syrian border. Exchanged fire with Syrian militants with some regularity, but did not engage in heavy combat. Some missions during this time remain classified by the IDF, and WhiteTree can only assume these missions involved illegally operating across the Syrian border. With her conscription period coming to an end, Yuval had found her experience in the military to be more enjoyable and rewarding than she expected it would be. The rush of being shot at and returning fire was still something new and exciting. Wanting to continue just a bit longer, she signed on for an additional three years of service.

Her volunteer service started out as just more of what she had been doing for the past three years, manning observation posts and patrols as well as a few classified operations that we can only speculate about. However, as her service continued she was pushed more and more into staff jobs further and further away from the field. As this was not what she had signed on to do, she left the IDF in 2016.

Yuval was able to secure a civilian job quickly after leaving the service. However, it didn't pay well and she considered post-secondary education. However, a childhood friend who had been conscripted to the Paratroopers Brigade introduced her to the world of private military contracting as a way to make some good money with their military experience. Yuval decided to look into contracting and sent applications to a few companies, not expecting to hear anything back when there were probably hundreds of former tier one operators trying to take these jobs. To her surprise, however, she was offered a position with WhiteTree Support Initiatives. With WhiteTree, she has previously served on a contract in Mexico to provide additional security around tourist areas that may find themselves targeted by narcos.

Equipment Form
Primary Weapon: M4 Carbine, 5.56x45mm. Equipped with vertical foregrip, weapon light, and Mepro21 reflex sight.
Secondary Weapon: Integrally suppressed Ruger 10/22, .22 LR. Equipped with a Harris bipod and 4x magnification scope.
Sidearm: Sig Sauer P320, 9mm.

Tactical Equipment:
Agilite K5 plate carrier, olive drab with level 3 plates
6x STANAG magazines with 5.56 Mk. 318 Mod 1
2x P320 magazines with 9mm FMJ
1x 25 round 10/22 mag with 40 grain subsonic .22 LR rounds
2x white smoke grenades
1x fragmentation grenade
1x flashbang grenade
Ka-bar knife
AN/PVS-14 night vision monocular
Peltor Comtac headset
OpsCore FAST helmet
Zip ties
Agilite AMAC III assault ruck
5.11 combat belt
Blackhawk Serpa holster
iPhone X with Apple Airpods
Waterproof notepad and waterpoof pens
M40 gas mask
Vape pen

Under Armor long sleeved t-shirt. Several in different colours.
5.11 range tights, olive drab
Under Armor rain jacket, black
IDF issued combat pants, olive drab
Several pairs of jeans in blue and black
Olive drab baseball cap with Israeli flag patch
Olive drab boonie hat
TImberland waterproof boots

Additional Equipment:
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Postby Ubaria » Sun Sep 12, 2021 8:32 am

Futrellia wrote:Name: Cody Malcolm Sutton

Dayganistan wrote: Name: Yuval Feldman

Accepted. Welcome to San Marlin
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Postby South Americanastan » Sun Sep 12, 2021 10:41 am

//WhiteTree Support Initiatives - Contractor Personnel File//
For administrative use ONLY. Unauthorized access, distribution or modification will result in legal action.
Property of WhiteTree Support Initiatives. A Regina Corporation subsidiary.

Biographical Information
Name: Micheal "Mike" Smith
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Birthplace: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: January 12th, 1989
Appearance: Mike, a rare White Zimbabwean, stands at 6'0 176 Lbs, with short brown hair and green eyes.

Personal & Professional Background
Education: Hamilton High School
Previous Occupation:

Army of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Special Operations Service (2015-2017):

Commander of C Platoon

2016 Pro-Mugabe Insurgencies

Army for Democratic Change, Special Platoon (2012-2015):

Third Chimurenga

One Commando Regiment (2010-2012):

Passed Selection, Stationed at Cranborne Barracks, Harare

4 Infantry Brigade (2007-2010):

23 Combat Group, Anti-Poaching Operations

Medical History:

Unknown Illness 1/8/17-6/3/17

Shrapnel lodged in leg 2/15/16

Shot in shoulder 11/13/12

Military or Police Branch: Zimbabwe National Army, Army for Democratic Change, Army of the Republic of Zimbabwe
Unit: One Commando Regiment, Special Company, Special Operations Service
Previously held Rank: Staff Sergeant
Operational Role: Reconnaissance/Rifleman
Skills & Qualifications: Zimbabwe National Army basic training, Parachute Certification, Passed 1 Commando Regiment qualification (Bushcraft, Reconnaissance, Sniping, Unarmed Combat, Tracking, Navigating, Jungle Survival), Speaks English, Shona, and Ndebele

