The New Election

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Sunrise kingdom
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The New Election

Postby Sunrise kingdom » Sat Jul 31, 2021 5:34 am

The Sunrise Empire has choose to have a vote for a new party to take over the sunrise Counsel

Sunrise Council

Type of rule-A Council


nächster Party

Type of rule-republic


Hallenfrucht party

Type of rule-Dictatorship


Note-If you vote for the coffin they still wont win they are a fraud party that stole most of the ballets just so they can right there names down
The Coffin

Type of rule-Dictatorship

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The King Isle
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Democratic Socialists

Postby The King Isle » Sat Jul 31, 2021 5:35 am

Election time!
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The Hazar Amisnery
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Postby The Hazar Amisnery » Sat Jul 31, 2021 5:39 am

Sunrise Council
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The Imagination Animals
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Postby The Imagination Animals » Sat Jul 31, 2021 11:43 am

The Supreme Leader chooses the Sunrise Council to win, and the President wants the Nächster party to win.
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Wormfodder Delivery
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Corporate Police State

Postby Wormfodder Delivery » Sat Jul 31, 2021 11:46 am

Nächster Party all the way. Capitalism Hoh!
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Postby Arestonea » Sun Aug 01, 2021 3:50 am

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Postby Aftenheim » Sun Aug 01, 2021 3:57 am

Nächster Party - the Western Commonwealth doesn't really tolerate leftist ideologies.
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New Mordka
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Postby New Mordka » Sun Aug 01, 2021 4:03 am

Sunrise Council

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Postby NewnewByzantium » Sun Aug 01, 2021 4:08 am

nächster Party


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