International Basketball Championships 32 Everything Thread

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International Basketball Championships 32 Everything Thread

Postby Chromatika » Sun Jul 25, 2021 1:29 pm

Welcome to International Basketball Championships 32, with the playoffs being held in Chromatika, sponsored by Death Templars Law Firm! Here are your groups, with the top three teams per group plus the best fourth placed finisher advancing to play in Chromatika:

Pot 1: (1) Banija, (3) Quebec and Shingoryeo, (4) Delaclava, (T5) Valanora, (T5) Drawkland
Pot 2: (T7) Abanhfleft, (T7) TJUN-ia, (9) Equestria, (10) Lisander, (11) Sarzonia
Pot 3: (13) Nova Anglicana, (15) Græntfjall, (16) Chromatika, (17) Omerica, (20) Indusse
*Pot 4: (23) Trolleborg, (24) HUElavia, (26) Hispinas, (28) Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom, (28)Kohnhead
Pot 5: (28) Pemecutan, (T32) Southwest Eastnorth, (T32) Crystal Empire, (T32) Srednjaci, (T32) Hannasea
^Pot 6: (T39) Mytanija, (T39) Hebitaka, (71) The Jovannic (UR) Ko-oren, (UR) Saterun
Pot UR (7-9): (UR) Gatchingerrak Union, (UR) Valentine Z, (UR) Bollonich, (UR) Felinetopia, (UR) Malandrin, (UR) Dotivija, (UR) Magnecia, (UR) Aristian Republic, (UR) Pratapgadh, (UR) The Togolese Republic, (UR) Annyeong Oppa, (UR) Vikanias, (UR) Venmere, (UR) Corvadakia, (UR) Ranoria

*Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom and Kohnhead were placed in Pot 4 and Pemecutan in Pot 5 randomly among teams ranked 28th.
^Ko-oren and Saterun were randomly picked to be in Pot 6 out of the unranked teams.

Group 1
(UR) Annyeong Oppa
(UR) Bollonich
(UR) The Togolese Republic
(17) Omerica
(71) The Jovannic
(32) Srednjaci
(24) HUElavia
(11) Sarzonia
(05) Valanora

Group 2
(UR) Saterun
(23) Trolleborg
(UR) Ranoria
(07) TJUN-ia
(UR) Aristan Republic
(32) Crystal Empire
(05) Drawkland
(15) Græntfjall
(UR) Magnecia

Group 3
(UR) Pratapgadh
(32) Southwest Eastnorth
(10) Lisander
(39) Mytanija
(13) Nova Anglicana
(01) Banija
(28) Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
(UR) Venmere
(UR) Gatchingerrak Union

Group 4
(UR) Felinetopia
(20) Indusse
(UR) Valentine Z
(UR) Corvadakia
(28) Kohnhead
(09) Equestria
(39) Hebitaka
(32) Hannasea
(03) Quebec and Shingoryeo

Group 5
(07) Abanhfleft
(16) Chromatika
(26) Hispinas
(28) Pemecutan
(UR) Malandrin
(UR) Ko-oren
(UR) Dotivija
(UR) Vikanias
(04) Delaclava

Cutoff will be between 10PM PST-11PM PST.
First Team listed is home.
Group Stage - Tiebreakers: Wins, Head to Head Wins, Head to Head Point Differential, Point Differential, RP Bonus
Thursday, July 29: MD1 (2v9, 3v8, 4v7, 5v6, 1 BYE), MD2 (7v5, 8v4, 9v3, 1v2, 6 BYE)
Saturday, July 31: MD3 (3v1, 4v9, 5v8, 6v7, 2 BYE), MD4 (8v6, 9v5, 1v4, 2v3, 7 BYE)
Monday, August 2: MD5 (4v2, 5v1, 6v9, 7v8, 3 BYE), MD6 (9v7, 1v6, 2v5, 3v4, 8 BYE)
Wednesday, August 4: MD7 (5v3, 6v2, 7v1, 8v9, 4 BYE), MD8 (1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5, 9 BYE)
Friday, August 6: MD9 (6v4, 7v3, 8v2, 9v1, 5 BYE), MD10 (9v2, 8v3, 7v4, 6v5, 1 BYE),
Sunday, August 8: MD11 (5v7, 4v8, 3v9, 2v1, 6 BYE), MD12 (1v3, 9v4, 8v5, 7v6, 2 BYE)
Tuesday, August 10: MD13 (6v8, 5v9, 4v1, 3v2, 7 BYE), MD14 (2v4, 1v5, 9v6, 8v7, 3 BYE)
Thursday, August 12: MD15 (7v9, 6v1, 5v2, 4v3, 8 BYE), MD16 (3v5, 2v6, 1v7, 9v8, 4 BYE)
Sunday, August 15: MD17 (8v1, 7v2, 6v3, 5v4, 9 BYE), MD18 (4v6, 3v7, 2v8, 1v9, 5 BYE)

Playoffs (The sixteen teams will be seeded and then put into a set bracket. Seeds 1-5 will be the Group Winners, and 6-10 will be the Second Placed Teams, 11-15 the Third Placed Teams, and 16 will be the best Fourth Placed Team. There will be switching of teams to avoid group stage rematches in the Round of Sixteen only.
Teams will be seeded by Wins then Point Differential. If there is a tie after Point Differential, an extra Playoff Game will be played to decide seeding.)
Any and all games possibly involving Chromatika will be scored by a third party, preferably one that isn't in the IBC at all.

Tuesday, August 17: Round of Sixteen
Wednesday, August 18: Quarterfinals
Thursday, August 19: Semifinals
Friday, August 20: 3rd Place Match
Saturday, August 21: International Basketball Championships 32 Championship Game

Rosters, Style Modifiers, and RP Permissions
You will earn Roleplay Bonus points for submitting a roster, and a more detailed and well-presented roster can be worth more points. At the very least it should list the players on your team and a home field for your team to play home games at. Additional coaching staff, player details, and any other info that could be useful for your opponents' RPs can be included.

It's highly recommended you include a permissions box that gives your groupmates guidelines for how to roleplay your matches. Remember that though basketball doesn't have a style modifier, including one can give your opponent a clue as to how to RP. A sample permissions box is provided below:

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
[b]Choose my scorers:[/b]
[b]Godmod scoring events:[/b]
[b]RP injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod Injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Suspend my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod suspension events[/b]:
[b]Godmod other events[/b]:
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CoH Appearances: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16)
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Postby Chromatika » Sun Jul 25, 2021 1:30 pm

Welcome to Chromatika

Overview: Chromatika is a nation composing of a group of islands located in the far northeast of Anaia. There is the main island of Chromatik Island itself, Urrhed Island to the southwest, Myana Island to the northwest, and the Wilderness Preserve of Dorri Island to the northeast.

History: The tale of Chromatik history is one filled with mystery, wonder, tragedy, and determination to make something that is better.

Chromatika one day popped into existence by mysterious forces that have since been identified as a group of extraplanar angels known as The Enlightened Ones. It's still unclear where the populace came from. The Chromatik Party held sway over the land, implementing its seven-color caste system, until the Rainbow Revolution happened, led by the Chromatik National Team in World Cup 75. This resulted in the first Manager of Chromatika - Franscesca Larriet-Cortes - being martyred.

A group of revolutionaries called the Shadow Writers were able to gather elements of the Chromatik Army, Air Force, and Navy to overthrow the Chromatik Party. Alina Krasnikova, one of the leaders of this movement, was the first Premier. Chromatika then ran into another hiccup when the time of the first democratic election came, with the Checkers Party, formed by a lot of the remnants of the Chromatik Party, tried to take control of the election. Aided by one of the Enlightened Ones, the Rainbow Party was able to, with help with their Atlantian Oceanian neighbors, stop the forces behind the Checkers Party and ensure a safe election.

Cultural Notes: While visiting Chromatika, please observe the following:

Transportation: Chromatik highways aren't very wide - two lanes per side at most. There is a very expansive railroad system that was originally used for troop movement, but is has been refitted to serve the everyday citizen. A subway system and a bus system in the bigger cities have also been established. Franscesca Larriet-Cortes International Airport is also not very big, only serving regional flights. For the tournament, the nation will be accepting team planes to land, but it'd be best if you flew to Quebec City, Cathair, Jhanna, or Villeneuve first. Ferries run from the Islands of Myana and Urrhed to and from the main island on the hour.

Ticketing and Visas: All visitors with a valid ticket will get a two-week visa that includes the match that they will be attending. For those attending multiple matches, they will be allowed to stay up to three days after the latest match or two weeks, whichever is longer. Tickets will be distributed as follows: 35% to each nation partaking in the match, 10% to Chromatiks, 15% to people from other nations, and the remaining 5% to be included with any of the tickets that aren’t sold by a predetermined point in time (usually 3 days before the match).

For matches featuring the Chromatik National Team, the distribution is a bit different: 45% for Chromatika, 30% for the visiting team, 20% to people from other nations, and the remaining 5% to be included with any of the tickets that aren’t sold by the predetermined point in time. Any press and dignitaries’ tickets will be counted among the residual 5%.

Also of note: ticket scalping (buying and selling tickets in front of the stadium to would-be buyers) is illegal in Chromatika. If you want to get a ticket in that fashion, make sure you are at least a mile away from the stadium, or don’t get caught. Otherwise, you will be fined and your ticket will be confiscated.

Laws: Chromatik legal code is a bit on the stricter side. The Chromatik Police, known as the CPD, are a well-trained, swift response group with a sizable presence. Chromatka does tend to side more on prevention than reaction. For an enjoyable stay, please note the following laws that visitors should be aware of:

  • The legal age of purchasing and possession of liquor and tobacco is 18. Stores are required to card anyone that appears to be less than 25 years of age.
  • The legal age of purchasing cannabis and other marijuana related products is also 18, and the limit of purchasing cannabis without a medical prescription is two grams per visit.
  • The importing of any alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, or other drugs is illegal without declaration. With declaration, up to a liter of alcohol, two cartons of cigarettes, and three grams of cannabis can be brought in.
  • Having multiple cars on a lane meant for one car is a finable offense, and the offending drivers’ licenses can be revoked.
  • Jaywalking is a serious offense in Chromatika. If cited three times, the offender can face serious fines and jail time should they continue to offend. Don’t do it!
  • As previously stated, ticket scalping is a finable offense that can lead to the ticket being confiscated.
  • Foreign visitors cannot bring firearms or any kind of weapons into the country without a specific license and accompanying paperwork. Even then, the weapon must be disassembled and ammunition shipped separatedly.
  • Foreign visitors are not allowed to bring more than 10,000 NSD or 25,000 NMS in cash into the country without proper declaration and accompanying paperwork.
  • For any other questions about legal matters, please call 99 1133-4455, the Chromatik Legal Hotline, or visit

Currency: The currency of Chromatika is the National Mark. the exchange rate is at a respectful 2.5 Chromatik National Mark per 1 NS Dollar. Cost of living is rather low in Chromatika, as the government provides most things through taxes. A bottle of water costs 1 NMS, a good meal about 7, and a new car around 24,000. Please come to Chromatika with all your currency changed to NSD, as we don't provide exchange services from other currencies.

Climate: Chromatika is a rather cold nation, with the average temperature being 65 F in the summer and down to 11 F in the winter. The northern parts tend to be colder, while Myana and Urrhed tend to be a bit warmer. There is a temperate jungle in Eyrods where the temperature can spike up a bit more. It doesn't rain much, but snows a fair bit; winds don't gust that much, either. Climate-wise, it's a rather cold, boring, land. The World Cup Proper will take place during the summer months, so expect temperatures to be in the mid to high sixties with mostly cloudy weather, except in the Myana/Urrhed Islands, where it can get to the lower seventies.

Language: The official languages of Chromatika are English, Korean, French, Mandarin, and Russian. The most commonly used one in English. Depending on where you visit, you can hear one of the other being spoken interchangeably. Most Chromatik peoples know at least three of the five languages, with one of them being English. Pockets of other language speakers do exist, but are more rare.

Cuisine: Chromatik food is usually spicy, filling, and served warm. There are a few cold dishes, but as the country itself is very cool/cold, Chromatiks prefer hot dishes. Korean, French, Chinese, and Eastern European cuisines are all available for consumption.

General Populace: The Chromatik people are respectful, polite, and usually keep to themselves. If you don't bug them, they won't bug you. That isn't to say that they aren't nice, as Chromatiks get by with most everyone. Just don't make fun of the past, don't make light the actions of the Chromatik Party, and enjoy your visit!
Host Cities and Venues


All matches for the knockout stages of the International Basketball Championships will be held in the Capital District (Pink) and Myana Island (Red), split between five venues.

Myana Island: Eyrods
One of the unexplained phenomenon of Chromatika is the climate of Eyrods, located on Myana Island. The eastern half of Myana Island is a temperate jungle, teeming with wildlife and milder weather. Nobody is quite sure of why this is, but that is why Eyrods is the zoological capital of Chromatika. Eyrodi are appreciative of wildlife and have learned to coexist with it. The city itself is at the Coast, while the Jungle lies at the southern end.

Venue: Saints' Arena (Cap. 15,290)
A modern, state-of-the-art stadium with all the bells and whistles, and the home venue of the best team in the CBA in the last three seasons.