Additional Information
Psychological Evaluation:

Micheal (Commonly known as "Mike") is a particularly laid back person, treating firefights as if they are a daily occurrence to him. This nonchalantness has been the source of many NCOs' ire while in the ZNA, so much so he had to redo his final test for 1 Commando of navigating the Zambezi Valley on an empty stomach while carrying a 30 pound ruck because he stopped to take pictures of wildlife multiple times throughout the trip. He has a very nonchalant philosophy on firefights, having been quoted as saying:

"Either I live, or it's not my problem anymore"


Micheal "Mike" Smith was born on January 12th, 1989 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. His father was a former member of the Rhodesian Light Infantry, and his mother was a BSAP Police Officer. He, like most White Zimbabweans at the time, grew up wealthy, attending some of Bulawayo's best schools. As a teenager, he attended Hamilton High School, one of the top high schools in Bulawayo. He enlisted in the Zimbabwean National Army soon after.

After completing Basic Training, he was assigned to 4 Infantry Brigade, where he would stay for the next two years. Most of their service consisted of assisting the Zimbabwe Mounted Infantry in anti-poaching operations. His unit mostly operated in the Zambezi Valley, giving him a not insignificant amount of knowledge on the area's layout. After two years, he would decide to enter selection for the One Commando Regiment

With the help of his father, who taught him many of the basics of being a commando from his time in the RLI, Micheal entered training for the unit. He excelled in most areas, especially marksmanship and reconnaissance. After months of training, Mike passed selection for the unit, being officially given his Green Beret on September 9th, 2010.

His unit would be assigned to Cranborne Barracks, the Headquarters of the regiment, where they would stay for the next two years. However, in 2012, his land, along with his parent's land, was seized as part of Mugabe's land reforms. Furious, he led a desertion of his unit, beginning an insurgency in the province of Bulawayo. A month later, his insurgency, along with 5 others, would merge to form the Army for Democratic Change, the military wing of the Movement for Democratic Change.

His insurgency formed the Special Platoon, the Special Operations unit of the ADC. He was subsequently promoted to Staff Sergeant in the ADC's rank structure, giving him direct command of the platoon. The Special Platoon performed multiple Operations against the Zimbabwe National Army, scoring a major victory in the Battle of Marula. After 3 years of fighting, the Zimbabwe National Army performed a coup against Robert Mugabe, and the new government signed a treaty with the ADC to have free and fair elections. The Movement for Democratic Change won by a 10% margin, and the ADC was integrated into the Zimbabwe National Army, renamed the Army of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Special Platoon was renamed to the Special Operations Service, and became the official Special Forces unit of the ARZ.

Mike would be medically discharged from the ARZ after a year, due to an unknown illness wreaking havoc on his health in the early months of 2017. After the end of his service, the disease cleared up, and Mike, needing a source of income, became a PMC for Whitetree Support Initiatives. However, he was not assigned any contracts until now.

Equipment Form
Primary Weapon: FAL 50.62 Para (7.62 NATO) (Muzzle Brake)
Secondary Weapon: Spectre M4 (.45 ACP)
Sidearm: Browning Hi-Power

Tactical Equipment:

7x FN FAL Magazines
3x Spectre M4 Magazines
4x Browning Hi-Power Magazines
2x Fragmentation Grenade
2x Smoke Grenade
BK-3 Combat Helmet
Combat knife
Level III Bulletproof Vest
AMAC III Assault Ruck
Gas Mask (Attached to Tac Vest)


Special Operations Service Beret
Rhodesian Brushstroke Field Cap
Rhodesian Brushstroke Short Sleeve Uniform
Rhodesian Brushstroke Shorts
Rhodesian Brushstroke Windbreaker
Multiple Pairs of shorts
Multiple White T-Shirts
Combat Boots

Additional Equipment:
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Postby Bolslania » Sun Sep 12, 2021 1:22 pm

//WhiteTree Support Initiatives - Contractor Personnel File//
For administrative use ONLY. Unauthorized access, distribution or modification will result in legal action.
Property of WhiteTree Support Initiatives. A Regina Corporation subsidiary.

Biographical Information
Name: Tarvo Kärkkäinen
Nationality: Finnish
Birthplace: Vantaa, Finland
Gender: M
Date of Birth: June 4th, 1996
Tarvo has the cauliflower nose of a boxer.

