Ace Witches 2022 (OOC, Open)

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Ace Witches 2022 (OOC, Open)

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(Art with credits to Wolfenium.)
We have a chat.

It's May the Fifteenth, 2019 Common Era. You are a member of Air Group Constitution, onboard the brand-new Constitution-class Fleet Carrier, Constitution of the Osean Maritime Defense Forces. Constitution battlegroup is currently west of Khesed Island, on its way to a port call in Fort Grays Naval Base. It is the battlegroup's world cruise of 2019 and you have been recently enjoying the hospitality of Emmerians in Gracemeria. You have heard that there are some serious tensions between Erusea and the other Useans and other members of the Independent State Allied Forces regarding the construction of the Space Elevator.
So instead of continuing the world cruise Constitution battlegroup has now been retasked to proceed to Fort Grays at best speed and to conduct peace enforcement for the next month in and around the Usean Continent. As members of the 215th Naval Air Squadron of Witches, nickname
"Magic Ravens", it is your job to block anybody who's gotten past the primary barrier combat air patrol defending the ship, and to provide ground support to the Federal Osean Army as requested, you do this in an F/A-18E Unit that probably cost the Osean taxpayer a trillion zollars so you will not be doing stupid things with it like slaloming on the flight deck.
On May the Fifteenth, the news of a surprise Erusean attack on St. Hewlett Naval Arsenal trickles in in the afternoon, and the ship's crew gathers to watch from select TV screens the fires that are being fought in the dockyards and onboard the ships. News comes in further that your destination, Fort Grays Island has also been struck in the morning. The President of the Federation asked Congress to declare war this same afternoon. The Constitution battlegroup, your battlegroup - your ship now sails for war, and to think that merely a week earlier you've been enjoying leave in Gracemeria...

The Story: Welcome to the spiritual successor to one of the more successful World Witches roleplays to ever grace P2TM - Strike Witches 2012. Here you will be playing as a member of the 215th Naval Air Squadron (W), Osean Maritime Defense Forces. In an rp heavily based on the events of Ace Combat 7, you will guide your character through the runup and course of the Lighthouse War. As this is the first time Omstark, yours truly attempts to run a Ace Combat roleplay, something the designated Co-OP Rupudska has much more experience in, please do go easy on me. :3

Information for You the applicant: World Witches is a series by Shimada Humikane (or Fumikane, depends on who you ask), imagining a world in the 1940's where magic is prevalent and a hitherto unidentified alien mechanical species known as Neuroi are hell-bent on world conquest. Defending the world from this menace are magic-capable young ladies riding Striker Units based off of famous (or infamous) real life fighter aircraft of World War Two.
We have humbly borrowed this world setting and transplanted it to the modern Strangereal world, another and far more long-running series of fighter simulation games from Japan. Here in Ace Witches 2022 there are no Neurois to fight, instead war happens between humans (as usual) and with the aforementioned magic aspects.
First thing to get out of the way: World Witches series has some egregious fan-service. Here in Ace Witches 2022 there will be absolutely none of that, you will dress appropriate to your rank and status as an officer and lady of the Osean Defense Forces or so help me Gods I will really make you do it.
Units in issue of Osean and other allied nation's air forces will be discounted to cost 75% of base price and are marked in BLUE. Erusean and Yuktobanian Units have a 133% tax on base price and are marked in RED.
  • Lockheed/Aeritalia F-104S-ASA Starfighter (MRP 375,000)
  • IAI F-4E Terminator 2020 (MRP 410,000)
    • F-4X - While the radar and avionics aren't as advanced as the Terminator 2020, the F-4X features an absolutely beastly engine capable of Mach 3 at high altitude, and avionics/radar of similar capabilities to the F-15C. (MRP 490,000)
  • Panavia Tornado F.3 (MRP 700,000)
  • Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat (MRP 600,000)
  • McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle (MRP 675,000)
    • Mitsubishi F-15J Eagle MSIP+ (MRP 750,000) - Better missiles and radar
  • McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle (MRP 675,000)
  • Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 1.2 (MRP 1 million)
    • Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 2.20 - Multirole upgrade, with Brimstone, Meteor and GBU integration (MRP 1.1 million)
    • Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 4 - Integration for CAESAR and SPEAR 3 (MRP 1.25 million)
  • Mitsubishi F-2A (MRP 600,000)
    • F-2A Super Kai - Electronics and engine improvements. GBU-53 integration. (MRP 800,000)
  • IAI Lavi (MRP 650,000)
  • Saab JAS 39C Gripen (MRP 700,000)
    • JAS-39E - AESA radar and improved engines, more fuel with CFT's, and more payload options (MRP 900,000)
  • McDonnell Douglas F/A-18E Super Hornet (MRP 560,000) (Starter Unit)
    • EA-18G Growler - Electronic warfare variant. (MRP 640,000)
  • General Dynamics F-16C Block 50+ Fighting Falcon (MRP 640,000)
    • General Dynamics F-16XL - delta wing for improved manoeuvrability. Electronics remains the same as Block 50+. (MRP 750,000)
    • F-16E Block 70 - AESA radar and engine improvements (MRP 750,000)
  • Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-31BM "Foxhound-A" (MRP 800,000)
  • Sukhoi Su-27S "Flanker-B" (MRP 1,200,000)
    • Su-33 "Flanker-D" - Flanker-B adapted to the maritime environment with corrosion resistant airframe and high-lift devices (MRP 1,270,000)
  • Sukhoi Su-30SM "Flanker-H" (MRP 1.3 million)
  • Sukhoi Su-35S "Flanker-E" (MRP 2 million)
    • Sukhoi Su-37M Terminator "Flanker-F" (MRP 2.7 million) - Flanker with extra adaptations for extreme manoeuvrability. Electronics and weapons fit are the same as for Flanker-E.
  • Sukhoi Su-34M "Fullback-C" (MRP 2.3 million)
  • F-14M+ Super Tomcat - Not actually a Striker Unit. Instead this is a two person (1 pilot, 1 Witch) experimental weapons bus with options up to 20 SDB's or 12 AMRAAM's. Magic shielding, jam-resistant AESA etherometer and integrated IRST/Target Designator Systems. (MRP 1.5 million)
  • Dassault Mirage 2000C (MRP 800,000)
    • Dassault Mirage 2000-5F - Systems, weapons and electronics improvements (MRP 1.2 million)
  • Dassault Rafale C F3R (MRP 1.5 million)
    • Dassault Rafale M F3R - Maritime adaptations (MRP 1.75 million)
    • F4.2 Upgrade - Improved radar, weapons capabilities and communications for the 21st century network-centric warfare. (MRP 2 million)
  • Mikoyan MiG-29SMT "Fulcrum-E" (MRP 1.3 million)
    • Mikoyan MiG-29K "Fulcrum-D" - Naval adaptations and electronics modernisation (MRP 1.6 million)
  • Mikoyan MiG-35 "Fulcrum-F" (MRP 2.3 million)
  • Yakovlev Yak-141 "Freestyle" (MRP 1.6 million)
  • Yakovlev Yak-43 "Freestyle-B" (MRP 1.87 million)
  • KAI FA-50 Golden Eagle (MRP 700,000)
  • Ilyushin Il-102 (MRP 700,000)
  • McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II NA (MRP 560,000)
    • AV-8B Harrier II Plus - Some air-to-air capability, radar replaces Laser Ranger and Marked Target Seeker (MRP 600,000)
  • Panavia Tornado GR.4 (MRP 700,000)
  • Dassault Mirage 2000D-R2 - Attack version of Mirage 2000C, internal gun deleted for ECM gear. (MRP 1.2 million)
  • Fairchild Republic A-10C Thunderbolt II (MRP 750,000)
  • Lockheed Martin F-117A Nighthawk (MRP 900,000)
  • Sukhoi Su-25SM "Frogfoot" (MRP 1.3 million)
      Su-25T "Frogfoot-C" - Improved avionics and air-to-air capability. (MRP 1.6 million)

  • Mitsubishi X-2 Shinshin (MRP 2 million)
  • McDonnell Douglas F-15EA Advanced Eagle (MRP 1.5 million)
    • F-15SE Silent Eagle - Integration of some low-observability technology, external weapons pods for 8 GBU-53's.(MRP 2.14 million)
    • F-15EX S/MTD (MRP 2.14 million)
  • F/A-18M+ Advanced Super Hornet (MRP 1.5 million) - Not actually a Striker Unit. Instead this is a two person (1 pilot, 1 Witch) experimental weapons bus with options up to 20 SDB's or 20 AMRAAM's. Magic shielding, jam-resistant AESA etherometer and integrated IRST/Target Designator Systems
  • Sukhoi S-32 "Firkin" (MRP 2.7 million)
    • Su-47 "Firkin-C" - Two-dimensional thrust vectoring with improved avionics and a hard 9G limiter. Speed limit is unchanged. (MRP 3 million)
  • Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-1.44 "Flatpack" (MRP 3.3 million)