S1: #1 vs. #16
S2: #8 vs. #9
QF1: S1 Winner vs. S2 Winner

Myana Island: Myana
Biggest port city in Chromatika. Second biggest city in Chromatika. Naval headquarters of Chromatika. Second biggest fishing town of Chromatika. Tourist attraction. What more is there to say? Myana is a sprawling city made of rolling hills next to the ocean. There are stretching suburbs, beaches as far as the eyes can see, and always a view of the ocean. Myaners are busy, hardworking people who know how to do the work to talk the talk.

Venue: Roughriders' Dome (Cap. 21,020)
A triangle-shaped building with the usual court in the middle, the Roughriders' Dome is only three blocks from the Islanders' Dome, and in the center of the artistic district of Myana.

S3: #4 vs. #13
S4: #5 vs. #12
QF2: S3 Winner vs. S4 Winner

Capital District: Alnio
Alnio is the technological capital of Chromatika. Located just thirty-one miles East of Chromatik City, almost dead center of the Capital District, it is in Alnio that Black Raven Technologies is located. Alnio has lots of blue collar workers and used to be completely populated by Greens on the Chromatik Scale. Now, the city is busy with a lot of Red, Orange, and Yellow people being educated, along with some of the Blue, Indigo, and Violets who wanted to be scientists there to learn as well. Alnioans look to get past the city’s checkered past and toward a more progressive future.

Venue: Dragoons' Abode (Cap. 15,600)
Located in the dead center of Alnio, the Abode's outside is all made of glass, causing it to gleam in the sunlight. The court itself is shielded from the light, but from the outside, this venue is a joy to see.

S5: #6 vs. #11
S6: #3 vs. #14
QF3: S5 Winner vs. S6 Winner

Capital District: Wirr Tsi
Wirr Tsi, a city in the Capital District that is more towards the Mountain District, and is where the Chromatik Air Force is located, with over sixty percent of the population being military. Besides being an air force town, it’s where the armaments are being manufactured as well. It's not a very exciting town, but an important one.

Venue: DTLF Center (Cap. 30,100)
One of the largest basketball arenas in Chromatika, the DTLF Center is an homage to the Sparks' owners, the Death Templars Law Firm. When the Sparks are playing at home, the stadium is rocking.

S7: #7 vs. #10
S8: #2 vs. #15
QF4: S7 Winner vs. S8 Winner

Capital District: Chromia
Chromia (previously Chromatik City) is the Capital of Chromatika and the seat of its government. The city is located ten miles east of the border with the Heartland and Deprí Districts, and some of the suburbs of the city spill into the other two districts. It is in Chromia that the Rainbow Party now holds its power, and where Keri Wyse Aart serves as the Premier. It is also the site where most of the atrocities of the previous regime were committed, so it is a very historical and very conflicting site for most Chromatiks. If the country is to move forward, though, this is where the most change will have to stem from.

Venue: Anomaly Tower (Cap. 110,320, 42,350 Seats)
Anomaly Tower is a really weird stadium, because it's on the tenth floor of a huge complex that is used as a famous restaurant. Yes, the restaurants close during matches so that the noise doesn't get too unbearable. But you can get a good meal at a five star restaurant and then go up to watch a match! Anomalies Football Club calls this place home. This is also the only football stadium that can also be used as a basketball court, and it is the Tower that will host all the matches from the Semifinals onward.

SF1: QF1 Winner vs. QF2 Winner
SF2: QF3 Winner vs. QF4 Winner
3PPO: SF1 Loser vs. SF2 Loser
Final: SF1 Winner vs. SF2 Winner
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Postby Indusse » Mon Jul 26, 2021 1:48 am

IBC 32 Squad

Starting Squad

PG - Sat Sri Das #11 Age:21
SG - Galatina Robinson #7 Age:20
C - Gregor Martinez #3 Age:20
SF - Chiranjeevi S.G. #31 Age:29
PF - Krishnvardan #10 Age:26


PF/SG - Shivanaraine #8 Age:24
PG/C - Gurkeerat Singh #5 Age:27
SF - Sayeed Mushtaq #21 Age:21
SG/PF - Chittranjan Gupt #89 Age:28
C - Arhaan Thakur #77 Age:21
C/SG - Lal Hubade #563 Age:24

Head Coach: Hellink Hughes
Asst. Coaches: Amjad Ali, Tariq Samad


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes

Style Modifier: +1.4

Kits designed by Lisander

The following kits were designed by Lisander for Indusse in International Basketball Championship 30. The Skill Contest Kit was created due to the special event happening then. The Federation has decided to follow the same kits throughout.

NS Sports
Conflict of Interests
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Postby Bollonich » Mon Jul 26, 2021 7:37 am


Bollonischian National Basketball Team

Bollonischian Sporting Federation

Name Age Ht.(in cm) Position
Elwin Rowbottom 29 218 Center
Denis Hayter 24 206 Center
Timothy Marshall 22 211 Center

Perce Jewel 20 207 Power Forward
Crawford Scrivens 31 197 Power Forward
Ambrose Sweet 28 213 Power Forward

Quinn Nicholls 32 212 Small Forward
Elroy Garfield 21 203 Small Forward

Tracey Gilliam 27 190 Point Guard
Fenton Burke 23 198 Point Guard

Norbert Sampson 27 200 Shooting Guard
Kinley Norman 22 208 Shooting Guard
Starters in italics

Head Coach - Leonard Freidrichman
Assistant Coach - Jimmy Hopper

Location : Fermont
Name : National Basketball Arena
Capacity : 9,000

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Sure
Godmod scoring events: Lemme know
RP injuries to my players: Sure but be reasonable
Godmod Injuries to my players: Lemme know
Suspend my players: Yes, within reason
Godmod suspension events: Lemme know
Godmod other events: Drop me a TG or DM, maybe we could work something out
Style Modifier: +4
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Postby Nova Anglicana » Mon Jul 26, 2021 1:51 pm

Nova Anglicana Lions National Basketball Team

Offensive Style: Death Lineup/Small Ball/Versatile/Pace and Space
Defensive Style: Press/Junk
Style Modifier (if applicable): +3.5
Captain: Matty Stewart
Colors: Red and White Home, Blue and White Away
Arena: National Arena (doubles as hockey stadium)
Arena Location: Londinium
Arena Capacity: 14,000
Head Coach: Lawrence Roberts
Assistant Coaches: Mark Long, Brad Walsh



G #3 Matty Stewart, 6'0, 29 - decent jumper but real game is driving and dropping dimes, tenacious on D despite being somewhat undersized
G #8 Jimmy Haynes, 6'5, 29 - combo guard who can slide to the three if necessary, deadly from 3-point land, weaker on D, but great pace
G #12 Reggie LaPointe, 6'5, 28 - another gunner on this team, LaPointe also overpowers smaller guards and can handle himself on D against 3s or small 4s
F #25 Colin Klein, 6'7, 30 - impossibly quick for his size, breaks down defenses on the dribble and incredibly versatile on defense
F #27 Alain Colbert, 6'8, 28 - Colbert is a classic "stretch 4" with a good jumper, long arms harass both bigger and smaller players on defense

G #14 Patrice Broussard, 6'4, 31 - good long-range shooter, but not afraid to mix it up and grab rebounds
G #35 Clement Villeneuve, 6'5, 22 - a pure catch-and-shoot guy, needs to work on his defense, but has a knack for getting open
G #17 Rex McKinney, 6'6, 26 - you might think he's a bit oversized for a guard, but he's slender and quick, annoying on defense, especially against smaller player
G #10 Duncan Muir, 6'2, 23 - backup point guard is a slasher, has great awareness on the court, but can be outmuscled on defense
F #32 Jonathan Stephens, 6'9, 34 - oldest player on the team is a big body, so can handle players in the low post, but has good stamina and a good face-up game as well, relinquishes captain's role to provide short bursts off the bench
F #22 Cory Montgomery, 6'6, 30 - it's bombs away from outside for this small forward, a 3-and-D type player, but can create his own shot too
C #48 Jamie Brooks, 7'1, 31 - Brooks is a classic #5/center for the times when the Lions really need one of those, offensive game is only average, but a formidable presence on defense

Playing Style

The Lions continue their small ball lineup, with no player in the starting lineup and only one player on the entire team taller than 6'8. They want to spread the floor and force opponents to switch on defense to either create bad matchups for driving past taller, slower players, or shooting 3s over smaller defenders. They run whenever possible, and try to use their superior pace and stamina to wear out opposing defenses. They can drive, but their true strength is outside shooting. On defense, it starts with a 1-2-1-1 3/4 to full-court zone press that attempts to wear down opposing offenses, force them to burn the shot clock before setting up their offense, and to create turnovers. If the press fails, they typically fall back into a 2-3 matchup zone as the basic defense. However, the defense typically changes several times during the game, with the Lions showing a 3-2 against better shooting teams, a 1-3-1 if they want to trap and cause havoc, a triangle-and-two with Klein and Colbert glued to the two best players, a box-and-one with Matty Stewart in the terrier role chasing all over the court, or even a man-to-man if the situation calls for it. They also substitute frequently to maintain the pace of play and adapt their defense to the personnel they have and the opponents' personnel. It's a smart and athletic team, if not a particularly big one.



RP Permissions

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my pointscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y, but TG me before you put anything in and I'll give it the yea or nay
Give my players foul: Y (no technicals, maybe head coach)
Foul my players out: Y
Give injuries to my players: Y, but not serious ones (1 game or less)
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: N
Currently ranked 2nd (baseball)
Former WBC President (WBC 34-37)

World Baseball Classic 48, IBS XIII, World Junior Hockey Championships VII, URSA 7s I, Port Louis 7s I, Campionato Esportiva 29-30 (as NAAZE)

IBS III/VIII, Cup of Harmony 65, AVBF 7s II, WBC 39/44/50

3rd Place
WBC 28/32/36, RUWC XXIX, Cup of Harmony 64, IBS V, WJHC V/VIII/XVI/XVII, Beltane Cup II, Londinium 7s II, R7WC VI (eliminated in semis, no 3PPO)

4th Place
WBC 29/38/49, IBS VII, RUWC XXI/XXVI, WJHC IV, Londinium 7s I, WCoH 28, RAHI II

WBC 27/30/31/37/41/43/47, IBS VI, IBC 15/31, WJHC VI/IX/XIV, RAHI I, AVBF Rugby Sevens I, RUWC XXIV/XXV

WBC 31/35, Londinium 7s I/II, IBS IX

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Postby Srednjaci » Mon Jul 26, 2021 3:31 pm



My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes
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Postby Sarzonia » Mon Jul 26, 2021 3:48 pm

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Nothing outside the realm of plausible basketball events.
RP Injuries to my Players:  No.
Eject my players/coaches: No
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No.
Godmod Other Events: Nothing outside the realm of plausible basketball events.
Style: 0

Sarzonia Stars

Home court: The Palestra, Woodstock (capacity 21,730)

Coach: Thomas Manningham, age 55
Finishing his sixth season in Woodstock, Manningham led the team to three titles in his last four seasons after starting out 50 games under .500 with a moribund franchise.
Assistant Coaches:
Mario Bengsten, age 50. Official title is associate head coach. Handles the defensive Xs and Os.
Joy Knight, age 40. Retired from playing for a Sarzonian women's basketball team five years ago and has become the head coach of the Wilmington team in Sarzonia's women's league after serving as the Portland team's assistant coach.
Kyle Trenton, age 46

ROSTER (Note: No. 10 is retired in honour of Chris Draden)
12 G Ben Thomas, 6-foot-3, 195 pounds, age 23
14 G Mike West, 6-foot-5, 210 pounds, age 24 (the son of Sarzonian hall of fame coach Henry West)
5 F Harold Blevins, 6-foot-8, 225 pounds, age 30
13 F Trent Klatt, 6-foot-9, 240 pounds, age 23
31 C Terry Rutledge, 7-foot-1, 265 pounds, age 28

21 G/F Kent Bradley, 6-foot-5, 220 pounds, age 25
11 G Jayne Cruz, 6-foot, 170 pounds, age 28
15 G/F Ian Ross, 6-foot-7, 215 pounds, age 27
24 F Neil Caruso, 6-foot-9, 235 pounds, age 31
25 F/C Chad Ross, 6-foot-9, 236 pounds, age 24 (Ian's younger brother)
33 F Alton Parker, 6-foot-7, 226 pounds, age 27
35 C Cliff Gamble, 6-foot-11, 250 pounds, age 28
Former WLC President. Member of the WBC Council, the IBO Committee and the WCoH Federation. He/him/his.
World Cup 22; World Baseball Classic 18; Di Bradini Cup 8 (U21 World Cup 29); World Bowl XI & XIV; FHWC 15 & 18; Quidditch World Cup 9 & 11; NS World Cup of Masters; Wonder Cup: Back From The Stars; World Indoor Soccer Championship I; Aussie Rules Football World Cup I & III; World Softball Classic I; AOCAF XII & XXIX; Gold Coast Basketball Tournament; AOLC 3; Handball World Cup 23; 3-time Draggonnii Inviyatii champions; 4-time IBC champions; 5-time Scott Cup and 6-time WLC champions.
First nation to win NSWC grand slam (Baptism of Fire Cup 3; Cup of Harmony 10; World Cup 22; AOCAF XII and XXIX). NSWC Hall of Fame

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Postby Hispinas » Mon Jul 26, 2021 7:02 pm


Hispinas National Basketball Team
Equipo Nacional de Baloncesto de Hispinas
Pambansang Koponang Pambasketbol ng Hispinas
Hispinako Saskibaloi Talde Nazionala

Consultant: Walter Laganson Picaso, 69, Male, native of Mandrid
Head Coach: Alfredo Esteban La Sala, 46, Male, native of Cebuenas
Assistant Coach: Evelia Corral Rabago, 41, Female, native of Vigano
Columbias Naranjo Galvez, 45, Female, native of Mascardo
Irakus Vildarrain Cruzalegui, 49, Male, native of Vallezul

#4 - C - Tuto Fallas Palomino, 23, Male, native of Mandrid - 2.08 m, 123.1 kg - Plays for Aerohispinas Royal Mandrid
Tuto Fallas is the starting center of the team. Tall and heavy, his defense is his calling card, being a big threat in the paint, and can swat shots coming into the paint. His lack of offensive awareness though allows opposing team defenders to focus on their assignments and not worry about double teaming inside the paint.