Personal & Professional Background
Education: Public (High school level)
Previous Occupation: Finnish Army (2014-2018), boxer (2018-2021)
Medical History: Repeatedly broken nose

Military or Police Branch: Finnish Army
Unit: 2nd Mechanized Jaeger Company, Karelia Brigade
Previously held Rank: Kersantti (Sergeant)
Operational Role: Cavalry-Scout/ grenadier
Skills & Qualifications: Reconnaissance, armored and unarmored vehicle operation and maintenance, hand-to-hand, proficient with grenades and grenade launchers. Speaks Finnish, Swedish, English, Arabic, and Spanish.

Additional Information
Phycological Evaluation: Tarvo has the characteristics of a standard Finn, stoic, silent, and bold. He regularly volunteers to do jobs that others don't want to do. Tarvo loves to fight, and while not directly confrontational, Tarvo will certainly not back down from a fight. Far from a career killer, Tarvo does take pity on those less fortunate than himself, but he isn't necessarily a compassionate individual. He thinks with his head, not his heart


Tarvo Kärkkäinen was born in Vantaa to a nurse and police officer, Tarvo grew up with a life common to many. His father and mother were often working irregular hours, so he was left to his own devices most of the time. Before the days of widespread social media or cell phones, Tarvo spent a lot of his time exploring or playing in the streets of Vantaa, or working on cars. As a teenager, he got a job at his uncle's autobody shop, and would spend hours there, tinkering with vehicles.

Academically, Tarvo was adequate, but vehicles trumped his academics, and more than once his uncle had to suspend him from working so that Tarvo would actually do his school-work. When not in school or fixing cars, Tarvo was getting in to fistfights. Tarvo quickly found he loved the adrenaline rush of fighting, joining his local boxing club. As a boxer he was very good, and he even won a few regional medals.

Then came the day when Tarvo's public education came to an end and the now 18 Finn had to find work or go to college. Having spent 4 years working for his uncle, Tarvo wanted something more. So he joined the Finnish army. Tarvo quickly adapted to the military lifestyle, his skill with vehicles landing him a place in a mechanized Jaeger company in Karelia. In the army Tarvo was trained in the military applications of vehicles, which added nicely to his present vehicle related skillset.

Tarvo would spend some time in the Middle East as part of the Finnish detachment to ISAF, spending his time training local forces and occasionally engaging ISIL forces. However Tarvo's time in the Middle East was brief, and soon he found his term of enlistment over. Tarvo went back to his boxing roots, spending the next three years professionally boxing, where he performed admirably.

However Tarvo had gotten a taste of firefights, and boxing had his attention, but he found himself wanting more than just boxing. So Tarvo left his native Finland for a second time, using his successful boxing career to pay for quality military gear, and he found his way to WhiteTree to start his new job as a PMC.

Equipment Form
Primary Weapon: SAKO RK 95 TP, 7.62x39mm, EOTECH XPS2 Holographic w/ G33 magnifier on flip-down mounting, UB HK AG36 40mm grenade launcher
Secondary Weapon: FN FAL (DSA modified), 7.62x51mm NATO, FAB Defense Tactical Rotating Bipod & Foregrip T-POD G2, SIGHTMARK CORE TX 1-4 BEZEL × 24 DCR TACTICAL, laser range finder
Sidearm: Sig-Sauer P226, underbarrel flashlight

Tactical Equipment:
SafeLite defense Tactical Enhanced Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA+ (MOLLE)
Multi-cam fatigues
Ops-Core FAST Military Ballistic Helmet
Night Owl Optics NOBG1
x2 frag grenades
Peltor Comtac headset
Utility knife
5 inch fighting knife
Pair of brass knuckles

x6 pairs of monochrome T-shirts
x6 pairs of Cargo pants
x2 pairs of boots
x2 baseball caps
x2 pairs of sunglasses
x1 olive drab raincoat
Additional Equipment:
Folding spade
x15 40mm frag grenades
x10 40mm blue smoke grenades
x10 40mm red smoke grenades
x20 7.62x39mm magazines
x10 7.62x51mm NATO magazines
x2 9mm magazines
x100 zip-ties
x1 roll of Duct-tape
x1 Med-Kit
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Postby Cylarn » Sun Sep 12, 2021 2:04 pm

//WhiteTree Support Initiatives - Contractor Personnel File//
For administrative use ONLY. Unauthorized access, distribution or modification will result in legal action.
Property of WhiteTree Support Initiatives. A Regina Corporation subsidiary.

Biographical Information
Name: Arthur Jordan Irvine.
Nationality: Jamaican Citizen.
Birthplace: Kingston, Jamaica.
Gender: Male.
Date of Birth: 03/07/1985
Appearance: Image

Irvine is approximately 17.75 hands tall, and 1.98 bags of cement in weight (5'11, 185 lbs). Among operators, his build is quite unremarkable; evident musculature in all parts of his body, well-toned and corn-fed. No scars or tattoos indicate anything unique about his person.