  • Boeing XF-32 (MRP 4 million)
  • Sukhoi Su-57 "Felon" (MRP 5.3 million)
  • Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor Blk 1 (MRP 3.75 million)
  • Northrop Grumman YF-23A Black Widow II (MRP 5 million)
  • Northrop Grumman F-24A Talon (MRP 3.75 million)
  • Lockheed Martin A-22A Condor (Magic WSO) (MRP 4.5 million)
  • KAI KF-21 Boramae (MRP 4.5 million)
  • Saab Flygsystem 2020 (MRP 4.5 million)
  • Mitsubishi F-3A Shinden II (MRP 5 million)
    • ASF-X Shinden II (MRP 6 million)
  • HAL AMCA (MRP 5 million)
  • BAe Replica FR.1 (MRP 5 million)
  • Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II (MRP 3.75 million)
    • F-35C - Carrier variant. (MRP 4.5 million)
  • Yakovlev Yak-201 "Falconet" (MRP 6.7 million)
  • Sukhoi Su-75 Chezhmate (MRP 6.7 million)
  • Grunder ADFX-01 Morgan (MRP 8 million)
  • Mikoyan MiG-41 "Fastback" (MRP 11.3 million)
  • EASA X-02A Wyvern (MRP 13.3 million)
    • EASA X-02S Strike Wyvern (MRP 16 million)
    • EASA X-02M+ Strike Wyvern (MRP 20 million)
  • Albastu-Electrice CFA-44 Nosferatu (MRP 16 million)
  • Grunder ADF-01 Falken (MRP 16 million)
  • Lockheed Martin EF-35D Chain Lightning (MRP 6 million)
    • EF-35F - Carrier variant. (MRP 6 million)
  • Grunder ADF-11 Raven (MRP 27 million)
  • XFA-27 (MRP 12 million)
  • BAe Tempest (MRP 16 million)
If you failed geography or don't know much about world cultures, this probably isn't the job for you. But just in case you need a refresher course:
Amber, formerly the Republic of Amber, was a country located in southwestern parts of the Usean continent. Its proximity to Erusea was a constant source of trouble for this little republic that resided on Amber Peninsula next to Gunther Bay. Inevitably it would lose to its bigger neighbour in the west and in the aftermath of the Continental War Erusea annexed the country to itself, driving a sizeable portion of Amber's citizenry to seek refuge elsewhere, including Osea. Was a full contributing member to ISAF.
Aurelia, officially the Federal Republic of Aurelia, is an ancient and storied nation located in South Osea. It shares borders with Leasath to the northeast and Perbla to the northwest.
Aurelia is a relatively small, yet wealthy and very developed nation as a result of its land being rich in natural resources. The nation supports a modestly-sized military which utilizes highly-advanced war machines. Its capital, Griswall, features the Gaiuss Tower, which is one of the tallest known structures on Earth. The citizens of Aurelia enjoy living in peace and prosperity.
Belka, officially the Principality of Belka, and formerly the Belkan Federation, is a major country on the Osean continent. Belka shares borders with Osea, FATO, Gebet, Recta, and Ustio.
Belka is best known for pioneering the use of aircraft in war, particularly with its legendary Belkan Air Force. Historically, the country was a leading scientific and industrial power, which utilised its strength to advance its imperialist policy in the 20th century. This culminated in the Belkan War of 1995, in which Belka detonated seven nuclear weapons on its own soil to stop the collapse. Belka's defeat also resulted in the nation being reduced to less than half of its size.
The country is still recovering from the Belkan War, in which it lost the majority of its territory. Nationalists have attempted to influence world conflicts, including the Circum-Pacific War in effort to exact revenge.
Clavis, officially the Serene Republic of Clavis is a small, prosperous city-state on the western edges of the Verusean continent. Known for its temperate climes and its seafood, its primary claim to fame however is its population of banks and financiers living tax-free from any government. Indeed, these people are partly what this small city-state subsides. The other part is its control on trade going west and up the Verusean continent.
Emmeria, officially the Republic of Emmeria, is a leading economic and military power in western and central Anea. Neighbouring countries include Estovakia to the east, Nordennavic to the northwest, and Yuktobania across the Fuscum Sea to the south.
Emmeria is a large, wealthy nation that possesses great economic influence and is home to a thriving population of approximately 110 million people. Emmeria's industrial production is a key factor in its economy which allows its citizens, particularly those in the capital city, Gracemeria, to enjoy prosperous and peaceful everyday lives.
Previously a kingdom during medieval times, Emmeria was subject to a history of warfare. Conflicts involving Emmerian lords and foreign invaders often threw Emmeria into chaos. King Aurelius II later ended the conflicts, uniting the country and establishing the Republic of Emmeria. In modern times, the country maintains a large and highly-skilled military, considered to be one of the most capable armed forces on Earth.
Following the Ulysses Impact Event and the Estovakian Civil War, Emmeria sent aid to Estovakia to help restart its economy, but tensions rose between the two countries. This culminated in the Emmeria-Estovakia War, which Emmeria ultimately won.
Erusea, officially the Kingdom of Erusea is a large nation located on the westernmost part of the Usean continent. Erusea shares its border with San Salvacion, Usea and formerly Amber. Its capital, Farbanti, is located on the coast of Usea's westernmost peninsula near the Spring Sea.
Formerly the Federal Republic of Erusea or Erusean Republic, the nation was known for its industrialism, militarism, and advancements in engineering and aeronautic technologies. It was severely affected by the impact of Ulysses 1994XF04 in 1999. By mid-2003, tensions between Erusea and the other Usean nations escalated into open war, in which Erusea was soundly defeated.
By 2011, Erusea was restored into a kingdom. The construction of the International Space Elevator at Selatapura and increasing IUN presence on Usea is causing tensions to rise with the ISAF.
Estovakia, officially the Federal Republic of Estovakia is a large country located in eastern Anea. It shares its only land border with the Republic of Emmeria to the west and is separated from Yuktobania by the Fuscum Sea, located just south of Anea. By 2014, it had a population of approximately 63.5 million people.
Estovakia was a nation engulfed in economic strife following the Ulysses Impact Event in 1999. The event caused significant damage to its economy and infrastructure, sparked the Estovakian Civil War, and ultimately dissolved any future plans for the Republic of Anea, an initiative that aimed to unite all the Anean countries into a single nation.
It was governed by a military junta led by "The Generals" after the civil war ended in October 2013. After a period of escalation, Estovakia declared war on Emmeria in August 2015, sparking the Emmeria-Estovakia War. Civilian displeasure with the war led to a coup d'etat in the nation's capital that overthrew the junta. Following the war's conclusion in May 2016, Estovakia's leaders restored peaceful relations with Emmeria. However, Estovakia was once again left in a state of disrepair.
Prior to the Emmeria-Estovakia War, the Estovakian military was relatively large and well-equipped and utilized advanced aircraft such as the P-1112 Aigaion and CFA-44 Nosferatu.
FATO is a nation located in northeastern Osea. It is bordered by the Cascade Ocean to the north, the Nordlands to the east, Wielvakia to the south, Gebet to the southwest, and Belka to the west. FATO played a minor role in the Belkan War.
Kaulga or Republic of Kaulga by its official name doesn't have many friends, besides Yuktobania, the latter of which considers this little republic little more than an amusing nuisance to test weapons in. Its government isn't so much corrupt as regularly racked by explosive bouts of tribalism, which to this point have always almost (but not quite) brought it into a civil war. In 1986 disputes over the precise locations of some borders in a river called Tyumen erupted into a full-blown conflict - for a week, with Kaulga being soundly trounced by the Yukes. As a result some nationalist groups harbour animosity towards their greater neighbour to this day, whose existence the Kaulgan government suppresses at any given moment - when they have miraculously gotten their shit into gear. The population is fiercely Catholic.
The Democratic People's Republic of Leasath is a nation located in South Osea. It is bordered by the Federal Republic of Aurelia to the southwest and Perbla to the northwest. This so-called Democratic People's Republic is neither democratic, for the people or is actually a republic. This circumstance is mostly due to the fact that the Presidente- and General en Jefe (and yes those are his titles) running this place, Diego Gaspar Navarro rules this backwater with an iron hand, combining in him the accoutrements of an all-compassing personality cult and absolute power, even over life and death over those he calls "citizens". The economy, thanks to the absolute ineptitude and corruption that this Navarro conducts the state affairs has tanked beyond what already was a state torn asunder by the recent civil war, a feat thought impossible in the economic forums of the world. Like most of the world's dictators Navarro has an unsettling interest in marshalling what resources his impoverished country has into developing wonder-weapons.
Nordennavik, officially the Kingdom of Nordennavik is a nation located on the northwest of the Anean continent, close to the North Pole. Due to its proximity to the pole, the country's temperature is naturally cold. It shares its only land border with Emmeria to the southeast.
Previously a war-like pagan people who struck fear from Razgriz Straits to Gracemeria, Nordennavik has now maintained strict diplomatic neutrality for centuries. During the Emmeria-Estovakia War, Nordennavik remained neutral (as usual) in the conflict but took in a large number of Emmerian refugees. This economic powerhouse of the north is famed for its furniture purveyors, for Bofors AB who once produced half of the world's anti-aircraft guns and now cooperates to make the JAS 39 Gripen, and most of all, for its IT industry. Indeed all the servers in Anea, from businesses to government work are located or connected to Nordennavik and its underground storage complexes. Fyrisvellir, its capitol, is home to the fastest supercomputer on Earth. And its people are happy to sip their mead and enjoy some of the best freedoms in the world.
The Nordlands is a nation located on the easternmost point of the Osean continent. It is bordered by FATO to the northwest, the Cascade Ocean to the northeast, the Spring Sea to the southeast, and Wielvakia to the southwest. A narrow strait separates the Nordlands from the Kingdom of Erusea on Usea's westernmost peninsula.
North Point, officially the Archduchy of North Point is an island nation located off the northeastern coast of the Usean continent, due east of Saint Ark. It served as the location of the Independent State Allied Forces' second General Headquarters following its evacuation of the mainland during the Continental War.
North Point, together with Sapin and Europa, once ruled the world. Apart from Erusea, the entire Usean continent was its bitch, along with Aurelia, and most of the Sotoan Peninsula. The decolonisation period of the 1970's has seen its fortunes take a turn for the worse, but it is still a member of ISAF, a powerhouse of eastern Usea and a place famed for producing tea, weird food, ale and Doctor Who.
Osea, officially the Osean Federation is a massive Strangereal country and international superpower located on the Osean continent. Osea encompasses a majority of the continent's western landmass and shares land borders with Belka, Ustio, and Sapin to the east and Perbla to the south. Its capital, Oured, is located on the tip of Osea's southeastern peninsula near Oured Bay.
Osea is a highly developed country that possesses a large population, an extensive infrastructure, a thriving capitalist economy, and a well-outfitted military force, the Osean Defense Forces. Osea is also considered one of the world's foremost leaders in aeronautics and space-exploration development, and was indeed, whatever the critics may say, the first country to put a man on the moon. The country's achievements include the construction of the Strategic Orbital Linear Gun, the Arkbird (a joint program with Yuktobania), and the International Space Elevator.

By virtue of its world power, Osea held what others considered expansionistic and imperialistic ideologies and indeed incorporated new territories throughout the 20th century. The country's expansionist nature directly resulted in major conflicts such as the Osean War, the Belkan War, and the Usean coup d'état. A rivalry also existed between Osea and Yuktobania, which led to the Cold War in the 1980s and 1990s.