#5 - PG - Marcela Picazo Medel, 22, Female, native of Mandrid - 1.52 m, 58.9 kg - Free agent
Nimble and quick, the Mandrid native is one of the speediest guards of the team, and has eagle eye vision that can quickly spot openings in offense and defense. She lacks composure though, and at the crucial moments, would crack under pressure and give away possessions in quick succession.

#6 - SF/SG - Maria Teresa Aurelio Pereyra, 23, Female, native of Vigano - 1.76 m, 77.9 kg - Plays for Flor Blanca Vigano Baloncesto
Known for her agility inside the paint, and is the resident slasher of the team. Her IQ is so high that she usually knows when to attack the basket and when to shoot the ball... the latter skill though she does not possess and is too hot-headed to earn quick technicals and probably ejections.

#7 - PF/C - Cecilio Casias Crespo, 24, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.91 m, 95.2 kg - Plays for Telebuenas FC Cebuenas Baloncesto
Go-to guy for postups and slam dunks. Has unusually a large amount of agility which contributes to his dunking ability. Is a big liability though in defense, either causing the team defensive three second violations or being caught so off position opposing teams can score that very easy basket.

#8 - SG/PG - Amatza Beicabengoechea Achaguren, 25, Female, native of Vallezul - 1.62 m, 68.1 kg - Plays for Itzal BdG Saskibaloia
Usually plays together with her twin, Ameli, in the court. one-half of the three-and-D twins, and usually provide secondary three point shooting responsibilities. Unusually self sufficient half of the twins and performs even better without her in the court. Is a big defensive liability like Casias.

#9 - PG/SG - Ameli Beicabengoechea Achaguren, 25, Female, native of Vallezul - 1.62 m, 64.4 kg - Plays for Itzal BdG Saskibaloia
Usually plays together with her twin, Amatza, in the court. one-half of the three-and-D twins, and usually provide perimeter defense responsibilities. Will not play in the court unless her twin is also in the court. Her unusually fetish of shooting and bricking threes is the main cause of her not given the starting nod.

#10 - PF/SF - Xalvador Aguila Nieto, 22, Male, native of Punta de Malklan - 1.84 m, 86.5 kg - Free agent
Is the shooting big man of the roster. He can efficiently do the pick and pop to shoot perimeter shots. Is mediocre in defense, and is woefully awful in inside offense that he has a 25 percent conversion rate on open, unguarded layups.

#11 - SF - Estebe Eguiralde Chazarra, 23, Male, native of Vallezul - 1.72 m, 75.4 kg - Plays for Itzal BdG Saskibaloia
Has good defensive capabilities and is can be relied upon on clutch situations... offensively. He usually starts the game very cold on offense but can swat shots in a fly. But on the closing moments of the game, he cannot defend players but can catch a hot streak offensively.

#12 - SG - Cergio Arebalo Malagon, 24, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.69 m, 68.5 kg - Plays for Aerohispinas Royal Mandrid
Is the only player in the roster that has little to no weakness for his position. He is a deadeye spot shooter and can shoot anywhere in the perimeter area. Is speedy enough to do occasional slashes. His little weakness is that he is much an injury prone player and can miss from minutes to half a season/tournament, even worse, an entire season.

#13 - PF/SF - Herensuge Arranz Osacar, 18, Male, native of Vallezul - 1.73 m, 69.6 kg - Plays for Basko Unibertsitatea

#14 - SG/PG - Gervasio Ramon Llano, 21, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.61 m, 63.2 kg - Plays for Instituto de Tecnologia de Mandrid

#15 - C - Manolo Murga Maya, 23, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.99 m, 102.3 kg - Plays for Telebuenas FC Cebuenas Baloncesto
Was formerly playing football as a defender, but switched to basketball due to excessive intentional handballs causing his local team to disown him. His natives would be surprised why he was included in the team as when he switched to basketball, he committed a lot of kick ball violations instead, disowning him further from the local team. In his best can provide excellent defense, at worst can commit multiple kick ball violations and ejections due to kicking players also.

    Starter   Bench                  Reserve          
C Fallas Murga
PF Casias Aguila Arranz
SF Aurelio Eguiralde
SG Arebalo Ama. Beicabengoechea Ramon
PG Picazo Ame. Beicabengoechea


The national team plays all of their home matches in the 18,000-seater Palacio de Reino de Hispinas in Mandrid. Built in 2200, the stadium's sole purpose is to host national team matches in basketball.

Provided by Harrokeria from Vallezul. Bring on the swag.
Image Image

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose other statistics (e.g. rebounds, assists) for my players: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmode sporting events: Y
Godmode injuries: N
Godmode other events: Y

  • IC History with Hispania y Filipinas is expunged and not recognized by the Hispino Monarchy. Thus, any mention of the Hispania y Filipinas name or its stint in the past IBCs will be met with raised eyebrows by the government.
  • Spanish naming customs is followed, Given name, then paternal name, then maternal name. Jersey names will be the players' paternal names, in certain exceptions, the known nickname of the player, is used
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Postby Valanora » Mon Jul 26, 2021 8:38 pm

Valanora Roster
For IBC 32

My oppenents if they RP first
May RP slight injuries
May choose my scorers

Denonym: Vanorian


Manager: August Andreasson, age 61
Assistant: Muhammed Lindberg, age 52

Modifier: +2

PF: Aleksander Henriksen, age 32, 6'6", 220 lbs, Valanari Highlanders
C: Ian Aadland, age 31, 6'9", 232 lbs, Rinaldi Golden Hurricane
SG: Ilse Sjöberg, age 26, 5'9", 154 lbs, Capri Firebirds (F)
PG: Younes Nielsen, age 29, 6'1", 191 lbs, Raynor City Monarchs
SG: Lars Berg, age 27, 6'2", 194 lbs, Therathor Paladins

C: Petra Ulvestad, age 32, 6'4", 189 lbs, Raynor City Monarchs (F)
PG: Hans Söderström, age 22, 6'1", 178 lbs, Raynor City Monarchs
SG: Olle Holmgren, age 26, 6'3", 188 lbs, Capri Firebirds
PG: Ella Mogen, age 27, 5'8", 157 lbs, Valanari Highlanders (F)
PF: Delina Torvik, age 30, 6'1", 189 lbs, Rinaldi Golden Hurricane (F)
PF: Vida Lund, age 22, 6'5", 208 lbs, Enyenora Rampage
SG: Jonas Rolstad, age 31, 6'1", 179 lbs, Enyenora Rampage
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WCoH VII, VIII, XVII, XXVIII, XXX, XXXII (1st), WCoH I, XXXI, XL (2nd), WCoH II, XXIX (3rd), WCoH XII (4th)
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DROP IT DOWN!: So Many Games, So Little Time!

Postby TJUN-ia » Tue Jul 27, 2021 7:42 am


Name: TJUN-ia
Trigram: TJU
Demonym: TJUN-ian/Jaguar
Nicknames: Jaguars/Hoops-Jags
Governing Body: Basketball Federation of TJUN-ia (BFT/BF-TJUN-ia) - VP-Elect of the IBC
Home Colours: Sky Blue with Orange Trim
Away Colours: Orange with White Trim
Third Colours: Black with Orange Trim

Two long years ago, TJUN-ia posted their best ever performance at an IBC with a 4th place finish that came out of nowhere - even for head coach Bao Zhou. He didn't expect his dynasty to make it that far after going 2-3 in their first 5 games but after winning 5 straight, upsetting then #6 Sarzonia to get into the knockouts and then upsetting Abanhfleft by a single point, Zhou and his Dynasty pulled off of the all-time TJUN-ian turnarounds that not only kept the Jags in the Top 10 (in 7th, in fact) but somehow allowed the BFT to capitalise on that momentum to claim the Vice-Presidency of the entire IBC. Yes, you read that correctly, the BFT will soon be considered the Vice-President of the IBC, second only to Graintfjall. I don't know how they managed that, but I guess that's what happens when you are considered "pretty good" at basketball.

Speaking of Græntfjall, they and Drawkland headline as 9-team Group where the Top 3 are guaranteed to be heading to Chromatika for the knockout rounds. With star men José Peñalez and DeMarcus Winston close to international retirement and the first 7 players from the NSCAA system being brought up as reserves, the future of TJUN-ian Basketball is brighter than ever...the question is, how bright will this team shine this time around?

Head Coach: Bao Zhou (38 y.o)
Assistant Head Coach: Kim Carterson (27 y.o.)
Assistant Head Coach: Kasper Waterson (34 y.o)

PG: #22 Travarius Okuramangawa (27 y.o.)
SG: #35 José Peñalez (34 y.o.)
SF: #21 DeMarcus Winston (31 y.o.)
PF: #44 Mindaugas Karnišovas (29 y.o)
C: #1 Jean-Jacques Mpolando (26 y.o.)

PG: #23 José Antonio Rodríguez (26 y.o.)
PG: #24 Mickey Leach (26 y.o.)
SG: #34 Antwain Klavon (25 y.o.)
SG: #33 Adamo Zamenhofo (23 y.o)
SF: #11 Maurice Jones (29 y.o)
SF: #12 Marco Smith (26 y.o)
PF: #43 Nikos Papaloukas (24 y.o.)
PF: #42 Fanis Papaloukas (24 y.o.)
C: #2 Christian McHere (25 y.o)
C: #3 David Alberto (25 y.o.)

PG: #25 Matvei Dzhanayev (22 y.o./CSU Alum)
SG: #31 Peter Klivert (22 y.o./CPortside Alum)
SG: #32 Edmund Williamson (22 y.o./UWWB Alum)
SF: #13 Margaret Kngwarreye (22 y.o./UWWB Alum)
SF: #14 Luis Lianez (22 y.o./UC Alum)
SF: #15 José Turrel (22 y.o./UCPT Alum)
PF: #41 Pedro Alavez (22 y.o./UP Alum)

Name: Unity Centre
Location: Riverside, JagBase TJUN-ia
Capacity: 15,000

Once again, the Unity Centre in Riverside is back and ready to host the still Top 10 Hoops-Jags. While the home side can expect more of the same in terms of crowd support, pressure has been mounting by some in the NAU to build a new arena in The Gardens of New Washington in order to help "return the sport to its natural homeland". While the Unity Centre is an icon of TJUN-ian basketball, especially after the upset over Valanora back then, the days of this arena being the sole hosts of the national team may be numbered...

Current Standing (Group 2): ??? (0pts/0-0)
Last Two Results: None
Next Two Fixtures: vs Drawkland (05), @Graintfjall (15)

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Scorers: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: N
RP Injuries to my Players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my Players: N
Godmod Other Events: Y
Give my players fouls: Y
Foul my players out: Y
2nd: NSCF24
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32
4th: WBC50, IBC31
Quarterfinals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2, WB41, IAC12, 7WC6
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (5 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/3 T2 Wins)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3 Wins/2 @JR)/#96 Alice Jepkosgei
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar
NSTT: 3 Singles Titles (2 Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Runner-up)

UN - You all know what this is (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Banija » Tue Jul 27, 2021 8:53 am

Banija Men's National Basketball Team

As presented by the Olympic Committee of Banija

Country code: BNJ
Denonym: Banijan
Nickname: The Lions
Head Coach: Isaiah Lavaga
Assistant Head Coach: Oscar Laboto
Captain: Sadio Bartaba
Rank: #1

Notable Finishes
Champions of IBC 30
Champions of IBC 31
Champions of AOBC VI
Runners-Up at IBC 29
Silver medal at the XIV Summer Olympiad in men's basketball
Third Place at IBC 24
Fourth Place at IBC 27

Records(W-L, Win %):
All-Time AO Basketball Championships Record: 10-2, 83.33%
All-Time Olympic Record: 10-5, 50.00%, 66.67%
All-Time IBC Group Stage Record: 84-22, 79.25%
All-Time IBC Knockout Stage Record: 20-9, 68.97%
All-Time IBC Record: 104-31, 77.04%
All-Time Record(All competitions): 124-38, 76.54%

Jerseys designed gratefully by Filindostan!

Away Jerseys


RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes(please specify the number of games that they will miss).
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes(please specify the amount of time that they will miss). However, Banijan players or fans will not be allowed to catch any pandemic for any reason.
Godmod Other Events: No

Players in their first IBC are italicized.