Personal & Professional Background
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from UNC Chapel Hill; Jamaican Police Academy.
Previous Occupation: Security Contractor, Moraes Lumber Company.
Medical History: Irvine was pronounced dead for approximately four minutes following a heroin overdose as the result of being jabbed and injected with several grams of heroin during a hand-to-hand encounter in the neighborhood of Tivoli Gardens. Subsequently, he completed a three-month rehabilitation program in 2010 and has remained clean from opiates ever since.

Military or Police Branch: Jamaican Constabulary Force.
Unit: Special Weapons and Tactics.
Previously held Rank: Sergeant.
Operational Role: Tactical Officer/Team Leader.
Skills & Qualifications:
  • Tactical: In addition to graduating from the SWAT selection program, Irvine has attended the programs for FBI HRT and the USBP's BORTAC, specializing in urban combat and skills such as rappelling, room-clearing, and counter-sniper operations. From his time alongside the AUC and corporate security units in the Brazilian Amazon, he has experience in jungle warfare.
  • Qualifications: Irvine attained a civil aviation license with the Jamaican government agency overseeing civil aviation, and is rated to pilot single-engine airplanes and helicopters. He earned top ratings in law enforcement driving techniques from the North Carolina Highway Patrol and the Jamaican Constabulary Forces. Irvine also holds advanced diving certifications, and is rated as a clearance diver with the Jamaican Defense Force. Irvine speaks English as a primary language, in addition to Spanish and Jamaican Patois.
  • Combat Experience: Irvine took part in street wars between Kingston gangs and the Jamaican security forces, mostly in a tactical role that brought him into dangerous urban combat situations with well-armed gangbangers. He spent two years training Colombian paramilitary groups, and took part in a handful of low-level jungle engagements with FARC and ELN guerrillas. Irvine also did one year in Iraq as a close protection agent for an Iraqi politician. His most recent assignments include combat against Yanomami indigenous tribes on the behalf of Brazilian loggers looking to exploit jungle forests.

Additional Information
Phycological Evaluation: Irvine makes little secret of being an asshole; he is quick to criticize others, looks down upon kind individuals as being weak, and holds little remorse for the disadvantaged - despite coming from a working-class background. He keeps his personal beliefs and feelings to himself, often forgoing friendships and relationships - that said, he is not above being social. Several ex-girlfriends have characterized him as distant and emotionally abusive. While not strictly defined as a psychopath, Irvine definitely withholds his remorse for others on most occasions, and has certainly taken lives for little more than monetary satisfaction and contractual obligation. In the heat and stress of combat, however, Irvine does not shy away from violence and is not usually intimidated by threat of death. Combat can also draw out his uncommon virtuosity; he won't leave a fallen comrade behind, and he is prone to jettison his self-serving nature to put his team first.

Biography: "Can you make remarks about my life? Sure you can; just look at my files in Kingston. What, do you want me to deliver my autobiography? Okay; I can waste some time."

"My parents worked in the tourism industry, neither of them obtaining a full education. My dad could barely read, Mom could barely write. I was the second of three kids: Marlene, Douglas, and myself. We grew up in Tivoli Gardens. Gangs are all over the place there. Mom and Dad though, they raised us right - despite the fact that they adhered to different values. Dad was a Rasta; long dreds, railed against Babylon, introducedus to the Ganja. Mom took us to the Anglican Church, wanted us to be good citizens in the English way. I took the best of both worlds as a kid; I grew my dreds, but I attained top marks in school. I was a good kid, but we all were. My sister is a professor now, and my brother works for the UN."

"Hell, Douglas and Marlene and I went to college in the US, which is what our parents wanted. I lived in North Carolina for the next four years and attended UNC Chapel Hill. I didn't plan to be a cop during my time there; to be frank, I wanted to be an environmental scientist. I completed my courses there, but a week before I came home, Mom was killed in the crossfire of a shootout between two gangs, along with seven other innocent people. It hardened my soul, to have to bury this woman who worked so hard for me to be successful. I wanted revenge, I wanted blood. All of the Rasta crap my father taught me went out the window, and I chose to join the Constabulary."