In the 21st century, especially following the election of President Vincent Harling, Osea's expansionism was curtailed and the country went on to follow a more peaceful foreign policy, however, there was no significant military drawdown as the political establishment firmly believed in the idea of "Speak softly, but carry a Big Stick". Despite the Circum-Pacific War against Yuktobania, which was orchestrated by Belkan extremists as revenge for the Belkan War, this policy of relative peace continued into the 2010's.
Ratio is a country located in eastern Osea. It is bordered by Sapin to the west, Ustio to the northwest, Recta to the north, Wielvakia to the northeast, and the Spring Sea to the southeast. Ratio's capital, Centrum, lies suitably in the center of the country.
San Salvacion is an independent nation located in northwest-central Usea and also the name of its capital, encompassing territory both north and south of the Lambert Mountains. It has been called a "symbol of peace" by other Usean nations and, in modern times, has maintained friendly relations with its neighbours. However, due to its strategic location, San Salvacion has been the site of several major battles throughout its history, most recently in the Continental War.
Sapin, officially the Kingdom of Sapin, is a country located in eastern Osea. Sapin is bordered by Osea to the west, Ustio to the north, and Ratio to the east. During the Belkan War in 1995, Sapin joined the Allied Forces coalition to help contain Belka's invasion of neighbouring countries, which included Sapin.
Sotoa is a nation located in the western region of the Verusan continent, located southwest of Yuktobania. Sotoa is a hot, dry place what with the equator passing through the north of the country. The Eusian Ocean is located to Sotoa's west. It is mostly populated by desert tribesmen, with a few cities taking refuge on the coastlines.
Usea, officially the Federation of Usea is a country that occupies the eastern half of the Usean continent, and is the second most important country on said continent, after Erusea. Despite Usea being almost twice its size. Of note is that Usea and Erusea are quite hostile towards each other, sort of like a miniature version of Osean and Yuktobanian relations. Except both of them are democracies. Though, the Usean government is more restrictive, and its police force larger and more corrupt. Of note is its ban on firearms, though this is in the process of being repealed.
Although unofficial, Usea was considered to be the head state of the Independent State Allied Forces.
Valka was founded some time in the early 13th Century, and proceeded from then until the middle of the 14th to expand rapidly and violently, eventually controlling all of the Verusan continent, and even poking its nose into the affairs of the Anean citystates. Afterwards, however, it promptly shattered into four pieces, faded into obscurity, and never declared war again. Until now, that is. Perhaps building a nuclear-powered bomber should've tipped everyone off. Or maybe the chemical weapons.
Verusa likes to claim it's the oldest country in the world. The thing is, three thousand years of history don't count when you have a socialist revolution in 1927 and start burning your artefacts and history textbooks because 'purge the old, in with the new', then change your mind in 1950 and start proclaiming the glories of old Verusa in the name of socialism. No, it doesn't work that way. Nonetheless, Verusa is a rather powerful nation, with a strong economy and strong military - even if most of its equipment designs are rip-offs of older Yuktobanian wares.
Wellow is much like Cayenne in reverse: Frozen, irrelevant, and eternally neutral. The most interesting thing about it, besides the lack of military, is how it was founded: North Point colonised it in the mid-19th Century as a way of gaining more territory to lord over Sapin in their eternal dick-measuring contest, and also to cap Belka in and prevent the Belkans from getting any colonies of their own. It backfired when Belka invaded Wellow, conquered it from North Point, flooded it with Belkan immigrants, and granted it independence, all within the span of thirty years. There were also rumors in the 1950's that Belka was testing nuclear weapons in Wellow, but these were all disproved.
Wielvakia is a country located in northeastern Osea. It is bordered by FATO to the north; the Nordlands to the northeast; the Spring Sea to the southeast; Ratio to the southwest; and Recta and Gebet to the west-northwest.
Wielvakia was involved in the Lumen peace discussions at the end of the Belkan War in 1995. The country is not known to have participated in the war, so what they were doing at the conference table has never been made entirely clear. Maybe they were terminally confused or wanted some piece of clay out of the Belkan collapse, only time will tell.
Yuktobania, officially known as the Union of Yuktobanian Republics, is an international superpower and the largest nation on the Verusan continent, encompassing the majority of the continent's north. It shares a land border with Kaulga, Verusa and a number of other countries, and is separated from Emmeria and Estovakia by the Fuscum Sea. Its capital, Cinigrad, is located within the nation's northern highlands.
Yuktobania is a highly developed nation that possesses a large population, industrialised economy, and a well-outfitted military force. The country is also regarded for its many advancements in aerospace technology, submersible engineering, and ballistic missile weaponry
  1. I am OP, and my word is law.
    1. Rupudskaland is Deputy-OP.
    2. Finorskia is Assistant OP.
  2. There isn't a minimum posting requirement, however in courtesy to your fellow roleplayers a decent paragraph should be expected.
  3. If you get Three Strikes you will be expelled.
  4. You already know what level of eternal shame you would bring upon your ancestors should you godmod so I shan't mention it further. :3
  5. If you are inactive for a month or more, please notify the OP team somehow before replying with your current character.
  6. I know this is a World Witches rp. You will keep to PG13, no ifs, buts, or pantsus. If you fail to obey this one you will get only one chance to redeem yourself and you will be asked to edit to return your post to the PG13 standard of this thread post-haste.
  7. I expect a certain amount of research to be done on the Unit you're selecting. Know what you're buying, and know what it is and is not capable of.
    1. As members of a Naval Aviation Squadron of the OMDF you will be assigned an F/A-18E Unit at the beginning, unless there are special circumstances, which you have to motivate in your app under "Unit Request:".
  8. Ranks will be assigned on a case to case basis. Do not expect me to approve a General of the Air Force just because you can put that in writing. Do apply with OF-1 to OF-2's. A handy guide to Osean military ranks is here.
  9. Kills etc etc etc are decided by the honour system. Be reasonable and ask if something is going wonky.
  10. You will be expected to keep track of your kills and earned Military Result Points. However do not hesitate to ask the OP team to re-verify your maths if you feel it has become necessary.
    1. As a formerly peacetime squadron you and everybody else will be starting off with 0 Points. Imagine that as your combat rep... which you have none atm. Units may be instead requested for in the application.
  11. You can, if you so desire, have a primary and secondary magical ability. Not every Witch has one, and even fewer Witches have a backup skill to their primary ability. So don't get overly excited about this. A handy guide is here.
  12. The new Top Gun movie is horrification itself. You will answer the question "Have I read the rules?" with this line.
  13. Have fun, and as always, stay frosty.
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[floatright][box](Image go here, optional, you can also use Appearance below instead if you want (if you do that delete this image part). Image must not be bigger than 640 by 480 pixels.)[/box][/floatright]

[b]Age (21 or more):[/b]
[b]Unit Request:[/b]
[b]Primary Magical Ability (optional):[/b]
[b]Secondary Magical Ability (optional):[/b]
[b]Writing Sample (linked or a writing sample here and now, 200 words minimum):[/b]
[b]Have I read the rules?:[/b][/floatleft]
    Naval Air Squadron 211 "Sunbeams"
    1. Sunbeam Leader: Capt Alexandra “Cripes” Watts-Middleton (F-24A Unit)
    2. Sunbeam 2: Lt (F-24A Unit)
    3. Sunbeam 3: Lt (F-24A Unit)
    4. Sunbeam 4: Lt (F-24A Unit)
    5. Sunbeam 5: Lt Cdr Julia “Thorn” de Rossi, Lt Jack Moreau (F-24A)
    6. Sunbeam 6: Lt, SLt (F-24A)
    7. Sunbeam 7: Lt, SLt (F-24A)
    8. Sunbeam 8: Lt, SLt (F-24A)
    9. Sunbeam 9: Lt, SLt (F-24A)
    10. Sunbeam 10: Lt, SLt (F-24A)
    11. Sunbeam 11: Lt, SLt (F-24A)
    12. Sunbeam 12: Lt, SLt (F-24A)
    13. Sunbeam 13: Lt, SLt (F-24A)
    14. Sunbeam 14: Lt, SLt (F-24A)
    15. Sunbeam 15: Lt, SLt (F-24A)
    16. Sunbeam 16: Lt, SLt (F-24A)
    Naval Air Squadron 214 "Five Faucons"
    1. Faucon Leader: Lt Cdr Adelaide “Flounder” Spijker, SLt Yulia Utkin (F-14M+)
    2. Faucon 2: Lt Gabby “Devil” Payton, SLt Alida “Bunny” Michel (F-14E)
    3. Faucon 3: Lt Marvin “Smasher” Leighton, SLt Jonquil “Dimple” Hampson (F-14E)
    4. Faucon 4: Lt Fearghas “Penny” Tosetti, SLt Yuki “Pinkeye” Yamada (F-14E)
    5. Faucon 5: Lt Hallvard “Birds” Thomassan, SLt Eidard “Cookie” Sangster (F-14E)
    6. Faucon 6: Lt Mallt “Tiny” Rees, SLt Theodore “Bud” Daalgard (F-14E)
    7. Faucon 7: Lt Hannah “Bingo” Elina, SLt Jolene “Mistletoe” Brinley (F-14E)
    8. Faucon 8: Lt Yuri “Hawk” Melnik, SLt Sean “Burger” Fosse (F-14E)
    9. Faucon 9: Lt Finnley “Stuffy” Kunkel, SLt Kaylie “Coocoo” Hydler (F-14E)
    10. Faucon 10: Lt Lon “Chef” Jamison, SLt Hao “Spider” Pham (F-14E)
    11. Faucon 11: Lt Sandrine “Blondie” Cecil, SLt Mia “Oracle” Rayne (F-14E)
    12. Faucon 12: Lt Natalie “Mayor”Petersson, SLt Allison “Blue” Paul (F-14E)
As tradition requires we have an upgrade system, complete with hamberders and football courtesy of Osean defence conglomerates. It will not however turn your F-4 built in 1960 into a demon that does things better than a PAK FA, with armour one whole meter thick, loadouts twice the size of its fifth gen competitors, weighs less than a thousand pounds, does mach 3 going to the supermarket and swims. Please doth exercise some of that common sense the OP team knows you got, after all you can only push a J79 so far before it conks out completely.

- Intake System Modification
(MRP 100,000 + MRP 25,000 per engine + MRP 25,000 x Tier)
Minor upgrade to the intake systems to increase maximum speed by 1-5%.

- Next Generation High-Pressure Components
(MRP 150,000 + MRP 40,000 per engine + MRP 75,000 x Tier)
The engine is rebuilt using a new generation of heat and pressure tolerant alloys and composites. Increases engine performance and lessens mana consumption to a degree.

- Multipurpose Stealth Coating
(MRP 200,000 + MRP 50,000 x Tier)
Covers the airframe in the latest low-observability paints designed against X-band fire control radars. Delays enemy lock ons.

- Conversion
(MRP 250,000 + MRP 100,000 x Tier)
The computer system is completely reworked to allow for the usage of non-native weapons (Osean to Yuktobanian, for example).

- Active Magically Scanned Array
(MRP 500,000 + MRP 125,000 x Tier x 2)
Links the onboard radar system to the Witch's mana reserve, enabling the system to become much more ECM-resistant and enables AESA functionality if it is not otherwise an AESA.

- High-Speed Data Link Antenna
(MRP 100,000 + MRP 50,000 x Tier)
Installs an intranet transceiver with 1 GB/s download and upload speed.

- Cockpit and Flight Management Systems Overhaul
(MRP 50,000 + MRP 12,500 x Tier)
Completely refurbishes the cockpit instruments, revamps the computer system to include digital stores managers, connects it to a modern HUD, installs modern CPU's and other life improvements. A must have if you are so unfortunate as to be flying Yuktobanian Units.

- Reinforced Mana System
(MRP 100,000 + MRP 25,000 per engine + MRP 50,000 x Tier)
Mana conduits in the engine and storage systems are wrapped in a layer of reinforced kevlar. Gives the system more resilience than ordinary but induces some weight and performance penalty.

- Airframe Durability
(MRP 250,000 + MRP 75,000 x Tier)
The internal structure is strengthened to better withstand enemy attacks. Planes and Units can theoretically survive direct strikes from small missiles though this hypothesis should not be tested in-field.

