Frigate transfer

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Republica Federal de Catalunya
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Frigate transfer

Postby Republica Federal de Catalunya » Wed Sep 01, 2021 11:29 am

We have signed the Transfer of two Flama class multirole frigates the former F95 Sant Pere and F96 Santa Maria frigates to the Republic of Naxera Navy.

The two Frigates were built by shipyard DMM In Malgrat de Mar and were commissioned in 1993 and 1994 and were in active service until 2019. And, were refit in the 2000s.

Both Frigates displace 3600 standard tones and 3900 standard tones full load. Their length is 130.8m, their beam is 14.4m and their draught is 4.5 at full load. They are propulsed by CODOG system composed of two RR Spey gas turbines and 2 diesel Catalonia Suisse Maritime diesel engines. allowing a max speed of 30 knots and an cruise Speed of 20 knots and an endurance of 4800 NM at economic cruise of 16 Kn.
Their complement is 154 - 176 with the aviation group.
Most sensors were build by the Catalan filial of Thales. After 2008 refit.
Main sensors.
Thales Smart-S Mk.1 long-range 3D surveillance and tracking radar
Thales LW08 long-range surveillance radar
Thales SeaWatcher 100 active phased array surface detection and tracking radar
Thales GateKeeper Electro-optical 360° survaillance system
Thales STIR 1.8 Tracking and Illumination Radar system
Thales Scout surface surveillance and tactical navigation radar
Thales PHS-36 hull-mounted sonar
Thales Anaconda DSBV 61 VLF passive tactical towed array sonar
Ultra Electronics Multi-static Low Frequency Active Passive Sonar
Electronic warfare
& decoys
Thales Vigile APX Radar electronic support measures
Mark 36 SRBOC
Nixie Torpedo decoy.

The main armament: 1x OTO Melara 76/62 gun, 8 AGM84 harpoon, 1x Mk41 fitted with 16 ESSM 2x3 MU90 torpedoes.
Secondary Armament: 1x Goalkeeper 30mm CIWS, 4 machine gun mounts, 2 sonic guns and 2 water guns.
It could use 1-2 helicopters. In my service were Westland Lynx and NH90FFH (not included) and 2 RHIBs included.

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Postby Naxera » Wed Oct 27, 2021 1:36 pm

We signed the acceptance of the Frigates in motive of the 200th anniversary of our independence. As our crews have completed their basic training.

We have also bought 4 AB412 ASW for the Frigates and we fitted them with RHIBs.
The Frigates are going to be renamed Freedom (31) and Independence (32) and are the most powerful vessels of our Navy.

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