[Q] COVID Vaccine GE&T Storefront, Misinformative?

Who needs it, who got it, who hands it out and why.
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[Q] COVID Vaccine GE&T Storefront, Misinformative?

Postby Ivory Coasts » Tue Jul 27, 2021 9:49 am

I am currently making a GE&T storefront selling COVID vaccines. I am concerned they might be dangerously misinforming. They are fictional but based on real vaccines. The non-fictional information include how the vaccines work and their pros and cons and are taken from here. The efficacy rates are taken from real vaccines. The rest of the thread is information on prices, discounts and orders. No info on any side effects, if you could mix them, etc. The Ebola -20 is a fictional bioweapon for sale

Does this break the COVID rules?

Viral vector
Inactivated virus
Protein subunit
(ERROR) Ebola-20
e̴r̸r̸o̶r̴ bioweapon
Teaches immune system to attack important viral proteinsInserts genetically pacified virus to teach immunity from virusInserts virus killed with heat/chemicals to teach immunity from virusInserts pieces of virus to attack important viral partsm̷̪̋a̵̩̓ṅ̷̖i̴̯͊p̵̢̈́ư̸͖l̸̥̔a̸̭̿t̷̎͜ḙ̶̓ş̴̚ ̸̦͝i̴̬̎m̸̢̄m̴̺̀u̸̠̅n̵̟͗ẽ̴̻ ̴͈͒ṩ̴y̴̼͌s̸̲͋t̶̻͝e̶̳͑m̵͙̂ ̵̻̒t̷͓̔o̷̰͒ ̴̉͜a̶͜͠t̶̙̐t̴̮͛á̴̡c̵̘͝k̶̝͋ ̴̼͠b̷̬̚o̷̤̕d̸͓͒y̴̡͛
Easy and quick to designTBDCheap and easy to makeAttacks most important parts of virus39.5% 致死率
ExperimentalTBDLess efficacy rate
4 doses required
Weak long-term immunity
95% 28 days after 1st dose94.1% 14 days after 2nd dose50% 14 days after 4th dose93% 14 days after 1 dose100%
$37/2 doses
$30.6/2 doses
$0.4/4 doses
$16/dose100*([no. of doses]^2)
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Postby Sedgistan » Tue Jul 27, 2021 11:21 am

This is one of the weirdest rules queries we've had of late, but no - it doesn't look illegal.

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Postby Parxland » Thu Jul 29, 2021 12:18 am

Sedgistan wrote:This is one of the weirdest rules queries we've had of late, but no - it doesn't look illegal.

If this is amongst the weirdest, then take that as a good thing.
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Postby Sarzonia » Thu Jul 29, 2021 4:17 pm

I think you're OK if you're clearly roleplaying an in game pandemic and you're not portraying these IC vaccines as having any OOC efficacy against the RL COVID-19 pandemic.

I've RP'd a pandemic and vaccinations for two separate pandemics, so I don't see a problem.
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Postby East Stal Saillnerce » Thu Jul 29, 2021 4:20 pm

Like what others said. It might be safest to clearly state that these vaccines do not exist, or to at least state that they have no OOC efficacy as Sardinia suggested.
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