- Countermeasures Upgrade
(MRP 100,000 + MRP 50,000 x Tier)
Installs launchers for the latest generation of high performance active and passive decoys, which have a far better chance of diverting incoming missiles than ordinary flares or chaff.

- Shielding Enhancement
(MRP 500,000 + MRP 100,000 x Tier)
Shield-generating circuits are enhanced to produce stronger barriers faster. Will enable you to tank an AMRAAM or the Yuke equivalent, once. There is no warranty.

- Missile Reconfigure
(MRP 250,000 + 75,000 x Tier)
Infrared air-air missiles can be used against both aerial and ground targets by installing a new imaging seeker and new computer logic. Effectiveness on a cold target like personnel, or on armoured vehicles designed to withstand shrapnel leaves much to be desired.


* 10% reimbursement for disassembly or 50% buyback during aircraft trade-in.
* Upgrades lost due to destruction of aircraft will not be replaced or refunded.
This is how much your kills are worth. Note that this may change as needed, and that special circumstances may arise that do not follow the set bounty list. Keep track of your kills. OP and Co-OP will double check if things don't seem to add up, but we'd like a bit of self sufficiency.

- Fighter (F#)
MRP 5,000 x Tier Level

- Attacker (A#)
MRP 4,000 x Tier Level

- Witch Unit (W#)
MRP 10,000 x Tier Level

- Strategic Bomber (B)
MRP 20,000

- Gunship (AC)
MRP 15,000

- Reconnaissance (R)
MRP 15,000

- Reconnaissance - High Speed (SR)
MRP 25,000

- Airborne Jammer (ECM)
MRP 15,000

- Helicopter - Attack (AH)
MRP 2,500

- Helicopter - Cargo (HC)
MRP 1,250

- Light/Medium Cargo (C-L)
MRP 2,500

- Heavy Cargo (C-H)
MRP 3,500

- Tanker (KC)
MRP 5,000

- Command (EC)
MRP 25,000

- Unarmed Drone (UAV)
MRP 5,000

- Combat Drone (UCAV)
MRP 7,500

- ACE (ACE-F#)
MRP 50,000 x Tier Level + MRP 125,000
- Vehicle (G)
MRP 1,250

- Light Armor (APC)
MRP 2,500

- Tank, Light (TL)
MRP 3,750

- Tank (T)
MRP 5,000

- Artillery (A)
MRP 7,500

- Artillery, Rocket (AR)
MRP 12,500

- Artillery, Drone Launcher (A-UAV)
MRP 15,000

- Anti-Air (AA)
MRP 3,750

- Surface-to-Air-Missile (SAM)
MRP 7,500

- Surface-to-Air Missile, Heavy (SAM-H)
MRP 10,000

- Structure, Light (SL)
MRP 1,000

- Structure, Heavy (SH)
MRP 4,000

- Structure, Super Heavy (SX)
MRP 7,500
- Cargo (N-AO)
MRP 25,000

- Light (N-FL)
MRP 10,000

- Frigate (N-FF)
MRP 50,000

- Destroyer (N-DD)
MRP 75,000

- Cruiser (N-CG)
MRP 100,000

- Battlecruiser (N-BC)
MRP 250,000

- Battleship (N-BB)
MRP 400,000

- Aircraft Carrier (CV)
MRP 1,000,000

- Submarine (SS)
MRP 150,000 + 100,000 if nuclear

- Missile Submarine (SSG)
MRP 250,000 + 100,000 if nuclear

- Ballistic Missile Submarine (SSB)
MRP 1,000,000 + 100,000 if nuclear

- Submersible Aircraft Carrier (SSV)
MRP 1,500,000
  1. The OOC (You're reading this, baka!)
  2. The IC
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Important Schtuffs

Postby Austria-Bohemia-Hungary » Wed Aug 25, 2021 6:55 am

Carrier Air Wing 1, Constitution

Officer-Commanding: Captain Alexandra Watts-Middleton

  • Naval Air Squadron (Fighter) 211 "Sunbeams" (12 F-24A Talon, 4 F-24A Talon Units)
  • Naval Air Squadron (Fighter) 214 "Five Faucons" (11 F-14E Advanced Super Tomcat, 1 F-14M+)
  • Naval Air Squadron (Attack) 512 "Damocles's" (12 A-14A Griffon)
  • Naval Air Squadron (Fighter-Attack) 213 "Volunteers" (12 F/A-18E+)
  • Naval Air Squadron (Fighter-Attack) 215 "Magic Ravens" (12 F/A-18E)
  • Naval Air Squadron (Electronic Attack) 516 "Blackouts" (4 EA-18G)
  • Naval Air Squadron (Early Warning) 917 "Golden Falcons" (4 E-12A)
  • Naval Air Squadron (Anti-Submarine, Refuelling and Electronic Reconnaissance) 918 "Black Cats" (8 S-4A, 4 KS-4A, 2 ES-4A)
  • Naval Air Squadron (Helicopter Anti-Submarine) 919 "Red Eagles" (8 MH-60R)
  • Naval Air Squadron (Helicopter Utility) 30 "Trouncers" (4 MH-60S)
  • Naval Air Squadron (Utility) 1011 Det. A (2 C-2B)

First Carrier Division

Flag Officer Commanding First Carrier Division: Vice-Admiral Justin Anthony Magrath
Deputy Flag Officer Commanding: Rear-Admiral Marcello Cavallini
Chief of Staff: Commodore Mihaela Aurelia Iordanescu
CAG: Captain Alexandra Watts-Middleton

  1. Constitution
  2. Conqueror
  3. Vanguard
  4. Révolutionnaire
  5. Redmill
  6. Shannon
  7. Chieftain
  8. Contest
  9. Crispin
  10. Chevalier
  11. Cockle
  12. Scallop


Age (21 or more):
Unit Request:
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Interests:
  • Fears:
Primary Magical Ability (optional):
Secondary Magical Ability (optional):
Writing Sample (linked or a writing sample here and now, 200 words minimum):
Have I read the rules?:

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Postby Nachfolgia » Wed Aug 25, 2021 8:29 am

Time to take to the skies!!

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Postby Rupudska » Wed Aug 25, 2021 9:30 am



Name: Whitney Raith
Age (21 or more): 24
Appearance: As pictured. 6'3". Sleeve tattoo on left arm of a raven with a ship of unknown but vaguely Yuktobanian design in its talons.
Nationality: Comona
Rank: OF-2 (Lieutenant)
Callsign: Magpie
Unit: F/A-18E
Personality: Whitney, at first impression, tends to come off as a bit of an airhead - a "dumb blonde", if you will. And, admittedly, she has a bit of a short attention span, and, admittedly, is a bit scatterbrained at times. That said, she is far from stupid - she has managed to wring a degree in forensic chemistry out of her spare time, and manages to do well enough as an officer to avoid complaint from her superiors - specifically Watts-Middleton - despite their clearly clashing personalities. Somewhat tomboyish, but only somewhat. A bit of a showoff.

  • Likes: Cooking, gardening, fishing, swimming, virtually any activity that can (and frequently is) be done on a beach, cheap booze
  • Dislikes: Cold weather, high-ranking brass, stuck-ups, suck-ups, Eruseans, and most of the Osean government
  • Interests: Cop shows, aviation, mystery novels
  • Fears: Sudden storms, foul weather, snakes
Biography: Whitney was born to a fairly upper-class family of North Pointer heritage in Comona in the 90s, shortly before the Belkan War, though being from Comona, she knows far more about the more locally-important Skully Islands Insurrection and the subsequent First Continental War. Even remembers what she was doing when the 1CW started and ended, even though she was a little girl at the time. Swears up and down she saw Scarface herself, though with a few thousand feet of vertical distance between them at the time that doesn't mean much. During the Second, her family moved out of Comona - first to Usea, then to Osea. She swears up and down she saw Mobius One, too, and that has much more merit: The Ribbon was known for tending to fly low during ground-attack runs, and the Raith family was trying to move out during Erusea's assault on the aerospace center where her parents worked.

Her Ability kicked in at puberty, as it usually does. While Witches are common enough in the 21st century that not all of them have to go into military service. Raith didn't have that option; with an Ability like her own, she was much more use in combat - close combat, especially, the area where Witches did (and still) reign supreme over even the best steelwing pilots.

She wasn't resentful. Not very, anyway, as the military had interested her before. She was of the sort that was popular with the ground crew and pilots, as well as the less uptight officer Witches, though those in her own training class warmed up to her... eventually. She never did get along with her ACI, until after graduation when said ACI revealed she found Whitney's behavior "hilarious".

A fairly fresh lieutenant despite her age, with no real combat experience to speak of besides training and international war games, she's been in the 215th for only a few months.

Primary Magical Ability: Vampirism - At close range (usually on touch), Whitney can drain the magical (or electrical) energy of whatever she's touching to boost her own magical strength.
Writing Sample: Bitch :3
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Hladgos wrote:Scantly clad women, more like tanks
seem to be blowing up everyones banks
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which show a bit more than just their panties

Questers wrote:
Rupudska wrote:So do you fight with AK-47s or something even more primitive? Since I doubt any economy could reasonably sustain itself that way.
Presumably they use advanced technology like STRIKE WITCHES

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Postby Nachfolgia » Wed Aug 25, 2021 3:14 pm

(Folkestad, Sigrun)


Name: Sigrun Folkestad
Age (21 or more): 24
Appearance: Picture above. Slender build, 6' even with no shoes on. Blonde hair, greenish eyes.
Nationality: Nordennavic
Rank: OF-1
Callsign: Albatross
Unit Request: F/A-18 E
Personality: Sigrun is very mischievous by nature and a goofball at times. Her inability to keep her mouth shut has often annoyed those around her. She can be easily distracted and loses focus from time to time, daydreaming regularly or being lost by the millions of thoughts that race through her head. She has developed a reputation of being unreliable and destructive by her superiors despite her natural abilities.
  • Likes: She has many likes because she hyperfixates on a variety of things and then forgets about them in a week. Definitely likes hiking, memes, and snow.
  • Dislikes: Long meetings, people talking too much at the same time, loud noises, and boring stuff.
  • Interests: Depends on the week. It could change at any point in time when she finds something new. Could be astonomy, table top rpg games, Marine wildlife, etc.
  • Fears:The Unknown, Clowns, Being alone.


Sigrun was born in the small town of Reykjaa, the sole town on the island of Liefsay in the north east region. It's relatively small and covered in snow aside from a few areas where volcanic activity is prevalent. Sigrun's father died in a fishing accident when she was small and her mother never remarried.

Sigrun was diagnosed with ADHD as a young child and even with medication, found it difficult to pay attention in school. She unintentionally became the class clown, earning scorn from her teachers and encouragment from her classmates. As she grew older, the young children that once thought her antics amusing, slowly shunned her away, their amusement running aground.