Starting Lineup
PG #3 Ibezimako Akabueze. 6'1. 31 years old. This is his fourth IBC. Led University of Moravica to appearance in NSCAA 10 Championship Game. Known for quick transition plays. Plays for the Outreomt Étoiles in the Donnacona Basketball Association. Third time as a starter.
SG #7 Ebrahima Faye. 6'5. 26 years old. Banija's highest rated basketball recruit coming out of high school. Star player for University of Moravica in NSCAA 11, helped lead them to the NSCAA 11 Championship Game. Second tournament as a starter. Great three point shooter and perimeter defender. Also a good midrange shooter, but struggles to get to the rim. Plays for the Raynor City Monarchs in Valanora.
SF #14 Ezekiel Bullo. 6'7, 29 years old. Strong small forward capable of getting to the rim almost at will. He's a crazy good athlete, but he has to work on developing his jump shot. Strong perimeter defender. Considered the team's star player. Plays for the Valanari Highlanders in Valanora.
PF #23 Kizza Alonso. 6'8. 27 years old. Plays for the Capri Firebirds in Valanora. Elite defender, doesn't do much on the dribble, but has a solid jump shot.
C #9 Antouman Ceesay. 6'11. 28 years old. Star player for Kizza I College in NSCAA 11. First tournament as a starter. Elite post player, although he cannot shoot 3s and stretch the floor offensively. Plays for the Cloudsdale Warriors in Equestria.
PG #13 Odion Ozoemena. 6'3. 25 years old. Plays fast and with lots of energy. Plays for the Seaddle Subsonics in Equestria.
PG/SG #12 Tigrian Tesheme. 6'4. Highly energetic, quality perimeter defender. An offensive liability.
C/PF #10 Sadio Bartaba. 6'11. 35 years old. Has appeared in 4 IBCs and the Olympiad. The team's best rebounder and most physical player- the emotional heart of this team. Too old to start, but will still contribute hard, high-quality minutes.
SG #5 Israel Arefani. 6'5. 22 years old. Your classic spot up shooting 3 and D type of player.
SF/PF #4 Zufan Hawani. 6'8. 29 years old.
C # Oluwasegun Tionge. 7'4, 26 years old. Switched allegiances from Northwest Kalactin to Banija at IBC XXIX.
SF/PF #0 Koman Shomari. 6'7. 24 years old. Plays for the Rinaldi Golden Hurricane in Valanora.

Closeout Lineup
PG #3 Ibezimako Akabueze
SG #7 Ebrahima Faye
SF #14 Ezekiel Bullo
PF #23 Kizza Alanso
C #10 Sadio Bartaba

- We almost always play a 1-3-1 zone defense. It works well with this team, which has lots of size, and is getting faster, especially at guard. Situationally, we will switch to man to man or a box and 1 if the other team's star player is hot, but the 1-3-1 is the base.
- This team is built very different from past teams. They space the floor much better, they have spread the floor with a lot of players who can hit jumpers, especially three pointers. They also like to play fast.
- This team will run at almost any chance they get. While rebounding, especially on defense, is the team's weakest link, when they do get a rebound, they are able to push the ball, and so quickly.
- For the group stages, this team's rotation runs 12 deep, as Lavaga will do his best to get all 12 players into the game for every single group stage game. However, they will almost certainly shorten the rotation to 8-9 players come the knockout stages. The rotation shrinks in the knockout stages, and in knockout games and other must wins, Lavaga is willing to play his star players(Akabueze, Faye, and Bullo) all extremely heavy minutes (35+).

Recent History
The recent history of the national basketball team, or the Lions, has to start with Banija’s return to the international fray in the 24th IBCs- when they first made a name for themselves on the international stage. With Alonzo Busk hired as the head coach, and their play centered around their star front court players, the pair of 7’2 foot twin brothers, this was a team that won with a front court based game. The two were quality free throw shooters for their size, of course, and they stunned everyone in the IBCs by even getting out of their group, finishing with a 7-3 record in IBC 24 after starting 0-2.

They then made a deep run into the tournament, until they ran into the buzzsaw of St.Kanye- who beat them in the semifinals en route to their third IBC championship in a row. Running into one of the sport’s all-time great teams, things seemed to be looking up for the Lions. And then, came IBC 25- the first time they truly faced disappointment. On home soil, in a tournament co-hosted with Filindostan, they went 10-0 In the group stages, emerging as a favorite to cut down the nets in Filindostan. However, for them, they ran into Drawkland, who stunned Banijan fans by pasting the Lions by 20 on their home floor, en route to winning the tournament themselves.

After that, the team got their first major trophy- winning the Gold medal at the Commonwealth Games for the men. That gave them hope flying into IBC 26, and they did well in that tournament, winning their group for the second straight tournament, this time from Pot 2, and getting into the knockouts. They ran into the defending champs, Drawkland, in the quarterfinals, and that was the end of the run for the Lions.

Three IBCs, three knockout stage appearances, three knockout victories- not a bad run for Alonzo Busk. But it was all a disaster at the Olympics. They went 3-3 in the group stages at the Republica Olympiad, the Savaneh twins swan song with the Lions. And that was it for that iteration of the squad. The Savaneh twins retired, and Alonzo Busk, the head coach, resigned after the Olympiad, saying that it was time for a new era of Banijan basketball to commence.

And IBC 27 was the beginning of the new era. With a new head coach in Isaiah Lavaga, they run a different kind of offense entirely- the team running through a pair of quick, quality guards. They shoot a ton of 3s, and try to stretch the floor- almost the opposite of teams past. And with their #4 ranking in the IBC standings, the expectations for this team are extremely high- with even Lavaga himself saying that anything less than a quarterfinal appearance, with the talent on this team, would be ‘a failure’. This team, though almost getting eliminated in the Round of 16, won four in a row over Valanora and the Royal Kingdom of Quebec(respectively), to run into the Vannish buzzsaw in the semifinals.

The IBC 27 Semifinals, going into which Banija had so much hope, was humbling. Vangaziland is clearly a cut above the rest of the multiverse in terms of basketball skill, and they will be the measuring stick, as the Lions hope to do what the national soccer team did to Vilita- prevent them from winning a third consecutive championship. IBC 28 was another strong start for the Banijans in what was a surprisingly short tournament- just 3 group stage games. They won all their group stage games, and their Round of 16 game to boot, before being upset by the Free Republics in the Quarterfinals.

This most recent cycle was the most painful one yet. They finally broke through in the IBCs, finally winning a semifinal in their third try, against rivals Drawkland, only to fall in the final to the resurrected basketball powerhouse, Newmanistan. The pain was added onto the year after, at the XIV Summer Olympiad, taking place in Banija's largest city, Istria. This men's team navigated the group stages and had a strong showing all the way to the Gold medal game, where the sellout Banijan crowd witnessed another disappointment in the biggest moment for Banijan basketball, as they lost and walked away with an Olympic silver medal.

All that pain ended up being worth it, however, in Graentjfall for IBC 30. The Banijan national team went a perfect 14-0, crushing nearly all comers as they refused to be denied one last time. They had blowout win after blowout win during the group stages, going a perfect 10-0 in group play with their closest game being a 13 point victory over the hosts. After a 30 point blowout win in the Round of 16, this team had a slugfest against Kriegiersien, winning a legendary basketball game by just one point, 128-127, after four overtimes. It was a stunner of a match. Two Banijan starters fouled out in that fourth overtime, but we survived, as a buzzer beating floater by Kriegiersien at the end of the final overtime period was swatted away by the Banijan/Kalactanian dual-national Oluwasegun Tionge, who decided to play for Banija. After a blowout victory over rivals Quebec in the semifinals, they reached the IBC final for the second straight tournament, to play the team that beat them on the final play of the IBC 29 FInal, Newmanistan.

This time, it would be the Lions that would triumph. It took two overtime periods, but the Banijans eventually pulled away and won, 91-85, to win our first ever IBC title. And that launched the momentum into the next cycle, our best cycle ever. We went undefeated at the AOBC VI, blowing out the competition in Equestria to go a perfect 6-0 for our first ever regional title, and then following that up by going 17-0 at IBC 31 en route to our second consecutive world title. The highlight of IBC 31 was the semifinal win over Newmanistan, whom we had played in the previous two finals, before defeating host nation Delaclava by 18 in the Final.

Now, we go for a historic threepeat that has only been done once in the history of this tournament, to try and cement the legacy of this era of Banija Lions teams as the greatest of all time. Can we make it happen?

Group Stage- Group 3 Schedule
Matchday 1: Banija @ Nova Anglicana(13)
Matchday 2: BYE
Matchday 3: Banija v. Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom(28). Venue: Afolayan Central Arena in Busembe, Kitara
Matchday 4: Banija @ Venmere(UR)
Matchday 5: Banija v. Gatchingerrak Union(UR). Venue: Joseph Wilson Arena in Hoima, Ankole.
Matchday 6: Banija @ Pratapgadh(UR)
Matchday 7: Banija v. Southwest Eastnorth(32). Venue: Air Banija Arena in Jinja City, Hangaza
Matchday 8: Banija @ Lisander(10)
Matchday 9: Banija v. Mytanija(39). Venue: Kabaka's Court in Busukuma, National Capitol Region.
Matchday 10: Banija v. Nova Anglicana(13). Venue: Caribou Arena in Istria, Moravica.
Matchday 11: BYE
Matchday 12: Banija @ Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom(28)
Matchday 13: Banija v. Venmere(UR). Venue: Aissa Fieldhouse in Aissa, Hangaza
Matchday 14: Banija @ Gatchingerrak Union(UR)
Matchday 15: Banija v. Pratapgadh(UR). Venue: North Park Arena in Herzegovina City, Moravica
Matchday 16: Banija @ Southwest Eastnorth(32)
Matchday 17: Banija v. Lisander(10). Venue: Caribou Arena in Istria, Moravica.
Matchday 18: Banija @ Mytanija(39)
President of the World Cup Committee and the World Cup of Hockey Federation. Back to Back defending IBC champions.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports | Map of Banija.
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica), NSCF 21 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. Di Bradini Cup 47. World Cup 86. IBC 30 & 31. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Postby Pemecutan » Tue Jul 27, 2021 7:08 pm




Pemecutan or officially United Kingdom of Pemecutan is a mid-size country that located in the south central part of Melayu Archipelago with a land area around 30,000 km2 and a population of 13 millions (2020 census). A federal parliamentary elective monarchy, the country can be divided into 6 states and 2 federal cities.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the country together with football, volleyball and tennis. The country started their international debut in the 29th edition of International Basketball Championship (IBC) where they were stopped at Group Stage. The country then always entered IBC competition after their first entry until this 32nd edition. But they are never been advance further from the Group Stage.

Management Information

Manager: Komang Panca Septiawan
Head Coach: Agus Pambudi
Assistant Coach: Made Dwi Partha
Physiotherapist: Ngurah Agung Yudana

The Players

Just like the previous edition, Coach Pambudi once again makes experimental choice when he called up not just players from the top division club but also from lower division. And inline with the end of the domestic league then there are several changes from this edition squad then the previous one. With 15 players are being called up, a shockingly 7 players are coming from 3 B-League clubs. While the other 8 are coming from both A and C-League with 4 players each. Wangaya/Sebelanga and Balun have the most players with 3 each. Both clubs the champion of B-League and A-League respectively.

No   Players                 Age    Pos    Club
2 Reihan Karyadi 26 C Wangaya/Sebelanga
1 Komang Agus Satriawan 30 C Pedungan
15 Made Putra Ananda 25 C Balun
7 Darma Putrajaya 24 PF Wangaya/Sebelanga
6 Oka Satriaguna 25 PF Intaran/Penyaringan
4 Eka Giriputra 24 PF Sanur
9 Satya Kamandita 23 SF Sanur
3 Komang Bagus Trisnanda 22 SF Peguyangan
12 Rian Hidayat 23 SF Sumerta
13 Restu Septiandi 27 SG Balun
8 Lukman Sanjaya 25 SG Peguyangan
10 Jaya Kusuma 22 SG Intaran/Penyaringan
5 Gede Surya Mahesa 26 PG Wangaya/Sebelanga
11 Kadek Dwipa Anggara 23 PG Peguyangan
14 Shahir Alamsyah 26 PG Balun

Starting Line Up in Blue
The dual naming clubs are clubs that are being relocated in the beginning of 1781 domestic season which is use to avoid confusion.

The Jersey
Home Jersey
Away Jersey

The Venue
Yowana Mandala Stadium
Location: Pemecutan Puri Federal City
Capacity: 5,000
Owner: Government of Pemecutan

RP Permission
If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose other statistics (e.g. rebounds, assists) for my players: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmode sporting events: N
Godmode injuries: N
Godmode other events: N

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Postby Felinetopia » Tue Jul 27, 2021 9:03 pm

The Feline Sporting Union Presents...
The Unified Feline Basketball Team

Introduced by Human tourists, basketball is a new sport within the Feline World although there are rumors that cats have picked up and competed basketball in an ancient past of two decades ago. Not many cats have picked up basketball as human tourists are not all that common to the Feline World and exchange between felines and humans are rare. However, the Purrliner authorities have built some outdoor basketball courts intended to be used by human visitors which is also enjoyed by many cats living in the city. Little is expected of the Felines in their first basketball tournament that Felines will have participated since the establishment of the Union. Rumors have circulated that the Feline Sporting Union never intended to send a team initially.

