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NS Test Cricket Council

Postby Aldbury » Sun Jul 25, 2021 3:03 pm

Due to the seemingly lack of a organised system for Test Cricket, the 'NationStates Test Cricket Council' has been formed. This decision was taken in order to allow for more Test matches to be played, and for more tours to be organised as a result.

Test matches organised in this thread can be organised as tours of up to 5 Test matches across different venues in the host country, or as one-off matches in a neutral country. Warm-up matches is designated with the duty of scorinating them - through the usage of Redballer, Apoxballer (which is the personal choice of Aldbury), or whatever other valid scorinator that the host may wish to use. The option for neutral venue scorination, with the consent of the host nation of the stadium scheduled to host the match, has been included in order to assure the away side that the scorination process is fair.

Each match in a tour should be contested at a different venue than all of the matches, so for a 5-match tour to take place, a nation must submit at least 5 stadiums for NSTCC approval.

Test series can be organised as a part of a regularly ran trophy to provide an incentive to perform well in the series, or just a one-off Test series for the sake of playing international Test Cricket.

This determines what figure should be entered in the 'Rank' section of the scorinator - with the higher the rank, the better the nation. All nations start with a rank score of 0; with 75pts being gained with a win, 50pts being gained through a tie/draw, and 25pts being gained through a loss. This applies to every match of the tour, meaning that a 5-match tour has the potential to award 500pts to the rank of a nation. In addition to this, certain bonuses for good role-playing can be awarded - with 25, 50, or 75 points being awarded; depending on the level of detail put in to the RP.

Penalties can also be applied, with examples of why including failure to scorinate a match on time. This usually warrants a 50pt penalty, though a nation is not able to drop beneath the 0pts which they started with.

In order to keep track of the rank of each nation, the rank score will be stored in the spoiler below - organised by Rank score, in order to produce a World Ranking for Test Cricket:

No data yet.

Form is set to a base score of 5 if the last series ended as a draw or no series has been played by a side yet under the authority of the NS Test Cricket Council (NSTCC); though it is raised to 6 if the last series a team participated in was a victory (7 in the case of a series sweep), and dropped to 4 if the last series a team participated in was a defeat (3 in the case of a series sweep).

In order for a nation to become an NSTCC-affiliated nation: a team must submit their hosting venues, national details, role-playing permissions, and squad list. The NSTCC reserves the right to reject any applications where the information submitted is incomplete until the issue(s) with the application for the nation have been resolved.

Venue Name:
Ground Mod: (-6 to +6)
This should be repeated for every venue which a team is submitting to be eligible to host NSTCC-sanctioned matches at.

National Details:
Name of Nation:
Nickname: (Optional)

Role-playing permissions:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose batting scores for players:
Choose bowling scores for players:
RP injuries to players:
Godmod my players:
Eject my players from the match:
Godmod other events:

Squad List:
Finally, the squad list should consist of 13+ players; and contain their name, role (Batsman, Bowler, Wicket-Keeper, or All-Rounder), age, and bowling style. One can also include the domestic club for each member of the squad, though this is not mandatory.
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Postby Damukuni » Sun Jul 25, 2021 3:10 pm

I hate to rain on your parade, but I'd check out the Cricket Discussion Thread, which has announcements and information for both the official Test competition and the World Twenty20 Championship.
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Postby Aldbury » Sun Jul 25, 2021 3:41 pm

oh fuck this im done the only time anyone on this website notices you is to correct you
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Postby Lisander » Sun Jul 25, 2021 3:43 pm

A concurrent to well-established the Global Cricket Federation? A NS World Series Cricket? Split of the game? I know this is likely to not getting traction, but could make a nice storyline.

Anyways, not a signup.

OOC: Hey Aldbury, don't get mad with this. People usually make mistakes like that, which is normal. I suggest you give a look around the NS Sports History Topic, to see previous competitions of Cricket. If you ever need a test series, count on Lisander/Alice Bay team.
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Postby Gruenberg » Sun Jul 25, 2021 5:41 pm

I think people would be happy to arrange some games outside the official GCF season. Esportiva recently ran a regional T20 tournament, for example. It's just trying to organize a whole new council that might not work. Please don't be dispirited -- we definitely need more enthusiasts for cricket!
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Postby Milchama » Sun Jul 25, 2021 9:51 pm

As I put in the other discussion thread, since it looks like it will be awhile until the next official Test season starts up, and what is cricket if not slightly unorganized bilateral series with no larger goal? I'm more than happy to do a bilateral test series with you Aldbury.

If you want to TG me we can work out details and just do something ourselves.
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