The manifestation of Sigrun's magical abilities only furthered separated her from the small fishing village that she called home. Despite the nation as a whole being socially progressive, the remoteness and backwater views of the village was no place for a neurodivergent girl, let alone one that could do magic.

Saving what money she could, Sigrun's mother moved them to Osea, hoping for her daughter a chance at a better life. As they were going through immigration, the officials there caught wind of Sigrun's abilities. A Military Liason was notified and had a sit down with Sigrun and her mother. He told her that they were presented with a unique opportunity. In exchange for military service as a witch, her and her mother would be given full citizenship. Her mother protested, saying that Sigrun would not be fit for service, given her condition and dependency on medication. Despite assuring her that her daughter could get a waiver and that Osea needed her daughter's gift from God, Sigrun's mother still refused. It wasn't until Sigrun convincing her that it would be fine and that this is what she was meant to do, did her mother finally agree.

A couple months later, Sigrun shipped off to a Witch academy with an officer commission. Unfortunately, things only got harder from here. She struggled immensely under the new professional and stressful environment of military life. She scored low marks on almost every category, only ever excelling at marksmanship training due to her ability. Still, against all odds, Sigrun graduated from the academy, albeit in the lower third of her class. She was a new officer and a new witch in the Osean Air Force. She was assigned to the 215th Naval Air Squadron just months before war broke out.
Primary Magical Ability (optional):

Hawkeye: Sigrun's ability is a combination of far-seeing and enhanced kinetic vision. She's able to perceive battles and wat h them from afar with incredible attention to detail. Sigrun is the perfect scout despite her diagnosis. This also allows her to incredible accuracy beyond what even the best marksman can do.
Secondary Magical Ability (optional): N/A
Writing Sample: Power Teens
Have I read the rules?: The new Top Gun movie is horrificafion itself.
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Postby Finorskia » Wed Aug 25, 2021 3:34 pm

Adelaide Spijker


Name: Adelaid Spijker
Age: 30
Appearance: Mostly as pictured above. 5'6" has a number of sards running down both legs, her right arm, and under her left eye, and on the bridge of her nose. Has a scar running through a tattoo of VFA-206 on her right shoulder.
Nationality: Osean
Rank: OF-3, Liutenant-Commander
Callsign: Flounder, Faucon Leader
Unit Request: F-14M
Personality: When she was a witch Adelaide was known for being fun and a bit gullible. She always tried her best at everything, knowing that with her lack of magical power she just had to put in more effort than everyone else. After she was forcibly transferred out of the Witches, however, much of that personality went away. Her new squadron mates described her as closed off and quiet. She spent the next few years meandering about at the rank of Lieutenant, never really putting much effort into anything other than flying. It has only been after her assignment to Project M that some of her base personality returned. Today Adelaide is friendly and caring, but still sad and bitter about having her strikers taken away from her.
  • Likes: Flying, swimming, poker, mango, war movies, and sappy rom coms.
  • Dislikes: High Command, the new president, pineapple, and horror movies.
  • Interests: Building models, reading books, music, football
  • Fears: Spiders, getting stripped of her wings
Adelaide Spijker was born in St. Hewlett in 1989. Her parents had met in college. Her mother was a witch who was looking forward to using her magic to move science fields forward, and her dad was serving in the OGDF. When Adelaide was six her father was sent off to fight in the Belkan war. Growing up in one of Osea's major port towns, combined with her father's war stories, gave Adelaide the desire to join the OMDF as a naval aviator.

Adelaide performed well in school knowing that she would need good grades in order to chase her dream. Shortly after she’d turned 12 Adelaide’s own magical ability manifested itself. Though her mother urged her to use her magic to further a career in the sciences or business sectors, Adelaide instead used it as a fast track to flying in the OMDF. Though they did not object to Adelaide joining the OMDF as a witch, they were certainly worried as their daughter’s magical ability had never been that strong.

Adelaide's power was so weak that she often struggled to keep up with the rest of the unit. Had it not been for lax standards due to the peace policies pushed by President Harling, Adelaide would likely never have been a combat witch, to begin with.

In 2010, with the commencement of the Circum Pacific War, Adelaide found herself thrust into combat. Initially stationed aboard the OSF Kestrel, Adelaide survived the battles of St. Hewlett, and Operation Whalebird thanks to support from her own flight lead Swordsman and the relief squadron Wardog. Shortly after Operation Footprint, however, Adelaide was shot down and moderately injured. After an almost month-long stay in a hospital, Adelaide was returned to active duty and transferred to the OSF Union.

The news of Wardog Squadron's treason hit Adelaide particularly hard. She personally couldn’t believe it, especially as one of them had saved her life during Operation Whalebird. On December 29th, two days before the end of the war, the Union intercepted communications from the Kestrel that appeared to implicate the Kestrel for treason. The task force Captain ordered his fleet to attack and sink the Kestrel and the Yuktobanian vessels assisting them. Despite her personal objections to the battle, and the objections of her squad leader as she knew Adelaide had issues with magical power, Adelaide went into combat. Adelaide lasted barely a minute against the Ghosts of Razgriz before she was shot down. Her last sortie of the Circum-Pacific war left Adelaide physically scared and once again hospitalized.

A post-war investigation into recruitment standards for Witches revealed Adelaide’s lack of magical power. Adelaide was given a choice, retire or swap her striker for a normal set of wings and continued on as a fighter pilot. Though sad and frustrated at what felt like a betrayal to her, Adelaide took the latter option and became a fighter pilot. About a year ago she was approached to serve as the test pilot for an experimental program to join the magical enhancement systems of a striker unit to the WSO position of a fighter jet. Adelaide agreed and has been serving with the program ever since. Currently, she and her witch WSO are operating in Erusia as part of Oseas IUN Peacekeeping force.

Primary Magical Ability: Magic is too weak to have one
Writing Sample:
snipped from a google drive RP
“Tch,” Monica spat as she slumped back in her chair. “If you don’t want your subordinate to drink then fine, whatever. It’s your subordinate, it’s your call. But I suggest you go find a shrink and get your head looked at cause I don’t see any children here. Just a bunch of young soldiers. Those two,” she pointed to Katelyn and Tereza. “They’re like me. They’ve got the stare. The look of those of us who have seen combat. Who have been to hell and back but you, Captain. You’re like her,” Monica pointed to Laura. “You think you’ve seen combat, think you’ve experienced it, but you haven’t. You watch it through your monitors, and hear it over your radios but you don’t know it. The fucking human Butterbars who ordered us about on 314 new more about combat than you. I’ll give ya this though, you at least smell of someone who's killed. So fine I’ll back off from your subordinate, I’m just a Corporal after all. But you should wake up...none of you, none of the people on this ship, are children anymore. So stop trying to pretend that you are, stop chasing dreams you can’t have. Trust me, it will only be harder if you do and you Captain, you're so lost you can’t even tell your sister from another grunt,” Monica sighed and slumped in her chair.
Have I read the rules?: The new Top Gun movie is horrification itself

[Yulia Mikhailova Utkin]


Name: Yulia Mikhailova Utkin
Age: 23
Appearance: As above at 5'3"
Nationality: Osean
Rank: Sub Liutenant
Callsign: Lighthouse
Unit Request: F-18G
Personality: Julia Utkin is a determined and headstrong girl. When she sets her mind to something she will stop at nothing to achieve it. This leads her to act rashly and impulsively. Julia is known for often acting as if she constantly has something to prove. She will often accept or offer challenges or dares to fellow witches, even if they might land her in trouble.
  • Likes: Hockey, cooking, running, messing about with electronics, and reading.
  • Dislikes: having to let someone else fly, prejudicial assholes, Belkans, and people taking her tools.
  • Interests: Computers and flying.
  • Fears: Being alone and clowns.
Yulia was born to a Yuktobanian father and an Osean mother a few years after the Belkan War. Her parents had met during the war while her father was stationed in Osea working as an analyst for the Yuktobanian military. Growing up she faced some prejudice for being Yuktobanian; the fears of the cold war were still fresh in many people's minds. However, as she got older and the cold war faded into memory the more she and her father were accepted as Oseans.

That all changed when Yuktobania suddenly declared war on Osea. With the outbreak of the Circum-Pacific war Yulia and both her parents found themselves the talk of rumor and gossip. As the war picked up and further attacks were launched against Osea, Yulia’s father, being a former Yuketobanian analyst, was detained on suspicion of treason. Yulia lost many friends to the war, and she hated it. In her mind she was Osean all the way through. She wanted the Yukes to pay just as much as anyone else.

Throughout the course of the war Yulia would watch the news reals and became encapsulated by the fliers and witches taking part. She especially enjoyed watching the exploits of the famed “Razgriz” , the four Witches of Sand Island. Oh how she wished she could fly alongside them and prove that she was an Osean.

The day it was announced in the news that the Sand Island Squadron were traitors, Yulia finally lost hope. She fell into despair and began to question everything. How long would the war go on for. How could the Razgirz have been traitors? Were the Yuke lovers in November stadium traitors? Was her own father really a traitor? For months Yulia pondered these questions and more and more she began to believe that the answers to all of these questions were yes. Then came the faithful day when President Harling appeared on the news with Prime Minister Nikonor. The two announced that both nations had been robbed of their leaders and pitted against each other in an act of revenge by the Belkans. Yulia’s beliefs were shattered. Everything she thought she’d known up until that point was turned upside down...and she hated herself. Her parents had taught her to think critically and question what you read and saw. She thought she had been doing so. Instead she’d eaten up all the lies. The lies that pitted her parents' nations against each other. The lies that took her father away. The lies that turned Yulia against her own father.

With the war's end Yulia’s father came home, though he was a changed man. The great praises he’d once had for Osea were gone. His fun and joyful attitude was gone. He had become quiet and reserved, and spent most of his days focusing on his work. Yulia watched this and made a vow to herself. She vowed that when she was old enough she would use the magic abilities she’d been blessed with to prove to the people of Osea that she, and her father, and all Yuktobanian immigrants were as Osean as any Osean, and she vowed that she would always protect Osea those enemies that would seek to destroy it. Both externally and internally.

After she had graduated high school, Yulia went off to Officer school to become a witch in the OMDF. She’d worked hard to get there, and once in she continued to work hard. Once she’d graduated from the academy Yulia was assigned to a F-18 Growler unit. When she arrived her superiors were expecting a book, do as they're told officer. Instead they got an overly eager and excited rookie who began constantly getting in trouble.