Team Information
Demonym: Feline (General All-Species), Felinetopian (International Government), Small Cat (National Government of home court)
Colors: Blue, Gold, and Black
Player-Coach: Nyah Gnem (Cheetah, 3)
The leader of the rag-tag group of Felines who doesn't know the ins and outs of the game
Team Doctor: Chikako Yong (House Cat, 3)
A recent graduate from Purrlin University's Medical School and landed the job as her brother is on the team.

Starting Lineup

#23 PF Sharifa Okonkwo - Leopard - 1 - Female
A sweet and friendly leopard who has picked up the role of being a post player quickly and effectively

#11 PG Anneli Harley - Eurasian Lynx - 2 - Female
A graduate student at University of Furbanks studying physics, Anneli picked up basketball recreationaly while traveling in the Cheetah Republic and played well enough to get Nyah Gnem's eye.

#1 SG Shahin Kariuki - Caracal - 1 - Male
A young Caracal who picked up basketball early in its introduction to the Union and has quickly risen to one of the best street basketball players in the Union. The team hopes the skills transfers over to traditional basketball.

#13 PG Nyah Gnem - Cheetah - 3 - Female
After learning the game from human tourists, she fell in love with the game. Nyah played the game everyday that she can and advocated for Felinetopia to send a team to the IBC.

#4 C Zikomo Arendse - Leopard - 2 - Male
A quiet and brooding big cat who is even bigger than your average Leopard. However, there are rumors that he has a warm, furry heart.


#2 SF Gordon Yong - House Cat - 1 - Male

#14 PF Tjaart Mordred - Cheetah - 3 - Male

#0 PF Gun Ahlgren - Canadian Lynx - 4 - Male

#22 PG Padma Gupta - Jungle Cat - 3 - Female

#5 SF Bamidele Saxtu - Leopard - 2 - Male

#25 SG Akinyi Crosshairs - Cheetah - 3 - Female

#3 SG Ayanda Khan - Serval - 1 - Female

#10 PG Cabdulqaadir Samara - Panther - 2 - Male

#35 C Esi Majjar - Caracal - 2 - Female

#12 C Uzoma Abdulrashid - Leopard - 3 - Male

Feline International Arena (Capacity 13,000) Purrlin, Small Cat Alliance
Located in the heart of Felinetopia, the Feline International Arena has hosted numerous Feline Volleyball Championship which includes all feline species around the feline world. Unlike other arenas in the Small Cat Alliance, all of the seats in the arena are bleachers to accommodate the various size of Felines who come to the arena and humans will fit just fine in the arena. In addition to volleyball matches, the arena also hosts concerts, events, and polling sites. The arena is accessible by multiple bus stops and metroway lines that stop by Purrlin International Airport located east of the city.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: Y
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Basically a Feline European Union
Demonym: Feline (Cats), Felinetopian (Government)
Member-Nations: Small Cat Alliance, Lynx Union, Cheetah Republic, Leopard's Dominion
Institutional Center (de facto capital): Purrlin
Cat Ages to Human Age Table
IAC 13 3rd Place

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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Wed Jul 28, 2021 8:23 am

OOC: Bolded members are respective starters from either team.


Quebec and Shingoryeo Men's and Women's National Basketball Teams - IBC 32

The Basketball Quebec, in continuation of its practice also shared by Royal Quebecois Volleyball Federation (RQVF) and Royal Quebecois Football Association (RQFA), is proud to continue its practice of sending mixed teams with expanded rosters to international competitions, even as the QBL and the QWBL gender-separated. In regards to their opponents' preferences to play the men, women or mixed teams, will remain flexible in advanced consultation with their opponents (OOC: please read my team information right below).

Team Jerseys - Designed by Spear (Lisander)


Quebecois Basketball In Nutshell

Considered to be one of the 'Big 3' of indoor sports played in Quebecois winters (Basketball, Hockey and Volleyball, while Handball are summer sport here), basketball is an extremely popular, well-loved sport in Quebec. With massive attention given to both teams, and all levels of basketball being watched from high school to international stage, the Quebecois are expected to bring the fire and fury to their cheering and jeering game.

After looking at the roster, you may have noticed that the Quebecois national teams are...slightly bigger than usual, with Quebecois women being taller than average and men shorter, even though neither are really Drawkians to start with. There is nothing to deny about how the talent disparity exists between the Quebecois women, one of the best (if not the best) program in Multiverse right now, and the men, who would be at their best in top 20, and that's the way of life.

That said, for where they lack in particular height, the Grim Reapers make up for it with tactical versatility, power and strength, and not to mention their ability to maximise rotations. The previously-mentioned disparity of talent between the Quebecois men and the women, as well as the international basketball scene's tendency to have predominant number of national teams be mostly male, had influenced the Quebecois brand of double-squading their tournaments. This means that regardless of how it works, even twenty-four players on the rotation are expected to get significant minutes. This is particularly evident in the group stage, where the Quebecois have almost always experimented with any format, and often key starters are rested whenever possible. Once the Quebecois national team enters the elimination round (or in the case of IBC 31, second group stage), the rotation tends to shrink to around 11 or 12.

For this cycle of the international basketball tournaments, the Basketball Quebec have chosen to two-track their approach, especially with the Imperial Sporting Council's decision to limit basketball and volleyball rosters' to U23 national team with either two (volleyball) or three (basketball) wildcards. For this edition of Grim Reapers, this had meant that the members, while mostly coming from the IBC 30 and 31 squads, have slight variance from the last cycles, in a similar matter to how the Drawkian International Sporting Council (DISC) has been doing for a while. While vast majority of the team have stayed the same, the slight difference in personnels and starting lineups for the Quebecois men and the women should provide this team enough of a challenge that Basketball Quebec hope to respond well.

Quebecois Men - Flash, Improvements and What's Next?

Yes, the Quebecois men suck at basketball. Even in their best days (IBC 18-21) they were at best a top 15 program, and now they are barely a top 20 program that have lot more to improve upon. Fortunately, they have been getting better at developing talent, and with the Grim Reapers men having made successes in IBC 29 and 30 where they have proved many wrong with strong results (5th and 3rd! 3rd! For the first time in a decade too!), maybe the talent trajectory's looking up for once.

This Quebecois team, of course, is undersized and needs greater attention to detail. Unlike the Quebecois women, who have shifted towards defence, teamwork and of course the emphasis on physicality, the Quebecois men have continued to define themselves with the flashy, athletic style they have come to make themselves known over the past hundred years of basketball. This, just following the trends of the international basketball, mean that they will be able to conjure up any difficult pass, shoot from halfcourt, or profit off fastbreaks, but they may fall short on rebounds, make occasional errors, and not to mention hold onto ball for too long. The Quebecois national team coaching staff, with the improvement of the junior and youth national team programs, hopes this trend will reverse for the better, but the progress is slow and painful for all.

The team's offence will be dictated by the duo of highly stable point guards in Bahng Se-Woong and Franck Briere-Bourque, two athletic dual-guards with limited ceiling who know how to score on a three. The backcourt star, however, will be Kenneth Kim-Asfaw, as the tiny shooting guard is an expert in slashing and dashing his way to space the Grim Reapers against key oppositions, and they will be relying a lot on him. He will be complemented by Daniel Ibaniyama, the all-arounded team captain, and athletic Matthieu Kabengele. They both know how to space the field and are surprisingly good with mid-range shots, so the key focus will be on countering their offence. In the middle should stand the centre duo of Noh Seung-Hoon and Rudy Ibanez, two centres with great defensive IQ and good three-pointers, but are weaker than expected on scoring through the paint. Backing them up are a range of solid backup options who play certain roles on this team, though Moustapha Niang's progress as a 3 or 4 continues to amaze everybody.

Head Coach: Jean-Gabriel Watt, 48 - Carleton School, QIS
Assistant Coaches: Edouard-Noel Halbert, 35 - Montreal Koreana (Men)
Matthew Hong, 43 - Sudbury Moose
Team Doctor: Dr. Robert Thormeyer-Shin, 46 - Basketball Quebec/Nunavut North Stars

#   Pos.  Player             Height  Age    Team                    Hometown
01 PG Bahng Se-Woong 1.93m 24 Twin Cities Celtics Habpo, Acadie
03 C Noh Seung-Hoon 2.09m 25 CSKA Quebec Levis, Capitale-Nationale

04 SG Ben Rawlyk 1.93m 25 Anju Aces Montreal, Montreal
06 PF Matthieu Kabengele 2.12m 29 Chicoutimi Orions Montreal, Montreal
08 PF Moustapha Niang 2.11m 22 California City Lakers Sault St. Henri, Ontario
12 F Vaclav Burianek 2.03m 24 Goose Bay Mavericks Montreal, Montreal
13 SG Jeong Seung-Hyeon 1.78m 19 Kingston Raptors Kingston, Frontenac
18 SF Mathieu-Abel Park 2.05m 22 Montreal Koreana Jeongju, Abitibi-Temiscamingue
20 G Kenneth Kim-Asfaw 1.84m 23 Sudbury Moose Moosonee, Northwest
21 PG Franck Briere-Bourque 1.81m 26 California City Lakers Shawinigan, Mauricie
44 C Rudy Ibanez 2.15m 30 Manitoba Kings Baja Calania, Manitoba
88 SF Daniel Ibaniyama (C) 1.99m 32 Kingston Raptors Montreal, Montreal
--- RESERVES (상비군) ---
04 C Robert Hamirsson 2.14m 24 St. John's Islanders Moosonee, Northwest
13 G Michel Descloux 1.92m 26 London Lightning Stanstead, Estrie
22 F George Callaghan-McKee 2.06m 25 CSKA Quebec Halifax, Acadie
26 C Yves-Antoine Masson 2.12m 24 Ottawa River Raiders Ottawa, Outaouais

Quebecois Women - Tall, Powerful and on Top!

The different story, however, can be said towards the Quebecois women, as arguably one of top 2-3 (if not the number one) women's basketball program in the Multiverse once again return to headline the roster. CSKA Quebec's Riley Jeon-Keane, the greatest centre in Quebecois basketball history, is introduced to coach the Grim Reapers women for the tournament and her squad returns most of the squad that, while relatively young in age and metrics, have gathered lots of experience in their 3rd-place and quarterfinals finish back in IBC 29 and 30, as well as Quarterfinals appearance in the 2044 Istria-Orean Summer Olympics. It's a squad that features 6 players aged at or under 25, and with only one player hitting the thirty mark, and one can argue that this core of Quebecois women's basketball may be at their best since the Golden Generation days, when the likes of point guard Allison Dubois, power forward Leonora Bertram, and of course Jeon-Keane herself brought the Quebecois women to their finest stage.

The scouts and opposition coaches' attention will be on the Splash Sister Duo of ingenious point guard Heo Myeong-Yoon (OOC: think of Chris Paul) and all-arounded, physical freak of Hazel Hanson-Conavacio, whose rivalry and friendship continue into the QWBL following Heo's record-breaking signing from Hamilton SonicBoom to CSKA Quebec. However, those two, universally agreed to be the successor of Dubois-Keane duo of two decades ago, are just two of the weapons this team holds, and it is safe to assume that any player can score from anywhere. While the shooting guard position continues to be their weak position, and the starter question will pop up for power forwards, they make up for it with their positional strength on point guard, and centre.

Over the course of past fifty years, the Quebecois women's basketball has transformed style wise, as what used to be a primarily undersized, run-and-gun and finesse-driven Team Quebec (OOC: up to IBC 18-20, let's say, and I do have a fair bit of retcon to there) transformed into one with particular advantage on height, power and most importantly defence. As always, the teamwork's been emphasised lot more on the women's program where the age-level teams meet lot more often than men, and the emphasis on non-stop passes, selfless screens and zone defensive reads being prioritised. Of course, this doesn't mean that the Quebecois women don't know how to beat players through isolation or other skill-by-skill plays, and we've seen them excel on that department too!

Head Coach: Riley Jeon-Keane, 46 - CSKA Quebec (Women)
Assistant Coaches: Arianna Ceciliani, 47 - Farrer University
Sasha Sakhanovich, 38 - Winnipeg Wanderers
Team Doctor: Kim Bessette-Wolf, 47 - Montreal Koreana

#   Pos.  Player             Height  Age    Team                    Hometown
03 F Sarah McLatchy 1.87m 26 Winnipeg Wanderers Laval, Montreal
04 PF Jin Chang-Sook 1.88m 21 Queen's College (QIS) Montreal, Montreal
05 SF Yi Hye-Ryeong 1.87m 26 Fort Lowe Rattlers California City, Manitoba
09 PG Heo Myeong-Yoon (C) 1.85m 27 CSKA Quebec Cornwall, Frontenac
10 C Bae Seung-Yoon 1.94m 30 CSKA Quebec Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale
12 SG Eileen McElwain 1.84m 29 Halifax Sun Bongohdonggrad, Manitoba
15 SG Elle Allen-Conroy 1.83m 23 Labrador City Rockets Winnipeg, Manitoba
21 PG Lauren Kim-Asfaw 1.73m 24 Attawapiskat Nuggets Moosonee, Northwest
27 G Yoo Bo-Rahm 1.79m 26 Gaspe Golden Gophers Hampden, Gaspesie
28 PF Diane Dunn-Chalifoux 1.92m 25 Montreal Koreana Halifax, Acadie
41 C Yim Se-Ryeong 2.01m 23 South Bend Sakers Chicoutimi, Saguenay
69 SF Hazel Hanson-Conavacio 1.91m 24 Halifax Sun Handon, Schottia

--- RESERVES (상비군) ---
06 C Tatiana Zarankina 1.91m 26 Winnipeg Wanderers Oakville, Frontenac
11 G Helene Dion-Kweon 1.68m 20 Hamilton SonicBoom Levis, Capitale-Nationale
14 G Nathalie D'Agostini 1.80m 24 Montreal Koreana Labrador City, Labrador
17 F Yvette Hannaford 1.86m 25 Prince Eric Fire Bongohdong, Manitoba

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers:Y
Godmod scoring events:Y, but please TG or PM me before you RP this. Make sure to read my roster information, to avoid any confusion.
RP injuries to my players:Y
Godmod Injuries to my players:I shall decide severity
Suspend my players:Y
Godmod suspension events:Y. That said, please contact me in advance, especially if you wish to go for any event that may suspend two or more
Godmod other events: Y, but TG or PM are must if you are trying to get something rolling
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Postby Sarzonia » Wed Jul 28, 2021 8:43 am

Heading into the previous International Basketball Championships, the Sarzonian national basketball team were on the rise.