"Shit didn't stop after the government and the DEA arrested Coke. It got worse, if anything. I was trained to kill; that is the culture of the JCF, of police tactical operations in dangerous locales, and it appealed to me as a vehicle for standing against the things I perceived as malevolent. Revenge for my mother, it hardened my heart and soul. I didn't lose my moral compass; I just put my inhibitions aside. After my first year on the beat, I tried out for SWAT and made it through on the first go. While most police tactical units, particularly in the States, are reactive towards crime, we took upon ourselves a more proactive approach, going right into the neighborhoods to arrest, or shoot, as many gangsters as we could find. Barretts, Kalashnikovs, Uzis made our job that much harder in the urban sprawl. If I am being frank, I took pride in the killing, especially after the first time I died. Some teenager hiding in a closet jammed a needle in my neck and shot me up with several grams of heroin. I had cravings afterwards, got put on methadone for a bit until I went back to the States for rehab. It will take a lot for me to willingly accept an opiate."

"In 2015, I decided to get out of the JCF for monetary reasons. Given that I was one of the most well-trained operators in the country, I decided to market my skills. From December to the following December, I protected a politician in Baghdad. After that, I went to Colombia and trained paramilitarios to kill the Communists who refused to take the government's amnesty offer. Payment came from the private Initiatives of local politicians and landowners, and I assure you that everything was above board."

"The next two years, I spent in the Brazilian Amazon, hired by Moraes as a security guard for their logging operations. Allow me to be candid about this; the land was bought and paid for, thus any squatters on that land were to be removed. I cared little about the overall political situation. Perhaps the Yanomami should have asked their NGO friends to purchase the land on their behalf, but they did not do so. That is all we shall say on that matter."

"Sometime after I got back, WhiteTree made an offer of employment. I don't turn down good pay or benefits, so here I am."

Equipment Form
Primary Weapon: M4 Carbine.
Secondary Weapon: Federal M201-Z Riot Gas Gun.
Sidearm: Glock 19.

Tactical Equipment:
  • Infantry First Aid Kit; contained in pouch on plate carrier.
  • 6 x STANAG magazines, thirty rounds each.
  • Leatherman Multitool, clipped to trouser pocket.
  • AN/PRC-148, with headset.
  • Custom-made hunting knife with six-inch steel blade and bone-grip handle, worn on belt.
  • 4 x 15-round 9mm magazines, carried in drop pack on left thigh.
  • CamelBak hydration pack.
  • 4 x 38mm Gas Grenades, CS Gas.
  • 4 x 38mm Gas Grenades; Red Smoke, Purple Smoke, Yellow Smoke, Blue Smoke.
  • Night Vision Monocular, worn on helmet or kept in bag.
  • 4 x flex-cuffs, worn on vest.
  • 1 x 300-count bag of zip-ties.
  • 1 x 24-inch retractable steel baton.
  • 2 x 24-pack batteries.
  • Infantry First Aid Kit, worn on vest.
  • Black flashlight.
  • 1-Quart Canteen.
  • Compass.
  • M40 Gas Mask.
  • Samsung S20, carried in admin pouch.
  • Samsung Airpods.
  • Folding Shovel, carried on belt.
  • 1 x Pouch, Beechnut Original Chewing Tobacco.
  • Crye JPC, colored in coyote tan, with Level III+ plates.
  • OD Green duty belt, with attached retention hip holster, and drop pouch for IFAK.
  • Coyote Tan 3-Day Assault Ruck.
  • Cargo pants, colored in DPM Woodland scheme.
  • Bates brand tan steel toe combat boots.
  • Navy Blue T-Shirt.
  • Brandit OD green anorak.
  • Ops-Core FAST Helmet.
  • Navy Blue Baseball Cap, with "NC" logo used by UNC Chapel Hill.
  • OD Green neckwrap.
Additional Equipment:
  • Rolled-up set of wet weather trousers and anorak, colored in OD Green.
  • Hundred-foot spool of paracord
  • Weapon cleaning kit.
  • 1 x Carton of Cigarettes, Eagle 20s Shorts.
  • 1 x Box of Twenty Packs, Beechnut Original Tobacco Chew.
  • Half-Ounce of Purple Coma Marijuana.
  • 1 x Pack, J.O.B. 1.5 Rolling Papers.
  • 1 x Mess Kit.
  • 1 x Ledger.
  • 4 x Rolls of Cash, $500 each.
  • 1 x Map of Operational Area.
  • 1 x MRE, Vegetable Beef Stew.
  • 4 x Snickers Bars.
  • 1 x Poncho, DPM scheme.
  • 2 x Spare Gas Mask Filters.
  • 3 x Pairs of OD Green Darn Tough Knee Socks.
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Postby Tayner » Mon Sep 13, 2021 9:02 am

If anyone askes where we were Saturday at 14:30, we were at The Pub, understand?

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