So excited to prove herself, Yulia began acting impulsively, chasing glory, breaking formation, and getting into trouble. She did all of this with the same headstrong determination she’d used to get into the academy. After a year her superiors were so fed up with her they had her forcibly transferred to a unit they felt might straighten her out. Project M, an experimental unit in need of a witch where Yulia wouldn’t even be flying. Yulia did not like this. With no other choice though she was shipped off to Project M to fly as Adelaide Spijker’s WSO aboard a modified F-14.
Primary Magical Ability: Magical EM (Can use her magic to interfere with electronic devices and RADARs).
Secondary Magical Ability: 3D spatial awareness (I put this as number 2 cause I'm fine if you want me to get rid of it.
Writing Sample: Check the pilot
Have I read the rules?: The new Top Gun movie is horrification itself
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Postby Austria-Bohemia-Hungary » Thu Aug 26, 2021 7:20 pm

(Watts-Middleton, Alexandra)


Name: Alexandra Watts-Middleton
Age (21 or more): 40
Appearance: Facial profile as in picture. Height 165 cm. Not too thin or too thick. Scar running across below her left underboob stopping just short of the sternum.
Nationality: Osean
Rank: Captain (OF-5) as Commander, Air Wing Fleet Carrier Constitution.
Callsign: Cripes; Sunbeam Leader
Unit: F-24A Talon
Personality: Alexandra Middleton strikes one as an abrasive and caustic person at a first glance, since 19 years of service to the OMDF through thick and thin has jaded her against all the sorts of antics the navy used to get up to and her tolerance limit for bullshit is low enough to be on the Guinness World Records. Below that initial hard shell (and by Jove it is hard) though you will find a fairly caring officer who would shift the heavens for her subordinates should she find that they've been wrongly mistreated by what she reckons is an old crusty relic of a navy that has rested on its laurels for far, far too long.

She takes a special interest in ensuring that everybody under her command are the epitomes of civilisation itself, and runs them breathless in countless surprise drills for the moment when yet another war arrives on planet Earth. After all, she is a firm believer in that one should train hard and fight easy.

Her enhanced radar ability was fairly taxing to her in her younger days, but that she has thoroughly drilled out of the system, she still needs what most other people considers excessive amounts of food though.
  • Likes: Tea, Sunday strolls, hubby, good food and a good book.
  • Dislikes: Corruption, Corruption, Indiscipline, Corruption, Stupidity, Eruseans... did I mention Corruption?
  • Interests: The good order and discipline of her ship
  • Fears: Death; failure
Biography: Born to a naval family in 1979, Alexandra Middleton grew up with stories about her families exploits in the wars that dotted the world since the start of the 20th century. Her father who retired as a Vice-Admiral in the OMDF had served in the Cold War, then the Belkan War and the subsequent Allied counter-offensive. Her mother similarly served in OMDF as a naval aviator and Witch. It would then be unsurprising that Middleton grabbed the first opportunity available to sign up for the naval academy when she was qualified at age 18.
The three years spent there shaped her into a competent, yet sometimes fearsomely angry naval officer, the latter of which was mostly provoked by the lackadaisical attitude demonstrated by her peers in the academy, a thing which she considered absolute indiscipline and a blight on the reputation of the Osean Defense Forces. She thus committed herself to best these rascals by sheer academic prowess and flawless conduct, and to straighten out any unit she was assigned to post-graduation with her exemplary behaviour.

Graduating in 2000, just after the world had started recovering from the visit from Ulysses. Middleton immediately went on a trip to Usea as a volunteer aid worker, with the corrupt seniors she was technically under the command of none the wiser. That particular jaunt ended in 2003 when she was recalled to Osea to serve, and was paid three years of delayed salaries at the airport by a fairly annoyed Captain. She went immediately back, now as a volunteer for the Useans and this time at least, with the blessing of senior command. She didn't achieve anything of significance in that war, beyond being wounded in action against the Eruseans and thus garnering a healthy suspicion of the latter for life.

Returning home, finally... after 5 years, Middleton attended the Naval War College as a junior Lieutenant-Commander and was then assigned to her first actual ship - the Kestrel of all ships. Here, she found that she actually liked flying F-14 Tomcats very much, especially under the Kestrel's competent command - a rare thing in the OMDF as it was at the time. Alas that state of affairs did not last very long and she was moved two years later to another carrier, and then another and so forth as multiple carrier commanders could not simply deal with somebody that actually wanted to work. In 2010 she was on Venerable when the Circum-Pacific War erupted, and with astute predictability immediately asked for a transfer back to Kestrel. That was however denied and she was stuck with Venerable for the three months that the war lasted, performing mostly ground support operations wherever her carrier was ordered to. From a young age she had been influenced by her father's rambling criticisms of the overly influence so-called wonder-weapons had on Osean defence policy and that did not change at all even when she was a Commander and in the CAG's staff on Venerable. This idea had been reinforced further when Galm Squadron from Ustio had absolutely wrecked Excalibur the Belkan superweapon. Armed with this belief that a well-trained, highly cohesive unit could take on any foe, even if they were the dreaded sky cruisers that were being developed in certain countries, Middleton drilled the air wing of Venerable over and over and over again until they could match the air wing from Kestrel. Six lieutenants and one lieutenant-commander who were part of her air wing at that time, whom according to her were promoted well-beyond their stations and capabilities and were only there because of their connections, well they were simply ejected from the ship and unceremoniously sent home. Middleton was promoted to Captain for her services in the Circum-Pacific War in 2012, and moved by presidential order to Commerce de Oured who at the time had a severe discipline issue. A situation no longer as tolerated as previously since the end of the war and the from the ground up overhaul of the armed forces commissioned by President Harling.

Middleton promptly ended any indiscipline onboard, and a number of senior officers from the staff and downwards were ejected from the ship. Four months after she had moved to Commerce de Oured, in the Fleet Problem of 2013 the battlegroup won a number of awards for efficiency, an event inconceivable merely half a year earlier. She oversaw the commissioning of the new Kestrel as acting commander of the air wing and in early 2018 was assigned to the new carrier Constitution, overseeing that vessel's commissioning and fitting out.

Alexandra Middleton married in 2011 to another naval officer by the name of Jeremiah Watts. The couple has one daughter in Oured.
Primary Magical Ability (optional): Long range enhanced magical radar; range exceeds ordinary radar Witches and gives her active magically scanned array capability. Coupled that with a life-long practice and understanding of this ability enables Middleton to act as an airborne relay... for a while.
Secondary Magical Ability (optional): N/A
Writing Sample (linked or a writing sample here and now, 200 words minimum): Peanuts.
Have I read the rules?: The new Top Gun movie is horrification itself.
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Postby Minroz » Sat Sep 04, 2021 2:58 am

To the skies!

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Postby Austria-Bohemia-Hungary » Tue Sep 21, 2021 6:49 am

welp has new title image. waiting for apps now rip
Edit: apps so far are accepted and i will start billing ppl in social credits for every day i dont see an app from ppl who should app now lol.

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Postby Minroz » Wed Sep 22, 2021 7:14 am


Name: Anna-Isabella ‘Ella’ Ramirez
Age (21 or more): 21
Appearance: See above. Full-body here.
Nationality: Sapin-Osean
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit Request: F/A-18E
Personality: Happy-go-lucky, hard-working, passionate and intelligent girl yet can be naïve at times. She mixed Sapin (Spanish) words in her conversation at times to spice things in life in her words.
  • Likes: Tacos, burritos, chorizo, pizza, cooking and exercising.
  • Dislikes: People making fun of her Sapin heritage, worse knock-offs of Sapin cuisine, ‘party-poopers’, wars and tragedies comes with it.
  • Interests: Soccer and martial-arts.
  • Fears:Being alone and letting the team down
Biography: Born in Oured Outer Metropolitan and the youngest and only girl in the Ramirez family, Anna-Isabella Ramirez or known as Ella by friends and family. Her parents are immigrants from Sapin in search of Osean Dream to start a new life for themselves and they succeed with their family restaurant and shopping store for both Sapin communities and average Oseans alike. Ella happened to be born as the youngest child in the family.

Ever since she was little girl, Ella has strong interests in fitness exercises and cooking activities, inspired by her brothers and more energetic relatives who’ve come over to visit with her family. Until she has discovered at age nine that she possessed powers of witch by accident when she tried to get family old BBQ stove to work, out of impatience.

Inspired by combat witches she admired in movies and reality, she worked hard with the dream of becoming a Combat Witch. It helps that some of her favourite teachers she knew are former Combat witches themselves. In her school years up to highschool, Ella is one of best students but not too brilliant and not too terribly with grades. Nevertheless, she graduated from highschool with flying colours and it is enough for herself straight-on joining in the Osean Navy.

She wants to serve her country of birth and make her family proud of her. Little did Ella knew, she’s going to enter and live through the era of war in her life.
Primary Magical Ability (optional): Trueno (Spanish for thunder), consists of a lightning based attack that expands outward from her location striking multiple targets within range. However, it uses most of her magical power at once; she can't use it repeatedly without resting.
Secondary Magical Ability (optional):
Writing Sample (linked or a writing sample here and now, 200 words minimum): You know me.
Have I read the rules?: The new Top Gun movie is horrification itself.
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Haven't seen a real good weeb thread pop up in a while, consider this one enough to make me bother un-CTEing my nation.

One thing, though - I haven't actually seen Strike Witches outside of like some Youtube clips, would I still be able to pick up the ropes decently in this? I'm a pretty big air combat fan already (used to play a decent amount of DCS even), just not sure how much extra lingo/lore the flying anime girls aspect of it adds.
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Postby Finorskia » Wed Sep 22, 2021 7:08 pm

Hi, it's awesome to see someone interested in joining. While I am just another player, I am familiar with both Ace Combat and Strike Witches. My personal opinion is that it won't change too much of the lore or lingo. Rather there is just a chance that some things might be replaced with magical girls with plane legs instead of normal planes. There are also some lore things regarding the AC universe and the rules of Strike Witches that the OP has changed, but nothing that I think will be prohibitive to someone interested in joining. My recommendation is to take a look at other people's apps and begin working on one of your own :). If you end up having further questions just swing by the discord. Everyone's really experienced and willing to help and answer said questions.

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Postby Austria-Bohemia-Hungary » Sun Oct 03, 2021 12:36 pm

Forest State wrote:Haven't seen a real good weeb thread pop up in a while, consider this one enough to make me bother un-CTEing my nation.

One thing, though - I haven't actually seen Strike Witches outside of like some Youtube clips, would I still be able to pick up the ropes decently in this? I'm a pretty big air combat fan already (used to play a decent amount of DCS even), just not sure how much extra lingo/lore the flying anime girls aspect of it adds.

Finorskia wrote:Hi, it's awesome to see someone interested in joining. While I am just another player, I am familiar with both Ace Combat and Strike Witches. My personal opinion is that it won't change too much of the lore or lingo. Rather there is just a chance that some things might be replaced with magical girls with plane legs instead of normal planes. There are also some lore things regarding the AC universe and the rules of Strike Witches that the OP has changed, but nothing that I think will be prohibitive to someone interested in joining. My recommendation is to take a look at other people's apps and begin working on one of your own :). If you end up having further questions just swing by the discord. Everyone's really experienced and willing to help and answer said questions.