They were ranked fifth in the multiverse, shooting up from No. 82 under Thomas Manningham to take their position as one of the elite teams in the sport.

But then. IBC 31 happened. The Stars qualified from the first group stage to a second group stage in neighbouring Delaclava. But then, they fell apart. The Incorporated Basketball Federation imploded in a civil war that saw them fire Manningham, then rehire him and lead assistant Mario Bengtsen after the latter refused to take the job. The feud resulted in the firing of former IBF chairman Joseph Rawlings, who fired Manningham without consulting the rest of the Board.

That resulted in lawsuits, all of which were dismissed out of court except for Manningham's against Rawlings. Rawlings rejected a proposed settlement of his case, and both he and Manningham are awaiting a verdict from District Judge Alice Bentley. Judge Harlan Jenifer recused themselves from the case. It also resulted in Lynn Trask being promoted to board chairwoman.

Now the Stars are ranked 11th after failing to qualify past the second group stage. They have Manningham back, along with Bengtsen and the rest of the coaching staff. They have all the players back. But they've lost one thing as they make their goal a trip to Chromatika for the knockout rounds.

Their swagger. Their confidence.

"There's a little bit of PTSD from last time," star guard Mike West said. "We did well in the first group stage and not so well in the second. A lot of us have a bad taste in our mouths from what happened last time." There were also rumours that the IBF withdrew the Stars from the competition, but the withdrawal was submitted too late to be processed by IBC organisers and was rejected.

"I can't speak to that," Manningham said. "I wasn't advised we had withdrawn." When he was informed that the IBF withdrew its message of withdrawal when realising the group draw had already taken place upon its submission, Manningham said, "that's awkward, but since we're here, we still have a job to do. And I intend for us to do it."
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Postby Southwest Eastnorth » Wed Jul 28, 2021 9:02 am

SWEN Frontiersmen Roster


COACH: Frankie "Big Z" Kavinski (53 Years old)
ASSITANT COACH: Hubie Bowen (63 Years Old)
ASSITANT COACH: Damon "Dam" Sekkar (50 Years old)

#3 Joey Deagle 34y New Baltimore Claws
#11 Barry Witt 24y White Sock Archers
#24 Gordy Godwin 31y Virginia Squires
#50 Drew Stanton 25y Auberlin Tigers

#6 Tommy Foxx 20y New Baltimore Claws
#9 Cody Hanning 25y New Baltimore Claws
#18 Rico Lombardi 26y Auberlin Explorers
#38 Leon Del Pierre 33y Topps Highlanders

#52 Alfonso Overton Canada City Raptors
#53 Ben Booker Jr Auberlin Explorers

HOME STADIUM: Virginian Indoor Arena(10,000)
NAME: VIrginian Indoor Arena
LOCATION: Virginia, Southwest Eastnorth
TENANT: Virginia Squires
INFO: Home of the popular Squires, this is by far the most beautiful indoor stadium in Southwest Eastnorth. naturally all games will be hosted at this hidden gem.

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Postby Delaclava » Wed Jul 28, 2021 5:14 pm

International Basketball Championship 32
Delaclava Phoenixes

General Information

About Delaclava: The United Republic of Delaclava is a massive democratic republic located in southeast Atlantian Oceania, and consisting of a large mainland with numerous nearby island provinces and overseas territories in the more remote corner of the region. Delaclava is particularly notable for education and scientific development, advancement of culture and music, active lifestyles which see citizens frequently outdoors in public parks and natural forest and mountain areas, and a well-established public transportation system which connects all the diverse major cities and regions of the mainland. Isolation policies have been lifted completely only in the past several years, so modern Delaclava has a larger emphasis on national and regional cultures rather than international and global influences. Citizens have a large degree of personal freedom and expression, but within the framework of traditional social values which reinforce the structures of family and community.

About the program: The Delaclav national team was traditionally a consistent yet unimpressive presence in the early editions of the IBC, recording top-eight finishes at IBC5, IBC7, and IBC9. The Phoenixes also hosted the 7th edition. After returning to international play and putting together respectable qualifying performances in IBC29 and IBC30, the Phoenixes exploded in IBC31, compiling a 12-3 record en route to a silver medal in front of the home crowd, vaulting into the upper echelon of international basketball at a ranking of #4. The Phoenixes have also won a silver and a bronze in the last two Atlantian Oceania Basketball Championships.

About the team: Delaclav teams emphasize pushing the pace at all times - the fast break, ball movement on the perimeter and through the top of the paint, finding shots early in the clock, and a full-court press on defense. Players are expected to give their maximum effort at all times - if they need a break, they will get subbed out for a few minutes until they are ready to push again. Despite the inclination towards speed and urgency, the tactics are patient enough that a fast break will not start without having properly secured the ball.

When the three-point shooters are finding their stroke, this results in high-scoring affairs. Often, it instead means the Phoenixes have trouble with their accuracy from the field and fall behind early. Their strength therefore lies in continuing to push the pace and wear down the opposition so that they can find layups and easier shots in the transition as the game goes on. At its worst, the team will have a tendency to lose composure against superior opposition, such that entire games simply get away from them.

Delaclav teams are typically undersized, and have traditionally focused more on perimeter movement on offense, and a zone defense to mitigate mismatches at center and power forward. Even the smallest players on the team are physical defenders and enthusiastic rebounders, although this still presents a challenge against true big men. The Phoenixes have upgraded in recent years with the emergence of big men such as Đorđe Zubić and Omar Harris (more information below), so height disadvantages are becoming less pronounced, and the strategy has become more inclined to funneling the ball through Zubić, either at the top of the paint to redistribute, or down low for a quick finish.

Trigram: DEL
Denomym: Delaclav
Home Colors: Red with gold trim and white numbers
Road Colors: White with red and gold trim and red numbers
Special Edition Knockout Jerseys: Black with rainbow gradient patterns and rainbow numbers
Home Courts: All venues are designed according to the superior architectural feature of the sunken court, which is situated steps below its own "sunken lounge", or rather "antimezzanine" (not to be confused with the actual mezzanines which contain standing-room for additional spectators).

MD2 vs. Hispinas - The Amphitheatre (40,000, outdoor weather-proof), Catherina
MD4 vs. Malandrin - Press Court (13,500), Corcorran
MD6 vs. Dotivija - Onyx Productions Arena (15,500), Crystal Lake
MD9 vs. Abanhfleft - The Red and Black (60,000), Manchester
MD10 vs. Chromatika - The Red and Black (60,000), Manchester
MD12 vs. Pemecutan - Frostbyte Court (14,000), Valeina
MD14 vs. Ko-oren - Hejtursallur (40,000), Valhalla
MD16 vs. Vikanias - Charybdis Hall (45,000), Athens
(All subject to change)

Coach: Jim Levins, St. James University
Assistant Coach: Kent Kerner, BC Athens
Asistant Coach: Adam Fisher, St. James University

#	Pos	Name	        Age	Height	Weight	Current Team	        College
0 PG Brian Dudley 26 6'1" 170 Quinniville Wildcats Quinniville Institute of Technology
10 SG Pekko Ranta 25 6'3" 180 BC Athens Finran Polytechnic
21 PF Đorđe Zubić 27 6'9" 250 BC Athens Valhalla
23 SF Rick Jones* 30 6'5" 185 Corcorran Flash St. James
35 C Omar Harris 21 7'1" 245 Salem Wizards -

2 F Lorenzo Austin 22 6'8" 220 Catherina Capitals Catherina
3 F Rodney Duncan 25 6'6" 190 Beliri Redbirds CUR Corcorran
5 G/F Sifiso Ntenga 21 6'4" 175 Laurelum Dolphins (DUSA)Laurelum
12 G Simon Rybakov 23 6'0" 170 Manchester Lions Chisholm College
14 G Michael McEnroe 28 5'10" 165 Tirana Tempest Straka State
20 G/F Cameron Wright 25 6'5" 190 Salem Wizards St. James
40 F/C Jordan George 20 6'10" 235 St. James Eagles (DUSA) St. James

* Note: Rick Jones is out indefinitely following an Achilles injury. Ntenga and Duncan will largely split his starting role.

The Phoenixes return most of their silver medal team, led by versatile big man Đorđe Zubić, the natural scorer and leader Rick Jones, sharpshooter Pekko Ranta, and the burgeoning center Omar Harris... Brian Dudley takes starting point on this team, although last year's starter Simon Rybakov is sure to see plenty of time and provide his experience... Three of last year's collegiate reserves - Sifiso Ntenga, Lorenzo Austin, and Jordan George - return to the team, with Austin having joined the professional ranks now... The depth is completed by versatile guard-forwards Cameron Wright and Rodney Duncan, and scrappy defensive guard Michael McEnroe.

DUSA = Delaclava University Sport Association. All other teams listed are in the senior-level Delaclava Basketball Association (DBA).

Most Likely To:
Score - Zubič, Jones, Ranta, Harris
Rebound - Zubič, Harris, Jones, Austin
Assist - Dudley, Ranta, Jones, Rybakov
Steal - Dudley, Rybakov, Ranta, McEnroe
Block - Haris, Zubič, Jones, Austin
Foul - Ranta, Harris, Dudley

Typical Playing Time Order:
Starters - Zubić, Jones, Ranta, Harris, Dudley
Bench - more minutes - Rybakov, Ntenga, Austin, Duncan
Bench - fewer minutes - McEnroe, Wright, George

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose other statistics (e.g. rebounds, assists) for my players: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but maximum severity is they are out for the game. I will subsequently determine if my player will need to be out longer.
Godmode sporting events: No, but TG/message me if you have an idea
Godmode injuries: No, but TG/message me if you have an idea
Godmode other events: No, but TG/message me if you have an idea
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Postby Srednjaci » Thu Jul 29, 2021 6:12 am



Danijel Grlić

Our basketball has a chance to show how far it has come. Srednjaci have a better and stronger league today than before. Spectators struggle to buy annual tickets because the matches are attractive. At this last competition in Delaclava, INTERNATIONAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS 31, Srednjacian's took 26th place. But behind our basketball players are several really respectable victories. TJUN-ia is the big name of the world basketball that our players have beat.
Let's look at the results of our basketball players on the way to Delaclava. But you have to know this, our basketball players failed to reach the Top 16. But they went to the Consolation grouop.
Zeta Reka and Hügeltaldom 88–66 Srednjaci

Srednjaci 75–56 Smosh games

TJUN-ia 77–87 Srednjaci

Squidroidia 67–92 Srednjaci

Srednjaci 73–74 Nova Anglicana

Srednjaci 84–79 Zeta Reka and Hügeltaldom

Smosh games 63–77 Srednjaci

Srednjaci 61–92 TJUN-ia

Srednjaci 81–79 Squidroidia

Nova Anglicana 94-65 Srednjaci


Valladares 90–66 Srednjaci
Srednjaci 90–68 Saint-Domingues
Juvencus 84–79 Srednjaci
Srednjaci 78–72 Xanneria

match for 25th Place
Srednjaci 69–74 Kohnhead

Another international basketball tournament was played by our players. The preparatory tournament called Genia Cup was played at home.
Srednjaci played very well and after the defeat of Kelssek in the group, they play briliantly in rest of tournament and won this tournament.
The tournament was well attended and it seemed that the Srednjacian's were hungry for good basketball.


Srednjaci 73–88 Kelssek
Bollonich 75–83 Srednjaci
Mytanija 70–75 Srednjaci

Srednjaci 93–60 South Newlandia

Kelssek 89 - 91 Srednjaci

On the way to Chromatika, our basketball players face great challenges. Our national team is placed in the first group. In our group is Valanora, the fifth national team in the world and the fifth seed of qualifications. Apart from them, the group also includes Sarzonia, which is in 11th place, but also Omerica in 17th place.Of the unranked teams, Bollonich definitely stands out.

Group 1
(UR) Annyeong Oppa
(UR) Bollonich
(UR) The Togolese Republic
(17) Omerica
(71) The Jovannic
(32) Srednjaci
(24) HUElavia
(11) Sarzonia
(05) Valanora

DANIJEL MATKOVIĆ - 26 year old, Club Katanija Zmajevi (Katania Dragons),PG position-playmaker, one of the best player on that postion in League, twice champion of the first League , fantastic overview of the game, fast transition of the ball and an extraordinarily great shot for 3 points.the most beautiful and handsome in the team, in his free time he is also a model. We recorded several commercials and the most popular singer hired him to appear in the video.
His calendar for the humanitarian action "Let's Save the Lost Dogs and Cats" on which he is naked was sold in an incredible 20 million copies.

STJEPAN MARKOVIĆ - 25 year old, Club Bisuta Nuova,position SG the best shooter and the best scorer in the league with an outstanding performance from the game. In addition, it has the most enrolled double-double. He plays the position of a shooter and is very fast.Named the league's Most Valuable Player. His services are also sought outside of DR Srednjaci, and the question is whether he will stay at his club this season, considering that offers are coming from all sides. This is his chance to show himself on the global stage.

IVAN KOTROMANOVIĆ - 27 year old, Club Katanija Zmajevi,playes SF position, Born in Dormatisi ( town with 700k habitans),He originally played volleyball but later, at the urging of a friend, switched to basketball, already in high school he showed enviable skills and quickly caught the eye of a club from Catania. At the time of breaking into the first team of Catania, he had a motorcycle accident that took him off the floor all season. He came back last season and played superbly.He plays both defense and attack equally well.

Davor Paradinović Captain- 26 year old, playes PF position ,CLUB MELARIT,two years ago he was the best player in the league and the South Voytan region. Most of his career has triple-double and triple-triple effects.
He was also called the flying King of Basketball in the media. Great on and off the floor, he leads this team like a captain. He is a favorite among athletes across the DR Srednjaci. He also graduated from the Faculty of Law and plans to pursue a doctorate at the Faculty of" International Relations and Diplomacy".

NIKOLA TOMLJANOVIĆ- 24 year old, Center, Club Katanija Zmajevi,The greatest talent of basketball in DR Srednjaci. Incredibly agile for its 217 CM and 120 kg, agile. He has an extremely high reflection in the jump from a place of as much as 28 cm on average, which gives him an even greater advantage over opponents under the basket.
Another talented player who could go to far stronger clubs outside Srednjak. His performance of 27.6 points per game is amazing. No center in the league was close to that average. The best jumper in the league with 31.1 rebounds and 9.8 assists. A player who is sometimes headstrong and sometimes on defense loses his temper. Last season he had 3 technical errors which is a lot for one player.


JOSIP MIKIĆ : 19 YEAR OLD, Club Dormatisi Eagles, A child prodigy, he received the invitation of selector its he deserved for his games in Dormatisi. Impossible to keep him, creative, fast, great review of the game.Lack of years, no experience are minuses.

DARKO VUČEMILOVIĆ - 19 YEAR OLD, CLUB Katanija Zmajevi,The best young player in the center position. He comes from Catania's junior plant. He reads the game very well and builds great.


SELECTOR : Paolo Vitasović
PSYCHOLOGIST : Ivana Kocijan , Ratko Juraić
TEAM DOCTOR : Sandi Viran
NUTRITIONIST : Takei Yamashita
ASSISTANT SELECTOR : Sebastian Valentić



SPORTSKI CENTAR KATANIJA- Sport center Katanija - 17 680 seats

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Postby Mytanija » Thu Jul 29, 2021 9:18 am


The Mytanar national team has been named for the 32nd International Basketball Championship. The MKA decided to select a full-strength men's team for the tournament and declined to send one to the Olympics, arguing that the team had a greater chance of success if it focused on the one tournament. This is widely understood to be a euphemism for the MKA not having very much money and not being able to support a team at both the IBC and the Olympics basketball tournament (alongside the Mytanar women and the two three-on-three teams). The squad is headlined by Mytanija's two best players, competitors that have led their domestic teams to the last three MKA Liga titles between them. Zelimir Ateljevic has been Košarka Esca's main man for a few years and the wing impressed during the previous IBC with a relentless hunger for scoring. BK Magevskaya's Evgeny Fomin is the other big name. The towering centre has excellent play-making ability, boasting excellent passing for a big and that makes him a real double threat alongside his solid scoring. His shot creation abilities really keep defenders guessing. The pair will be key in Mytanija's fortunes during this tournament, but there is also a number of promising younger players throughout the roster who could be set for a breakout tournament (eg. Lekov, Dedic, Simic, Djokanovic,Tsitnikov, Obradovic and Bevk).

In general Mytanar basketball is characterised by finesse and skilful play with passing and sharing the ball being crucial to the way teams play. Even bigs will boast the ability to make difficult passes and make solid reads; court intelligence is one of the most highly regarded skills in the Mytanar game. Generally there are not specific players that dominate the points per game statistic. It is arguably more of a team-oriented style and players will also change position and can be tasked with taking on multiple roles in a game. Ateljevic is part of a slightly shifting culture in recent years to a more all-action athletic style, where players are expected to beat opponents in isolation plays rather than through the team's intelligent ball movement. It is expected that that is the way the Mytanar game is headed, although most domestic coaches are quite stubborn in trying to instil what they see as the 'Mytanar way'.

All of the team's home games will be played at the NacZat Arena located in the country's capital, Esca. The modern 12,500 capacity venue held fixtures during the 20th Handball World Cup held in Mytanija, including the final. The brand new arena hosts all of Mytanija's indoor sports national teams (i.e. basketball, handball, ice hockey, volleyball) and boasts all the amenities you could want from a national stadium, easy access, a huge variety of refreshment kiosks, great sight-lines and acoustics and it has the biggest capacity of any indoor arena in Mytanija. Home fixtures will be fiercely partisan, as many have come to expect of Mytanar sporting events. The now infamous ultras groups produce an intimidating atmosphere with their singing, chanting and bouncing as well as impressive tifo choreographies with flags, banners etc.

##  Pos.  Name                   Age  Ht.  Wt.  Club              
00 PG Darko Belicanec 28 197 97 KK Avnalia
01 SG Zharko Kostojcinovski 34 193 88 KK Avnalia
02 SF/W Zelimir Ateljevic 25 194 94 Košarka Esca
03 PF/C Tose Lekov 23 213 114 KK Avnalia
04 C Evgeny Fomin 27 213 115 BK Magevskaya

05 PG Zahir Dedic 24 179 76 NK Thessia
06 SG Vojin Simic 23 187 84 Padina Zolota
07 SF Zhenya Razuvayev 26 201 102 BK Magevskaya
08 PF Mario Djokanovic 23 211 111 Atletik Thessia
09 C Ljes Borisavljevic 27 211 113 Košarka Esca
10 PG Damian Tsitnikov 24 189 86 BK Magevskaya
11 SG Zivota Obradovic 23 193 87 Košarka Esca
12 SF/W Besir Sijercic 25 194 93 Atletik Thessia
13 PF Stepan Bychkov 28 205 109 BK Magevskaya
14 C Antun Bevk 23 215 111 KK Rauchnya

Coach: Mirko Lazetic
Note: heights are in centimetres and weights are in kilograms

Most likely to...
Ateljevic - Fomin - Razuvayev - Kostojcinovski
ASSIST: Fomin - Belicanec - Dedic - Ateljevic
REBOUND: Fomin - Lekov - Ateljevic - Djokanovic
STEAL: Ateljevic - Kostojcinovski - Dedic - Simic
BLOCK: Fomin - Lekov - Djokanovic - Bevk
FOUL: Kostojcinovski - Belicanec - Razuvayev - Fomin


If my opponent role-plays first they may:

Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, I shall determine severity
Godmod injuries to my players: N
RP penalties for my players: Y
RP ejections for my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Federal Republic of Mytannion

Capital: Esca
Population: c. 49,600,000
Demonym: Mytanar

Interested in Mytanar sport? Visit the Mytanski sportski mediji web page

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Postby Valentine Z » Thu Jul 29, 2021 10:21 am

Post 0 – The Valentians are here!


For the very first time, some of the passersby and the basketball teams alike have looked at them in awe, though not exactly for their skills; this was yet to be proven on the grounds of this tournament on whether their enormous heights were going to help them, or that it will hinder them more than helping. Some of them have noticed the ever bright and smiling manager of the team, standing even a few feet taller than her team, as she gave a wink and a wave at the people around her. The others were expecting the usual crew and friends to join her, but this time, it was quite a surprise. For the first time ever, the Valentians have arrived, and it is no longer the usual Sixty that are joining the foray. No, the team consists of Valentians from around the Earth - civilians, reservists, and athletes alike that have taken an interest in joining the international sporting events. With Valentijn more or less confident that the Valentians are welcome in the sporting community, her recent declaration and relaxed rules made it easier for the non-Sixty Valentians - that is, ones that are often see as main characters of the show - to participate. The very first debut of Gwen's Angels are going to be quite a milestone for the Valentians - regardless of wins or losses.

So, who are Gwen's Angels? For all intents and purposes, it is an unisex basketball team consisting of 15 Valentian players from all over the world. As the name suggests, they are all under the ownership and management of Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison, who also is currently a driver for NSSCRA 11 in her #31, staying consistent since NSSCRA 8. Other than that, Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton has also been part of the World Cup and Cup of Harmony that various other nations have hosted, playing it defensively for the most parts. Gwen has her own racing career to balance on top of managing a basketball team, but for someone such as herself, Fate can make her own time if needed, and that is more than enough. With that said, let us take a look at the long roster of players. 1st represents the main team, while 2nd and 3rd represents the backups and substitutes.

Manager: Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison - 328' 1.01" / 10000 cm - Norwich, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom, Victoriaans Nederlands, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z

Coach: Chief Warrant Officer Joshua Kelly Allen Valench Dimitri “Nguvu” Rashid Fanaka Darweshi H. Terv Kertarajasa Winstin Clayton Voshon Shawnee LeMaun Grady V U. Olwethu Nkokheli Mthobeni - 16' 6" / 502.92 cm - Wakaliga, Kampala, Uganda, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z

Team Medic: Head Medic Klarke Ray Zane Samson Kourtney Brian Drake Cameron “Dovitljiv Bolničar” Jona T. Jaylon Melvyn Everett Miralem Kova Čamil Ensar Kristofer Marcell Kilian Elia Xr. Nico Zahirović - 16' 10" / 513.08 cm - Brčko, Brčko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Region of Valentine Z

Point Guards:
- 1st: #20 - Hayes Jayden Wakayoshi Jaime Aubrey Tamotsu - M - 13' 10" / 421.6 cm - 31 - Sendai, Japan, Vostrov, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z
- 2nd: #71 - Marley Aaliyah Lena Annabelle Ava Hodges - F - 13' 9" / 419.1 cm - 26 - Seattle, Washington, United States of America, Voorzichtigheid, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z
- 3rd: #50 - Nathan Samara Caldwell Juan David Yepes - M - 13' 11" / 424.2 cm - 29 - Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, Alanis Star, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z

Shooting Guards
- 1st: #10 - Ada Roos Baston Sabot Dieneke Vondermans - F - 14' 0" / 426.7 cm - 28 - Groningen, Netherlands, Victoriaans Nederlands, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z
- 2nd: #31 - Damian Cohens Nik Linn Aung Khaing Htun - M - 13' 10.5" / 422.9 cm - 33 - Naypyithaw, Burma, Region of Valentine Z
- 3rd: #7 - Novokshonova Adeliya Anna Konstantinovna - F - 13' 9.5" / 420.4 cm - 32 - Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Russia, Region of Valentine Z

Small Forward
- 1st: #5 - Rowan Sammy Prapawit Krita W. Shinawatra - M - 13' 8.5" / 417.8 cm - 24 - Udon Thani City, Udon Thani Province, Thailand, Region of Valentine Z
- 2nd: #8 - Awenasa Panola Samantha Markus Cervantes - F - 13' 8.75" / 418.5 cm - 28 - Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States of America, Voorzichtigheid, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z
- 3rd: #6 - Cameron Diana Wendy Anderson Fu Guan Ting - M - 13' 11" / 424.2 cm - 30 - Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Vostrov, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z

Power Forward
- 1st: #13 - Sípos Celine Horváth Melinda D. Szimonetta - F - 14' 1" / 429.3 cm - 35 - Nyíregyháza, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, Hungary, Region of Valentine Z
- 2nd: #22 - Matthew Hridaya Deevash Mithilesh Siwakoti - M - 14' 0" / 426.7 cm - 34 - Birgunj, Parsa, Nepal, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z
- 3rd: #96 - Rossa Serena Vic Rosângela Chaves Hamamura - F - 13' 11.5" / 425.5 cm - 27 - Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil, Alanis Star, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z

- 1st: #55 - Antenor Pascal Waleed Zaghlool al-Harroun - M - 14' 4" / 436.9 cm - 33 - Madaba, Madaba Governorate, Jordan, Region of Valentine Z
- 2nd: #41 - Yuri Anastasia Catherine Moire Mok Jung-Won - F - 14' 2" / 431.8 cm - 29 - Daejeon, Hoseo, South Korea, Vostrov, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z
- 3rd: #0 - Bailey Kendrick Sophia Linde Hồ Ngọc Ðoàn - M - 14' 3" / 434.3 cm - 30 - Hanoi, Red River Delta, Vietnam, Region of Valentine Z

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes!
Godmod scoring events: Yes, though recommend if you ask first.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but please ask first. No fatal/career-ending injuries.
Godmod Injuries to my players: Nope for this one, sorry!
Suspend my players: Please ask first.
Godmod suspension events: Nope.
Godmod other events: Again, ask first, I am approachable! ♥

Style modifier: -1 (i.e. Valentians play defensively)
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Postby Nova Anglicana » Thu Jul 29, 2021 12:10 pm

Anonymous sources at Londinium police say officials at Interior Ministry linked to mosque bombing

Marisa Lavallier, Reporter, Londinium Courier

The explosion at the Masjid Ar-Rahman in downtown Londinium several weeks ago has dominated the news ever since it has occurred, even more with the apprehension of suspects recently. The news further became of interest when it was revealed that the suspects had links to the so-called "Silent Brotherhood", a far-right terrorist organisation, something that many Nova Anglicans were unaware operated in the country. Brace yourself for the newest development, as the Courier has learned from sources at the Londinium police department that the suspects have implicated officials at the Interior Ministry in their crimes.