Smh and I haven't got to proper facilities to even play Ace Combat or DCS (read I own a potatoe for PC and have no TV).
I'm seconding what Fin says above and would just like to add the caveat to be prepared to have some pretty slow goings in this thread because of well... life happening right now for the OP team. Probs why this only comes a week+ later and I apologise for that. :3

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Postby Polish Prussian Commonwealth » Fri Oct 08, 2021 5:13 pm

gonna app soon
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(Faulkner, Jeanne Renée Irina Marianne)
reference image

Name: Jeanne Renée Irina Marianne Faulkner
Age (21 or more): 23
Appearance: Light-brown hair and green eyes. Pale skin. 5'9.
Nationality: Osean(half-Erusean)
Rank: Ensign
Callsign: Songbird
Unit Request: none
Personality: Jeanne is taciturn and does not waste words -- mostly because she has nothing to say. Although well-educated and capable of taking off and landing without causing millions in property damage, Jeanne does not nessecarily like the ODF or it's institutional culture, and generally tries to keep to herself and serve out her time. She is, however, easily moved to concern and cares deeply for her friends. The problem, of course, is befriending her.
  • Likes: Old Cathedrals. Art Deco. Orange juice. Erusean operas. Osean folk songs.
  • Dislikes: Steel-and-glass architecture. The sight of blood.Chores and tasks that draw attention to her. Outspoken Osean nationalists. Jokes about dead Eruseans. A good portion of modern pop.
  • Interests: Once you get her going, Jeanne generally enjoys arguing over historical minutae. She also plays chess occasionally, although she's not particularly good at it. She also likes gardening, cooking, and, of course, singing -- if she thinks she's alone.
  • Fears: Besides the obvious fear of death, Jeanne has many Erusean friends -- some of whom are outspoken nationalists and who joined the military, and who she may end up facing in one way or another. Her mother also currently lives in Farbanti, and she fears killing her by mistake. By the same token, however, she also fears being seen as insufficently 'Osean' and being branded as a traitor.

Jeanne remembers little of her father, and what little she does know comes from her mother, Adelaide Faulkner née Plessis. In her time, her mother was a somewhat famous Erusean actress, and during her career met a young, dashing Osean pilot. A whirlwind romance lead to a marriage, the marriage turned sour, and soon after her birth, her father left, passing down to Jeanne only two things; his name, and his love for the sky. Her mother, of course, raised Jeanne alone as best as she could, sending her, initally, to a high-quality private school. Although her academics were excellent, her classmates tended to single her out for being Erusean, and she withdrew into online chatrooms discussing aviation, during which she met(and 'befriended') several extremely radical Erusean nationalists. This state of affairs went on through most of her childhood until high school, when her mother finally twigged as to what was going on and was incensed, pulling her from the school and sent her to complete her education in Erusea, where she quickly made a few extremely close friends and made a bit of a name for herself as a participant in local charity/public operas. Still, however, she missed Osea greatly and after completing high school, she returned, and, desiring to 'prove' her loyalty to Osea(and banking on continued cordial relations between Erusea and Osea), she applied, and got into, the Naval Academy(where she continued to sing on weekends/furlough), after which she joined the OMDF as an Ensign.

The outbreak of the war is something of a nightmare for her, of course, and although she will still follow orders, she quietly fears that her old schoolmates -- or worse, her mother -- may be caught in the crossfire.

Additional Information
(Significant personal effects will go here.)

Primary Magical Ability (optional): why would i need this when i have an amraam
Secondary Magical Ability (optional): why would i need this when i have an amraam[2]
Writing Sample (linked or a writing sample here and now, 200 words minimum): hang on as i link the gunslinger girl shitpost.
Have I read the rules?: The new Top Gun movie is horrification itself.
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Postby Danceria » Fri Oct 08, 2021 6:33 pm

Microwave Actual, setting in
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Postby Austria-Bohemia-Hungary » Mon Oct 11, 2021 5:12 pm

(Dinardi, Mary)


Name: Mary Viola Dinardi
Age (21 or more): 21
Appearance: Facial appearance as in picture. Height 159 cm.
Nationality: Osean
Rank: Pilot Officer
Callsign: Raven 05
Unit Request: F/A-18E
Personality: Mary is best described as a fairly active and sporty person, with a particular interest in long-distance running and orienteering. In high school she headed its track and field club and even in the officer candidate school her physical scores were pretty high. She regards her magic abilities to be fairly useless for anything but keeping herself in shape, restricted as she was to pure physical contact range. She is not much of a book person, and would mostly spend her time outside in sunshine. Considered by some of her friends to be borderline claustrophobic, which would make her stay on a navy carrier doubly fun.
  • Likes: Running, water, sunshine, fresh air, speed, the quiet rustle of leaves
  • Dislikes: The salty smell of the sea, closed spaces, smokers, humid heat
  • Interests: Running, cooking, aviation, eventually having a dog
  • Fears: Cats, harsh people, extremely loud sounds
Biography: Mary Viola Dinardi, of Carbonero on the west coast of Oured Bay was born to a solicitor dad and judge mom in the spring of 1998. Unlike her parents who went for the social sciences in high school and university and then law as working adults, Mary's interests early on were on things that could fly, and in the physics that made them soar above her head. Her magical ability, hithertho unheard of in her family manifested at age 12, fairly late for a Witch. Her somewhat surprised parents, both being non-magic users put her in a boarding school for Witches to teach her what they could not. It eventually also turned out that her PMA and SMA, both involving the sensing and telekinetic control of blood were very useful in stabilising her fellow students' multitudinous injuries, injuries normal in the course of a childhood.
School staff suggested that she become a doctor or nurse, but Mary declined that offer, having seen her entire magic-capable childhood as a giant detour from her real dreams. Having spent an entire childhood getting addicted to speed so she did not find flying an airliner at the slow sedate pace of maybe mach 0.86 appetising. She wanted something harder, faster and greater than what commercial aviation was capable of, and there were only one service who could provide this.
So in 2016, immediately after graduation and her eighteenth birthday Mary Dinardi signed up to the OADF and entered into an officer candidate school for the next two and a half years. Graduating that in 2018 she got a initial short service commission and was assigned not to an air force Witch unit but straight into the OMDF and placed onboard one of its carriers as an exchange officer.
Primary Magical Ability (optional): Blood Sense - Mary is capable to sense the exact blood volume, significant foreign elements and composition in herself and anybody she is in physical contact with.
Secondary Magical Ability (optional): Blood Control - In conjunction with her primary ability Mary is able to some extent control what blood is doing in a telekinetic manner, again in herself and on anybody she is in physical contact with.
Writing Sample (linked or a writing sample here and now, 200 words minimum): Potat
Have I read the rules?: The new Top Gun movie is horrification itself.
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Postby Fascist Republic Of Bermuda » Mon Oct 11, 2021 11:21 pm

von Hohenstein, Katja


Name: Katherine “Katja” von Hohenstein
Age: 23
Appearance: As in the picture. About 166cm tall.
Nationality: Belkan-Osean
Rank: OF-1
Callsign: Fencer
Unit Request: F/A-18E
Personality: Katja's pride- which she would call her "honor"- dictates a lot of how she behaves. She is one of those people who always, no matter the occasion, devotes 100% to everything she does, both for good and ill. On the good side, she works hard while also playing hard, and can be trusted to see a job through to the end no matter the cost to get there. On the bad side, she can be hypercompetitive, always taking things too seriously, and she can be willing to get into the stupidest arguments instead of simply letting it go. It might be fitting to say Katja has an ego, but she herself would deny it and say she merely holds herself to a higher standard than other people do.
  • Likes: Belka, Osea, fast food, mountains, beaches, sweets
  • Dislikes: Osea, Belka, Osean politics, sauerkraut, rain, stereotypes about Belkans
  • Interests: Fencing, Belkan history and literature
  • Fears: Being accused of being a terrorist or conspiracy member a la the “Grey Men”
Katja von Hohenstein was born in 1996 in North Osea. The Hohensteins are- or were, at least- an aristocratic family in the old knightly traditions of Belka. A proud family, tracing their service all the way back to medieval times. Like so many other families of Belka, they enthusiastically served in the 1995 Belkan War. Katja’s mother, Friederike von Hohenstein, piloted an Su-27 striker until she lost her left leg after being shot down over Area B7R. Her father- a von Hohenstein only by marriage to Friedrike- served in the cavalry until the very end of the war, having been part of the final defenses around Sudentor. Most notably (and infamously), her grandfather, Major General Ludwig Erich von Hohenstein, was one of the generals who coordinated the seven nuclear detonations that marked the end of the Belkan War. The family had left the Belkan military as it was drawn down due to budget cuts and treaty restrictions to return to their estate in former South Belka, too proud to move despite the fact that the Osean Federation had annexed the territory as North Osea.

Despite their refusal to leave their home, it was clear Belka was lost, and they needed to move on. Her parents took jobs as consultants for North Osea Gründer Industries. Ludwig Erich published his memoirs. Entitled Knights of the Fatherland, the book painted a romantic image of Belkan forces in the war, facing impossible odds and yet achieving much despite a shadowy cabal betraying the honor and traditions of Belka in favor of the “internationalist infiltrators” of A World With No Boundaries. The academic community regarded it as, at best, heavily skewed and at worst entirely fictional rhetoric intended to absolve the Belkan military of any blame in the conflict and form a myth that the Belkan military was stabbed in the back, but still it found a niche market in pro-Belkan sympathizers.

This image of Belka- fictionalized as it was- stuck with Katja through her life. From sitting on her grandfather’s knee as he rambled about tales of chivalry and knights of centuries ago, to listening to her mother’s stories of the camaraderie with her fellow witches, to the yearly vacations to the Waldreich Mountains or up into the “holy land” to visit old friends and extended family. As blatant a Belkan nationalist as she may be, she could never bring herself to hate Osea, because in many ways she was raised just as much Osean as she was Belkan: she went to Osean schools, watched Osean shows on TV, ate Osean fast food, spoke Osean to all her friends. To most Oseans she sounds Belkan, and to most Belkans she sounds Osean.

In 2005, at around the age of nine, her magical prowess first manifested when she casually lifted her nightstand to retrieve a toy that had fallen under it. Her family was overjoyed, and threw a party in her honor. During the party, Katja’s father was approached by an old colleague from his days in the cavalry who offered to help Katja develop her magic powers among other Belkan witches in some form of summer camp. Ultimately, however, her mother insisted on teaching the young witch herself.