About a week after the initial apprehension of three suspects at a remote location in Labrador, the police announced that they had caught two other individuals alleged to be part of the plot; at that point, they believed they had rounded up all of the principals. They charged them with, among other crimes, murder and arson, with stiffer penalties likely to be added for hate crimes. According to our sources, through interrogation, they learned that these five had not been alone. The suspects, during questioning, alleged that they had been aided by high-ranking individuals at the Ministry of the Interior. They said they had met with Interior Ministry employees in person and had phone and video calls with individuals they understood to be senior Ministry officials. Allegedly, these high-level Ministry officials learned of the plot and instead of attempting to stop it, encouraged it because they believed the Masjid Ar-Rahman specifically and Muslims in Nova Anglicana in general to be harbouring terrorists or plotting attacks.

Londinium Police Chief Marty McGibney decried the leak from within his department, saying, "We cannot run a proper investigation when internal discipline is not maintained." He did not, however, deny the veracity of what our sources had told us, saying only, "We are investigating a number of possibilities. We have brought charges against the five suspects, but you never want to shut the door completely if additional evidence turns up." Mayor Sam Donohue commented "I support our police department fully in this investigation and I have every confidence that they and our legal system will see justice be done on this issue, no matter who is or is not implicated."

Voss, who in addition to his role as Interior Minister, is Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the National Party, strenuously denied the allegations. "This is outrageous. Wild accusations being flung about by alleged terrorists is no basis for a system of justice. It is a dark day for Nova Anglicana when criminals are believed over upstanding government officials. My party has been persecuted unjustly by government officials in the past and this is no different. I run a clean ship at Interior, focused on keeping people safe. That's my mission; always has been, always will be." No other Interior Ministry officials were made available for comment. Prime Minister Michael Ramsey, whose government depends on National Party support to stay in office, said, "Anonymous sources leaking information given by alleged terrorists trying to save their own skin is not something I'm prepared to believe. I've yet to see any credible evidence that members of this government were involved. Perhaps it would be better if the Justice Ministry took over the investigation and prosecution; maybe then we'd see better practices and proper procedures." Meanwhile, opposition figures were quick to pile on. Samantha Speer, Parliamentary Leader of Equality, called on the entire Ramsey government to resign, while Opposition Leader Josephine Clark said, "If true, these accusations are deeply troubling and grounds for cleaning house within the government."

We will continue to monitor this story and update you as we receive more details. For now, these allegations are another reminder that Nova Anglican politics is not as clean and neat as we'd like to believe. Despite a change in government, there may be more problems than can be easily solved.
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IBS III/VIII, Cup of Harmony 65, AVBF 7s II, WBC 39/44/50

3rd Place
WBC 28/32/36, RUWC XXIX, Cup of Harmony 64, IBS V, WJHC V/VIII/XVI/XVII, Beltane Cup II, Londinium 7s II, R7WC VI (eliminated in semis, no 3PPO)

4th Place
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Postby Equestrian States » Thu Jul 29, 2021 1:20 pm


The Pony Principality of Equestria
National Basketball Team

The state of Equestrian basketball has been something of an enigma in recent times. With a fairly respectable national team, arguably the best domestic league in the multiverse, and indisputably its best current club in the Seaddle Subsonics, one might expect that basketball would be center stage in Equestrian sportsdom, but instead it could charitably be considered a secondary sport, though it would more accurately be described as completely off the radar of most Equestrian sports fans. It has its share of dedicated followers, to be sure, particularly among the Banijan-Equestrian immigrant community, but in general, few Equestrians could be said to care about the sport in the same way they do about hoofball, hockey, gridiron, or hoof-racing. Still, despite its tertiary status, Equestrian basketball remains ascendant.

Quick Stats
Ranking: 7th (18.17 pts.)
Nickname: The Weavers
All-Time Record: 89-79 (0-0 at IBC 32)
Achievements: Semifinals (IBC 29, AOBC 6); Quarterfinals (AOBC 5); Round of 16 (IBC 14, IBC 15, IBC 26, IBC 27, IBC 28, IBC 30); Round of 20 (IBC 17, IBC 31); Round of 24 (IBC 16)

Tournament Schedule

Group Stage - Group TBD
Schedule TBD

As usual, the Equestrian team for the 32nd International Basketball Championships will draw exclusively from the Royal Equestrian Basketball League (REBL), possibly the best basketball league in the multiverse, and inarguably the most successful semi-professional organization currently in all sports. Akio Yoshida, Burning Sun, Arum Lily, and Olaf Craig will seek to transfer their IUBC-winning performances with the Subsonics to the IBC, as will Event Horizon and Katrina Ford (albeit a season removed from their IUBC title with the Lancers). Rosine Bright remains the Weavers' talisman, despite her bitterly disappointing failure to lead the Indigo to victory in the REBL Championship Series and their subsequent IUBC group stage exit. One player to watch off the bench will be Meadowbrook, who is hoping that a strong showing in the IBC will translate into a move for her to one of the REBL's premier sides from Maritime Manehattan.

Starting Lineup
PG - #20 - Rosine Bright (Kitsune - Female) - 24 y/o - Image Everfree Indigo (REBL)
SG - #6 - Akio Yoshida (Human - Male) - 30 y/o - Image Seaddle Subsonics (REBL)
SF - #38 - Burning Sun (Pegasus - Female) - 29 y/o - Image Seaddle Subsonics (REBL)
PF - #1 - Event Horizon (Unicorn - Male) - 32 y/o - Image Crystopolis Lancers (REBL)
C - #15 - Ariel Lenheim (Human - Female) - 28 y/o - Image Everfree Indigo (REBL)

SG - #12 - Scarlet Blade (Unicorn - Female) - 29 y/o - Image Canterlot Victory (REBL)
PG - #11 - Arum Lily (Earth Pony - Female) - 32 y/o - Image Seaddle Subsonics (REBL)
SF - #7 - Glenda Richard (Human - Female) - 37 y/o - Image Everfree Indigo (REBL)
C - #5 - Olaf Craig (Human - Male) - 34 y/o - Image Seaddle Subsonics (REBL)
SG - #13 - Velvet Crowe (Nekojin - Female) - 26 y/o - Image Crystal Springs Stars (REBL)
SF - #24 - Meadowbrook (Pegasus - Female) - 22 y/o - Image Maritime Manehattan (REBL)
SG - #3 - Katrina Ford (Human - Female) - 30 y/o - Image Crystopolis Lancers (REBL)
PF - #55 - Fenian Trara (Elf - Male) - 31 y/o - Image Everfree Indigo (REBL)
SF - #18 - Aina Holden (Human - Female) - 29 y/o - Image Canterlot Victory (REBL)
PF - #10 - Spring Scent (Earth Pony - Male) - 27 y/o - Image Manehattan Flames (REBL)
PG - #2 - Ash Cloud (Pegasus - Male) - 28 y/o - Image Cloudsdale Warriors (REBL)
C - #8 - Tipsy Doo (Pegasus - Female) - 20 y/o - Image Freeport Pirates (REBL)
PG - #42 - Adam Baker (Human - Male) - 21 y/o - Image Royal Canterlot BC (REBL)

Head Coach - Yuri Lowell (Human - Male) - 59 y/o - Image Everfree Indigo (REBL)
Assistant Coach - Summer Melody (Unicorn - Female) - 41 y/o - Image Crystal Springs Stars (REBL)
Assistant Coach - Green Clover (Earth Pony - Male) - 52 y/o - Image Manehattan Flames (REBL)

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose other statistics: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, no tournament-ending injuries
Godmod sporting events: Yes
Godmod injuries: Yes, no tournament-ending injuries
Godmod other events: No, although you can ask me via TG or PM if you have something in mind
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58th & 59th AOCAF Cup Champions
5x World Cup, 2x Cup of Harmony, 1x Baptism of Fire, 2x World Cup of Hockey, 3x World Baseball Classic, 1x World Bowl, 2x International Basketball Championship Host

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After IBC 31, a shadow seemed to be hanging over the Dragons, as it felt like there was a moment for them to have finally taken the steps out of being a good but not quite elite level team and into that elite level of competition that could well and truly establish themselves as an honest contender for the championship. The squad had been a pleasant mix of experience and young players, the group draw had been mostly favorably, even in the second group stage, and the team seemed to be well and truly connected, able to rely upon another another to get the job done. It was the sort of team that before a tournament begins, you look up and down their roster and despite whatever international ranking that they might have attached to them, you would think that they had to an honest to goodness chance of being a champion. Then the games actually happened and the Dragons were victims of multiple upsets, in the first group stage to the hosts of Delaclava, and then in the second group stage despite having been the first pot team of the group. In the end, the Dragons hopes of title were dashed even before a playoff chase could begin and the looming shadow emerged to sink its shadowy tendrils into the general feeling of the team and fans.

August Andreasson knew going into the upcoming championship that if the team was to shake off this sour mood and feeling of disappointment and regret that was hanging over them, that there was going to need to be a lot of changes that had to happen. He could not bring only words to try to fix the situation that had so badly impacted the psyche of the team and the fans behind the team that there was a sense of dread about even playing in the upcoming tournament. There was a time where only words could suffice and no major overhaul or changes would have to be made, but that time had passed them and with the way that the entire community around the Dragons were, changes had to be done. It was not going to be easy, changes rarely ever are, as the Eternal Empire could quite readily attest to after so recently having undergone many internal changes itself and still some would say that it was in transition even now. Perhaps everything was change and it was but the notation of degrees and the severity of it that was the difference? Either way, August had needed to make moves and he did so.

The two most obvious changes came at the power forward and center position, having the players put on some muscle to try and prevent what had become a common tactic when playing against the Dragons, trying to body the team into submission. While the Dragons were never going to fully convert to a more traditional style of offense, they needed players who could take the punishment and keep going when the opposition was going to decide to try and play physical with the team. While the guard were always going to be the way to getting points, players like Henriksen and Aadland were there to be a fulcrum and support mechanism to allow the guards the space they needed to get the high percentage shots that had been the team's calling card for the last decade or so. Vida Lund would also look to play a similar role off the bench, while Ulvestad was more suited for when the team went completely small ball, being a very undersized for the center position but with the ability to hit medium to long range shots with surprisingly high consistency for a center.

The biggest change was one that he was dictating to the entire squad and any who wished to don the Dragons uniform in the future regardless of their current skill or status in the national team program, sign a professional contract or be relieved of your position in the national pool. August only had a few more years left under his belt as a coach and if he was not going to get the Dragons an IBC championship, then he was going to leave his mark on the team in another way, though he still had feint hopes of being able to pull of the championship miracle that the team was dreaming of. The team needed to evolve in order to become the championship contender that everyone had believed it could be and it had become increasingly obvious that the national team as its own club was no longer a model that was working. The players needed to be out there and playing highly competitive games against other quality opposition on the weekly and constantly getting better or challenged and overcome. Before the IBC was going to begin, all his players were going to be signed onto a professional club or they were going to be outside the team.
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HUElavia National Womens Basketball Team

1- Maria Leite Dos Santos (29 Years Old) (6'7") (C)
3- Sabrina Sissoko (25 Years Old) (6'11") (SG)
7- Daniela Fernandez (24 Years Old) (6'7") (PF)
10- Catherine François (23 Years Old) (6'10") (PG)
12- Xuxu Wu (21 Years Old) (6'1") (SF)

2- Natalia De Nigris (32 Years Old) (6'6") (C)
4- Jaqueline Mipa Reyes (22 Years Old) (6'9") (PG)
5- Anastasia Semyonovich (39 Years Old) (6'1") (SF)
6- Qulla Chanca Caipa (32 Years Old) (6'5") (PF)
8- Brittany Nguyen (24 Years Old) (6'8") (SG)
9- Laura Fernandes Gomes (26 ears Old) (6'4") (SF)
11- Victoria Oby (29 Years Old) (6'10") (PF)

Head Coach: Juan Sebastián Valerio (52 Years Old)
Assistant Coaches: Pablo Tassis (51 Years Old), Julio Cordeiro Meireles (53 Years Old)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to my Players: Nothing tourney-ending.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Nothing tourney-ending.
Godmod Other Events: Yes

Style Modifier: +1.5

(OOC: Had to pick out a women's team due to time constraints. ICly, the HUElavian Basketball Association is using this tournament to determine if an All-Womens or Co-Ed team should be sent out in the future)
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Postby Lisander » Thu Jul 29, 2021 8:32 pm

The Principality of Lisander
a sports loving, very highly developed nation.
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