Five years later, after the Circum-Pacific War and the revelations of the Grey Man conspiracy, her family was naturally placed under surveillance by law enforcement. Her grandfather, being a former Belkan general officer, was placed on a no-fly list. Her mother did not lose her job with Gründer Industries, but was informed in no uncertain terms that she would be prosecuted if she ever got too close to flying a striker unit or aircraft. Katja at the time was 14. As she went through high school, she was shackled with the stereotype of being a schemer. While to some that would be discouraging, Katja saw it as a challenge: her peers certainly wanted herself to prove to be scheming vengeance-seekers like the Grey Men. Katja promised herself she would show them all just what Belkan honor truly meant, and therefore intended to join the armed forces and serve as one of the most steadfast and chivalrous witches in Osean service in the hopes of proving herself and her family to Osea in the same way the knights of her family had proven themselves in the eyes of Belka.

Her first instinct was to try to join the Osean Air Defense Force, but she feared being rejected due to the actions of Grabacr Squadron during the Circum-Pacific War. Instead, she applied and was accepted to the naval academy with the intention of becoming a naval aviator. While attending, Katja joined the fencing team and developed a deep love of the sport and swordsmanship more broadly. The Fleet Replacement Squadron she was first assigned to after finishing training had some of her former classmates in it, who debated vigorously between “Schemer” and “Fencer” for her callsign, with the final vote for Fencer coming from one of the more veteran witches in squadron who by chance overheard the conversation, and casually remarked that Katja reminded her of “some asshole who painted fences back home at Akerson Hill.”

She was transferred to the Naval Air Squadron 215 “Magic Ravens,” her first real squadron assignment, in time to join the 1st Carrier Division for its world cruise.

Primary Magical Ability: Superstrength - Beyond the standard enhancements of Witches in both capacity and endurance, Katja has the ability to use her magic to enhance her own strength for long periods, allowing her to carry heavy armaments and more ammunition than other witches. In addition, she can break iron chains and lift several tons. That doesn’t stop it from hurting like hell the next morning, though.
Secondary Magical Ability:
Writing Sample: Dear God it really has been nearly nine months since I was last on NS, huh. This is from within the past month.
At the age of eleven, Cornelia Bishop was a fine young lady; prim, proper, and all the rest, just as her parents would have wanted.

She glanced to the side, to her babysitter who was snoring beside her. A little scowl grew on her face. Not for the babysitter, oh, heavens, no. She was a lovely lady, if a little fussy. But the fact that mother and father did not think her and her brother capable of taking care of themselves. Were they worried she and Albert would get too Zee-sick? She'd gotten a bit queasy at first, perhaps from keeping her head in her book too much... but she was fine! Really! The tea had helped!

Another glance, this time to the book in her lap. The lights of the ship were a hair too dim to read in. And her brother Albert's sniffing distracted her. Perhaps in one of the hallways deeper in the ship, where she could hide away in a corner and finish her novel. She opened her mouth to say something to Albert, but stopped herself before any noise came out. Her brother was enjoying himself, playing Zee-Captain with his toy pistol. He would probably be more annoyed than anything if Cornelia had announced her escape. Not to mention that it might wake up the babysitter.

And so, with all the catlike tread she could muster, Cornelia slowly tried to sneak away towards the nearest entrance to the depths of the ship.

Have I read the rules?: The new Top Gun movie is horrification itself. Honestly, haven't actually seen it, but really any sort of sequel to a 1980s movie with the same main actor seems like a bad idea even before getting to the crimes against aviation that probably take place in it.
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Postby Austria-Bohemia-Hungary » Wed Oct 13, 2021 2:18 pm

Open Ocean, Northeast by East of North Point
0500 Local, May 16, 2019
12.8°C (55.0°F), Clear

Briefing to come in IC.

344th Long Range Maritime Missile Aviation Regiment, Erusean Air Force
  • 6 Tu-95MS "Bear-H" (B)
    • 12 Kh-15P "Kickback ARM"
    • 24 Kh-15S "Kickback A"

  • 14 Tu-95MS "Bear-H" (B)
    • 12 Kh-61 "Strobile"
    • 12 KAB-1500KR

119th Separate Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment, Erusean Air Force
  • 4 Tu-160M2 "Blackjack" (B)
    • 48 Kh-101 "Kent-C"

14th Separate Guards Long Range Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment, Erusean Air Force
  • 4 Tu-95RTs "Bear-D" (R)
  • 2 Il-22PP "Coot-B" (ECM)

First Carrier Division, Osean Maritime Defense Forces

  • 508/576 RIM-174A ERAM
  • 692/704 RIM-162A ESSM

Carrier Air Wing 1 Constitution, Osean Maritime Defense Forces
  • 2 F-24A (Sunbeam 5, 6), Naval Air Squadron 211 "Sunbeams"
  • 1 F-14M+ (Faucon Leader), Naval Air Squadron 214 "Five Faucons"
  • 1 F-14E (Faucon 2), Naval Air Squadron 214 "Five Faucons"
  • 2 E-12A, Naval Air Squadron 917 "Golden Falcons"
  • 2 S-4A, Naval Air Squadron 918 "Black Cats"
  • 1 ES-4A, Naval Air Squadron 918 "Black Cats"
  • 4 F-24A (Sunbeam 1-4) (8 ASRAAM, 4 AIM-152A AAAM, 4 AIM-120D AMRAAM)
  • 6 F/A-18E (Raven 2-6, 8)
  • 8 F-24A (Sunbeam 7-14) (64 AIM-152A AAAM, 16 ASRAAM)
  • 8 F-14E (Faucon 3-10) (112 AIM-152A AAAM, 16 ASRAAM)
  • 8 F/A-18E+ (Volunteer 1-8) (96 AIM-120D AMRAAM, 16 ASRAAM)
  • 2 KS-4A (Black Cats 10, 11)

Naval Air Squadron 214 "Five Faucons"
  • 3 Tu-95MS "Bear-H" (B) = + 60,000 MRP

Naval Air Squadron 215 "Magic Ravens"
  • 2 Il-22PP "Coot-B" (ECM) = + 30,000 MRP
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Postby Austria-Bohemia-Hungary » Wed Oct 13, 2021 2:19 pm

So I'm ready to start composing the IC. Y'all been warned. :3

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The Union of British North America
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Postby The Union of British North America » Wed Oct 13, 2021 6:53 pm

(de Rossi, Julia)


Name: Julia de Rossi
Age (21 or more): 26
Appearance: Light brown hair, amber eyes, about 5' 7''
Nationality: Emmerian-Osean
Rank: Lieutenant-Commander
Callsign: Sunbeam 5 aka "Thorn"
Personality: Somewhat cold but values competence and dedication, and will grow to like people with those two traits
  • Likes: Competence, dedication, intelligence
  • Dislikes: Incompetence, cowardice, stupidity, sexism
  • Interests: Computers, fine alcohol, machinery, philosophy
  • Fears: Horrible death of herself or others she cares about
Biography: Born in Emmeria to an Emmerian father and an Osean mother in 1993, Julia de Rossi grew up in Gracemeria for the early years of her childhood, and until her teens was a military brat--growing up on REAF air bases in Khesed and Ortara. Her parents divorced when she was sixteen, and she went with her mother to Osea. At age 18 she enlisted in the OMDF and entered the OMDF flight school. At age 22 she finished the program with the rank of Lieutenant. In 2015 she was seconded to Emmerian forces to observe and advise the them pushing back and liberating the Emmerian mainland from the Estovakian invaders, and briefly met her father, who was commander of the Vitoze air forces during the Estovakian push to the sea and Khesed. She resumed her Osean duties in 2018, and was selected to be 2INC to the leading NAS on the latest Osean aircraft carrier, the OFS Constitution. She became a Lieutenant Commander in 2018.
Primary Magical Ability (optional): N/A
Secondary Magical Ability (optional): N/A
Writing Sample (linked or a writing sample here and now, 200 words minimum): salt and vinegar crisps
Have I read the rules?: The new Top Gun movie is horrification itself
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An alt-history version of an America that peacefully avoided the American Revolution and remained connected to Britain (Turtledove's "The Two Georges"), mixed with some of Sobel's "For Want of a Nail" and a lot of the anthology "Columbia and Britannia", and a sprinkling of cameos, themes, and ethos from other alternate histories.

Tech level: MT+
NS stats: only policies
IC/RP name: North American Union (NAU).
IC/RP main supranational IGO: United British Commonwealth of Nations.
NSverse organization member/agreement signatory: CAPINTERN, IFTC, ICDN, ECO, IBA, Amistad.

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Postby Austria-Bohemia-Hungary » Wed Oct 13, 2021 10:16 pm

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United Kingdom of Poland
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Postby United Kingdom of Poland » Mon Oct 18, 2021 1:12 pm

Beck, Elise


Name: Elise Beck
Age (21 or more): 22
Appearance: As pictured, about 5'5"
Nationality: Osean
Rank: OF-2
Callsign: Eisel
Unit Request: EA-18G (Because of her magical ability, Elise's was slotted into the SEAD role right after basic flight school.)
Personality: Elise is a quiet girl, having learned early on to think twice and talk once. She often surprises people with a keen intellect hidden behind her wall flower nature. She can be a bit of a perfectionist, especially when it comes to her performance as a member of the Osean military and struggles to not constantly second guess herself while on missions. When off duty, or as far as one can be while on a carrier, one can often find her either working on a painting or playing the violin.
  • Likes: Music, Post- Impressionism art, her family.
  • Dislikes: Modern Art, people talking bad about her family (especially her dad)
  • Interests: Violin, painting
  • Fears:
Not being able to live up to her family name and perform at her expected level.
Biography: It would not be out of place to say that Elise felt more at home in a military base than in a residential suburb. The daughter of two up and coming naval officers, she spent her childhood bouncing between the two depending on which one was assigned to Osea. Despite neither of her parents ever outright pushing her towards following the same career path and a promising musical and art career, Elise decided shortly after her powers manifested at the age of ten that the military was going to be just as much a part of her adult life as her childhood. Because of her families magical ability, she was quickly slotted into SEAD training after finishing flight school before being assigned to the 215th.

Primary Magical Ability (optional): loud and clear- Elise can see radar and radio waves, making her an natural SEAD witch.
Secondary Magical Ability (optional):
Writing Sample (linked or a writing sample here and now, 200 words minimum):
Have I read the rules?:
The new Top Gun movie is horrification itself.

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Polish Prussian Commonwealth
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Postby Polish Prussian Commonwealth » Mon Oct 18, 2021 3:22 pm

oh lord another poland.
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"Furthermore, I submit that Carthage NSG must be destroyed."
-Marcus Porcius Cato
A traumatized, but recovering, MT-PMT constitutional monarchy consisting of a personal union of Prussia and Poland. A land of rampant gun ownership, governmental schizophrenia, militias with enough heavy weapons to turn an armored division into a badly-shaken battalion of light infantry, and terrified USAF personnel counting down the days until they rotate back home.

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Postby Austria-Bohemia-Hungary » Mon Oct 18, 2021 5:42 pm

United Kingdom of Poland wrote:
Beck, Elise

Ur in, and with approved EA-18 Unit. :3 As Raven 8 though. :3
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